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  1. Keith Houchen

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    Nah, When Brooker brought out a new show, it was like a PPV. Cunk was the piss break.
  2. Keith Houchen

    Labour Split

    Yeah I agree pretty much. I think the best example of this was when Owen Jones Tweeted "Cheerio" in reply to Alan Sugar saying he'd quit the UK if Corbyn was PM and Rachel Riley went off on one calling Jones anti-semitic. Sugar was talking about taxation, as was the Jonesman, but Riley framed it as attacking a Jewish man. By the same token, her attack must have been homophobic. The big problem is the dragging of the feet, I appreciate you have to have a proper investigation but it took an age to expel Ken Livingstone and that didn't do any favours. You're right about the huge amount of whataboutery going on. I said before that many people are using this as a stick to beat Corbyn because they hate him, all of a sudden they are allies to Jewish people when it's convenient, while telling Dianne Abbott to pipe down.
  3. Keith Houchen

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    You don't appreciate the selling of the Lucky Pierre because Vince brainwashed you into thinking how wrestling should be. It's all about honour and respect in Japan.
  4. Keith Houchen

    Labour Split

    I don't believe the party is anti-semitic but there are pockets of anti-semitism within the party, just as there are pockets of anti-semitism throughout society. Also, using Jew, Israeli and Zionist as interchangeable terms is anti semitic, as is telling Jews to pipe down and telling them they're getting anti-semitism wrong.
  5. Keith Houchen

    Labour Split

    The media hate Corbyn and will push this as proof that he can't be Prime Minister, their attention is on the 7 now and not on May fucking everything up. It could damage Labour at the next election, lose them seats and that's how it's helping the tories. It takes the pressure off.
  6. Keith Houchen

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    It has become folklore on here. Much like Bossman winning the Rumble this year (Even though only about 5 of us know how it came about)
  7. Keith Houchen

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Did it stop her pulling her shorts from out of her dirt box?
  8. Keith Houchen

    Labour Split

    @Devon Malcolm's favourite centrist dad bellend Eddie Marsan has already contributed to them and called them "Brave".
  9. Keith Houchen

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    True, but it's the latest in a "Things we've talked about" that suddenly appear as a suggested post. I'm paranoid at the best of times but this is making me think Mr Robot is after me.
  10. Keith Houchen

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Whilst not an update, and probably one for the AI thread, suggested posts creep me the fuck out. The other day we saw a car bumper sticker that we liked, it said don't be a space invader, and sure as shit today I see a suggested post from the Highways Agency telling me how to get one. Fucking hell.
  11. Keith Houchen

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    I maintain that if the Scientology place on Deansgate had a treadmill, a green screen, and a "Run With Tom" facility, they'd be onto a winner. Get the DVD of you legging it with him free when you buy Dianetics volume one.
  12. Keith Houchen

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Oh it was commonplace.
  13. Keith Houchen

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    The Cruiser feels no shame. Give him a couch and he's all over that fucker.
  14. Keith Houchen

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    Only because he hasn't tried. Tommy C could spit one verse and it would decimate Willy. "A new Will Smith Movie? We're all gonna miss this Stepping up to The Cruiser, that's Risky Business Your family are terrible, why would anyone want to be you I'm dropping nuclear soulbombs like I'm muthafuckin Xenu Oh sorry Big Willy, I know you hate the f-bomb Give me a million bucks and you can tell all to L. Ron You're a dorkier Weird Al, but with a better tan No wonder yo daddy didn't ever want you, man"
  15. Keith Houchen

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties