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  1. It's only just clicked that he's Looking Glass in the Watchmen series. Talented man.
  2. gmoney

    Disney Plus

    Enjoyed it a lot. Feels a bit harsh to say however, Lin Manuel Miranda is several steps below the rest of the cast in terms of performance and look. The guy I saw in London was a hell of a lot better. I understand that he wrote it, and he's obviously an incredibly talented man, and I'm not even saying he's bad, but in wrestling terms it felt a bit like watching a Wrestlemania where most of the top spots are filled with Hogan, Austin, the Rock and Bret Hart but the main focus is on Tommy Dreamer. Daveed Diggs was absolutely incredible. I saw an (excellent) understudy do the Layfayette/Jefferson parts when I went, but he was something else.
  3. The Dirty Harry score is incredible, jazz funk masterpiece. One of the only film scores I give a whirl every now and again.
  4. He's a libertarian, so he's not developed his mind beyond the age of about 15.
  5. NSFW Actually might not be, check it on your lunch break.
  6. Plus making Randy a babyface then having him gob in peoples faces was terrible. Who wants to cheer someone who spits in people's faces? Just disgusting.
  7. You can reuse it a good few times, as long as you're not frying something strong smelling (like fish). Once it's cooled down, strain it, store it and reuse.
  8. I think it's She's The One that's was a World Party cover. Both mince, obvs.
  9. Never understood HBK's Mr Wrestlemania tag. Seems to be based off of the ladder match, and the Iron Man match (which was crap). WM 8 - vs Tito Santana - alright. WM 9 - Tatanka - again, alright WM 10 - Razor - Fair enough, this is great WM 11 - Diesel - Fucking boring. WM 12 - Bret Fucking boring WM 13 - absent WM 14 - Steve Austin - a disappointment, though obviously he was injured. He did have some belters on his return, but he'd already "earned" the nickname by then I believe.
  10. I watched a fair bit of that a couple of years ago, it was ace. He was supposed to be the lead in it but when they tested it everyone said they hated him so they drafted in Dick Van Dyke instead. No taste, Americans in the 60s!
  11. While we're on This Country, here's a excellent deleted scene. I've always enjoyed the handful of wrestling references in the show.
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