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  1. I'm a religious leader and some am allowed to book in a vaccine. I'm torn, to be honest. There's an element of getting it all done, but I'm also aware that I'm not supposed to act any differently if I get vaccinated and knowing that I'm not vulnerable that makes me think I'm best to wait. Maybe hospitals will let me in to comfort dying friends if I have it done? I don't know..
  2. Best spoiler tags in forum history
  3. that's funny, I took it as the Rhodes being so up themselves that they told him to make sure he congratulated the whole family, including Brandi, so he forgot QT so he could get all their stuff in.
  4. Came in to post the same thing. I think it's meant to be a group they train with as much as anything. Makea sense for Taz, not really for Cody.
  5. I honestly assumed the wedding was going to end with Penelope and Miro admitting they'd been having an affair and Miro battering Kip into oblivion and moving on. I have, clearly, watched too much wwe
  6. Cody is the worst thing on the show and has been since he lost the tnt title. But it's definitely true that that's because hes been in some absolute tosh, story wise. Although I guess the response would be "who's fault is that?"The stip from his Jericho feud was a terrible idea and has worked out to be exactly the problem everyone thought it would be, because its keeping him away from the top of the card. Maybe its because hes trying to be more of a crossover star, I dunno. He IS a star, but he does also come across as massively self important: his entrance is as over the top as Omega's
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