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    Official Darts Thread

    I’m the same but with Andre McGill. I’ve played him a few times, most recently last Thursday and I’m joining his team next season as he’s leaving. Durrant should definitely get a card. He was unfortunate not to progress further in last years Grand Slam.
  2. TheBurningRed

    Official Darts Thread

    The commentary was awful during the whole BDO Worlds. Made Mardle tolerable.
  3. TheBurningRed

    Pokémon Go!

    I only played from home and then travelling to a football match so I didn’t go to my usual place. Only got decent Totodiles but they’re better than the Feraligtars I already have. Had to trade with someone to get a shiny. The trade made it better as all shinys are usually shit unless they’re from a raid or a hatch.
  4. TheBurningRed

    Who do people say you look like?

    A few years ago when I first got glasses, I was told I looked like Paul O’Grady. I was in my mid twenties. But that’s not the worst. Worst is Tubes from Soccer AM. I was once described as a chubby M Shadows. Which was fine. But I think that was literally because I had aviators on, a SnapBack and tattoos on show. I’ve also had Dean Ambrose when I had an awfully messy fringe.
  5. TheBurningRed

    *Official* Youtube.com cool finds thread

    New documentary series. In this one indie wrestlers Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow sit down at a bbq restaurant with The Undertaker and talk about the business, his career and the indie scene. A better out of character interview than the one with that Pastor a few months back.
  6. TheBurningRed

    Celebrities You Hate (for no apparent reason!)

    He’s always being a twat. Could also add Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price and Daryl Gurney to that list too. Romesh Ranganathan. Always fine on panel shows a couple of years back, now he’s fucking everywhere on tv and I’m sick of seeing him.
  7. TheBurningRed

    Top Twitter

    I can’t stop laughing at the first lad who fell over. It’s the way he stormed in and hit the deck. It was on about the 6th viewing, that I noticed someone giving him a kick up the arse as he was trying to get back up.
  8. TheBurningRed

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Haskins needs a move away from Progress. There’s only so many times you can see him in a number 1 contenders match.
  9. TheBurningRed

    How did you find out about Santa?

    I must’ve been 8 or 9. I was opening a present and looked at the label first to see who it was from. This one said from Father Christmas but the handwriting was exactly the same as my mums. So I asked her there and then why that was. She stumbled over her words to try and lie to me but it was already too late. I knew. And felt indifferent. I think I found out about a year later that wrestling was fake. After being told repeatedly by my parents that it was fake, it took Triple H hitting someone in the head with a sledgehammer and not murdering them that made me realise. My 10 year old niece found out last year when a kid from school told her. She confronted my sister and when told it was true, she was heartbroken. She did try and blackmail my sister into getting more presents or she’d tell her younger sister about “the lie”. But it ended up not happening and the youngest still believes.
  10. TheBurningRed

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I think Ricochet and Ospreay share the same brain cell.