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  1. Probably got a national holiday when he pops it. The People’s Captain. They are trying to get every penny they can out of the Captain Tom brand. Besides the gin, he’s got an autobiography out and two kids books. All of which I’m sure he definitely knows about. Poor fucker only wanted to walk round his garden to raise a bit of money. Now his family have put him to work. He’ll have a Netflix special out next year.
  2. That’s a shining wizard if ever I saw one
  3. I’m sure we will all remember where we was when we found out that the bloke who bought some things on tv years ago had died. What an impact he made.
  4. Jim Neidhart is a good mate. Can’t wait to spread the word about Rudes cock just two days later.
  5. Are you sure? There was literally no talk of him having a match so I doubt it was promoted as such.
  6. It was really anticlimactic. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what we got. I’m sure old Taker didn’t expect to retire on the set of Fifteen Million Merits to piped in cheers. And where the fuck did everyone go? Why couldn’t they stay ring side or be on the ramp to applaud him like the Flair retirement. When everyone was coming out, I was hoping that the vulture he worked with years ago would make an appearance, and right on queue Mick Foleys music hit. Also, can we talk about the fact Vince looked he came straight from the mortuary. He looked terrible. And what was
  7. I wonder what’s in the basket. A wreath of poppies? Maybe a metal one so the Muslims won’t be able to burn it like they apparently do every year. Or a miniature robot of Captain Tom that shoots poppies at you if you’re not wearing one.
  8. The battle with male pattern baldness
  9. “Sadly some friends disappeared” It’s not like Thanos did the snap. They’re dead, Robbie.
  10. Well one person got the photo taken of a package at a house that wasn’t even theirs. One had it marked as delivered, photo outside their house but no package. If the drivers are nicking them, they’re surely agency workers who don’t care. Otherwise it’s a big risk. Someone I went to school with, who has been in and out of prison since he was 18 was selling a car full of them yesterday. For a grand. Could be all George Foreman grills as well tbf. Glad it arrived mate. Hopefully it is. Always worth checking anyway.
  11. My Facebook newsfeed this morning has been a friend of mine replying to people on a amazon help group as his ps5 has been nicked by the delivery driver as well as many others. All been signed off as delivered. One person had theirs swapped out for a George Foreman grill with the ps5 receipt still inside the box. @Harry Wiseau @CleetusVanDamme Did yours arrive yesterday?
  12. No it was Brian Kendrick who trained her. That’s why she was doing sliced bread as her finisher, when she actually won a match and called it sliced red.
  13. I think it was just before that, there was a really great tease of Omega and The Bucks doing the triple super kick. The way they was standing in position, to moving forward just as Page turned around. The crowd reacted more to the Buckshot tease though, but the triple super kick is definitely going to happen. Maybe when Omega wins the title and Page comes out to celebrate with him and the Bucks, they all finally turn heel. Revolution will take place a couple of days shy of the year anniversary of that tag match. So it’ll be the perfect time for them to pull the trigger on the next stage of thi
  14. I stopped reading your review of the show after this. Have you not been watching AEW all year or at all during their title run? There’s loads of story behind it.
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