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  1. I think Full English Breakfast tops the lot of the shitpile. It’s quite the wretched film genre, isn’t it.
  2. Talk about damning with faint praise! The best footsoldier film is still absolute garbage.
  3. He’s trolling us now. I’m all for it.
  4. Just before Carbomb can say it. He was a shoe in for Cardio surgeon of the year but came second. People were aghast when asked about the winner, declaring “I can’t believe it’s not Butterly”
  5. FelatioLips is still waiting for the Ratatouille port.
  6. My girlfriend has her second jab coming up so I’m preparation I ordered a McDonalds on Uber eat. They got her order wrong so I drove there to tell them and ask them to put it right and they replaced the whole order, even though I’d eaten mine before I went! Well stuffed now!
  7. Won’t David fire you when he reads this?
  8. Their song “BBC” is a banger and is on the Austin Powers soundtrack.
  9. Can we make a deal? If Page is at All Out, can we PLEASE ban “Meltzer says” and any derivative from this forum?
  10. He looks like Gordon Ramsay going undercover in one of his kitchen nightmares. He’s wearing a syrup isn’t he?
  11. True. An all lives matter type I know who hates brown skinned foreigners once mentioned how “Muslimes breed like rats because they want pisslam to take over the world”. I asked how many kids he had, knowing full well it was six from three different women, and three of those kids were born to immigrants.
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