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  1. You make a good point as always Chris, and of course it is important to reflect on past behaviours and the movement was instrumental in highlighting that. But, and I can't be arsed looking for the tweets and they've probably been deleted, at the time it very much felt like that person was trying to get themselves attention, and it didn't make for very nice reading (along with other bits and bobs around it). "I'm pretty sure I've sexually assaulted someone"...well, pop to the police station then?
  2. Watched the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa 30 for 30 the other day and it's really great, as per. I was obsessed with this story because, as luck would have it, I was in the States for the first two weeks of September in 1998, and just became enamoured with it. I don't think I'd ever been interested in baseball before that, basketball was always my US sport of choice, but it was everywhere. I'd get my step mum to buy the USA Today every morning, and there is a scrap book somewhere with all the cuttings from the home run race, and then I got to see Big Mac do it whilst sat in a Sizzler. What
  3. Yep, top sleuthing. Amazing to think they hid it for 8 years. Fair fucks.
  4. Think his paternal grandfather was from Sierra Leone IIRC. Edit: He was tupping his sister in law for EIGHT years. Jesus.
  5. The #MeToo movement/campaign was for victims to come forward and use that to highlight their experiences, not for some absolute knobs to try and hijack it with their "Well, there was this time that I" and try and make it about themselves, as per fucking usual. It was fucking rank.
  6. This lads busy day makes me feel tired just hearing about it.
  7. Loathe as I am to keep talking about BMTH, but That's The Spirit is the most interesting thing they've ever done. It showed a band growing and taking on new influences and expanding their sound. Sempiternal is a good album, but I have no desire to see them try and recreate it over and over.
  8. Was really disappointed in What The Pita when I went to be honest. I thought the texture of the 'chicken' was a bit off, and they drowned it in sauce to compensate. But could've been an off day I guess. Luckily there are a shitload of options in Brighton.
  9. Yeah, Morbid Stuff was an excellent album. I love Pup. A really unfussy band, who just make excellent high energy music that zips along. Be sure to check out the album before that, The Dream Is Over. Another absolute cracker.
  10. I live in a pretty affluent town, so homelessness in the actual town itself is a pretty rare sight (but travel just a few miles to other towns and it is pretty prevalent, as per usual, Kingston being particularly bad) So when a rough sleeper gets spotted in the town itself, the local Facebook pages are full and full of posts about it. Most people do want to help, but you can guarantee that you get a handful of "Don't give them money! You're better off giving them food" knobs. I got kicked off our local group for stating that I will give them money and they can spend it on what the f
  11. Well no, there was more but he edited it. You get thrown in jail just for admitting a little sexual abuse these days...
  12. Pup have released a new EP, This Place Sucks Ass, and it is Pup doing Pup things, and has brightened up my Sunday morning no end, so have a listen if that sort of shit floats your boat.
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