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  1. Keith Houchen

    If you could appear on any game show...

    He's making a living from something he loves, and he lives the gimmick, brother. Fair play indeed!
  2. Keith Houchen

    If you could appear on any game show...

    He was on Only Connect as well, so was the vixen.
  3. Keith Houchen

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    And it looks like some ROHbots haven’t been deactivated from back then either.
  4. Keith Houchen

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    Or at least loosen the grip on the full stop button.
  5. Keith Houchen

    Comedy Songs

    At least you didn’t post Weird Al Yankovic, now that’s going too far. Kunt and Shuttleworth win this. And I do have a soft spot for The Lonely Island.
  6. Keith Houchen


    Johnson had two statements ready for after the referendum and tories know that isn’t something a leader would do.
  7. Keith Houchen


    This is why Max needs to make “The Tattooed Vegan Odyssey”. It would be brilliant.
  8. Keith Houchen


    Didn't think there has been any of that recently to be honest.
  9. Keith Houchen


    I know the horse has bolted but can we as a nation stop calling him "Boris" like he is some lovable caricature buffoon? Even his family don't call him Boris.
  10. Keith Houchen


    Tabloid readers don't decide the leader though, you have to be a tory member.
  11. Keith Houchen


    Ooh thanks for that! Will see what I can afford and that’ll tide me over brilliantly! Much appreciated.
  12. Keith Houchen


    The article was posted but there wasn’t any discussion about it. What did you think was tedious?
  13. Keith Houchen

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Yeah, bag of shite. Unless The Lovely Rosamund wins then of course they will mean something.
  14. Keith Houchen

    Tank Abbott - a fine man, going through a rough time.

    Tank was the MMA guy in Friends. His importance in the growth of the sport cannot be understated.
  15. Keith Houchen


    Get a couple of saucepans as well. You've actually highlighted another issue and that's having "Hardware". I live in a furnished flat and two weeks ago the oven went on the fritz. I haven't been able to cook properly since and I love cooking. Given how it took my landlord two months to get a new boiler sorted despite me having no hot water or heating, I'm not going to see a new oven this side of new year so I'm reliant on microwave meals and toasted sandwiches. Many low wage families are reliant on landlords and if the landlord is shit, they can't cook if appliances are fucked and not getting replaced. Making a big vat of stuff can be something the family can be involved in if they are old enough, I know he isn't at the lower end of stuff but I know Loki does that once a month or so and its real handy having healthy frozen meals that you made yourself. Ideally, having a well stocked cupboard with dry good and cans goes a long way, but the initial outlay might be too much for people. Plus then you've got all the washing up after you've made a big load of food! Sure, it sounds straight forward, but there are plenty of reasons why people don't cook a healthy vegan meal for families. I don't mean this snidey, or trying to be funny or anything, but you've said you don't have saucepans, you live off takeaways and you have your son one day a week. If you were the primary caregiver do you think you'd do the big meal cooking after a day at work every day? Let us know how the cooking goes though, I love seeing Ricks baking and I'd love to see how you get on. I reckon with your high profile you could make a successful blog or YouTube show out of it, you'd definitely have a subscriber in me!