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  1. Small anecdote about Khan. Years ago when I was working in pub sec, I was looking for things to giveaway to kids at an anti knife crime charity event. I rang his office, got through to his brother, and explained the situation. Amir was next to him, and I heard his brother tell him what it was about. His brother came back on the line and said “no problem”. Few days later, 2x signed pairs of gloves turned up in the post. The kind that get auctioned for thousands. Top lad. Always have love for him.
  2. Regarding Into The Spiderverse, I found out recently that an old school friend of mine, and DJ in my first “hip hop group” contributed the scratching to the soundtrack. Can’t wait to watch it again with the kids. Interesting thread about it here:
  3. Agreed, just don’t mention Black Reign to him on Twitter
  4. SuperBacon

    Chippy Tea

    Large chips and a big red cock
  5. SuperBacon

    Chippy Tea

    Can anyone recommend a decent chippy in West Wittering? Don’t want to end up with tourist chips.
  6. Rather here than the Facebook thread
  7. This lad needs to stop turning up to testings.
  8. The documentary just confirmed for me one thing, and that’s my slightly irrational dislike of Earl Hebner. Can’t stand him, and I’m not sure why.
  9. Well done Keith. Now I have the image of Stan Collymore shouting “le journaliste!!!!” and cant stop laughing
  10. Dunno about Charlotte, but here’s her Dad looking really well. @Thunderplex will attest to this
  11. Someone Great is as awful as Devon says. It’s like an Instagram post threw up a film. Got to look at Lakeith Stanfield and Brittany Snow though.
  12. Really hope someone does a gif thread of this show on Twitter. I’d probably watch that to be fair
  13. What’s the consensus on Crawford? Worth a few quid?
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