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  1. Fat, and apparently 10 years on from a stay in ICU for a heart attack or stroke.
  2. A bit earlier and Bret v Austin moving onto Owen vs Austin at Canadian Stampede is another brilliant tick for 97.
  3. Flair is a total shill full stop. If AEW, Impact or Johnny Kickpadz All American Wrestling live from Pisswidle Corn Exchange gave him a big enough check I've no doubt he'd do it. He'll big up anyone paying the bills and playing his ego.
  4. They think rather than know. Didn't scalpers loose thier arse with that WWE all women's show the other year because they massively overstated the demand?
  5. No chance, this is Ric Flair we're talking about.
  6. And booked themselves away from at uncensored before having Nash calling Goldberg out for the last worthwhile top to bottom show at spring stampede.
  7. @Liam O'Rourke might know the details of this better than me as it was discussed on his podcast, but in truth wasn't Raw winning the night anyway and Nitro actually picked up numbers in the over run for Goldbergs return to the arena and run in, debunking this oft reported titbit? I'm sure both shows topped a 5.0 that night too, just imagine that. Also WWF were plugging the title change hard ahead of time in advertising, as it was a recorded show and they knew it would get eyes on the show.
  8. @TildeGuy~!I got a switch lite and the only time it's an issue is playing a game where it's designed completely around motion control, like the Mario Galaxy port. It can still be played but it's clunky to control. Outside that it's surprisingly good for everything else I've played including skyrim, borderlands and bioshock where I thought the screen size might be a pain with a lot going on but thankfully it isn't in my opinion.
  9. I can solve this, he's a returning Mab and you're a returning RepoMan/clobbering time. No one is a returning Vince.
  10. He came in as I was drifting off but I was never a fan, for all the talk of creativity it used to be the same stock bollocks on rinse and repeat and it never clicked for me. I thought I'd give something another go when him and Cena popped up as recommended on YouTube and it was the worst stuff I've ever seen, even Vampiro and the Demon pissing about in a graveyard was better.
  11. I once signed my own card in the office when it was passed to me to contribute. "To Tommy, best of luck in the new job! From Tommy". It went around the other 2/3 rds of the office after and no one clocked it.
  12. I've finally replaced my laptop which went missing in a house move and picked up a modest gaming spec PC, as my old old one was struggling to even play C&C which was the only reason I dug it out and tried Steam. As a result I've dug deeper into steam and picked up some additional old shit, Age of Empires 2, Fallout 2, hogs of war (has anyone played that HoW board game that was on kickstarter?) and I'll start Fallout NV & Chrono Trigger at some point too. Are there any great PC classics buried away on Steam?
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