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  1. Mint sauce should supposedly only be used on a Sunday Roast if it has lamb as the meat. Load of shite. Mint sauce with beef? Yes. Mint sauce with chicken? Yes. Mint sauce with pork? Yes. Mint sauce with everything? Yes.
  2. This is over a year old. It's from just after Becky Lynch was white hot. It's no doubt been posted on here before, but I can't be arsed checking. It's absolutely fantastic. Here, this:
  3. Frankie Crisp

    Chippy Tea

    Must have been tongue-in-cheek. Someone else post it.
  4. Oh fucking hell. Close the forum now. Incredible.
  5. I saw the title of this thread and assumed it would be Bealed. Glad it hasn’t been - some cracking replies/recommendations I’ll get my feet into tomorrow. Nice one.
  6. It’s Instagram but I think this is the best place to stick this in. The Rock talking about his Wrestlemania bits with Austin. It’s fucking great.
  7. I’ve started writing. I don’t mean like a kid with a biro doing cursive for the first time, but I’ve been doing all kinds. Nothing I’ll ever share with anyone, but it’s been such a great distraction and has helped me get my head in gear. Recommend it to anyone who’s bored, missing the footy, had enough of Netflix etc. It’s really therapeutic.
  8. Just working my way through the tiger thing now and fucking hell. Honestly didn’t think it would be this good/bonkers.
  9. Cheers for those comments, @SuperBacon and @Scott Malbranque. Appreciated. Bianca's okay as it stands (as of about 3 hours ago) and Ben seems on top of the situation, in terms of childcare and keeping an eye on her. It's all day-by-day, but when the phone went before with the 'she's okay' news, it was a burst of relief because I was fucking dreading seeing his name pop up. Nice one again.
  10. I often sweat profusely whilst listening to Kate Nash etc.
  11. My best mate's wife has Pneumonia in two lungs; they live in New York with their 3-year old daughter and nobody else is nearby. They've both been coughing for a few days so went to an urgent care centre and had chest X-rays. They didn't have the resource to give them a COVID-19 test but the doctors are saying she has it. They've been putting people into comas but many aren't coming out of them. His arse has gone as he's trying to care for his little girl with all this going on - the nearest family who can get to them are in Texas, right on the Mexican border. She's not my missus so I'm not posting this for any sympathy, but we're keeping it to just a few close family and friends so not to cause too much panic and I wanted somewhere to unload. This has really fucking brought it home. I was taking everything very seriously like most, but I think the second it's someone you know it's a whole new level of concern and anxiety. I'm terrified to hear from him as she has a poor lung capacity.
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