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  1. What's the point of getting heat on that character? He's genuinely appalling.
  2. I hope they've signed Sid. Really enjoyed the show, the Shaq match was excellent. I find it impossible not to love Shaq. My favourite Shaq story is that he fills his car up when the tank is half empty because he thinks it means he's spending less on petrol.
  3. It was just nice to have one I could actually do and not sit here scratching my head like a simpleton.
  4. That slaps. Though I was hoping he'd go "Boooniii!" at some point.
  5. I bought that on DVD a couple of months ago because I was convinced it wouldn't turn up on a streaming site. Still, no regrets.
  6. I love a good crowd rabble joke, and this might be the best of them all.
  7. I'm sad if this will be forever incomplete.
  8. I think they had him do a promo in front of a crowd and he died on his arse and they lost confidence in him, something like that anyway.
  9. One of the first emails I ever sent was to Powerslam predicting that Brian Christopher was going to be the biggest star in the business.
  10. How do you know she's got 10 grand to sink into this? She could have the financial prowess of Ric Flair.
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