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  1. Isn’t Deeb signed to AEW, and is essentially being loaned out to the NWA?
  2. If you're going to have Eddie challenge for a singles title, I honestly think Miro would be a better opponent. We all know how good Eddie is on the mic, but Miro has emerged in recent months as one of the best (and also most terrifying) characters in wrestling. The build up could be phenomenal. Kenny, for me, is very inconsistent, and ultimately we'd know that it's very unlikely that Kingston would defeat him. The outcome of a match with Miro would be completely up in the air. Having said that, the more I think about it, the more I reckon a Bucks vs. Moxley/Kingston rematch would be the
  3. I think at this stage of their existence there's every chance they can fill the place up, and I don't think they need a debuting wrestler to do that. They have a decent sized fanbase, and there are loads of matches that they could do with their current roster that would get any AEW fan buzzing. Omega/Darby, or even Omega/Page (would anyone object to that taking place in such an exciting venue?); The Bucks vs. Sting/Darby (in Sting's first title challenge in years), Miro vs Moxley, Miro vs. Wardlow, Miro vs. Jericho, Miro vs. Sammy, Cody/Dustin II, The Bucks vs. The Best Friends, Ba
  4. The Rainsdowne Players is available for only 1p on the Switch eshop sale. Talk about a low risk purchase...I decided to give it a go, and so far I'm surprised at how good it is. If you can spare, um, 1p, it's well worth a try.
  5. I certainly hope that's not where Joe ends up. It would be quite an underwhelming place for him to end up.
  6. Isn’t it only the second? I don’t mind it at all. It makes sense from a storyline standpoint of course, but in reality I’m sure it means a lot to them all too. It’s still only six months since Brodie’s death, so for me it’s still logical and appropriate for him to be a point of reference. I’d actually like a team from The Dark Order to take the tag titles off The Bucks. The reaction from a live crowd would be a tremendous moment for -1 in particular, and fuck it, I’d love to see it.
  7. 10 is one of my favourite people in ring in AEW. He’s so much fun to watch. I’d love to see him take on Miro next. And speaking of Miro, I loved that match with Evil Uno. Miro cuntily waving at the Dark Order and -1 as he held Uno on his submission hold was just sublime.
  8. No, the winner faces Callihan at Slammiversary in July.
  9. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it’s inevitable, but he’s so, so good in this current heel character. He feels far more dangerous and exciting as champ than Kenny ever could. The thought of heel Miro vs Moxley, Miro vs Page, Miro vs Wardlow, Miro vs Jungle Boy and Miro vs Sammy are all too fucking exciting to miss out on.
  10. This one is a little hard to explain, but stick with me. When video games - usually older ones - are only part voice acted, I find that really irritating. For example, when written dialogue is preceded by a few words that are voice acted (usually the same word/words, like "that's right"), or a grunt. This clip from Radiant Historia probably explains it better than I'm doing - one fully voice acted character, and another that is not: I'm playing this game right now, and it's really taking me out of the (actually quite excellent) story.
  11. A Tory MP comparing taking the knee to a Nazi salute. How on earth have we ended up getting to this point? https://www.facebook.com/110049467109325/posts/505426104238324/?d=n
  12. Is it? At best, you send the message that when your show changes night, it's not worth watching. At worst, you leave yourself in a situation where viewers are apathetic towards what you're doing, and you leave yourself with a lower Wednesday right rating than there needs to be when things return back to normal, and you have to build back that viewership. I'm not saying they should debut Daniel Bryan on a Friday or anything like that, but this was an inexcusably bad show. No one has mentioned it yet, but the Red Velvet/Bunny match was absolutely terrifying. We were millimetres away
  13. Really? When and where? Even if that were true, what’s the problem with that? Wrestling in the past has almost certainly been the source of homophobic bullying, with top baby faces (including The Rock and John Cena) making ‘gay jokes’ about opponents and non-wrestlers. Isn’t it a nice change for this generation of wrestlers to send out a message of equality to young fans, and to challenge homophobia? Nyla is a great first opponent for Britt, and frankly should be featured more. She’s improved dramatically in ring, her mic work is great and she’s really quick witted and likeable. Ther
  14. Then Vickie is a bizarre choice. Out of the two of them, Andrade did far better on the mic. Vickie was dreadful. Talking of dreadful, QT Marshall once again proved that he’s mediocre at best at everything he does. His promo had no substance whatsoever once again, he has no presence in the ring...just ditch this bloody feud already. Given how rarely Cody takes a loss, even though this was far from clean, I can’t believe they gave a win over Cody to this clown. Why not give it to Ogogo? Heck, why not give the promo time to Ogogo, who is far more interesting on the mic than Marshall. Th
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