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  1. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Booker T has announced he’s back on commentary this coming Monday. No idea if he’s taking Coach or Corey’s spot. Hopefully Coach as he’s been dreadful since he’s come back. Booker’s not much better, but at least you can get a laugh from him. Just had a nightmare vision of Cole, Coach and Booker together on commentary. I think Raw would have to be watched on mute from that point onwards.
  2. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    So, with Sheamus and Cesaro moving to SD, I’m assuming they will be replaced by Breezeango for the title match after they lost to them. Because what’s the point of them winning the titles and then vacating them immediately after.
  3. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Got tickets for the Raw tapings in a couple of weeks. Now have to suffer through Jinder, Nattie, Dolph and some of the other shit. I reckon Jeff Hardy will be the one moving to Smackdown over Rollins. Gonna keep that US title on Smackdown. Glad to see Drew but not with Dolph. Although, great tag finisher. How awful was that commercial for the dual brands ppvs? Absolute cringe.
  4. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    They’ve been showing clips for the new Total Bellas with the pair of them crying and breaking up. I wonder if that was the real break up or a made for television one.
  5. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    I think Larry Csonka is the only good one going at the moment.
  6. Rusev Day

    For what it’s worth, his insta has always had his real name. Same with a lot of wwe stars. They clearly don’t know what to do with him, which is a shame as he has great charisma, a great look and can go. He should’ve been in the Jinder position, not that useless idiot. I don’t know how they haven’t turned him face yet.
  7. Wrestlemania 34

    “All the dues I’ve paid plus countless years of bullshit paydays sure seemed worth it to watch a child become world tag team champion”. He’s since deleted it due to a backlash. The guy who progress named a show after something his kid said is complaining about a kid getting special treatment.
  8. Wrestlemania 34

    IC Title match was a great opener. I hope Miz stays away from the title for a while now. Charlotte vs Asuka was really good. Disappointed with the result, but they needed to get an Asuka defeat out of the way. I cant believe Jinder fucking Mahal has another title win. What the fuck are they thinking. Especially after the reaction Rusev was getting. They really can’t do anything right with that guy. Mixed tag match was surprisingly a lot of fun and probably the best match of the night. Bit ridiculous in parts with Stephanie having more resilience to not tap out more than most of the fighters Ronda has come up against, but it was still fun. Smackdown Tag title match was what it was. Glad to see Harper and Rowan win. Undertaker vs Cena was what it needed to be. Taker looked a lot quicker and better too. Bryan getting in the ring gave the tag match life and was wonderful to see. He hasn’t lost a step. I hope this is a full time return because it was such a great moment. Pleased Nia won, but that match should’ve been a straight up squash in revenge for Bliss talking shit. Went on too long. AJ vs Nakamura was solid, but nothing special at all. The finish was neat, but it was also very anticlimactic. Heel turn did surprise me though. I hope they can do better at the next show. I don’t know where I stand with this Nicholas thing. It was funny to see people get riled up about it, including a bitter tweet from Mark Haskins. But at the same time, I was hoping for it to be someone proper and for them to run through Sheamus and Cesaro. Instead what we got was a waste. Roman experiment needs to stop. He’s main evented four Manias now and only the first match with Brock has been a good match. Guy should’ve had the trigger pulled ages ago or turned heel. Crowd will never cheer for him, no matter what. The whole end bit of him standing around looking sad didn’t get any reaction. All I can say on the match is, thankfully they didn’t go the obvious superman route and have Roman win with a couple of spears after kicking out of all those F-5s. Brock can fuck off now too. Overall, a decent Wrestlemania that died towards the end.
  9. Wrestlemania 34

    Pre show is on now. Main show at 12.
  10. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Really good show. Not as good as previous takeovers but solid. I don’t get the hate for Adam Cole from so many people. I like him. And the rest of Undisputed Era. Roddy needed to turn heel. He’s much better in that role than as a face. You could see it coming on the pre show interview when he was being so positive. Makes sense for him to be the tag champ in they do the freebird rule now that Cole is a singles champ. Cole seemingly has got the Booker T in impact treatment. Don’t want to make him the main champ so a belt is created for him. Glad Shayna won. Good finish to the match. Embers good and everything but her whole character is a sulky face who pouts a lot, so she was hard to invest in. I think Almas and Blacks match was slightly better than last years. But I need to rewatch that again. Great match though. I hope Almas and Vega thrive on the main roster. Main event told a fantastic story. We got the only ‘you deserve it’ chant in recent times that actually made sense. Johnny playing the resilient baby face who showed heart and even a moral dilemma with not hitting Ciampa with the crutch and trying to get him to show redemption was a fantastic touch. Johnny kills it every time. Such a great baby face who you can’t ever route against.
  11. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    D-Von and Mark Henry were the mvps of speeches last night. Hillbilly Jim was very very boring. I enjoyed Jeff Jarretts speech but him and Road Dogg singing and going into the crowd with the wrestlers was very awkward and cringe. Went to bed after Henry’s speech. Is Goldberg or Paul Heyman even worth watching?
  12. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    When we eventually get The Miz and Bryan feuding, I can see The Miz using his his kid in the promos. How is daughter is better than Bryan’s. He’s a better dad etc.
  13. Wrestlemania 34

    I think you’re probably right tbh. I do remember after one takeover, the next nxt had a couple of matches from a live event. I know the UK guys were involved in a tag match. I think I’ve got that in my head and think that’s what they should do for the show as it’ll be cool to see some of the axxess stuff.
  14. Wrestlemania 34

    There might be the slight possibility some of the NXT at Axxess stuff could air on their next show following Mania, as it’s usually a filler show until the next tapings.
  15. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    I think I’ve mentioned it before, but he cut a promo a couple years back in rev pro saying his back and neck were fucked. Can’t remember if he mentioned numbness in his arms, but he said he was gonna take a lot of time off the next year to recover. And he didn’t. And he carried on doing all the crazy stuff he does now. Will has always come across as a bit thick, so I don’t know what will need to happen to him for it to finally click in his brain to make him stop. Because I don’t think this latest incident will.
  16. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Trying to destroy what little brains he has. And he’ll do it again or something more dumb.
  17. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    It’s been rumoured for a while that No Way Jose is getting called up. But I can’t see him amounting to much.
  18. 205 Live

    205 Live having another great week. Andrews vs Nese was a solid match and the main event was really good. Some great spots in the match, Buddy Murphy really shined and I’m big fan of his finisher.
  19. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Ciampa put a great video up on twitter of Johnny Gargano banging on his door at 3:30am and calling him out. Ciampa said he wants to speak to Regal tonight.
  20. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    They did a YouTube video this week where Johnny was waiting for Ciampa to show up to the PC and tried to attack him in his car before Ciampa sped off. I’m guessing it’s going to be made via these videos and then Regal announcing it on NXT in the next couple of episodes.