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  1. What an awful shame. Shock G was one of my favourite people to see interviewed, he was always just so interesting and honest. I remember thinking "What in the actual fuck is this?" ths first time I ever heard Sex Packets, it was such a mad record to me, and still is. It can't be underestimated how not "fun" hip hop was at that time. To come out with something like that, it do well and be a great album, is to be applauded always. Gave Pac his break too. True innovator. Fucking love this song:
  2. Isn't that Black Reigns outfit? Myah myah myah.
  3. His hair seems to have affected his game as well. I thought the first session with him and Lisowski was an utter stinker. The ref telling the audience to "Be quiet with the crisp packets please" just shows why snooker truly is the greatest sport of them all.
  4. Agaetis byrjun is definitely my favourite album of theirs. I know Takk has the 'hits' but that is such a gorgeous soundscape. Possibly the best band I've ever seen live as well.
  5. Is the 'something different' trying to make it look like one of those unofficial shirts you get in say, Sainsbury's or Asda?
  6. That's just reminded me of what I said to you about a book, I haven't forgotten! It's a fantastic read isn't it? He co-wrote Bergkamps book as well which is really worth reading. Also, this might be of interest. I've pre ordered one. https://www.waterstones.com/book/beautiful-bridesmaids-dressed-in-oranje/gary-thacker//9781785318467
  7. Post of the year from thread of the year. Amazing.
  8. Completely unrelated but I was listening to Witness by Roots Manuva earlier and changed the chorus to "Witness the fitness, the Cruyff turn liveth, Johan Neeskens" for absolutely no reason, as it just popped in my head. And people say I chat bollox on here.
  9. Credit to the biscuit man himself.
  10. Puma have just given up here I reckon. The pattern on the Austria one is pretty great, but they still look awful with the logo placement and the writing.
  11. What a really lovely moment. How anyone can function, let alone play sport, on zero food and water is beyond me so fair play to these lads. Also, this documentary on Derry City and their journey in the 1980s is a wonderful watch, and brilliant even if you have no interest in football. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000vcdr/different-league-the-derry-city-story
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