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  1. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    Haddock is where it's at. You always have to endure the staff asking "do we have any left?" and you have to wait for it, but it's always worth it.
  2. The brilliant Steve Golin, movie producer died at 63. Fucking cancer. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/steve-golin-dies-dead-true-detective-revenant-1203194299/ Absolute genius level talent able to get the best out of some wild prodigies, like Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman, etc. Worked on loads of great stuff like True Detective, Eternal Sunshine, The Revenant and miles more. Genuine loss for the industry.
  3. Next week's episode is 1hr 22min and took 55 days to shoot. If it's anticlimactic after that I would be surprised. There's also an outside chance it spills on to the following episode. Assuming Cersei doesn't do the face turn run-in there's all of her schemes to unravel.
  4. I just found out that glorified house show Shield's Last Ride is on the network at 2.30am. Not sure what the actual card is but I enjoyed the network specials of a couple of years ago.
  5. I'm always glad to see post of the year wrapped up early. This is pure UKFF.
  6. Watched Spider-verse yesterday. Fucking adored it. Wanted to start it again immediately at the beginning once it finished. It's gorgeous to look at, the voice talent is amazing and the plot is riotously meta but not annoying. Unsurprising that Lord and Miller are in the guts of it, it does have a Lego Movie feel. It pokes fun at the subject but in the most reverential way. Unlike all those other superhero films, it's actually good.
  7. Too much superhero in this thread. I was quite enjoying Mary Poppins Returns (completely ambivalent to the original), until I was hit by an O'Dowd grenade. Properly soured it.
  8. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    If we're posting slightly off-kilter stuff (was from a sit down chippy though), I had this in Great Yarmouth this week: The OCEAN HARVEST. Whitebait, salt and pepper squid, unidentified fried white fish, scampi. On salad in a weird fried tortilla bowl. With frying basket AND board, which I asked for specifically to annoy @Lion_of_the_Midlands.
  9. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    If anyone's short on upvotes, this is the thread to come to. Slap some batter on it and reap the arrows!
  10. I watched this last week for the first time since live. It's great fun when you don't care about the result. There's a special on this match gone up this week and that's a great peek behind the scene.
  11. I didn't realise they had an SSD in the range 😬
  12. Was it you who mentioned the Chinese sets a while back @chokeout? I fancied an X-Wing but didn't fancy the price.
  13. Charming Sunday morning thread. Into The West by Annie Lennox. Not a dry fucking eye in the house. Weep for me, ingrates!
  14. You just want the Jurassic Wars crossover.
  15. It was posted by the WWE reddit account saying "welcome to the club Kofi." Is it grand slam champs? Though wouldn't that include Angle, Orton and a bunch of others?
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