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  1. TildeGuy~!

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    He just seems to like arguing with people on Twitter by defending himself for not being on TV and making more money by doing so.
  2. TildeGuy~!

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Zelina Vega at the Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Event today.
  3. TildeGuy~!

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    In Regards to Ring Of Honor, they’ve just chucked all of their new signings in 2 separate stables. Marty Scurll, Brody King and PCO is random as fuck Juice Robinson, Tracey Williams, Tenille Dashwood, Mark Haskins and Bandido is the other random group.
  4. TildeGuy~!

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 24 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (5:30pm) Fulham 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 4pm) Huddersfield Town 0-3 Manchester City (Sunday 1:30pm) Southampton 1-2 Everton Watford 2-1 Burnley National League Braintree Town 1-2 Barnet w/@TildeGuy~! Scottish Cup Round 4 Montrose 0-2 Dundee United Raith Rovers 0-2 Dunfermline Athletic German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 1-2 Borussia Dortmund (5:30pm) Schalke 2-1 Wolfsburg (Sunday 5pm)
  5. TildeGuy~!

    A great UKFF sweepstake

    I’ll go with Drew McIntyre, possibly by Money In The Bank 2019
  6. TildeGuy~!

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Becky and Luke Sanders broke up last year at some point.
  7. TildeGuy~!

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Really enjoyed that. Storm/Ripley was the weakest, they even made Eddie Dennis look good. I look forward to the WALTER/Dunne match and then the probable WALTER/Bate feud after that.
  8. TildeGuy~!

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    I haven’t watched any NXT UK, so I’ll be going into this with an open mind. Woudnt surprise me if they closed the show with a big WALTER reveal.
  9. TildeGuy~!

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    RPW is my favourite British company and has been for quite some time but they have an agreement with New Japan and all of their big shows over the past 6 months have been headlined by Tomohiro Ishii or Minoru Suzuki. Whilst RPW Will still be using these names among other New Japan talent, I couldn’t mention one name Progress or other British promotions currently use who would be able to make people buy tickets once the NXT UK talent disappear.
  10. TildeGuy~!

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    It’ll be Innova Park then probably, that’s a stones throw from me, shit loads of warehouses over that way.
  11. TildeGuy~!

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    WWE appearing on ITV to promote Takeover and the Performance Centre is hilarious.
  12. TildeGuy~!

    Best Mask

    Drago from Lucha Underground had a great mask.
  13. TildeGuy~!

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    You were calling it WWE lite less then 24 hours ago, now you want Ryback headlining?
  14. TildeGuy~!

    Is 2010-11 WWE's greatest work period?

    That angle all went to shit within 24 hours after The Miz opened up a YouTube channel to apologise and beg for their jobs back and within weeks were rapping together as their entrance for the Awesome Truth.
  15. TildeGuy~!

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I loved Kingdom Hearts 2 even though the franchise has one of the most confusing storylines in gaming history but that came out in 2005! I’ve lost interest in the series now unfortunately, it might be a pick up when it becomes cheaper as I generally only buy games I’m interested in on release day. The Resident Evil 2 remake will be my next purchase.