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  1. Onyx2

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Only rewatched that this week myself. Sheridan is indeed amazing. Been on a compete Inside No.9 rewatch. The standard is so good.
  2. Onyx2

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    I knew it was coming, but couldn't say anything. If you sit back and look at where we met him to where he ends up it's a great storyline.
  3. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    You can use the wide side of a box grater (the one James Acaster says you don't use).
  4. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    Christmas jumper day at work. I make cheesy Christmas jumpers. Great work Rick. Re: chopping onions, El Gordono has a great video on the subject: I also recommend as good a knife as you can afford. Makes all the difference.
  5. Onyx2

    Christmas food and cooking

    I'm doing 5kg for 12 (two ordinary bags) but I like having leftovers for bubble and squeak on Boxing Day. That's just over 400g per person, or 1.5 normal size potatoes. My guests are fairly hearty eaters. Best to buy too many, but as you peel and chop push them into portions. You can guage for yourself as you go. It'll depend on how many adults to children for example.
  6. Onyx2

    Red Dead Redemption II

    Given the unmitigated shower of shit they're bathing in, probably not.
  7. Onyx2

    Christmas food and cooking

    12.45pm - gammon in. 12.55pm - CHEESE ON.
  8. Onyx2

    2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    Not a household name but Peter Boizot passed away. He founded Pizza Express so it's a good chance you've eaten in one of his restaurants (well, they're a Chinese company now but you know... he's credited with bringing pizza to the mainstream UK appetite. He was 89! I believe he was also involved with Peterborough United, a 'foot-ball' team.
  9. Onyx2

    Christmas food and cooking

    Ask your butcher / check supermarket for what I said above - a roulade. I had Aldi's a couple of years back and it was fantastic. I've just Googled it and I can't find it on their site but most of the supermarkets will do one. That or a turkey parcel, which is a spherical version. Crowns are horrendously poor value for money.
  10. Onyx2

    Christmas food and cooking

    Braise it down for ages with red wine, and sweet things such as apple or cranberries or both.
  11. Onyx2

    Christmas food and cooking

    Super timely because a) I ordered my turkey this week and b) I'm cooking my roast potatoes this weekend. It's all about getting it done ahead of time. I'll be working Christmas Eve and have 12 round for lunch so lots of prep is the way forward. This weekend I'll be parboiling and cooling 5kg of potatoes and putting into the freezer. You can even part-roast the potatoes to save you even more time on the day. Vegetables again can be blanched, put in ice water, drained and frozen so they take no time to cook. My dinner will look positively pedestrian next to Gus's wicca feast (I've not heard of that parsnip bake, it sounds terrific - are the veg boiled or roasted first?) 6kg turkey Roast potatoes (DUH) Yorkshires (frozen ones - there just isn't the oven space on Christmas day to do them from scratch) Sage and onion stuffing Pigs in blankets Carrots (an electric tower steamer works well for veg as it clears hob space) Cauliflower cheese Sprouts, chestnuts and bacon (these are great in a pan Gus, do half the sprouts to save time though) Red cabbage I post my timing sheet on Instagram most years: The past few years I've done a turkey roulade (whole boned turkey, stuff and rolled). It cooks in about 1hr - 1.5hrs, there's no carving faff and no arguments about white and dark meat. This year I'm going back to basics with a whole bird but I'm pushing the boat way out with a KellyBronze which the main man himself claims will cook in 1hr 55m.
  12. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    Go do it! Happy to share my meal plans. @Chest Rockwell I cook for 12 most years, this year is the same. But I'll describe it in the other thread :-)
  13. Onyx2

    What happened in 2018?

    Nope. No memory of that. And I stayed up to watch it live. WrestleMania burnout.
  14. Onyx2

    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    This was always one of my faves. Trippy. Lot of love for SuperStars. Poured fortunes into it at Parkins Palace, Canvey Island. I wrote this FAQ on it nearly twenty years ago.
  15. Onyx2

    New wrestling figures!

    Cena responds to Ryder.