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  1. That’s 3 months away. Enough time for everyone to forget one took place on this show seeing as all ladder matches in WWE just mesh into one now.
  2. Although I’m not surprised they had a ppv called Extreme Rules that had barely any extreme rules matches, I am surprised they didn’t stick a ladder match on there as a stipulation for one of them.
  3. I really enjoyed it. Me and my girlfriend binged it all very quickly as the first game got us hooked. The games and the last 20 minutes in a few episodes are the most fun with lots of good tension. Episodes 1, 4 and 7 in particular. We’re gonna start Alice In Borderland next as we’re all in on this type of show now.
  4. Donna in That 70s Show. Never funny and just really boring. And was a shit person/girlfriend to Eric a lot of the time, especially in season 4. Also, Randy was a terrible and pointless character in the last season. But that last season is so shit in general I never watch it anymore.
  5. He was stupid and annoying but as a longer term character I’d say Vito. Didn’t help the actor playing him was fucking awful. If he didn’t exist it would be Meadow hands down. The argument with her boyfriend over the suitcase was enough to write her off completely.
  6. Me and my friend still quote his line to Cloris Leachman from the roast all the time - “Why she’ll never be over the hill, not in the car she drives”. I remember cracking up the first time at how awful it was and it just becomes funnier with every rewatch due to his delivery and the reaction from everyone. There’s a point where all the comedians realise what he’s doing and start laughing. Except for Jim Norton who doesn’t get it and then fails at taking a dig at Norms set later on. It really was. Gilbert Gottfried was enjoyable for once during that as he got really dark about Bob Saget.
  7. Gordon Ramsay completely exhausted by Norm. There’s a great bit about 1:25 in where Norm pretends to cut an orange when Gordon isn't looking, just to fuck with him some more.
  8. He was once taking bookings to be a fan in the audience of indie shows. I can imagine a couple of people asked him for a photo at a WWE show and he got it in his head he was bigger than even he thought he was and had to to get his face out there more. Or Foley got the idea in his head about taking bookings. For a cut of his fee of course.
  9. Gutted. Norm MacDonald was my favourite comedian. My favourite moment from Comedians in Cars was when he talked about Kojak with Seinfeld in a diner There’s so many more I could share, but for anyone who hasn’t seen him, I’d seek out his Live show with Super Dave which still makes me laugh every time I watch it. I’d also highly recommend him talking about serial killer Albert Fish on his show and doing shit jokes on purpose at the Bob Saget roast.
  10. I remember seeing Bring Me The Horizon at Brixton academy years ago and they had a backing track. Mostly noticeable when the mic stopped working and Oli Sykes looking embarrassed for those few seconds which seemed like a long time for everyone in the building. But there’s no way these days they’re not gonna use one, well not for some of their older songs at least. As for Metallica, I’ve seen them a few times live and enjoyed them every time. But as their one of my favourite bands, I’m probably blind (or deaf) to anything bad about James Hetfields vocals. I know he’s not as good as he once was, but I still enjoy it anyway.
  11. Been rewatching Boardwalk Empire recently so been seeing a lot of Michael K Williams on tv. Another great character of his. It was no Omar Little, but it was still great due to the presence he had on screen. Very sad news Omar Little though. Top tier. Just untouchable as greatest tv character ever.
  12. They did a couple of years ago when they played over here. Manchester got St Anger and Twickenham got Frantic.
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