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  1. Tommy!

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Or in the main event of mania vs 'superfly' Jimmy Snooker.
  2. Tommy!

    Jamie Oliver

    Page 1, Post 1 of this thread?
  3. Tommy!

    Random Thoughts III.

    You fucking liar.
  4. Tommy!

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    It's had a crack down the middle ever since.
  5. Tommy!

    Roman Reigns *Spoilers and all that*

    When vince was saying the belts don't matter a few years ago he meant it. He's smart enough to know they booked the belts to nothing but possibly not interested in the long term game of changing that so he just lives in the world he made, where belts don't matter. If belts don't matter why care who has it?
  6. Tommy!

    Vince McMahon has never had a good idea.

    That was a great idea. He knew how to spend his capital and work the market to edge out others. It's scummy but they were still good ideas. I loved a comment on an old SCG that said vince was always jealous Bischoff's dirty tactics were better than his, and it's true because to use such moves well requires skill even if it is morally iffy.
  7. Tommy!

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    Was this part of the tour where Vader got detained for saying fuck on a talk show as he roughed up the host? Then they had to get the American ambassador in when he got pissed while under house arrest at the hotel and kicked off in the lobby
  8. Tommy!

    The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I'm running a small raffle at work for charity next month, however I can't ask if people want to buy a ticket and need them to approach me. So I need an eye catching A4 poster I can put in the kitchens, however I've lost my laptop on my move home and am stuck with MS Paint in the office. So I reach out to the people of the UKFF and ask 'would anyone be willing to help put something together for me for a minimal price'?
  9. Tommy!

    If you could bring back a TV show

    His new ITV show is a bit like TV burp light from what I've seen.
  10. Tommy!

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    What's the average percentage make-up of an American WWE show these days for single men, all male adult groups and families?