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  1. At least they wouldn't be moaning about the PG era I suppose.
  2. Now that's not fair, not all nonces like wrestling.
  3. This is the first I've heard of it, and it's in a thread saying how shit and overpriced it is, so I think you may have a point.
  4. There's only one sexy Josie and it's Lawrence
  5. Definitely this. However it works out great for Bret and the Owen story in 94 as it is, so there would need to be a screwy finish in a Yoko lex rematch at the rumble to keep the two Bret matches existing to justify it.
  6. At first glance I mistook the ponytail and earing for one Mr. T style ensemble.
  7. It was just a quip at quotes taken out of context which, read without said context, make it sound like you were sodomized.
  8. Any of you lads going to Nottingham festival this year?
  9. Didn’t he no show a southside show and get called a fat lesbian looking shite hawk by Kirby as an explanation or am I imaging that? I used to enjoy going to southside shows, near to me and a good mix of UK names who are good, old WWF guys and indy names. They had Pete Dunn too, but no ones perfect. I remember really enjoying the barbwire match they did until drew gulak started rubbing his buttocks on my crotch, the dirty old fecker. That said it's been about 4 years since I made it to one now due to one thing and another.
  10. Someone I knew once said wrestling is just a panto in pants, and that's always how I'll see it and ultimately why I like it. That said I don't know what half baked irrelevant degree course that person had attended, so it might be irrelevant.
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