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  1. Botchamania isn't super popular here, but he just hit episode 400. If Botchamania isn't your thing, skip to 22.28 for the Bohemian Rhapsody sequence. Genuine love letter to WWE wrestling. I'll admit the closing moments got me. (though the WWF Warzone commentary outtakes at 20m are well worth it too)
  2. "We need to promote our new show on USA. I know who we need on this poster! Fuji, Alfred Hayes and a juggler." Who are the guys above Fuji? Looks like Bobby Ball and Weinstein.
  3. I don't much care for it myself but Bioshock 1 has aged much better than Uncharted 1. @CAREBEAR LUVVA you are not wrong about the control system but it puts people off in droves. @Cod Eyespecifically asked for a casual perspective, and the Fire Pro system needs investment to understand it.
  4. Definitely not. The control system is what puts people off.
  5. Numa Numa video was 15 years old yesterday.
  6. @Ronnieseems to know about this sort of thing. Any ideas?
  7. Spotify tells me for the third year running my most listened to artist is John Williams. I think I break this algorithm a bit. I don't listen to a lot of the same thing which most people do. I hear something interesting and then I drill into the Radio for it and spin off again. I listen to a lot of music while working and I can't be doing lyrics while I work. I end up bouncing around soundtracks. The decade view isn't much clearer:
  8. This looks amazing. Anyone tried it? https://youtu.be/GMJXD5Dlsjc (Fight n' Rage)
  9. This Instagram artist has been making comic book covers for each episode. They're ridiculously good. https://instagram.com/dvglzv?igshid=1el9389rqzryk
  10. Onyx2

    Top Twitter

    Nearly went in Chippy Tea.
  11. Paul Heyman did it once, in Chicago of course. https://youtu.be/YPj4dk89x7g
  12. Freebirds? I'm not very familiar with the middle years but Wiki says 1979 - 1994. Reading through the detail 1979 - 1987 seems a fairer judge of activity.
  13. I have been forced by @Weezenalto acknowledge that I have met him in person. Whether Prince Andrew was there, I cannot comment.
  14. The New Day have been a faction for more than five years.
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