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  1. He’s absolutely brilliant on the mic. I’m not sure if it’s his delivery, his wit, his look or my childhood love of Walking with Dinosaurs but he comes across as being really cool. He’s honestly one of my favourite things in wrestling right now. On an unrelated note, Cody has replied to someone on Twitter to clarify that Jungle Boy isn’t challenging him for the title, he’s going to prove that he can last 10 minutes with Jericho. Given that almost every match on Dynamite lasts 14 minutes regardless of who features I reckon he’ll be OK.
  2. At the time, certainly, it was excellent. It’s a film I’ve not watched in over a decade because I’m worried I’ll ruin my very positive memories of it. The same could be said for Donnie Darko, which absolutely blew me away at the time, though I can’t bring myself to rewatch it just in case.
  3. I’ve been scared to rewatch it for that reason, but it’s one of the first indie movies I truly loved and it generally shaped my viewing habits. For that reason I had to include it. I might give it another watch over the Christmas period though.
  4. This is bloody hard, so this is in no particular order. 1. Donnie Darko - I was young when I saw this film and it probably doesn’t hold up, but it was the first film I saw that gave me the feeling that I’d seen something special so I have to include it for that reason. 2. Avengers: Infinity War - aside from the fact I’m from Scotland and it’s nice to see Edinburgh on the big screen, this film created one of the most iconic film moments in recent history with the ‘finger snap’. Plus it was fantastic. 3. Up - The opening montage in this film is one of the most effective and emotional pieces of storytelling I’ve ever seen. Incredible stuff. 4. Blackkklansman - Probably the most powerful ending I’ve ever seen in a film. You could hear a pin drop in the cinema as it played out. 5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I hadn’t fully appreciated how brilliant Jim Carrey is in serious roles until I saw this movie. He’s seriously underrated, and perhaps under-utilised too. 6. Kickass - the sequel is abysmal to the point it takes away from how good this film is...but overlooking that, this is one of the best superhero films of the 21st century so far, and Nicholas Cage is just great in it. 7. Anchorman - Probably my favourite comedy of the 21st century. 8. Garden State - I kind of feel like this movie has been forgotten about, but it’s one of my favourite indie films and the soundtrack is great. 9. The Dark Knight - I still love this film, even if I grew up more of a Spider-Man guy. Speaking of which... 10. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse - What can I say, it was brilliant! 11. Joker - Might as well continue with my barrage of comic book movies... 12. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Packed with nostalgia and arguably very few new ideas but fuck it, I loved it. 13. Million Dollar Baby - Possibly my favourite Oscar winner of the 21st Century. 14. Ex Machina - Gripping and disturbing, this is about as haunting a film as I’ve seen this century. 15. Shrek - My favourite kids’ film of the century so far. 16. Blade Runner 2049 - Deserved to do far better than it did at the box office. 17. Trainspotting 2 - Really did the book justice. 18. Casino Royale - this redefined who and what James Bond was for me. And what a performance from Mads Mikkelsen. 19. Adaptation - another brilliant Nicholas Cage performance. A great film too, obviously. 20. Memento - I cant believe this is almost 20 years old...
  5. For me it’s that the Pipe Bomb was eight years ago. That’s a clear memory from when I was an adult that was EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO.
  6. Plus why would they even need to? NXT has done a fantasy job of catching up simply by producing good, arguably better, programming.
  7. Perhaps it’s a copyright thing, given that he used that name in WWE? I mean, I don’t see why they’d bother keeping the Trent Barretta trademark active, but I also don’t see why you’d choose to have a guy wrestle with as bland a sounding name as Trent. I enjoyed parts of this show, but I echo a lot of the complaints here. Cody’s promos are generally good, but I find the language he uses a little annoying at times. It almost feels like he flips through a thesaurus before going out to shove in a few, for want of a better term, ‘big’ words just for the sake of it. It makes what he says sound very unnatural. I noticed Brandi do something similar this week, using words that you wouldn’t normally say if you’re trying to keep things sounding natural. His offer to let BBB choose his partner was a bit dumb too. Why bother? I assumed it was part of a plan, where they’d choose MJF to lure MJF into a false sense of security before it turned out that BBB were a Cody hire, they’re on his side, and a beat down ensues. It’s a bit convoluted but it would at least explain why Cody did the whole ‘choose my partner’ thing. The MJF promo seems to pour cold water on that, making his decision just plain daft. There are still far too many matches for me, and they are all pretty similar style wise. It ends up feeling very repetitious. the matches all feel very inconsequential. ‘Wins and losses matter’ yet Jungle Boy has a title shot? Don’t get me wrong, that should be a fun match but it kind of makes the ranking system feel redundant. The Brandi thing was just plain bad, and the angle at the end felt like a complete rip of Serena joining the Straight Edge Society. I was surprised when they took the clippers out during what was a break in the States, but they obviously didn’t shave her bald so I’m not sure what the point in that was exactly. I don’t hate AEW, but it doesn’t have the ‘anything can happen’ feeling that makes it feel unmissable. It’s following a fairly set formula each week. I’m not suggesting we get Attitude Era style crash TV, just that it could and should feel gripping - like you really want to see where each story is going. There have been glimpses of that, but sadly it’s fairly sporadic.
  8. I’d be all in for a Dino Crisis remake. To me, when this was released, it was pretty much the closest thing I had to experiencing Jurassic Park. I tried replaying it recently, but the controls feel really clunky and dated. A remake would surely fix that. As for what I’m playing right now; Trover Saves the Universe on Switch. It has its flaws and it’s quite hard to judge where your character is landing when you jump from platform to platform (presumably this issue doesn’t exist in VR, if you’re playing it as intended) but it’s genuinely funny and that has me wanting to play more. It’s not for everyone, but if you like Rick and Morty you’ll almost certainly enjoy this.
  9. For me at least, there’s still far too little promo/story content. Eric Bischoff, on the most recent 83 Weeks said that what sets AEW apart is the unscripted promos, not the matches and I tend to agree with that. There’s plenty of good wrestling on WWE programming so I don’t need AEW for that, and the consequences of the AEW matches rarely seem significant enough for me to care about the outcome.
  10. When I say ‘better off’ I obviously don’t mean financially, although I’ve no idea how much WWE would pay them at this stage in their career. What I mean is, for me at least, being the featured female wrestlers in AEW isn’t doing much for either wrestler. I think WWE, and NXT in particular, would be beneficial for them. They wouldn’t be, at least initially, THE featured stars of their division and they’d actually get the opportunity to develop characters, something AEW isn’t even hinting at doing for them right now.
  11. There are clearly WWE talents who would do better elsewhere, but which AEW wrestlers would be better off in the big ‘E? Britt Baker is an obvious one for me. She’s channel changingly dull in AEW, but there’s clearly something there. I think scripting would benefit her, and a stint in NXT would help her develop as a character. Bea Priestly could also do with further development. My big pick would be Kenny Omega. I think they’d do a far better job at presenting him as a star than AEW has at this point. For whatever reason, he’s just not brought all that much to the table there.
  12. If they aren’t going straight into MJF/Cody it reeks very much of the way WWE dodged an immediate Bryan/Miz feud upon Bryan’s return to the ring. By the time they get round to it, it may very well have cooled off to the point there’s no interest in it. Plus why would Cody give more of a shit about two randoms attacking him as opposed to his storyline best friend betraying him? If it’s ‘fuck the personal feud for now because this happened more recently’ I’ll be a bit disappointed. I hope they don’t take that route.
  13. I reckon my entry route is similar to a lot of fans in the UK: Smackdown on Sky One on Saturday mornings. During the attitude era I heard a lot about WWF at school, but I never actually saw it myself (consistently at least) because I didn’t have Sky. I remember briefly catching matches between The Rock and Benoit (when Benoit ‘wins’ the WWF title) and The Hardys, Edge & Christian and The Dudleys in a cage match. Must have been Summerslam 2000, although I’m not completely sure. I also caught (much later) the Billy and Chuck wedding angle, and I both confused as to what was happening, and desperate to find out more. When my family got Sky I checked to see when wrestling aired and made a point of watching it. And that was that.
  14. Has Allie ever worked under that persona on the indie scene? I thought Excalibur labelled her ‘The Bunny’ fat too quickly, why would he know that? I found the whole thing really confusing. I thought the announcing was pretty poor all night actually, and fuck knows what was up with that random guy who joined the team during the first match. There was little to no explanation as to who he was or where he was from. I get that it was a sponsored spot, but what was it all about? What’s the All Elite Fleet? Is it essentially ‘the AEW universe’??
  15. It was in no way a bad show, but I agree with those who say it had its problems. Why did SCU dress up as brass band members? They didn’t need to for that particular spot and it just made them look goofy. I’m starting to find them a bit irritating in general, they’re turning into New Day-lite. The Butcher and Blade debut was pretty confusing. JR seemed to be pushing Excalibur for a better explanation, but it never came. I agree with whoever said vignettes would have helped. Anyone seen them before? What are they like in ring/on the mic? I didn’t particularly like Lucha Bros losing to Best Friends. They’re an act with main event potential but it’s being squandered. Quit the 50/50 booking. Wardlow’s confrontation with DDP was a bit cartoonish too. The fight for the ring did nothing for me on the whole, it seemed very low stakes. And for Christ’s sake have SOMEONE in the women’s division cut a promo. That match was a mess at times, and I had no investment in anyone involved aside from Shida, who has a real star quality about her. I loved the latest Dark Order vignette, and in a way it’s probably better that they’ve already debuted. If you saw THAT tag team after those fantastic vignettes you’d probably feel a bit underwhelmed. I hope they carry over the interest built up through these videos.
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