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  1. @David might be able to help you. Also, doesn't @simonworden live in Thailand or something?
  2. While you're around, popular opinion states that the downvotes option should be returned forthwith, sir.
  3. Can personally recommend anything and everything from Pepe's on Wilmslow Road.
  4. When they score at home, Austrian second tier side Blau-WeiĂź Linz celebrate with Edge's theme music.
  5. Quite like the stats though. Taken from the #EATCLEAN thread so we can see who's the fattest bastard.
  6. Hard Boiled (YouTube) Still the greatest. And never forget the brilliant cast this thing has, which helps it immensely. Legitimately changed my life when I first saw it back in 1993 on Sky Movies, I genuinely had no idea films were allowed to be like this. A gateway film to foreign language cinema and beyond. It's incredible. Rumble in the Bronx (DailyMotion) Jackie's non-Hong Kong films deserve more respect. There's some amazing stuff in this and I love how, because he fucked his leg up, they decided to just have a massive hovercraft chase for the ending instead of his usual br
  7. Can't believe the third biggest club in the world is going to sell one of its best players.
  8. Rage (Prime) Gary Daniels, a primary school teacher, is turned into an unwitting killing machine by a group of far right mercenaries. Which sounds great in itself but doesn't come close to explaining just how great this whole thing. Stupid, unquestionably, but also genuinely funny and knowingly so and, most importantly, featuring some absolutely great action scenes and stunts. Bloody great. The Devil All the Time (Netflix) A miserable, shit and just thoroughly pointless and endless load of old bollocks. Robert Pattinson must hate himself to keep getting cast in stuff he's way to
  9. It's brilliant. Don't read anything else about it!
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