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  1. Congratulations Chest. Hope all the Rockwells are doing great.
  2. This more or less confirms Xbox exclusivity: "case by case" ie lolno. But then Mario and Sonic appear in games together which seemed insane in 1992. There's some rumblings Gamepass will be available on PlayStation so who knows?
  3. Onyx2

    New-Look UKFF

    Little Wedge in my avatar now looks like he's wearing a mask (on mobile). Topical.
  4. Following the previously discussed 'every white man of a certain age must podcast' trope, a friend and I started a podcast a few weeks back. When lockdown began we started watching trash films (I reviewed some of them in the old films thread). We decided to start recording the conversations and publish for all our nans to listen to. Now you can too. https://anchor.fm/wwbf
  5. You say that but times are very different. Look at Minecraft, a Microsoft property on every circuit board under the sun crapping money through microtransactions. Locking a title like those mentioned is just leaving money on the table.
  6. That means they get id software too. They can really go head to head with EA now for FPS games; they own the IP for Doom, Quake, Dishonored, Prey, Wolfenstein and a bunch of others. This is probably premeptive deck-stacking for Gamepass to launch the new Xbox very strong. Not sure if this will be better or worse for the endless barrel-scrape of Fallout 76. Speaking of Fallout, they are now siblings of Obsidian so all the Fallout talent is back in the building.
  7. Onyx2

    Top Twitter

    I looked at this and immediately had to scrub my eyes with Harpic. Incredible anagram skills though.
  8. Edit: no idea how my post was created. Nothing to see here.
  9. Let's get this party started.
  10. Yes, there is a Star Wars thread. But I promised johnnyboy I'd put this in it's own thread for those so devoted to the mouse they insist on waiting until Easter 2020. For pirates like me, how are you finding it? I think it's excellent. Not overblown, and a decent fit for the Star Wars universe without treading familiar storylines. The restraint on the script is well judged, and exploring the Mandalorian religion is really interesting. The Jawas were excellent value, and seeing Mando truck around in the sandcrawler without enough space was fun. Enjoyed everything about Nick Nolte too.
  11. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    It's Friday evening. You get in from work pissed off with Steve in accounts. You're famished. You've nothing in the cupboard. Sighing, you put on your Wranglers. Your hand goes in the pocket to stop them being all inside-outy. You feel a wrinkly tenner. Result! Chippy tea it is. When in proper fat bastard mode I go for haddock - so much more interesting and tasty than cod, and doesn't fall to bits - plus a battered sausage which is the perfect marriage of crispy and squidgy. Seasoned so strong you can't even taste the minced-up eyelids. And chips of course, sweaty and sticking to the pap
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