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  1. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I couldn't get my knees comfortable in the narrow room at home so I'll have to try at work next time it's a quiet morning.
  2. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    For tomorrow's movements I'm going to go for the Steve Justice Special and use the cistern as a little desk as I ride the porcelain colt back to front just to report back here on the experience. I'm going through the looking glass tomorrow people, wish me luck.
  3. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    A good wash is better than any scented wipe.
  4. Pranks, japes and wanton cruelty to your friends

    I was so bored on a video conference end of last year I started drawing a massive flopping cock on my notepad. It was a real good piece, realistic helmet with a slight vain from the head, a little hair on the wrinkled scrotum. It was after about 15 minutes when I moved on to a drawing a fanny with a little inna labia on show that I realised I had no idea where my laptop was facing. After a quick switch to show my camera it was safely out of shot. I have to say I was really disappointed as it was an amazing bit of work. I spent the next 10 minutes thinking 'my career is fucked anyway, good drawing of a willy might be the only praise you're going to get'.
  5. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    It's been toe-tally awesome, hasn't it.
  6. Pranks, japes and wanton cruelty to your friends

    It tapers at the end, it looks like a mouse’s head.
  7. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    A mate of mine got sunburn on his feet once, all over the top from toe to ankle. By all accounts his feet turned into two giant blisters. I never saw them but in good ukff tradition he did provide a MS Paint interpretation when cancelling a day out because of it.
  8. Pranks, japes and wanton cruelty to your friends

    I might sound mean here but unless there's a recent spate of cocks drawn on her stuff in work isn't this a bit melodramatic?
  9. Six Degrees Of Wikipedia

    Sorry to double post but I think I'm on to something with this line of thinking...
  10. Six Degrees Of Wikipedia

  11. Disgusting

    Suzanne Capper was around then too, which I had never heard of before about a month ago.
  12. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    A question about shitting, sound the UKFF alarm and light up the turd-signal.
  13. Superstar until I saw you

    He retired... and became me.
  14. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    It's part of a series to honour her heroes in wresting, Rosie and the Jake & Macho feud. She's getting Marty Jannetty's face on her ankle and the shockmaster falling out her pack passage done next month.
  15. Random Thoughts III.