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  1. Put some respect on Scott Cavaliero's name!!!
  2. Writing, for me at least, is such a good form of escape, even if it is on trivial things. I try and see it as releasing everything from my brain out into the physical world and then when I've finished, it's not inside anymore so it can't bother me, as if I have nothing left in my head. It's a symbolic thing and it doesn't always work, and is a bit cheesy, but it's been one of my best coping mechanisms to be honest. Glad you're feeling better, all about those little steps forward.
  3. A tree was struck here this afternoon and on fire for a bit. All over local FB which is a private group unfortunately. Bit mad, I've never seen that happen before where I live.
  4. Can't help but read that in Scott Steiners voice.
  5. 100%. As much as I love Scrivens and Adam, they did pretty much fuck all except watch the footage and make some notes. Stuarts research and detail, on top of a full time job, was admirable. Was obviously a labour of love for him, and it's a shame it ended the way it did as I'm sure there was more to give.
  6. Thunder and lightning and rain. Get in. Please, please let the temperature drop.
  7. I don't want to speak for him, but Stuart suffers/suffered from depression quite seriously towards the end, and I think it was a massive effort to make the pod. Definitely still my favourite wrestling pod, and provided me with some much needed humour at a really shit point in my life. They're all on Twitter, but Stuart rarely posts, if you were curious enough to want to ask them I guess.
  8. The very definition of biscuit-arsed.
  9. That social media manager needs sacking. The forum is safe
  10. For anyone interested, I got bored and jotted some words down on some recent US lower league kits and what I thought of them (thanks for the New Mexico United heads up @Statto) https://sartorial.soccer/2020/08/11/usa-lower-league-kits/ Will hopefully be a regular-ish series.
  11. Revisiting a lot of UK emo/post hardcore today, and I have to share in case there is anyone that has never heard them, but honestly Spy Versus Spy were just such an excellent band, that deserved way more success than they got. One thing with them is that they were a massive influence on most bands that saw/heard them so there is that legacy they leave. But my god what a band. Fucking wicked live as well. This EP is a good introduction to them https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=_NXcVcuaA3U&list=RDAMVMmof-qbKQKdI and features this, which is probably one of my all time favourite tracks of theirs.
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