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  1. Tommy!


    The epitome of doing poos wrong. I'm sure there's a joke about Hound Bog or All Backed Up or something but I'll leave that to Carbomb.
  2. I don't dance son. This ad / promo for Survivor Series 96, what a gem of a pair of main events.
  3. That's wreckless and dumb, but the stupidest part in my view seems to be him knocking the guy out with a shit looking shoulder breaker while he sets everything up.
  4. There's this beautiful son of a bitch for a start.
  5. I'm probably wrong then, mixed up with someone else. I did find this old interview from 98 though googling Owen Hart Fireman. https://prowrestlingstories.com/pro-wrestling-stories/owen-hart-talks-career/
  6. She said he was looking at a short extension on his contract and then moving into teaching IIRC.
  7. @MPDTTtaking the pitch of double or nothing literally there.
  8. He's a wrestling fan with a good relationship with TV suits as a safe but popular comedian for what little it's worth.
  9. WWF: The Musical. I'd go to a west end production of the WWF story, from planning wrestlemania 1 through to Vince feeling smug after wrestlemania 17. It would be so awful it's got to be amazing.
  10. That's it, he's Michael Goves Spitting Image puppet.
  11. On another topic what's the fucking deal with that thumb. Ironically it's looked normal since I dislocated it, best accident I've ever had.
  12. The story goes that Rob got some goons to go do it as he'd been "romantically involved" with someone he was close to. The story was they got the thumb but were disturbed and fled before they could finish the job and cut off his penis. This is all alleged (SmugHislop.gif) and IIRC no charges were brought.
  13. For what it's worth he hit a shit belly to back and a nice sleeper with body siscors, but nothing near a finisher before brock won. I'd have watched more but that was tape 1 of about 80 to check through. His theme was pre basic thuganomics too.
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