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  1. SpursRiots ears just pricked up somewhere and he got a hard on
  2. This looks utterly mental. Samara Weaving even with bleached eyebrows looks unreal.
  3. Yeah it could’ve been done in way less time. Of course, it’s an interesting paradox, it’s just a bit dull.
  4. Scored a winner against West Ham, upset that Tory Campbell, Spurs cult hero. But seriously, he was alright at Spurs and was well liked, but you could tell that he really didn’t care too much about football, bit like Assou-Ekotto (bet those players got away with murder under Jol)
  5. ARE YOU KICKING WALLS IN THEM???? Fucking hell. My Nike Janoskis have lasted me about 2 years (I wear smart shoes/desert boots/plimsolls otherwise) and still look dope, and I do a lot of walking. Not Ralphy levels but still
  6. Watched this last night. The story just isn’t interesting enough, apart from him being an elite athlete. Felt like this is a story replicated hundreds of times a year across the States, which clearly isn’t a good thing, I just feel that this was the most generic one that Netflix had done recently.
  7. When you can’t eat anymore, you shout “Full house?”
  8. Oh ffs. I’ve just gone out and burnt all my Kit Kats and you’re telling me they don’t actually kill babies???
  9. Hope you like falafel wraps and craft beer! What I love about that gig is that they added the second date for the night of the Champions League Final, just to emphasise that Spurs reaching the final last season was a fluke never to be repeated. True faith from the club.
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