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  1. Bad Words (Amazon Prime) Jason Bateman stars and directs this film about a man who exploits a rule in the Spelling Bee so he can enter it. Bateman is a magnificent shithouse in this. And of course, Philip Baker Hall and Allison Janney improve everything. A real hidden gem.
  2. Spotlight On The Troubles is a documentary series on iplayer and is excellent. Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History, Behind The Scenes: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0009qft via @bbciplayer
  3. I’m always staggered at how Arthur Matthews wrote the whole of Father Ted all on his own.
  4. His layoff? He had to quit. Although his testimonial clearly was the peak of Cantonas career. He decided he would never top that game and retired a couple of days later.
  5. There was a guy in the audience on Question Time (yeah yeah, I know) once banging on about Brexit and how British is best etc. Then he did an unwitting turn when he said if the backstop was such an issue to us leaving the EU, maybe we should let Ireland just have the north. I may have remembered bits wrong but that was the gist of it! And without meaning to turn it into a footie thread, there are actually people whose opinion on the union is based upon which Scotch football team they support.
  6. England are only interested in a union of nations if they’re the ones in charge. I think a lot of English people subscribe to this. You hear them go on about how we are an island nation, so they don’t actually care about norn irn if they actually think that.
  7. It’s fun, but to be honest I found it more fun when it was posted on the last page.
  8. It’s “Kool Keith” I’ve no idea what I’d be classed as because there is so much theory to read! From what I gather, I might be anarcho-communist because I want a borderless, classless, and cashless society but I’m fucked if I know. Essentially the world of Star Trek - The Next Generation. That’s me.
  9. That Tommyboi was Scotch, wasn’t he? Remember when he went on a racist tirade about foreign homeless people?
  10. Or because he’s a professional and not SO far up his own arse he thought it would hurt Texas if he lost. To be honest, I don’t care about Mark Calloway or his opinions, I don’t care how much Undertaker drew or affected business. I only give a shit about performance. And I really liked the Undertaker, loved it in places. I’m not saying it makes it ok but compared to other wrestlers and their shady shenanigans he isn’t one of the worst. But I respect that it affects people differently. I mean I hate Steve Austin and can’t separate Stone Cold from a domestic abuser but if someone
  11. Start a thread. Let’s keep the sanctity of this thread to calling tories cunts.
  12. They quote tweet instead of replying on Twitter to wrestlers.
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