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  1. A stone only works if your BBQ gives decent seal when you close the lid. @SiMania has one of the Uuni things and raves about them.
  2. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    Being a Heston nerd I looked into why he went to that restaurant, as he's pretty principled about his research. For the making of In Search of Perfection (fish and chips), he wanted to interview David Blagden, fishmonger to the Queen. He wanted advice on which fish fried best, how to prep it, which cut to use. He gave him that advice but under the proviso he did a segment in David's own London chip shop. It probably isn't a great chippy, but that's how he got the advice. Chippy tea thread had its first birthday yesterday. Each plate still looks and tastes great. Looking at piles of brown food never gets old!
  3. Been away with friends this week. We've packed in 5 games of Betrayal Legacy. Now I do like the vanilla version, but half the group hadn't played it before. It started well however a few games in the lack of rule clarity in the haunts was starting to drag us down. It threatened to really halt our progress and frustration built. After reading a few posts online it helps if you lean heavily into the storytelling and just accept the random number generator that the game is. Once we made peace with that we've barrelled through it, RPing like absolute idiots and having a great time.
  4. So game codes aside, what is the Portal board game like @FelatioLips? I've been playing a lot of the Fallout board game lately. Really good at capturing the spirit of the world with some really fun mechanics. The leveling up matches the game neatly, each level taking slightly longer to achieve. And the plots are pseudo-randomly generated and inspired by plots from Fallouts 3 & 4. Really enjoyable.
  5. The baby from Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" would be 32 now.
  6. Onyx2

    One good film

    There's an argument to say the wrong Lucas gets the credit for A New Hope, that Marcia Lucas saved it in the edit. While George had captured every conceivable angle and shot, the stress of Tunisia, budget and UK Union rules brought on a heart attack so struggled to complete the film. Marcia had clarity enough to turn the documentary pieces into a proper film. Lucas is an incredible ideas man and world builder, but his projects are improved hundredfold with a talented director crafting the vision into a narrative.
  7. Quake's debut. There was a Bravo / Warrior push-up contest and Quake was 'picked from the crowd' to be the person that sat on their backs. He was kind to Bravo but proper squashed Hellwig. Hung around together for months afterwards.
  8. It's not just mocking the team, but mocking the fact that the local team was moved by the owners and to a new city. It was taken really badly by the fans and was still raw.
  9. A recent one for a change. The reference is a little obscure this side of the Atlantic, but Elias from last year mocking the Sonics leaving Seattle had a 6 minute boo-vation:
  10. Brood represent. Anyone else fancy crisps?
  11. Onyx2

    RIP Harley Race

    Go to any episode, I'm sure he mentions it every week!
  12. Onyx2

    RIP Harley Race

    Aww that is a shitter. What a proper, old school wrestler, the type of which you'd move seats to avoid at a bar in case you pissed him off. I can't imagine Flair will ever stop crying when he hears.
  13. I've DM'd you but it says you can't receive messages.
  14. Finsbury Square, yeah.
  15. I know them as that from the Shirehorses' Cum on Skweeze Me Boilz. https://open.spotify.com/track/2fXaKr9Hbn4I8WmU6cvgpy?si=IOnBAntsT6iuyRWiis6JQA
  16. Met a whole bunch, particularly old school posters who aren't really here any more as I came here via the RIM Express. Some of us used to meet at FWA, like Simania, bobbins, Fadda, Irish Steve, the much-missed Paraly$er $tew, and excellent Moj who really should post more. Bumped into ralphy and bagga at shows too. And also Spatular, Dart, johnnyboy, Lister, and most people know Zeusy Steve and I worked together at Silver Vision. In more recent times I can only think of Carbomb and SpursRiot that I've met recently. I should have met PunkStep and Chest by now, as we work or commute in the same neighbourhoods - Chest in particular, we seem to be just missing each other. Maybe we should arrange that? Most recently - I bumped into Soapdish at our local cinema. We share poor taste in polo shirts.
  17. I was all ready to slaughter you for this horrifically poor opinion, and then you drop... Already? Jesus Christ. It never goes away.
  18. Shouldn't have bombs in cars but it don't stop you.
  19. When in doubt - post a picture of Andre. Misawa and Kawada with the double team.
  20. Joe Cornish has mentioned on recent Adam Buxton podcasts that he's been working on it. I still haven't seen the first Tintin. Is it worth bothering with in 2D?
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