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  1. Whatever happened to white dog poo!
  2. He's been a victim of Spurs' success going forward this season. They haven't needed him that much so he hasn't had a chance to shine. Thankfully for you lot, nether has Janssen been needed much.
  3. Tee hee. N'Koudou is a superb talent anyway. He's barely been given a chance this season for Spurs fans to label him as a failure.
  4. Clue's in the question.
  5. I do believe that is the first woman nominated in this thread. #NotAllMen
  6. My post count stayed the same and as I didn't really start posting until about 2009, that's probably the case.
  7. I hated Sightseers and every one of his films aside from A Field In England, so I'd say so. Free Fire really is very little like any of his other films, which I think is a very good thing.
  8. Yes, I've heard some good things about that, must stick it on at some point. Do not stick on Viral though because it's fucking shite. Just like most Blumhouse films. Free Fire was absolutely great fun though, far and away Ben Wheatley's best film to date.
  9. And the UKFF made a face.
  10. I honestly can't think of anything more joyless than watching Rory McLeod play snooker.
  11. Oh dear How about The Big Show then?
  12. A wrestling version of this would be interesting but in lieu of that, how about Kane? Never hear anything but love for him when he crops up in interviews and shoots.
  13. Yeah, it's almost as if I wrote that hoping he'd see it on one of his regular visits to a wrestling forum and proceeded to see the error of his ways.
  14. He's James Corden. That's his crime, it's also his punishment.
  15. Said like a true Eagle!