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  1. Keith Houchen


    Yep. Fucking hell.
  2. Hey, if it stops him posting every thought he has on here for a few minutes then twitch away!
  3. This was from last year, wasn’t it?
  4. All football* should be cancelled and the season voided. How anyone can’t see this must be the absolute worst of the tribal bellends. *Except League One which should be ended on a points per game basis and league winners announced accordingly.
  5. That explains why I couldn’t find it in my likes!
  6. @Ronnie I saw that exact picture on Twitter. I assume it’s from you!
  7. Because he touches himself at night?
  8. Parliament is in recess. There won’t be one for a few weeks, conveniently.
  9. They could’ve gone super niche and have someone in a pink vest that was too small for them try to reverse it but failing. Then look forlornly at a woman who doesn’t fancy him.
  10. Was fucking hilarious when he did it to Peston though.
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