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  1. Wanted to reply to this before I go. Keith, you’re one of the most genuine, empathetic and considerate people on here. Thank you so much. It really does mean a lot.
  2. Thanks for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it. I know we all say it, but I think I’m done with wrestling for the foreseeable future. It was a form of escapism, but it’s contributing to how I feel now and that’s not a good thing. I’ve requested that my account be deleted and to be honest, it’s more a symbolic thing for me. I think it’ll feel good to purge my life of a form of entertainment that has lost its fun factor for me. Whether the mods do that or not I’ll be taking time off from here. @patiirc, @SuperBacon and @Tommy!, a genuine thank you from me. I called me GP on the back of your supportive words and I’m waiting for a call back. But for the first time in days I’m feeling pretty good. You’re brilliant people.
  3. Another thing that worries me is with COVID I’ll actually have to speak to a receptionist first to tell them what’s going on with me, before I even get the chance to talk to a doctor. I’d never really considered something like Mind @patiirc, but I’ll look into that. I’d might be helpful to discuss that initial step over the phone.
  4. This is a bit of a personal post, and I’m not sure how exactly to say this, but I’ll give it a good old try. I’ve dealt with depression on and off for the past decade. I’ve kept it to myself, initially because I felt that people around me didn’t understand it. Heck, I don’t think the world in general did including me, I certainly didn’t know it was as widespread an issue as it actually is. I’d been doing quite well up until this month. Recent events have kind of flicked a switch in my head and I feel like I’ve taken a few steps back. I find the idea of telling friends about this too daunting at this stage, but I do want to speak to my GP about it. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’m daunted by that too. Do they delve into why you might be feeling that way immediately? Do they prescribe you with something right away, or are you more likely to be directed towards talk therapy of some kind? I’m sorry to ask something that I’m well aware is basic, but what happens the first time you tell a doctor about this?
  5. @Julian Radbourne - I’m relatively new on this forum, so I don’t feel qualified to say much here but I feel like your post deserves acknowledgement. While I’m sure someone who is in a better place to say something will. I hope you’re doing better now.
  6. That’s not without its problems. In fact, there’s an ongoing push to scrap the not proven verdict here precisely to achieve more convictions in sexual assault/rape cases.
  7. Excalibur isn't perfect, but when he does or says things that JR doesn't like, I wish he'd just quietly offer him advice off air rather than put him down. It's not like Excalibur doesn't help him out, covering for him when he says something dated or that defeats what AEW is trying to accomplish (eg. JR's comments where he effectively said that the singles division > the tag division)
  8. The thing is, a lot of well known US names WERE accused of misconduct (or worse) the last time this happened, and nothing was done. A lot of people would essentially have to come out and essentially say "remember how I said this a few years ago?" and hope that they're not ignored again. And that's horrifying. Imagine openly telling people about a serious incident that happened to you - something that you may very well think about on a daily basis - and no one seems to give a shit? Given the power dynamic in American wrestling, it seems incredibly easy for serious allegations at the very highest level to get ignored or brushed over. It very much seems to me as if accusations are treated as a PR issue and not as something that should be directly addressed. How often do we see statements issued saying that an issue is being taken seriously, and then when things quieten down we never hear about said matter again? They wait for things to quieten down and then move on.
  9. Is there no motion control whatsoever with the Lite? I'd been thinking of motion with handheld mode in mind to be honest, using the screen as a sort of viewfinder.
  10. You're completely right, unfortunately. Even though AEW seems to have tightened up somewhat, clearly it's not been enough to reign Matt in to any watchable level. He'd probably debut as Brother Nero, and even the stuff that should be appealing would end up tanking. I'd love to see Darby Allen vs Jeff, for example, but in this environment the feud would almost certainly be built up entirely through 'high concept' vignettes, and there would be a serious risk of one or both wrestlers getting seriously injured during the match itself. It's a shame because, as you say, both Hardys should be a 'get' for the company.
  11. The stuff from the John Bolton book somehow manages to be exactly what I'd expect, yet worse than I expected at the exact same time.
  12. Buzzing for this. I LOVED the original, and I'm surprised it's taken them this long to revisit the idea. My only hope is that if they do incorporate motion controls (it feels inevitable) it's not the only way to play it.
  13. Yeah, he's been a near continual low point on each Dynamite since joining AEW. I must admit, I do quite like the prospect of The Hardys reuniting in AEW. Hardys/Bucks and Hardys/Lucha Bros are two matches I'd love to see in AEW. Then again, I quite liked the prospect of Broken Matt in AEW, and then it actually happened.
  14. Really weak show this week, for me. After initially adapting well to the circumstances, they've edged towards angles and promos that really would play better in front of a larger crowd. The tag title match was basically a showcase of everything I hate about QT Marshall. He always gets his shit in at the expense of everyone else, yet has no obvious upside. Winds me up to no end that they thought this tag team was a better option than the Sonny Kiss/Dustin combo (Sonny being someone who really could benefit from working with Rhodes in the long term) I really enjoyed seeing Ricky Starks, and I thought he looked great against Cody. It was also the first time I actually thought Cody had a chance of losing the belt. Ricky still gained a lot from this, and I hope they sign him. I like the look of Abadon, and I really hope she didn't win purely to further Anna Jay's storyline. I'd like to see her again. Who'd have thought that the most entertaining storyline in AEW at any given point would be The Dark Order? It's not a huge compliment given the state of this week's show, but I'm genuinely interested in where the Colt Cabana thing is going. I suspect it'll end in a match between Brodie and Cabana, and I'm completely on board with that. Colt has been great in AEW so far, he talks and acts like a real human being rather than a wrestling character, and he's fun to watch. The Britt Baker/Swole stuff was, appropriately, a load of garbage. Both characters are great - particularly Britt - but this was a terrible angle.
  15. God, I had no memory of this whatsoever! Oh well, at least he's ticked this box...kinda.
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