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  1. @Dinsdaledo you know @Rule One? He might know potential customers, he’s the belt historian/expert around these parts.
  2. I’ll offer 50p and a bag of grapes.
  3. Yeah, good point. The less threads you lot are in the better. *If we stay up I’d be delighted. Currently won one, drew one, lost three.
  4. Those fans who set themselves up for falls like that want their team to lose so their fake reactions can go viral. Like that Man Utd prick (yeah I know, that doesn’t narrow it down). ArsenalTV have a lot to answer for. #GamesGoneLads
  5. Take that win and celebrate it. Well done, fella!!
  6. Lest we forget. Ten years ago things weren’t cringey at all on Merseyside. Have some self respect and remember those who suffered true hardship
  7. Anyone else fuck the game off at three zip to do what they’d been putting off for a while around the house? Nope? Just me then.
  8. We have loads of glory hunter Man Utd fans. I’m sure they all do that.
  9. She nearly lost more when constantly pulling her trunks out of her arse.
  10. Nope. Fuck knows. I think what jumps out the most is how all lives matter when commemorating dead soldiers so presumably the mean the German ones as well?
  11. Let's see what you learned in those massage parlours, lassie.
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