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  1. Adverts are easy money for an actor, why wouldn’t they do them? Orson Welles said “I’d rather do an honest ad than a dishonest movie” and he was Transformers so he knows what he’s on about. And I think he directed a Burger King ad once, fired someone on the first day.
  2. Nah, it took an iron doorstop to floor Den, not the wind from the door opening.
  3. Hmmm, I wonder if there is any connection between Khan and Khabib, something that might make certain people dislike them?
  4. As I've no doubt said to the point of nausea, I love how Khan brings out the no nothing boxing racists. Every time he fights they say they hate him because he's so arrogant and just like Hamed. Yeah, I suspect there is a certain connection with Hamed as to the root of your dislike of him and it isn't boxing styles.
  5. Certainly wouldn't get the golden buzzer, even from Walliams.
  6. Doctor Strange - Fucking awful The Death Of Stalin - Fucking hilarious.
  7. Love the line of thinking that two people having a mediocre match booked by one company, wrestling that company’s style means they’ll have the same standard for a different company that they book themselves. Regarding Meltz parroting second hand info, you’re right. It’s up to us what to do with that info but that isn’t journalism, it’s TildeGuy
  8. Because he throws shit at a wall and sees what sticks, that isn't journalism. Come Rumble time, I'm going to bleat about how sources are telling me 6 or 7 different people will win it. Then when one of them does, I'll quote the particular post and say "See? I'm in the know" It's like those ones that set up a Twitter account called Corrupt UEFA or something, and 2 days before, they tweet every possible permutation of what the draw for the knockout round of the Champions League could be. Then after the draw, delete all the tweets that weren't drawn so all that's left is the actual draw. Then whoever set up the account starts trying to make it go viral by sending a link to the account to former footballers until one of them retweets it with a "Fucking hell, I knew it!!! Look, this was two days before the draw!!!"
  9. Good advice. Im getting dragged to Endgame. Is this the last one or is there going to be more of the fuckers.
  10. There was a ten hour gap between posts so I’d let it pass.
  11. Semantics, I know, but to me he is a Sports writer and wrestling historian, of which he is second to none regarding the latter. I know it's only an opinion (and one I could be wrong about) but just because you have a degree in journalism it doesn't make you a Journalist. But fair enough, many others see him as a Journalist.
  12. Yep, Double posts do that to me as well.
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