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  1. I mean, this thread seemed like a good idea at the time.
  2. Please feel free to create a Commies Are Cunts thread.
  3. Porkchopcash is banned from boxing threads.
  4. It will be interesting to identify which sociopaths stay up till 4am to watch this shite though.
  5. Didn't know which one, but I thought it was one of them. What an idiot.
  6. Two English teachers in this thread, neither of whom can tell the difference between 'on' and 'off' (topic). How are your leccy bills?
  7. Was that one of Public Enemy I saw in that South African tag team? Just started Starrcade and he tries something over the top rope, lands on his head on the outside and Rick Steiner just laughs at him.
  8. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    What's this madness about not having gravy on sausage? Dry sausage and mash sounds like hell.
  9. Clash of the Champions 13 time. I hope this is a good one this time. Well it should be a good start as it's the Freebirds vs the Southern Boys. Two teams you wouldn't trust near a black man's lawn. It's supposed to be a six man tag but El Gigante is stuck at the airport and as such we don't get any Beautiful Bobby either! Fucking boo. Cracking little opener though as the Freebirds win after interfence from Little Richard Marley. There's more bollocksing around with the Black Scorpion and Sting, fucking hell. It's a Clash so there's the obvious Buddy Landel appearance and he's wrestling Pillman again! This is a better match than the Great American Bash one, it's shorter and faster paced and Pillman wins it again with the flying crossbody. Hey, it's Mr. Hughes! Under his Big Cat persona, and he's facing Brad Armstrong! Why's he the bloody Candyman though?! Big Cat wins with the torture rack after Pee Wee Anderson stops the match?! What the fuck. Not a bad match either. Ooh, it's Prime Time Brian Lee, he's here. The Z-Man's his probable victim. Zenk tries a crossbody off the top and Lee's stood about half a mile away, what an idiot. Zenk wins though with a drop kick off the top. Terrible match. Looks like the York Foundation has just been put together, and Michael Wallstreet is fighting the Star Blazer? Who the fuck is this. IRS looks disgusted but wins with the Wall Street Crash after a load of crap. Then there's some African tag match for what sounds like a dreadful tournament at Starrcade. Ugh, wasn't there enough tag matches at 1989's? Anyway, it looks like a couple of Truth Commission members against Botswana Beast and Kalua? This is awful. The white guys win. Of course! Lex Luger then punches Big Cat in an interview. Fair! God, who the fuck is this now, the Motor City Madman? What did Lex Luger do to deserve this. Luger brawls with Big Cat before the match and then wins easily after a clothesline. Christ, they're rattling through them here. Schiavone interviews Nick Patrick for some reason about The Nasty Boys and The Steiners. The Renegade Warriors are being trotted out again even though nobody cares, but at least it's the Nasty Boys they're facing. This one gets thrown out though when the Steiners interfere and run off the Nasties. Fucking hell, no rest at all. Uh oh. Night Stalker vs Sid Vicious. I've heard about this one! Sid gets a MASSIVE reaction, imagine how loud it would be as a babyface. I mean, what's wrong with this? Yeah, the battle axe is fucking dumb but the match, while not good, wasn't *that* bad. Not sure why Big Cat gets involved though. The Steiners now squash Magnum Force, who I don't know either. This show is hard work. Then the Nasties come out to return the favour and get run off again. More bollocks with Sting and the Black Scorpion. Who was responsible for this shite. Main event time as Ric Flair goes against Hacksaw Butch Reed with the not-at-all racist stipulation that Teddy Long gets to be Flair's chauffeur if Nature Boy wins. With a bit more time, this could have been a great match but it was still pretty good. After a ref bump and general interference, Flair wins. This was mostly awful with a couple of bright spots. I'm dreading Starrcade after 1989's effort.
  10. So the Toy Story code is 3241. The new one is great but I had a couple of big problems with it. The new characters are excellent though and the central plot is possibly the best in the series.
  11. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    I was genuinely terrified when I saw that Frankie had posted another picture in this thread but that's a cracking leveller.
  12. Might Possibly Decline Telling Truth.
  13. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    The animal pictures seem like the most appetising thing on that plate tbh.
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