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  1. America needs someone that doesn't look like they need to have a nap in front of Countdown. I loved my Grandad, but fuck me he wouldn't have made a good president at 78. I watched about 10 minutes of the 'debate' as I was up, and had to turn off. It was just pathetic. You almost (almost) have to admire the sociopath ideology of Trump, that he just doesn't give a shit what you say, as he just responds with "Fake news" or "That's a lie". Imagine having that level of ego. I apologised the other day because someone else's dog jumped up at me.
  2. Carabao Cup or not, they hate us and we hate them, so to beat them on penalties is even better. COYS Dier popping off for a piss/poo was probably the highlight of the whole lot though (wasn't a game of highlights). But did give everyone on Twitter a chance to use 'Dier-rhea' and think they were wildly original though, so minus points for that. Edit: Grim.
  3. Just tried these and was pretty impressed. Very good texture, held together and they were very burgery. 7 year old didn't notice they were meat free as well, the absolute suckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
  4. No. That's too much arsing about just to watch Buffy in bed.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2910787-mlb-playoffs-2020-explaining-wild-card-format-divisional-series-and-more *Austin Powers voice* Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed. Lot of fun though and ripe for a few upsets hopefully. Go Cardinals!!!* *Tenuous link to my trip to the states in 98 where I saw McGwire and Sosa battle it out and became obsessed with it.
  6. Agreed, All4 has to be the worst streaming service out there. You cant't even look at another tab on a laptop whilst the adverts are playing, the utter slags. Desmonds is great and all, but where is Porkpie!!!??? Rocks is on Netflix from Thursday, and everyone should see it. It's the best film I've seen all year.
  7. Not Trump specific, but Netflix today released a three part series called Whose Vote Counts which explains the history of the voting system in America, and whilst it might be a bit lightweight for some, me and my 10 year old found it really interesting. Quite heavy on the graphics as Netflix is prone to do (and they flash in and out too quickly sometimes) but worth a watch for anyone that wants an understanding of how the system works. Quite a bit of AOC as well, which is always a bonus.
  8. Watched this the other day: Fourteen Days In May https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p05m5xb9/fourteen-days-in-may which focuses on the final days of Edward Johnson, on death row, accused of killing a police officer. It is a rough watch, but by not delving at all really into the backstory/case, it makes it all the more compelling, and there are several moments that make you well up, and one devastating scene with Johnson's family which really hits the situation home. The prison warden, Don Cabana's scenes are fascinating as he really doesn't come off as a typical warden (ACAB still
  9. Missed that that came out, will give it a bash later. On your Idles comment, I don't want to defend them or what they have to say, they can do that themselves, but if a group of white cis men encourage the idea of 'feminism' within their music/activism, isn't that a good thing? And yes I get the irony of white cis men talking about feminism, it's not lost on me. I enjoy their music, and they're great live, but I don't take my cues from them as a 35 year old man, but anything that encourages exploring a subject matter further is a good thing, IMO. I know that when I was younger,
  10. Yeah, it's a cracker and this one, I think, is just as strong. Reigns having a Slipknot-esque chorus absolutely threw me, but it was lovely nonetheless.
  11. Deftones-Ohms Deftones doing what Deftones do best. Expansive, energetic, tight, angry, heavy fucking metal. Genesis, Urantia, This Link Is Dead, Radiant City and the title track are the standouts, and there's really only one duffer, Headless. Can't wait to hear some of it live, and still the best band in the world for me. Idles- Ultra Mono Very enjoyable, and made me stomp up the river at a pace I rarely achieve, so it's energy wore off on me. Some of the lyrics are fucking hilarious (unintentionally), but if you want lyricism in rock, I dunno, go and listen to Tom Petty
  12. The Bourne Identity Still such a fantastic action film, and Matt Damon is perfect as Jason Bourne. The mini chase is thrilling, the cast is a cracker but Chris Cooper is massively underused though. I can't remember which ones I've seen, so I'm going to go through them all. I haven't seen the Renner ones and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to them. Pets United Don't usually mind watching any old shit with the kids, but this is one of the worst animated films I have ever watched. Absolutely fucking rotten. Goon Just so much fun. "Gay porn hard!" Goon: La
  13. The slow stripped down-breathy cover can be directly traced back to that fucking Gary Jules. It's absolutely all his fault.
  14. RIP Roast Beef & Mustard. A proper fucking crisp.
  15. I will bang this drum again and again, but Annie Murphy's performance as Alexis is incredible.
  16. What is the reason you're not allowed? Surely a birth should be an exemption? Wishing you all the very best. Hope it goes well mate.
  17. Once Upon A Time In Iraq is an incredible documentary, which made me angry and sad. In hindsight, watching it all in one go was a bit much. The resilience, humour and strength that the Iraqi people demonstrate is at times, awe inspiring, and this is brilliantly put together. The Beach: Isolation In Paradise features an Australian film maker (Warwick Thornton), living in a tin shack in Western Australia. Not much else to add really, that's pretty much it. You'll like it if you like the 'slow TV' genre as it really just shows him sitting around, cooking, fishing, playing guitar bu
  18. Ecstasy: The Battle Of Rave, from the BBC, although a well trodden story, is really well put together and an interesting listen, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Worth it just for Shaun Ryder 'singing' the start of Donna Summer-I Feel Love.
  19. If that doesn't end in Trump Shawshank-Wardening himself (minor spoiler), I'll be very disappointed.
  20. SuperBacon

    Chippy Tea

    I went through a phase of smothering everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, with salad cream, to the point that it now makes me fucking heave at the sight of it. From spending so much time in Belgium as a kid, I have a massive fondness for mayonnaise on chips, but it's more suited to fries if I'm being honest.
  21. Oh, secondary school? Yeah, fair enough. Every time I went for a piss, I was going for a fag.
  22. This seems a bit draconian. My youngest needs a piss every 20 minutes some days.
  23. 'Johnnyboy tries to explain to me how to post a pic' ... SUCCESS!
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