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  1. Devon Malcolm

    Hulk Hemsworth

  2. Devon Malcolm

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    The Democrats plumping for a centrist mum like Kamala Harris would be a dangerous ploy to take considering what happened with Clinton and considering the progressives and genuine leftists that are entering the party and invigorating different demographics to become politically active, much like with Corbyn over here.
  3. Devon Malcolm

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I had to look up who Brandon Cutler is. He looks like a half-deflated Alex Shane.
  4. Devon Malcolm

    The Song Of The Day Thread

  5. Devon Malcolm

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Lindelof is the prime example of Mourinho's terrible last season and a half at United. He was bought because Mourinho wanted a centre-back who was more comfortable on the ball and could bring it out with confidence. So he brings him in and then doesn't let him play to his strengths at all. Then, earlier this season, he moans because he hasn't got any centre-backs who are comfortable playing out from the back. Mourinho fucks off, Solskjaer lets Lindelof play in the manner he's most comfortable and lo and behold, he's been superb the last two months. Imagine that. Any big club taking Mourinho on from now on would be mad.
  6. Devon Malcolm

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    He's alright to bung on near the end to defend at corners and stick in for cup matches you don't care about. But you can't even bring him on at the end to clobber clearances at so he can control them, win free kicks and waste time. Because despite all his bulk he seems to possess absolutely no strength at all and it was telling they preferred Sanchez at the end of the Chelsea match, who's about half his size and showed far more strength than Lukaku did in that role. Unless he's getting a diet of crosses or balls fed directly into his feet in a channel and a free sight of goal, he's useless.
  7. Devon Malcolm

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Why are these new lads on both shows? I'm so glad I only watch the odd PPV, this is all headache-inducing.
  8. Devon Malcolm

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    No he wasn't.
  9. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    Yeah, I'd be sending those chips back.
  10. Devon Malcolm

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I don't know the answers to your questions but I do know that he's crap and I hope he pisses off in the summer. Really good to see Solskjaer isn't feeling pressured to pick him because of his price tag. He was the only player last night who was bordering on useless.
  11. Devon Malcolm

    The Song Of The Day Thread

  12. Devon Malcolm

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    It's the improvement of the defence that has been most striking. Sure, Chelsea are basically a one man team at the moment but even Ashley Young and Chris Smalling look good right now. In fact, that might have been Smalling's best ever United performance last night. Everybody's rightly pointed out the goals and the attacking fluency, but the defending has been way better than Mourinho's bus-parking. Because there's such a thing as positive defending as well. My absolute favourite thing right now after every United win is to go on Twitter and find those making excuses for Mourinho, of which there are still many. Last night they were the trotting out the 'How was the second half any different from what Mourinho was doing?' one. Because we were 2-0 up and had something to defend, dipshits. This run under Solskjaer has almost immediately eliminated any prospect of revisionism of Mourinho's spell at United, which delights me greatly.
  13. Devon Malcolm

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Reading the results for this on Bleacher Report nearly put me to sleep. Why the fuck would anybody subject themselves to watching this terrible show.
  14. Devon Malcolm

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    The absolute state of this thread. Anyway. I don't normally watch this show but I did because I couldn't be arsed working tonight. Women's Chamber - Enjoyed this a lot. Best bit was the IIconics frantically covering everyone when they first got in. Bayley and Sasha were streets ahead of everyone else in there except maybe Sarah Logan, who looked really good as well. And is quite lovely. MizMoney vs The Usos - Never stop being a nutter, Shane. I like the Usos but they didn't really hit it off in this one, they need faster paced matches than this. It was alright though. Balor vs Lio and Lashley - "Tell you what, Finn, we'll give you the IC belt as a soz for ignoring you since you dragged Lesnar to a rare good 'un at the Rumble." Crap. Rousey vs Riott - What the fuck was the point of this match? An absolute waste of time. Ronda's outfit was good. As for the post-match angle, ok. Here's the thing. When Becky started hobbling out, there was no crowd reaction at all, because it was so stupid. When she started twatting them both, then they reacted! It was a bit of a dangerous looking bashing but they're grown women, they can handle themselves. It was great. I'm probably in a minority of preferring Charlotte to Becky but give her more stuff like this to do and I'm more sold. Strowman vs Corbin - It's 2019 and Vince still hasn't put the belt on a 350lb massive fucker. I can only assume Strowman shite in his jet or something. Does ANYBODY like Baron Corbin? And how the fuck hasn't McIntyre not been given the big one yet? He looks incredible. Men's Chamber - Probably the best Chamber match I've seen. The ending was logical, because surely you want Kofi vs Bryan at Mania. What kind of idiot would think this was the night to push the button? Nobody has any patience anymore. Everyone looked great, some cracking spots, and the crowd were superb. Overall I give it 6 surprisingly gratuitous shots of Mandy Rose's arse out of 10.
  15. Devon Malcolm

    UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion