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  1. What makes that even better is that little moment at the close of the show as bret is held aloft when Owen walks out, shakes his head and mouths what about me. The fact Owen outsmarted / out wrestled bret to win and still plays second fiddle at the end of the night (especially in the face of bret winning because yokozuna is a clumsy oaf) makes an amazing foundation for the pair.
  2. Thanks for the info lads. Now I've got more free time I was looking and saw Fallout 3 & NV on store but it's psnow and wondered how much good stuff it might include.
  3. Would you guy recommend a ps now subscription, or is it just junk they couldn't justify selling on it's own?
  4. Word's got around there are free pills being handed out
  5. Is the Bob Holly / Al Snow set the one that got pulled from sale in the US?
  6. A friend once told me of a game that got played when the group were a few drinks in where someone would declare "school boy piss". Whoever lost (I forget the competitive element) would have to drop trousers and pants the their ankles to take a piss, looking a bit like butters in southpark I assume.
  7. The state of the ears on Jim Breaks. Don't forget the manslaughter charges Adams was on for the death of his wife when he was shot.
  8. Part of one of my all-time favourite moments In wrestling, when him and regal were both shitting their pants and trying to get the other to climb a ladder because they are proper wrestlers and panto villains. IIRC that was the match which had another of my favourite moments in Joey Mercury's face imploding.
  9. Get Blackmans bounty on the network with a special guest gimmick each week. Blackman and doink bounty hunting would get me watching.
  10. Off topic but I can't read, hear or see Nakano now without remembering @Scott Malbranquebr describing her as "the first woman of differing race he shamed himself over his naval to".
  11. As apposed to the Hardy's around this time with Hayes looking like thier midlife crisis uncle.
  12. Gangrel was great until he opened his mouth. If he'd gone all Christopher Lee in Prince of Darkness when the brood finally had to cut a promo he'd have been ok.
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