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  1. I'm not sure I can narrow mine to 10. This is a bastard.
  2. From one horrible twatty club to another. Neymar, that is. A perfect move for him, if it happens.
  3. City selling all their full backs, buying one as an overpriced replacement but keeping their rubbish centre-backs is almost a hark back to Peter Swailes-era City. Expecting the pro-Franny Lee protests any day now.
  4. *unsure whether to upvote or downvote*
  5. aka The Best Bond. The Spy Who Loved Me has been perhaps the one older Bond film that has gained critical praise significantly over the last decade. I think people have realised just what a great film it is. Not just in the Bond canon but in general. I also wish Marvin Hamlisch had done more Bond scores, it's just absolutely perfect.
  6. Agreed. She's like a new Bet Lynch.
  7. At least it wasn't Esther McVey.
  8. Well this has brightened up my day no end!
  9. I love Diego Costa and if that happened it would even better than signing Zlatan. Shame Costa and Mourinho hate each other.
  10. I'd have thought you'd be merry happy for him.
  11. Yeah, they're not like a regular clothes stockist, they sort of grab hold of any odd shirts they see on their online travels and sell them on. This one's alright as well although I've heard their customer service is shite:-
  12. If you're going to find it anywhere, it will be here:- Prices aren't too bad, comparatively speaking. It's not listed there currently but they have a relatively quick changeover of stock, plus they do fulfil requests occasionally.
  13. iM nOT jIm RoSS
  14. If they ever remake Raising Arizona, there's your Leonard Smalls right there.
  15. Fortunately my kids only get 5 weeks because they have a 2 week half term, so it's nearly 17% less painful than it might have been. Just basically used to lie around watching the cricket and if there wasn't any cricket on, go out and play cricket. My summers were very cricket-orientated and then I got a SNES. We also used to go on holidays abroad, usually to Malta for 2 weeks, which was essentially one long hunt for arcades and moaning at my dad to let me play on the arcades, then a week somewhere in southern England for more of the same. There was a year when two Maltese girls started hitting on me, which I found very confusing, hence my reaction of running to the Dragon's Breed machine when I realised it was free. Form an orderly queue ladies etc.