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  1. His ankle looks exactly like mine did when I tore my ligaments. And I could hardly walk for the first few weeks. But I don’t think Ibushi will let a little thing like that stop him from competing in the whole G1.
  2. Eddie Edwards on two as well. Doubt he’ll ever be wwe champ either. Always misremember that AJ won the pure title and not the ROH world title. He could’ve completed the set otherwise with the IWGP title.
  3. What about the episode where Alfie went looking for a condom for his first shag with Kat?
  4. The arguments and performances they have in Whitecaps wins it for me in terms of acting. However, I’ve always loved this scenes with James Gandolfini. Especially the ones with Dominic Chianese. Chianese was fantastic throughout The Sopranos.
  5. My mums had dementia for about 7 years now. Hers was brought on by alcohol abuse. But we all started noticing signs a few months leading up to when we finally approached her with what we thought was going on with her. Had a really long and stressful process getting her diagnosed thanks to a very unhelpful consultant. It was only through convincing doctors to get someone to view her on a day to day basis and not giving her memory tests (which she’d mostly fail at, but they didn’t think anything of it) that we got her diagnosed. My dads memory is just as bad. But not through dementia but having a massive stroke four years ago. It’s hard work dealing with two parents who don’t have a clue half the time. Happy to answer any questions if you want to send me a message.
  6. News that seems to have got lost in the shuffle from yesterday. Tommy Dreamer revealing he was so depressed he planned on killing Paul Heyman and himself live at Wrestlemania 17.
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