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Found 1 result

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Binned this halfway through series 4. The first series was really good, as was the second series. But there was a sharp downturn in series 3 and series 4 was awful as every character became a complete wanker. God bless Jon Hamm though. Snowpiercer Gave up on this after three episodes. Why did they turn this concept into a detective drama? What an absolute waste. This Country Just got better and better as it went on. Unquestionably going on the compulsive sitcom rewatch pile with Bottom and Derry Girls. Absolutely wonderful. Fringe I really wasn't having this at the start but nearing the end of series 2 and it's really good, actually. The Peter episode was one of the best standalone TV episodes I've ever seen. Really glad I persevered with it. I've started Top of the Lake and the first couple of episodes have been really good. Elisabeth Moss and Peter Mullan are SUPERB, for anyone who doesn't already know this. Also started Brooklyn Nine Nine, six episodes in. and it's ace, obviously. I never knew Stephanie Beatriz was in it or I'd have started it seven years ago. Andre Braugher keeping his lunch in his safe in that episode where nick his medal was the moment of the series so far.
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