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  1. Went to bed prior to Cody/Dustin starting. Thought it was fun up til that point but not great, battle royal was shit though. The timekeeper ringing the bell in the 6 women Tag and then someone playing Hikaru Shida’s theme for a couple of seconds ruined the result as her team was on the end of the botched fall. Super Smash Bros turning up was weird to see. JR was better then I expected, it’s a shame they couldn’t snap up Kevin Kelly and Don Callis (as a couple they’re the best going at the minute in my opinion) Just watching the rest now prior to the New Japan show starting in a couple of hours.
  2. There was someone on here earlier this week that wanted to have a bet on tonight Skybet have all the matches up. Mental to think I can stick some dosh on an Aja Kong win in this day and age. https://m.skybet.com/wrestling
  3. Edit: Just checked not available through PS4
  4. UFC have uploaded the full UFC 12 card on Youtube
  5. Amy Weber She hasn’t gone into much detail about the incidents but she said Randy Orton and JBL used to bully her alot
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if he begins the match wearing a vest to hide it, going by his New Japan matches he’s changed his style completely over the last year, I’m expecting a ton of brawling on the outside.
  7. Not for much longer after this, they’ll be fine though, the owners were in Japan a few weeks ago striking deals with other companies. Viper and Kay Lee Ray are having their last match for the company on June 30th and I’m struggling to think of any others that work there apart from Killer Kelly and Jinny(she’s off soon too)
  8. I’d rather that then Kofi/Ziggler to be fair
  9. He can get his heat back easily at the Best Of Super Junior Final with an Okada beat down
  10. Going by the names of others who have donated. Natalya has put in $250, Lillian Garcia has put in $1000, Candice Michelle has put in $100, Taryn Terell has put in $100, Kelly Kelly has put in $100 and Alexa Bliss has put in $5
  11. I could see Punk winning the Pre show battle royal under a mask and then reveal himself at the end of the show for a square off with Omega. Gets everyone talking and that’s your match for the first ever AEW champion.
  12. Chris Jericho Vs Kenny Omega is a No.1 contender match... They had Jack Whitehall announce that for some reason.
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