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  1. Tommy!

    Misheard Lyrics

  2. Tommy!

    Twenty Years Ago: King of the Ring 1998

    To be fair that's probably in part because: 1) it was a month after the thier unbelievable RR Street Fight which is one of the, if not arguably the best, match either man has had 2) Foley returning for Mcmahon family bollocks™ at mania was a shit moment to take the shine off the HIAC match in people's memories. I got back into wrestling after giving up on Wcw in 99 because of catching the build to the 3 way ladder at mania and the Foley & H3 run. After that I wanted more of Foley and all I would hear about was RR99 & KOTR98. By the time I watched the match (thanks to Ron's Tapes on Barmouth market) I had seen the clips so many times it would never have the impact it did for people at the time. That said it was still so amazing to see it in full and get more than a sliced video package. I got so desensitised over time to big bumps, head drops and blood it stopped feeling spectacular, which says alot about the wrestling business in the late 90's and early 2000's. Now, after I'm far from the fan I was, reading this back it feels awe inspiring again. So much so I'm inclined to finally re subscribe and watch it again.
  3. Tommy!

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Thank you, I have had a read and I think it is this. I'll take a trip to the chemist tomorrow lunchtime to see if they can help.
  4. Tommy!

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Meh, that don't impress me much.
  5. Tommy!

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    I was given some high strength B vitamins 4/6 weeks back and recently (past 2 weeks or so) my hands and feet have been itching intensely. There's no rash or blemishes I can see. Is it possible they can be connected or is the timing just coincidence?
  6. Tommy!

    WWE Pay Per Views - Rumours and News

  7. Tommy!


    Yep, Vaders helmet is the lasting memory I have of him. Second to that is the greatest big man in wresting. An icon whose work in wcw, wwf or Japan early or late 90s is amazing. No one bar Foley had such an impression on me as Vader, and vader never pissed his good will away. I guess that says 2 things, be careful with social media and we may never see another man like Vader in my lifetime.