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  1. Something you haven’t changed your mind on then.
  2. Diana - Was staying at my nan and grandads. Me and my sister got up early to watch cartoons and was annoyed it was all cancelled for the news. We just wanted to go home and watch the kids channels as my grandparents didn’t have sky. But we couldn’t get them away from the news. 9/11 - I was at school and my mum told me outside the gates that “some planes have hit a building in New York”. My best mates mum told him what happened, and upon hearing a loud bang earlier that day, said “I thought I heard something”. 7/7 - Me and my dad were clearing out an old garage in Battersea. My sister, who’s become quite a hysterical person at this point, rang me and told me to get out of London as terrorists were killing everyone. 22nd and 23rd July 2011 - Those two days were the Norway terrorist attacks and Amy Winehouses death. Me and my mates were at the war and peace festival which became overshadowed by these two events as it’s all anyone could talk about. War reenactments had a bit of an awkward feel to them on those last couple of days.
  3. Chuck Taylor was talking about his family on his highspots show and mentioned his grandad is called JD. And it isn’t shortened for anything. It’s just JD. But that’s Kentucky for you.
  4. I think it was the third book. He just spoke about drinking for the majority of it. It definitely came across as him trying to sound like a cool rock star who goes on the piss and still tours the world with wrestling and music and can keep up with the top of his game. But he just sounded tragic. It was that book when I started wondering if he ever sees his family because it was like he was actively trying to find other things to do outside of wrestling and Fozzy to keep him away from home.
  5. They need to give Bayley some heel music now. Or just have Downstait cover her current theme. Have her come out and burst all those inflatable tube men. Kill everything associated to face Bayley.
  6. Pre show at 12. It’s on itv4 too. Main show at 1.
  7. For me, it was a certain scene of hers in The Grimleys. Then all I wanted at that time of my life was a teacher like Miss Titley.
  8. I thought Brassic was alright, but you could see stuff coming a mile away. And they basically nicked something from Shameless in the finale. Anyone see the Mike Basset sitcom that came out a few years after the film? He was managing Wirral County in the show after being sacked from England. It was absolute shite as you can imagine.
  9. I think the ending to that show was him cheating on his wife with the barmaid who left scratches all over his back and that was meant to be the punchline that some of the story had been building to. Instead it just came off as the character of Shane being a twat. It was a terrible show overall though.
  10. No, that was Denise van Outen. Just looked up Davina’s and it was a sitcom with Ed Byrne called Sams Game. And that’s all it’s wikipedia says about it.
  11. I can give you a really random and obscure quote. During an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks from the Amstell era, he did a bonus round of bird noises for Bill Oddie. And one of them was a quote from Linda Robson’s character for joke - “That’s Daryls rum and raisin”. He played it twice and for some reason it got stuck in my head. And whenever someone mentions Birds of a Feather, I instantly think of that quote. I wish I could remember things that matter and not a line from an episode I’ve never actually seen.
  12. Another piss story, but I’ve pissed next to both Marty Scurll and Lord Gideon Grey in York Hall. Al Snow and german wrestler Bad Bones were in my local rock pub a couple years back one evening I was down there. It was when Al had opened up a wrestling school over here. Which I don’t believe was a success. I was having a fag down the side of the Clapham grand when Jack Evans asked me for a light. We spoke about football. I can’t remember if the story was posted on here before or twitter, but I love of the story of Tanahashi being spotted in a Toby Carvery by himself after one of the Rev pro shows in Reading.
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