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  1. The Elite is Kenny and The Young Bucks as a trio.
  2. Week 20 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1-1 Newcastle United Southampton 1-2 West Ham United (5:30pm) Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 2pm) Women's Super League Everton 1-3 Arsenal (Sunday 12:30pm) Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea (Sunday 2pm) Women's Championship Leicester City 2-1 Sheffield United (Sunday 2pm) Serie A Genoa 1-2 Sampdoria (7:45pm) Hellas Verona w/Fog Dude 0-2 Torino (Sunday 11:30am) Fiorentina 0-2 Internazionale (Sunday 7:45pm) Eredivisie Feyenoord 1-2 PSV (Sunday 1:30pm)
  3. TildeGuy~!

    NJPW World

    Just minutes of Kenta/Suzuki in the Tag League Finals show had me wanting a match between them at Wrestle Kingdom, instead we’re getting Kenta/Goto. Suzuki’s done ain’t he? Moxley put him down like he was one of the young lions
  4. WWE have announced former lightweight champion Will Brooks has signed up to developmental
  5. Week 19 fixtures Premier League Bournemouth 0-2 Liverpool w/@AdamTH17 Watford 1-1 Crystal Palace Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United (5:30pm) Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester City (Sunday 2pm) Newcastle United 1-1 Southampton (Sunday 2pm) Norwich City 1-1 Sheffield United (Sunday 2pm) Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 4:30pm) La Liga Granada 1-2 Alavés Levante 0-2 Valencia (5:30pm) Real Betis 1-1 Athletic Bilbao (Sunday 1pm)
  6. So this is confirmed for next year
  7. Liking Joshi Puroresu = Vending Machine Underwear Sniffer
  8. So what you’re essentially saying is you want Britt Baker and Bea Priestley to go and train and get better in developmental so they become somewhat Ok? I don’t think that makes them better off at all considering they’ll be making next to nothing in NXT compared to what they earn in AEW and in Bea’s case Stardom.
  9. Only seen The Butcher and The Blade in their cool looking masks on social media but seeing them here I just thought “who are these old looking lads” at first I thought one of them was Silas Young. Yet ANOTHER Tag Team to add to the roster, JR trying to get Excalibur to explain who they were and why they were here just for him to blurt out their names was poor. Jerichos great as usual though.
  10. The Sting one is winning that easily.
  11. I was dreading Mauro calling matches at Survivor Series, I read in the morning Corey Graves had criticised him on Twitter and Mauro deleted his Twitter because being criticised sets him off, then the whole Cole announcing he’ll return on Wednesday due to his voice thing was announced I thought “yea right, he’s probably off for a long while due to this” Corey is a twat though.
  12. Week 18 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1-1 Crystal Palace Southampton 1-1 Watford (5:30pm) Norwich City 1-2 Arsenal (Sunday 2pm) FA Challenge Cup Second Round proper Kingstonian 1-2 AFC Fylde Oldham Athletic 2-1 Burton Albion Walsall 2-1 Oxford United FA Cup Second Round proper (Sunday 1pm) Billericay Town 1-3 Gillingham Sunderland 1-2 Middlesbrough German Bundesliga Hertha Berlin 1-3 Borussia Dortmund (2:30pm) Wolfsburg 2-1 Werder Bremen (Sunday 5pm)
  13. Anytime they disagreed with something they chanted CM Punk, they were quiet for Dunne/Cole for the most part but got more into it as it went on but they were loud for the closing stretch of the men’s Survivors match which made it more of a big deal.
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