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  1. Was there anywhere else they could have played at the time? Up here back then the ice rink was basically the biggest indoor venue in the North East, once the Newcastle Arena was built a couple of years later the ice rink all but stopped being used for live performances.
  2. Cullercoats was a quite traditional fishing village originally but now the whole stretch of coastline from Whitley to Tynemouth is basically one conurbation. Cullercoats Bay is very bonny, although so are most of the beaches on the north east coast.
  3. Nah, thankfully that whole, awful, drinking strip has died a death. Got quite a decent micro pub scene now though, which is much better now my teens are well behind me 😂
  4. Aye, it was a dump when I was going in the nineties and I'd be surprised if any work has been done since. The bar would happily serve 14 year old me during the Warriors games so you didn't really care about it's being a shithole. The bowling alley upstairs was a treat too, no electronic scoring, alleys that were warped as fuck and balls with big chips out of them.
  5. They did 3 or 4 shows there I think. You might not be aware but before the arena was built the ice rink was the big venue in the area. All sorts have played there, from Metallica and AC/DC to Kylie Minogue and Wham. Was a bit too early for me to be going to gigs but can remember hearing them from my home down the road.
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