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  2. Ron Howard has been announced as the new director of the Han Solo movie
  3. Sent an email to our utility company, asking about a cashback program they’re running. Got a reply from a guy called Frankie Tse… the temptation to suggest that he relax nearly broke me.
  4. I preferred Branquey's Big Tonker meself but they're both great
  5. I just get irked by the "unhealthy" tag mainly, they're clearly not that. Smoking fags or taking drugs could lose you weight, doesn't make that healthy. I've never seen Ohno or Owens get gassed like Konnan or plenty of others in "better shape" I maintain that Ohno should lose the silly B-ball shirts and just wrestle with the flab out. It's not a big deal, most of us have seen him wrestling that way on indies in recent years, whereas Owens has always had a similar outfit. Can even spin it into a positive message that way
  6. Germany's Alpha Female and Tessa Blanchard also announced for the tournament.
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  8. The most obvious one is during the Headingley test match against Australia in 1981 when at one point during the match Ladbrokes were offering 500-1 against an England victory. Then Ian Botham hit 149 not out and Bob Willis took 8-43. I doubt there were many takers at that price though except, rather controversially, two of the Australian players.
  9. Fargo was pretty shitty this season. A bunch of quarter-arsed Twin Peaks tedium.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think the smarter bets on this event will be on over/unders for rounds, knock downs and so on.
  11. Did you completely miss or choose to ignore my admission of being a wuss there? Plus, it's how he comes across on TV that matters most, not how he looks only to the few in the front rows. On TV he's not the slightest bit intimidating, his attire doesn't help matters of course.
  12. 'Grecian, I'm emailing you about this not because it's anything to do with you, you're just one of the few people in this place who seem to know what they're doing and get it right.' 'Your beard is fabulous!' Two separate people, I should add.
  13. I've seen Ohno in the flesh, of which there is, admittedly, quite a lot and trust me, you wouldn't feel quite so brave in person. He looks like a fucking Viking and puts his stuff in VERY convincingly. Although he's obviously not in the same shape as McIntyre, he's in there with him as one of the 3 most physically intimidating wrestlers I've seen at shows.
  14. After tinkering with PSVR most of today, I'll be gutted if there is never a full length Danganronpa VR game.
  15. Up by half a million.
  16. I didn't think this could get any better but the final reaction is priceless
  17. To clarify, the odds of 100-1 I gave for Conor were the odds I would give him of victory, not what I think the betting odds should be. Even if such odds were given by a bookie, they wouldn't last long because the rush of bets made would push it down. The fact that betting odds are primarily influenced by betting patterns is why they shouldn't be taken as an indicator of the actual odds of something taking place.
  18. It was something that crossed my mind, but it seems more like WWE knowing that their viewership is heavily in decline at the moment, so by from the moment it happened having the authority say they'd sort it out that Tuesday getting people to tune in, then the following week having a women's MITB match to keep viewers hooked and Cena back the week after, just seems like a ploy to get a 3 week higher ratings ratio. Anyone know the viewership for this week?
  19. When wrestling was at its hottest and people were handing money over faster than they could earn it, what happened on PPV didn't matter a jot 24 hours later. It's not new. Did anyone cry in 1999 that the Rumble winner didn't matter? Not so I ever noticed. the ongoing story was too good. These days, i think it matters less than ever. We're paying £9.99 a month for PPV and that's even if there is only one and if that's all you're paying for. It's an extension of the TV show. Some of what happens on PPV is must see. Some isn't. Some stuff really matters. Some stuff doesn't. It's priced very much accordingly.
  20. It's more lookinglikeshitphobia, there have been tonnes of fat wrestlers that have looked amazing with their weight but both KO's look awful. I should be intimidated and/or wowed by a big guy, not thinking there's a chance I could take him. (I'm a wuss and couldn't, but still)
  21. I'd also hazard a guess that they don't want to discourage people from laying bets in the numbers they clearly will following McG's promotional shenanigans. If the odds are too high, like 100-1, you'll get a lot of casuals put off from putting money on him, thinking "wait a sec - those bookies must know something we don't". In essence, the bookies are making bets themselves; they're betting on making money from a situation in which they reckon McG will lose, they reckon he will talk up enough of a good game to get people believing in him, and they reckon enough people will believe in him to lay bets down in large numbers, and in large amounts given the relative shortness of the odds.
  22. Fascinated to know on what basis that was suggested? I love any world in which "such and such would be smashing at Atlaspheres" comes up in conversation.
  23. I'm a lazy sod who sits about watching wrestling and munching on crisps most days and I'm closer to underweight than anything Just seems to be a lot of outdated fatphobia on this board and it's tiresome to me. Both KO's got hired in their current shape
  24. "Congratulations!," from the one person in the office who cared enough to note that I was getting a promotion.
  25. Me again, nominating Gus Hart in 'nice things people have said to you recently'.
  26. It's been my favourite wrestlemania location by far. All the events are in walking to distance to one another, and the atmosphere around town just hasn't been matched anywhere else for me.
  27. You'll be saying Kevin Owens has a glandular problem next. They're just fatties.
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