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  1. Those broad beans are all in flower now, so I'm hoping for an early yield. I've planted out cabbage, beetroot, broccoli, white onion and potatoes this weekend. I've also had strawberry plants turn up, although it feels a little early for them so I'm keeping them under glass for a spell yet utill I set up the planter's. Inspired by Carbombs herb garden I've gone back to my plans and found a spot for a small vertical planter on a South facing wall and knocked one up out of some old pallets I'd got laying about.
  2. I did, but as I've now learnt Bodger is dead I wish I hadn't. Off Topic but I can't make mash potatoes without singing "mashed potato, mashed potato, mashed potaaaaaato" like Badger as I mash away.
  3. Talk in a couple of food thread's has ventured into stuff people had grown and I'm sure there are some on here who enjoy this sort of thing, be it a some pot in a pot on a patio or Loki's vast country estate. So, does anyone have a plan for February and beyond? Has anyone overwintered anything? I've built some raised beds through winter to work around roots from the apple and pear trees growing through my veg plot and started some garlic (some in a pot set around mid October and some in a bed set late November, I'll try and add a pic) and red onions. I've also got some broad beans (a
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