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  1. Yeah I know. I quoted and then my version of the phone wouldnt let me type anything. I was just saying that maybe I'm the only one, but I'd see Ox as upgrade on Moses, who aggravates me greatly. Also there'd be something quite great about that dive in the FA cup final making conte decide he needed replacing and doing so wiht an arsenal player.
  2. Obligatory wedding photo
  3. It's definitely this. I'm certain Vince doesn't sign off on a match unless it's against HHH who he trusts to protect him, or against himself. Angle would go over the top and hurt himself in a match against anyone in their prime. Vince didn't hire him back as a wrestler for all those years because he was concerned he'd die in the ring. He's gonna put him in there with someone like Brock or Joe because they're too hard hitting, and not AJ because he'll try and athletically compete with him. Maybe Cena, but even then that's a push.
  4. It is, but by WWE rubbish nicknames it could've been way worse. I half expected them to call him "red dragon" or "Feng shuiske" or something
  5. To be fair, I don't think he's saying that the doctor shouldn't be a woman, just that it feels cynical casting.
  6. They prefer to be called the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Or Borussia. Yeah, Twickenham residents I spoke to did not want football descending upon them. Wembley is probably a better idea.
  7. Spiderman 2 is probably the better film, but homecoming is a better Spiderman film. The tone and wit is just right, and the whole being a bit crap but still being impossible to keep down and literally running into fire to rescue the bad guy is all note perfect Spidey. The CGI action scenes were easily the worst bit, and it honestly felt like the film knew it. Here's hoping they tone it down a bit for the next one.
  8. I do quite a lot of work with Richmond council Gus. I'll put a word in. Edit: wow it's really impressive fog dude just knew that off the top of his head.
  9. I've decided this is somehow ending with Chelsea signing Griezman in January. I don't care that it makes no sense SHUT UP
  10. Lukaku is my boy, so I'm pretty disappointed he's ended up going to Man U. Hopefully Chelsea get their act together and sign someone excellent. I dont think anyone else who's good enough is available though. Concerning.
  11. You're not a centrist, Glen. That's ok though.
  12. Twitter: @fringle Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/freddie.ingle Very little posting and content, and much of it is rubbish, but always keen to hear from people. My twitter tends be a tad more Christian in output than Facebook for some reason.
  13. Why? Wouldn't they have the same psychological instinct to create the safety net of a God? It's been stated a few times in this thread that religion tends to survive scientific progression. I'm not saying that they'd have identical religions to ours (although that'd be a hell of a curve ball if they did) but the idea that they have something with a more than passing resemblance isn't completely out of the question. You're assuming that they wouldn't have any formal religion because that's what you want to believe about a race thats that advanced (very much aware of the irony, thank you).