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  1. Reminder klaxon for anyone else who wants to throw their list over. There’s not been enough to make this interesting, so hopefully a few more will come in over the next couple of weeks.
  2. Was this before or after you stormed off Never Mind the Buzzcocks because Simon Amstell took the piss out of your missus?
  3. God help us when Sin Cara snuffs it.
  4. That’s wonderful! Off the map. I want to see the UKFF version so we all know what’ll incur a three-week suspension. That Superstar Neil bot would be out until Christmas 2035.
  5. Just started watching Cheers from the start. Again. For the dozenth time. Granted, I’m 87 years old and I don’t understand Net Tubes or whatever you all watch your TV shows on, but this is in the top 3 comedies of all time. It’s relentless, it’s hilarious and it’s perfect.
  6. This is the first full decade in which Margaret Thatcher has not been alive since the 1910s. Pint, anyone?
  7. Oh that’s loads of time to fit the best bits in! I’m away with work today but when I get back up north and have half an hour I’ll send over some of the highlights from our recent trip.
  8. @Monkee - I think if you have a week set aside for LA, I’d recommend taking an overnight trip to San Diego during that time. Only 2-3 hours’ drive but an absolutely boss place. Scenic, laid back whilst having a hive of activity in the downtown area. LA itself wasn’t all that when I went and whilst there’s lots to see/do, you could easily slot the best of if into 3-4 days. I’d swerve Hollywood itself, though, as it was a rough-arse dump with pimps and women on the batter on every street corner when I went. From what I’ve read since then, it’s got worse. @HarmonicGenerator - when you say a few days in San Francisco, how many are you talking? I went in September so have loads of recommendations I can fire over but I don’t want to overload you if you’re pushed for time. A day trip to Yosemite would be right up there towards the top of the list if you’ll be in SF for more than 3 days (any less and you’ll probably do yourself out of some of the best parts of the city). Regardless, brace yourself for homeless situation in downtown San Francisco. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and out of control. Whilst I’m here, does anyone have any shouts for a long weekend in Barcelona? I’m going in mid-February and aside from going to the match and seeing the beautiful horizon, we’ve planned sod-all else for the 5 days we’re there. Ta.
  9. Blur - Sing https://youtu.be/zsQ6_9m-iDo That fucking bass line.
  10. He’s clearly put the cholesterol graft in so he makes it into Ian’s sequel to the Sharon Watts Twitter thread.
  11. Echo & The Bunnymen - Nothing Lasts Forever https://youtu.be/Tc1J7y4xIdA
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