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  1. TheBurningRed

    Shit nicknames

    Jeff Hardy - The Rainbow Haired Warrior was pushed upon us for a while after his first return from TNA. I can’t remember if he was called that his first time round with wwe, but I know it came up a lot when he came back.
  2. TheBurningRed

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Upon further research, so he was. You’re correct. He was the fake Russian. He was also backstage at Smackdown earlier this year or last year. Reportedly Randy Orton was trying to get him a job as they’re old mates.
  3. TheBurningRed

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Plus, there’s that too.
  4. TheBurningRed

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    There’s a twitter page called the local competitor and they name the jobbers that appear on raw/smackers/nxt. It was someone called Roy Flash Gordon not Flash Flanagan.
  5. TheBurningRed

    Shit nicknames

    I haven’t watched many Taichi matches as the ones I have, I’ve found him shit. But New Japans official global twitter page referred to him yesterday as ‘The Holy Emperor who threw away love’. I don’t know if that’s his nickname or a new thing they’ve come up with for him. But it’s a mouthful. Not a nickname, but Taichi being called that is a bit emo and reminded me of when Jimmy Jacobs was billed from The Dark Side of a Broken Heart.
  6. TheBurningRed

    Super Show-Down (Showdown? Show Down?)

    Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander was great. Match of the night. AJ vs Joe was also very good. Shield match was alright but the heat segment on Seth lasted way too long. Triple H vs Undertaker was embarrassing. Far too long and Taker looked like he was ready to drop dead at points. Doesn’t fill me with hope for a good or even half decent match with Shawn Michaels if that’s the route they’re eventually going.
  7. TheBurningRed

    Shit nicknames

    I may be wrong, but I think they’ve stopped pushing Swiss Cyborg as a nickname for Cesaro. Which was also a pretty meh one.
  8. TheBurningRed

    Shit nicknames

    During the match at Wrestlemania between Undertaker and Flair, JR kept calling ‘Taker Booger Red. Lawler asked him what exactly a booger red was and there was silence followed by JR saying something along the lines of “I’ll tell you later” Also, I always found Nathan Jones - The Colossus of Boggo Road nickname hilarious. And Bobby Lashley in TNA was called Walking Armageddon which is shite.
  9. TheBurningRed

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    You mean Eddie Dennis vs Mark Andrews. Haskins faced Riddle. Whos Edwards?
  10. TheBurningRed


    @Cod Eye I’m another one for the broken banjo string club. But mine wasn’t during sex, mine was horny 15 year old who hadn’t knocked one out for a week. I still remember the horror of seeing the blood.
  11. TheBurningRed

    John Cena

    With Batista, The Miz and Otunga as well How can anyone hate the man who announced the death of Bin Laden after retaining the title in a triple threat cage match. What an American hero
  12. TheBurningRed

    Love it!

    My mum loves these shite magazines. I remember the Benoit murders were covered in either chat or take a break. They of course added a little script of what happened over that weekend. I can imagine the housewives and old dears getting right into it and taking it as truth before he snapped. The only bit I remember was they were having dinner at the dining room table and Chris was being distant Nancy - “Big match this weekend then?” Chris - “Yeah” ‘She sensed something was off, but put it down the nerves’ I fully expect him to come back as one of these ghost lovers at some point.
  13. TheBurningRed

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    It was probably because it wasn’t being followed by the west coast pop anymore. He started doing a spash or a seated senton
  14. TheBurningRed

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    Lea Walker somehow became friends with my old classmate, despite being about 20 years older than her. They used to pre drink and post photos on Facebook. Fun fact about my classmate, she was the daughter of serial killer Levi Bellfield Also, I can never forget one of Victors greatest lines - “’I’m going to get ill if you keep giving me cold showers, I’ve already got the sniffles".
  15. TheBurningRed


    TNAs best ever segment