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  1. I'm excited for it. Double or Nothing was the first show I've watched since Mania and was probably my favourite wrestling PPV in years. And I never thought I'd say that about a show in 2019 which had Chris Jericho headlining. Really liking the build to these shows on their Road To... videos, enough so that I'm looking forwards to pretty much every match. Even a Christopher Daniels singles match!
  2. Massive cunt in the corner of my bedroom last night. I went to the pub and forgot all about it, so he's probably in my stomach now.
  3. Orton and Hunter went 25 minutes?!
  4. Add me to the list of people who've stopped watching. Been a religious WWE viewer for over 20 years and never had a break from it, but the product has been getting steadily worse for a while. I got back from work the day after Mania, went to put Raw on and just couldn't be arsed. And I haven't watched a single thing since outside of the odd Youtube clip. I read the reports on Tuesday morning and even that seems like a waste of 5 minutes. It's a massive shame but they're earning so much money from other revenue streams I doubt they're that arsed about a few lapsed fans!
  5. Yeah, they had a whole Wrestlemania feud over the fact they were both using that moniker.
  6. I'm 'SJW' and 'liberal beta cuck' away from winning dickhead bingo here, how's everyone else doing?
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