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  1. The US now officially has more (confirmed) cases of coronavirus than China, despite having less than half its population and despite having absolutely failed when it comes to testing for the illness. Yet despite this, wrestling has continued on. Even 205 Live is still running, for Christ's sake - a show that only has marginally more viewers at home than wrestling shows do in arenas right now. Initially I quite liked having live wrestling during this pandemic, in spite of the empty arena it was a slice of normality during an abnormal time. Now though, I just feel uncomfortable about it. It's clear this highly-contagious virus can land anyone of any age in intensive care, and perhaps even kill them. Why expose wrestlers to this kind of risk? Personally, I think all wrestling, including Wrestlemania should be postponed until this is over. Sadly, I don't think there's any chance of this happening until we either see a big outbreak within a company. But clearly, it shouldn't come to that. Where do you stand on this? Should wrestling stop operating for now?
  2. He feels like the least interesting choice to me. I know some of these people are occupied, but I'd be far more intrigued by Goldberg/Cena, Goldberg/Bryan or Goldberg/Keith Lee, for example. If you have to switch up one of your main events, at least make that switch-up intriguing. Poor Reigns though, I'm glad he didn't take any chances with this. I hope others who perhaps didn't feel comfortable speaking up now do.
  3. If anything, I think that would define Lee down. I think Brodie Lee can work in this role, he just needs to be presented in the right way. He has that cultish, Charles Manson-like look around him. He shouldn't be taking Vince McMahon's weird quirks and turning them into a gimmick, nor should he be copying Bray Wyatt. This role can work for him though, they just need to adapt it a little.
  4. I think that's a bit of an extreme proclamation after one bad episode in an empty arena setting. Under normal circumstances I might agree, but these are far from normal circumstances. I understand the decision to rotate the announcers/keep JR and him underlying health conditions off TV. I don't think they'd have had him in this position if it wasn't for coronavirus. I suspect the segment would have worked better in front of an audience, but in that empty arena setting it just felt odd. His 'new theme song' line felt like it was pulled from a primary school playground, it was awful and painfully awkward. I did enjoy Vanguard 1 spying on Nick Jackson, and Jericho asking him(?) to join The Inner Circle, but that was the peak of the Hardy involvement in that show. If Brodie Lee's gimmick ends up being 'real life Vince McMahon' it just isn't going to work. That said, there's something slightly meta about pretending to be an out-of-touch old man, while being part of that terrible vignette. Overall it was an absolutely painful show to watch, but AEW has been so strong recently that I can forgive it. They've already shown that they are willing to tweak and dump things that don't work (ie. The Nightmare Collective) and I have faith that they'll do that if Hardy and Brodie Lee continue to stink up the show.
  5. I’m not entirely sure that’s not what someone’s trying to sell here.
  6. I'd never have expected it, but The Gymini were around for long enough to have their own action figures made: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WWE-THE-GYMINI-TWINS-JAKE-JESSE-JAKKS-WRESTLING-FIGURE-ADRENALINE-SERIES-21/401755967471?hash=item5d8a858fef:g:7U8AAOSwGqVcwj34 They're just £18.29, and what's more, they've been used for display purposes only. I wasn't a fan during the era of Hardcore matches, but that's OK. I can recreate them from the comfort of my living room with this WWE garbage can accessory: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/wwe-Rubbish-Bin-Garbage-trash-can-accessory/223924192019?hash=item3422ec0313:g:rc8AAOSwwH9eUR0R That's £3.49. I won't bore you with a picture, it's a bin at the end of the day. Albeit a BARGAIN PRICED one. But this one does merit a picture: That's right, a signed photo of Little Boogeyman! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Little-Boogeyman-signed-8x10-color-wrestling-photo-WWE-ECW-RARE-WWF/173863737658?hash=item287b16193a:g:THMAAOxyyq5TMvBp It's a bargain at £15,48, bringing my total so far to £37.26. More than enough money to get me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WWE-Kids-Toothbrush-Soft-2-Toothbrushes-Brush-Buddies/283297123007?epid=1962766372&hash=item41f5d30abf:g:1pIAAOSw0rdcDY9E JOHN CENA AND DANIEL BRYAN BRUSH BUDDY TOOTHBRUSHES!! I may not have any toilet paper in, but for £9.32 I'll have teeth so clean it'll distract from any part of me that...erm...isn't. That's more than enough to get myself this: A Kenzo Suzuki/Hiroshi Tanahashi calendar from 2003 that one sneaky seller is trying to pass off as a poster: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-JAPAN-PRO-WRESTLING-KENZO-SUZUKI-HIROSHI-TANAHASHI-POSTER-njpw-wwe-wwf-roh/362944343971?hash=item54812b2fa3:g:XeAAAOSwnfRcLLOJ £49.57. Job well done, I reckon.
  7. I know Jeff Jarrett was close with Owen, but what’s his relationship like with Bret? @UK Kat Von D’s suggestion of Bret in TNA seems plausible to me, with a bitter Bret cutting off his nose to spite his face (and Vince McMahon) and sticking with the smaller company, at least initially. Still, it would have been fun to see him work with a young AJ Styles if nothing else.
  8. That’s a really good point that I hadn’t considered. I’d been expecting Page to reveal Hardy, whilst also revealing he was the person he had lined up as his surprise partner last week. If they do Dustin/Cody again (and they should) I really would like it to be for the World title. It’s been said before but there’s a fantastic story to be told with Dustin going for his first World title. What better way to heighten that emotion than by having his brother as the champ, and perhaps Dustin’s career on the line too?
  9. I think I might be alone here, but I thought the lack of crowd noise made the end of the show really effective. That, the piano music, Jericho's stunned face and Hardy's manic behaviour made the situation feel quite tense and dramatic. It really worked for me and, in the moment, made the wrestlers feel like human beings rather than performers. A hot crowd clearly lifts a show, but AEW proved last night that a lack of one doesn't have to break it.
  10. What choice to they have, though? They've hired the guy and are presumably paying him...the other option would be having him sit around earning a wage for nothing, as they wait for a time that fans are able to watch matches again. Unfortunately, we just don't know when that will be, and it doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon. As far as the show goes, I really enjoyed it. The debuts didn't fall flat for me although Hardy showing up in front of fans in that manner would definitely have been a moment. The only complaint I have is more a concern...Jim Ross has underlying health issues, he was right beside the other announcers and was quite happily touching Tazz and acting normal. It seems a bit risky to let that happen, God knows how his body would react to covid-19. I'll end on a positive note though, and I don't think I need to expand upon two simple words. They speak for themselves: Sammy Guevara.
  11. I completely lost interest in this, given the absolute mess they made of last season. Is it showing any promise this time round?
  12. Yeah, I feel strangely confident that this will end up being a strong show. The lack of crowd noise will either force them to think outside the box, or leave them wanting to rush through the shoe and get it out of the way. But...it’s Wrestlemania. Surely they wouldn’t do that, right?
  13. It’s not being offended, it’s actually considering how it might make someone feel. If they’re fine with it, great. But it still wouldn’t justify it. If an overweight person walked into a pub, a bunch of PROPAH LADS who didn’t know him started yelling “wayyyyyyyy!!! Fatty boom boom!!” and the guy either seemed at face value to be fine with it, would that make their behaviour OK? What AEW did is like that, but on a larger scale.
  14. I don’t think it’s at all fair to say calling that out is taking offence on someone else’s behalf, it’s just generally being considerate of how it might make someone feel.
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