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  1. That Big Show one. Still can’t believe they did it.
  2. Just a friendly reminder that Fallout lands on Netflix tomorrow. Expecting the Gladders rewatch review before I have my Coco Pops.
  3. I think I’ve done It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from start to finish four times during this COVID shitshow. Mainly in the background whilst I’m working but despite the multiple views, every couple of episodes something will come up where I snort at best but usually completely lose it. Frank Reynolds is possibly the best sitcom character of all time. Charlie's not far behind. Partridge aside, it’s the most rewatchable show ever.
  4. Here's a link to Trespass, @WeeAl: https://ffmovies.to/film/trespass.oj49j/n3mx9rk (watching it shortly!). Judgment Night's available on there as well, without the subs.
  5. Judgment Night (1993) I kind of suggested this to myself last night, so threw it on this afternoon. It’s so good. Falls into the Breakdown/‘why doesn’t everyone know about this?’ category. The nighttime setting is so important to the story and it’s really well laid out, for what’s essentially and Tom & Jerry plot. Gang of lads get into a bit of bother, get chased around and it goes off. So simple but a really well thought-out film. I think the unexpected bits are what make it (can’t be arsed with spoiler tags). Denis Leary is pretty much the same character he always is, but it works well in this instance. Jeremy Piven - the Earthquake of the acting world - was 27 when they made this! He must have had a twat of a paper round.
  6. Deep Blue Sea (1999) Fucking hell. This film is off the map. I mean, it’s shit, but it’s brilliant at the same time. I’ve been getting into shark films lately but this one is mental. LL Cool J gets stuck in an oven. The lead woman is the worst actress in the history of film. Michael Rapaport is so bad he deserves to be eaten by a shark. Sam Jackson’s turn? Yerrssss. But just to go back, LL Cool J GETS STUCK IN AN OVEN. Kinell. Watch it. Better than Jaws.
  7. It’s Cuba Gooding’s third best performance, behind Jerry Maguire and Judgment Night. The latter of which is one of my favourite films of the 90s, if anyone wants to watch a boss danger thriller. Anyway, I’m in the middle of watching Deep Blue Sea. It’s incredible.
  8. It's an absolutely wonderful film. John Singleton snuffing it put it under the nose of loads more people, but it's a hugely important piece of art which is still relevant today. The last 15 minutes are incredible; Ricky realising what's going on and trying to leg it is so well done because you know what's going to happen but you desperately want it not to. Laurence Fishbourne is brilliant in it.
  9. Frankie Crisp

    Chippy Tea

    I’m trying to limit the use of this on here, but
  10. Frankie Crisp

    Chippy Tea

    Is that a lyric from the extended disco version? It should be.
  11. Frankie Crisp

    Chippy Tea

    It was decent! Would have preferred a larger serving and for slightly thicker gravy, but considering we got served ten minutes after it opened I was impressed with the chips not being like a typical early batch. The peas were gorgeous. Sausages were above average. Wouldn’t be my first choice of chippy but I’ve had much, much worse.
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