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  1. The best post in the history of our forum? Probably not. From Wrestlecrap:
  2. Thank you Otto. I would love to see an "in arena" pic of the ring during that match.
  3. Coming from a conversation I had earlier today. Wrestlemania 33, Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton. They "blue screened" maggots, roaches etc onto the ring canvas. We obviously saw it on television, but, could they see that in the arena?
  4. Saw him in Edinburgh last year. Would love to see him again
  5. Tye Trujillo, Rob's 12 year old son, will be playing bass for Korn on their South American tour.
  6. Ric Flair kicked out of Fort Wayne, Indiana bar. I actually have friends in Fort Wayne. They love this.
  7. I'll apologise ahead of time as I know fine well I will be late to the party on this one, but I've just discovered this and there might be others who haven't yet. There's a show on TalkSport 2 at 5am on a Thursday morning called Gorilla Position that is a run down of the week in WWE. Never heard it, just saw it on the schedule, if anyone has listened to it, is it any good?
  8. Fuck. I actually thought this was next week. Still though, glad it went well. I will get along one month.
  9. I'm really just wondering at the moment, but it'll probably lead to a purchase in the near future. Long story short, I owe my brother a bit of money, but instead of cash, he's allowing me to pay him back in wrestling DVDs. I know he's trying to collect the CZW Tournament of Deaths. He has the 1-4 box set and 14 on solo DVD. I wondered if there's such as thing as a collection of the rest of them, whether official through the likes of Smart Mark or Highspots, or if a tape trader has done one. Or would I be looking at buying them all individually. Even if that was the case, anyone know anyone who's doing an offer? Thanks for any help.
  10. Run Ins. If second is playing third and the winner has the potential to go top, the captain of the team in 1st is allowed to run on and twat the captain of either team with a Dunlop football boot. Also, collars must be worn up. Mandatory.
  11. I subscribed to the Network over a year ago, but let my subscription lapse. However, I've just received an email saying "Come Back For Free" and offering me a three month subscription, so naturally I thought "I'm having that!". Tried to sign up and it's saying that I've signed up for a similar product before. I had the free month when I first signed up, but didn't everyone?
  12. Both entrants come down the aisle at the same time in the carts and have a drag race to the ring.
  13. Remember forking out for an EC Fn W t-shirt on eBay around 2003, the one with "Of course you know, this means war" on the back. Wonder what happened to it. Loved that one.
  14. I think I'll get along to this. Not been to The Bridge for years.
  15. Jack's Wager. His gimmick is that he bets his opponent on the result of each match beforehand.