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    Chippy Tea

    Fuck about Butch. Proper gannet's meal that.
  2. Is it only me who finds Becky Lynchs Twitter act cringeworthy?
  3. Yeah, that's on there. Never seen the Harry Enfield series until now and it really is dogshit.
  4. Men Behaving Badly has been added to Netflix over the last few days. Martin Clunes really does have one of the oddest faces in the history of television. It's not aged particularly well at all. Other than the theme which is still fucking great.
  5. Had no idea about Lynch/Rollins or Ricochet/Kacy. Can see Kacy doing well in the future so hopefully this is a decent showcase for her.
  6. I pretty much completely agree with @Accident Prone. When she's got something to sink her teeth into shes probably my favourite woman on the entire roster. But the short title reigns, never really giving her a sustained run with the belt, the dreadful on-off shit with Bayley and Corey Graves actively trashing her on commentary all add up to make her feel like a failure. I can completely understand why she would be frustrated.
  7. Those last two posts have really warmed the cockles of my heart. Lovely stuff.
  8. I'd love to see Murphy get a chance on the main roster, but I think it would kill 205 for me. There's probably only Cedric, Gulak and Gallagher I'm arsed about other than Murphy, and some of the guys they're featuring at the moment (Kanellis, Humberto) really don't do anything for me. No idea who they're going to position as Nese's first challenger as it seems we've seen him vs everybody else a million times already. Nese/Lorcan maybe?
  9. If you're not completely burned out on wrestling so far this week, this show featured a class Nese/Murphy rematch. And a long-overdue face turn for Jack Gallagher who I really couldn't get invested in as a heel.
  10. Cheers for that, I'll add it to the watchlist. Toby Jones is one of those actors I could watch in absolutely anything.
  11. That Lacey Evans/Becky Lynch brawl was well class.
  12. Maybe it was the lack of sleep combined with being pissed as a fart, but for the first 10 seconds of that baseball video package I was convinced it was CM Punk returning. Then my mate told me to stop being a twat and I came to my senses.
  13. Jeff Hardy. Never liked him, no matter how many tall structures he flings himself off. Looks like a gimp, shit promo, the weakest, sloppiest offence in main event history. Boggles my mind how he has managed to get over and stay over for so long because he does absolutely nothing for me.
  14. The only time my dad ever stopped reading his newspaper to watch wrestling was during Nash vs HHH, Hell in a Cell. Which proves Big Kev = ratings. By the time Triple H got the toolbox out he was giggling like a madman.
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