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  1. I had £20 on Conor by KO in Round One at 11/4 the other night, Generally don’t bet on MMA though.
  2. They’ve got a top heel tag team in The Grizzled Young Vets, don’t know much about either of them, I was aware of Gibson prior to NXT UK though and he’s great at getting heat, I think they’ll win the final and the belts at some point, they’ve got a ready made team to take over The Revivals spot.
  3. They reduced it to £49.99 a year back in October
  4. They’re separate shows with different rosters, doesn’t matter really does it?
  5. I generally buy discs so once I’m done with them I can at least get some money back from CEX . Only go digital for games that aren’t released on disc or are cheap in the sale compared to that in shops and vice versa. I’ve kept hold of my Yakuza games on PS4 as they’re steel books but other then that everything I own is on the system.
  6. Week 26 fixtures FA Challenge Cup Fourth Round proper Burnley 1-0 Norwich City Millwall 1-2 Sheffield United Southampton 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur Shrewsbury Town 0-3 Liverpool (Sunday 5pm) FA Cup Fourth Round (Sunday) Sheffield United 1-2 Birmingham City (1pm) West Ham United 0-2 Arsenal (1pm) Charlton Athletic 0-2 Chelsea (2pm) Aston Villa 0-2 Brighton & Hove Albion German Bundesliga (2:30pm) Eintracht Frankfurt 0-2 RB Leipzig Wolfsburg 1-1 Hertha Berlin
  7. Jerichos been giving himself nicknames for years
  8. They document Dragon Ball through collectibles at least, sod GT though, I wouldn’t mind a new game concentrating on Dragonball Super though, going through the Universe Tournament as well as the Beerus and Goku Black sagas.
  9. I hated Fighterz, in regards to depth it has all of your Z sagas told practically the same as the anime as well as Tons of side missions to boot, also once you finish a saga you go into a Intermission where you replay episodes from the anime like the driving license episode for example.
  10. About 25% into Dragonball Z Kakarot and really enjoying it, the combat is very samey but if you’re a fan of the anime this is probably the best Dragonball game they’ve ever made, I’ve got a ton of nostalgia for this from the music that plays in the background to the cut scenes that play out, load times are frustrating but other then that it’s a solid game for anyone who hasn’t witnessed the entire Z saga.
  11. I crack open my PS2 to play Capcom Vs SNK 2 Mark of the Millennium 2001 from time to time, probably in my top 2 fighting games of all time with Third Strike.
  12. Grasso/Gadelha is off because Grasso came in nearly 6lbs overweight again.
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