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  1. Is crying with jealousy and rage a thing? You bastard, BomberPat.
  2. Seconding that post from BomberPat. MVP of the forum right now, and that's an example of why.
  3. I've tried to edit the fucking thing but it's having none of it. I'd do it on my laptop but that's all the way over there.
  4. I'm not shouting at you. No frigging clue why that font went massive.
  5. Moshiri came in last year; he's opened the chequebook this summer it seems. He bought the Liver Building a few months ago, basically because he probably went for a pint with a Blue and they thought it would be a good wind-up on the Reds.
  6. Original Twitter Rooney was the best
  7. Until he turns up with a fishing rod and a KFC to comfort a gun-wielding David Moyes, he doesn't get that title. But your post is spot on. Really want him to do well for a season or so at Everton but I'm not sure it'll work out as some might think, but good luck to him. @
  8. Bit of a surprise, this:
  9. Speaking of Phil Neville, he's a joy to watch on Twitter when someone directs the slightest bit of criticism towards thin Ronaldo. He's definitely on a promise.
  10. Wait, what? When? I have no idea what that's about as I have nothing but love for you! No way would that have been intentional. Your handle isn't in this directory so DM me so I can unblock you. Mortified.
  11. Enjoyed that. Usos are dynamite at the mo. Great to see Cena back as well as Rusev; I'd just rather not see them at the same time. The USA shtick was expected given the date but Christ, the 'bulge area' gag went down as badly as it deserved to. I could listen to Kevin Owens read me the menu from the local chippy and be entertained.
  12. letterboxd/Mulv - not very active in terms of posting but use it for recommendations
  13. I hope so. Given everything that was going on at Inter when he was there, I'd like to think that can just be written off as a bad move for everyone involved. Word is he'll be giving the existing squad a chance to prove itself rather than a wave of immediate changes, which should help the transition to his style of play. Benteke might have to change his game somewhat, but it'll work well for Zaha, Townsend and it might help Cabaye continue his renaissance. But his first job should be to take Jordon Mutch out back and put him out of his misery.
  14. Big Frank's Red & Blue Army: