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  1. That mushroom hovered over New York in Independence Day and no beans in a fry-up is a disgrace. Who cremated those sausages? Who put mayo on your toast? Was the tomato even introduced to the kitchen? My run of form is awful, but bloody hell. 1/10.
  2. I hope Reigns spears him ten times and beats him in 90 seconds because of that lower case i.
  3. I love it. Not the vandalism stuff, but the pieces that clearly had hours put into them. Locally, these are some of my favourites. The first one is around the corner from mine and is gigantic. It overlooks a weird car park but also my local, so I get to see it loads. It’s ace. Another one is by my office. And then there’s the big one, which has incredible detail. I’m down in London loads for the footy, so usually walk through Leake Street, by Waterloo station. It’s got wave after wave of brilliant pieces but each time I go, a new piece is being created so I get to see new stuff on the following trip. This one is just off Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. It’s wonderful. Berlin obviously brings stuff to the table. This one is in New York and I’m love with the detail. It’s unbelievable. Anyway. Show us your favourite piece of street art. Try to stay away from random graffiti, nobody likes it. Apart from that.
  4. Very fortunate to have been to two Wrestlemanias; 22 and 35. 22 was nuts. At the age of 27 I thought I was too old and cool to be caught up with the shouting and chanting, so went in thinking I’d just have a quiet night watching the lads. Got a couple of pints and ended up losing my shit when RVD won MITB. Fast-forward to the main and I realised this kid in front of me was obsessed with John Cena. Had the full gear and was beautifully engaged. Cheering when his man came out and almost boo-cried when HHH hit the ramp. That was the thing back then, but he got so upset by the booing that him and his old man left before the show finished. I felt really bad when the bell hit as the kid missed seeing his hero win. 35 was brilliant. Older, so I was a lot more wound down for it but still very excited. Met a mate for a pint. Saw a weirdo who thought he was Brock Lesnar. Had a really good seat but after the pre-show crap when Alexa Bliss introduced Hogan, a few others snarled at me for not standing or applauding. Sorry about that, you daft racists. Cena coming out to the thuganomics tune was brill. I missed Samoa Joe murdering Rey as I assumed it would go long enough than the time it took me to have a burst. The Kofi/Bryan match was the highlight. The place was electric and it went nuts at the finish. I think the night peaked then because as good as it was to see Becky win, everyone was done in after being there for about 8 hours. The bus service being shit in the pouring rain didn’t help. Also, I ran into an arseholed Mick Foley, just off Bleeker Street. He looked and sounded like he’d been thrown off a big cage.
  5. The War On Drugs announced a mini-tour the other day and we were lucky enough to get tickets for the local Uni. Seen them a few times and they never fail to deliver, so we can’t wait!
  6. As much of a lapsed fan as I am, I’m absolutely loving this lead-up to the big one with Roman and Cody. Regardless of how they got there, they’ve hit the jackpot with the build and I’m really loving the discussion on here. So we can revisit this on the morning of 8th April when I’ll be celebrating 11 years of no Thatcher, how do you see this going? Fantasy book the hell out of it, if you want. It’s Rock costing Roman for me.
  7. If we do that, I can guarantee this monstrosity won’t be in the running. BP, sausage (singular) and beans were top. You could have hammered nails with the toast, the bacon was definitely found in a bin, a round hash brown is weird and the eggs and tomatoes must have been put on the plate after they fell off a block of flats. Nova Scotia, Liverpool. 3/10. Crap.
  8. Put a black pudding on that brekkie, Flips, and you might have a near-perfect plate. It looks tremendous!
  9. In the first year, but it just didn't get enforced last year.
  10. Couple of bits: Firstly, hopefully the winners of the negative awards will take this in good humour and know this is all just a bit of nonsense on an Internet forum. No malice intended and hopefully it won't deter any of you from continuing to post. Secondly, you're off your rockers voting for me in those awards. I'm humbled and embarrassed in equal measure, think there are way more worthy winners but it's still lovely. Ta.
  11. The votes have been counted and the awards are now up: MMA Awards Wrestling Awards Forum Awards
  12. THE GOOD On-topic Poster of the Year An absolutely brilliant year in On-topic and all worthy nominees, but @Supremo retains. MMA Poster of the Year A close one right up until the end, but @wandshogun09 just about nicks it. Off-topic Poster of the Year This went right to the wire and in the end, we couldn't separate @FLips and @SuperBacon, who share this year's award. Funniest Poster Frankie Crisp Thread of the Year The remarkable House Show Happenings thread rightly sits at the top of the pile this year. Good Augene Frankie Crisp Best ongoing UKFF gag Two Months at McColls wins for the second year in a row, which basically involved people voting for Two Months at McColls for two years. Post of the Year The amazing tale of @Scott Malbranque's colleague was always going to be impossible to top. Unsung Poster of the Year @air_raid has a 52% chance of being right and a 48% chance of being wrong but with 28.7% of the votes he takes 100% of the award to finally and deservedly get his flowers. THE BAD Failed Comedian Sorry, @Hannibal Scorch Worst Thread of the Year Tony Khan is Still a Twat for the second year running. White Noise Sorry, @Keith Houchen Dolt of the Year Sorry, @Kfogg1991 Most Tired UKFF gag We finally draw a line at Tony Sniff jokes. As per the rules of this award, future references of this may result in banishment and sadly you won't be told by Clauidia Winkleman. Thanks to everyone for taking part!
  13. THE GOOD Best Women's Wrestler Rhea Ripley Best Men's Wrestler Bryan Danielson Best Tag Team FTR Best British Wrestler Will Ospreay Best Non-wrestler Prince Nana Best Event AEW All In Best Wrestling Show AEW Dynamite Best Feud or Angle The Bloodline Funniest Moment Shane McMahon tears his quad at Wrestlemania Best Heel Christian Best Babyface Cody Rhodes Best Podcast Wrestle Me Moment of the Year Sami Zayn turns on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble Match of the Year Swerve Strickland vs. Hangman Page (Texas Death Match, Full Gear) Promo of the Year Sami Zayn during the trial of Sami Zayn Breakout Star Dominik Mysterio THE BAD Biggest Letdown Cody Rhodes not winning at Wrestlemania Worst Wrestler Nia Jax Worst Non-wrestler Tony Khan Worst Match LA Knight Vs. Bray Wyatt (Mountain Dew Shite) Worst Event Crown Jewel Worst TV Show Rampage
  14. Best Fighter Leon Edwards Rising Star Benoit Saint-Denis Event of the Year We have a tie! UFC 295: Procházka vs. Pereira AND UFC 290: Volkanovski vs. Rodríguez Fight of the Year Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski 1 (UFC 284 - Perth, Australia - February 11th) Best Knockout Robbie Lawler Vs. Niko Price
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