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  1. Keith Houchen

    Chippy Tea

    I think so, just like chippy's round Chorlton don't seem to do roe either. Could be worse, they could be Southern.
  2. Keith Houchen

    Chippy Tea

    Chippys were the only place that did kebabs when I were a lad, we didn't have bespoke kebab shops that you liberal elites had.
  3. Keith Houchen

    Chippy Tea

    I don't see Doner kebabs there, chips and done meat is a chippy staple.
  4. Keith Houchen

    Peyton Royce Meltzer comments

    How is Dirty Dave regarded by WWE bigwigs? I'm guessing not very favourably. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that there is a concerted effort to try and discredit him as much as possible by "Asking" WWE stars to take him to task? I know it sounds utterly ridiculous but this is a bloke who went mental because he sneezed.
  5. Keith Houchen

    Peyton Royce Meltzer comments

    "Sweltering hot garbage" is a magnificent insult.
  6. Keith Houchen

    Summerslam match review thread - 2018 edition

    Did you get mine? @Otto Dem Wanz
  7. Keith Houchen

    Disney and Other Theme Parks aka PB's fairgrounds for young girls

    Where is the best place to get a couple of cheap nights (and days) for Disneyland Paris? Something on a tight budget would be nice, seems to be out of my price range, even in Winter.
  8. Keith Houchen

    People you hate on teams you support

    *Pushes glasses* The Blondie version was a cover of a song called Denise. But we were in love with him.
  9. Keith Houchen

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    Yeah, the good thing is you don't need the job, per se, but I hope the cards fall in your favour.
  10. Keith Houchen

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    Staff turnaround in kitchen work is massive, they are used to people not returning after a shift, for instance, so fixed hours are rare. Also you mentioned about not wanting to work evenings or weekends. That's when the majority of work is. Don't know if things have changed but most people I know who were in the restaurant game worked split shifts which are a bastard. Unless it's somewhere like a school that won't be open in the evening then you'll be sound. I'd stick to your current job for a bit longer to be honest.
  11. Keith Houchen

    Today I learned...

    Today I Learned the woman who sings/freestyles on Pink Floyd's The Great Gig In The Sky sang the theme to the awful TV show "Butterflies", and she successfully sued and had her name added to the writing credits of the aforementioned Floyd song.
  12. Keith Houchen

    Chippy Tea

    Given the option, I tend to go for the "Chippy only" places. The aforementioned Baths Supper Bar was ran by a Chinese family but it had no Chinese dishes on the menu, which was a bit odd. It was a straight up chippy. Jin Ho did decent enough chips but the curry sauce was the kicker there. There are a few chippy's up here that are on Just Eat, but the beauty of the chippy is it's usually pretty cheap so I'd never hit the minimum order.
  13. Keith Houchen

    Chippy Tea

    Baths Supper Bar is the best one near me, kebab meat and chips every time. When I can't be arsed going there, it's off to Royal Cod for sausage, chips and curry sauce. Although they lose points for not knowing what roe is. Although, you may remember this from a previous chippy discussion, I did ask them what the difference between their English and Irish curry sauce was. The Irish is a spicy version. Without invoking Brexit, Chinese chippies are ace too. Jin Ho near me do a great chips, sausage and curry sauce. It's the sauce they use in their curries as opposed to a side and it's well skill.
  14. Keith Houchen

    Peyton Royce Meltzer comments

    A wrestlers look is fair game, a wrestlers looks aren't. If you are a Sexy Boy, a dog faced gremlin, or a model, then it's part of your look. And yes they are totally allowed to have an opinion on anything, just expect that opinion to be challenged when aired.