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  1. Game of Thrones, and I realise this is pretty harsh. I thought it was one of the best TV shows ever, and for the longest time it absolutely was. That final episode, though... It just shows you the power of one bad episode of television. It's hard to look back at the show as fondly as I did as I know that it concludes in, for me at least, a very disappointing way. I feel like I should be able to look at the show as a whole and enjoy the parts of it that were good (the vast, vast, vast majority of it) but for whatever reason I can't.
  2. This. I was fully prepared to be disappointed by this as I wasn't sure if I'd feel the same way about it as I did the VR version of this, but it's still brilliant, it's still absolutely hooked me and it still feels like an absolute reinvention of Tetris even though the core gameplay is exactly the same. Love it.
  3. Yeah, absolutely. It's never been something that bothers me. I don't think they do it all that much, and in this particular case if Taz is still feeling bitter I don't see from a character perspective why he'd change the record. We all know people like that, who just don't let things go. It strikes me as quite real and relatable and it works for me. But as with anything, like you say, it's totally subjective. I can't persuade you to like it, but I can tell you why I did.
  4. I don't have a problem with it, especially in this context where Taz wasn't so much taking digs at WWE as he was comparing the way he was treated in WWE to the way AEW treats him. The ultimate insult if you're AEW surely is "you're just like they are". Taz is playing a bitter ex-wrestler who doesn't feel like he's ever been respected, and I thought this worked really well. Even the fact his mic got shut off worked for me. It didn't feel like he was getting censored, it felt like an eye-roll from management who just wanted to get someone who was wasting time and spouting shit out of the r
  5. I'd love to see Moxley cross paths with the Bucks at some point, Moxley and a partner (Darby? Page? Cody?) vs The Bucks at an upcoming PPV is a direction I'd very much be in favour of.
  6. I've always had a soft spot for the World's Greatest Tag Team's theme: Very underrated tune!
  7. I would apply caution when it comes to this one. I bought it upon release and it bricked immediately after it updated the firmware. Sent it back, got another, this time I had issues with the sound that I could not resolve. At that point I just gave up and went with a refund. It was well made and I think it would have been a lot of fun to play had it actually worked. Maybe they've ironed out the kinks, but I found it frustrating as hell.
  8. There came a point during the final farewell in which it became pretty clear that this was genuine, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that someone was going to attack him right until the final moment. I just didn't think they'd say goodbye to this character without an audience in place, anniversary or no anniversary. Perhaps this is what he wanted, perhaps he didn't want to be in a situation where he might get emotional, and if that's the case fair enough. As a result though I found it a bit empty. It probably was about as strong as it could have been under the circumstances and
  9. It's not so much the win/loss record for me, it's the fact they seem to be throwing mud at the wall until something sticks as far as it goes with Brandi as an in ring competitor. They tried The Nightmare Collective, the tag team with Allie, the feud with Anna Jay, the angle with Jade Cargill, and outside of that she regularly accompanies Cody, Dustin and QT to the ring meaning it certainly feels like her presence on Dynamite has been disproportionate compared to other female wrestler. Not many female wrestlers have had as many high level angles as Brandi, and I'm not sure any of their Wo
  10. Brandi can be excellent on the mic and probably has it in her to be a good manager (perhaps a Nyla/Brandi partnership would have been more effective than Nyla/Vickie, for example) Their insistence on using her as an in ring talent is seriously detrimental to the AEW women's division and to her as a character. She's embarrassingly over-pushed. All in all it was a solid enough show, although the Las Vegas skits weren't quite as fun as I'd hoped they would be, particularly the last one which was pretty weak. I really wish they'd take more time to establish Thunder Rosa as a char
  11. I honestly think Meltzer's contribution to wrestling is massively overstated. He's been in a position where he could have blown the lid on serious wrestling scandals but, at best, ignores them and at worst calls into question the credibility of accusers. His inability to understand when his sources may be lying to him means the history of modern wrestling when told through a Meltzer lens is seriously distorted. Even now he does not seem to have learned his lesson - it wasn't that long ago when he reported that Fox officials were disappointed to have not landed Paul Heyman as
  12. While I don't think that's impossible it would really fuck Raw over and leave a massive void on that brand until the next draft. I think McIntyre/Lesnar II is possible, perhaps even likely, and although no one is really talking about it and it probably wouldn't be a show-closer I don't think McIntyre/Samoa Joe is out of the question and could be a fun little mid-show match.
  13. That crossed my mind too actually. Actually rewarding his loyalty by having him break some that record probably would boost his value as a legacy star going forward and in an era where there are very few of those left I could see why they'd want to do that, why they'd want to hype him up as a record breaker.
  14. I think it's pretty natural to feel apprehension in a situation like this. I have to admit, I myself feel apprehensive about the vaccine, not excited. We've all been beaten down by this virus, whether we've had it, lost someone to it, or had the liberties we took for granted affected by it - it's very easy to feel as though life is bleak right now and there's no light on the horizon. Particularly in Boris Johnson's Britain where the truth is optional at best. However, the testing that any credibly developed vaccine has to go through is beyond thorough - particularly when you consi
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