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  1. I can't see digital downloads still getting an early release once everything settles down. There might be a period of a few months where studios toy with it, but I can imagine piracy putting a massive dent into profits (especially at the prices they are expecting people to pay) and studios reverting to the old model before long. It's a shame as I'd love more movies to become available for download alongside a cinema release, but I really can't see that many people putting £15-20 down on a 2 day rental of a movie when they can torrent it for fuck all and keep it forever.
  2. @Gay as FOOK Get ready to start pulling your hair out over some of Crash's later stages. The first two are so much harder than I remembered. Got 100% on those over the last few weeks, gonna have a blast on something else for a while before I get stuck into Crash 3.
  3. I have to believe there's some mass delusion going on here and WWE is so sterile and stale that anything they present differently gets rave reviews, because I'm with @Cannibal Man - that Boneyard match was pure Broken Hardy shite. It was like watching the Kickpuncher movies from Community. Dire. Maybe I'm just a miserable fart though!
  4. @WyattSheepMask I didn't mind the tag going long but I do agree regarding Kenny, I'd like to see him handily beating a few of these guys to establish him as a top-tier star. I just think he prides himself on going 20-30 minutes and putting on these 'epics' regardless of the opponent, unfortunately. Archer murdering Stunt was a highlight, too.
  5. I thought the Moxley/Hager video package was great stuff actually. Made me excited to see a match I previously wasn't arsed about. @WyattSheepMask I can't see Kenny Omega smashing anyone. His whole schtick is going 20 minutes with tons of nearfalls. Even in the early days of AEW he was going 20 minutes with people like Cima. He could probably do with a few squash matches to get him over as a big deal to the more general audience, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. First half of the bracket being revealed on tonights Dark, apparently.
  7. I rewatched the Shelter episode on Netflix recently and I'd forgot just how brilliant Grandad is during that speech. Surprisingly they also left in the paki shop joke.
  8. Really enjoyed the first two episodes of the Mandalorian! I'd completely forgot about Nick Nolte and Werner fuckin Herzog being in it so they were a great surprise.
  9. Just seen AEW on Twitter saying the Matt Hardy teleporting stuff was drone trickery, not magic. Which seems to be them realising how fucking stupid it was and taking steps to explain it. Hopefully they take a few more steps in the right direction and bin the Broken stuff before long.
  10. Question about The Mandalorian; Do I need much Star Wars knowledge to get it? Or can I jump in pretty cold? For clarity, I've only ever watched the films once (except Force Awakens which I've watched twice, and Rise of Skywalker which I've not watched at all), and I'm not really a massive fan of them outside Force Awakens, Solo and TLJ which I thought were ace. Not that keen on the original trilogy and thought the prequels were garbage. So I don't really have much knowledge of the universe at all, so will this impact Mandalorian? I can't be arsed watching it if I need to google a load of plot.
  11. All of his 'supernatural' bits have been shit too. I've never understood this wank obsession wrestling has with magic characters.
  12. I didn't mind the Brodie Lee stuff and looking forwards to seeing where it goes. Matt Hardy though. Fucking hell he is shit. My old man walked in the room during his promo and I wished I had a gay porn on instead. This Broken stuff has always been fucking embarassing and I've got no faith in AEW, whose management consists of Hardy Boyz marks, to rein Matt in. Inner Circle vs Elite is a blood feud and Matt being tacked on just doesn't fit at all. Rubbish.
  13. Release order is the only way that makes sense really. Skip episodes 1-3 if you're not that arsed because they are mostly gash.
  14. Anyone played COD: Warzone? I've not played a Call of Duty game since the original Modern Warfare but saw Warzone was free-to-play and thought I'd give it a go. I'm shit. Every other player just seems faster, has better aim and knows what they're doing whereas I'm running around like a headless chicken getting sniped everytime I pop my head out a door. The best I've done is come 27th and that was only because I nicked a jeep and sped off everytime there was a bit of trouble.
  15. Do you find London interesting? If so, you're in it.
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