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  1. Tommy!

    Best Mask

    I can't see that now without thinking about him spooning food through his "coinslot" thanks to (I think) NGP. I loved psychosis mask, but having googled it I'm disappointed to discover it's much shitter than the I remember. Super Calo's was so piss poor I sort of admire it though.
  2. Tommy!

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    The woman trapped between real warriors thighs trying to escape by reaching up to grab mini warriors package is a bit odd.
  3. Tommy!


    Stealing a joke to post on the ukff, chilli would be turning in his grave.
  4. Tommy!

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    Sally from York on the Hotels.com advert
  5. Tommy!

    The Tampon Spot

    Tampax! Tena lady! See ya' at the Alamo.
  6. Tommy!

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    They wanted to be able to just wheel him out on a big show for 10 minutes now and then so they could put Hulk Hogan on the poster years ago. Until recently Hogan always believed he should be more than that quick cheap pop on the start of a show.
  7. Tommy!

    The Tampon Spot

    It's a stupid spot on par with all the other stupid spots that get rolled out in the modern age. It doesn't offend me or disgust me, but neither does it challenge my current stanse that the modern products of dick flips and meltzer drivers isn't for me.
  8. Tommy!

    The 2019 Royal Rumble (s) Surprise Entrant Pool

    @CleetusVanDammeto thread please. It's just not a supprise rumble thread without it.
  9. Tommy!

    Wrestler's Gravestones

  10. Tommy!

    Tank Abbott - a fine man, going through a rough time.

    It's called "roman a clef" I believe.
  11. Tommy!

    UKFF Dolt of the Year: 2018

    It clearly didn't get a good enough reaction when he forced it in another thread the other day. Edit: top twitter, that was it.
  12. Tommy!


    It fits right at home in this thread then.
  13. Tommy!


    It's just a joke chief.
  14. Tommy!

    UKFF Dolt of the Year: 2018

    Another case closed.