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  1. Onyx2


    Someone found the masters to the title sequence and George Lucased them. https://vimeo.com/515651356 The final 20 seconds or so are little bits of extra Hammersmith bench tomfoolery.
  2. I really like Great Notley Country park. Been many times. Where on earth will the ring go? The only building I know there is the 20 seater cafe. Or the indoor soft play.
  3. I wish more people thought like this. It would help a bunch in this binary argument world. Bourdain has been deified since his death. Although respected I don't think he was properly appreciated until his work was looked on in retrospect. I read his Kitchen Confidential about 20 years ago and it was fascinating. It's expensive now but try it if you can find a copy.
  4. Onyx2

    Disney Plus

    Anti avian now are they?
  5. @Nexus has nailed it, it's worth mentioning there is no 'goal' either, it's a limited sandbox. You are usually earning currency to pay back a loan but there's no pressure to do this. You collect things, you renovate your house, grow flowers, go fishing... there's events every few weeks too where special decorations appear or one-time guests visit the island. The 'game' is escapism and goals are what you make them. The game has been out 11 months tomorrow and my daughter has played it every single day since.
  6. You're forgetting Julian Clary. (Not sure how that happened!)
  7. Comedy writer Iain Pattinson died this week. He's not exactly a household name but he wrote for Jonathon Ross, Julian Clary, Graham Norton and Julian Clary plus countless Radio 4 series. His most famous stuff is the clean "UKFF out of context" filth delivered on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Here's a Lionel Blair montage this is 100% his writing: "Who can forget an open-mouthed Una Stubbs as Lionel tried to pull off 12 Angry Men in two minutes."
  8. Chill out @Keith Houchen. Everything will level out soon. You could say it will be... Kounterbalanced?
  9. No @Thunderplexborrowed from a friend. Where did you win your game from? Got a copy of My City on the way, and 7 Wonders Duel which might be the best two player game I've played in years.
  10. Carcassonne is so peaceful. Very therapeutic. Been playing the Hogwarts Card Battle, standard deck building with poor difficulty scaling. I don't recommend. Speaking of not recommending, I played Tapestry too. A civilisation progression game. Another Stagmaier game of his that I dislike. All style and mechanical substance, with very little heart or joy. No player interaction.
  11. Yep. They don't have hospital beds on the wards anymore, just huge bundles of tenners to lie on.
  12. Quality David Whittaker music though. Thought it was Martin Galway for a minute.
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