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  1. Tommy!

    Vintage Bintage

    Does she always do the filming stood in a draft so her nips are like tent pegs?
  2. Tommy!

    Vintage Bintage

    That's an understatement. What happened to get to that point? Toyah is sat eating a boiled egg lamenting the lack of YouTube views she's getting and thinks "I'm going to sing Matalica while riding an exercise bike in my kitchen. To make it extra special I'll ware a top that shows off as much as my tits as possible and also lets them wobble about constantly with the slightest movement. To really finish it off as a masterpiece I'll get that bloke who looks like The Crypt-Keeper to play the guitar and stare at my eyes like Shadow at the start of a round of duel".
  3. End of The Line is on the closing credits of the final One Foot In the Grave too. It plays over the montage of hijinks the characters have talked about but you've not seen through the episode.
  4. I see, mine wasn't in anyway related to or referencing any covid related rules you see, despite the thread. For record can you edit that post to make it look less like your implying I'm a Conservative by any chance? I've got some morals.
  5. To be clear, because you appear to have misunderstood, I was talking of the law on driving to and from an mot test center. I assume if I booked an mot in a center in Cornwall and took my Sorn car off down there for a test they would make my life difficult regardless of if it's technically legal or not (and I would assume some covenant to account for such a thing if you look into the meat and potatoes of it to make it not legal) , so I wouldn't advise it. Edit: the caveat seems to be you can't stop anywhere there or back, so I could legally drive it as far away as half a tank of petrol wi
  6. You can drive a vehicle without tax or Mot to & from a test centre with the intention of having it tested and it's of understood as a layman to be of a roadworthiness standard to pass. You should inform your insurance that it is sorn, won't have an Mot and will only be driven to a test centre however to keep you insurance valid for that drive. Taken from Admiral: If you are taking it 30 miles away for that people might say you're not in the spirit of the law and in breach however.
  7. I know I'm in the minority but I liked palmer cannon, a straight up non heel non face authority with a clear on screen reason to make matches. The junior division he was credited as starting can get fucked though. You didn't happen across that clip of mysterio saying he was disappointed Mexico weren't playing in the Euros did you? May 19th 2006. Surely everyone remembers that?
  8. It was after Hebner left, must have been somewhere in post 2007 pre 2014. It only lasted a few weeks, but I remember it as everyone doing it.
  9. Wasn't there a few weeks where the refs were told to check the shoulders before counting and so would put there hand flat on the mat and softly slide it along the mat to touch both shoulders with thier finger tips before starting the count? It makes perfect sense if it's not visibly clear if the shoulders down and would be a nice little addition but it was every fall, resulting in refs doing this odd new little hand slide every time someone was laid out like a starfish until whoever gave them the order to do it changed thier mind.
  10. Kaiser and Tsar, titles meaning emperor or supreme ruler, both derive from the name Caesar. Also Julius Caesar wasn't a roman emperor. Despite taking absolute power in real terms following civil war instigated by crossing the rubicon the senate of the Republic didn't dissolve and bestow the title of emperor until after his adopted son had taken over following his assassination and crushed opposition in North Africa.
  11. Unpleasant to be around and wallowing in shit. Pigs aren't much better.
  12. That was a running gag in one of the 2 series wasn't it, "it's my arse on the line and I don't want a cock up", "your cock up, my arse" and "it's my arse and if you stuff it I'm going to be left very red faced" that I can remember.
  13. A rep from either Birmingham Council or Midlands health has been on the news a few times recently saying big businesses should test staff if they are working on site. I don't suppose anyone has a name or link to an article do they? I can't find anything useful on Google.
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