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  1. Not a fan of remixes where they just chuck a load of MCs on the same beat. Much preferred this remix as 1.) Skitz did something new with the beat and 2.) Roots Manuva uses the line “Strong Back lover of them big old buff baps” and is wicked.
  2. Pretty sure they downgraded the London one too. Saw Jimmy Eat World in Kingston on Saturday. About a 1000 cap venue, which was terrible viewing wise (the other large venue in Kingston has been earmarked for development), but I had a lovely time and the new songs all sounded great live. 9pm curfew as well. Bloody love that.
  3. Jet poo can’t melt porcelain rims
  4. Pharoahe Monch Internal Affairs is finally on streaming platforms (assume they’ve sorted the Godzilla sample). An incredible album from one of the most original rappers ever. One of the first I bought that I deemed a “real hip hop” album (I’m aware that this is stupid). Probably the start of my backpacker phase along with Soundbombing II and Black on Both Sides. Rawkus was on fire in 1999. The intro and beat kick in on No Mercy makes me feel I can kick doors in. A monster of a beat.
  5. About 30 seconds away yeah. It’s dangerous
  6. My psychotherapy was through the NHS. I had CBT before that for 6 weeks and waited for therapy for 3 years. As mentioned above, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. That, coupled with medication was what got me through a rough couple of years. But that’s just my experience and know others have varied wildly.
  7. I had a year of Psychotherapy a few years back and it was wonderful. No wonder every American is in therapy. It’s the bollocks, it really is. And I feel incredibly thankful that I had it when so many go without. Bit of a shit month. Have to move out of my flat mid November. Absolutely love it here (been here since June 2018) and was just getting stable with money, new job and now I have to make my 14th move in 4 years (37th in lifetime fact fans) 🥳🥳🥳
  8. I have no pictures but last night I had a few drinks for the first time in ages. I bought a rank burger and large chips in Kingston from a van, got a taxi home and went straight to the kebab van for a large doner and large chips. This was about 20 minutes after the first lot. I felt terrible this morning.
  9. Anything by Conway The Machine. The album he just released Look What I Became is a bit of a banger. Guy can rap his arse off. Big fan. Bang is a great track by him as well (“My shooter got Dame Lillard from the elbow aim, I thought of that while I was courtside at the Melo game” love it) until Eminem pops up and ruins it. Not a massive fan of the Griselda lot but I do love Conway. You might also like the Smoke DZA and Benny The Butcher EP that just came out as well. That’s about it for that style of rap that I’ve enjoyed recently.
  10. Peak Spurs. Off the back of a season where it would’ve actually been great to see on the run to the final (YES WE WON NOTHING HAHAHA DVDS AND SPUDS), we let them in now. *chefs kiss
  11. Offering them a hot drink is the most British thing ever.
  12. Preston from the Ordinary Boys, and Chris from Skins/Gendry Baratheon. The second one, a lot.
  13. Worth a watch as well. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07phy2j/football-going-vegan
  14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s fucking fantastic. It’s made it into my Top 10 of all time, if there is such a thing.
  15. Peter Kays son in 30 years: “Remember Brexit? What were all that about?”
  16. I loved El Camino. Agreed that it probably wasn’t needed, but what it was, was great and breezed past.
  17. I just want to say that whilst I think he’s been good in the ring when I’ve seen him, Hangman Pages’ look is bloody awful. The whole Cowboy thing is just so cringey, and smacks of James Storm.
  18. Nova’s got me through a tough few weeks. Rewarded me with a rare mlem
  19. Jesus Christ, that is lovely. Hummel continue to have a cracker of a year. The Forward Madison shirts this year were my favourites
  20. Ocean Wisdoms new album 4AM is very, very good. As with most hip hop albums you can skip the skits, and whilst it’s not as strong as his High Focus stuff, he still murders most tracks. Strong features as well, Ghetts, Dizzee, P Money, Fatboy Slim, Freddie Gibbs, Akala.
  21. This is the worst thing you’ve ever said. And why should when you’ve seen something be an indictator of what’s good? BRING BACK DOWNVOTES
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