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  1. Ha. I went to a mates funeral in Portsmouth back in October and he was there. I remember asking someone at the wake who the Hogan wannabe was. I was told he was “some wrestler”. And then remembered my mate telling me he was mates with “some wrestler” a few years back. Literally never heard of him. Was he ever a big name in British wrestling or has he always just been some wrestler?
  2. A website isn’t the most reliable source but I imagine it could be the case.
  3. Ahh my bad. To be fair, that’s one thread I haven’t been in. So didn’t think to look there.
  4. Netflix announced yesterday that they’re adding all of the Studio Ghibli movies (except Graves of the Fireflies) from February 1st. They’re coming out in batches of 7, with the second and third ones coming out on March and April 1st. Anyone who’s never seen some of these wonderful films when they’ve been shown on Film4 in the past now has a chance to see them all but one.
  5. I liked Mad Dogs. I’m less annoyed about the ending now than I was when I first saw it. I enjoyed Save Me. Despite Lennie James being an awful actor.
  6. Ian White syndrome. Something Krzysztof Ratajski is experiencing too. Yeah we’ve got quite a few like that. But no one wants to try and take that next step. Happy with pub league and county. There is one guy who will never be anything more than a good pub player who thinks he’s basically a pro because he went to Q School twice. Anyone can go if you’ve got the funds. He hasn’t won a single match there and thinks the uk open qualifiers are beneath him as he wants to go straight to the top with a tour card. I’m hoping to go next year, but definitely will the year after if I don’t next January. Just need to get my averages up as I won’t get far with what I have right now.
  7. Some start to the last leg that was from Leung. 140,100,180. Just hope he actually uses his tour card unlike Royden Lam. I think Lisa will get a tour card. A good run into the last 16 in the next couple of days will do her good. 12 points is the target. An uninspiring bunch but a couple of them will probably get a card. James Richardson, a man who just looks like he can’t wait for Brexit, being the most likely. He would’ve kept his card if he’d beaten big Hendo at the worlds.
  8. Yeah it’s tough this year. Winners were two people I’ve never heard of. And Andy Hamilton got far so will have some good points for the order of merit compared to some other big names. Fallon Sherrock did well for the female side of things. Lisa Ashton too. Corey Cadby gave up his tour card. Probably due to all his personal problems so Simon Stevenson of all people got to keep his. If he didn’t get that good run to the quarters of the UK Open, I’m sure he’d be at Q School this week.
  9. Despite winning his first match, I cannot see Jim Williams getting a tour card. I don’t think he has enough to get over the line.
  10. And the highest losing averages so far have been 92.9 and 93. From players I’ve never heard off. Deta Headman won 5-0 with a 79 against 66 average. Sounds like an awful game to have been a part of. Seeing some of these results, I genuinely think I could get past the first round, draw dependent. Or at least lose with a decent average. They all get dart boards in their rooms. You’d hope some of these people would’ve had a good practice before going down there. Or they’ve over practiced.
  11. And he was going to Q School, but has apparently pulled out now. I think he could’ve done well there. And at worst, get himself on the challenge tour.
  12. Exactly this. It doesn’t make sense. I misheard it and thought he said “She probably has something she doesn’t know about” meaning an std. And while that would’ve been an even shittier joke to make about his employee, it would’ve made more sense. But, he’s never been one for a good sense of humour has he.
  13. https://youtu.be/HBXZIr6DP-c Chris Van Vliet’s awkward interview with David Benoit. He says he wants to wrestle as Chris Benoit Jr and use his old music. I don’t think the wrestling business will be good for this guy. And I can’t see any major promotion touching him to be honest.
  14. Fite app has tv episodes for free. Not sure if they upload the latest one the day after or a week after its aired though. And you can order ppvs on there too.
  15. I think it was Meltzer the other day, who said the deal Marty was offered by ROH was for wwe money and less dates. And able to work nwa as well. Fair play to him rinsing what’s left of the sinking ship. He’ll be world champ by mania weekend. Says a lot about AEW and his old mates if he’d rather stay at that shit show of a company.
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