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  1. Onyx2

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I knew the crisp anecdote but went back to read it. Absent mindedly upvoted it, so there's one upvote for an 11 year old post.
  2. Onyx2

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Very broad dialect for someone who has always lived within ten miles of Southend. I do fight the estuary-ness I suppose. Fun quiz though, little amuses me more than asking UKFF why they don't call it a roll.
  3. Thanks to @Big Benny HGfor the list. Ten years on, where are the good and great of the UK scene? Arguably it's been one of the healthiest five years for UK wrestling so where have the pawns landed? I'm not an expert on all of the companies nor some of the gimmick changes, so where are they now? 1 Bubblegum 2 Spud (now Drake Maverick) 3 El Ligero (now Ligero) 4 Martin Stone (now Danny Burch) 5 Zack Sabre Jr 6 Dave Moralez (now Mastiff) 7 Johnny Moss 8 Mark Haskins 9 Joey Hayes 10 Martin Kirby 11 Kris Travis 12 Jonny Storm 13 CJ Banks 14 Joel Redman (now Oliver Grey) 15 Lionheart 16 Johnny Saint 17 Terry Frazier 18 Marty Scurll 19 Darkside 20 Cameron Kraze 21 Mad Man Manson 22 Stixx 23 Gilligan Gordon 24 Jetta 25 Robbie Dynamite 26 RJ Singh 27 Mikey Whiplash 28 James Mason 29 Sam Bailey 30 BT Gunn 31 Derice Coffee (now Ashton Smith) 32 Johnny Kidd 33 Liam Thomson 34 Jon Ryan 35 Sha Samuels 36 Danny Hope 37 Leroy Kincaide 38 Prince Ameen 39 Chris Renfrew 40 Falcon 41 Zebra Kid (now Roy Knight) 42 Sam Slam 43 Kid Fite 44 Dragon Aisu 45 Andy Simmonz 46 Red Lightning 47 Robbie X 48 Scott Renwick 49 Wolfgang 50 Paul Malen
  4. Onyx2

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    I'm going to nick that for a thread with full credit. #deathtomegathreads
  5. Onyx2

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    It's a good choice to remaster: old fogies like us will bathe in the retro-ness of going through it again, and it's old enough that a lot of people will have missed it. Plus it was on OG Gameboy (and the DX remaster) and hasn't been re-released since so it should have a whole new audience. I think it looks great.
  6. Onyx2

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Catastrophe finished for good this week, and I'm going to really miss it. No spoilers but it ended in a really satisfying way. I boxsetted the whole thing again this month and the writing is so damn good. Sharp like a blade and just as cutting. Some of Rob's putdowns are so well crafted I stash them away. Just so one day I can quote to some dribbling homeopath "I saw a guy on the tube with no legs. I prescribed him some doodley-doo and BAM his legs grew right back." It's that smiley American delivery that nails it. And then there's Chris.
  7. Onyx2

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    So Booker T was GI Bro, remember? But he owned the rights to the name and ended up releasing a comic based on the character. Now he's suing Activision because a Call of Duty character looks a bit like him.
  8. Onyx2

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Yeah I thought the apology was just OK, even though me and everyone else wanted a "I'm sorry... I didn't hit you harder!" classic wrestling thing. Why they don't they let her Twitter character be more blatant on TV?
  9. Onyx2

    Butch's Greatest Moments in Television History

    I've been mainlining a ton of KPM lately. On their website you can stream loads of it, with all the intriguing made up genres you can think of. https://www.apmmusic.com/libraries/kpm-kpm
  10. Onyx2

    The Perfect Sitcom Episode

    Fawlty Towers - Gourmet Night I'm a wanky Fawlty Towers fanboy and would happily accept any other episode in place of this one, but this is faultless. Famously Fawlty scripts are tight, Swiss watch tight, with more lines per episode than anything else in the 70s and 80s. And Gourmet Night is dense with setup and pay-off (I believe we have to refer to this as Chekov's Gun now). Basil complaining about riff-raff. The chef obsessed with Manuel, hinting at a problem with drink. Putting off getting the car fixed. Yes it has the overexposed bashing-the-car scene but this is designed with perfection. It just doesn't work if the car isn't in a static frame, if he'd have twatted it with his hand, if Basil hadn't paused to go and find a weapon. It's underrated in how well assembled it is. And the scene only exists because it is a culmination of Basil's tension. The frustration with not being the class he wants to, the inability to get Sybil to understand, the growing insanity of the night falling apart. It's a volcano of suppressed rage erupting with the car the victim. The supporting are perfect too: Colonel Hall with his pronounced twitch being introduced to a man called Twitchen. The diminutive Mrs Hall overreacting to cold fish. Polly and Manuel put on a dreadful cabaret to kill time while the food arrives. It's simply perfect.
  11. Onyx2

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Appropriate mis-type.
  12. Onyx2

    Most insane websites... go

    That's what I had in my head when I saw the title. Nailed on winner. Just noticed you linked to the mobile site. I recommend viewing the desktop version for even more wonder.
  13. Onyx2

    Perfect Albums

    That whole crescendo coda from You Never Give Me Your Money onwards is one of the best things in all human creation. And then there's Her Majesty to take a big smelly dump on it.
  14. Onyx2

    Perfect Albums

    On Reddit they call this Threadkillers. Absolute perfect collection of pop songs that breaks to pieces if you listen to it out of order. Butchi has won it guys (this album is now ten years old BTW).
  15. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    No issues there @Silky Kisser. Nothing harmful in frozen cooked veg so cook away. It's only really meat and dairy where you need to defrost steadily to avoid the worst bugs.