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  1. Is it Bam Bams shoot where he calls himself the best paid jobber in the business as he smiles and shrugs. It's one of the exceptions but is so funny to hear out of a wrestlers mouth.
  2. They are no-dongs, but willy-nillys are close enough.
  3. A whole human carcass......... ...... Just saying.
  4. I always hear 'the king of Roquefort' which holds it back for me.
  5. So I've been in my new job for two and a half months now and I've fuck all to do. I don't appear to actually have a job, I just turn up and sit quietly somewhere being told not to do things. It's, well it's really annoying and crushing my motivation, confidence and drive in work and out. They would be better off to cut my pay and have me stay at home until I'm shipped back to the UK. At least then they save on their fuck up and I get to study.
  6. It's the human condition so I'm told.
  7. Hi, I'm after the DDP Yoga set, digitally or hardcopy. If anyone can help let me know. Many thanks Dave
  8. One young Samoan on cake cried all the water out of his body. Just imagine how his mother felt. It's a fucking disgrace.
  9. Is it fact or bollocks that they had a big dramatic scene planned and went with this as Ford had the shits?
  10. Who?
  11. As far as I know it was philly on a sports channel at stupid o'clock and then syndication on similar channels in similar slots in selected states. The pisser is watching the tnn show and getting highlights from a match on the syndicate show. 'RVD vs Whipwreck was amazing. Here's the highspots. Watch the full match on channel 95 Sunday 04:30.'
  12. I had something called a 'crispy taco' today. It was a giant chicken nugget in a pita with cheese, mystery Belgium sauce and nachos stuffed in with it. It was delightfully rank.
  13. A woman's place is in the kitchen (as long as it's deep frying something)
  14. Doctor I'd say, they should confirm if it is wax and the best action or if it's an underlying issue.
  15. Jimmy Savile did so much for charity and was good to his mother. It would have to be something big to take him out this race.