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  1. Did you manage to get a word in? I stopped listening to TFTM when it turned into the Sam Delaney show.
  2. Ignore. Just seen it was posted in the YouTube thread.
  3. That would be a good idea. I used to play on WhatsApp video with these German guys in a league. I think I was the only one with a good setup. A folding ladder which has a nice big handle on it for me to attach a lazy arm for my phone on to. Perfect height to show the whole board. A new board is going to be needed after all this. It’s already on its third rotation and getting more chewed up as the days go by.
  4. Yeah I can’t go out because I’m a part time carer for my parents and they’re high risk. I’m almost at a Richard Herring stage of playing Me1 vs Me2 with darts. At least I’ll be going back to the league season in great form. Whenever that is.
  5. I’ve always been a standing wiper since I was a child. Thought it was the norm and sitting was weird. After reading this thread the past couple of days, I decided to sit and wipe after my turn out just now. Changed the game for me. That’s it. I’m never standing again. @Steve Justice I’ve unliked a couple of your posts supporting you. I can’t endorse that wiping method anymore.
  6. Apologies for posting a link from twitter dickhead Ryan Satin, but for just £25, you too can buy this terrible shirt.
  7. People still don’t. Grown up in Feltham and Hounslow all my life and people say it’s not proper London. Proper shitholes though. But that goes without saying.
  8. I’m sure Brodie’s gear was to make people think it was Matt Hardy at first. Similar to what he wears as Broken Matt. I’m just glad we all get to see him wrestle again. Sammy Guevara singing Judas was great. Such an annoying little prick. I think he’s much easier to hate than MJF. MJF seems like a try hard heel a lot of the time and wants to pop the crowd. Sammy is more subtle in being a dickhead.
  9. Two minutes of Kota Ibushi craziness to get people through.
  10. I’m in. I’ve watched most of these events repeatedly and am happy to do so again.
  11. It was always Mutya and Heidi for me. But, Mutya has aged terribly. So Heidi is the clear winner these days.
  12. He didn’t really wrestle, but he won the US title from The Miz. I’m pretty sure he won with the sharpshooter, but I think Kidd and Smith did all the work to soften Miz up. He was in the main event at Summerslam between wwe and nexus where he mostly threw soft, awkward punches at Heath Slater during the brawling and got DQ’d later on. I’m sure there was something else involving him in the ring with Nexus guys after Summerslam. But it was neither better nor worse than the McMahon mania match.
  13. I couldn’t resist sticking a few quid each way on Jabbaar at 150/1 when I saw they were paying for 7 places.
  14. I switched over last night in time for the tag title Chamber. Didn’t think much of it. Otis looking lost and confused about where he was meant to be in spots was the only notable thing about it. Shayna winning the way she did was the right way. But building up the Riott Squad to face each other only to have Logan and Ruby eliminated before Liv came in was the wrong decision imo. They should’ve had those 3 and Nattie in there and then Shayna come in and kill them. Pleased Zayn got his long overdue title. But poor Braun. They’ll never going to let him run with anything. Wouldn’t have thought a couple of years ago that a match between AJ Styles and Aleister Black would be a slog. But there we go.
  15. Rooney’s tribute to Whitney Houston is one of my favourite ever tweets. Always makes me chuckle.
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