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  1. Was ok for a bit but just got angry watching Hey Duggee and the Election Badge. Buggy and Lord Fingal tied to run the summer fair. Hung parliament. Fuck off Duggee.
  2. One thing that does have to change is the way we vote. It’s so archaic. The old boy at the polling station yesterday took at least 3 minutes looking up my name and address, and a further 2 going back and forth between my polling card and actually writing it down. You know that 6 digit number that is so long and unmemorable. I came away from there utterly unconvinced that he’d crossed my name off and got the right number. I’ve worked at a polling station. It’s a piece of piss. Sorry Cecil; your time is up.
  3. Absolutely fine, but when so many people will suffer, it’s incredibly crass to come in here “Told you so-ing” IMO
  4. Did Cody Rhodes tell you to? Just fuck off
  5. Not so popular without all your UKFF mates are you Keith!!!!
  6. Calm down Kat, you know I love you 😘
  7. You gonna share it with all the people you nicked it off?
  8. Oh you have one as well? Bet she’s a fucking gooner like mine and all...
  9. Completely agree. Take the constituency next to mine, Esher and Walton. The Labour candidate endorsing the Lib Dem would probably mean Raab goes. Why wouldn’t they want that to happen? Madness
  10. That is absolutely tremendous! And she qualifies for the Unconventional Hotties thread. Great find @scratchdj
  11. Does anyone just find all of this utterly draining? My MH has taken a fucking nosedive this last month (hate this time of year as it is and my sunlight lamp is broke) and all of this is just really overwhelming. I’d like to switch off from it all and just not care, but that’s not a choice is it really? Thursday night/Friday morning I’ll be sat watching it all when I should just be watching Back To The Future. Sorry, nothing to add on the GE but just wanted to know if anyone else shared this.
  12. God, I’d have actually given anything for the forum to throw one of its fits and see you double post there Keith. I’d have died a happy man if that had happened.
  13. I didn’t but did she ask Angela Rayner if she would nationalise sausages???
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