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  1. Really looking into buying a Switch Lite, haven’t owned a Nintendo system since the N64/GBA SP. Would anyone recommend it? I already have a ton of ideas for games I want to try out.
  2. You could see it happening after the loss at Mania and then they basically stole his gimmick and gave it to Alexa instead. Whatever happens now I hope he’s happy.
  3. One thing I noticed on a rewatch was them putting under Hikuleo’s Title that he has been wrestling with New Japan for 5 years! He popped up randomly in New Japan for 3 months and then they sent him to Rev Pro for what feels like the last 2 years.
  4. Shibata losing his shit when Kenta joined Bullet Club was one hell of a moment.
  5. Punk/Darby will happen at All Out surely? I could see that headlining the show. With a Omega title match lower down the card, maybe against Kingston or Christian
  6. Excalibur kept saying Archer will go over to Japan to defend against Tanahashi but then New Japan announced the match will take place on New Japan Strong on 14th of August in LA so I could see Tana staying round for a few weeks for All Out before the G1 starts on the 18th of September.
  7. I’m all for Moxley/Tanahashi at All Out. First show I’ve watched live since the Sting debut and had so much fun, the 2 hours flew by.
  8. The fans only being allowed to politely clap for everything really turned me off the product(obviously a good reason for that happening) The emotion you get from the fans in New Japan really is something else and keeps you invested in a match.
  9. In regards to the women’s division discussion Emi Sakura has tweeted she’ll be back in AEW for the time being.
  10. Although White/Omega have had good matches together in New Japan I just don’t get the heel/heel feud that they’re setting up, I thought the whole angle was Impact wrestlers doing anything they can to get the title off of AEW’s Kenny Omega, so for a New Japan and AEW wrestler to now feud over the Impact Championship baffles me. Kinda wish Jay White turned up on Dynamite to be honest though, would have made it feel so much bigger (by the looks of it Jay felt the same too walking out to about 25 people in the audience)
  11. Sorry if already asked/answered but what type of show is Rampage gonna be? Is it another Dark/Elevation show but for TV? Or their weekly 2nd show like a Smackdown?
  12. Watching it live last night the first thing that came to mind was “I’m sure they’ve piped in his Rumble Pop”
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