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  1. The stipulation was vague as fuck, to be fair. Omega just said something along the lines of "If we win the elimination match then you have to go away". They never really went in-depth beyond that, and it seems from Dynamite this week they just meant Hangman loses his #1 ranking.
  2. Was he good bell to bell? Outside of the first Rumble match with Bryan and a few mental multi-man matches with the Shield lads, I always found him to be utterly boring in the ring.
  3. I'm hoping this QT Marshall/Schiavone stuff is leading to Paul Wight vs Ogogo somewhere down the line. I'd be well up for that.
  4. Reigns vs Cena is the only WWE feud I've been interested in in forever. 5 minutes into Cena's first promo and it's already been ruined with insider rubbish about Reigns not being over and being 'protected'. When was the last Cena feud that didn't rely on boring insider shoot promos? As good as the Cena/Punk feud was, it seems everything since has been a retread with ever diminishing returns.
  5. Dominic Mysterio and Pat McAfee both made cracking debuts in the Pandemic Era. And Sasha Banks wore some ridiculous outfits. Everything else is probably a low point.
  6. Fair play to Evil Uno, considering he was one of the worst on the roster when AEW started he hasn't half turned it around.
  7. That Orange Cassidy/Angelico match was a ton of fun. I don't think I'll ever get bored of the OC gimmick. Other highlights on this weeks show were Serena Deeb continuing to excel as an increasingly nasty bastard, and Scorpio Sky's TKO on the lad with the hair. Great bump.
  8. Not watched half as much as I'd like lately, due to Euros and Wimbledon. The Mauritanian wasn't great. Really harrowing in parts, a strong cast all on point, yet still really quite boring. Although that is usually the case with these 'based on true events, please give us an Oscar!' type films so I shouldn't be surprised. I was much more surprised by Black Bear which is typically the kind of thing I hate but Aubrey Plaza's performance alone was enough to keep me compelled, she's excellent in this. Antebellum was a real missed opportunity. Some good ideas but none of them really executed well. Janelle Monae does good work though. Nobody is fantastic. One of my faves of the year so far, I've watched it twice now and actually think I prefer it to any of the John Wick films. We better get a fucking sequel to this. Shiva Baby is excrutiating, in the best way. Just 80 minutes of awkwardness and embarassment, Rachel Sennott is one to keep an eye on. Wasn't that arsed about The Father - it's a fine showcase for Anthony Hopkins but 10 minutes in I felt like I'd seen everything it had to say, and by the end that feeling was justified. A Quite Place Part II is just as good as the first, which is very good. Expands the story but without sacrificing any of the tense tightly-wound set pieces that the first did so well. Freaky is now officially out over here so I reckon a cinema re-watch of that is in order this month.
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