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  1. https://411mania.com/wrestling/aew-revolution-moving-sunday-details/ Also to do with a boxing match He looked so out of shape the last time he “wrestled” for WWE which was the rumble match in Saudi Arabia. Would actually be worse than Kurt Angle. Plus, he’s not going to leave such a safe job as a producer.
  2. I wonder if Chris Hero could be the surprise in the ladder match. Not much has been heard from him since he got released last year.
  3. The thing with Kurt Angle is, the lights are on but no ones home. The poor guy is fucked. He struggled to say WWE and McMahon when he became GM on Raw. He’d probably be all over the place and even worse now.
  4. I could imagine the first thing he would do would be to get a selfie with Anna Jay and Tay Conti while half dressed as Santa. Probably ask them if they’ve got change for the vending machine while he was there.
  5. Prime Super Dragon and Darby Allin in a Guerrilla Warfare match at the legion hall would’ve been one of those Indy dream matches. Chairs and skateboards just been launched all over the place.
  6. Don’t see him leaving his producer role in WWE for anything in AEW tbh.
  7. The Sabre incident is the fact he’s remained silent since last summer on all the accusations against his mates. And the fact he is/was sponsored by SPLX which one of the accused runs.
  8. For as bad as they all are, the Cersai Lannister one is the worst as she could just be any blonde woman. At least a lot of the others look like pound shop/meth versions of who they’re supposed to be.
  9. Some gems in there. I’m just glad you can now hire one of Britain’s greatest serial killers and most beloved doctors Harold Shipman.
  10. Did you watch the Chris Benoit one @RancidPunx? They didn’t ignore the fact he was a world champion and main evented Wrestlemania or any of his contributions to wrestling. It wasn’t all murder and what a horrible cunt he ended up being from the get go.
  11. Not the ending the streak bit, but I was all in on Ted DiBiase Jr being a future world champion. There was an elimination chamber where he pinned Orton and I thought that was going to be the start of him moving up a level.
  12. Team him with Marko. Call themselves The Stunt Show. They can have a tag finisher where Marko does a splash from Shows shoulders. Perfect position for him to be in when Big Show turns and launches him him across the ring or out of the ring. Or both. Just as long as it ends up with Marko getting chucked about.
  13. Just have a word with KFogg for live music. He knows all the bands. He can even get you Russell Brand if you want to put on some comedy.
  14. He’ll fit right in to the BritWres scene. I’m sure one of the wrestlers has that statue of him that was outside Fulham’s ground.
  15. Go on, give us one name now. This is a wrestling forum after all. Need to know if this definitely worth avoiding.
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