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  1. They are awful, but I do think Alice is very attractive.
  2. Wasn't he initially planned to get the Taka run as the sole drawing name of the light heavyweight division in late 97 early 98?
  3. Depending on the building construction again it's an open point still as I understand it. The app won't care if someone is in range vertically rather than horizontally. It certainly would have been a problem in my old house with the people next door where we both had a sofa on the same adjoining wall so were technically 6" of concrete apart for most of a weekday evening but never met face to face more than twice a year.
  4. That's a big open question I believe, how reliable the Bluetooth logging is that people have genuinely been in contact. In addition to the aforementioned staff in banks and supermarkets behind glass who I'm sure won't all switch off there's a question on it picking up people in other cars when in traffic or office or meeting rooms where basic room dividers are in place. There's also people who leave their phone somewhere, a desk or by the coffee machine in an office, then fuck off for a bit. It's logging someone being near the phone and not the person so gets everyone getting close
  5. @Shy Dadwhere did you get those boots from?
  6. It's meant to be a combination of site location and Bluetooth data exchange with other app users The scan on entry is primarily to trigger them to tell the site if you get a positive test so the site can inform any non app users they have details of, so I've been led to believe. It's also so they can inform staff who shouldn't have the Bluetooth exchange of the app active if they are behind a screen while they are working (like in a bookies or bank) but may still want to test or isolate. It also helps build basic geomaps and correlation of high transmission areas, be thay of an indu
  7. Tommy!

    Top Twitter

    Thank god she didn't know a gigolo.
  8. And the answer is likely always to be "when people stop paying to see him on shows".
  9. Given wrestlings history of suicide and heart related deaths directly linked to working and the road life in the 80s & 90s I'd be interested to hear if it's another associated with the common root causes. I'm not on baited breath for it, but it is a point of interest.
  10. There's someone in our office who gets far too excited and hyperactive about our Christmas adverts and "mascot" and I've seen it put a truly pained expression on people's faces more than once as they shout about it on and on and on to people too polite to tell him to fuck off.
  11. Vince used Memphis, USWA and SMW as a feeder system, they would have a "working agreement" that allowed them get the odd big name to pop the gate and in return WWF had somewhere to hone talent, poach talent or punish talent as they needed. For a fair time Lawler was face on Memphis TV and heel in WWF TV I believe, with the odd snippet of WWF footage re-edited to make him the face when he was allowed to use it. As part of the SMW deal they got taker for a couple of shows I believe, working with a young Kane as Unabomb, and his chum Prime Time Lee and in return WWF got to use the Bodie
  12. It was released over here by Delta as part of thier ECW deal & IIRC Haymen / ECW were essentially the promoters even though they didn't use the branding on the show. That is another reason Hart and Foley got the ok for the show given the talent share and co promotion going on in 97 & 98 I assume, especially given this was about 1 month after summerslam 97 so Bret is champ and has the rising tensions with Vince over his contract and direction before Vince tells him he's going to knowingly breach his deal not too far down the road.
  13. Brits go over there taking local jobs and don't even learn the bloody language. They should send them all back, out means out, et cetera.
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