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  1. Can’t wait to see what cool names they give Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez.
  2. Doug Basham vs Danny Basham The two “brothers” collide as we find out which man will become a 5 time OVW Champion. Shaniqua has been replaced by Dana Brooke as special guest referee. Daniel Bryan vs Danny Burch Thats a match I’d quite like to see. A hard hitting and technical affair. Bryan to pick up the W via cattle mutilation.
  3. Darts player Daryl Gurney comes out to this and I have to mute the tv because I can’t stand the song or the crowd and all the cringe he does on the stage. Once round a mates house watching the darts, one of my mates stood up and started singing along unironically, doing the ‘so good’ bit as well. But then again, he also stands up when the national anthem comes on during England games, so I don’t have any respect for him anymore.
  4. Vince McMahon and/or cobra_gordo bumping into Tony Khan.
  5. The one with Gandhi saying “never back the early kick off” finally got through to me.
  6. Rob Iler has been doing a podcast with the actress who played Meadow. I don’t know who else could’ve done it with Imperioli, Steven is probably the right choice. Just needs reigning in. I see they’ve started getting guest stars. I will definitely tune in for a Ralphie cameo.
  7. Gave up after the first two episodes as Steven doesn’t shut up. Does he learn how to let Michael speak and tell interesting stories as it goes on?
  8. The faces people pull at certain things being said is great too. Paulie when Adriana says Chris can no longer function as a man and when Chris brings up the pine barrens. Benny and Furios faces when Tony says the losing a pet line with everyone knowing why a certain person is MIA. Chris telling Tony he’ll be dead of a heart attack by 50 still hits hard with how James Gandolfini died.
  9. Having only read the results and seen the video of them crying while being interviewed, why did they break the IIconics up? Was there some kind of build that they had to break up if they lost? Seems stupid. They’re much better off being kept as a team. Speaking of teams and splitting, I saw a video at the weekend where Bryan Alvarez said wwe were teasing as many as 5 times breaking up last week. I know they were teasing Cesaro and Nakamura, but that’s madness if true.
  10. The worst thing they done was the Mauro cam at the announce desk. He used that to become even more hyper and ott.
  11. He really became insufferable the last couple of years. Shouting more and more over Beth and Nigel. Good riddance.
  12. I don’t know if it was referenced on the podcast as I haven’t listened to it yet, but Taker also appeared in a documentary with Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow last year.
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