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  1. I'm perfectly calm, I've read the books, but you don't need to bring up "theories" gleaned from book stuff in a thread clearly asking people not to do that. I'm struggling to think why you would? I think you should probably edit it out. Also, it's a spoiler for anyone who thinks "the series was good, I'll read the book to see what's different."
  2. Doesn't the thread clearly state "no book wankers"? Yet here you are, talking about shit in the books that might have a bearing on the TV show?
  3. Tormund the MVP, as always. I was hoping he'd tell the story of why he's called "Husband to Bears" as well, but you can't have everything. EDIT: Oh, and utterly didn't need to see that Arya sex scene, felt disgusting.
  4. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    Craving a tin of breakfast now.
  5. Their gear in 98 is fucking rank. Did they pick that for themselves?
  6. Yep. Wouldn't even medal at the Olympics.
  7. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    I am afraid I don't know about West Wittering chippies, but The Royal Oak Fish Bar in East Wittering is about a 5 minute drive, and is a great bunch of lads.
  8. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    I promised to cook later, but I am erring on the side of strolling through the door with a dirty great chippie order.
  9. He's very handsome, definitely, but I'm not sure he has the pleasing X factor I'm after. How about Marty Morrissey? I didn't know who he was for years and someone on another forum I go on had him as his avatar. For ages I thought it was David Mitchell in prosthetics. Just study that face!
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