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  1. I remember seeing The Pixies at T In The Park in 2004 and as it was the first time, bellowing along with them, as I am prone to do. Not an issue with a noisy band at a festival, you would think. Some arsehole tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that he'd waited 15 years to see them and had to come to hear Frank Black and not me. I was gutted as I'd lost all my mates and it instantly dampened my mood. Cue the biggest Glaswegian (honestly must've been 6 foot 10 and around 300 pounds) aggressively (read: just normal for Glasgow) ask me what he had said, so I relayed it to him and he told the original moaner to "pish right off to fuck", grabbed me in the worlds tightest headlock and screamed along to Debaser with me. He didn't let go of me for the whole set and I was petrified and enthralled in equal measure. I hope that dudes doing OK.
  2. Seeing Truss get promoted, but realising that it's because Raab got sacked*: Nadine Dorries as Culture Minister as well. Very normal. *Of course, none of them actually get sacked do they?
  3. Mentioned it before I think but the worst gig I have ever been to (and likely ever will) was Bob Dylan at Hammersmith, and I've seen Alient Ant Farm!!! Firstly, he was fucking shit, and secondly we were sat upstairs and got scolded every time we whispered to each other (not at inappropriate moments either). I spent the second half of the gig in the bar (the cunt had an hour intermission it was that long) as I couldn't face being stared at every time I moved because the obsessives couldn't hear his whiney "HHHUUUURRRRR"s in their entirety. My mate was a Dylan devotee as well and was devastated at how awful it all was.
  4. Pussies. Even ISIS didn't change their name.
  5. I have but always just people who can't handle their sherbert. And usually the sort of people that kick off anywhere, gig or otherwise. Most of the gigs I've been to in the last few years have been pretty easy going, but then these days I usually stand at the back tapping my toe, rather than in the mosh or pit. But even then I can see the pit, and everyone always makes sure everyone is picked up and ok, despite them looking like hell on earth. The last Turnstile one was particularly ridiculous.
  6. Don't know about this, but would still like to watch it to be honest. One for the rainy weekend.
  7. This is the sweatiest man in film. I get clammy hands just watching it (too obvious come on) I watched Once Upon A Time In America for the first time yesterday. I can't quite work out if I massively enjoyed it, but it was superb and I was never bored. Also finished the Wes Anderson films with The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou which I loved, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I did not love. Rushmore is the best one and Max is one of the all time top shits in cinema. High Fidelity for the 100th time, which is still and forever will be 11/10.
  8. Yeah, I saw Hallicks pop that on Twitter and didn't realise. Don't worry Keith, I've taken away the retweet AND the like to hit him where it really hurts.
  9. Man City were unbeaten for 33 home games before this. A massive win.
  10. That cant be true as incels famously don't get fucked by anyone. That's their whole gimmick.
  11. I'd like to share a cheesecake and a can of Vimto with Alessa Savage and Ava Austen. Afterwards we would go for a walk down the river.
  12. Fucking hell. Last time I make a joke on here (some of you will be pleased to know) Enjoy your gig pal and good luck with your career.
  13. @Keith Houchen alerted me to these, and now I need to get to a B&M store before it's too late!!!
  14. And those are the points the tweet makes. Is it (unwittingly and unknowingly on the part of most) playing into the trope of "nice, good immigrant who is worthy of being British as they have achieved something"? I don't think the people celebrating her heritage are doing anything wrong (in fact they are defending her and pointing out the beauty of a multicultural society) but I dunno, I agree that it's not the gotcha that most people believe it is, as not every immigrant is seen that way, or accepted as British. It's an interesting point.
  15. This is a really interesting point (maybe one for another thread?), and one that I don't think I'm best equipped to have a massively relevant opinion on to be quite honest. Thoughts?
  16. It depends on what you enjoy and what you want to take away from a gig isn't it? If I went to see Beyonce or Adele for example and they sounded shit, I'd probably be a bit miffed as their main strength is their vocals, and whilst I enjoy their songs, I'm really wanting to see how great they sound live. One of my favourite bands are Iron Chic, a very straightforward gruff, modern punk band with 'gang' vocal choruses. Jason the singer can barely sing ON record, let alone live, and everyone knows this, but that doesn't stop their gigs being incredibly energetic with the crowd mostly doing the singing. Everyone has a great communal experience and goes home happy. Again, depends on what you go to gigs for and what you want to take away from them.
  17. My 11yo flagged this up for me, so that's always a good sign. Some lovely 2 step vibes from this. PinkPantheress-Just For Me
  18. Karaoke singer defends use of backing tape shock horror. I don't mind BMTH, I've even seen them live (well, I've heard a backing tape live) and I've seen plenty of my favourite rappers simply rap over their own tracks live, so it's not that deep. You don't have to go to bat for your favourite bands every time someone makes a joke. @WyattSheepMask I've never seen Metallica live (or at least that I remember) but I remember one year at Reading my mate Rich coming back to the tents in tears at how bad he sounded. I on the other hand had just seen The Music instead, who were superb.
  19. Now this might sound mad seeing as how terribly fucking shit we can be sometimes, but I can't remember the last time we played that badly, even last season under HIM. That was just miserable from every single player. Tanganga calling Zaha a pussyhole was the sole highlight for Spurs. Maybe they can thaw out Ledley Kings good knee for next week against Chelsea.
  20. JSS FCKNG CHRST JMMY CRKHLL GF Hadn't noticed that! Edit: just realised I don't know how to! Someone help. Not much more to add on the Raducanu match. Not a massive fan of that surface usually, but that was incredible tennis. Incredible.
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