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  1. In fairness that did rid Ireland of rape. That also clears up the woman in the Anti-Heroin Project video who looks like she will glass someone is; it's Hazel O Connor, queen of the ultra-naff charity single.
  2. Th best show on TV is back, Succession. I presume it's the best show on TV, I hardly watch any. It's better than The Property Brothers anyway. Great return, some laugh out loud stuff and Kendell going full on dickhead. Does anyone happen to know if Fisher Stevens is ill? His head looks like a silverskin onion on a cocktail stick.
  3. I forgot how funny the order of these were. Tonya Harding followed by Glenn Close is a hell of a 1-2 punch. Also I thought "fuck me Liam Neeson looks knackered" and it was Robert Englund.
  4. Thanks for that, but not sure it's exhaustive as it doesn't list Holly Johnson. Or Charles Bronson. I didn't clock Genesis P Orridge in the video either, and I'm a bit surprised they'd be involved.
  5. My girlfriend showed me this not long ago. It's one of those charity singles that came out in the wake of Band Aid. It's quite remarkable. It's got a couple of heavy hitters (Bonnie Tyler, Cliff, Holly Johnson, a Bee Gee), some lesser lights (Marillion, Hayley Mills, Lofty from Eastenders) but we failed to name quite a large portion. There's one woman who looks like she's going to chin someone, and a Charles Bronson lookalike: It's an anti-heroin single, and it's some stark lyrics: "You'll be a slave to that white-powered whore 'til the dragon is slayed" It's got about 4000 views on youtube, about 400 of those are me and the missus.
  6. Who is of course Stan Lane's daughter (maybe). https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/lauren-boebert-stan-lane-paternity-dispute
  7. Why would he do that when he can afford to do what he's doing now?
  8. Quite. I also think Khan would be fapping like billy-o along with the rest of the New Japan fans at the idea of Daniel Bryan in the G1.
  9. gmoney

    Top Twitter

    Apparently he did this against everyone's wishes and is banned from SNL as a result.
  10. I never want to see Pollard and grumble flicks in the same sentence. Especially when the next one's got "hairy fanny" in it.
  11. RobertCop 2 also has the great scene of the attempts at creating another cyborg copper and them all topping themselves. I once had a horrible nightmare about that once while on a comedown.
  12. That's in reference to RobertCop, not Predator.
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