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  1. FYI if you've never seen Cowboy Bebop, it's been added to Netflix today.
  2. PHWOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRR Edit: In my excitement I forgot about this I saw a few weeks back. https://www.bornoffsideuk.com/product/s-s-c-north-jersey-3rd-kit https://www.bornoffsideuk.com/product/s-s-c-north-jersey-home GABAGOOL FC ULTRAS UNITE
  3. SuperBacon


    Without wanting to sound incredibly flippant (and I hate to say this sort of thing when so many people are struggling with so little) but £2,000 over a year really isn't that much of a difference IMO, and that money would be made back by your son not having to go nursery for an extra day right? That new job sounds fantastic and much more convenient, flexible and all the things you are currently looking for (and have been refused). I know what I'd do, but it's a decent position to be in.
  4. "Sorry I worked during the pandemic John-Paul" "YOU ADDRESS ME BY MY PROPER TITLE YOU LITTLE BOLLIX" I think I hate those type of 'faux-nice/trying to be articulate' cunts more than the rioty ones that go on anti lockdown marches, as it's just so fucking cringey. What on earth do they actually think is going to happen? The Pope will take them to The Hague? @MrDanger If you come across those on your deliveries, bin them please mate.
  5. I once saw him described as looking like a fat back and I'm sorry, but that is funny.
  6. Let's keep the theme going!
  7. When I was a young boy my father (and mother) took me into the city to see a theatre show...
  8. I love Frank. Years ago I was working a second job in WH Smith's at Cobham Services and he came in and bought 20 cans of coke and a Twirl. I told him I loved the first Gallows album (which I will put up against any modern 'punk' album) and he seemed genuinely touched. Top lad.
  9. She looks like one of those horrendous Fox News agitators... Having said that, I 1000000% would.
  10. Yeah but Frasier-Undercover Boss USA-Kitchen Nightmares USA used to be a superb morning line up on Channel 4.
  11. Martin Tyler sounded gutted at full time. Suck that Saudi Arabia. Big love to Reguilon and Dier for reacting so quickly to what happened in the stands. Really great stuff. Edit: Also, they are often the worst but Sky handled that superbly and all the pundits in the studio were great to listen to, Ginola in particular.
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