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  1. I’m going on a date tomorrow. Not long got off the phone with her and in a blind panic, I thought it was best to tell her that I’ve put weight on during the lockdowns. Then I panicked more and tried to recover it and went full Partridge. “Well I’m not exactly Russell Grant but also not Barry Grant. Don’t worry, I won’t bring a gun!” I loathe myself.
  2. To keep me occupied during England matches, I was thinking of doing a prediction tournament if enough people are interested. Submit your guesses for each round by a set date; 1 point for the correct outcome of each game, 3 for the correct result. Bonus points available by picking one player in each round and for every goal they score, you get 2 points. Can kick it off from the second round of games so it’s not a mad rush. Winner gets bragging rights and probably some kind of Corkhill-related prize. If more than, I don’t know, 10 people fancy it I’ll sort it at the weekend.
  3. It was a few days ago but forgot to post it. Librarians in some US states have to attend 6-monthly firearm training sessions. It was one of those facts I couldn’t believe but within a second wasn’t surprised about at all.
  4. Had a smashing few hours with @Philo_Vance and his wonderful wife-to-be down in Folkestone. I’m down here for a wedding tomorrow but our diaries allowed a meet up. Next time I see them will be their own wedding. Look at him, all grown up. My Shield impression is shit.
  5. Best thing about these last two pages is that nobody’s challenged that it’s called a chip barm. Not a bap, a batch or a cob or some other nonsense.
  6. After a few days of positive talks with us and getting me all excited, Nuno looks like the main target for the Ev. Big rich owner and fancy new stadium versus, er, ‘we’ve got a drum?’ suggests we’ll miss out. Fucking Ancelotti.
  7. Usually they’d probably go for someone who can do just what you’ve said, but they need to start getting the cash in for that stadium pronto so I’d imagine they need someone who can attract big players. Poch all the way; he’s got no better options.
  8. I think the big concern is the players Ancelotti was hoping to attract in order to get them some kind of European revenue, as the stadium nears. Even if he was a short term (is three years short-term these days?), it was what he was meant to deliver in terms of a foundation for whoever comes in next. As much as there’s a lot of fun and games going around between me and some mates, I do feel for the club. Hopefully the lure of the stadium will mean they’re not looking at Scott Parker or someone who’ll undo the plans. The Moyes shouts have already started. That, or just send Dunc to Ma
  9. The song itself is wonderful, but the Pips having a ball in the background make this even better.
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