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  1. Much better Smackdown than we've seen the past couple of months. Jericho return was a surprise and that was a great main event. Doesn't matter if Cena or Nakamura face Jinder at Summerslam, I can't watch another Jinder match. He's just awful at everything he does. At least Nakamura and Corbin put on a better match than their Battleground one. No Fashion Files this week after it has been announced the past couple of days.
  2. An okay Raw. Elias vs Finn was good with the same finish with anyone about to feud with Bray. Bayley vs Banks was the best match tonight. With Bayley vs Bliss at Summerslam and a Sasha Banks heel turn bound to be happening, WWE really should've held off Bayley's first title win until Summerslam. And given Raw MITB, have Sasha win that and screw over her best friend and her special moment at Summerslam.
  3. These ironic Jinder fans that jumped on the bandwagon in case he was good need to jump off. He's trying, I'll give him that. But he just isn't good enough to be in a main event, let alone world champ. And now fucking Khali is involved.
  4. What a horrible show. The only match worth watching was The Usos vs The New Day. Even AJ vs Kevin wasn't great and those guys usually deliver. No one seemed motivated. Cena vs Rusev nearly won worst match of the night, then Jinder and Randy happened. One of the Singh brothers took a cool looking bump through the announce table and that was the highlight. The Great Khali? I thought we was done with him.
  5. What a shock and such a shame he's gone. He was a great singer who many had thought had overcome a lot of his struggles. I guess we never really know. Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Reanimation were great albums, especially Hybrid Theory which I played constantly as a teenager and still listen to and love to this day.
  6. @Classic_picx is a good account. Always gets a laugh out of me. The gimmick is celebrating someone famous and putting the wrong picture up on purpose. People still don't get it's a joke so the replies can be just as good. @SlowSportsNews and @FutureMeltzer are good fun too
  7. Glad Shane is okay. Could've been worse
  8. Me and my friend were discussing Kurts secret being an illegitimate child last week and said it would be Gable and I said as a joke it might be Jason Jordan. It's a shame for American Alpha as they're a fun tag team and would like to have seen a longer run on the main roster. Be interesting to see where they go with JJ. A feud with The Miz and an IC title run?
  9. They should've taped 205 Live before Smackdown. Or have it on the network before SD. The crowd would probably be more into it. And if they went the taped route, they wouldn't have to call it 205 Taped. They pretend NXT is live every week
  10. Yeah no one was gonna wait around for 205 Live to finish to watch Talking Smack. Shame it got cancelled. Always looked forward to it. Poor Renee Young. She found out by a fan tweeting her and she said they cancelled Unfiltered too. Hope they find something good for her to do.
  11. I think Lita said her and Corey Graves will be doing a show in August on the night of night 1 or the night before it starts called Bracketology where they will take an in depth look at everyone. So at least we can find out more about the names we don't know. Happy Candice LeRae is in it. Was surprised about Serena. I hadn't even seen rumours about her being in it. Shayna Baszler could go far in this.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if he's tweeting out from her account or telling her what to write at least.
  13. Oh I know what they're like. I'm just hoping they can't be that stupid and go down that route.
  14. I've never seen Jonah Rock but looked him up and he's basically an Australian Jeff Cobb. The Progress fans are probably wanking themselves silly over TK Cooper, Travis Banks and Morgan Webster. Never seen TK wrestle, the other two don't do anything for me though.
  15. They surely can't have Angle/Dixie having an affair. Especially after the documentary went out last night with Angles wife getting more air time than Dixie and talking about their relationship.