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  1. Surprised it took this long for the shitshow that is my football group to come to this point
  2. Those Lays sound fucking gross. But I must try them.
  3. Don't. We'll have the mint chocolate nonces in here in a minute.
  4. Well that is really shit. An incredibly underrated band (first two albums are wicked), but that's just very sad to read.
  5. I'm sure I read about it being refunded or free, like NFL Game Pass was/is but can't find it now though.
  6. You don't need to. I live in Surrey. My cleaner is so well paid he bought me one for Christmas. Ta ta x
  7. "Fucking tip them David!" "I do tip them" Simple innit?
  8. It was a nice thing to do. The way you (humble) bragged about it was fucking rank.
  9. Can you be considered a decent person, if you haven't bought your cleaners son a PS4 for Christmas?
  10. 100% agree with this, I think it might be my favourite finish of all time. Not only is it great booking, it's executed to perfection as well. I know we're talking professionals who probably rehearsed this a number of times, and it's just where they're standing etc, but everyone nails it. Shawns look to Bret before he counts the 3...FUCK YES!!!
  11. SuperBacon

    Disney Plus

    I don't want to derail the thread, as what I read has since been deleted, so let's leave it at he's a bit fucking creepy at best and worse at worst (allegedly). But yeah, like Bill Murray, he completely plays up to the Jeff Goldblum character. Or maybe he's just like that? I don't know. I've had a rough day.
  12. SuperBacon

    Disney Plus

    He's a bit rapey (allegedly) isn't he?
  13. Fucking hell. I've never seen anything on here that needed saying less. And that's saying something.
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