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  1. British wrestler Vic Faulkner has died.
  2. Shared this post on my Facebook mate, I've got a lot of wrestling fan friends on there. I'd love them myself, but a) I can't get to Hitchin and b) my VCR recently died. Good luck in shifting them though.
  3. I remember Kent Walton saying a few times "former amateur wrestler, turned pro in......" regarding a wrestler that was in ring at the time.
  4. I remember watching ITV Wrestling as a kid and my dad saying once saw a wrestler put a chair literally through another wrestler. He also said that he saw Daddy vs Haystacks and the ring broke.
  5. Eddie Guerrero in EMLL
  6. Jake Roberts is actually afraid of snakes.
  7. If you were planning on watching No Surrender on Spike tonight, if you were recording it or something, don't bother. They're repeating Turning Point. Another screw up by Spike.
  8. Frontrunner are showing AAA Wrestling Wednesday at 9pm.
  9. National League have voted to introduce Six Team Play Offs starting next season
  10. Peter Sallis has passed away aged 96.
  11. Rumours on Twitter that former Newcastle player Cheick Tioté has passed away in China. Heart attack.
  12. Judy Poffo, mother of Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo, has passed away
  13. I'm dogshit then, my highest is 21.
  14. Double bill of Impact this Friday on Spike to make up for their error last week.
  15. Watched episode 108 of Smokey Mountain Wrestling on the Network. It was the show where The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm) signed with them. Mostly highlights and promos apart from the TV Title "Beat The Champ" match at the end. Tammy Fytch took some getting used to hearing though, that used to hearing Sytch.