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  1. Papa Bouba Diop, lung cancer. 42, for fuck’s sake.
  2. Thankfully not. I’m the one at the back with what I assume was a pint of Stella because LADS.
  3. 2002. People’s Eyebrow on one of those weird keyrings you had to pay three quid for and wait an hour to get. Didn’t cop off that night. Fucking hell.
  4. Wondered where my next day trip was going to be after lockdown. Someone pass me the Um Bongo.
  5. Finally found the perfect two kittens to adopt after being on the lookout for a while. Meet Bruce and Clarence. Nine weeks old and they’ve already melted my cold, dead heart.
  6. Under no circumstances could this go in the Top Twitter thread because JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
  7. Frankie Crisp


    Bloody dropdowns. No option of free text or uploading supporting evidence has robbed you.
  8. Chomp. In your wildest dreams, you couldn’t possibly think he’s on the same level. Even with your Tory Harry bins on. He’s a wonderful player - possibly one of the best the top flight has ever seen - but he doesn’t lay a glove on Shearer. And if you argue otherwise, you honestly might need to have a bit of a sit down.
  9. He wrote this for Presley, who intentionally died having a shite because he realised he wasn’t the sexiest human being on the planet:
  10. We lost the old general megathread for bits and bobs earlier this year (RIP), so here’s a new one. Today, my friend shared a photo of the final boss in Poppy world.
  11. I don’t really bother with watching your lot that much, but stuck it on last night. Has Kane started to play a deeper role in all games or was it just a tactical thing for Man. City? Thought he did a great job sat further back. Although when Gary Neville likened his play to Zidane I honestly burst out laughing.
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