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  1. Wrestling had moved on significantly in WWF between the Quebecers' two spells. Has it moved on significantly between 2014 and 2019?
  2. I don't remember their comeback *at all*. Sounds like I dodged a bullet.
  3. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    How many wedges of lemon have you been served with your beans on toast?
  4. Drove me mad. Then sometimes he'd get a fucking repeat on Wrestling Challenge. Or maybe it was a different match, who could tell.
  5. In my mind there's never been anything irrational about all the wrestlers I've hated. Right back to Adam Bomb, who seemed to have the same fucking match for about 189 Superstars in a row. Jack Evans looked like the sort of hilarious bastard who would ruin your game of footy at lunch break if he didn't get a penalty by picking it up and booting it into the gardens. Konnan threw his shoe at people. Baron Corbin had no right being on telly with that hairline. All perfectly rational.
  6. Punk's better off without. He's been Colt Cabana's meal ticket for years now. I mean, Punk's a tosser himself but at least he's aware of it whereas Cabana is blissfully unaware of how insufferable he is.
  7. Does CM Punk not strike you as the type of person who has complete control of everything he does in his life and career right now? There's absolutely no way he's just letting someone use his name for publicity. He's known Ace Steel and Dave Prazak for donkey's years. Claiming that it's him and it's not makes no sense at all, you might as well just use him if he's masked. Personally I think it's the sort of surprise wrestling needs more of, as much as I've soured on Punk over the years.
  8. Watched The Baytown Outlaws tonight. Might have been good if the director didn't try and make half of it a shitty arsed Tarantino knock-off.
  9. Yeah but that was a Scorsese religion film, this will have people's faces being scraped off.
  10. Oh don't worry, he's still at it as well.
  11. And I'm out. I'm fortunate with Dragged Across Concrete, there's one showing locally at 11am on Thursday so I'll just about catch it. Think it will be the longest film I've seen at the cinema since the second Lord of the Rings film.
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