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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7INuvyrqE8 London Gay Men's Chorus - The Way Old Friends Do NSFW
  2. I know she's with Impact now, and perhaps there's never been an opportunity, but if I was AEW I'd do all I could to get Jordynne Grace in. She is money. The first time I saw her was in the Battle Royale at All In.
  3. gmoney

    NJPW World

    Why not start a separate thread for the G1, marked spoilers, or Japanese pace or whatever? Seems like a fair compromise.
  4. 12 Audiobooks you can keep forever. I only subbed years ago to get the Partridge autobiography and a couple of massive history books and I still have access to them in the app, and you can get them as MP3s as well if you wish.
  5. Anyone still trading? Looking for 90s Japanese and US stuff, PM me if you are, or have any leads. Cheers
  6. gmoney

    New-Look UKFF

    Yep, that works fine
  7. gmoney

    New-Look UKFF

    It's cured the jumping thing when you load a page on the mobile site, thank Christ.
  8. Mate, you've got to go back and listen to the last part. It's top draw WrestleMe.
  9. I think that's quite an important distinction.
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