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UKFF Questions Thread v3

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He could do the American style, the Mexican style, the strongman style and the German style. That’s why they called him the British Bulldog.

Didn’t mention Japanese though. Because he was bizarre.

Edit - Just noticed it was Ian who uploaded that to YouTube! 

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From what I can recall he was originally in the game but they had to remove him when they found out he kept winning whether he wanted to or not.

His brain will still run the show like Krang, probably inside Lesnars body.

Them being a div, it's not unusual. 

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My boy's started playing with his wrestling figures a lot more and he's wanting to watch current WWE, I've got BT Sport, anyone know the best time and best ways to watch it? I know channel 5 shows highlights over the weekend. Are the b-shows like NXT in its various forms shown in the UK and suitable for a young kid? 

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All WWE's weekly output is on BT Sport, except 205 Live. There are daytime repeats of every show, which I assume would be edited accordingly on the occasions the envelope does get pushed a bit, so all relatively safe for kids I'd think.

You've also got NXT UK which is about as bland & inoffensive a show as they come at the best of times anyway, but it's the shortest show of the week, is pretty straightforward to follow & the fact that it's British-based might appeal? Could actually be a good entry point for a youngster, plus the possibility of them touring nearby one day in the hopefully not too distant future?

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Am I right in thinking that Smackdown TV highlights are still on an 8 day delay? So like today there will be Smackdown on TV but it won’t be last nights episode, it’ll be last weeks? Might just be worth considering.

While I don’t watch the show regularly, as @Stattosaid NXT UK is fairly inoffensive and while it might be bland to grown ups, it might be something kids could get into and as he said about touring, they tend to run a different number of towns & venues compared to the main show, and ticket prices are favourable because (let’s be honest) they struggle to fill them. When they taped in Hull (which I think was the last tapings done before the pandemic hit), they were offering tickets to both dates of the tapings for £50 and a lot of people got moved down from the tiers to fill the space on screen.

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