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  1. Tommy!


    Have you considered getting another job? Just putting that out there.
  2. Asking for a mate are we, *nudge, nudge*
  3. I don't know about WCW but IIRC WWF had a similar backstory for the jackel when he was initially with the truth commission, having led lost WWF superstars out of Kuwait who had been left behind on a tour in 92.
  4. Wasn't there some initial story about mortis being a master of Taiwan pit fighting who had been humiliated in defeat at the hands of glacier and wanted revenge under the bright lights of WCW which was dropped when Wrath and earnest miller turned up? I love those little bits of go nowhere bollocks in wrestling, like cobra being left for dead by pitman in the gulf and being reported awol and discharged in disgrace before seeking his revenge on the grand stage of Uncensored.
  5. Is it one of you lot dressed as Randy Savage at Nottingham beer festival?
  6. Any year mania fell in early April until they ran double shows in a month, so 01, 05 & 06 all fall the same as 2000. That said if you break it down and attribute mania as the traditional march show built too in march (even if it technically fell in April) then you are going back to 95 for a such a long period between "ppvs" which they sort of aren't now anyway.
  7. Much as has been said before I do think the true test for TK will be when things aren't going well and fans start to moan, not because he isn't experienced at the business side but because he does seem to be a super fan at heart, and ultimately he'll need to separate the two when times get hard creativity.
  8. Even before hall and Nash turned up you had Hogan, flair, savage and Sullivan all getting into pissing contests. To say things only got complicated in the back after hall and Nash arrived is over simplifying things, in my opinion. Also you make dealing with Hogan and his creative control sound like a dream and not the massive stressful arse ache it inevitably was.
  9. I'd imagine the pressure is worse in the WCW political minefield. It's a different kind of pressure, granted.
  10. By Eddie's own admission he wasn't mature enough for that spot in 2004, so there's no way he's ready in 96. And while he delivered in ring he was still finding his feet on the mic, his WW3 promo wouldn't be cutting the mustard as a champion.
  11. It was in the observer at the time I believe, fairly sure I heard it in the observer notes on one of SCGs Monday night wars podcasts.
  12. Off topic but Rocky Balboa was advised constantly while I was on holiday in France, and as a result the voice in my head that talks when I read stuff still does it in a French accent.
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