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  1. Bit of a stereotype, no?
  2. Spot on. In the expectations game, all she can do is lose if she debates. If the lib dems and labour have a debate it'll just look like a squabble for 2nd place. Mostly because it will be.
  3. Yeah, but the difference is they said that whoever holds the US title is on Smackdown, so that belt is guaranteed to be there. They didn't say that about the WWE title, so presumably if bray wins that he takes the belt with him. Which is just as stupid, granted.
  4. It's because that title is being defended on payback, with a raw guy. If bray wins, presumably he's taking the belt to raw (i assume they didn't think of the thing they did with Jericho and Owens until after raw). aside from the tag division (and losing the Vaudevillians for the newday is no hardship), I'm not sure that's true. Ambrose was treading water on Smackdown, bray gets stuck in terrible feuds with a crucix, and while mix has been great, his ring work is going to limit his ceiling. In the mean time, Smackdown got a new top heel in Owens (until randy inevitably turns again because he's trying to catch big show) and has real room for sami zayn and rusev to grow into proper stars, as well as gaining Nakamura. Zayn, Nakamura, Owens, aj and rusev could be really fun over the next year or so. Toss in a randy Orton that will hopefully have some motivation with all those fresh matches and the occasional cena appearance and the top and upper mid card of Smackdown looks seriously tasty and fresh. Raws top of the card stays almost identical, except for a probable shield reunion.
  5. Because this is on topic, I think it's been missed. Glorious.
  6. Yeah but we would say that.
  7. Just finished Mass Effect Andromeda. It's probably the most disappointing game of Biowares I've ever played. Maybe dragon age 2.
  8. Not this summer
  9. Nobody has criticised anyone for being new from what I've seen If you're a knobhead on the other hand, you're fair game. Nah, were not great at new posters here. That's because we don't get many, and the majority of the ones we do get are returning banned posters (who are banned for a good reason) or, more specifically, hulkamania fan. In the past we've had two new posters turn out to the same guy talking to himself.
  10. We're second string cucks to them. Hobbes is pretty great though.
  11. Nah friend. I was just pointing out that a lot of people are ran off because of dickheads. There's a full thread about how shit this place is on the f4w board, ironic I know. I like it here though. Don't mind being called a prat. It's true in this case. I mean, yeah, but it was started by Boydy.
  12. Drogba: Warrior Princess winning bogus free kicks while some of the biggest cheats to ever step foot on a football field had the cheek to look at a UEFA-appointed ref like they'd been hard done by was beautiful. I hope King Carlo crushes them in the next round. There's a great moment of his (probably not from that game) where he looks out from clutching his face to stare directly into a camera for a second or two. He's like one step away from winking.
  13. Aside from opening with "a fight for relevance", which isn't exactly great marketing
  14. That's why it was so glorious watching drogba fall over once every 6 minutes against Barca in 2012. It was like fighting fire with cheaty fire.
  15. If you define a heel as "someone the fans want to see lose" and a baby face as "someone the fans want to see win" then Roman wouldn't be turning heel, he'd be turning face. Just because it's not how the WWE format sheet is laid out doesn't make it less true.