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  1. If they are the benchmark for others to aspire too things are worse than I thought.
  2. Celebrities can use their platform, position and reach to make statements and push social changes they feel passionate about much more simply and much more personally in the social media age, so it's a shame to see what he's done with that. 5 or 10 years ago if someone mentioned Graham Linehan I'd have said "that bloke who wrote Father Ted? Good show that, Pat Mustard, Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse and so on". Now and seemingly forevermore I'll say "that transphobic arsehole who wrote Father Ted? He's a right twat, but it was a good show, Pat Mustard, Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse and so on". It's the first thing I think of attached to his name with the quality of his work a second in the same way I do with Rock n Roll part 2 being a good song or how benoit had a lovely looking German suplex.
  3. Inspired by the thread I've logged into my account to be recommended fake cigarette lighters to hide/smuggle pills, "tobacco" crushers, steel garrottes, fake watches and wide selection of inflatable butt plugs. I have no idea what makes them think that's what I'm on the look out for, I already have a watch.
  4. Samurai cop with hair vs samurai cop with woman's wig.
  5. I often find pivots aren't suitable for a lot of what I do, but I'm all this with basic VBA. One of my first jobs out of university was a 5 day temp job, with a promise to do a second week if needed. I knocked up a quick sub off Google and spent most of the week drinking coffee and watching YouTube because they felt obliged to keep me until Friday despite having done everything. I will say what a boon power query is too. Makes shaping and formatting data down to the core I need a 2 minute job over the slog of waiting for my laptop to recalculate or catch up. The only problem with where I work is they are so restrictive on connections you can't get the full benefits.
  6. Fucking hell, 40 minutes. Does someone pop around halfway through selling ice-cream?
  7. He's only a couple of months off being 75. For all the jokes and stories of no sleep marathons and stifling a sneeze so hard he gives him self an aneurysm he is now in the old and vulnerable category for diseases like this. Being a mad bastard I can't see him being too cautious though.
  8. Would they be testing for drugs and head trauma if it wasn't for benoit? They don't have the best history of embracing talent welfare.
  9. Like it didn't when someone posted that link on the last page?
  10. You mean like Lister did when he posted it on the last page?
  11. He's an awful human being it seems. He seems quite proud of a reputation of being a violent bullying thug and a complete and utter cunt too.
  12. I like how he's used social media to put out a message and make a statement about not using social media to put out a message or make a statement. Out of interest if it can be disproven do easily I'd be keen to see the information that can. As a related aside the more I hear and read of some people's response to this the more I don't want to see them featured in anything going forward. I'm genuinely disgusted by thier response.
  13. There was a story about him a few years ago forcing a womans finger into his anus against her will, it was most remembered and commented on at the time for her in depth description of his clag. Edit, it still pops up on Google if you search "Drew Galloway dingleberries"
  14. To be fair someone seemed surprised he was so aggressive in a video, I'm saying that shouldn't be a shock for anyone as he has a reputation of being aggressive and violent to others, as do others in that family. In any other business would that be tolerated let alone praised as some do or did for him and others in that family? I wouldn't want anyone I care about to be put in a position where he's the moral compass or guardian, especially if they are in a vulnerable category. Him accepting it doesn't excuse anything, and if he is trying bravo to him but based in what people have said about that video I'd wager he really needs to try harder.
  15. He has a well publicised history of violence and violent crime doesn't he? I'm sure I remember someone once saying something like "he's not a wrestler, he's a thug who gets booked on wresting shows" and it's a perspective I've never seen reason to disagree with.
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