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  1. He is quite decent tbf. I just cannot stand him as a person so I tend not to watch his matches anymore. Also, anyone who claims they’re really good at twitter and then gets easily wound up, vanity searches himself constantly and goes on rants is not very good at Twitter. Unless by really good he means he knows how to use the app and the search function.
  2. Some people say he’s still giving his speech. A few years ago Bruno told a story at the hall of fame that went on forever. Then Larry Zbyszko came along and done his best to bore everyone. But Hillbilly Jim won last year for the most boring speech ever. I think he ruined speeches at the hall of fame and the hall of fame in general. Rusev had a little dig about it a couple of weeks ago on twitter.
  3. Someone I know is betting heavy on Native River. So I’ve stuck a few quid on him.
  4. That Triple H and Batista segment was awful. It didn’t make me want to see the match when it was just two men yelling and repeating the same thing over and over again.
  5. They should take the whole or some of December off. Nothing major really happens then. And then the wrestlers and viewers can all come back fresh in January for mania season and the build to the rumble.
  6. I’m with you on Ryan Reynolds. I barely got through the first Deadpool either. It’s the smugness and irritating voice.
  7. James Corden is the worst. I think I hate him more than anyone who’s been on tv. A League of their Own seems to have a bunch of regular cunts who are annoying whenever I see an ad come on (which I mute). Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Rednapp, John Bishop, and Romesh bloody Ranganathan who seems to be on everything. They can all fuck off. Jason Byrne popped up a few months ago when I was watching something and was so annoying and unfunny and tryhard that I actually got annoyed about it. I hope he’s never let back on tv again.
  8. I enjoyed Dark Tourist. They had an episode set over here which focused on the war and peace festival for the first half. As someone who goes to that festival nearly every year, I don’t really see it as a dark tourist destination or get that vibe from it. But maybe that’s me. McKamey Manor is all kinds of fucked up though.
  9. Probably. But he’s more likely to have said she likes to have fun.
  10. After they explained it, JR called her a Yachtswoman and a yachting enthusiast in most episodes. Then he called her pirate. He never sounded happy calling her any of those things. Maybe because she wasn’t a farmer or someone who killed dogs.
  11. She used to do Yachting when she was younger. So you know, boats = pirates.
  12. Number 9 has some nerve calling itself toast. Even 6 is having a laugh. Anyway, it’s 4 and 5 for me.
  13. The hand scene in Gerald’s Game is the only thing in a horror that’s legitimately made me want to throw up. I binged watched the hell out of You. Great series. Really creepy at times and makes you think about shutting down all your social media accounts.
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