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  1. Read the first four words of your post and shit myself.
  2. I'm guessing you're going for Boon as well, Chest? Elphick riding out to Jim Diamond gets everyone moist.
  3. I'm guessing this is more an indication of how much time I spend on this forum, but as soon as I saw the first word I expected a swerve Roberto Carlos would be proud of.
  4. Pretty much the same here. Given the time it'll kick off, I won't be staying up. If I avoid spoilers then I avoid spoilers and will watch the next day.
  5. .
  6. Some wouldn't be allowed in or be able to get a visa. Plus as you say, she is an adult and might have told them to keep away. This is all speculation from us of course. But yeah, it's horrible for those concerned.
  7. Bollocks. So it was!
  8. Nah, he is signing for Wolves in the most shocking move since that One Direction guy signed for Darlington.
  9. Yeah but it was Ed Fucking Sheeran having a speaking part in Game Of Thrones. It didn't come across as a character played by Ed Sheeran saying a line, it came across as Ed Sheeran saying a line in Game Of Thrones and that is why it was jarring and different from other musical cameos.
  10. Ah right, I'm with you now!
  11. Sorry for being slow, how will the record for lowest PPV buys not headlined by DJ be broken by a PPV headlined by DJ? Not trying to be an arse, just sure I'm getting the wrong end of the stick.
  12. Singy bit. Sheeran is far more noticeable than the others combined and it wasn't just a singy bit.
  13. Well that's a step up from rocking up with Chris Masters.
  14. Looks like he is starring in the TV movie "Pop Or Slash"
  15. They were a great gateway band, weren't they? A lot of young lads and lasses at the time they came out started frequenting rock bars and were looked down snobbish noses like mine. Those Linkin Park fans may have become fans of heavier stuff, but they remained Linkin Park fans. He had a helluva voice, and as mentioned it's always so sad when someone goes like that, especially one with a family.