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  1. I certainly hope not. ☹️ My hope is that he’s being kept off screen because there’s no one for him to feud with at the moment, and they don’t want him in the risky MITB match. As for the show, Jinder on Smackdown terrifies me. I don’t want to see him featured any more prominently than he was on Raw. Have him manage The Singh Brothers if you must, but please don’t have him wrestle. I’m kind of underwhelmed by this ‘new’ Smackdown roster in general, it feels quite stale.
  2. Of course WWE wasn’t going to explain the latest roster moves. I don’t know why I bothered wondering how they’d do that. The new Bray Wyatt character certainly makes for a great vignette, and I’m curious to see how or even if it can it translate into actual storylines.
  3. I really enjoyed his first WWE run, particularly his match with Kurt Angle. I enjoyed his 2008 push on Smackdown too as ‘The’ Brian Kendrick. Ever since he performed under that awful ‘guru’ gimmick in TNA I’ve felt similarly to you. I can’t and don’t enjoy anything he does. I’m not sure why exactly. There’s no obvious reason other than a hangover effect from TNA.
  4. I’ve been won over by the MD Classic. After saying I didn’t care about it just a few posts ago, I’ve now pre-ordered. I’m really, really easy.
  5. Maybe I’m hopelessly naive, but I’m assuming if there was anything to worry about Smackdown would have added slightly more depth on the heel side last night. My best guess is they want to programme him with a new addition (likely Reigns or Baylor) post shake-up so kept him off TV for that reason.
  6. The fact Vince is making the announcement rather than Stephanie or Triple H is a red flag for me, given the current ‘Vince is out of touch’ story. I expect a huge, over-the-top intro, only for it to be Baron Corbin. We’ll probably get Roman or someone similar later in the night to soften the blow, but this is almost definitely going to be someone disliked. If they do both move over I’d bet money on Corbin winning the title only to drop it to Reigns at Summerslam, or on the first Smackdown on Fox. If Brock does make the move it probably won’t be until SD does move to Fox so it has maximum impact on ratings.
  7. I’ve not really seen anybody talk about this, but the Raw women’s division looks remarkably weak without Rhonda. Becky could of course join the Raw roster permanently once she drops the SD belt, but if that doesn’t happen it could be a bleak year for the brand’s women’s division, especially if they lose another decent name to Smackdown tonight.
  8. Reigns feels likely, but I supposed they could switch Braun over instead to replace AJ. I expect Smackdown to get a big heel to take the belt off Kofi at some point so McIntyre is possible, but I’m fully expecting it to be Corbin. Either way I’d put money on the fucker winning a world title this year. I also think there’s a good chance Elias will switch over. I’m not sure what else there is for him to do on Raw at this stage.
  9. As much as it sounds like a third rate tourist attraction, I actually prefer the new name...am I the only one?
  10. It seems as though your general Smackdown live audience (not Smackdown Live audience) is filled up more with families and children. For that reason, and the novelty of Reigns being on Smackdown, I don’t think it’s a lock that he’d be booed with anywhere near as much intensity as he can be on Raw. That said I may (likely) be absolutely and completely wrong...
  11. Speaking of the C64, has anyone else picked up the C64 Mini? Some games have aged better than others, but the main thing I’ve taken from it is that a joystick is bloody hard to use! I used to love Creatures, but pushing ‘up’ to jump...I’ve kind of lost the ability as a gamer to cope with than control configuration...
  12. Is Miz & Mrs on USA in the States? Given that Smackdown is moving to Fox I’d guess we’ll see Miz move to Raw. It’s probably time for Randy Orton to switch shows too. I’m not sure what else there is for him to do on Smackdown. Roman Reigns switching brands with AJ Styles could freshen things up somewhat too. I’d love to see how the crowd would react to heel Bryan vs face Reigns at this moment in time. I do worry that we’ll see Baron Corbin move to Smackdown to take the title from Kingston only to have a Jinder Mahal style run of mediocre matches on top.
  13. The main character, Zidane, is a total creep and that kind of put me off the game a little. He hits on every woman he meets and at one point, shortly after meeting Dagger (the main love interest): So for those reasons I feel like it’s aged quite poorly.
  14. I’ve started playing the Final Fantasy IX rerelease on Switch and I’ve come to realise that I massively overrated it. I hate when that happens. Has anyone else found themselves in this position with a game? Up until I started replaying this I’d honestly thought this was one of my favourite games ever.
  15. I started the wrestlers you have an irrational dislike for thread so I thought I’d try the opposite. Which wrestler(s) do you have an affinity for that you either can’t explain, or know you shouldn’t? The love here has to be genuine, no ironic liking is allowed here. And I’ll know the difference. I’ll know. For me, there’s only one answer to this question. I’ve recently started watching Raw from 97/98 having not seen it first time round. And do you know what? Fuck Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Fuck The Rock and Steve Austin. For me there’s only one stand-out. Kurrgan. From the moment he debuts with the Truth Commision with that brilliantly underrated music, to the moment the waste him in The Oddities I absolutely love the guy. He looks absolutely terrifying and while I recognise that he’s not exactly great in ring (or even passable) I just don’t care. There’s something about him that I can’t help but like. I’d have been completely down with him joining the Corporation, or challenging for a belt. He looks like an absolute monster, more so than the friendly looking Big Show or even Great Khali. He’s the most terrifying looking 7-footer WWE has ever had.
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