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  1. Danny Dyer. By you. And that tramp outside the Bierkeller when you laughed for three minutes. Fuck off.
  2. The Wizard of Oz The local Picturehouse had it on, 80 years after its release. It’s amazing. Obviously seen it a shitload as a kid but it must be a good three decades since I last laid eyes on it. Partly went for the nostalgia, but honestly it’s such a gorgeous, engrossing film. Watching it as an adult doesn’t lessen the childhood throwbacks, but throughout it I kept imagining how good it must have felt watching it in 1939 for the first time. It must have been mental. The early black and white scenes and dialogue are minimal but set it up nicely, then after there it’s just one big lovely bit of fun. And some woman brought her kids who cried at the flying monkeys which made me feel like less of a shithouse for doing the same when I first saw the mad little gets when I was about 5.
  3. Frankie Crisp

    Chippy Tea

    What chips? All I see is a tub of curry sauce, a big gap, then two battered sausages.
  4. When you’re being (accurately) mugged off by Danny Mills, you know your club’s arse has fallen through.
  5. I’ve finally got off my arse to get myself in shape, or at least try to. I fucked my leg up last year when I last tried to get fit - dislocated knee, double fracture and torn ligament - and ended up in a full brace for months so I wasn’t able to exercise. But even when that came off and I completed rehab physio I let myself go down the route of eating excessively and poorly, drinking way too much and letting my declining mental health keep me away from even attempting exercise. I’ve piled the beef on and for a good 7-8 months have probably been living a deceptive life; I’m still going out, seeing friends and work’s keeping me busy but at home I’m a mess. Pretty much as soon I was getting in from work I was going to bed in a depressive heap but as my anxiety was keeping my brain too active, I’d end up necking a couple of bottles of wine just to knock me out. Then I’d wake up, hate myself for it and the daily cycle started again. It took a bit of a kick up the arse from a good friend a few weeks ago to make me look at myself and do something to stop the cycle. I’ve been for a couple of runs to see how my knee/leg held up and it felt a bit sore, but instead of driving to Dundee in my bare feet, I signed up for a Personal Trainer. Not that I’m incapable of doing fitness stuff on my own, but I thought having someone to drive me and give me proper advice would keep me motivated, as well as being accountable to someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m doing two sessions a week and so far they’ve been intense, but she’s helping me focus on my core strength and ensure my leg’s fully ready for some improvement. We’re doing boxing tomorrow to focus on the upper body then over the next month or so, she’s going to help tailor a routine I can then take home and follow without her direction. I’ve also signed up for the gym in my building; I’m hoping the training will encourage me to go there as well, for swimming, running and cycling especially. Like others have just said, this will all be useless if I keep eating like Mr. Creosote and drinking myself to sleep, but the positive mental state the sessions have put me in so far are encouraging and I’ve now got some clear goals in sight. I’ve not made enough physical progress to mention, but like with the PT being involved, I wanted to put it in here so there are other people aware of my attempts as that’ll be another motivator to hopefully make as much improvement as others in here.
  6. I think the real highlight of the show has been forgotten because of the main event. Ali hitting the 450 on to nothing because Orton moved out of the way a week last Tuesday was amazing. Actual belly laugh. But seriously, how can they provide a visual like this and have it end up as such a shitshow? That should have been it. Fiend murders him, stands over his cold, limp body then gets the pin. How they went from that to the finish is why people hardly give a shit. Shambles.
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