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  1. The pinnacle of Cowboys career was when a tipsy @Guy Bifkin yelled “Cowboy” at him in a Vegas toilet.
  2. The Hustle. Good chemistry between Wilson and Hathaway but Chris Addison can’t direct. It just sort of fizzled and ended like it was the last day of term and felt as long, despite it being 90 minutes.
  3. Really? Medical suspensions are part of the rules. Or at least they were.
  4. He played against Cov shortly after it emerged his wife was shagging about. You could see him visibly laughing as we sang “If you’ve all shagged Tina clap your hands” and won the crowd over as he joined in with the clapping. EDIT - Got it wrong, Tina was the woman he was shagging and got done for drunk driving when he crashed with her in his car!
  5. Don’t read his twitter if you want to keep the dream alive. Can’t remember if I read the “Pheasant” story on here or on Twitter. Shilton always reminds me of Gentleman's Wash by Kunt And The Gang.
  6. Regarding Scott's post, this raised a chortle
  7. As a counter to this. I saw an interview with PTA and Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood and the meticulous preparation for the role was brought up. The interviewer mentioned that line and Day Lewis said something along the lines of “I know this will be sacrilege to some but that says to me that maybe he didn’t understand screen acting. That works for the stage and he was unparalleled on the stage but screen acting is more than finding the right pair of shoes” TeamDDL
  8. I remember watching some show about Vic and Bob where various talking heads were dissecting various sketches and getting poetic about the metaphors and influences. Terry Jones said with a huge smile he thought a lot of the time they were just being silly for the sake of being silly, and there’s nothing wrong with being silly.
  9. Devon hated it, and he hated Mother! Is that the company you wish to keep, M9?
  10. This was something I remember from growing up and was the first time I saw footage of Luke Kelly. We taped it off the telly and my dad made me put it on whenever anyone came round. @Carbomb if you can get a hold of it there are brilliant performances, video footage and great anecdotes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Late_Late_Show_Tribute_to_The_Dubliners
  11. Exactly. He’s lovely. Not that, like all real and proper football fans think, Manchester United being cack enough to make their fans cry isn’t anything but wonderful.
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