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  1. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Or, the way I’ve been playing it so far, Triple Triad with an RPG tacked on. Oh, and fuck the Random rule.
  2. Wonder if they’ll bother to explain why they’re doing this, and whether or not the draft actually matters this time round given that there’s a very loose wildcard rule in place. They might have every intention of sticking to the split, and if that’s the case they should actually say that. Bet they won’t say anything to clarify though.
  3. That would have deprived us of Daniel Bryan’s win, and that amazing moment of Connor getting to see his hero come out on top at Wrestlemania. I can’t agree with this one for that reason. Brought a tear to my eye. Besides don’t think this route would have left Reigns in any a better position than he’s in now.
  4. Y’know, you’re probably right. A heel run followed by the cancer diagnosis and subsequent return would probably have set Roman up to be a mega-face rather than the very tepid feeling character that he is now. Another one for me: At Wrestlemania 29 they should have gone with Punk/Rock for the title instead of Cena/Rock 2. Give Cena the ‘Taker match and you suddenly have (in my opinion) a much stronger card.
  5. A simple thread premise that I’ll probably explain badly...which moments in wrestling history did the bookers get wrong, and what should have happened instead? I’m going to go with Jinder Mahal’s title reign in 2017. There was this odd narrative at the time with people like Triple H, Road Dogg and Sam Roberts praising how great a job Jinder was doing as champion when really this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m guessing they learned their lesson in the end given that he fell back down to where he was pre-title win very quickly. Instead of Mahal winning the title, I think The Miz should have stayed on Smackdown and beaten Orton instead. He was on a red-hot streak as a bad guy at the time and was incredibly entertaining. Miz would have been a phenomenal champion and would surely have prevented Smackdown from having the slump in quality that it had that year. What moments in wrestling history would you have done differently?
  6. Another good show, albeit an overly long one. I watched the show this morning and fast forwarded through the pre-show and the Best Friends tag match just so I could fit All Out into my day. They seem to be listening to fan feedback so hopefully they’ll trim the PPV length once they start on TNT. The announcing was far better, and Golden Boy was particularly good. It seems a shame that he might be removed from the desk for Tony Schiavone given that he’s been their most consistent announcer. Jim Ross...he definitely had his (good) moments on this show but I found him uncomfortable to listen to once again. He seemed grumpy and snarky at times, and it’s not particularly fun. Luchasaurus is absolutely fantastic. I don’t understand how WWE let him slip through the net, even if he was operating under a different gimmick back then. He’s crazy athletic, good on the mic and an absolute blast to watch. I still remain to be convinced about the merits of adding Stunt to the team, but they seem to be building trios right around the board. Presumably there’s a reason for that. Cody/Spears was decent. I’m a little surprised they had Cody win when there’s clearly a lot more meat on the bones of that particular story. The main event was excellent, but I still don’t buy Page at that level, as a babyface at least. The ladder match was great too, and I’m curious to see how successful they’ll be at presenting tag team wrestling as a main event worthy attraction. They certainly have the talent in place.
  7. If anyone else has paid for Starrcast, the MJF show is worth watching, it’s a lot of fun. He’s absolutely excellent in it and shows off what an excellent character he should be on the TNT show. The Cody interview with Tony Schiavone is great too, Cody is such a likeable guy and Schiavone is a great interviewer.
  8. Fire Emblem on Switch. I was a bit unsure about it at first, there were a few Persona-lite parts to it that I wasn’t big on, but what do you know, it’s sucked me in. The tactical battles are superbas usual and the story is pretty nuanced. It’s probably my game of the year so far.
  9. Anyone caught any of Starrcast? Just watching the Women of AEW show. Bit awkward at times, although it had its moments. Nyla Rose seems like she’ll be a strong promo. I felt a bit sorry for Sadie Gibbs, she didn’t seem quite as confident in that kind of environment as some of the others. I’m assuming they don’t screen the fan questions...some of them were painful.
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