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  1. Wil Wheaton is now the same age Patrick Stewart was when Star Trek The Next Generation Started.
  2. Botchamania isn't super popular here, but he just hit episode 400. If Botchamania isn't your thing, skip to 22.28 for the Bohemian Rhapsody sequence. Genuine love letter to WWE wrestling. I'll admit the closing moments got me. (though the WWF Warzone commentary outtakes at 20m are well worth it too)
  3. "We need to promote our new show on USA. I know who we need on this poster! Fuji, Alfred Hayes and a juggler." Who are the guys above Fuji? Looks like Bobby Ball and Weinstein.
  4. I don't much care for it myself but Bioshock 1 has aged much better than Uncharted 1. @CAREBEAR LUVVA you are not wrong about the control system but it puts people off in droves. @Cod Eyespecifically asked for a casual perspective, and the Fire Pro system needs investment to understand it.
  5. Definitely not. The control system is what puts people off.
  6. Numa Numa video was 15 years old yesterday.
  7. @Ronnieseems to know about this sort of thing. Any ideas?
  8. Spotify tells me for the third year running my most listened to artist is John Williams. I think I break this algorithm a bit. I don't listen to a lot of the same thing which most people do. I hear something interesting and then I drill into the Radio for it and spin off again. I listen to a lot of music while working and I can't be doing lyrics while I work. I end up bouncing around soundtracks. The decade view isn't much clearer:
  9. This looks amazing. Anyone tried it? https://youtu.be/GMJXD5Dlsjc (Fight n' Rage)
  10. This Instagram artist has been making comic book covers for each episode. They're ridiculously good. https://instagram.com/dvglzv?igshid=1el9389rqzryk
  11. Onyx2

    Top Twitter

    Nearly went in Chippy Tea.
  12. Paul Heyman did it once, in Chicago of course. https://youtu.be/YPj4dk89x7g
  13. Ah I didn't twig the "in WWE" bit.
  14. Freebirds? I'm not very familiar with the middle years but Wiki says 1979 - 1994. Reading through the detail 1979 - 1987 seems a fairer judge of activity.
  15. I have been forced by @Weezenalto acknowledge that I have met him in person. Whether Prince Andrew was there, I cannot comment.
  16. The New Day have been a faction for more than five years.
  17. Onyx2

    UKFF Awards 2019

    Comrades! The end of the UKFF year approaches, and that means awards season. After many years dedicated service, we retire @HarmonicGenerator to the administrator corridor of legend. We thank you for your service, please collect your commemorative carriage clock from window #6. Ignore the corpses behind the clerk, it's just a coincidence. This means I will pick up the leaden yoke of (un?)popularity. In this age of unparalleled democracy and unity, I ask you: what could we do differently? Any categories to add? On-topic or off-topic. Browse last year's for inspiration. NB. I might ignore your ideas if they're poo, as is my right as benevolent dictator.
  18. Properly gutted about Gary Rhodes. He looks like a relic now, but in the very early 90s he was doing the unthinkable: presenting proper high end dining to the dirty masses in an approachable way. People were used to Floyd, essentially doing a travel programme and occasionally throwing things into a frying pan but it wasn't a tutorial; or Delia talking down to you about basic everyday stuff. And then Gary says "no, aim higher. It takes more time and ingredients but it is achievable." He definitely paved the way for Ja*** Oli*** by getting the public down a level in what you can do in a domestic kitchen. Two of his books, Cookery Year and Modern British Classics, are mainstays on my shelf. Always good advice, and always interesting. It's a shame he retired from TV about ten years ago, his voice was much-missed. I think he'd be more successful now in a post-Blumenthal telly landscape.
  19. Thanks, sounds like I'll watch Takeover until I get bored then read spoilers for Survivor Series.
  20. I haven't seen any spoilers. Are either of Takeover or Survivor Series worth pirating? Are either of them under 16 hours?
  21. In six weeks we'll be in the third decade of the 21st century.
  22. Sadly so. Here's my constituency's voting record in my lifetime. More blue than Chubby Brown. A couple of narrow windows where Labour nearly stood a chance, but my pocket of Essex remains staunchly 'not in my back yard', 'get them out', and 'hands off my hard earned.'
  23. No this doesn't sound right at all. Doesn't work like that. As said elsewhere, it's a fairly common issue in all analogue sticks.
  24. Yes, there is a Star Wars thread. But I promised johnnyboy I'd put this in it's own thread for those so devoted to the mouse they insist on waiting until Easter 2020. For pirates like me, how are you finding it? I think it's excellent. Not overblown, and a decent fit for the Star Wars universe without treading familiar storylines. The restraint on the script is well judged, and exploring the Mandalorian religion is really interesting. The Jawas were excellent value, and seeing Mando truck around in the sandcrawler without enough space was fun. Enjoyed everything about Nick Nolte too. And one more thing, it's about the perfect balance of real effects and CGI. Really well judged.
  25. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    It's Friday evening. You get in from work pissed off with Steve in accounts. You're famished. You've nothing in the cupboard. Sighing, you put on your Wranglers. Your hand goes in the pocket to stop them being all inside-outy. You feel a wrinkly tenner. Result! Chippy tea it is. When in proper fat bastard mode I go for haddock - so much more interesting and tasty than cod, and doesn't fall to bits - plus a battered sausage which is the perfect marriage of crispy and squidgy. Seasoned so strong you can't even taste the minced-up eyelids. And chips of course, sweaty and sticking to the paper. A buttered roll on the side if they still have one. All liberally dredged in salt and vinegar. What's your usual?
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