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  1. Balls! It's a bad thread, and deserves recognition. Let it win.
  2. This was made our to be a bloody huge deal on release, with a game being made for it and everything. That was tripe too. https://www.the-paulmccartney-project.com/1985/01/give-my-regards-to-broad-street-video-game-released/
  3. Not sure I've ever seen Randy Orton with such a happy smirk. Huber looks like a Henson Muppet there, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  4. Terrific stuff Rick! I've never made millionaire's shortbread before. I think I'm going to pop down the shops and get stuff to make it now :-)
  5. There are stories on the BBC site of people getting fined for shorter journeys. I don't know how true they are but it doesn't seem worth it for something as trivial as an MOT.
  6. Translated - images of hampers will be banned from being shared on Twitter.
  7. If you want to start on Frasier you'll never end, it's packed with one-liners and put-downs. e.g. Frasier: "How can men use sex to get what they want? Sex IS what we want!"
  8. Monkee's just ace isn't she? Always up and funny, lots of good vibes. And notably, she took it on herself to set up a donation on behalf of UKFF for Christopher Au.
  9. My second batch of Rent a Meeple arrived: Photosynthesis: a competitive 'grow trees' game. Yes really. Very elegant and simple game of placing and harvesting trees at the right time to capture the most sunlight. More pleasing than it sounds. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: construct a castle from random tiles and win points according to adjacency and patterns etc. LOTS of fun and I can see me buying this one. Horrified: Universal horror flavoured hunt-the-monsters game. Great timing. Wonderful theme and camp fun. Tang Garden: create the most beautiful Chinese garden. Many facto
  10. Time to vote for the best and worst of 2020. https://ukff.com/forum/6-ukff-awards-2020/
  11. Time to vote for the best and worst of 2020. https://ukff.com/forum/6-ukff-awards-2020/
  12. If you missed the nominations threads, previous winners were blocked from being eligible this year. I don't read the MMA forum but I'm sure he was as amazing as ever.
  13. A lot of nominations in the category so a good year in Off Topic.
  14. In honour of Christopher Au, who was an all round goodie?
  15. Who didn't make you laugh?
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