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  1. I'll hate it if it's Stephanie. I can't see past the Angle/Vince trying to oust Triple H/Stephanie suggestion HarmonicGenerator made.
  2. I'm getting a bit of a Matt Smith vibe moreso than Preston.
  3. Just got back from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Other than the last battle scene suffering from the 'too much CGI happening and I can't really make out what's going on' issue, I thought it was great. The Peter Parker high-school bits were especially good. Easily the best Spidey film since the original. Never understood the love for the second film though. Alfred Molina's bloody crap in it.
  4. When he can be arsed, Brock really does make his opponents look like a million bucks doesn't he? Turning beetroot for Joe, throwing himself around the ring for Show a few years back and the way he sold the spear for Goldberg. He's fucking great, Brock is.
  5. Judging by the reaction of everybody in the ring, I'd guess that she just completely forgot her line and thought the best thing to do would be to repeat Charlotte's line back at her. Terrible/amazing moment.
  6. 25/30. I still feel physically sick everytime I see that smelly fucker Marcus.
  7. I hate the sequence, but I think Sydal celebrating was more 'yes, I've finally got the cunt down!' than celebrating their shitty little spot-fest.
  8. Chuffed about the Ranallo situation, he is much more suited to NXT and Philips to main shows than vice versa. I actually thought they'd originally keep Ranallo as a 205 Live-only commentator, but I guess that would still mean having to be around JBL.
  9. Didn't he say in the promo he faked the attack on himself to watch Enzo suffer some more?
  10. Praying now that the Goldust toilet reveal will happen.
  11. I'm not a fan of these Drew McIntyre squash matches. After that first belting match with Lorcan, they should've put him straight into a competitive storyline. Just seems they're killing time by having him beat jobbers in boring matches, until they have something decent for him. It's completely the opposite with Aleister Black, I'm loving him and his squashes. After Takeover:Orlando I wasn't arsed about Black and was marking out for Drew but that's completely changed over the last month. Bit shit, the show this week.
  12. Just for something different, I'd have Kofi be the one who turns heel. Maybe pull an injury angle with Big E which means Kofi and Xavier have to go a few weeks of chasing/defending the titles without him. Xavier as the weak link keeps losing the match for them until Kofi snaps and beats fuck out of Xavier. This goes on for around a month (where Kofi can cut promos saying he was always the star, while Big E still isn't around) culminating in a match at PPV where new aggressive heel Kingston makes relatively short work of Woods and continues beating on him after the bell until Big E makes the save to a massive babyface pop. As far as I can remember, Kofi has never had a proper heel run so it would be fresh at least. After that, fuck knows what you do with them. Woods to 205 Live and the other two get lost in the 50/50 quagmire.
  13. It was a public vote done through their website.
  14. Love his Daily Mirror-sponsored shirt. Sips his pint like a pussy though.
  15. Anything that is more up to date than their beloved nu-rock. Something that is actually in now, like EDM. Or something that fits the tone of NXT, maybe some punk or hardcore similar to Aleister Black's theme. I remember they did an advert for the Network in like 2011 and it stood out because they used dubstep, which at the time was relevant. They're so out of touch when it comes to music usually.