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  1. Tommy!

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Series 1 & 2 were good, 3 & 4 were the shits.
  2. Tommy!

    Deathmatch Intrest Thead No. 2 (NSFW)

    I didn't think you could cure HIV, just manage it so you don't develop AIDS. Has there been a breakthrough I've missed?
  3. Tommy!


    In a restaurant I do, but not at home.
  4. Tommy!

    Happy birthday Kaz Hayashi!

    Happy birthday @Kaz Hayashi, an all round nice guy
  5. Tommy!


    I made a statement and you quoted me in the first instance, nothing was directed at you before you brought yourself into it as the focus. Don't try and push that on me, I do all I can to avoid talking to you because you're such an insufferable and egotistical person 95% of the time. If anything I'm supporting you to take your stance of vegan coke head, as that's fine with me and should be fine with everyone but the police, yet you still had to be a cock end about it.
  6. Tommy!


    I never said you did. You seem to be taking it all very personally, which is odd as it's a general point I'm making. I have implied you're a thick twat, which TBF I think you are. However by your own admission you preach at others, I never claimed you did remember. You brought it up and labelled yourself. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
  7. Tommy!


    No shock there. People can form their own opinions which include apparent contradiction to others. It's important to remember that, do what your morals dictate is best for you and let others do likewise. And as always people can discuss any topic and influence others without being preaching or taking a high ground if they choose to.
  8. Tommy!

    Today I learned...

    AC/DC were £50 on all 3 of the last tours IIRC. I was amazed they were that cheap.
  9. Tommy!


    I never said you did. Yeah, that's sort of my point. Do what you want, you don't have to say anything to preach.
  10. Tommy!


    As long as Venezuelan villagers are being raped and killed to keep supply I don't see how someone can morally take it and oppose the awful treatment to animals in the modern meat trade as a moral high ground from which to preech. If people on either side of the fence are OK with it than that's fine, but they shouldn't look down on the other groups.
  11. Tommy!

    Deathmatch Intrest Thead No. 2 (NSFW)

    Onita vs Hyabusa in a cage and TOD 2 I believe are considered big moments from a while ago.
  12. Tommy!

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    JR is Raw was early 99. He had his attack the weekend they were here for Capital Carnage 98 with Vinnie Jones. That was a week before Rock Bottom IIRC.
  13. Tommy!

    UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion

    @Thunderplex I think this might be who you are looking for. https://lc-s.co/nGnNz
  14. Tommy!

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    It's Decon I feel sorry for, forgotten by most but has the writing credit on some of the songs I enjoy most.