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  1. @Midnight Zeus will know, but he's never on here!
  2. And I thought Loaded magazine had folded.
  3. That's a confusing title. Is it The Losers Losers? Or Losers The Losers? Or Losers... Losers? ... Kennedy?
  4. Onyx2


    I'll have you know I happen to shop at M&S.
  5. Cultural impact the size of planets. It's added 20 million new players in the last year, while Roblox declines. It's like saying Mega Blox is better than Lego. Decent list I thought.
  6. Still has me in fits of giggles, all these years later.
  7. Onyx2

    Best crisps?

    Wrong thread mate, you want Chippy Tea. Unless they do kebab flavour as well? Bloody love Fish 'N' Chips, make me super nostalgic.
  8. Nothing wrong with recycling an old angle.
  9. Spoiler for the last minutes of Clash of Champions. A beautiful photo by someone in the crowd. (click through to twitter to see the whole image, it's worth it)
  10. I have little to add to the above stories, but people should feel free comfortable to use this thread just to get these thoughts out, even if the mostly unqualified UKFF don't comment. People do read it, and it's cathartic to write it down.
  11. @Magnum Milano reminded me the current series of Taskmaster is excellent. UKFF might particularly enjoy the slow descent of David Baddiel into dementia as he makes the most baffling choices. You're right too MM, the previous series was just missing something apart from the outstanding blindfolded mobility scooter challenge from the last episode of series 8. I can't quite figure out why that series didn't get going.
  12. Yes, he did. That's how WWF referred to the position. Skaaland was Andre's handler until 1985 when Tim White took over.
  13. Yes, completely. Don't know why I wrote Garea. One of the many interchangeable backstage goons I guess.
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