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  1. @BomberPat That book sounds right up my 10yo’s street. How appropriate would it be? (She’s currently enjoying Mist Over Pendle for reference) I am finally reading American Gods. It is incredible. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a novel as much since I first read The Corrections. I am itching to watch the TV show but am going to wait. Also read Gotta Get Theroux This which was a really good read but would’ve preferred to listen but it was a present so.
  2. SuperBacon

    Chippy Tea

    The state of the replies. That place looks absolutely amazing. Garlic & Herb Tiger Prawns washed down with a Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock? *Eddie Hearn "Go on then" gif
  3. @BomberPat that is a really excellent point you make to be honest. I find the amount of media out there completely overwhelming, and it doesn't really stay with you. Take Game Of Thrones for instance. I watched all of it, really enjoyed the last series and watched all of those episodes in an attentive state and discussed it with friends and family members the week they came out. Apart from the main plot point coming away from the finale, I would really struggle if you asked me what else happened in the final series. Contrast this to when The Sopranos ended. If we'd talked about the final series anytime in the 6 months since it finished, I would've been able to discuss every single plot detail with you. Surely it can't be because my memory is shot as I usually have a good recall, but it's definitely something.
  4. Putin when the currency rallies against the dollar
  5. His son is freakily like him.
  6. Excellent album: BOO DOO DOO DOO DOO
  7. Ghostface-Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof Wallets are both great, the former probably the best solo Wu album featuring the best Wu beat (ironically not by RZA) Mighty Healthy, in my opinion. I’ve got time for Method Man-Tical and Inspectah Deck-Uncontrolled Substance and on the Deck tip, you could do worse than check out any of the Czarface projects; actually go for the Ghostface featured one Czarface meets Ghostface. I wouldn’t bother with any actual Wu albums, they’re all awful with sporadically good tracks. On another note, this UK Classic is finally around digitally. Features a verse by Supa T which is amongst my favourite of all time. https://djmk1.bandcamp.com/track/dj-mk-presents-supa-t-jehst-kyza-harry-love-its-all-live-dirty
  8. When your phone number makes an album as good as The War Of Art
  9. No, just incredibly bad direction
  10. Booker T burying the “flippy guys” was well Vince wasn’t it? Really enjoyed that. Skipped a couple of matches but that was fun.
  11. Not sure if they could but on a personal note, I’d love to see Shikari headline. Hadn’t even thought about MCR/Rage next year. MCR will surely go Reading instead though
  12. Deftones, FFAF and System on different days? Ugh.
  13. There are 5 players for me who have lit up basketball in a way that we haven’t seen before. Magic, Jordan, Kobe, Iverson and Lebron. Unbelievably sad.
  14. This reminds me that when I was 15 or 16 and a “rapper” I came up with the line “Even if your girls a Muttley I’d still Dick her Dastardly” which has made me cringe so hard I’ve gone inside myself. And it grammatically makes no sense.
  15. Take a shit in their garden. Backwards.
  16. 13. More ashamed I got 2 wrong to be honest
  17. You have a girlfriend? Why didn’t you say so...
  18. Oh god, are you going to start wearing a “Vegans Do It Better” t-shirt?
  19. I remember thinking that apart from flashes, the last series of Curb Your Enthusiasm was a bit disappointing but the first episode of the new series was hilarious. I hope it continues all the way through.
  20. And then some. But if it makes her happy, then so be it.
  21. Don’t beat yourself up about it is the best way. I had some cheese the other day. Felt bad for about 5 minutes and then remembered that I fucking love cheese.
  22. It doesn’t because you are, as you have done a number of times in this thread, worming around and retroactively applying context and nuance to original posts that didn’t have them. Your original paragraph mentions nothing about live attendance, TV ratings.
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