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  1. Duke

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Ironically, this is the kind of libertarian thought process that Boris Johnson would love.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the funhouse. Which is weird as I wasn't a massive fan of the boneyard. Might need to rewatch it. I particularly popped for bray singing the Bella's music and Cena roleplaying as heel Hogan.
  3. With you on all of that apart from Chicken. What on earth? Roast chicken, when cooked right, needs no sauce other than a gravy. Apple sauce is for pork, I assume there's no debate there?
  4. My wife is writing a quiz for her work and it's basically taking a survey of her team about the big questions in life. How do you pronounce scone, do you stand up or sit down to wipe, that kind of thing. But she's running out of ideas beyond "Do you put vinegar on a roast?" (No). It occurred to me that never have I seen these questions more thoroughly debated and wrong views exposed like on the UKFF. So I'm hoping you lovely people will be able to provide some help for it. Any ideas of the kind of wrong thinking we might be able to expose?
  5. Duke

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Nah, that's not true, as Windsor and Maidenhead is a royal borough. The 32 boroughs are what they'll probably do. I know people have different views on what counts (grew up by Hampton court, worked for London borough of Hounslow for a bit, and then a few years at RBK, so I've seen all sorts of arguments), but the government doesn't.
  6. Duke

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I've been trying to figure this out with my former Civil Servant head on, as I live in Surbiton at the moment. The way I see it there are two options: You go zone 1-3, as further out hasn't been as badly affected yet (7 cases in RBK officially). The problem is this is so wooly. You have to list the individual boroughs. More likely is that they'll do every borough of London, which would include Kingston and Richmond. Like Lister said, it'll be quarantine by default. My wife and I are going for walks every day (something outside that keeps us away from people) and while Kingston town centre is dead, there are runners everywhere!
  7. Duke

    Covid-19 Megathread

    That's unusual, where do you live?
  8. Only if you think that the reason their long term storytelling is bad because they don't have time to plan, rather than because Vince completely changes his plans based on wind speed, the position of the moon and whether he's sneezed today or not. If they did a year long plan it would be in the bin by week 3.
  9. The problem with "blood and guts" (which is a terrible name, by the by) is that it feels both too soon and too late. The people saying that they've laid the groundwork for this are absolutely right, but then they've moved on, the Bucks have moved on from P&P, Cody has moved on from Jericho, etc and crucially they haven't moved back to it yet, so it just feels jarring. The current Jericho storyline would've been a good one to do something with, him and the inner circle just killing everyone with aggression and numbers, and so the Elite have to put aside their differences and personal stuff to do something about it. Which I think is kind of what they're doing, but it's not kind of working out The Elite could and should be like the Avengers, only coming all together when necessary, but instead they feel like the Justice League, who are doing it cos they've got a movie to do. Instead, all the really interesting stories that they've got are having to take a backseat, although I'm sure we'll get something from the hangman story on the show. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just a 10 man that then escalated to war games, but it feels weird that they're coming out the gate with it.
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