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  1. Had this on a loop all week. He was the fucking best.
  2. What was/is something you love but have had it completely or mildly ruined by someone? Be it a song, book, place, food, film or whatever; has someone ever said or done something which, as innocuous as it may have been at time, has tainted what was once dear to you? Minor ones for me: - Springsteen’s Backstreets. One of his most emotive and powerful songs, but at a gig a few years ago (in the company of Butch and Keith), George Jackson’s son started singing ‘it’s time to meet The Muppets’ to the intro. Can’t get that out of my head any time I hear it. Prick - Hendrix’s Cross
  3. In case you were unsure.
  4. Fucked up (my post, not the chippy).
  5. The brilliant Nooruddean Choudry - via Joe.co.uk - has put together a list of ten things that will happen with the Rodríguez move and number eight is a belter.
  6. He’s still getting over Cracker dying. Soz.
  7. Does anyone like water? Well have I got the beer for you! Jimmy doesn’t work out of hours.
  8. You’re lucky I think Simpsons memes are shit.
  9. Imagine if it reappears as a superhero, just to really piss you off.
  10. You’ve got a sausage trying to fuck a load of chips and you’re arsed about your peas?
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