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  1. An industry where workers have no rights, work themselves to death and can’t afford medical bills? I’ll get back to you.
  2. Seafret - Monsters https://youtu.be/q0afRR3cJ9c
  3. I did! Smashing gig. And likewise, it’d have great to grab a beer in between my horrendous rendition of Solomon Bites The Worm.
  4. Went out to watch the footy with a couple of mates I’ve not seen for ages. Boss night. Walking home, instead of playing the carefully planned playlists or albums I love, I just slung it on random. ‘Boom! Here come the real motherfuckers from the South!’ It might actually be the worst thing I used to listen to. Jesus wept.
  5. Tart George up for me if you would, @chokeout!
  6. Watched that Starrcade thing. Ric Flair’s face looks like that one sweet potato in the supermarket that nobody wants to buy. He’s absolutely fucked, isn’t he?
  7. Watched the Bluetones on Friday. Two-hour set and they haven’t lost their touch. Mark Morriss is a bloody great frontman and had the place in pieces in between songs. Went with the first girl I ever loved (who’s since become one of my best mates) and had a great night remembering our college days. Lovely gig in every way. Going to see Cast in a couple of weeks. I’m one Kappa tracksuit away from the complete melancholic breakdown.
  8. Twitter’s been awash with chatter about what Bryan will look like next week. Long hair and no beard, short hair and long beard or a proper 2010 look. It’d be such a great swerve if it turns out that Bray just pulled all of his pubes out.
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