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  1. All the more reason for promoters to get and keep their house in order.
  2. Someone clearly told Vince about AEW having Cody’s dog near one and he wanted to outdo them.
  3. Good and fair points. In my opinion anything like this for Britwres needs to be led by women. Ultimately it’s up to the promoters to decide what threshold there is. Usually targeting a loss of money by a campaign of information to the consumers is the way to go but this being wrestling, profit isn’t always an attainable goal for promoters.
  4. An organisation carries more weight than a lone person. BTC can link to stories about the individual in question and mobilise people to mass email the venue of promotion, so it carries more weight than a single email. Ultimately it’s down to the promoters/venues but which one of the above looks more credible?
  5. At least it wasn’t a vuvuzela that Hulks playing.
  6. Because most abusers don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, or if they think they did something wrong, it’s been blown out of all proportion. Entitlement is a big thing with abusers. They think they’re entitled to carry on with their life because they didn’t do anything wrong.
  7. Jobs for the boys, innit. I can’t accept ignorance as an excuse, if you’ve started promoting and are unaware of the Speaking Out movement, then stop.
  8. Jesus Wept. This is a thing of beauty.
  9. One on hand, he’s getting money to do that, but on the other hand, it shows up his complete ignorance of Irish history which totally diminishes any point he tries to make about Ireland and the EU. Whenever he appears on Irish TV he gets taken to the cleaners.
  10. Apparently these are the same twats who served these papers on Jeremy Vine for his role in the propaganda, he wasn’t in but his wife was. The original vid gave away his house number and his street. It’s like when Icke named Boxcar Willie as one of the main players of the Illuminati.
  11. He’s not co owner of the jags or Fulham, Looks like Tony is a liar then according to his Instagram and Twitter bio where he says he is the co owner of both, even the bio of him on the Jags website says he’s co owner of Fulham. So if he is lying, that’ll help him fit in with his hobby of living out his wrestling fantasy.
  12. But then she’d be up in front of the pope for a disciplinary.
  13. Or stream it and not buy a ticket for it.
  14. You know how Vince buried WCW names so he could laugh at them like a massive roided baby? That would never happen in AEW would it. Little Tone would make them a star and watch loads of others jump ship, then do a Tik Tok video of them all sneezing and smoking before getting his cock out.
  15. I watched Central Intelligence yesterday. The Rock is so wonderful, isn’t he?
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