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  1. Ranallo, McGuinness and Cole used to get chewed out on here on a weekly basis, whereas I don't see them mentioned much at all now. It just seems to be a given that they're shit (although I like McGuinness but that's beside the point). Whereas almost every week it seems there's a discussion on the merits of Excalibur and JR. My personal favourite was people shitting on Excalibur for wearing a pro-wrestling mask whilst calling a pro-wrestling show. Never seen Lawler get much criticism for sitting there in his nonces crown and a fucking singlet. Jericho and Big Tone do get universal praise and rightly so!
  2. Tomasso Ciampa returning from his injury as a face to go against Adam Cole didn't work for me at all. He was the most evil, deranged character NXT had ever seen, but now I'm supposed to cheer him because he got hurt and then decided to confront someone who is slightly less evil than he is. Those babyface turns which consist of a heel getting attacked by another heel hardly work too. The Triple H/Seth Rollins one was mentioned earlier, but it didn't work in 2004 either when Triple H did it to Orton. It puts your new babyface on the backfoot straight away - they've not done anything heroic to garner fan suppport and they already look like a loser.
  3. This stuff about people being easier on AEW than WWE just isn't right in this instance. The video they played said the puppy thing is happening 'after Fyter Fest', so I'd assume it will be a Youtube special or something along those lines. They've not replaced their world title match with a fucking puppy battle royale, ffs, yet that criticism has been thrown at them on here. Private Party vs Hangman & Omega has replaced the Moxley match. I've never seen one criticism of WWE being 'they didn't deliver the main event they said they would but they put an episode of the Cole & JBL show on youtube instead, the fucking pricks!' or 'ugh, that UpUpDownDown they're promoting is a Xavier Woods gaming channel - that's exactly what I feared!' If anything, on here especially we know how shit WWE is so let a lot of their rubbish slide, whereas a lot of us want AEW to be genuine competition so jump on it and nitpick any chance we can get. Just look at how often the fairly decent AEW commentary gets discussed on here compared to the abysmal WWE commentary which mostly goes unnoted.
  4. Sonny Kiss from AEW looks like a girl I went on a date with years back. Always confuses me that.
  5. I couldn't stand Nicholas Hoult in Skins, thought he was really bad. But I think hes been fantastic in everything since. The past few months alone he's been excellent in True History of the Kelly Gang and The Banker, and from the trailer he looks funny as fuck in The Great. One of those actors I've done a complete 180 on.
  6. Anybody on here still stuck with Agents of Shield? The past few seasons were a bit shaky (last season in particular was pretty bad) but this ongoing season is really strong so far. The plot mostly consists of the team going to a different time period every couple of episodes so it's full of callbacks to MCU lore and Shields history. Really fun. The recent episode was set in the 70s and the opening credits were fantastic;
  7. The timing of the Punk pipebomb is as important as the content, really. I remember many thought WWE, but Raw especially, was as safe, sterile and bland as it had ever been at that point (although they seem like glory days compared to now...) and the top program was Cena vs Truth. Those few months after Mania were some of the most boring weeks of TV they had served up. Then Punk delivered the pipebomb and it just seemed massively fresh and exciting compared to everything that had been going on prior. Him mentioning people like Heyman or Lesnar whose names hadn't been said on WWE TV in years just made it seemed like an big moment too. For me, the Summer of Punk is one of their biggest missed opportunites of the past 10 years, one year after they cocked Nexus up too. Anyway, the answer is;
  8. No, but have a word with him about that fucking barnet.
  9. Good idea for a thread this. It tends to happen with journalists in films/shows too. I vaguely recall in Daredevil when Karen Page starts working for the newspaper, her boss is telling her what a great article shes written. The episode ends with her narration of the article and it's the most bollocks sentimental bit of writing possible. There's probably tons of other examples too.
  10. The bus would struggle to get over Roy Bevis's big dense head, the thick cunt.
  11. The majority of pubs I drink in, including my local are cosy little boozers where social distancing would be impossible. Can't see them reopening ending well.
  12. Wasn't sure where else to put this so thought this was a good a place as any; There was a little 2-minute segment on Talking Pictures TV at the end of BBC News today (starts around 29 mins in); https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000kc87/bbc-news-at-six-22062020 Mad to think a TV channel with ever-growing viewership (6M at its peak) is maintained by a father and daughter out of a garden shed.
  13. Remember when Paige did an interview with Austin on the Network where she bragged and laughed about her brothers battering some lad with pool cues because he was hitting on her? Fucking weird family that lot.
  14. It's definitely not his retirement though, is it? He can say he's content and at peace all he wants, as soon as Vince flashes that Saudi money surely he's back in a shot?
  15. Cheers @SuperBacon. I'll check out The Film Programme. Total Film have a podcast out now which I'll give a listen to too. I loved Truth and Movies at first when James Richardson hosted it but found it got increasingly pretentious over time. Good film club, mind. Kermode and Mayo are always part of my weekly listening but that's out of habit more than anything. Regarding Chris Hewitt, I thought he was fine a few years back but he seems to have decided upon a man-child gimmick which is painfully unfunny. He's also one of the least funny guys on Twitter too which is quite the accomplishment. They also decided to put their spoiler specials beyond a paywall too, which was fine (I paid as I think they're a great listen for the most part), but this also coincided with Hewitt continously whinging about how much hard work they are to put together plus promising podcasts 'next week' and not delivering them for another two months. Fine when its free but rubbish when you're paying for the service. It's a shame really as I love listening to bellend James Dyer, Helen O'Hara, Ben Travis, Amon Warmann etc but Hewitt drags the whole lot down. It's no coincidence the Pilot TV podcast from the same guys is a ton better.
  16. Anybody got recommendations for decent movie podcasts that focus on the weeks news, new releases, interviews etc? Basically I'm looking for something to replace the Empire podcast as Chris Hewitt is just fucking unbearable to listen to now.
  17. That was the first thing that came to my mind too!
  18. The fact JR obviously doesn't watch Dark annoys me way more than it should. I'd imagine he's getting paid a handsome sum by a company that are also happy to promote his latest puppy-killing memoirs, the least he could do is take an hour out each week to get familiar with the lower-card talent.
  19. Again, if Kane had taken WWE Champion Bret Hart to the limit on Shotgun Saturday Night the month before Badd Blood then the analogy would work.
  20. Well, no. Whether you watch Dark or not, this wasn't Abadons AEW debut. If Kane had wrestled then-champion Bret Hart the month before and taken him to the limit then yeah, I think it should've been mentioned. Also, it's not one or the other. We can still see how creepy Abadon is through her entrance while Excalibur gives us supplementary information about her. You've still got the visual and creepyness of Abadon's entrance while Excalibur puts her over. It's not a choice of watching the telly or listening on the radio, so I don't know what the issue is. It's just nitpicking to the extreme, for me. (I mean, I'm just as bad for nitpicking - I was going to post the other day about how Omega's pink skin distracts me from his matches). Then again, it seems you've got Hikaru Shida and Riho mixed up so maybe you ARE JR.
  21. The stuff I've seen is him pestering a 17 year old girl for pics while he was in his 30s. It's not on the more extreme side of the scale but it's still massively predatory behaviour and really not on.
  22. So we're gonna get a new thread for every film Devon watches, every pop-punk song Ralphy listens to and every fighting game jazzygeofferz plays?
  23. @LaGoosh I dunno about that, Excalibur was trying to put Abadon over by saying her previous opponent was AEW Womens Champion Hikaru Shida and Shida had been mentally rattled by Abadon. He maybe could've said it later on instead of during her entrance, but telling me Abadon scared the shit out of the current AEW Womens champion gets her over just as much as JR going 'shut up Excalbur! Look at her!' in his miserable fucking voice.
  24. Yeah, I'm finding the timing of this really interesting. I think you're right that a lot of the victims have nothing to lose right now - can't lose bookings when no companies are running shows. I also think there's probably victims out there who have had to see their abusers in person at training, or a few times a month at shows etc, and may have felt intimidated to speak up knowing they could run into their abuser that weekend or something. Not knowing when they're gonna see their abusers in person next may give them the strength to speak up now. @The Four Horsemen I think you have massively misinterpreted @Jacko's post.
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