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  1. Adama Traore would win the lot while dribbling a ball, before trying to slot it into an empty goal and sending it into Row Z instead.
  2. I remember being home from Uni one weekend and putting Royal Rumble 2010 on. I think as it's the first time I'd been home in a few months my old man wanted to spend a bit of time with me, so had a go of sitting through this wrestling bollocks he usually hated. The first match was Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson. 'There's no way the white lad can beat the black one in a fight'. Ten minutes later after Christian wins; 'I'm going down the pub'.
  3. You're having a laugh. It's a testment to how good the video package is that everyone is forgetting Kane has been fucking terrible, fast-forward material for 95% of his career.
  4. Wrong Turn is really quite poor, which is a shame as there are the bones of a good film in there somewhere (mostly involving Matthew Modine). Changing the nature of the villains and adding some political overtones just isn't necessary in a franchise that is built on people getting killed in the woods by mutants. It feels like two different films got mashed together in the edit at times, and the last 10 minutes is dreadful. Yes Day got shat on a lot but it's a perfectly decent family movie. I do have a soft spot for those types of films though as it's the kind of thing I used to watch with my m
  5. They've had two years to come up with a name for Roode/Ziggler and the best they could do was Dirty Dawgs?!
  6. You just knew they were trying to drag the movie out to reach that 4 hour mark as soon as they did a slow-mo scene of Lois Lane walking out of a coffee shop.
  7. I'm really enjoying the performances in Falcon & Winter Soldier, and I'm liking how it gives us more time exploring Sam and Bucky beyond just being Steves mates. But the actual storytelling is so clunky it keeps pulling me out of it. @Mr_Danger Wash that Anthony Mackie diss out of your mouth!
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