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  1. Article #54039 in 'wrestling fans will nitpick at absolutely everything.'
  2. The Last Jedi, Prisoner of Azkaban and Logan are the best entries of their respective franchises.
  3. It pretty much is a 2-hour Rampage, just with the first hour being on Youtube so they probably can't advertise it as such.
  4. I'm giving it a first-time watch too. On Season 5 at the moment. It's great, obviously, but Jerry's stand-up bits are terrible.
  5. I'm pretty sure he runs a horror film festival with the bloke who plays Marlon too.
  6. Graves saying the next year could be a breakout year for Cesaro gave me a good giggle.
  7. Why are people wasting time on yet another boring cunt devils advocate circular David argument?
  8. I'm downloading eFootball ready for when I finish work, but I don't have high hopes. Online is easily my least favourite part of football games so the fact this won't even have an offline mode until likely next year is disappointing. They're not releasing any real game modes until November - at the moment all you can do is play online friendlies pretty much. I've owned every Pro Evo since the original so I was always going to give this a go. Hopefully over time it'll turn into a fully-fledged proper PES game.
  9. Give him chance, the ink isn't even dry on his fucking contract yet!
  10. I like the parts where he interviews Britt Baker.
  11. @Jonny Vegas coming to the conclusion that somebody is an 'absolute pain in the arse and have a hugely over inflated opinion of herself' because of 'her face when she came out' is utter bollocks. Her character has been quite bad for the most part in AEW and they've never really settled on how best to use her. All those would be valid points. But nah, lets just make up some bollocks about her being difficult to work with and how stuck-up she is based on zero evidence.
  12. Not sure why FTR are going 10 minutes with a pair of jobbers the day before they face Sting and Darby (we'll probably get a lot of weird occurances like that with Dark now being taped like it is) but it was a cracking match. Bear Bronson vs Eddie Kingston and 5 vs Garcia are both worth a look too.
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