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  1. Yeah, I think this would have been a strong enough 2-hour show, but 3-hours is far too long, I could never watch this live. I skipped through it and found it entertaining enough, but for every good thing WWE does, there's something very off-putting. They just can't help themselves. The pumped-in crowd feels unnecessary, and the sudden camera cuts are still nauseating. Having said that, it's nice to see Big E getting not only a run with the belt, but some big wins, and I'm assuming we'll see Drew McIntyre challenge for the belt next week, although I also expect to see him move to Smackdown, so I think it'll be a "farewell" match more than anything else.
  2. I don't think that's a fair reflection of the thread, there's plenty criticism of AEW in here, but it just so happens that there's a lot more to be positive about. As for WWE criticism, frankly, there's a lot more to be negative about. As for his comment, he's trying to claim that Brandi received no reaction - she did, and it was positive. If you're saying something that is demonstrably untrue, framing it as an "opinion" doesn't make it valid. I mean, it's fair enough to dislike Brandi (or any character on a wrestling show, for that matter), but don't let it cloud how you view what's actually happening on the screen in front of you.
  3. Definitely possible, but one of the most enjoyable things about AEW is the layered booking, and the Easter eggs they sometimes use to tease fans. For me, it's not just the outfit - it's the combination of the outfit, his behavior during the match AND his insistence that he won't turn heel - I reckon he knows exactly what he's doing. My judgement, admittedly, could be clouded a little by how exciting I find the idea of heel Cody - Cody vs. Punk, Cody vs. Kingston, Cody vs. Moxley, Cody vs. Bryan, Cody/Dustin II, Cody vs Page, Cody vs. Sting/Darby, Cody vs. Jungle Boy - there's so much potential for great storytelling.
  4. For clarity, that's not what I find bizarre - it's the level of negative reaction towards Cody. I kind of expected the crowd to back Black during the match, but I thought Cody would get a positive (or at least a mixed) reaction for his entrance, at the very least. While it's clear that the audience is souring on Cody somewhat, I was a little taken aback by how one-sided the reaction was.
  5. This. If anything, people complaining about the subjects being discussed feels more repetitive than what people are choosing to say. That said, saying that Brandi received no reaction and "her face was a picture" is blatantly untrue, it's not even a matter of opinion, she clearly received a positive reaction - more so, bizarrely, than Cody did. I'm not a fan of the way Brandi has been used by AEW, and clearly she's benefitted from nepotism, but she was fairly well received last week. I actually don't mind this if the intention is, as I suspect it might be, to present them as oblivious and egotistical heels, who think they're babyfaces. I could see that character thinking that she was untouchable, and in that context, it's not so much that she's fearless, it's that her ego is so out-of-control that she doesn't think that anyone would dare to do anything to her. We'll see what they do next, but given the layers to AEW's storytelling, I could absolutely see that being her/their intent.
  6. AEW pivots all the time when things aren’t working, so the method of removal almost doesn’t matter - look at Andrade and Chavo, for example. There are plenty of ways to do it. As for Hayter, give her time to find an identity on Dark and Elevation, and if she starts clicking, or consistently performing in ring, use her more on Dynamite and Rampage.
  7. On that note, I’d quite like to see them remove Hayter from Britt’s act. She’s not really added anything, and her presence means there’s less opportunity for the fun chemistry that we see between Rebel and Britt.
  8. I thought he was quite dull at first, but he’s doing a decent job, and would be a significant upgrade from Henry and Jericho. I don’t think you could compare him to Marvez in any way, that’s quite extreme! I’m also not sure why you’re saying ‘even’ Kingston has been better - I would expect that Kingston would be a good colour commentator given his level of talent. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you worded that badly?
  9. I think he’s really good on Elevation. Initially I found him pretty bland, but he’s improved a tonne.
  10. Oh goodness, I might be in a minority of one, but I thought Ricky was terrible. He was quietly spoken, and I didn’t think he added any insight to any of the matches and he felt more like a guest heel announcer than an actual colour commentator. I’d like to see them use Paul Wight in the role, he’s become an excellent announcer. All in all, the show was decent, but nowhere near as good as Dynamite. That’s a high bar, though. The Hardy stuff was weak as ever, why does he want to cut Cassidy’s hair exactly? Where the fuck did that come from? I know he first brought it up a few weeks ago…but why? Christian, on the other hand, has quietly become a really solid member of the roster. His inevitable heel turn will be a lot of fun, I really want to see the Jungle Boy match. Christian vs Luchasaurus along the way will also be fun, if it happens. Sammy Guevara vs Miro should be fun, but Sammy is about as bland a babyface as I’ve ever seen. I think they’d be better off turning him heel, he was so much fun as a bad guy. Babyface Jericho vs heel Sammy could be a really enjoyable route for them to take, eventually.
  11. I think Skylar was a great character - and I totally essential one in the entire arc of the show. I didn’t find her particularly likeable or even sympathetic, but that didn’t matter. She was believable and, I would argue, integral to the story they told.
  12. I’m also going to add the entire Moon family in Frasier, outside of Daphne. Simon in particular. Absolute disaster of a character, and not in the way they intended.
  13. Firstly, I totally agree about Cage. I just don’t see the upside. Secondly, Homelander is the villain in Amazon TV series The Boys (and the comic book series it’s based on). He’s essentially Superman, and the world thinks that’s who he is, but secretly he’s an egotistical, corrupt and generally evil person. The show’s worth a watch, it’s very entertaining, and although I’ve not read the comic, I’ve heard that’s good too.
  14. I’ve been watching Ted Lasso, and for the most part I’ve found it to be an excellent show. However, there’s one recurring character, Sassy who is unwatchably annoying, to the point I actually switched off an episode, as she was pissing me off so much. Clearly this isn’t the intention of the writers, and it’s certainly not the fault of the actress, but fuck me, the character is unbearable. Which brings me to my question - what characters have you felt that way about in otherwise good TV shows?
  15. I hope they’re as diverse with the Megadrive game selection as they have been the SNES and NES game selection, I can’t think of any Sega releases from that era that haven’t been re-released numerous times as part of the many Megadrive collections over the years. As far as the N64 goes, I’m looking forward to playing Paper Mario when that eventually comes out, it’s the one game in the series I’ve never actually played.
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