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  1. Not sure why FTR are going 10 minutes with a pair of jobbers the day before they face Sting and Darby (we'll probably get a lot of weird occurances like that with Dark now being taped like it is) but it was a cracking match. Bear Bronson vs Eddie Kingston and 5 vs Garcia are both worth a look too.
  2. That blackout period stuff is fucking nonsense. Nolan's rubbish enough without him demanding the studio doesn't release anything else for 6 weeks.
  3. Fuck off to the UK Rugby Fan Forum then.
  4. Genuinely no idea who I was meant to root for during that Charlotte/Shayna/Nia/Alexa bollocks.
  5. The AEW landscape has changed so much in just a few months that that match already feels like it took place last year.
  6. I've not seen it mentioned here yet but I loved Orange Cassidy losing his shit and shouting at Statlander to beat the count. This PPV was fucking incredible to be fair.
  7. The Dudebusters were one of my favourite Superstars/Main Event acts and it was all down to their Bittersweet Symphony rip-off theme.
  8. Yeah, it's definitely been a theme over the past 18 months that the product seems to get colder in the weeks leading up to and coming out of a PPV. It's really strange.
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