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  1. No. Part of a mid-card dickhead tag team is his level, for me.
  2. "Jeremy Register". Oughta be on a fucking register with that kind of behaviour.
  3. I loved this. The story wasn't anything fresh but I really enjoyed the performances, soundtrack and visuals. Genuinely funnier in places than I expected too.
  4. The newest season of It's Always Sunny has two of my all-time favourite episodes in The Janitor Always Mops Twice and the Zoo one. I personally don't think there's any weak seasons outside of the first few when they were finding the rhythm of the show. There's poor episodes here and there, but for the most part I think it's been consistently great. And this is coming from somebody who used to hate Charlie Day.
  5. The ECW fan I always remember more than any other is that dreadlocked guy with no shirt on. He was pretty much crying at the end of the Guerrero/Malenko farewell match. Looked like a lunatic. What happened to him?
  6. Lorne Malvo

    Chippy Tea

    They call them 'batters' around here. Nobody charges 50p here either, just ask for some batters and they're thrown in free of charge.
  7. @tiger_rick There's a lot of that type of shit at my work. My manager especially. He throws tea bags in the sink despite the bin being right next to the sink, so when it's time to wash up we have to dig cold damp teabags out that have been left there all day. And he throws half of his tea out the window onto the grass, then takes the empty cup and puts it in the sink! The fact it is so irrational and daft boils my blood more than anything. Tip your tea down the sink if you're going to the fucking sink!
  8. Team Rhodes Scholars being the absolute worst. Such an obscure reference for a modern-day WWE tag team.
  9. If Becky didn't return for a few weeks, people would be moaning that the Shayna/Becky stuff is too similar to the Edge/Orton stuff and you shouldn't have too many similar feuds on the same show.
  10. I've got a massive crush on film journalist Beth Webb at the moment. She looked great on BBC Breakfast this morn.
  11. Pretty sure Mr McMahon's first PPV match was winning the Rumble in 1999, and his second was the main event of St. Valentines Day Massacre.
  12. The Nexus lads first PPV match was the main event of Summerslam, wasn't it? Actually, they appeared at the previous two PPVs doing run-ins so not sure if they count.
  13. I genuinely didn't know this. In which capacity?
  14. Definitely. Ciampa and Gargano are so fucking weird to watch now, to the point that I can't root for them at all. I know this is wrestling and heel/face turns are two-a-penny, but buying these two as two of the top faces on the brand is hard when Ciampa hasn't changed a thing about his gimmick at all (he's still the creepy, obsessive, psychotic bloke who betrayed his best friend) and Gargano is a weak-willed loser who still has that 'shades-of-grey, failed heel turn, manipulated by his worst enemy' stink attached to him.
  15. I was at the local earlier and a group of divs actually did a countdown like it was fucking New Years Eve. Never cringed so much in my life.
  16. Fucks sake, really? Used to love that band too.
  17. Yeah, in the past I've found Roku devices to be slow and a bit of a slog to navigate but I've banned myself from giving those Amazon cunts anymore of my money, so it looks like that will have to do.
  18. Cole's heel run was absolutely brilliant. Him burying the NXT Divas division, banging his gong and walking out of the show was class.
  19. Wasn't sure where best to ask this... I've been thinking of buying a cheap PS3, to catch up on a few games I missed but mostly as a means of getting Netflix/iPlayer in our secondary living room. My question is, are these apps still supported on PS3 and still likely to be supported in the long-run?
  20. The Golden Truth a few years back too, although their 'feud' consisted of 1 or 2 matches.
  21. The chances were high, what with him being in Slipknot and that.
  22. "Throw us ya knickers, generic Japanese woman!"
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