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  1. D-MAL PRESENTS - GREAT UNKNOWN GOALS, Part 2:- Nicolas De La Cruz nearly breaking the crossbar for River Plate against Cerro Porteno in the Copa Libertadores last year. Banger.
  2. I really enjoyed Solo. I still reckon the train scene is one of the best scenes in Star Wars history. That being said, if you're watching the main series you're still a lunatic if you don't just start at 4.
  3. I can't spake for anyone else but that were great.
  4. The Hunt If you thought Damon Lindelof couldn't fuck up a simple The Most Dangerous Game / Hard Target / Surviving the Game story, guess again. Betty Gilpin is great but this is absolutely pathetic and unnecessarily politicised bollocks.
  5. D-MAL PRESENTS - GREAT UNKNOWN GOALS, Part 1:- Lorgio Alvarez scoring for Bolivia against Peru at Copa America 2004. It was his only international goal in 45 international appearances and it wasn't a bad one, Clive.
  6. A cracking birthday present! Not watching the trailer though. Finished series 1 of Derry Girls, really fantastic stuff. Loved the finale scene, a bit of Blackadder Goes Forth-esque serious business, but absolutely beautifully done.
  7. Didn't take long! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6ee56c5ca40
  8. Buffalo Tom - Going Underground https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxvGMWVaezA
  9. These two of mine doing some alleged self isolating.
  10. Will it be better than Bulletproof though?
  11. It's not a question as such but I didn't know where else to put this so Ian Beale with it. I've got the next week off and obviously most of you are not familiar with being a shut-in like me, so I know many of you are looking for stuff to watch at this trying time. If you're looking for something specifically or something like something you once watched when you were a kid, feel free to PM me as I've got plenty of spare time at the moment. I was going to do a thread but that would have felt like trumpet-blowing on my part. I know it's not much, being able to find a film for you, but I'm trying to help in the only way I know how as I don't know anything about anything else. Apart from football and we're fucked on that front
  12. 11yo isn't that bothered with chicken nuggets but she doesn't mind some unbreaded chicken. She generally prefers stuff with some crunch to it for sensory reasons, so I have to make sure I have packets of crispy bacon in especially. And crisps obviously. Got a freezer full of Fruit Pastille lollies as well.
  13. I decided to have yesterday as 11yo's last day until after Easter. Not because any of us have had symptoms but because she suffers really badly with allergies, I'm worried about missing a symptom in her and her spreading it at her school. I'd be mortified if that happened because her school are absolutely wonderful. They've left her a place open and have said I can send her in whenever I want if she struggles at home, and her transport have said they will get her if she needs to go back, so it's a nice fallback to have. They're also keeping in daily touch with me which is nice of them too. Her main thing is that she likes to go on buses, trains and trams. She's not really bothered about where she goes, she just likes the motion. If I can limit her to one or two trips out (we'll say we're going to Tesco or something) then I reckon we'll be alright, and like with your kid, Scorch, she's been playing out a lot more in our yard so hopefully that'll quench her fresh air thirst a bit. If it does, and I can keep getting the bits of shopping for her bland buffets, and some Fruit Pastille lollies in, then I reckon we'll be alright and we can treat it as an extended Easter holiday. I'm aiming to have her back in the first day they're due back in. 13yo, meanwhile, is playing Pokemon Sword 16 hours a day.
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