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  1. It's a sign of how great Pet Shop Boys are that even Williams couldn't drag them down on No Regrets, easily his best song.
  2. The porn star Dillion Harper was completely ruined from the moment I saw someone say she looked like Seth MacFarlane.
  3. Murder, My Sweet (nefarious means) Did a double-bill of two early noirs yesterday, and this remains one of the greatest of all time. Always thought Dick Powell was a better Philip Marlowe than Humphrey Bogart, so that might explain why this is my favourite Raymond Chandler adaptation. This Gun for Hire (nefarious means) Veronica Lake shone so brightly so early in her life that it might have been inevitable she burnt out so quickly. But what a performance this was, the highlight of a still very good noir. Prick Up Your Ears (YouTube) Superb biography of Joe Orton and the lover who murdered him. Very funny and a great insight into his work and career, maybe Gary Oldman's best ever performance too. Comfort and Joy (Prime) Absolutely wonderful comedy about a radio DJ who gets caught up in a turf war in Glasgow between two ice cream companies. What a great actor Bill Paterson is, and what a great director Bill Forsyth was.
  4. The local paper shop that used to rent them out did this as well. Our local video shop before that was Budget Video. I used to go every Saturday afternoon when I was 12 and 13 and rent out The Goonies and Predator on rotation every other weekend. Copped a load of cheap videos off them when they closed down and the shop was turned into a dentist.
  5. Panenka! In the raffle for these.
  6. This column of yours should be some read.
  7. The Aggression Scale (Prime) From the director of Escape Plan 2! Not quite as awful but not far off. Essentially, it's Becky except shit. Don't fucking bother. Raiders of the Lost Ark (nefarious means) Still the greatest action-adventure film ever made, not that this needed confirming. How did Indy know that bullet wouldn't pass through that swordsman and hit an innocent bystander though? Ratatouille (nefarious means because fuck Disney) I've now almost watched all of Pixar's reportedly best films, of which this is definitely one. Brad Bird is absolutely ace, what a brilliant director and artist, he is. Pixar make films I wish I could have seen as a kid.
  8. He was superb in The Favourite as well. He also did a good little actioner called Collide a couple of years ago that sunk without trace, but well worth seeing, also for @Scott Malbranque favourite Felicity Jones.
  9. The Station episode where Kurtan prank calls Kerry's mum had me falling about. You could sense it was going to be hilarious even before she picked up.
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