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  1. Tajiri leading a stable of Japanese lads called the Yakuza. I think Tajiri had to explain he'd probably be killed when he went back to Japan.
  2. This version is better. Love Bobby Conn.
  3. Didn't turn out looking too bad I thought, considering they looked like unwell fannies before they went in the oven.
  4. Both mine and yours NSFW Baz.
  5. I hope that gets the level of respect it deserves.
  6. Watched Wrestlepalooza 98 at the beginning of the year, total shit show.
  7. I've not seenit yet, but a good friend of mine is in it (playing Feliks) so I will be watching soon out of a sense of loyalty.
  8. Is there any truth to the rumour Meltzer has had surgery to look more like a muscley Lou Reed?
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