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  1. Spoke with my cousin earlier who's a teacher in a local school and they've lost a pupil; the victim's brother has also been operated on to try to save his legs. As parents, how on earth do you even begin to deal with that?
  2. Just don't get the need to support a second team to enjoy watching a match. But each to their own.
  3. Why would anyone want to 'pick' an additional team in a different league? Baffled by that. Watch every league in the world and enjoy it, but you don't need to support anyone other than the team you already do. You'll be buying half-and-half scarves, next.
  4. 23rd July in Manchester. Puddle of Mu... Mum, they're going to laugh at me ☹️
  5. I hope you get some; they're a brilliant live act.
  6. The War On Drugs in November with the wonderful Houchen, who just boxed some tickets off for us.
  7. 🗑💎🕯⚙️
  8. Up the Palace. Koeman out.
  9. As long as Mab's still on -2,000, that's all that matters.
  10. Forgot this thread existed until today. Been doing a few posts on mental health over the last couple of months. I know I don't have as hard a time as a lot of people on here, but if anything in these can help anyone that's what I'm aiming for. Best to start from bottom to top as some recent posts refer back to the earlier ones:
  11. Fucking hell. I saw something last night about him collapsing but that's awful. Some of his Villa teammates must be wondering what's going on, given Dalian Atkinson's passing last year. Horrible news.
  12. Oh you must be on the wind-up now!
  13. A great club? In what sense? They can join Leicester in the plastic clapper brigade. Bin.
  14. I was watching Father Ted last night and despite having seen the episode dozens of times, the ‘fuckinell’ in the Chris the Sheep episode made me laugh like an idiot all over again. The timing of it, on both occasions, is just perfect: And despite it becoming GIFd into oblivion in recent years, the Partridge Shrug will never not be brilliant: So on a slow Bank Holiday Monday, let’s see some other instances of perfect comedy timing in films and telly.
  15. Yolkozuna. AND WHAT, BUTCH?