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  1. I hate the 'its no surprise they're right-wing racist/homophobic/daft cunts, look at where they come from' argument used when talking about people like Taker/Lesnar/Styles personal and political views. Like the fact he had an old-fashioned tough upbringing in Texas excuses what he says and thinks in 2021. They've spent years and years on the road with people from all walks of life, shared a locker room with people of all colours, nationalities and backgrounds. If that isn't enough to open up their narrow blinkered world-view then quite frankly they're either thick as fuck or nasty, spiteful pe
  2. He's probably getting the hate for being a daft old insecure right-wing cunt but let's not split hairs.
  3. Adama is a right headache. On his day he's unplayable and makes opposition defences look silly, but his end product and decision-making leaves a lot to be desired. He'd seemed to sort out those issues last season but then he faltered again. Until recently he'd gone something like 20 games without a goal or an assist, which isn't good enough for someone who regularly leaves defences in his dust. He's a right sulker too. He had to fill in at RB for us a few times at the start of the season and he had a face like a slapped arsed for it.
  4. The Headbangers getting that Smackdown gig in 2016 was bizarre as fuck, but I enjoyed it. Spirit Squad started showing up around the same time too. It's like they were just pulling names out of a hat marked 'old tag teams that are still alive'.
  5. I noticed him being utter shit in a tag match last week, but he didn't get to do much. He got way too much offense in this week against Sammy though. And for a highflyer, he doesn't half take an age to climb the ropes. Some of these AEW lads need to be less generous, Sammy should be beating him in 3 minutes tops. I am a little bit obsessed with these random job guys AEW keeps using. It's a look at the US indie scene that I'd never usually get otherwise. My current fave is the Tyson Kidd rip-off.
  6. This is a fantastic post and something I've felt for a while but just never been able to put into words. Going back and watching old wrestling, we know where everything is going and where everyone ends up. We don't have to worry about booking decisions, people being held down and things not making sense. As wrestling fans, we don't afford ourselves the luxury of enjoying current stuff nearly as much because we're all so caught up in 'where is this going?' 'They're going to fuck this up arn't they?' 'Why isn't Johnny Kickpads getting this win?' It's why judging current wrestling next to ol
  7. It's been mentioned on here before, but I really like Varsity Blondes just because they've got that WCW Worldwide 1993 vibe.
  8. @air_raid It does seem worse than ever this season, and the knee-jerk reactions seep down to the supporters too. It's not just the top six teams. I only really read about Wolves, but a few months back Nuno won 'Manager of the month' and there were articles about if we could make another challenge for Europe. Since then we've had injuries to some of our most important players and a lot of our team is made up of unproven teenagers, and predictably the results have suffered. Now there are articles calling for Nuno to get the sack and asking where it all went wrong? Football journalism is lazy at
  9. Rene Duprees 'Cafe de Rene' was absolute filth.
  10. This weeks Road To does a cracking job again of building up some of the matches. Proper hyped for Darby/Cage and especially Pac/Kingston after this. WHO THE FUCK DO YA THINK YA WINKING AT EH?!
  11. It was mentioned on here not long back, but the celebrity involvement I always forget about is Evander Holyfield vs Matt Hardy. I do love reading old WWE reports and finding mention of mad storylines that never went anywhere and got dropped never to be mentioned again. They've had a fair few the past couple of years. Equally mental yet completely forgettable. Shit like Erick Rowan's pet spider, Maria Kanellis cuckolding Mike, Mojo Rawley shouting into a mirror and Shelton Benjamin making weird faces. I think it proves that the vast majority of the time, they come up with these ideas with
  12. Yeah, Matt Riddle being the worst-scripted character in all of WWE is pretty hilarious considering what a knobend he is.
  13. If he doesn't get impeached, I bet it's Jeremy Corbyns fault.
  14. Similarly; If I got into my car at 9 in the morning, it'd take me until 2 in the afternoon to drive around my land. Yeah, we had a car like that once.
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