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  1. I think Zola did get sent off. They both explained in the show how they’ve always wanted to play like the other. They got some big names in football on that show. Some of the ones I remember were Ian Rush, Geoff Hurst, Gordon Banks, Martin Peters, Harry Redknapp and Stan Bowles. Always wanted a rejects kit. I’m surprised they never brought them out during the time.
  2. The Charles Manson run in is vastly improved by edits in the replies.
  3. You only had to scroll up to see Merzbow had said it was Human Tornado. Come on. If Brian Cage disappears from tv in the near future, you can bet the clip of him in PWG using the Booker T “I’m coming for you...” line on Willie Mack has started spreading around social media.
  4. I heard someone talk about this, possibly Bryan Alvarez or someone else on that show clear that up. Basically saying Cage wouldn’t have the strength in the weaker arm to fight out of it and would have to tap. Something that could’ve been put over on commentary to try and make sense of it.
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