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  1. Tommy Wiseau from shit movie/cult classic The Room at the Prince Charles Cinema is as famous I’ve got. He initiated an awkward conversation. I’m not counting British wrestler Gideon Grey in the bogs of York Hall as he was probably the least famous of the wrestlers on that card and I think is only mostly known down south.
  2. Primo hasn’t wrestled since August for his dads promotion or for wwe since February. Another 30 days off won’t bother him.
  3. I’m sure The Ascension could fit in well at the world tag league next year.
  4. I think Epico is injured. And Primo has been wrestling in WWC so he hasn’t been sitting on his arse. But I don’t know how they’re both still on the books.
  5. I was actually thinking about them today and looked up the last time they wrestled on tv. An episode of main event back in April. Primo and Epico have to be next. And Mojo.
  6. You’d have to hope they have some self awareness by then and the red lighting will be gone.
  7. No. It was just Havoc being a drunken dick @jazzygeofferz I think you’re thinking of Ian’s tweet of Havoc with Steve McFadden and Cornette believing Ian that Havoc posted it and that Excalibur was Phil Mitchell.
  8. Yeah that was me ha. It’s hard to take him seriously when he sounds that way trying to sound hard. And the fact he looks like he couldn’t beat up anybody.
  9. Didn’t even realise this was round the corner. Maybe they’ll remember next week. Was there any hints on the show about any Raw matches on the ppv other than the obvious route of Owens vs Rollins?
  10. Yes. Well, Hounslow/Isleworth borders. He’s been over here since 2001, not sure if he’s always been round Hounslow way though. We’ve been in the same pubs at the same time watching bands a lot apparently, and we have a lot of mutual friends it seems, but I never noticed him until this past Friday and Saturday.
  11. Olaf the Russian metalhead from Clerks was drinking in my local last night with a mutual friend. Had no idea he lived near me this whole time. He was drunk, stoned and had a hat on saying ‘I love Oklahoma’. The years haven’t been kind, but that could be the stress of living in Hounslow. He wouldn’t sing a line from Berserker though. I’m sure he’s heard that enough and didn’t need to be asked again by pissed up me.
  12. Yeah the Kai heel turn was great. Like Ciampa it was predictable but that didn’t take away how well it was executed. Both War Games matches were fun. Glad it was Kevin Owens as the fourth man and not the heavily rumoured Triple H. And people were also speculating on John Morrison returning which would’ve deflated it a bit. Best ROH main event in a long time. Didn't even notice Nigel on commentary last night as Beth and Mauro were just so awful. Mauro is headache inducing.
  13. Meltzer saying Omega and Moxley wasn’t very good and he didn’t like but still gave it 4 and half stars sums him up. I’ve forgotten most of what happened in that match besides the mousetraps and the barbed wire bed they landed on off the stage.
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