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  1. One of my favourite parts of the shit film Don't Breathe, which is a film about some robbers stuck in a house with a psychotic blind man who has enhanced hearing, is one of the robbers texting for help from an airing cupboard - with their touch tones on. Masterful.
  2. Jungle (Netflix) Harry Potter and the Adventure in the Bolivian Rainforest. Pretty good and standard for this sort of thing, with one amazingly and brilliantly disgusting moment. Only Lovers Left Alive (Mubi) Two hours where very little happens is normally my idea of hell - but it's Jim Jarmusch. This is close to being his best just behind Paterson. Some great one-liners but it's at its best when Mia Wasikowska turns up and they become a dysfunctional vampire family. Brilliant.
  3. There's a scene in Stakeout where Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez are playing a 'guess the movie quote' game and the latter asks what film "This was not a boating accident!" was from. To which Dreyfuss replies, "I don't know". Stakeout is bloody great.
  4. Vivarium (pirate) Just read the IMDb synopsis, nothing else of note happens. Imogen Poots deserves better, as usual. The Call (2020) (Netflix) This is the new Korean Netflix Original, although the Brad Anderson one with Halle Berry is also on there and is also great. This is also very good, albeit much different. A weird dual timeline crime thriller that doesn't stick the ending but is a lot of fun and very well acted.
  5. The destruction of LV-426 was a genocide against a race protecting its settlement.
  6. Ahh, sorry about that! I think it's because Stevie B had posted the trailer a while back that I got confused.
  7. My apologies! I think you might like it though, and it's not overly Christmassy.
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