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  1. It always makes me think of a letter in Viz, paraphrased, "Billy Bragg sang in his early 90s hit 'Sexuality/Strong and warm and wild and free/ Sexuality/Your laws do not apply to me.' If Mr Bragg was caught balls deep in a 15 year old, I think he'd find out that the laws very much do apply to him".
  2. My girlfriend went to that. I couldn't because I was working.
  3. They then sell it on for £500 second hand.
  4. Possibly. Though they can't charge what they want, they can charge what people will pay. I'd wager people will pay less for something they then can't trade on. As I said, PC games are a lot cheaper.
  5. At the very least make it so the egg has a tache.
  6. I was talking bollocks there. What I meant to say was that they are placating traditional retailers with high digital prices, which has the side-effect of a second hand market.
  7. It's a bit of a catch 22 situation though as the only reason the digital copies are so expensive is to placate the second-hand stores. PC gaming is pretty much 100% digital and games are dirt cheap compared to consoles.
  8. Frontman of a self-loathing grunge band. It's not like he was in Poison. I'd expect most grunge artists to have issues talking on the phone.
  9. My partner's mum's got a absolutely scandalous story about Shilton from his time at Southampton that I won't repeat here in case his lawyers are browsing.
  10. Download yourself a 80gb Italo Disco torrent and buckle up.
  11. It's an event and he's covering it. Reviewers get complimentary tickets to everything. WWE used to do it until they went full paranoid mental.
  12. We've got a sparkling water tap at work. I don't know if that's fancy these days, but if I took over it's one of the first things I'd get rid of to cut costs.
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