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  1. I think it’s safe to say they’re well loved on here. And rightly so. They were brilliant. But what’s top of their pops?
  2. Brookside was better than The Wire.
  3. "We don't let this slip" They’re just trolling them now.
  4. When you’ve got footy at 11am and a Lord Buckethead convention at 2pm.
  5. Fucking hell, that is dark reading. You have to wonder what it would take for their stance on employee/contractor care to shift. It’ll be Vince snuffing it, to start with. Awful content which just makes her passing even more tragic. Horrible.
  6. Given that it takes eight days to watch a week’s worth of WWE these days, BT Sport would be playing a blinder if they were able to bump off YouTube.
  7. How did you get on at the doctors, @Ralphy? Hopefully you managed to get everything you’ve said in here across so they take it seriously.
  8. Third best day of my life*, that. Honestly, I still remember the feeling of that going in and completely losing it as an 18-year old moron surrounded by people who had no idea why I had an emotional breakdown in the middle of a Liverpool boozer. *Darren Ambrose twatting it at Old Trafford and Thatcher dying.
  9. The Wokers had to be in the mix.
  10. Echo the above replies, Ralphy. Get yourself booked in to the doctors as soon as you can. But this app may help; the Hub of Hope. Gives you info on local support based on a postcode or your current location; if you’re doing long walks that take you away from your home and you suddenly need support it may be handy. It also has a 24-hour text service. From what you’ve described with your erratic sleep pattern/early morning walks, it may be of use when you’re in need of some contact when everyone you know is in bed. Mental health issues can feel like they’re excruciatingly worse when you’re facing them in the darkened hours. I’ve used the text service a few times and it’s not a bot or automated reply, it’s an actual person on the other end. Just getting a few back-and-forths going can help, even as a distraction. But again, please get yourself to the doctor if you already haven’t arranged an appointment.
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