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  1. Their email response to Jimmy Havoc assaulting someone a few years back wasn’t too good though
  2. As does Dawson. It could be either of the two. Someone mentioned Aiden English, but unless he did commentary on that show, he wasn’t on it.
  3. The consensus on twitter seem to think that it’s Scott Dawson. Brodie Lee is already doing his own pettiness towards WWE and Vince. I don’t think Rusev cares enough as he seems so laid back. Has to be more someone with a wife and kids that would do this, so even though Brodie Lee fits into that, I can see it being Dawson.
  4. Big Sexy also plays a Russian bouncer in John Wick.
  5. Wade Barrett had one of the worst finishers going at that time. I could never believe him beating anyone doing that awful Wasteland move. However, I really thought he was going to win the title from Orton that year at Survivor Series with Cena as special ref. Probably should have. But it was another case of WWE not doing the right thing at the right time. Like the Summerslam main event with the Nexus.
  6. I worked at Cineworld between October 2011 and some point in 2012 so thankfully got free tickets as my girlfriend at the time picked some of the worst films for us to watch during my time there. Two of the worst were Dream House with Daniel Craig. A film so boring I’ve completely forgotten the plot. I started texting a mate instead. And Gone with Amanda Seyfried which was also a load of shite. Even though it was well received by critics, I thought The Muppets movie with Jason Segel was crap and kept trying to get the girlfriend to leave multiple times. Took another girlfriend to see The Revenent and fell asleep about half an hour in. Still haven’t seen the rest of it.
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