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  1. God I love this channel. They're unearthing brilliant, unseen stuff like this even more frequently than ever. If you like Bill Forsyth's stuff then you'll definitely like this.
  2. Dune (cinema) So yeah, it's really good. As expected, with it being Denis. Would have preferred Blade Runner 2050 though.
  3. The being a billionaire thing not enough?
  4. Just like I did. Thank fuck.
  5. But I think article is a really good explanation as to why western actors can be perceived to be poor in Far Eastern films and TV too.
  6. The abuse he got since he set foot in that club has been fucking putrid. I hope Newcastle get relegated and their oil daddy is Mike Ashley under a mask.
  7. Night Teeth (Netflix) Netflix are doing better with their horror stuff and I rather enjoyed this. Trades more on style than its story but the cast are all ace (especially Lucy Fry) and it's a bit like a vampire Collateral. Shame about the shitty title though. Fear Street (Netflix) Wasn't expecting anything from these films at all but they were a blast, especially the 1978 one. It probably would have worked better as a TV series as all three films felt a bit stretched at times but they largely work well in their own right and the story connects together nicely over all three of them. Surprisingly good stuff. One Dark Night (YouTube) Low budget early 80s horror about Meg Tilly seeing out a night in a mausoleum as a hazing ritual. This was really great - relies on building up tension and features no jump scares and hardly any blood. Never heard of it before last night but it's one of the best things I've watched this month. The Borderlands Wouldn't expect any horror film with Gordon Kennedy (yes, that one) to be any cop but this really was. Probably didn't need to be found footage in nature but the story's well built and the ending is great. Kennedy was really good too, bizarrely! The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Disliked the first two Conjuring films, absolutely detested this. James Wan's determined to run horror into the ground with his jump scare shit, the absolute bell. Vera Farmiga deserves better than this, but I think everyone does.
  8. Can confirm Halloween Kills is absolutely miserable. Like, it's not even just a case of a sequel not being good, it's just actively terrible. How can this have been made by the same people? Nobody's innocent either.
  9. This is actually a common issue in Far Eastern cinema and TV. I'm not sure why that is, I wonder if it's the same when a Korean or Japanese character is in an American or British film.
  10. And has been pointed out, don't use the [CC] subtitles as apparently they're quite badly translated.
  11. That's right, yes. And I think there's a hint early on that there's a heavy police presence in the masked guys so that's clearly to be explored in series 2, along with the whole recruitment process.
  12. So I think it's really good fun, this. Just finished watching it with my 14yo last night but they've not come out of their bedroom or talked since 067 carked it. I think the serious messages in it are pretty heavy-handed and nothing that hasn't been said before, but the set design on this thing is stunning and the seizure-inducing Night of the Stabbings episode is some of the best telly I've seen for ages. Balances a satisfactory ending with a fairly open-ended one as well.
  13. Show me everything, I can handle myself. https://ukm.propstoreauction.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/299/lot/80221/?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F299%2F
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