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  1. Just to follow on from my last post in here I stopped my medication to try and muster up some strength to do something stupidand ended up off work for 2weeks, which was mostly spent asleep or hiding from the world. However I'm now aware I was convinced people could read my thoughts, which is a paranoid delusion based on research on the interweb. This isn't really part of my diagnosed condition of dysthym from what I understand, so should I raise it or is it just normal enough for a depressive episode.
  2. Tommy!


    I was eating it for month's before I found out it was beef, so don't expect too much of a shock. If they do lahmacun I'd recommend it though.
  3. When I had to give a sample they gave me a little pot to fill at home and it was a disaster. I tried it with my right hand, nothing. I tried it with my left hand, nothing. Then my girlfriend gave it a go and still nothing, so she called her mother to see if she could help. Still no good. Anyway after her dad tried we agreed we were never going to get the lid of the pot.
  4. Honestly @Monkee sent me a painting of Freddie Mercury which is one of the best gifts I've had. It took pride of place in my house, then my apartment in Germany and now in my mom's room. Outside that a PS1 which started my real love for computer games.
  5. The only one I went for that didn't make the cut I feel should be there is C&C. But then as chest said I forgot worms
  6. They love the sets, they love the camera cuts. One kid seems to love the speedo guy. What more do they want.
  7. If you haven't prepared a well thought out budget and allowed for gas, water, electricity, food, social interaction & entertainment along side all transportation costs and insurances you plan on having or maintaining I'd advise doing so.
  8. Tommy!

    Crypto Currency

    You could be feeding a deep set narcissistic complex or attempting sublimation for self perceived failures when comparing yourself to a unrealistic social ideal. It could be a misguided attempt to be accepted due to a deep-rooted limitation on social interaction or perhaps you place an undue weight on the true actions and motives not shared by the social masses and so propagate lies to hide a non issue for your own peace of mind. Maybe the lies are to conceal a darker truth I can't fathom or you're just insecure about having a tiny willy. There are lots of reasons people make stuff up for a personal gain often overlooked. Or at least that's what a video on YouTube told me. For what it's worth i believe what you say, I just wouldn't trust it.
  9. I used to like seeing the old chap about in Nottingham when I was drinking up that way. I did see an advert somwhere a couple of towns over from me a few weeks ago of a bloke selling his route and setup, I was tempted to call just to see which pubs he'd visit should I schedule a crossing of paths.
  10. No, I don't believe so but it will depend on a few things around their approach. It's never as strict as a mortgage affordability check in my limited experience and as long as you show you can maintain a quality of life and good cash flow mangent you'll likely be fine. My agents run a affordability & credit checks IIRC (it's been a while) on tenants as it reduces the risk of taking someone on who is likely to default which result in lost income and costs. Not directed at you specifically but this is a little too simplistic. Some people can afford the rent but don't factor in for everything, and by that I mean anything, else. This leads to two situations, both shit ones, where the rent comes second and it causes the landlord an issue or the rent comes first and you get a shit quality of life. While most people are sensible and plan around also living a life some don't and wind up too short or having a really crappy time of it. I don't really want to see anyone doing either of these, and sadly this minority make it difficult for the genuine people who are aware of how thin they may be spread in spells and how to manage it. This isn't a class thing, it's a risk across the board and I've seen it a lot through work at one time with overpriced apartments targeted at middle class occupants, but it does have a much harder impact on lower income households where there is less space to downsize 'quality of life'.
  11. It looks nothing like Steve Blackman.
  12. I think you've massively overestimate my interest in you there chief, if my name hadn't been dropped I'd have skimmed right past it.
  13. I couldn't tell you how many were students or not (apart from the one's noncing about in the batman Capes) but with a couple of notable exceptions most people I spoke to or endured sitting near who weren't bar staff, enthusiastic volunteers or tourists were insufferable. I assume most were linked to the college's, so it probably is the students and staff, but it would only be an assumption.
  14. I'd have bet the house on this being up there
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