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  1. Strike Back is the Waterloo Road of Sky. Nobody watches it and it's been going forever.
  2. Me and @King Pitcos offered to come and help you out, you turned us down, and now look where we are.
  3. Just for clarity, I don't just mean this scene but the whole of this film. Name a weak part - you can't.
  4. The Woman in the Window (Netflix) Well this was just shit, which seemed inconceivable until I actually watched it. A total mess that gives way to your usual stalk-and-slash shit, even Amy Adams is bad in it. My boy Wyatt Russell does his best with it but this is the biggest disappointment of the last couple of years by far. Oxygen (Netflix) Another entertaining bit of sci-fi fluff from Netflix and another good bit of disposable entertainment from Alexandre Aja. Knows its limitations and you get to look at nobody but Melanie Laurent for an hour and a half. Shattered (Prime)
  5. Oh, did he give you a stabbing too?
  6. I was hoping to catch this at the cinema but it's not on at any time I could attend. But yeah, Sheridan is always a sign of quality, Wind River was really overlooked.
  7. I'll be very disappointed if @wordsfromlee's workplace don't refer to him as Dick Flick.
  8. Hearing rumours that Loki stuffs a digit up his lad's eye before a Zoom call.
  9. The sit down piss has been something that has been a long-time necessity for me since having kids, because they don't respect toileting boundaries at all. If you lock the door then I learned the hard way that they will yell "WHY HAVE YOU LOCKED THE DOOR, DAD, ARE YOU HAVING A POOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!" for anybody within a 5km radius to hear.
  10. As retweeted by @Keith Houchen
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