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  1. Great point Loki. Have done so. I recommend retweeting @Chris B's tweet, it has decent momentum and all the relevant content.
  2. Thanks for leading the way Rick. I've done the same. Been a subscriber since Jan 2015.
  3. Completely echoing my thoughts at the moment Rick. I'm Network-only and totally torn.
  4. 116 123. Call Samaritans. Now. @Ralphy
  5. That is horrific reading. I have no emotional connection to Ashley's career. She was one of those interchangeable Divas filling up cards with terrible matches. And now it's painfully obvious why. Being tossed out there with literally no training - I cannot think of anything worse. This business is hazardous enough with training, but to receive moves without any instruction... I said I cannot think of anything worse... But that rape is utterly heartbreaking. You think of the dangers of a white woman in the Middle East and yet the threat comes from an American. And WWE do nothing about it. We only have her word for it, but doesn't it all just sound so plausible? I said I had no emotional connection to Ashley. But she's two months younger than me, with an 18 year old child like me, and to think of leaving them... she had serious issues. Bitterly sad.
  6. Ashley Massaro dying, definitely not Minor News. However there was another death yesterday that definitely qualifies. Grumpy Cat dies. If I was a shitty kind of poster (shut up) I would post a new thread "RAW GM DIES".
  7. You just wrote it all out in this thread. Any doctor hearing all that should raise an eyebrow. Especially if you're still a skinny type?
  8. You were this close to a really good pun. It was right there!
  9. On National Mental Health week of all weeks.
  10. The flavour is quite sweet so pair it with bold, savoury flavours. Roasted is the way to go. Roast in the oven with sweet potatoes. Blitz with stock for soup. Roast in balsamic vinegar, serve with cheese and nuts. Add pasta if you're doing carbs. Slice into strips, sandwich white sauce / bolognese and bake like lasagne. Scatter it around a chicken while it roasts. Roast chunks with spices, serve in a taco / pitta with salad and yoghurt mixed with garlic. You can also grate / process it into tiny bits and treat it like rice with a curry etc.
  11. The BREAKING news is that there's no news yet?
  12. There's only one saviour of this time slot. Which is a point. Why is mid-morning the 'we must have an argumentative show fronted by someone a bit odd' slot on ITV? I can just about remember a time before this but this must've been the way for 30 years.
  13. Spoilered because Kairi and Asuka have been given a wonderfully racist team name. Come on then, let's come up with something worse than that. Chopsocky Chumps? Kung Po Power? Jap and Tickle? Ching and Chong?
  14. Nearly. Came out of his studio, but not made by the man himself. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157135029577482&id=841047481https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157135029577482&id=841047481
  15. I know you're a carny pisstaking machine (please never change) but there isn't a single reference to this 'script' that I can find before 2017.
  16. You should. Yes, Andre called the match. Hogan did lay out that plan as above but the story long held by Heenan, Hacksaw, Skaaland and Hogan that no one knew for sure whether Andre would lay down for Hulk that night. As they get in the ring Andre says don't worry, and off it went. And Andre called for that slam.
  17. Either way, it just isn't possible modern day wrestling can book him. The era relied on him being a special attraction, so that he could tour his shtick from town to town. And on TV he needs infrequent appearances to maintain the illusion of 'why hasn't he won the title yet?' Constant screwjobs or distraction by grudges only last for so long.
  18. I ADORE Andre The Giant. Probably the greatest wrestler that ever lived, and one of the absolute best at psychology. Despite being an Absolute Unit he knew how to give and receive, when to come back and when to press attack. If he was in the mood he could make someone look like a superstar. Take the WrestleMania III match with Hogan, my favourite match of all time. His layout of the match - and he called the whole thing - made Hogan look unstoppable. But that's the thing. He had to be in the mood. Cross the Boss and you would be sandbagged like nothing else. Starmaker and killer, Andre was everything from locker room leader to inspiration to utter douche! He was a touring spectacle for most of his career, playing the world territories on hard rotation, just giving their top face the rub or crushing the heel, never quite winning the big one because what would be the point? Today they would give him the belt on month one, then flounder for what to do with him. How do you rebuild the legend of the Giant, or make him look a threat once he'd been beaten? I'd love to write a book about him one day. Go visit my collection of Andre pictures to kill the time while I do.
  19. And I wish I'd known about the offer. How annoying they didn't tell their customers that have been chucking them £15 a month for years. The website explicitly says now "fuck off, you're too late."
  20. Onyx2

    Holy Grail

    Good to see a mention of Geoff Capes on the Network. Great little package, 28 minutes for anyone wondering whether to watch it. Really interesting talking heads that properly set the scene. The match itself is fairly bland and typical of the time and has no qualities without the surrounding story. The thing that stands out most to me is hearing some unheard Gorilla / Heenan commentary. Maybe part of me connects this with childhood nostalgia but their commentary is out of this world. They're putting over Magee, Hart, Hart, just how good Tom looks, how the crowd are excited, what Hitman needs to do, what moves are called, diverts briefly to put over the Heenan family, celebrates everything going on. They do as much for Tom Magee as Bret does.
  21. Bloody hell Bomb, where have you been? Wait til you find out Ned Stark was in GoldenEye.
  22. a) ban top rope moves because they're dangerous b) remove floor mats because wrestlers are tough. The Apter mags banged on and on about this at the time.
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