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  1. I’d rather Robbie Savage commentating on that game than John Hartson who’s so dull.
  2. This got bought for me when I was 16. Weirdly by a family member. Who clearly didn’t know me well enough at all. And it was a pointless thing to wear considering there was nothing legendary where that arrow was pointing unless my hand was telling stories. Maybe they thought it would help me get laid. But I was never going to put that to the test.
  3. Jeremy Kyle was just as bad for this himself as he used to call it The Kyle Show often during the show. Even he couldn’t be bothered to say it all.
  4. It’s definitely by how popular and bigger the band are. An example being with bands with four words. Bring Me The Horizon get referred to as Bring Me. But you have to say the full name of The Devil Wears Prada. Or add ‘the band’ before their name in case no one has a clue who they are. Which could be a lot of people tbf.
  5. When talking about bands I’ve seen with mates, particularly metal/rock bands, I’ve said System and Bullet. Have used Rage and Manics as being mentioned in the above posts. Never seen My Chem used. Can see why that ones annoying. It’s always MCR. Did know someone who used to refer to Guns n Roses as The Guns. Which is actually a shit band from Wales.
  6. My friend moved in with his girlfriend a few years ago and hasn’t invited anyone over for an evening yet. In my head, I picture it being like Michael and Jan when we eventually go over. Small tv on the wall and all.
  7. The best moment for me is Stanley bollocking Ryan Also, every moment with Creed in this episode but this scene in particular
  8. Those four and Dellas are the only ones I remember. And only remember Dellas because he was the silver goal scorer. I got Latvia in a draw down the local club and because they came bottom of the group I won my pound back plus a fiver cos they were so shit.
  9. Did they discuss the silver goal from Euro 2004? Because if he didn’t know about the golden goal, silver would’ve baffled him.
  10. I think Braun has to be the most surprising release. Black wouldn’t have been if he didn’t re-appear on tv a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I’m 30 and I got it. As did my mate. First dose my arm was killing me for days and the day after I got the flu like symptoms for 24 hours. Been fine after my second one on Wednesday. Same for my friend as well. People say different things about both vaccines. The bloke taking our details and booking us in the other day told a woman next to us they only have AZ as they don’t recommend Pfizer to anyone over 40. Yet my girlfriends mum, who’s 62, got Pfizer and has been fine. But that’s when you just listen to the experts and not the bloke booking people into a chemist.
  12. Probably still trying to get used to those teeth. The One Where Chandler Goes To Turkey.
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