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  1. Not a chance it's Tessa Blanchard. There are a lot of words and phrases you could use to describe Tessa Blanchard based on her reputation, but "hall of fame worthy" is not among them. AEW doesn't have a track record of over-hyping its signings, so I think this is someone Tony Khan feels fits that description. The fact they've not explicitly said it's a hall of famer (just "worthy") opens it up a little, but there really aren't many people who are free agents (or potentially free agents) who would fit that description, or Tony Khan's follow up comments of it being a "huge, huge star".
  2. They're going to go independent before Scotland do, aren't they? We'll have a united Ireland, an independent Wales, and a Westminster government desperately holding on to Scotland, insisting the issue was settled in 2014, as polls continue to show people here back it. 😐
  3. Bit of a pointless musing here, but I've always found talk of "casual fans" a little odd - it's not a concept you really hear people talk about in other forms of entertainment. I'm not saying they don't exist - I would consider myself a fairly casual fan of football, for example - but surely the very nature of being a casual fan of anything is that you're only ever going to dip in and out, so you're a very temporary thing? Their aim should surely be to create new fans, or, even better, new hardcore fans. Whatever the case, I'd imagine one thing holding AEW - and indeed, WWE back - i
  4. That’s not fair, Miro looks like he’s on the verge of turning things round. Matt Hardy is a more appropriate comparison. Prone to illogical decisions, thinks what he’s doing is much smarter than it is, and it becomes clearer each passing week that his spot really should be occupied by someone else.
  5. Do you mean in a legal sense? It couldn't - legally that's completely fine to say. If anyone did call them out on it, I can't imagine Tony Khan would do anything other than backtrack, and rightly so. From an advertisers point of view, the risk to AEW in that scenario would be catastrophic - and Jeez, what can you really run with here, and to what gain? Someone was shot 3 times, Lady Gaga's dogs have been stolen (which, being a dog owner, I can say is a devastating prospect) and it really does not lend itself to a fun "war of words" news story. Don't get me wrong - I'm not passing j
  6. That's not so much the point though, it's the potential for it to blow up on social media. A comparable example is Taylor Swift criticising a Netflix show which included the line "you go through men faster than Taylor Swift". This went viral, and the show pulled a lot of criticism. It's not beyond the realms of possibility at all that Lady Gaga might pick up on the line, and say something critical - forcing AEW to apologise. It's not about whether or not it has an impact on fan perception (though I'd argue that a media-storm isn't exactly going to attract new fans, and may put some
  7. Definitely good shouts, but it's the wording that I find interesting - "Hall of Fame worthy", rather than "a hall-of-famer". He (often deservedly) gets a lot of shit on here, but Foley could be a decent addition to the announce desk for Elevation or the new TNT show. I'm not sure how Mark Henry would be received, particularly on the back of the Wight signing, but he could be a really solid addition to the AEW roster. While people do praise his promo work, I still think his mic skills are underrated. I honestly think he's one of the best talkers WWE has had over the past 15 years. He's re
  8. It's more the fact that they've bothered to hype it. If it was an angle run on the PPV or on next week's Dynamite, it would definitely be buzzworthy (Shaq signing a multi-match deal). The fact they hyped it makes me think it's someone else, although I'd imagine Shaq will be back. Given how odd the Shaq booking has been, I wonder if, in part it's because he (or his people) likes to have a huge say in how he's booked (also explaining why celeb-hungry WWE never did Shaq/Big Show) - I could definitely see a situation arising where AEW wanted to sell the effects of the bump, but then at the l
  9. Shaq crossed my mind too, and while I wouldn't be against it, it seems a little too strange a set-up. Teasing signing someone who has already wrestled in a match that was inexplicably bumped from the PPV would be a bit weird. There is a gap in the ladder match, so I suppose it could be someone who could fill that position, which again gives me the fear that it's RVD. Given Tony Khan's love of ECW, I'm sure he'd consider signing Van Dam a massive deal. Hmmm, again, I'm not sure how I'd feel about that. He's obviously very talented, but it's hard to get excited about Christian.
  10. Given how shitty the build-up was, the Shaq match was a lot of fun. I wouldn't be adverse to seeing more of him in AEW, assuming they do better with the build next time. The match definitely benefited from not having Brandi in it. Red Velvet was solid, and Jade Cargill looked decent too. I'm slightly worried that the reason they've kept Britt away from the Women's World title is that they plan to rush Jade to that spot, but we'll see. I wonder if they'll live to regret (presumably) allowing Max Caster's Lady Gaga line. In a country plagued by gun violence, threatening to "light you up li
  11. I feel sorry for her too, she seems like a lovely person and I can completely understand why they would want to find a role for her in AEW. Heck, maybe there is one. Perhaps she'd be fun paired up with someone like Peter Avalon, or another undercard act that mainly lives on Dark. As for Nyla, I think she has the potential to be a strong babyface. She's quick-witted and has the mic skills, and her ring work has come on leaps and bounds since her AEW debut. A babyface Nyla feuding with a heel champ Britt Baker could be a hell of a lot of fun.
  12. It did - Vickie mentioned that on AEW Unrestricted, which I found surprising. Have they actually separated as a pairing? Nyla didn't need a manager, but the right person could have added to her act, in the way that Tully Blanchard adds to FTR, or Paul Heyman adds to Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, Vickie is/was not that person.
  13. His Canadian hero heel run, as others have pointed out. He played the character well, probably (judging by his book) partly because he was able to actually say the things he thought about his own ability out loud.
  14. This 100%. I started watching wrestling in 2002, so I didn’t actually get to see Bret Hart’s work until after enduring an ungodly amount of hype about how good he actually was. Then when I finally did get to see his finest work, I just couldn’t understand where the hype had come from. His promos were often excellent, but I find most of his matches tough going.
  15. I'm not sure I agree, at least not entirely. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely people on NXT who this could apply to, but would argue that they're taking risks with gimmicks/characters on NXT that you don't see as much on the main roster. At the moment you have Xia Li, Dexter Lumis, Velveteen Dream, Cameron Grimes, Karrion Kross and the Gargano 'family' among those working with personality-based, and in some cases fairly unique, gimmicks. I'm not saying all of these characters work, but risks have definitely been taken, and NXT has certainly moved away from essentially being Tripl
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