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  1. I just saw this list on Reddit:
  2. I found this bit of analysis fascinating: why can't you hum a Marvel film song?
  3. Saw Richard Curtis playing a mean game of Threes on the Central Line yesterday evening. Didn't get off at Notting Hill, disappointingly.
  4. Pink Vision, surely.
  5. I was confused by this story. Wrong Rohit, it turns out. https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/rohit-sharma-receives-special-gift-from-wwe-star-triple-h-1724779
  6. Someone's made an amusing TL;DW https://imgur.com/a/hFMaA The highlight for me was
  7. There were a few Giants in the distance but I think the implication was that it was "Wun wun", yes.
  8. You are not the first to say that! I'm not sure if this guy has aged oddly but we used to look much more alike.
  9. Some dude has created a lifesize bust of Andre. https://www.instagram.com/trenttaftsculpture/ I don't think it's that good of a likeness, but it sure is lifelike.
  10. Seth @freaky Rollins
  11. They're not for everyone (see above). There's a learning curve with the controls - actually a timing curve - that can be a turn-off and your first game will have you cursing that it's just luck. But when you get it, you'll be rewarded with the most absorbing, authentic and adaptable wrestling game there's ever been.
  12. My daughter watched Jumanji over Christmas and loved it. I couldn't remember the similar film that was space-themed so I Googled "jumanji in space". I was not disappointed.
  13. Fuck that's amazing! It's absolutely mental that works. Cheers QTR!
  14. What is the fucking deal with PS4 not playing most video files? I have a bunch of MP4s I'd like to watch on PS4 but it refuses to recognise that they even exist on a USB. Whenever I Google it most twats are trying to punt their own malware-riddled converters. I'm having to boot the PS3 to watch them. Does anyone know a way round this?
  15. Happy to see anything where that dullard Crews is dumped on his shiny head.