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  1. Because it was mediocre. A nice try to innovate the franchise, but became a chore. It's biggest crime however is trying to follow Super Mario 64. [Felatio Lips will be here in approximately 18 minutes to explain why it's the best game of all time.]
  2. Then they could have a tornado tag with Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love.
  3. Onyx2

    Disney Plus

    It's almost as if it was designed as a ride first then turned into a film.
  4. Onyx2

    Disney Plus

    For fuck's sake @HarmonicGeneratorit's one thing for @FelatioLipsto watch Episode II but to watch the worst film series in cinematic history? Have you really run out of things to watch?
  5. To be clear, as per NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/food-and-diet/can-reheating-rice-cause-food-poisoning/ @Undefeated Steak you are right but it's easily avoided. Cool it down and get rice in the fridge within an hour. Then cook it right through when reheating.
  6. A non-show needs a pre-show, definitely.
  7. My son has had similar to Plex's daughter, as a furloughed zero-hour contract employee for a publicly listed international company (i.e. not some two-bit corner shop). He has had a few forms to fill out to get his remuneration. I guess larger companies know what's coming so are assembling everything in place and they will know how much money they will have to ask for as and when, rather than waiting for the portal to open.
  8. Does that PO Box resolve to a Norfolk address?
  9. One post in but I smell UKFF gold.
  10. Wanted a takeaway. Spent 30 minutes ringing around and Just Eating trying to get someone to deliver but failed. Got cross so threw some squash and chorizo in the oven with some honey and cumin seed. Served in a wrap with sour cream and pickled cucumber. Not a curry but it'll do.
  11. It's my birthday today. Birthdays in the middle of all this are frankly a bit poo. Thanks to a recipe from @johnnyboy I made my own black forest style cake: It's really good. Recipe here. https://www.nigella.com/recipes/members/rose-hs-michael-barry-s-crafty-chocolate-cake
  12. It's utterly cinematic. No frame is a tossed out over-over-two shot.And the sultry, unpatronizing way it unfolds is mesmering.
  13. There's one time this happens in the Original Trilogy which is well done, and you wouldn't likely have noticed it. In Empire Vader's FaceTime with Emperor is completely re-recorded with Ian McDiarmid. The gist is the same but lines of dialogue are added to show Palp's disgust that Anakin had children. Sensible change as tinkering goes.
  14. Jedi trivia: Ewoks were supposed to be Wookiees. Lucas liked the idea of nature defeating technology so nerfed them down to make it more imbalanced. The whole Jabba Palace breakout was added fairly late in production. Harrison wanted to be killed off in Empire but settled for freezing so the options were open. He was convinced by a healthy paycheck. This did mean, yes they had to concoct the worst escape plan of all time. The CG Sy Snootles is really bad. Look up the original on YouTube, far more skeezy and fitting for a gangster's club. The worst CG is removing Sebastian Shawn's eyebrows when SPOILER Luke takes Vader's mask off. Really annoying once you've noticed it. Death Star 2 again, added late in the scriptwriting. Though the focus is on Luke etc it was realised there was not a lot else for the rest to do, hence a hastily written Death Star thing to up the odds. Jedi is Roland Emmerich's favourite film, saying "it's a film that is two thirds climax" which tells you everything you need to know about him as a film maker.
  15. Far too much to mention, but I treated myself to this over the weekend. A bit like WWE shirts, I prefer my clothing references a little less on the nose:
  16. Onyx2

    Viral Resolutions

    Always fancied trying a straight edge razor (never heard the term 'shavette' before). Good time to try! Continuing watercolours, I painted Edoras (Lord of the Rings) yesterday. It started well, then I over did the mountains and the Fellowship themselves ended up complete trash. 6/10 Golden Hall.mp4
  17. Usual stuff in this day and age, not-my-Star-Wars, SJW, Mary Sue, blah blah bollocks. It didn't help being attached to such a divisive film and she became the fulcrum. Then it gets put through a racism / sexism multiplier which is just disgusting.
  18. So relieved you enjoyed Empire. Literally my favourite film ever, but with 40 years of watching I can't possibly be impartial about it. Glad it still has vision, impact and punch. Empire is the best soundtrack too (trivia: most people think the Imperial March is in A New Hope. It isn't) because it's marriage of visuals to music is flawless. Can you imagine the pressure of creating a sequel to the industry-busting hit of Star Wars? No wonder George refused the director chair (and in hindsight, would probably have been garbage).
  19. Composer Krzysztof Penderecki at 86. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/mar/29/composer-krzysztof-penderecki-dies-aged-86 Was never a huge name but I don't know why - specialising in horror and thriller his scores from the 70s, his works have seen me through a lot of projects. Von Sydow at 90, Penderecki at 86... who will the curse of the Exorcist claim next?!?!
  20. Stone cold Malvo. There is an artefact in the finale that benefits from knowledge of Clone Wars but nothing that will harm your enjoyment.
  21. Completely untrue. The first and most thorough restoration happened in 1995 for the Executor VHS release. These masters still exist, as do the laserdisc versions of the same period. Lucas has simply stated that the most recent releases, CG wankery and all, are the definitive editions. A rumour I hear is that it's stipulated in the Disney takeover that they can't release the despecialised editions. Edit: just for clarity I realised I wrote Rashomon when I meant Hidden Fortress.
  22. Great reading FL. Lucas was heavily inspired by Kurosawa's Rashomon, and an early draft of the screenplay focused heavily on R2-D2 and C-3P0's journey. Everything else happening orbits these two. Elements of that idea survived to the final film.
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