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  1. Have you fallen and hit your head recently or something?
  2. Keith's referring to a discussion that was being had a couple of pages back, I think.
  3. There have been a lot of understandable assumptions made about them ending up on ITV4, I think we all expected Dynamite to be on there. But the fact that the Young Fucks are not-at-all deftly trying to deflect concerns that they haven't got a deal sewn up that should have been agreed upon ages ago is both weird and not a great look. It rather smacks of TNA and their bi-annual scrambling around for a broadcaster.
  4. Some of those have absolutely been real porn titles though.
  5. They should have one sorted out by now. Their new weekly show starts in a couple of weeks time and they still don't have a broadcast partner in a country they want to heavily target and tour. Additionally, they haven't even been able to confirm a spot with a network that has been heavily promoting them and hosted their PPV on their own PPV channel. It's a piss poor effort to be scrambling around at the last minute.
  6. Can't even fucking escape superhero films in on-topic these days.
  7. @Nostalgia Nonce could definitely have done a better job on his site.
  8. Is he your brother or something? How do you think Rene fucking Dupree would go over with AEW fans if he came French ticklering down the ramp with his dog?
  9. This is why I never used to bother trying to converse with you on any reasonable level. It's because if somebody disagrees with you, you have to condescend a response and you always throw in the name at the end of a sentence or paragraph to put an exclamation point on it, LEGIT. I know you'll want to have the last word so by all means go ahead.
  10. Powerslam would have been a really good magazine if it didn't have an absolute herbert running it. It was well laid out and had some good features but Fin Martin is the Michael Owen of wrestling journalism, and that was always its overriding problem.
  11. I think you'd be the only one. Who cares about Rene Dupree in 2019?
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