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  1. Oh cheer up, it's a joke. I fucking love the police.
  2. Still can't believe that tosser Simon chased Jenny over her...
  3. Dunno, 30 odd officers having haircuts in a police station is a bit bait. Plus ACAB so fuck them.
  4. I mean, fucking hell. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/bethnal-green-police-station-lockdown-fine-haircuts-b901216.html
  5. And how the "fucking hell" was said by an unknown person. Mad.
  6. Fantastic. Don't expect it to be up long though.
  7. Rewatching The Office and forget about this absolute gem of a gag. Funny, short, fitting with both characters and their relationship. Wonderful stuff.
  8. Alright ChrisBtaker, calm down.
  9. Fucking THIS. Can't find the thread now but someone was talking about how even an idea such as the NHS would not be voted in today. And its true, which is so fucking mental when you think about it.
  10. There is a mute option lads. Highly recommended.
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