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  1. Best of luck @stumobir, let me know if you want breadmaking tips. Make sure your yeast is in date!
  2. A little crossover with @jazzygeofferzwith one notable exception. Here, let me save you the trouble: #BringBackDownvotes In all seriousness, I'm absolutely certain Coldplay isn't my most listened. It's been John Williams for five years running, and I don't think that's changed. It named a Coldplay track I don't know as my #1, got my podcast listens completely wrong too, something odd is going on.
  3. The Pfizer drug has been approved for use in the UK. To be deployed next week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55145696 This is proper good news.
  4. I fucking love Ocean's Eleven. Funny, slick, cool heist with a dream cast. Just really well done all round and I've probably seen it a dozen times. And then this. When this scene happened, I could see it coming in the lead up to it and assumed this couldn't possibly be the dumb-headed wrong-footed willy-waving direction they were going in. And then there it is, Julia Roberts parades out pretending to be famous person Julia Roberts. I actually shouted - shouted, something I hardly ever do - "WHAT THE FUCK." It made me so angry, I gave it 1/10 on IMDB. That showed them.
  5. All Nicky's (Kitchen Sanctuary) recipes are good. Really good site and lovely person. Her YouTube channel is well done too. https://www.youtube.com/c/Kitchensanctuary
  6. That photo of the BSK from over the weekend was hardly socially distant. Bunch of 5%ers.
  7. Onyx2

    Idle Hands

    That soft play area has earned you massive credit in the Dad bank @Nick James! The more I look I see details like the guttering for chucking stuff down. Nice work.
  8. Good luck with it @Harry Wiseau. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your wife a) thanks for sharing here b) talk to someone else trained. Can I suggest Samaritans (116 123) or MIND (0300 123 3393)?
  9. Absolutely. I'd really like "sorry, best we can do is 2 households in one place. Please don't breach this, because infection rates" etc. And the Queen backing it up like she did in April would be helpful to that generation. Instead it'll be woolly, full of holes, ums and ahs and a weird new phrase that Boris's scriptwriters have invented that'll be repeated every day for two weeks. My money's on "this virus is in abeyance." And be prepared for mega lockdown in January, already the cruellest month.
  10. Onyx2

    Deck the halls

    It's been a rough year, so like many we've put up the decorations early. So go on, show us yer tree.
  11. Mate you've lost so much weight it's incredible. Well done you. Edit: because I'm a weirdo, I found a comparison in the old thread:
  12. Deluded if he thinks that SummerSlam 98 match was good though. He's right about the build but bell to bell... meh.
  13. Onyx2

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    Every social media platform wants to be every other social media platform.
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