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  1. Ah man, I've just got back from a lovely holiday, hyped to play Untitled Goose Game. Turns out it's not out on Steam yet! Fuckabout. I want to go back on holiday.
  2. gmoney

    NJPW World

    Yeah, he didn't impress at the London show. Granted he was in a tag, but even so he certainly wasn't standing out. KENTA was a much better heel on the show and he didn't know left from right for half his match.
  3. Sorry, did you layout the magazine? The weirdly personal way you have seemed to react to the criticism of it, and you not knowing what graphic design is has tipped me off.
  4. The graphic design was done in the mid 90s and never changed, aside from the colour every few years. For all it was a decent read, it looked like shit.
  5. That is definitely the rhetoric of someone who is getting old.
  6. Yeah to you. And it still is to lots of kids. There were kids around when I was a kid who didn't a single fuck about any of that then either.
  7. They look amazing. I think Bobby's do those pork scratching flavoured puff things. That's a proper snack.
  8. He reminds me of Ted Robbins.
  9. 7 seconds away. My opinion on the matter is that if it's good enough for Andy Warhol, then it's probably a load of old shit.
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