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  1. I ain't sticking around. I only turn up for blackcurrant emergencies. PEACE OUT
  2. You are a little early. While it should be now the cool spring has put the season back about 4 weeks. Give it another couple of weeks and your supermarkets should be full of them until late September.
  3. Inspired by @deathrey. I have three Google Home Minis around the house and it feels like living in the future. I am Captain Picard: "computer, plot a course to the Amagosa star cluster." I use mine all the time for music, random searches, passing time doing the washing up ("hey Google, let's play a quiz"), adding to shopping lists, setting timers and when I'm feeling cheeky broadcasting missives to the whole house. I never thought I'd go for these smart devices but they have changed the way I search. Google Home / Amazon Echo fans: what do you do with yours?
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