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  1. I had the Chilean miners rescue operation on in the background the first time my then-missus let me bum her.
  2. He would mention not believing in God in the first 30 seconds so definitely not.
  3. I keep getting 'suggested' videos on Facebook of pro-Mogg videos. Proper doing my head in. Latest was an interview of him when he was a cunt kid answering a journalists questions and all the comments were 'aw this hit me right in the feels'. Fuck off cunts and leave my Facebook alone.
  4. Authority figures have been done to death. Fuck the lot of it off. Say Tony Khan has final say on everything, never ever show him on camera and don't even mention his name for 99% of angles/storylines.
  5. I'm going through this at the moment too. August/September are by far the busiest months in my profession, to the point where we pretty much sacrifice dinner breaks and put in a shitload of overtime. And I've got a new colleague who constantly needs babysitting to the point it's driving me insane. We had to book in a huge delivery yesterday and I decided to do it on my own which took around 3 hours. I could've had the new guy help me but he still doesn't grasp the booking-in process which meant it would've easily taken longer with two of us on the job. Obviously management don't see that we're much too fucking busy to be babysitting new staff as they're on the golf course all day with their head in the sand not realising we're massively behind timetable.
  6. I don't know what it says about me, but the bluntness of the line coupled with that emoticon just had me giggling for a good few minutes.
  7. At this rate I'm half-expecting the next post to be 'Anybody remember Bottom??'
  8. It's always puzzled me how somebody as funny as Frank Skinner ended up in a comedy duo with somebody as unfunny as David Baddiel.
  9. Guilty. I sat through every episode of Inhumans too.
  10. Cody Rhodes winning the IC title from Big Show in a tables match because Big Show lost his balance and put his foot through the table was equal parts terrible and hilarious.
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