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  1. In practice, I'm not sure forming it necessarily means anything. They're informal and don't have any power. It depends who's in it, who they're mates with and can get coming along to events. I briefly coordinated an APPG on something much more mainstream than wrestling and it honestly didn't mean much.
  2. People I've spoken to that actually pay attention to the Bundesliga seem to think Werner is at his best on the left cutting in, rather than playing in the middle. There also seems to be some expectation that Ziyech will play through the middle rather than out wide as he's not as pacy as we'd might like. This is all assuming that havertz doesn't happen. Please note that these are other people's opinions that I may have misunderstood.
  3. Further to this, if he has reported it, there's a decent chance he's not going to broadcast it here, considering the trouble that's already caused. If he wants to post further about it, that's down to him, but if he doesn't silence doesn't equal inaction. (it doesn't equal action either, but you know what I mean)
  4. Thank goodness Vince isn't our real dad, or that image would weird.
  5. It comes from American football, doesn't it? At the very least that's where it's commonly used in the US context. It's when you change plans at the last minute (in the NFL case by yelling a new one before the play starts)
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