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  1. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    This might be a regional thing, I don't remember ever seeing kebabs in chippies when I was a kid. In fact, I can only remember The Godfather on Kingsway doing them locally. Definitely didn't have them in Tony Wong's or The Battered Cod.
  2. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    No. That's a kebab shop staple. If you want kebabs go to a kebab shop! I don't go to a kebab shop for a goddamn chip barm! This fucking country! #brexitmeansbrexit
  3. Devon Malcolm

    Top Twitter

    I don't know why I can't stop cackling at this.
  4. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    This is what a chippy menu should be:- Chips Fish (cod, and maybe haddock if necessary) Fish cakes Sausage Pies (including steak and kidney pudding) Gravy Mushy peas Curry sauce Potato scallops Barm cakes Canned drinks If you're buying anything else from one, then you're part of the problem.
  5. Devon Malcolm

    Hollywood Rock

    Yeah, it was brilliant. It was unlike anything I'd seen before for an entrance video and it was perfect for him at that stage.
  6. Devon Malcolm

    Hollywood Rock

    The entrance video and slowed down music were magnificent. He was superb during this era, a great lead on to becoming the Great One in Hollywood too.
  7. Devon Malcolm

    Non-UK and General Other Football

    Amazing. Four goals in the second period of extra time. Europa League is the best.
  8. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    See, I had always had mine after but The Little Chippy does it before and it's noticeably nicer.
  9. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    Same here. Even if I do my own cod and chips at home I don't season them. Can't stand stuff from the chippy without it. Also, regarding chips and gravy. Should salt and vinegar go on before or after the gravy?
  10. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    You get absolutely massive portions in there too. My local is The Sea Shell and it's great. My favourite currently is The Little Chippy in Cheadle, absolutely tremendous chips and gravy in there.
  11. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    I'd go as far to say vegetarians should be banned from chippies. It's for their own good. Because if you went in a chippy in Cheetham Hill and asked for a halloumi and tofu wrap then you will end up deep fried.
  12. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    Steak pie.
  13. Devon Malcolm

    Peyton Royce Meltzer comments

    Poor men, they can never buy a break, can they.
  14. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    It shouldn't be in a chippy either but London chippies don't count anyway so I guess it fits.
  15. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    I still can't get over the nerve of someone going in a chippy and asking for halloumi. London is the worst.