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  1. A tramp just asked for a smoke so I gave him the end of a montecristo and he told me it wasn't good enough. I guess beggers can be choosers.
  2. I may have to quote that verbatim in my submission now. Beautiful work.
  3. I've been drinking a lot and I'm on training next week, so if I can I'll write a list and watch some films for support ahead of Friday. As an additional does anyone have a link to Branques blog post about the massive cock bulge in the rocky 3 beach run scene?
  4. Predator is one of the best films ever made. Fun fact: when I first got sky we had all the European channels free. I once watched Commando dubbed in German and it lost nothing and was still an amazing film.
  5. I don't know if it's suitable or appropriate, if not please delete, but I'll take the opportunity to share this link again:
  6. Of course I do he does
  7. I'm going to enjoy this thread, whether I want to or not.
  8. The winner should ware it like a cross between Leatherface and Vaders giant smoking mask thing.
  9. I'm look forward to hosting Mich kennen, dich kennen mit Tommy!
  10. I'd be in a caravan in Cornwall for at least 2 weeks, more if my dad was laid off which happened now and then before he was moved off the production line. Apart from that I just had fun around the house by myself up to teenage years when we would just piss-pootle about town. A couple of the latter years had regular cricket games and a chat to the women in the petrol station we called Michael. Its gone now, replaced by a lidl with a travellodge above it. I remember one year in the last week eating a tin of beans and sausage with a tin of meatballs added, toast on the side for dipping, while watching an elvis film (clambake iirc) and thinking 'there's only 6 years of high-school left, then I can do something I enjoy and with people who aren't cunts'. I was wrong obviously, but I can have a bottle of vodka with the beans, sausage and meatballs to help me forget that.
  11. Did they have pyro for the shows in Norfolk the other month? Word is round that way you can get a miniature pink floyd concert for under £500.
  12. I've not been accused as a look a like for anyone but people do always think I'm from Kent. At least I think that's what they mutter as they walk off.
  13. Bruce Pritchards Deep Bath, brought to you by Mamajuana Energy Drink.
  14. I'm amazed how buff Mr D is. I always pictured him as a tall and thin man, with small horn rimmed glasses and receding light brown hair in a side parting. He looks more like a bloke I once saw throw a group of students out of a night club while shouting 'he shouldn't have tried to piss on the dance floor'
  15. He should have ticked box A or B, swerve 'till the end bro.