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  1. Yes. That a “legit” businessman would have this all in hand. Had be built businesses up from nothing I’d agree, but he really strikes me as an Uber rich kid to whom everything has been handed to him and everything is a plaything. I’m sure he’s a wonderful businessman but he will never experience financial failure, and that’s what the best business people had at the start, it’s a great motivator and keeps focus on the prize.
  2. Why on earth didn’t they go for “Adam and Steve”. Rookie mistake.
  3. As a point of pedantry, Khans money came from his family. He is a legit businessman in the same way Trump and his kids are. Sure, he may be self sufficient but it’s not as if he started with nothing.
  4. Power Slam looked like it was powered by GeoCities.
  5. Keith Houchen

    Sad Satan

    On Sad sEAtan you have to buy loot boxes and DLC to see the real gory stuff anyway.
  6. Does Kool Keith want to attract the brightest and best minds? He does, as long as they are from the UK. Does he think that the brightest and best should remain where they are and help their own economy? He does. Is that racist? HOW DARE YOU!!
  7. Yeah, fuck Tom Watson. Tried to torpedo (torPAEDO more like, amirite) his partys brexit policy the day they announced it. Corbyn has tried to placate the cunt for years by having him as his deputy and unite the party. Johnson boots 21 including two ex chancellors out of the party and it's strong leadership. Labour want shot of someone who has tripped up the party leader time and again and it's a Stalinist coup. Yeah, go fuck yourselves you tory pricks.
  8. MPs used to be unpaid, but only the super rich and those financed by interest groups (of which I'm classing trade unions) could stand, so it right that MPs should be paid a decent salary. If they are doing a bad job, they can be voted out. My old mate Dave Nellist was an MP, he kept a skilled workers wage and donated the rest to local charities and the labour movement. He used to get a coach down to London instead of the train as it was cheaper. Labour expelled him though because he supported the Militant movement. Nice bit of trivia here, when he was first elected in 1983, he shared an office with another new MP. But because Dave was on the left and the other new guy was on the right of the party, it didn't make for a happy office so he was moved to another office with Gordon Brown. That other guy was Tony Blair. Dave is still a very respected man in Coventry.
  9. Always worth pointing out to the type who post PB stuff and dress like them that in the TV series, the Peaky Blinders are antifa, help the RA, and are Communist sympathisers.
  10. If not, The Red Shoes is one of the absolute best films this country has ever produced.
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