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    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    It's not a minor news item but I read this on Wreddit's Observer Rewind from October 2000: The little twerp is second gen! No wonder he's bulletproof.
  2. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    It wasn't planned. I was expecting an induction session of "there's the machines. There's the fire exit" then be left alone but it was a properly moderated session. She also concluded the session by asking her to review after 7 weeks. So it's kinda built in. I will see how I go on my own and see. A guy I work with is also an ex-PT so he'll be grilling me thoroughly!
  3. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Give it six months of the gym. (Not that I can grow a beard for toffee)
  4. Onyx2

    Jerry Lawler is the Greatest Wrestler of all time

    You are missing the bigger news that this will be alongside JBL on the booth 😖
  5. Onyx2

    2019 Post of the Year Thread

    Yeah that's an early front runner. May end up thread of t'year too.
  6. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    I gymmed. I was given a pretty tailored workout by a PT (I didn't ask for it, it just happened) who set up a routine of jogging, weights and floor exercises for me. I wouldn't have chosen to do weights - I thought those were for posey types just looking to get meaty (prejudice all mine), or for fit people looking to tone up. But she explained that the building of muscle forces you to work harder to burn energy. Good tip. She left all the exercises on my own sheet for me to tick off each time. I nearly enjoyed it. Just need to make it routine...
  7. Onyx2

    Full Time Dad

    I'm fairly certain you won't look back in ten years saying "I really wish I'd worked more instead of spending time with my daughter." It won't be all giggles and joy 100% of the time, but future self will thank you.
  8. Onyx2

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Just queueing that one up now. I was trying to Google a Regal interview where he talks about trying not to laugh at a grave (I have Graceland in the back of my mind) but I can't find it, anyone remember it? It's hysterical.
  9. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    I've got one of these microwave omeletters and with a bit of practice churns out really nice omelettes (low heat, flip during cooking). I add all sorts of veg to mine.
  10. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Thanks for sharing Rick. Are you legit not having any dinner tea some days? Given you're playing football are you not Hank Marvin after that?
  11. Onyx2

    The 2019 Royal Rumble (s) Surprise Entrant Pool

    At number 11, the klaxon sounds and the strains of Yuzo Koshiro hits. It's Streets of Rage 2's Max! Reverse Atomic Drops, dropkicks and belly-to-back suplexes for everyone. Turns in a shift but Drake Maverick summons his mates in a SWAT car to nuke him over the rope. The Bar have been enjoying a mini reign of terror when at number 19 out pops tiger-headed grappler of justice: King from Tekken! He juggle-combos Sheamus over the top which incenses Cesaro. They immediately perform a Giant Swing at each other at the same time (try not to think about it) and eliminate each other simultaneously. Just number 30 to go and AJ Styles, Zack Ryder and Xavier Woods line the ring. Totes OMG, who can it be? It's the Russian cyclone himself Zangief! Ryder, Woods and Styles as video game nerds mark the fuck out and lob themselves over the top rope in deference. Zang celebrates in the ring, dancing with Baron Corbin.
  12. Onyx2

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    Unfortunately the market has moved to pay as you go. Currently it's the only way games make money, no one shells out upfront, only once they've got stuck on a level.
  13. Onyx2

    UKFF Awards 2018: THE WINNERS!

    Amazing! Thanks guys.
  14. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    Well yes. It's definitely an affectation because his very early videos don't do that. But the recipes are top notch.
  15. Onyx2

    Pokémon Go!

    2018 was a prime year. Apart from adding a new gen, adding friends has opened up all sorts of possibilities including PVP.
  16. Onyx2

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Definitely. Nothing was more exciting than realising your Saturday night was going to have an SNME. I was gripped seeing Hogan and Warrior tag.
  17. Onyx2

    The cookery thread

    Echo Sexy Plexy here. What's gone wrong? Then let us know what you'd really like to cook. I'm sure between us we can find a foolproof recipe. I'm more than happy to write out all the possible pitfalls. PM if you prefer.
  18. Onyx2

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    He does a fabulous bit of pantomime here; with a single swipe he brushes the headset off without losing focus on the Undertaker, completely selling the disbelief. Cracking stuff.
  19. Onyx2

    Pokémon Go!

    How was Totodile day? Shiny spawn rate was insane, we got 10 between 3 of us. The IVs were hot garbage though. Off to a wood near Billericay we've never visited before. So cool that this game makes us go and explore areas we've never been to that are really near where we live!
  20. Onyx2

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    I've been playing gem matching nonsense WWE Champions for two years. Just like the product they treat the audience like shit, we all moan about it and then return the next day. I also do Pokémon Go.
  21. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    It's Friday evening. You get in from work pissed off with Steve in accounts. You're famished. You've nothing in the cupboard. Sighing, you put on your Wranglers. Your hand goes in the pocket to stop them being all inside-outy. You feel a wrinkly tenner. Result! Chippy tea it is. When in proper fat bastard mode I go for haddock - so much more interesting and tasty than cod, and doesn't fall to bits - plus a battered sausage which is the perfect marriage of crispy and squidgy. Seasoned so strong you can't even taste the minced-up eyelids. And chips of course, sweaty and sticking to the paper. A buttered roll on the side if they still have one. All liberally dredged in salt and vinegar. What's your usual?
  22. Onyx2

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    I signed up. Haven't actually gymmed but that's obstacle 1 down.
  23. Onyx2


    Piers Morgan was mentioned in the previous post Johnny.
  24. Onyx2

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

  25. Static for me too on Chrome android. (doesn't take away from a great read though, don't sweat it)