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  1. @Shy Dad I don't know the actual answer, but just from personal experience there was a woman down my local last night with an exemption card who didn't wear a mask and the gaffer seemed happy enough with that.
  2. Frances Tophill, who is in some shite gardening show with Titchmarsh.
  3. And get him signing off promos with "sufferin' succotash!"
  4. Finally got around to seeing I'm Thinking Of Ending Things, which I was looking forward to because I loved Anomalisa. Don't think I've hated a film so much since Aronofsky's Mother.
  5. Nah, I think he would've mentioned it if that were the case.
  6. @Devon Malcolm on here a few months back pointing out Dillion Harper looks like Seth MacFarlane has completely ruined knocking one out to her.
  7. Daniel Craig's new role is a bit weird;
  8. Richard Stanley also said a glow-in-the-dark ouija board told him to write The Mother Of Toads so at the very least he's a bit of a loon.
  9. Three times now I've been first on Fall Mountain, jumped, grabbed the crown and it's given the win to the person who has grabbed the crown after me. The game is definitely broken in places but it's too much fun to really care that much.
  10. Both of those things were infinitely more watchable than Johnny Gargano.
  11. I've been convinced for a while that he's just The Miz. A great mid-card gobshite heel who can occasionally flirt with the main event but looks massively out of place headlining a big show. I reckon in a few years his act will have matured and he'll be ready for the main-event scene they're clearly grooming him for, but right now it's way too soon for him to be headlining one of their biggest shows of the year.
  12. I can see it now. McGregor comes in and the plan is for him to dominate for a year then put somebody over big on his last night, cementing a new full-time star. WWE would decide Matt Riddle is the guy who should get the big win and then have him go over by a fluky roll-up in a triple threat match with Baron Corbin.
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