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  1. Call the midwife is OK, the sort of TV that's gentle and reminds a generation of the old days without being too complicated to catch up on when you have to spend a penny mid episode. It's the perfect heartbeat replacement.
  2. I assume she's been on it and as such must say sadly not. She popped up on a WILTY clip show talking about how many carrots she eats and it reminded me what a saucy looking woman she is.
  3. Kate Williams: Doctor, author, historian and all round sex pot.
  4. I once turned around post piss to see Juvi stealing reams of bog roll. After unfurling it into a giant ball he carried off as discretely as one can carrying a balled up roll of bum wad.
  5. Wasn't he the twat with the dirty fridge sluts?
  6. https://youtu.be/QDYEG38P_yU
  7. Must be for a classy ambiance when he's dogging.
  8. This place hardly mentions them compared to some places I skim over.
  9. I'm amazed blogs are still a thing, isn't it all vlogs and podcasts and Reddit these days?
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