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  1. And Joey Barton is banned from football for 18 months.
  2. Is it? Had a quick look on Syfy and some King Arthur thing is on, there is something else on Horror. EDIT - Ah, the Sky Monster thingy. Apologies
  3. Yeah but having dinner at Terry Funk's ranch must rate up there too! (Or am I getting this arseways)
  4. Perhaps Sheffield United feel they owe it to him.
  5. Pete Price is a lizard was brill. Brilliant replies.
  6. It was indeed!
  7. Oh, you lovely man. That's me down a Frasier YouTube wormhole this afternoon.
  8. I took one of my ex wives to the premiere of Star Trek Generations that had the previous 6 films playing first. I'm a keeper.
  9. In for a penny in for a pound. Get hung for a sheep not a lamb etc.
  10. One of my favourite Frasier lines is when he wont get a washing machine and his socks aren't matched up. Daphne comes into the room and he growls "There you are". Utterly brilliant.
  11. Did you every listen to the radio show? I wonder if that's why they had all the sight gags, they don't work as well on the wireless.
  12. Or what Barry Gibb said at the start of rehearsals.
  13. I had my ticket stub from that game (West Terrace, obvs) in my wallet for years, until it disintegrated like Man Utds defence.
  14. Try the WOS thread where this is being discussed.
  15. Blimey, two months and you've picked up the efficiency already.