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  2. The Notorious v Money

    I've started seeing the "I'm Backing Conor" profile picture frames on Facebook. And as seems to be the norm, it's people who I didn't know we're into combat sports.
  3. LPW High Voltage

    Nice to see Camp Dracula managed to get a tan on his hands only.
  4. The Notorious v Money

    I wonder if the same buzz is happening in the states, which will be key if it has a chance of beating the biggest buy rate. The Wednesday presser is surely going to do the business, so long as Floyd keeps his bloody shark skin school bag in the bag. Yaaaaay.
  5. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Wyatt needs to go away for a few months...come back babyface or really push as leader of a new faction as a heel. They dont know how to use him and people hit the nail on the head in here when they say its the same old formula with him
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  7. Southpaw Regional Wrestling Is Back

    I think if they decided to run a one-off show as a Network special it would be really popular with fans and a tremendously useful exercise for so many of the boys (and girl) involved in terms of character and ring work, if they really went old school with the match style too.
  8. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    SNES does come on (I wasn't clear about that earlier), it's purely a case of getting to display (no picture or sound). I've just been out to Argos and tried running through a litre scart adapter where you plug the coloured pins in and then that into the scart, and it just is t having any of it UPDATE: Got it working somehow. Not sure what I did as it is in the same sockets I tried earlier, but it seems to have decided to work now after plugging a controller into it. I even busted out the classic "blow in the cartridge to get it working" method, something that's lost on kids today
  9. The Notorious v Money

    Sorry I'm certain this has been covered previously but I'm in the same boat as @Chunk Take it all you'd need to do is register (not have any active membership in place) and can be done? Will it be the UK/Sky Box Office broadcast and/or in HD? **edit - seems like this may only work on the NOWTV box and not the App version..**
  10. The Notorious v Money

    you can sign up to Now TV and buy the PPV through that. Either get a Now TV box cheap (about 15 quid) or do it through the app on your ps4/xbox/laptop.
  11. New Doctor Who

    I stopped watching this run when Catherine Tate got involved (fucking hell, that was 11 years ago), surely Walsh can't be more annoying than that?
  12. The Notorious v Money

    I'm a BT TV subscriber with a YouView box. Am I right in thinking that the only way I can watch it is to buy the stream for my laptop / PC? Pretty sure that's the case but want to double check before I pull the trigger.
  13. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    Is the SNES knackered? There's also a chance you're plugging it into a component input rather than a composite input that doesn't support both: https://www.lifewire.com/shared-composite-component-video-input-connections-4103732 Edit - just noticed you've tried SCART so that will rule out what I've said. Given what you've tried, it's either a dodgy console or cable. Double Edit - when you turn it on, does the light on the SNES come on and if so, do you hear any sound (even though you get no picture)?
  14. Game of Thrones - Season SEVEN (No book wankers)

    Spot there squire.
  15. The Notorious v Money

    That part in bold is spot on, we have nothing like this to gauge it against. Fuck it, the PPV buy rate won't be paying my rent any time soon. I'm just interested in the actual spectacle of the fight itself, and the build up. Couldn't care how many other people watch it.
  16. LPW High Voltage

    That's great! Funky character with good delivery, humour, and quirkiness. Good work.
  17. The Notorious v Money

    I saw posters outside some venues in East London at the weekend promoting long opening hours and screenings of the fight. I've never seen anything like that before for a combat sport event ... and I've actively looked for it for some UFC shows! Little stuff tells me this has crossed over in a way that other stuff just hasn't in the past. Stuff like this: there's a group of burger places in London called Lucky Chip and they're doing this:
  18. I presume it's just a feel good thing for the fans. His wife died earlier this year so most likely a gesture of good will and keeping him occupied. I can't see it being due to his commentary talents.
  19. New Doctor Who

    Remember when Kris Marshall felt like the worst thing that could happen to Doctor Who? Well, Bradley fucking Walsh says hello.... ...Christ. I genuinely don't know if I'll be able to sit through it.
  20. What's the reason/point of bringing out JR?
  21. LPW High Voltage

    Haha, that's ace! Although he said Bash is defending his belt so guess he is winning his match here.
  22. Southpaw Regional Wrestling Is Back

    Cena is absolutely on point in the whole of this. How he can deliver those lines in that manner next to Fandango doing all that shit and not be corpsing constantly I do not know. If Southpaw Regional Wrestling stuff doesn't turn up as DLC at some point, then I'm sure the CAWs etc of it will be all over the community downloads section. We need to get Danger Zone/Beach Patrol Vs Tex2Badd on a preshow sometime with Lance Catamaran and Clint Bobski on commentary. The Butchers looked like they could have turned up in ECW in 1996 for a feud with RVD & Sabu.
  23. Random Thoughts III.

    That is funny, granted, but they avoid putting his face on screen as much as possible these days.
  24. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That was easily the most interesting Orton's been in years and years. Showed how easily the Wyatt gimmick can work. Sadly they use it for lazy spooky-wooky bollocks.
  25. The Notorious v Money

    It's already the 2nd biggest betting event of 2017, behind The Grand National, and with 4 days to go it will only get bigger.
  26. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Yeah it was sad how that ended, before Orton burnt Bray's house down we got 3/4 months of good TV from them two.
  27. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Stop doing it then.
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