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  1. In all honesty I really doubt it as what rules have they actually broken? Coventry were docked points because they entered administration and that’s defined in the rules that deductions will happen. I don’t think there is anything that says you’ll be docked for wanting to make more money, it’s just when you don’t have money is the problem!
  2. No she wouldn’t, Flash Prash Dattani would have been though.
  3. And not to mention Don Barkers daughter was seeing ShortOrderCook. To quote the Boyzone fella after Don said he’d start a player if his wife shagged him “As for as oim consurnd Don Barkers dun nuttin wrang”
  4. Didn’t realise Niko Omilana was the guy behind this. His main policy is to get Boris Johnson to “Shush” It reminds me of them mental US local election candidates, the ones who hold a rifle while speaking are my favourite.
  5. Exactly this. Loads of clubs (including mine) have been docked points because of shit management but there wasn’t any “Stop punishing fans” bollocks then.
  6. Hit my first grand slam and then went on an 8 game hitless streak. Hoping there is a roids option.
  7. Why does he have four D’s in his name? Because if he didn’t then he’d be Ewar Woowar.
  8. Jim Steinman is dead. This is what he’d have wanted. Although the hero is either David Speedie or Winston Bogarde.
  9. Jim Steinman, the man behind Meat Loafs biggest hits and Celine Dions “Meat Loaf” song, and other songs that sound like Meat Loaf, has carked it. He certainly had a distinctive sound!
  10. You choose. There are different settings for all aspects of the game. I’ve gone analog for batting and pitching as it prefer it to buttons. Even on beginner, the active settings got reduced a few times automatically. I’ve a strike rate of a stormtrooper.
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