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  2. They've touched on this on BTE recently, but the heels in their current picture are the very people they're supposed to be tagging with. Omega and Poundshop Hall & Nash are firmly on board with Callis who's the centrepiece of this mess, so you can't use any of them as a fulcrum without a complete 180 on it by planting insecurites in them. But there's no viable alternative to Mox for Kenny, and the Goof Bros aren't staying forever so they need to draw other people into this to build the Bucks as solid friends with to set up the betrayal. All while avoiding the Real Life Co-Owner Screwjob tr
  3. Does Brock really need a Rumble win to fight Reigns at Mania? Surely Brock can just walk onto an episode of Smackdown and challenge Roman for the title, just like another old part timer did on Raw. Him and Oldberg can just fuck all the way off.
  4. My daughter's gone mad for Japanese food so our last 2 takeaways have been Japanese, (I live in a marginally smug part of Manchester/Stockport, so I get options). Last night I had a Tataki Beef Donburi and some Korean Fried Chicken balls. The little one had a Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box, which whilst being a bit ostentatious for a 7 year old went down a fucking storm! I looked at the Just Eat list for my old home town in County Durham and it made me realize how different a world my daughter is growing up in terms of food than I did. We can get pretty much anything we want delivered to our d
  5. That really wasn't a very good show at all. Many more misses than hits for me. The opening segment was really good, but it was pretty much downhill from there, other than the painting of Omega and Callis. Cody Rhodes needs to get a direction. He's absolutely floundering. . .and no, that direction shouldn't be anywhere near Shaw and Jade Cargill. That Private Party six man tag was a bit of a mess. At least it had a bit of storyline development with the heel turn, but yeah, the match wasn't good. These guys are very green and shouldn't be in there on the main TV show with guys greene
  6. I’m going to order some of the worse fish and chips you’ve ever seen from the kebab shop and post it in here out of spite.
  7. No, they were pre-cooked ribs just dipped in the same batter as the sweet and sour pork/shredded crispy beef. Just a cornflour slake really.
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  9. Mine is usually keema either madras or Samber depending on which place we're ordering from, and a couple of chapatis. I used to ask for vindaloo, but they'd just stick a load of chilli powder in and kill the flavour. Well, they did u til I asked them to make it hot without sticking a load of chilli powder in. They used to do one with 3 different strengths of Naga. I had the level 1 to get a taste for it, and it was really nice but then they stopped doing them.
  10. Hoping by the time Revolution happens Thea Trinidad’s 90 day non-compete will be up and she can make an appearance. The women’s division is in desperate need of someone like her.
  11. This was exactly my thought. I think this may be AEWs attempt at champions v champions for brand supremacy...... Everyone loves a battle for brand supremacy right? When the Good Brothers got their WWE release I had my fingers crossed that they wouldn't get signed by AEW and am only just realising the ramifications of this cross promotional war!!
  12. I really have no desire to see the Good Brothers get an AEW PPV match.
  13. My guess is Revolution will look something like: Mox/Omega rematch Young Bucks vs Good Brothers (maybe a 3 way with Lucha Brothers) Orange Cassidy vs Miro MJF vs Sammy (w/ Jericho as guest referee, the Inner Circle as lumberjacks or something similar) The confirmed Sting/Allin/Team Taz cinematic match. Some version of Dark Order and Adam Page vs perhaps Kingston and family. Shida vs Britt Baker Lance Archer vs Pac And finally some utter bollocks with Cody Rhodes.
  14. As somebody living in Sardinia, I have been sorely missing the myriad of takeaways easily available back home. The Chippy Tea thread is torture enough but this one has the potential to tip me right over the edge. Luckily, I love pizza. Don't get me wrong, the food here is utterly marvelous, amongst the best I have ever tried, but Christ, I do miss a good Chinese or Indian.
  15. The other thing to bear in mind is that this fight is taking place at lightweight, not featherweight like last time. Poirier at 155 is a different beast - he seems to have found his optimal weight. That's not to say McG can't beat him, but it's not as predictable as just looking at past form.
  16. Looking forward to this. Thing is, beyond his absolute dickish behaviour, McGregor is still an excellent fighter. He's also carrying the confidence of starching Poirier in less than 2 minutes last time, and beating Cerrone without a scratch in 40 seconds a year ago. Poirier seems far calmer this time around, and obviously has improved by leaps and bounds as a fighter, but what happens when the cage door closes? I think if we get to Round 2 though, this fight becomes very intriguing. The co-main is also a huge fight. I follow little MMA outside of the UFC, but I've seen Chandler fight a fe
  17. My son is disabled, so he has to go to school. You’ve misunderstood my comment. Of course key workers and vulnerable children should be at school. I’m talking about full school re-openings which they may push for as early as February half term. They shouldn’t have gone back in September.
  18. Ted

    Covid-19 Megathread

    The guy who died used to work in my office (before my time), people who worked with him said he was always a bit odd & didn’t like engaging with anyone
  19. On an episode of BTE last year before Stadium Stampede, they had a funeral for Vanguard and Avalon was giving a speech. A drunk Page asked Scorpio Sky who was talking and Sky said it was Ruby Riot. I didn’t see it or pay much attention to how similar they look until then.
  20. Before Cargill made her debut and interrupted Cody's promo, he said he wanted to avenge his loss to MJF. Given the loss was at last year's Revolution, could they build towards that rematch? Even if it still has to involve Shaq asking The Inner Circle for help. Cody can bring Snoop with him to garner some more media attention.
  21. I’d guess that you’re right on both counts. I’d imagine Cody/Red Velvet vs Shaq/Cargill is also a possibility, and it’s about time they pulled the trigger on Shida versus Britt Baker too. I really hope the feud is done by then, but Cassidy/Taylor vs Miro/Sabian seems probable. I’d love to see The Dark Order get a big match of some kind, although I’m not sure what that would be. Perhaps a match against The Inner Circle? Who’d have thought even one year ago that this faction would end up becoming one of the most entertaining things throughout all of wrestling? I totally agr
  22. Yes. Much looser, flakier batter than you might be thinking though.
  23. The, “HE SAID YES,” thing is one of the best intentional bits of comedy from any promotion in forever. I can’t believe what a success story Dark Order have become. It might be daft to say but John Silver reminds me tonnes of Kurt Angle. One of the few guys who can absolutely nail comedy, wildly entertaining, yet feels completely legitimate and can look like a killer in the ring. Silver’s comebacks when he starts going a million miles an hour are incredible. Honestly, there’s a huge TV main event to be had giving him a title shot against Omega. This week’s show was one of JR’s worst. He ha
  24. I've posted in here a couple of times about the local COVID conspiracy gang of idiots in my town. Well last week one of them contracted COVID and died the next day. The Guardian wrote a piece about him and how COVID conspiracies are causing major risk to peoples lives. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jan/23/gary-matthews-duped-by-lying-anti-vaxxers-his-death-is-at-their-door (The Charlie Parker they talk about in the article is the unicycling leader that I've spoken about previously)
  25. I fancy Dustin to win this when Conor gets his usual stitch somewhere between rounds three and four.
  26. Dolph Ziggler’s entire WWE career was summed up that time he, “quit,” the promotion whilst US Champion, then returned as Number 30 in the Royal Rumble for no reason, didn’t win the Rumble, and did nothing of value afterwards. The absolute definition of just a guy doing some stuff, none of which matters or will ever be remembered fondly. Anyway, yeah. It’s madness how much potential one couple can have in Bianca Belair and Montez Ford. Imagine if they ever have a kid? That’s the key to the next boom period right there. Most important news of the year though - Thank fuck.
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