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  1. Not going for 10/15-0 is pathetic. When I was 11, my team beat another 18-2. I think about it on a weekly basis, not how tired I was.
  2. I pray that Deftones get added to the SOAD day. Korn too.
  3. Maybe it’s a film of Bowler being CUKed by a man in a Bowler mask?
  4. Foreskin Fiesta is begging for a sequel
  5. Very young as well, and if he can be consistently good (when I’ve seen him he’s had a shocking performance following a great one, then a great one etc) he could be a bit of a gem. But the Premier League in general can just fuck off.
  6. ? SOAD at Download was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Forget the year as they all blur into one but Daron saw an aeroplane overhead and said “aeroplanes in the sky...like aerials” and then they went into Aerials and it was fucking life affirming.
  7. My kids now appropriate the Jericho “bubbly” bit for most things during the day. This morning: Toast for breakfast 6 year old:”Ooooh, little bit of the toasty” Cat walks in: “Ooooh, little bit of the catty” etc etc all the way to school. Their mum is going to kill me.
  8. SuperBacon


    Old Keithy’s slipping in his old age for not picking up on the Garthing going on in AEW boys last post.
  9. Trying to make a I Shot The Sha-Ref joke/pun but I’m no Carbomb.
  10. You used to DJ @BomberPat??? You never mention it.
  11. Ed Gamble too. Massively into his black/doom/post metal.
  12. I’ve been busy, but I’m going to binge watch the other series again before I dig in to the new one. Fam.
  13. I reckon it goes that not all wrestling fans are nonces, but all nonces are wrestling fans.
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