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  1. Just got Weidman to win by KO tomorrow at 5/1 on Skybet. Whacked £20 on it
  2. Multiple MMA sources are tweeting stating that Brock Lesnar will be on the MSG card on Novermber 4th
  3. There's another leaked video of Paige knocking about online now.
  4. I expected either Ibushi/Naito to win Block A, but I'm sure it'll be Ibushi now after Naito went over.
  5. I miss read the original post, I thought as you hadn't watched boxing for a while you wanted to watch someone with Hearns style
  6. I'd say someone like Sergey Kovalev might be up your street.
  7. She was confirmed a couple of months ago I believe.
  8. It's on tonight at 11:15PM on WWE's YouTube channel.
  9. They're doing an unveiling of the competitors live on Facebook later on today like they did for the crusierweights I believe Also Meltzer is reporting Kairi Hojo Vs Tessa Blanchard is a first round match
  10. With the whole Angle storyline involving Graves, is it possible he's lobbying for the general manger role? Dixies gonna turn up on Raw ain't she.
  11. Didn't the Knights use all of this press for an angle in their company a few months back?
  12. I'd have Braun take them both out next week giving him the title shot, then you can do Joe/Reigns at Summerslam.
  13. The finger break spot
  14. So Rollins is stealing moves from the Villain now? He should just go around calling himself Create a Wrestler.
  15. Loved the Riddle/Ishii match and of course the main event, had a chat with Scurll and Riddle before the show, Scurll must of made thousands at the merch stand tonight he was extremely busy. Riddle was super nice. Marty Jones nearly going flying out of the ring made for uncomfortable viewing.