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  1. One of the few voices around that time who wasn't buying the English football superiority complex either. I always quite enjoyed Terry Venables doing this sort of thing too.
  2. Something Wild Such a weird little gem this. Between this and Married to the Mob, Jonathan Demme made two of the most offbeat and brilliant romcoms of the 80s. Far more interesting than The Silence of the Lambs and most of the stuff he made thereafter. The Man with the Golden Arm (Prime) Was Frank Sinatra a better actor than singer? Maybe, Clive, maybe. This isn't even his best performance but certainly *one* of his best. Rare to see a film around this time tackle drug addiction so head-on but it's unflinching and the cold turkey scene is better than the Trainspotting one too. McVicar Roger Daltrey, in prison, with his fellow inmates chanting at a nonce "Sex case, sex case, hang him, hang him, hang him!" And it wasn't even Pete Townshend. Sudden Fear (1952) (ok.ru) Quite brilliant noir where Joan Crawford makes the mistake of pissing off Jack Palance. Then again, he then makes the mistake of pissing her off. A match made in heaven! Some incredible silent acting in this, and a fittingly bleak ending. One of the best things I've watched this year. The Blue Dahlia (ok.ru) Impossible for me to think badly of anything starring Veronica Lake, but this is one of the best earlier noirs regardless. Alan Ladd's a right old plank of wood as ever but the support cast and the storyline are spot on. Pool of London (Talking Pictures TV) Notable for being the first British film to feature a black actor (Earl Cameron) in a leading role, and the first to feature an interracial romance. Basil Dearden was usually at the forefront of progressive cinema in his day, and this is socially conscious as well as being a great character study and crime drama. Well worth catching when it next does the TPTV rounds.
  3. This is just patently not true. I mean, they're not hitting their Up / Inside Out / Wall-E heights but Toy Story 4, Onward, Coco and Finding Dory have all been perfectly decent films by anyone's standards.
  4. Happened across this on YouTube earlier. Not so much the game I'm interested in, that we all know about, but Jimmy Hill's pundtry afterwards, which is so ahead of its time about the failings of English football. Really interesting.
  5. It obviously wasn't going to do as well but it still made a profit during a pandemic. By the same logic and by Marvel's usual business, so would Black Widow.
  6. Fast 9 has done $630 million so far so they would have been fine.
  7. https://screenrant.com/cruella-movie-emma-stone-disney-lawsuit-rumors-updates/ Ahh fantastic. Also rumours that Emily Blunt will be next. The Rock won't follow suit though because I think he might be a bastard, unfortunately.
  8. He's definitely had his moments. Oxygen was pretty good (on Netflix), The Hills Have Eyes was really good, and Switchblade Romance was great until one of the worst twists in cinema history. And Piranha 3D!
  9. Sequel coming soon too! Same director but different location, so no Kaya unfortunately.
  10. Additionally, old people that go upstairs on the bus and insist on doddering down the stairs when it's still in motion. A consistently terrifying sight.
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