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  1. Hunters Only watched the first episode, and whilst I like the premise, and the cast is decent, I found parts of it really boring for a pilot (Not the first 5 minutes, that was belting), and I don't know if I have the will to make it through a good part of 9 more hours of it. Anyone watched beyond and can report whether it's good enough to carry on with?
  2. SuperBacon

    Chippy Tea

    You bunch of slags, look what you’ve done. 3 months meat free gone...
  3. Who the fuck said that was the best Foo Fighters album? I need to know.
  4. @PunkStep FUCK YEAH! In fact the whole EP is great, and Turnstile are an incredible hardcore band, so this is a great twist on their songs.
  5. Oh fucking hell Rick. Well done. I’ve just planned my day tomorrow around going to the American shop in Kingston now as they have both the Snyders and the Cheez-It’s in. That for me was an absolute gang bang of a post.
  6. Start with Brave Dave (his whole channels ace tbh; think I’ve mentioned him before) and his Big Fat Freight Hop Warning: there are massive sections of this which are just pitch black where nothing happens. There are also bits where he is either jumping on or off moving trains in the dark which caused me so much anxiety it was unreal. If you watch all parts and want more (and why wouldn’t you), check out Stobe The Hobo, the OG of freight hopping, sadly now dead. Seems like a lovely dude, is probably more interested in drinking beer than getting on the trains but his videos have a lot of charm https://m.youtube.com/user/hobestobe Also watched a few RanOutOnARail vids and they’re cool too. Enjoy!
  7. Man spends 300 days on Tofua, a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. Much better than that sounds and turns into quite a “gripping” documentary. Just be glad I’m not posting links to all the freight hopping videos I’ve been watching.
  8. My friends flatmate reviews films and she had a screener so watched it round theirs* Quick scan of Google shows it’s playing in most arty-farty place from this week. Well worth seeking out. *sounds wanky. Sorry.
  9. Oh shit on it! That’s sad
  10. Horse Girl This started off and I thought it was another twee Netflix film with quirky lead, but it shifts into something a lot darker and by the end, downright surreal. Molly Shannon’s in it as well, and Alison Brie gets them out twice so 11/10 clearly. Pitch Black Still a really bloody good sci-fi film. Haven’t seen it for at least 15 years and it’s still fresh.
  11. Midnight Family In Mexico City, there are less than 50 ambulances for 9 million people, so there are people that operate “private ambulances”. I had no idea about any of this, so this documentary that follows the Ochoa family was really eye opening. It’s incredibly bleak, with moments of humour, but utterly fascinating and moves at a fair old pace. I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off it. Highly recommended.
  12. No idea, but last night wasn't a Champions League match. They were playing a Championship side, so that's probably why it was so low.
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