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  1. gmoney

    Labour Split

    When's Chuka going to mysteriously rule himself out of leading this party then?
  2. gmoney

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    The used to play it in the cinema at the end of a film. Useful to remember that this country has always been a bit shit.
  3. gmoney

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    Not at rapping.
  4. gmoney

    Labour Split

    Only Chuka has a big enough personal vote not to get wiped out if they stand as independents I reckon, and even then it would be close. Very odd timing for this with Brexit stuff still up in the air.
  5. gmoney

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Joke's on you, this is Keith:
  6. gmoney

    Podcast Recommendations

    Cheers, that Dear Joan and Jericha one sounds excellent.
  7. gmoney

    The Ongoing Celebrity Spotting Thread

    No, you're alright.
  8. gmoney

    Let's all laugh at the Oscars: 2019 Edition

    Big fan of the fun facts during the preshow and downtime
  9. gmoney

    Let's all laugh at the Oscars: 2019 Edition

    Hope W.C Fields turns up.
  10. gmoney

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    London/South East, which is where I am from so no great surprise. I do like to call people who are upset "greeting bastards" though. That's due to reading Irvine Welsh books at an impressionable age.