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  1. gmoney


    I'm not sure that there is a pizza topping I won't eat. I wouldn't choose pineapple, but I'll certainly eat it with gusto.
  2. gmoney


    You are quite right. I'm appalled with myself.
  3. gmoney


    There's quite an arcane system for nominating Tory leaders as well, which mean Boris would most likely be blocked from getting on the final ballot by MPs.
  4. gmoney


    A good investment for bulk cooking if you don't have much time is a slow cooker. You can get a 6l one for £16 from Wilko at the moment, and you can just bung a load of food in and leave it for 8-10 hours. You don't have to be in, or awake, while it cooks. You do have to be a fan of stews/casseroles/curries though, but who isn't?
  5. gmoney

    What happened in 2018?

    I bet Nia apologised afterwards, there's another difference.
  6. gmoney


    Where's my lab grown gammon, eh?
  7. gmoney

    Developmental wrestlers who never made it

    What body type is that?
  8. gmoney


    https://www.mirror.co.uk/science/first-lab-grown-steak-looks-13728023 Are lab grown steaks vegan?
  9. gmoney

    The Ongoing Celebrity Spotting Thread

    He's in the UK at the moment making a Brexit documentary. I wonder if this was part of that, or if he just likes a bit of grappling.
  10. gmoney


    I find it amazing that a man with such wealth can't get a decent tailor. People go on about Corbyn looking scruffy, but at least he isn't wearing a dead man's suit.
  11. gmoney


    200 out of 317 is a whopping 63%, so very odd to see Mogg spin that as disastrous. By his usual terms that's a runaway victory, including scoring a goal with your bare arse.
  12. gmoney


    Why does it take nearly 40 minutes to count 300 odd votes? They should have bussed those lads from Sunderland down, it would have been counted by now!
  13. gmoney


    Should have fucked about with the Elephant Man.