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  1. You're assuming a lot. For starters, that's it's either Punk or Bryan demanding it rather than a decision by management, or even Page himself. I know wrestling fans are an entitled bunch, but I though most on here were a bit more level headed.
  2. Or else you'll be telling Tony he's not your real dad.
  3. Why does the story have to end at All Out, (all) out of interest? Why couldn't they extend it, have Omega beat Punk and Bryan, then have Page beat Omega in a few months? There's plenty of interest and milage in it I reckon.
  4. It's usually the other way around in my experience.
  5. "Happy Friday" is a great one to get when you're shift based and have got a weekend full of work in front of you.
  6. Might be something as simple as scheduling, but it did seem pretty funny to see him covered in blood, ostensibly gone through hell to be told "now you're going to have to face JUVENTUD GUERRERA"
  7. gmoney


    My company are developing different rules for different departments, depending on things like shift patterns and the like. I spoke to someone who's in a Monday to Friday department (I'm shift based) and they've apparently been told they'll have to do 3 days every week, with Monday as definite day in the office (We've been told we'll be in 2 days per fortnight) .To say they were fucked off is an understatement, and the rumour is that a senior manager in their department was pushing for them to be in the office 100%. I think once senior managers come to try to enforce this, they're going to get a shock when they see people fuck off to other jobs that will be more flexible.
  8. What about non deathmatch wrestlers, refs and ring announcers being accidentally hit? What if a throw misses wildly and catches someone in the crowd? What if it catches on elsewhere? I know some venues check bags for bottles, but plenty don't. I don't think it's an embarrassment to the business or whatever gassed-up Lou Reed said, but it's a pretty fucking dense thing to encourage or fail to condemn.
  9. Why would you want to burn through a load of dream matches in short space of time?
  10. gmoney


    Worth sending a cover letter for jobs you might be overqualified stating in more flowery language that you won't just fuck off as soon as a better job comes along.
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