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  1. I'm bloody glad you don't have the book.
  2. I wasn't a massive fan of it. Squandered a good cast and premise. One of those films that wasn't entirely sure what it wanted to be. On a related note, for everything Warren Beatty has done and seen in Hollywood, he's a really fucking boring interview.
  3. I've had around 30 lessons and never heard of it!
  4. Everybody is over after time off. Alberto got a great pop at Hell In A Cell.
  5. To be fair, New Age Outlaws said similar things about him and were welcomed back so I wouldn't say a 3rd Alberto run is out of the question.
  6. Ah right, I wasn't aware he had retweeted people slagging off JBL. Fair point then. I'm still hoping that it was more a case of JBL being ignorant of Ranallo's bi-polar and taking a joke too far, as opposed to actual bullying. I know JBL has been a knob in the past but I thought he would've changed now WWE is a more corporate environment.
  7. Or he might be telling the truth and the whole 'JBL is a bully' thing was completely blown out of proportion. Just checking through Mauro's Twitter. Does he retweet every single positive thing somebody says about him? Fuck that. Wasn't a massive fan of his commentary anyway, was much too similar to Matt Striker's 'references to please the smarks' shit for my liking. Although he was good on the CWC and seemed a decent bloke, I won't miss him too much.
  8. Not been a big fan of Wheatley's previous films but Free Fire does look great. Sightseers was rubbish. I just watched low-budget black-and-white horror The Eyes Of My Mother. Doesn't entirely work and doesn't contain anything you haven't seen before, but there are some genuinely creepy moments in it. And it's only 1 hour 16 minutes too! Lovely to see at a time when most films seem to be pushing 2+ hours.
  9. I haven't watched much TNA in the last few years so have seen very little of the Broken Hardyz stuff and don't really get it; is it just them pair acting twisted/deranged or does it have any supernatural elements at all? Because I fucking hate supernatural gimmicks. If so, inbetween Broken Hardyz, Demon King and Bray cunting Wyatt, I'll have to fuck Raw off.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode, apart from the shitty Ruby Riot (don't like her) / Nikki Cross (don't like her) stuff. I fucking loved McIntyre when he was last in WWE, until they made him a full-on job guy (and even then he had the odd cracker on Superstars and a decent match against Orton on Raw, iirc), so I was happy to see him back as I don't watch much TNA/BritWres. Fuck me, what a return that was. It helps I'm a fan of Lorcan's stiff style anyway but him and Drew beating the shit out of each other was great. McIntyre vs Roode is going to be great if they go that route. I assumed they were going to do something different with this Dylan Miley bloke, as it seemed odd he shook DIY's hand at the start of the match then by the end was a generic monster heel. Not sure where they're going, or if they can pull it off, but he's got a great look and seemed decent enough from the little time he was in the ring. Hopefully they don't fuck him up. Not entirely sold on Black yet, but interested in seeing more of him. Would've liked this to take place at Takeover though as his debut - I love Cien and think he's too good to be used to put new signings over.
  11. No you wouldn't.
  12. I finally finished Iron Fist tonight. I only put up with it because I've invested so much time in the MCU now (and to be fair, have enjoyed 95% of what they've done) that I felt I had to watch it before the Defenders. I loved Daredevil and really enjoyed both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but this wasn't very good at all, was it? Even more boring than Agent Carter season 2. The origin story is ridiculous even by comic book standards. But I'm not a massive fan of martial arts films/TV anyway, so it was always gonna have a hard time impressing me. Still looking forwards to the Defenders though. 4 good Netflix series out of 5 isn't bad.
  13. Reigns, Angle, Revival and Goldberg were great but I agree with Pitcos in that the rest was really weak. As good a Mania moment as it was, it took me precisely one day to get bored of Hardyz sloppy tag-team offence and pretending they're still 18. I think Emma looks like one of the coolest people on the roster but the 6-woman tag was same old. Lesnar/Heyman/Strowman did nothing for me, it was yet another predictable Heyman promo with the obvious 'TITLE MATCH TONIGHT?!' fake-out leading to a complete dud of a segment. And Balor's return just seemed wasted in that completely generic tag main event. I love Balor's look, I think he's a charismatic good-looking fucker and looks cool as shit coming down with his leather jacket opened up, but as soon as the bell rings my interest in him disappears. He just does a bunch of moves that other people on the roster already do better than him. Plus, him getting painted up for main events is cool in theory but this idea that it opens up a whole new 'Demon King' supernatural element to him is the kind of thing I hate in wrestling. Jinder vs Zayn seemed so out of place on this show too. The only purpose it served was for the announcers to talk about next week's draft for 5 minutes. They could've just showed the graphic again instead of this. I don't wanna be too down though, so let me just say that opening Reigns segment was utterly wonderful. I can't be arsed for another Lesnar title run where he never shows up - get the belt on Roman now.
  14. I think a lot of the reaction is incredibly harsh, and the main criticism seems to be the length of the show. Can't say I agree at all. It was obvious looking at the amount of matches on the card that it was going to be a long night. It didn't feel overly long to me though, especially not compared to that abortion of a Mania last year. The only thing on the show I actively disliked was Orton/Wyatt and the projector stuff, that was terrible. But I've hated the feud all the way through, it's one of the worst main-event feuds in a long time - up there with Rollins vs Kane a few years back. So I wasn't expecting much from it anyway and it ended up being my piss-break in the end. HHH vs Rollins stole the show, I thought. I know Rollins isn't liked on here and his booking has been abysmal, but credit to him, he's still over. Steph through the table was a great spot, although I don't like her getting her comeuppance once a year at Mania (after the Reigns spear last year) then castrating the rest of the roster for the other 51 weeks of the year. Cena/Nikki stuff was lovely. Fuck the haters. About time Fat Taker fucked off.