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  1. Your best bet is to check with your GP if the referral has gone through. Sometimes they haven't been sent so once you've checked with them, they'll be able to tell you what stage you're at. From personal experience it can take over a year to be seen but if it's a desperate case, like mine, you can be sent for an immediate referral to services. You could get sectioned if you go to one of these but it's unlikely. They assess if you're in immediate danger and take the necessary steps, such as home visits and the like. As you can imagine, the MH services are stretched very thin at the moment so unfortunately it can feel like you're forgotten about. But yeah, speak to your GP first as they can tell you. One thing I did regularly while waiting was email the Samaritans. I didn't want to talk and by writing stuff down in email form was helpful. They try and get reply to you within 24 hours.
  2. Gino of course got sent down for burglary when he robbed Paul Young’s house!
  3. That lasted as long as a Tory promise! Can any viewers from Norn Iron say what the feeling is there, are the tories going to throw you under a bus over Brexit and is there a feeling of rejoining the republic?
  4. Just for clarity, I wasn’t posting from a position of outrage, it was pointing out rank hypocrisy. Had Rashers used his sons disability in the past to get sympathy on here after being banned then made a joke about someone else’s disability, I’d have called him out too.
  5. It was one of the 40 new metaphorical hospitals promised in the election campaign.
  6. Mine was mocking you, yours was mocking the disabled which is incredibly rich given the issues you’re having with your son. You’re a complete shithouse.
  7. I wonder if that guy tried again under a different name?
  8. It’s funny because he has a disability!!!
  9. Killdren - Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You) https://youtu.be/9FGYzZ7sNvY
  10. In all the years I've campaigned in politics, be it on the street, running stalls or leafletting, it's never been for the Labour party. But I voted for them this time because of the public transport analogy (They didn't stop right outside the front door but they were the closest to the vicinity I wanted to be in). When I argue with tory voters, it isn't to campaign for the Labour party, it's really to see if they are aware of the policies they are endorsing with their vote. If they are, then they're a cunt in my eyes. If they aren't, but still vote tory after realising what they're voting for, same thing applies. If they consider changing their vote, it's up to them who they vote for. As I've said before, I hate it when people treat political parties like a football team. So what if your dad voted for them, doesn't mean you have to. I agree with you about the next few years. I think a lot of tory voters yesterday will slowly realise that they won't "Get Brexit Done"quickly, and now he doesn't need the ERG support it could very well be a soft brexit. Which will ironically lead to a lot of "Well I didn't vote for that when I voted for Brexit" and maybe they'll want, I dunno, a vote on the half in half out deal on the table to say they don't want it. Labour got battered yesterday partly because they underestimated the importance of brexit over NHS and social care, my hope is that after 5 years, people will not have Brexit delivered like they thought it was going to be and services will be more fucked. They'll realise they voted for a charlatan and were had, so they'll change their vote. Above all though, I want to be wrong about how I believe the next few years will be, but given our PMs track record and the party he leads, I don't think I will be. I do hope so though.
  11. Vote tory get tory. You don't get to say "Well I didn't like that particular policy so I'm not accountable for that". If you voted for a party that have held policies for the last 9 years that have directly led to the deaths of poor people and the demonising of minorities, then I hold you in contempt. You know the score, opinions count for more than facts. I've challenged tory voters on why they are voting tory and pointed out the factual inaccuracies of what they are saying (as tory voters have done with Labour voters as well) but it won't change that persons opinion because they have made up their mind regardless of what they now know to be the bullshit.
  12. Not being one to slate anyones parenting ability but how is throwing a TV in the bath healthy for a child? It could electrocute them.
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