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  1. Week 11 fixtures Premier League Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United Southampton 1-2 Leeds United FA Challenge Cup last qualifying round Marine 0-3 Wrexham Pontefract Collieries 0-2 Halifax Town Scottish Premiership Motherwell 0-2 Celtic Rangers 2-1 Heart of Midlothian German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 Hertha Berlin (14:30) Bayer Leverkusen 1-2 Bayern Munich (Sunday 14:30) Portuguese Cup Third Round Trofense 0-2 Benfica (20:15) Austrian Bundesliga Austria Klagenfurt w/Fog Dude 0-1 Rapid Vienna (16:00)
  2. Danielson/Suzuki has been announced for the buy in! Absolutely chuffed with that
  3. This new Valet that Janela has(is it Kayla Rossi?) I read she’s only had 2 months of training, saw some gifs earlier of her doing absolutely bonkers moves to Sonny Kiss. She could be the next big thing in the woman’s division.
  4. Was going to post this, I get all my games from the user Boss_Deals Always cheap on pre orders and generally get them before release date.
  5. In regards to the woman’s tournament, possible punishment?
  6. Week 10 fixtures FIFA 2022 World Cup – European qualification (various groups) Azerbaijan 0-2 Ireland (17:00) Finland 1-1 Ukraine (17:00) Georgia 0-2 Greece (17:00) Scotland 1-0 Israel (17:00) Andorra 0-4 England (19:45) Moldova 0-3 Denmark (19:45) Switzerland 2-1 Northern Ireland (19:45) South American big qualifying group Colombia 1-2 Brazil (Sunday 22:00) CONCACAF final qualifying group Jamaica 1-2 Canada (Sunday 23:00) African qualifying (Group C) Cape Verde 1-1 Liberia (Sunday 17:00)
  7. Free tomorrow on NJPW World
  8. Seek out their match from 2020 in NJPW.
  9. Good to see Lio Rush’s 4th retirement lasted a little longer this time.
  10. Haven’t really paid attention to the G1 this year due to it having mostly Tag Team Wrestlers in it. I see ZSJ has beaten Naito, Shinto and Ibushi in his first 3 matches, which means he’s now gonna job to Tanga Loa and Toru Yano… The opener of Taichi Vs Evil was loads of fun, love it when Taichi decides to turn baby face halfway through a match. Okada going 27 minutes with Yoshi Hashi though can Fuck Off.
  11. Just got to the Final Chapter on Lost Judgment Its easily the worst game of the Yakuza/Judgment series.
  12. Week 9 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1-0 Norwich City Leeds United 2-1 Watford Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Newcastle United Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Arsenal (17:30) Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (Sunday 16:30) Serie A Torino 1-3 Juventus (17:00) Bologna 1-3 Lazio (Sunday 11:30) Fiorentina 1-2 Napoli (Sunday 17:00) Atalanta 2-2 Milan (Sunday 19:45) Liga I Sepsi w/@Stinky Dad 1-2 Rapid Bucharest (17:30)
  13. As far as I’m aware Suzuki will be in the states until Mid-October for some dates with NJPW’s American promotion then he’ll be back off to Japan.
  14. Just some of the looks Finn has had in Japan/Indies
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