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  1. https://www.xpres.co.uk/p-7646-transfer-remover-spray-400ml.aspx That spray usually does the job. However it's hit and miss as to whether the print comes off cleanly or leaves a nasty mark behind rendering the removal pointless.
  2. Grave of the Fireflies is missing too, sadly. I've only ever seen My Neighbour Totoro so looking forwards to getting stuck into the rest.
  3. His flipping neckbreaker thing suits him as a heel much more too. Should've gone with that instead.
  4. Morrison was a lot less sloppy in-ring than his previous WWE run but fucking hell, Starship Pain is still an atrocious finisher.
  5. Edge is a great example of looking back at wrestling with rose-tinted glasses. It's easy to remember the TLC matches, the Cena and Undertaker feuds and see him as ace. But that's ignoring the interminably shit feuds he had with the likes of Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Swagger, Big Show and Jericho. For every decent program he had he'd follow it up with 6 months of shite. It's probably the bookings fault more than his own, but it sours me on him anyway. Not to forget he had the shittest Spear going.
  6. Octopussy is great fun. The circus section alone is way more entertaining than anything Brosnan did (outside of Tomorrow Never Dies which I love).
  7. I've been rewatching all of these with No Time To Die coming next year, only got Skyfall and Spectre left. I actually enjoy the vast majority of them, with the exception of Goldeneye and Die Another Day which are both fucking boring, and Quantum of Solace which is just a mess. No idea why some of the later Moore efforts get such a bad rep.
  8. This thread feels incomplete without @CleetusVanDamme My picks; 1) Scotty 2 Hotty - I picked this last year because I'm genuinely surprised they haven't done a Worm-off with him and Otis yet. 2) AJ Lee - Wouldn't surprise me now they're cosying up to Punk 3) Prince Iaukea - Vince trying to capitalise on Prince's death a few years after the fact.
  9. I thought that was an excellent show. First time watching NXT UK since around a year ago and pretty much everyone impressed me, except Les Dennis who is the least threatening big guy ever. Bate/Devlin was superb. It's almost sickening watching two lads with that combination of youth, talent and good looks. Triple H looking on like a proud dad was lovely. I really liked the main event too, much more than the Coffey/Dunne or Walter/Dunne matches. Not sure what it is about Coffey but at times he reminds me of a young Triple H in the way he carries himself. Hope he eventually gets a run with the belt.
  10. Those utter bastards, having the nerve to get nominated for awards 😡
  11. I watched it. There's nothing on the show that's actively bad like the Lana shit on Raw (other than Bray Wyatt who will always be dross for me) but it's just the most lazy, by the numbers booking imagineable. It's every WWE trope of the past 15 years boiled down to one show. There are some bright spots though. Miz/Morrison will be a welcome addition to the tag title scene and the Otis/Mandy stuff is enjoyable.
  12. Next time I'm suffering from mental health issues, I'll definitely take a look at how fortunate we are in the UK compared to other countries and that will cheer me right up. Can't believe I didn't think of that before! Unless the other country I look at is Finland ☚ī¸
  13. Yeah, I wasn't a massive fan of Claes Bang's performance either. He was decent at times, other times he veered dangerously close to David Walliams camp.
  14. I watched the second episode he was on. Funnily enough, he toned down the anti-WWE shit when he was sitting next to Corbin.
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