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  1. Shut Your Mouth has always been my favourite. I loved how story mode started with the draft, and you got to draft your own roster. I considered including EWR (TEW has always been too in depth for my tastes) but in the end I could t decide where it would fit in my list. I had that issue with a few games, it’s so hard to narrow it down to just ten.
  2. Our local radio station mentioned his death on their hourly news, I went straight online to check that I’d heard correctly. Absolutely stunned. Lionheart was my introduction to Scottish wrestling, but not through a match. I heard an interview he did with Inside the Ropes in around 2012. That was around 10 years after I started watching wrestling, and up till then I had no awareness that there was a wrestling scene in Scotland, let alone a thriving, exciting one. Lionheart did the interview in character and played a fantastic heel. It absolutely intrigued me and it led to me checking out ICW, and in time gaining an interest in British (but mainly Scottish) wrestling. This is absolutely tragic.
  3. Three Hour Smackdown. Only on Fox.
  4. See, I’m watching the late 90s Raws for the first time, so I’m probably looking at him from the same perspective as you once did. He was Chief Morley (briefly) when I started watching wrestling, but that’s not a character I ever really saw much of. I had Sky One, but not Sky Sports so my early exposure to Wrestling was late ‘02 Smackdown. Perhaps my opinion will change just as yours did as I continue watching.
  5. 01/02 is the definitive version for me. I can’t believe I forgot to include that on my list...then again, I’m not sure what I’d eliminate from what I did pick. Did anyone include a wrestling game?
  6. Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns. Wrestlemania 36.
  7. I genuinely considered including Pokemon Go. I’ve probably wasted more time on that game than any other these past few years. Problem is, I’m not actually sure I enjoy it...it just appeals to the addictive side of my brain and kills time on the morning commute.
  8. But that’s the point of this thread: I’m talking about lower card/mid-card wrestlers who could have been more had they been introduced differently. People who weren’t anywhere close to the top of the card, basically as opposed to those who were.
  9. You can definitely ‘stack’ subscriptions for Game Pass, but I’ve no idea how it treats free trials. I’d guess that you’d be OK but I can’t definitively say that.
  10. A face palming key obvious choice (for me, at least) - Chris Masters. Granted, he wasn’t the best during his initial run with WWE. When he returned in the late 2000s, however, he was an absolute boss in ring. I’ve no idea why they didn’t push him. He had solid mic skills, a decent look and was tearing it up on the B shows each week with some brilliant matches.
  11. Not sure about RE4, but I’m pretty sure that Sleeping Dogs was never made backwards compatible, probably because of the Xbox One port of the game. If you haven’t already got it, I’d highly recommend Game Pass. It’s tremendous value and contains pretty much every first party title.
  12. I always preferred Rainbow Islands, that at least felt beatable to me (even though it was still rock solid)
  13. My main issue was the number of indie/indie-style games I wanted to include. So many came to mind, and I’m the end I don’t think I included any. Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy, Valiant Hearts and FTL...all brilliant games, and I couldn’t settle on one to make my list.
  14. I’m not so sure...he could just as easily have been relegated to a ‘monster-of-the-month’ role to face Taker/other top faces, much like Heidenreich, Snitsky and Big Daddy V. Could have gone either way for him - he’d have had more competition than he does at the moment in the big-man category.
  15. I wasn’t able to get into God of War. The gameplay loop just wasn’t for me. I find it hard to pick between RDR2, FFVII, Fallout 3 and The Witcher 3. I did, obviously, but it wasn’t easy!
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