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  1. Tommy!

    Love it!

  2. Tommy!

    John Cena

    While Austin and The Wood did everything to avoid working with anyone that they thought benith them and were very protective of thier spot it's not a criticism I've ever thought of with Rock. Are there any tales on that side about him?
  3. Tommy!

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Tell 'em Ken
  4. Tommy!

    John Cena

    I've quoted you as I too started drifting around 06 giving up on raw, then gave up on ppv regular around '13 or' 14 with ppv watches slowly dwindling before calling even mania and rumble a day in the last couple of years. However Cena was never a factor for me. That DX run was a million times more off putting to me than anything else, in fact that skit where H3 and Candice got sucked off at a picnic might be the moment my interest died which was 06 IIRC. The booking of Cena was an issue though, there were only so many times I could care about him vs Orton for example. I always enjoyed both but everything felt so stale as a company at the time. Then Punk had his run and, contrary to most I'm sure, I was out because that wasn't for me and found the summer of punk a sign things had moved past me. Which leads me to the other thing that put me off, peoples attitude to cena which seemingly swirled with a combined rose tinted view of 98 - 03 as people clung on to something they only saw through rose tinted specs. That's not a knock at Cena or those fans, as he's not the first to get backlash, but he will always be the first time I felt that disdain to the fans who now, or at least the last time I checked in, ripple through so much it's inescapable. Cena was great and was fine for me to watch and enjoy. The problem was I changed and wrestling moved with the times and it wasn't for me, but there is plenty of Cena stuff out there I'd revisit because despite some flaws he generally delivered what I was after even if the company and fans made it hard to emotionally invest at times.
  5. Tommy!

    Love it!

    I remember reading somewhere, the Eye possibly, the main reason the telegraph gives away a cheap bottle of water with a sale at airports is to make circulation look better, as the papers get scanned for the cheap water then put back on the rack by staff. The resulting boost in numbers allows bigger fees for advertising that more than off set the cost of subsidised water at WH Smith and the print costs of papers that end up pulped into word-a-bix.
  6. Tommy!

    My best finisher?

    I just wanted to shit on that abysmal splash as it had been brought up. I hated it. I don't recall a time the 619 wasn't followed up though.
  7. Tommy!

    My best finisher?

    That fucking splash where he would spring to the top then fall forward with no momentum with his arms glued to his sides. He looked a right bell-end and it had all the impact of a strong fart.
  8. Tommy!

    Wrestlers that turned in real life

    Hey Mick, he's raggin' on your cord.
  9. Tommy!

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    Because people here audi in my delightful accent. Not to my knowledge, one's the Schwarz family the other Albrecht. The two brands / umbrella companies of Aldi were created with a split by brothers, which I assume is where the story is from.
  10. Tommy!

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    I only shop outside Aldi for suet & walnuts. Once they dropped the cash only model there was no reason not to. The only other thing I get elsewhere is lunch at work, which is funny because I work there. I like a change of scenery for a true break and the store staff know anyone in a suit around midday is likely from the office and it makes it makes me uncomfortable because I'm a self conscious twat-bag. We had a netto take over the spot of kwick save but it never got anyone in and became a Morrisons in a year or so. It's a supprise as we are a small town with two Aldi and a Lidl now and they are all packed. Off topic but everyone who asks where I work responds in one of two really annoying ways: 1) Do you get a free car 2) Him and Lidl are brothers you know To correct them on either is tiresome and pointless yet I still do it every time.
  11. Tommy!

    I'm old now

    The team at work are teaching me some popular dance moves to popular music. I'm 30 and feel so out of touch with everyone else around me as they talk about people and groups I've never heard of. They can’t comprehend motorhead blearing out as I leave the car park though, which doesn't help me feeling old but does leave me respected, which is nice.