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  1. I have some PS Store credit to burn and I've been toying with No Man's Sky since the VR update... but I can't make up my mind. Anyone here got it and can comment? I understand it has come on tremendously since launch and the VR bit is the biggest pull to me.
  2. https://discord.gg/VMqC9b I don't understand Discord so I hope that's right.
  3. "... Remains of a fat man was found today in the wilds, identified as those belonging to Onyx2. He appeared to be going for an ill advised run with a stranger off the Internet and events took a dark turn. His head was never found. Now over to Carol with the weather... "
  4. I just finished Couch to 5k week 6. A fucking TWENTY FIVE minute run. For those of you who actually do exercise you're probably furrowing your brow at that but as someone who hasn't run since school that's like the Boston Marathon. About the seven minute mark my brain was crying on the inside to stop, but I found if I can just distract myself long enough listening to something my body takes care of everything. I end up doing the Peter Kay Dad Shuffle Run for some of it but I'm still moving forward. For those of you on the earlier weeks, I promise it gets easier.
  5. I vividly remember the deafening "which one's Dawson / which one's Dash."
  6. This guy is technically in @doppers avatar and they show this exact footage.
  7. Hasn't one of them already left? And the other one has a longer contract due to injury so they're just wearing down the clock?
  8. Why not just create a disposable email address and cancel it after? It's much easier to use apps and so on and more reliable.
  9. You are literally the only person to have ever said that. And that might be the issue Ralphy's having - fans of New Vegas don't get along with 4 because the voice protagonist doesn't allow them to roleplay fully.
  10. "Andre just paintbrushed the Weasel!" one of my all time favourite calls by Gorilla.
  11. In 40 years of watching Star Wars, I've never stopped to think why American Lucas used 'metres' in that context.
  12. Reminder of the UKFF Discord for live chat: https://discord.gg/swetV9
  13. And... "I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two metres." A bit of a prodigy, + the Force.
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