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  1. Did you take the same approach in this thread?
  2. Unthinkable Samuel L. Jackson tries to 'obtain' information from terrorist Michael Sheen. Didn't expect much from this but it was really good. Doesn't overdose on moral dilemmas and works as a cracking suspense thriller. Worth finding on Prime.
  3. Are you suggesting SBA is Richard Keys because that would make *perfect* sense.
  4. Rebel Wilson wasn't the problem with Jojo Rabbit, her whole stupid broad / slapstick comedy subplot with Alfie Allen and Sam Rockwell was. You know what you're getting with her. She was entirely in sync with a side of the story that shouldn't even have been there.
  5. ^ There's your credibility for you, @dopper
  6. Who said anything about credibility and taking it seriously? It's hilarious.
  7. Why on earth is nobody talking about this. https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/reports-of-bizarre-behavior-from-vince-mcmahon-and-pat-patterson-at-rocky-johnsons-funeral/
  8. Watched the film Derailed last night, which was far more fun than it should be. Look at this cast though. Yep. *That* Ortis. And Tom Conti and RZA in a film together, at last!
  9. Just Mercy Good, solid legal drama with lashings of great acting and rednecks being racist. Tim Blake Nelson is a treasure. Brie Larson's perm wasn't. The Terminal Somebody could have made this into a really fun comedy but instead Spielberg shits on the idea with a crappy romance angle and Stanley Tucci being a bastard. Absolute waste of time.
  10. Pretty sure I read somewhere that they sorted out their differences.
  11. Poundland are currently selling big bags of sizzling steak flavoured Wotsits for, well, a pound. Splendid, they are. Thoroughly enjoying these buggers recently too.
  12. Mr. Seven personally introduced me to these two absolute stompers a few years ago.
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