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  1. I was dead lucky to go to the Med for childhood holidays; we didn’t have much but my old man used to work 6.5 days a week to provide for us and give us a good holiday. Even when he was on strike he’d make sure we never went without a holiday. We mainly did the Balearics but also did the Greek Islands, so I saw loads of great places before I was a teenager. One specific holiday I’ll always remember was in Cala Millor, Majorca. It was very much me and my old man doing our thing and my Mum and her daughter doing theirs. We played footy loads but one day the hotel arranged a proper 11-a-side game of footy on a big sand pitch. It was Dad and lads, but my arse went as a very shy and painfully small/skinny kid, but I remember doing a one-two on the edge of the box with a waiter who went on to score and came and lifted me up in celebration. I don’t think he was a nonce. I also remember a holiday in 1989 where my Mum and Dad were unable to coexist but still took us away. One night we were just messing around in the hotel boozer and the folks had a big barney. Instead of cooling down and having a conversation like adults, my old man decided to wind Mum up by volunteering for a plate dance on stage. You know the script; suggestive music whilst naked blokes move plates around to cover their arse, knob and bollocks. My Mum was fuming but, again, rather than handle it like a grown-up, she then signed up to do the female version. You’ve never known confusion like a ten-year old seeing his Mum move plates around to cover her bush in 90 degree heat whilst your ice cream melts. They divorced the next year.
  2. Even with such an uninteresting product, I can’t think of anyone as uninteresting a character as Sasha Banks. Complete nothingness from her years now. Also, that rope snapping might end up being the ghost of Lilly the way that shower are carrying on.
  3. Rebecca Howe in Cheers. Filling the gap left by Shelley Long was an impossible task, but I absolutely hated how Kirsty Alley’s character landed and evolved. There’s absolutely no way Sam would/should have been so into her for so long.
  4. Doing the rounds today - if you look up the word woe on Google, their noun example is wonderful.
  5. I signed up on September 11th, five years after those lads did what they did. It also means that if this place lasts another twenty, I’ll be sixty two years old and still frequenting a wrestling forum.
  6. @Philo_Vanceis a married man but I still get to kiss him. Sorry for the ongoing love with him in this thread, but this is such a good day.
  7. Bacon, please sort the typo out in the thread name before I have a groundstroke.
  8. We’ll be more than alright. Once Olise finds his feet and Eze comes back, we’ll be ripping defences to shreds. We just need to take Joel Ward round the back and put him down, and show Kouyaté a shiny penny to distract him and we’ll have a top-half team.
  9. Got a few lined up. Rob Vincent, The Las, Jack Savoretti and Kate Nash twice, one of which was meant to be last year. Well in, Covid. Big thanks from me and the now-expired restraining order.
  10. The game was incredible. The atmosphere was off the map, apart from the away fans who were as awful as ever when they visit. We absolutely battered them from about the 25th minute onwards. They offered nothing. Like all Tories, Harry Kane was a useless waste of space. Conor Gallagher is a Rolls Royce of a player and was everywhere. Wilf tore the back out of them, I still love Jimmy Mc more than most of my family, Marc Guéhi is the real deal and I Wanna Be Edouard. I’m currently being a pest on the train home. It was my first game back and I’ve missed this so, so much.
  11. He’s well known for being a genuinely sound bloke*. Mate of mine played for Everton youth in the early 90s and when his Dad died, Duncan went looking looking for him knowing he’d be in a local boozer with a messed up head. He found and sat with him for hours, letting Baz talk about his old man. He was a first team PL player and gave up an evening for a youth team player. * unless you’re a burglar.
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