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  1. Michael Van Gerwen looks confused by what’s happening.
  2. Can’t you ask your new best mate Adam Page for some info? Get him a few drinks now he’s back on it.
  3. I took it as it being Arya after Beric sacrificed himself so she could escape. It seems he was brought back to life all those times to make sure she would survive to kill the night king.
  4. With this wild card thing in place, does anyone thing they could be bringing in a tv title? Would give people lower down the card like Apollo Crews and EC3 something to fight over on main event.
  5. It was fine. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It really could’ve done with an extra episode as this season has been rushed from the get go. Had to laugh when Bran said “I wouldn’t have travelled all this way”. Smug prick. I felt more sad for a CGI dragon trying to wake Dany up than I did for Tyrion and Jaime’s goodbye last week and then Tyrion finding Jaime and Cersei’s bodies this week. At the end, all it it left me wanting was to know where Drogon had gone and wanting more small council meetings.
  6. Necro Butcher wanted a finger cut off during a match. He was hoping it could be put on ice as soon as it came off and then go to the hospital and get it reattached once the match was over.
  7. Her daughter is 18 Terrible news. When I got back into wrestling, she was with London and Kendrick and I became a fan of all three. Seeing her last tweet is sad.
  8. When you watch back the stuff with Earl reffing, you’ll know when someone is about to kick out. He makes it very obvious.
  9. Hardcore Holly’s dropkick.
  10. My bad. I must’ve missed Lars convincing him to change it to 4 as the above post showed as I was sure Vince said 3 and that’s what I’ve thought the whole time. But, if they’re not keeping to their own rules then why should anyone care about it or get invested. But that’s typical wwe.
  11. They may as well end the brand split now. You’ve got more than 3 wildcards coming over on each show and they’re getting title shots on Smackers. Title matches were good though and it was a much better watch than Raw. AJ saying he’s missed smackdown was bizarre as he’s been gone what, 2 or 3 weeks? And gotta love Vinces humour. That shit with the Revival on Raw and then calling Sami Zayn smelly last night. He really does have the sense of humour of a child.
  12. Shane. As Rick said, he’s able to go wherever anyway. But he’s more Smackdown.
  13. Worst Raw ever. What’s the point of the draft when you’re gonna have this wild card rule. Lazy writing. And Vince says 3 stars can come over anytime and 6 show up so that’s already gone to shit. Baron Corbin in a 20 minute match. Fuck sake. I’ve been ready to give up for ages, but I’m not watching Raw again unless it gets better. Which is looking doubtful.
  14. I’m sure Gendry was on the pile of dead fighting with Tormund at the end. And in the trailer for next weeks episode Arya is about to kiss someone. And I would imagine that was him about to get round 2 with her.
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