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  1. Series 2 of Car Share is just as sweet, funny and comfy as the last one. Peter Kay is one of the board's favourite punching bags but he's a really good dramatic comedy actor.
  2. Ah yes I've seen that one 😃
  3. Roach! I'm a PS4er otherwise I'd be all over that. I've played nothing but Witcher this year.
  4. Liam Neeson is so fucking good in this. "I like making lists" and "I have full blown AIDS" are great lines delivered perfectly.
  5. That's not really the point of eating out.
  6. I thought it was Lawler, Cornette and Jarrett. This thread kind of helps and kind of doesn't. Everyone and his dog in the business owns a match each, and has been sold and re-sold all over. Some of it is lost.
  7. A new #Andre picture to me: toe-to-toe with Chuck Wepner (whom I didn't realise is still alive!).
  8. Mark Hamill. Just superbly nice, knows his place in pop culture and very comfortable in himself.
  9. Astro has reminded me of this line we use all the time in our house: "WE DIDN'T BURN HIM." Letting it happen in the background and out of focus after they've got away with the murder is just perfect.
  10. I rewatched LoG about two years ago and it's staggeringly good. Brilliant gags, verbal and visual, grotesque characters and excellent observations. And not only that, the plot is good by itself. It's also clever-funny, and yet can still do the catchphrase thing really well. Just an excellent piece of work. I remember discussing series 3 on here and it divided the board at first, but in retrospect it's very well put together.
  11. But that was 2004! Surely the spoiler rules don't extend that far? Rosebud was a sledge.
  12. Can someone tell me what programme Merzbow is spoiling? The new spoiler tag even allows you to hint at the spoiler. The Fly is rated low? But it's fantastic! Try Dexter in the graph thingy for a laugh.
  13. "TIL" as the cool kids say, that Ric Flair is from Memphis, Tennessee. Now I understand moving a wrestler's gimmick hometown to sound a bit cooler (e.g. Hogan to Venice Beach, Undertaker to Death Valley) but what's the advantage in billing him from Charlotte, North Carolina?
  14. I just found this gadget that plots the IMDB ratings (yes, I know) for a given TV show. I amused myself by trying Doctor Who. That spike for Blink!