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  1. They'd have to take Rhyl with them.
  2. @SuperBacon will also vouch for the brilliance of The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open. Made in one continuous take but never feels gimmicky and it's one of the best films I've seen this year. Hugely recommended. Atlantics is also really good, a weird supernatural romance set in Senegal. Perfect for fans of poncy foreign films with a slight hint of The Fog. I Lost My Head is awesome. Probably the weirdest animated film I've seen for ages but really stunning and the ending is perfect. All lovely films.
  3. So he was actually in hospital or metaphorically in hospital?
  4. "You can't kill him because he's already dead!" so said Macho Man on commentary.
  5. Where's the 'read the results on Bleacher Report' option?
  6. 6 Underground was definitely a Michael Bay film, so whatever your stance on him you need to watch or not watch it accordingly. The three main action set pieces in this are incredible, especially the car chase. Superb action film.
  7. Rebecca Romney can evaluate the market worth of my books any day.
  8. I do worry that Netflix might be overdoing the crime documentary 'limited' series but The Confession Killer really is excellent stuff. Not one of theirs where it's best to now know anything about the background, like with Evil Genius (which was also excellent), but the way it morphs into a critique of law enforcement halfway through is fascinating.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbL9Vsobx8I Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going to Die
  10. Please spoiler tag your reply.
  11. I just saw Black Christmas too and thought it was absolutely horrendous, whatever its certficate was supposed to be. Appropriating 'woke' subject matter for a shitty slasher film but forgetting to be good at either. There was one good bit:-
  12. I forgot Limbo and Inside too. Just 15 to go.
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