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  1. Cool I’ll add you! Oh, fair enough then.
  2. Did you see who posted it? Of course it won’t be.
  3. 1982 World Cup was the best for me, Clive. Young Keith has seen nothing like it and didn’t realise football could be played this way. It was other worldly! Obviously I grew out of that and proper football won, but I can only imagine the same eye opener would be a youngster being lucky enough to have the Euro 2016 as their introduction to football.
  4. Reminds me of when I saw Slayer and Mindfunk there. That was a rough gig.
  5. More Good stuff here in such anxious times!
  6. Yeah, it's a shithouse move, same with Rick Stein.
  7. He was ill, we thought he was getting better but it looks like he had kidney failure and was having seizures so sadly it was best that he went to sleep. Both us and his "Proper" house are devastated. Even now when I hear a noise I automatically think it's him coming through the open window.
  8. He isn’t around any more. Goodbye Nexts Doors Cat.
  9. Yep. I remember the fourth press conference he was doing and asked if people thought they were worth it and if they were finding them useful. Right then you could tell he was looking for a way to back out of it. Even the people who could ask questions were hand picked and authorised. Still, at least he will be able to keep self isolating from some of his kids like he has for years.
  10. Matt has it now, I suppose given how closely our health secretary stands to women it shouldn’t be surprised. Who else do you think will have it? Nadine had it but is back. I reckon James might be next.
  11. I don’t think there is a shit instrument, just shithouses who can’t play them right. The accordion was mentioned but The Tiger Lillies and The Pogues use it excellently. Tom Waits is another but as he succinctly put it “A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion but chooses not to”
  12. Fair enough, @scratchdj mate. Apologies. I actually don’t think he has it at all. He unlawfully prorogued Parliament to avoid scrutiny, has been sacked twice for lying and current has a pregnant mistress while still married. Him saying he has it plays into the good old Boris is one of us narrative. This post was brought to you by Dynamite Keith.
  13. Dominic is the designated survivor so I think he will be the go to guy.
  14. Do you call the leader of the opposition “Jeremy” like his colleagues do? Quite honestly the reason he can get away with so much shite is because “Boris” is a created character bumbling through life one hilarious farce after another. Alexander Boris de Pfeffil Johnson is a dangerous politician who doesn’t get held to account because he can hide behind the buffoon character called Boris. Sorry if this seems like a personal attack, it isn’t meant to be. Obviously we all knew who you meant but I believe that’s all part of the problem.
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