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  1. Anyone else picked up Mario 3D All-Stars? I’m finding it rather disappointing so far. It’s very...minimal particularly with Mario 64 which is in 4:3 resolution with a complete absence of save states. It’s really odd, even Nintendo Online offers more than that with its games.
  2. I’m not sure there’s anything in modern wrestling that is as consistently unenjoyable for me as the AEW Women’s Division and it’s such as shame as there are strong individual talents in there. It’s almost impossible to imagine the women’s division in its current state headlining a Dynamite let alone a PPV and in 2020 that really is poor. I hope this isn’t a problem we’re talking about one year from now.
  3. They're doing NXT Takeover: Dallas next, and I've listened to the whole thing since I'm signed up to their Patreon. This is probably very irrational of me, but Marc mispronouncing Finn Balor as Finn "Baylor" annoys me far more than it should. I actually had to stop listening to the final part of the show as it wound me up so much. It's nice to know I'm still able to be annoyed at something that isn't to do with COVID denial, Brexit or the Tory government though.
  4. I've not posted in this thread for a while because fuck, it's deflating how morally bankrupt, corrupt and shitty this government is, but Jesus Christ, if being a cunt was wrestling this man would be a main event level draw: "The thing that annoys me about people is that they're worried about dying, the whiners"
  5. I had no idea! Yeah, the fact the review embargo hasn’t been lifted yet doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.
  6. The quality of his promos has declined dramatically since his early run with Archer and that’s a real shame. I hope he can recapture that early fire. As for JR, his refusal to call the Silly String by name, his constant sniping at Excalibur, and his apparent dislike of what he’s watching is frustrating. They do have a ready made answer though in Taz, and I wish they’d use it. I suspect JR’s pay packet may be the problem though, making it difficult to justify removing him.
  7. They've done this since the early days of Dynamite, and to go from him appearing on camera for a split second to "OH MY GOD HE'S GOING TO BE LIKE MR MCMAHON NOW" is one hell of a stretch. As for the episode itself, it was very inconsequential. AEW does this every now and then, rolling out wrestling heavy shows with little storyline progression. It feels very much like their version of a Friendly match in football. Potentially a fun watch, but ultimately skippable.
  8. The Nexus not going over in their Summerslam main event. It killed a promising stable from the very beginning. The story had been very much framed as ‘who can stop this invading force?’ and the answer was given to us right away. Imagine if they had won this match, and this was followed by Wade Barrett’s WWE title match which he also won? He’d have been the made man that he should have been, rather than the wasted opportunity he ended up being.
  9. Does anyone here own or has anyone owned a 32X? I’ve flirted with buying one for years, mainly because I want to play Knuckles Chaotix. I’m well aware that the game library for it is tiny, but if I were to buy one, what games would you recommend (outside of, y’know, the one I just mentioned)? Or would you advise me to avoid it completely?
  10. Oh it’s completely hypothetical, I’m not assuming anything. All of these potential feuds interest me, but it’s incredibly unlikely he’ll ever go to AEW. On another note I think the idea that Brock can’t talk so therefore would struggle is a bit of a myth though. He was decent towards the end of his run on Smackdown in the 2000s, and he’s even better in an unscripted sit down environment. Heyman added to his act initially, but these days I’d say Lesnar would feel much more interesting if he were to go it alone.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Brock in AEW. It’ll almost certainly never happen, but Page’s redemption arc culminating in a win over Lesnar? Love that. Then you have Lesnar/Cody, Lesnar/Omega, Lesnar/Archer, Lesnar/Wardlow, Lesnar/Dustin, Lesnar/Jericho (has that match ever happened?), a Lesnar/Moxley rematch intrigues me, And I even like the idea of Lesnar/Darby, with Lesnar tossing him around, Darby bumping like crazy but refusing to give in and kicking out of pin attempt after pin attempt before he finally succumbs. Would he be worth the money he’d deman
  12. Smackdown is a very fun watch right now, and Reigns is knocking it out of the park. I’m starting to wonder, however, if the person who takes the Universal title from Reigns is going to be Drew McIntyre and not Big E. I could see him moving over in the draft after losing to Orton, with Big E going to Raw giving us ‘Mania title matches of Orton vs Big E and Reigns vs McIntyre. I’m stupidly invested in the prospect of Reigns/Big E, but I can’t really argue against that other potential route.
  13. Another brilliant Dynamite, I enjoyed pretty much everything aside from Vickie Guerrero. Totally agree with @tiger_rick as far as Luchasaurus goes. He was perfectly fine in today's match, but his offence frequently looks messy and at times even unsafe. All the slips and trips recently do worry me a little bit, and leave me cringing every time they try a piledriver or something that could leave someone seriously injured. Excalibur (I think) acknowledged how hot it was, and you can see sweat dripping from each wrestler from very early on in each match. I hope they drop some of the r
  14. Obviously they could sub any or all of these people out, but one of the person second from left is almost certainly Mia Yim.
  15. I’m not sure I agree with this. WWE’s created an environment where there’s little point having any investment in their storylines. They can be and often are dropped on a whim. Even if they did book someone to go on a massive winning run I’m not sure that’s going to encourage investment in the wider product. They’ve created an environment of apathy. While I’m sure there people who watch simply because it’s WWE, people still have their favourites. I care about and keep up with Big E, for example. Daniel Bryan, Sonya Deville, Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch. Personally I h
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