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  1. Ian St. John has passed away https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56250355
  2. I realise this is a long shot as it rarely turns up on ebay and I'd need to mortgage my house to get it on Amazon, but, does anyone have Naked Video Series 3 on DVD that they'd be willing to sell? After the original to complete the released trilogy.
  3. One connection and one theme, very bad!
  4. Anyone seen that Tap Out, Bet Regret advert? Is that wrestler anyone? He seems familiar. Edit: it's Adam Kirby. Ah well, answered my own question.
  5. I may be stretching the term "celebrity" here, but despite saying "who?" chances are you've seen him in something. Harry Fielder passed away on the 6th February. A career spanning from Star Wars to Hi-di-Hi. Probably the only person to stand next to both Darth Vader and Ruth Madoc! http://www.harryfielder.co.uk/
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