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  1. I await being called a big twat, as my music taste is not great, but I'll suggest overkill. As great as ace of spades is I think this is better.
  2. Well said Onyx, if that is your real name....
  3. Is there a photo of a big wooden arsehole you've missed that should go between these two to complete the narrative?
  4. Now that's a TV show I'd pay to see Kate Williams host.
  5. I was buying an FMW death match comp at university and the lad at the pc next to me asked if anyone really dies. I chuckled at his joke before realising it was a genuine question. I pointed out it was wrestling which still left him unsure and I had to reassure him no one actually fights to the death on a 99p + PnP dvd off eBay. He was a nob though, and once asked if I wanted him to go to the toilets with me when I was nipping for a piss in a similar laugh-realise it's not a joke-explain why that's a silly question moment.
  6. Someone told me large sections of his autobiography, titled a look behind the curtain, are in kayfabe. I've never bothered to buy a copy and check for myself though.
  7. If I want to know what an arse hole has to say I'll fart.
  8. No, but it generally does help a book. The review of "it's badly written" isn't selling it to me given the limited time I have available.
  9. Tommy!

    Top Twitter

    First thing I noticed was the state of the lav. If you're doing your promo photos at least run a bit of harpic round to get the shit off the outside of the bowl
  10. The second beer I make this year is going to be called Jushin Thunder Larger. I'm tempted to go for bad news browns ale third, just so I can walk off and leave the rest of the team mid way through.
  11. Just the contributing writers opinion I believe. As one @Liam O'Rourke can confirm I assume.
  12. 4 posts in and the threads down the shitter, good old UKFF
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