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  1. I don't think that follows from the point I was making. There's more than one type of heel, the problem that they often have with turns is they just assume chicken is the only one. You're right that they end up radically changing the guys character when they do that, but I'd argue thats mostly been a problem in face turns rather than heel. But that's not the same thing as cementing the turn, that's making a bad turn. Theyve not done that with Roman, they're making him play big timer. I'm not sure Steve Austin is a great example either, as I don't think the problem with his heel turn was h
  2. Yeah this feud clearly only exists to cement Roman's heel turn. Roman not taking Jey seriously, Jey getting the better of the big dog for a minute or two before Roman cheats and then destroys him with a chair is the way forward. Fans already take Roman seriously as a main eventer, it's the heel turn that needs focusing on
  3. Yeah, and let’s get Farooq involved while we’re at it.
  4. Fascinated to see how someone like Xavier Woods reacts to this. He seems super passionate about up up down down and where he wants to take it in the future. I doubt he’l leave over it, but talking smack isn’t going to cut it for him
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