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  1. I just watch AEW at the moment. I used to watch every single WWE show without fail for around 10 years straight. Even the Divas season of NXT! I didn't gradually fall out of love with it either. I watched Wrestlemania this year, thought it was dogshit, got incredibly bored during the Raw and Smackdown following it and just stopped. I've caught a few highlights since but nothing has given me the urge to tune in again full-time. I'll be honest, the whole Ashley Massaro and Saudi shit-show situations this year also left a bad taste in my mouth regarding WWE. Not to the point where I'll swear to never watch again, but just enough for me to think 'AEW will scratch the itch for now'. Probably be a full-time viewer again once Scarlett Bordeaux debuts.
  2. My most-listened to artist this year actually is Taylor Swift and I've never been prouder.
  3. First one that Vince hasn't sexually assaulted in a limo, anyway. ALLEGEDLY.
  4. Seems that they reuploaded it, just with the matches in a different order. Strange.
  5. The one with Omega vs Evans? Pretty sure I watched this last Wednesday.
  6. Hope they do one with Shankly going 'Gomez isnt good enough and Henderson is shit!' next time they lose a game, in keeping with their fanbase.
  7. Ranallo's commentary isn't 'putting fillings in a different order' though. It's 'shitting all over the burgers then doing massive shits all over his colleagues burgers too'. It's difficult when it comes to criticising him as you don't want to join in with the kicking of somebody who obviously suffers with his mental health. However, his commentary is the fucking pits and anybody else would be called out on it. Graves is probably in the wrong for airing his opinion so publicly, but the whole thing has been blown massively out of proportion.
  8. The whole point of the stipulation was that Cody wasn't comfortable with challenging for the title while he's a part of management, so I'd imagine they'll do an angle eventually where Cody can challenge for the title again but has to give up his executive position to do so. Probably a decent way to write-off on-air authority figures if that's the way they want to go - Cody drops the executive role (in kayfabe) and they can just say Khan runs everything.
  9. I'm really enjoying Atypical at the moment. I know I'm not the target audience at all but it's such a sweet, warm comfort blanket of a TV show.
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