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  1. Works very well with Spotify. In terms of smart TV, it only really works in conjunction with a chromecast. Things to try: "hey Google... ...add bleach to the shopping list." ...good morning." ...let's play a quiz." ...what's the weather in North London tomorrow?" ...shuffle my <insert the name of your playlist here>." ...when is Fighting With My Family playing?" ...set a sleep timer (when you have something playing)." ...give me a recipe for lemon meringue pie." ...play the latest episode of Off Menu podcast." It's utterly unnecessary, but you find yourself using it more and more until it's just part of your routine. Things you would Google that have a simple answer ("how old is John Cena?") get barked at the speaker instead. I'm now a bit obsessed with Woox smart sockets to have me barking all sorts. I've set up a 'routine' (chain of commands) that might be up your street... When I say "I need toilet roll" the lights flash on and off and a message is broadcast throughout the house.
  2. I did worry about that last cheesecake, I thought it was broccoli!
  3. Awful news bAz. She pretty much had a UKFF account so I feel like she's been here all the time. So sorry for you. I've "liked" your post as a thumbs-up of support, I invite others to do the same.
  4. Had no idea there was a solo ruleset for Takenoko. Will try it out!
  5. A wonderful gallery of current wrestlers when they were absolute dork fans. https://www.wwe.com/gallery/wwe-superstars-when-they-were-fans-photos Johnny Gargano auditioning for the Blue Oyster club is a highlight.
  6. In a jar, almost nothing if there is no visible mould. They are UHT and providing they're airtight are good for ages. Tins are the same. Though you probably needed this advice last night. No reply since. RIP.
  7. A whole account dedicated to wrestling gifs about Subway. Yeah.
  8. She had a concussion late last year and hasn't been fully cleared since. Just as well; there's nowhere for her to fit at the moment.
  9. Batista has a strange 'office'.
  10. Chrome on S8 here too. I updated to Android Pie tonight and it's still happening.
  11. OK this is REALLY pissing me off now. Everytime I'm on the bottom post and go to click something BOING it jumps and I click something else. Every time.
  12. See Beneath A Steel Sky up there. Also Valkyria Chronicles isn't so far away, though anime-scented.
  13. No sarcasm meant at all! I'm not an expert on vegan techniques so bowing to your experience.
  14. Can't say I've tried it. Listen to this man!
  15. Not sticky enough. Use egg.
  16. It's a really handy skill to have when cooking so it's well worth practicing. The traditional method (melt butter, stir in flour, gradually add milk) can do the dirty on you but keep the heat low and don't add the next lot of milk until the roux is smooth again, and you should be fine. God-like Simon Hopkinson also uses an all in one method which needs nerves of steel but is much less effort (steps 1 & 2 in this link, before the egg is added: http://www.simonhopkinson.tv/recipe/38/cheese-gougères.aspx (and yes, it's really hard to get a decent picture of lasagne / moussaka. I've tried for years.)
  17. Raw champ Brock Lesnar hasn't wrestled on Raw since 22nd July. 22nd July 2002 that is. I read it on an article and I couldn't quite believe it so I checked Cagematch. Crazy even for a part-timer! I'm all for not having a title defence on every week, but this is insane. It's also killing Seth's chase, who has ambled around like a spare part because his next proper opponent, nailed down in January, is AWOL. Just because Vince gets hard being treated like a bitch. I know this isn't really the metric these days, but Brock can't be a draw any more can he? It's all a bit rinse and repeat, and it's not like there's a legion of fans waiting for the 18th German of the match. Is there? Apart from him.
  18. Sam's mate is a vowel explosion. Leave some for the rest of us!
  19. See I love those studio screens. Like sitting in someone's front room. And they are perfect for non-blockbusters.
  20. So I just fucking pirate them then. Bravo if you can make it on release weekend but that's so unrealistic. I really wanted to see The Favourite too, but that lasted about 7 minutes in our multiplex of doom. I can't wait for universal day-in-date releases. We're nearly there.
  21. I bought it the week it came out and didn't put the Amiga down until it was done. Replayed it about ten years ago, and pleased to see it wasn't nostalgia talking but was legitimately good.
  22. Superhero films exist, which is fine I suppose. But do they have to take suck up every screen at both my locals on a Saturday? I had a Saturday afternoon and evening free, and hoped to watch Fighting With My Family. Not a chance to squeeze it in among 18 screenings across 12 screens of Captain Marvel. Yours, old man shouting at clouds.
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