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  1. My heart melted for you listing So good. The C64 and Spectrum versions were very different but both great. I'd give the edge to Spectrum for multiplayer though.
  2. It's a bit blah at first (if you've followed WWE for any length of time). But the stuff about Benoit dredges it all back up again. I haven't thought about the case in years. Linda: Well that settles that then. And is a grim reminder of the mortality.
  3. The entire hard cam side was curtained off. Think of all the wrestlers delivering promos facing no actual humans.
  4. Alexa Bliss talking about getting breast implants. https://streamable.com/e19ok No, it's not leery and predatory. I wouldn't have clicked on a link like this until I saw the reddit comments. It's a surprisingly emotional story of rebuilding her self-esteem because of her severe eating disorder. You assume she gets them done to get attention but actually forms part of a mental toolkit to rebuild her self image that her disorder tries to erode. Surprisingly moving.
  5. Just a week left to vote! The top spot has changed several times but will probably go to one of 3 games.
  6. Wow, not a single comment since the show aired. I've only read the Bleacher Report round up and I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything. The Raw main event sounded fun, particularly the crowd chants of "A E DUB" which must have driven Vince bonkers. However nothing happened that drives any stories forward bar Ricochet winning the US title. Ho-hum.
  7. What that bloke says at the start of Cena's music revealed. BRRRRRRRRR A DOSHA 🎺🎺🎺
  8. Unkrich was involved in the story. Saw it last night. Just terrific. Took my 19 year old son as he grew up with the franchise and he was in pieces by the end.
  9. Had you down as a gamer? Sorry dude! All responses welcome regardless. (not that GTA games need more votes right now) Rocket League is a great shout.
  10. People I'd really like to see votes from: @Astro Hollywood (someone needs to vote for Skool Daze) @CracktonMoj @Nostalgia Nonce @Loki (some people have voted for Alien Isolation you know) @Your Fight Site @seph @Stylin_and_Profilin @patiirc @Kookoocachu @Steve Justice @chokeout @John Matrix @Au (post more in general please) @Daaaaaad! @Callum1993 @Devon Malcolm (no votes for Bubble Bobble... yet) @Ralphy (a list of consoles he hasn't unboxed)
  11. It's almost like he wants to promote the product. (Point 3 is perfectly arguable though, depending on your goalposts.)
  12. That was 5 years ago. Being a corporate entity Sky have probably had 3 heads of programming since then. There's no money in being vindictive. Someone at Sky says that the advertising rates for slots during WWE programming are worth £X. Multiply that by the number of hours of programming, add some fudge factor and that's what they're willing to pay for the rights. As ratings likely migrate to Network / YouTube recaps the value of the ad slot goes down. If BT are willing to pay more, that's the price. Vince has proven repeatedly over 35 years that only money matters and the accumulation of all of it.
  13. Additionally, info you have made public on social media is your responsibility. I'm not saying their behaviour isn't annoying, but I don't think it's illegal. Devil's advocate; genuine concern from colleagues? I could see their POV if I was really worried about someone I worked with but didn't have personal contact details for them.
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