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  1. I wonder if they'll name a tournament after him and block everyone on Twitter who asks if any money from said tournament will go to the family? Hopefully the show will raise a load of money and larger companies don't get all contractual and allow friends to pay tribute for an excellent cause.
  2. I haven't submitted anything but I look forward to moaning about the low positions for my favourite games.
  3. It's just another name for Deez.
  4. That explains why he lives in Japan now.
  5. No thanks, you can keep it. Another fascist tale from uncle Walt. Perhaps they fall under the "Re-imagined" tag that I used?
  6. Seth has so much cash that he could buy his mum a car if she needed one. Can flippy dancer guy do that?
  7. There is Meltzer talk in this thread but we could do with a catch all thread. He isn't a journalist, he's a sports writer and historian, but he has a brilliant Titantron so that counts for a lot.
  8. Fantastic stuff, lads. Thanks for all of the advice, Westfield looks like the best bet. Much appreciated.
  9. I'm driving down to that London on Sunday for the baseball. It's at the West Ham ground, or the Olympic stadium or whatever it's called this week. Is it worth booking a parking spot close to the stadium in Stratford, or is there some super duper scheme of parking somewhere else and getting public transport? I believe the congestion charge doesn't apply at the weekend. Don't worry, I won't be staying overnight so I'll not be polluting London with my racist, northern ways.
  10. Two thirds of tory cunts believe parts of UK are under sharia law and half don't want a muslim PM. But there isn't any racism issue in the party at all. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tory-islamophobia-sharia-law-poll-conservative-party-members-leadership-a8971731.html
  11. Jeremy Vine told a story about Johnson, here is the link. We all know it's a pantomime performance Johnson puts on but cunts lap it up. Oh yes they do. https://reaction.life/jeremy-vine-my-boris-story/
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