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  2. But isn't the whole "pinning the champion non title to get a title match" something that's been around? I'm sure a lot of Flair's NWA World Title challengers were decided in that fashion. The whole idea is that you present someone who is capable of pinning the champion, thus the threat is established.
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  4. This for me. Since first getting Sky in 2002 I've watched Raw and Smackdown every week, apart from a five month blip in 2007 when I started university, and another month or two in 2020 when they were still stuck in the PC just before the Thunderdome. But I've gave up on both Raw (and later Smackdown) post Wrestlemania this year (for the same reasons as many), and only watch PPVs now. And watching those PPVs I don't feel like I'm missing anything, as all the important events of a feud seem to be comfortably covered in the usually excellent pre-match packages.
  5. Can't be having that. Sleazy Luke cannot be allowed to turn face by being booked against a heel like that.
  6. Simple channel but quite relaxing, lots of Grandad jokes. He does make me think that he might do a video for a cup of beans, maybe he'll put a sausage in it.
  7. Chap, I'm led to believe this board has an ignore function you can use on my posts so you no longer have to read them and we can avoid cluttering up the board with tediously banal digs every time I make a post and you pounce on it. I suggest you use it.
  8. I’m so glad I know of other Scottish people so I know you’re not all a bunch of miserable moaning bastards.
  9. I despise this linear form of thinking when it comes to fan. It's not the same fans in every building every night is it? F' off Ronda.
  10. Maybe one more suited for the Lame Claim To Fame thread but the younger sister of a girl I went through secondary school with won Silver in the Sailing today. A Miss Anna Burnet. Pity it was "Team GB" but I'm sure days for "Team Scotland" will come! I'm one of those people who finds the Olympics to be a permanent annoyance because despite my giving not even a shit about it, it seems to infest innocent escapism like Pointless and also pub quizzes with some vehemence despite me never meeting very many people who are remotely interested in it. Nothing worse than watching the Pointless final round when the couple opt to go for the fucking Olympics instead of the European capital cities that you were baying to answer! Cunts.
  11. Ronda calling out the fans on twitter I’ve seen you same “fans” chanting #WeWantWyatt last night chanting “We want beach balls” over @WWEBrayWyatt performing. If the @wwe treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first — Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) August 3, 2021
  12. I know it's frowned upon to speculate about the subject but I still say it's a wellness violation. I have absolutely nothing of substance to base it on other than this week was 30 days and with Orton they do usually just go radio silent until after the fact. Again, the lack of a logical explanation for one of their biggest stars disappearing and multiple storylines being interrupted erodes the product still further. There is zero consideration or respect for the audience/fans to the point they clearly don't give a sh*t what they put out on television. On a side note... Do you think some of the wrestlers-turned-road agents suffer from the same affliction as top football players? In as much as you can be an incredible footballer but a shocking manager? HBK is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time (in my opinion) but a lot of the matches that the newz sites credit him with putting together have been terrible.
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  14. Well, we got one more declaration of interest following my plea last week, so I guess that's the bare minimum needed for us to start on time after all. With any luck, actually seeing this thread go live will jolt some more people into action. Anyone can hop in until the end of the month, but if they do then they should probably take a quick gander at the second and third posts in the sign-up thread. I haven't received any feedback either way on the 'wildcard' idea, so I suppose that means we're going ahead with it unless there are a glut of objections before Sunday night. The majority of leagues we cover have either already begun or commence this coming weekend, so this doesn't really count as starting early. With the EPL sitting things out while the Olympics are still on, the first card is dominated by the Championship, with an SPFL match also helping to round out the set of 10. I'm not going to explain the cup tie rules every time, so we'll include examples of both types this time to make sure everybody gets it. The Community Shield has no extra time and we'll ignore any penalty shootout, so feel free to bet on that as if it were a league game. For the DFB-Pokal, only plump for a draw if you think a tie will finish that way after extra time. We'll still disregard penalties, but goals scored in the additional 30 minutes will be counted. There won't be a table until the end of Week 2, so in the meantime, here's a reminder of how it all finished up last season. This post will be updated with the latest fixtures, results and standings throughout the season. Without further ado, then... Week 1 fixtures FA Community Shield Leicester City v Manchester City (17:15, at Wembley Stadium) Championship Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City Cardiff City v Barnsley Stoke City v Reading Sheffield United v Birmingham City (20:00) Fulham v Middlesbrough (Sunday 13:30) Coventry City v Nottingham Forest (Sunday 16:30) Scottish Premiership St Mirren v Heart of Midlothian German Cup First Round Lokomotiv Leipzig v Bayer Leverkusen (14:30) Waldhof Mannheim v Eintracht Frankfurt (Sunday 14:30) All games kick off on Saturday and at 15:00 unless states. Times are listed in BST.
  15. You don’t have to wear a hat cheees hangman, sons crying. Zoom in when you open it to see the details
  16. Fat, and apparently 10 years on from a stay in ICU for a heart attack or stroke.
  17. Interesting, I think they both train (although not full time) at the RVCA training centre with Jason Parillo so not sure what will happen there. It would be a great fight and a good welcome back test for Rockhold.
  18. Ric and Arn had quite the falling out didnt they? I mean, I know when money's involved then ill feelings can be put aside but I'd heard they were no longer friends.
  19. Elevation under 50 minutes this week. Wish they would keep that format going forward. Breeze to get through. Rampage looking like an hour show? Which worries me for them going back to 2+ hours of both Dark shows.
  20. Nobody can churn out bad butter puns like the Carbomber.
  21. Movsar Evloev’s brother’s had a good day.
  22. I wonder whether they'll just trot him out there with Tully and Arn for a nice nostalgia pop on an episode of Dynamite. How's Barry Windham?
  23. The side of Derrick Lewis we don’t hear about much. Top bloke.
  24. Sorry, that one's a bit too easy for me. Best stick to the Kool Komedy, Keith, and leave the shite to the pros.
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