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  1. Language evolves, as does the way we speak and reference things such as sports, and that's all good, but this is the absolute fucking worst. It is so meaningless, and is pure The Athletic wank speak. Having said that, you're bang on about Tifo. Excellent content.
  2. "Hey big boy, yes, you like to break stuff yes? Well start breaking your FUCKING OLD MENU IDEAS YOU DONKEY DICK"
  3. Someone said hes turning into a character from the Sabotage video.
  4. I just watched it again and I reckon the Italian has Chiellini'd him. The judge says something about the jump off, then says about them both having Gold, "this is possible". The Qatari lad looks like he doesn't know what to do and before he knows it, Luigi Highjumpio is hugging him and jumping all over him, basically making the decision for him!!! Fair play. Yeah, I get the rules on false starting, and he moved very early, but I still think the one strike rule is harsh. What was even harsher was interviewing him after. Absolutely brutal viewing.
  5. What a beautiful thing to happen. Amazing moment. Amazing Twitter link again. What a shame in the 100m with the British lad false starting. Still don't think that's fair, but there you go. Italy have started being good at sprinting? Ffs.
  6. In that case, Mushroomhead should've been one of the biggest bands in the world
  7. Catching up on a few things this weekend and thought a few are worth flagging up. First up is Unknown T - Adolescence which I really enjoyed. It can be a bit oppressive at times (as all drill can be I find), and he genuinely sounds French in massive parts of his flow (not a bad thing, just threw me) but it had me bopping throughout. If you don't like drill though, this probably ain't for you. Good energy throughout. Dave - We're All Alone In This Together Dave is a fantastic rapper, and I loved Psychodrama, and whilst I do think he has a stone cold classic in him, this isn't it. Things that hold it back for me are the slower afrobeat style tracks (System, Lazarus, Law Of Attraction) just don't do it for me (but appreciate that's just me) and the Stormzy featuring Clash is absolutely shit, and the James Blake style 'epic' in the middle Both Sides Of A Smile is a massive swing and a miss. Bloated, and feels really forced and shoehorned. When it's good though, it's great. The gospel inspired posse cut In The Fire is fantastic. Ghetts kills it as usual, but Gorton based Manny Meekz nicks the MVP verse on this one. Then it comes to the last two tracks and they are an absolute force. On the closer Survivors Guilt, Dave opens up about the anxiety and pressure that he feels, and the relationships he's had and lost, but Heart Attack is something else. Near 10 minutes of introspection on guns, crime ("Round here main way to provide for your kin, is in a flick blade,little push bike and a sim"), immigration, domestic violence, and ends with a recording of his Mum narrating how she came to England from Africa. It's heavy. He is incredible throughout, and there is so much thoughtfulness throughout the album, it's a shame he is slightly let down by the production, but there is enough in the great tracks that will keep me coming back. Gave the DJ Muggs and Hologram (a new name for me) album American Cheese a run through, and it's a nice little listen too. That Hologram dude is pretty good, and I always enjoy Muggs production. Along with Navy Blue, I think Pink Siifu is one of the most interesting artists around, and these off his forthcoming album don't disappoint. lng hair dnt care and Bussin give you a good idea of what he's all about, so if you like them you'll enjoy the NEGRO album from a few years back. And finally, some articles I've enjoyed recently. One on Wu Tang and art appreciation: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/30/the-guardian-view-on-wu-tang-clans-genius-to-make-and-appreciate-art Homophobia has been prevalent this week from DaBaby (nope, me neither) and as it rears it's ugly head again (It's always been there to be honest and my own 'separate the art from the artist' feelings become cloudy with hip hop) this is an interesting read on it: https://www.vulture.com/article/essay-dababy-lil-nas-x-homophobia-hip-hop.html This is a fun read on 2000s rap nostalgia: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/dos-and-donts-of-2000s-rap-nostalgia-travis-barker-ne-yo-dipset/ Great retrospective on a VERY underrated album: https://www.passionweiss.com/2021/07/21/20th-anniversary-retrospective-cormegas-the-realness/ This interview series with Common is great, especially when he speaks about Dilla: https://codacollection.co/films/a-conversation-with-common And finally, great to see Gibbs get this type of love: Sorry @Chest Rockwell, but one Twitter link isn't too bad!!! Keep your 50 quid dude
  8. Former Lib Dem leader Menzies "Ming" Campbell competed in the 1964 Olympics and was a seriously quick sprinter, running the 100m in 10.2 He once beat OJ Simpson in a race and was known as the "fastest white man on the planet" for a while. Good work Ming old boy!
  9. Is that not shared over the other 'track' disciplines as well? Speaking of the athletics, watching the 100m Womens yesterday, what is the point of other nations bothering? Just make it an all Jamaica race, that would be much better. Also, the awkwardness of the silver and bronze medallist not wanting to congratulate Thompson-Herah was amazing to watch. Beef between team mates always makes it more dramatic. Edit: Dressagizzle
  10. What an amazing photo. Was just watching the Mens Floor Final, which hurts my bad knees just watching. Some of the difficulties that they are now pulling out are absolutely mental. Also lovely to see Djokovic finish outside the medals in the Tennis. I'm sure he won't care given he's just won Wimbledon, and his thousand grand slams, but any opportunity to see that pleb knocked down a peg is well worth it. I can't think of an elite level athlete I've ever liked less. I bet he's devastated.
  11. Jimmy Hill, like Graham Taylor, was another example of the tabloid press caricaturing someone until they become a figure of fun. That, and "chinny reckon/Jimmy reckon" meant that a whole generation never took him seriously. Both fantastically insightful men, who deserved a lot more respect. Just found out theres a young player in the Venezuelan league called Klinsmann Yendis. Amazing.
  12. SuperBacon


    @Vamp you've done the right thing. Your health is the most important thing and if being away from work helps that, then so be it. I hope you get the support and assistance you need and deserve.
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