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  2. wee spot of free boxing on tonight, it streams on youtube and on the Sky channel Showcase which will show the main event and co-main event (channel 192). Decent main event on it, Jono Carroll vs. Maxi Hughes, i'll probably just tune in for that. here's the youtube link:
  3. Yeah, I’m just finishing up listening to the whole podcast again. Their hysterical laughter describing the post-match of Shamrock/Bulldog at Summerslam 97 is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Stuart was still posting occasionally on Instagram until recently, but it looks like he’s deleted his account now.
  4. There's a moment, it's a distinguished moment that we've all endured, it's a moment where our body both congratulates us and gives us a stark warning. Your stomach's mildly cramped and made the noise of a toddler dragging it's face over a balloon. You acknowledge this, but believe you can wait another half hour. On 28 minutes of your self enforced countdown you decide to concede to the second more ghastly grown. You drop trou and sit, as you reach a suitable position the world decides to turn in on itself and the fulcrum of such an event is your hoop. Flows of loose shit pour from you with utter disregard for absolutely everything. And it happens, a strange sensation, your entire body goosepimples and shiver descends over you. Those goosepimples, those hairs that cover your being all standing firm are sending a message; "Well done you averted a disaster ... But don't fucking wait so long next time!"
  5. I had no idea so thanks for the heads up! Thankfully not a regular smell but will get it checked out if that changes.
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  7. Also check whether you're starting to grow yellow fur.
  8. They fought a teddy bear for 13 dollars, there's no way to defend them......
  9. I don't want to speak for him, but Stuart suffers/suffered from depression quite seriously towards the end, and I think it was a massive effort to make the pod. Definitely still my favourite wrestling pod, and provided me with some much needed humour at a really shit point in my life. They're all on Twitter, but Stuart rarely posts, if you were curious enough to want to ask them I guess.
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  11. This year really could do with some Gay Jesus.
  12. I've had that. Need to be careful - if it happens too often, it can be taken as an indicator of pre-diabetes.
  13. I'm just as amazed Jerry Lawler has not been metoo'd yet. If even a 10th of the stories about him are true. Fucking hell
  14. I have on a couple of occasions had shits that have retained the smell of the KFC that I ate earlier on those days.
  15. Can't say I've ever done a jobby that's smelled anything other than honking but I took a piss earlier and the rather pleasant smell of Sugar Puffs wafted up. Not sure if this is a thing on here or not but it was 2014 the last time I consumed Sugar Puffs. No idea if there is a scientific explanation or not or if it's connected to being back lifting weights and consuming supplements/shakes.
  16. He wants me to rub the moons on his belly? get out of here, you heathens!
  17. What are the lads of The New Generation Podcast up to? I've only got a few episodes left to go and I wondered if they did any other podcasts after wrapping up NGP.
  18. Fucking embaressed posting these directly after @chokeout and @Monkee's efforts, but balls to it. Bought a graphics tablet at the weekend, bit of a birthday treat, and whilst it's been fucking yonks since I ever tried to draw anything, and both my use of colour and stroke weight is as primitive as it ever was, i've quite enjoyed just fucking about with it and working pretty loose. Both 10-15 minute efforts with the bare minimum colour palette.
  19. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    The whole of the A6 is a bit of a shit show for food.
  20. It’s exactly the same as blokes basing their opinion of a sexual assault allegation on the badge on the shirt of who is accused. Much like some fans of a football club, ROH or whatever organisation is part of some people’s identity. They won’t accept it as to them it’s a personal attack. Same with any fandom I suppose but wrestling seems one of the worst.
  21. Today, Tuesday 11th August, in the shitebag of a year that’s been 2020, can officially get to fuck.
  22. That's standard WWE since about 2006. Something works better than planned, have a go of it's arse til it doesn't resemble itself any more
  23. I’ve given up on that now! It was becoming more like a second job rather than a hobby. I’m also a pve player and it sounded like they were focusing on PvP with trials and that so I knocked it on the head. You still playing? I may check out the next expansion one day
  24. One thing I've noticed with all this, including someone just on twitter who I've had to give a slapping to, is that the blame game starts with the girl doesnt it? Its frightening. I've just had a big argument on twatter because I asked ROH (who is restarting soon) if they are addressing the Marty Scurll stuff. After a long back and forth, some vintage 2011 Ian shit posting included, the tosser asks this: "How do you know? Where you there? All I read was Scrulls tweet. Please show me proof to the contrary." This cunt had only read Scurll's statement and based his opinion around that. People are just twats.
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