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  2. Well suh ah just used that new dangled fangled inty net and made the discovery that the good ol sack o shit goes by the name of Eugene. So, fuck off, Eugene.
  3. hangman lost his spot in the ten man tag as if he lost he dropped out the top 5. I really hope they have something good for him to come back to, that he’s still been mentioned on BTE says there is something still to go in the story. WWE has just set out expectations that it’ll be managed badly. Really hope it’s something good he returns to
  4. Yes, curious how they'll handle Raw and Smackdown. The Cardiff arena is on the small side. So maybe they'd try and do all of them at the Stadium, or have at least Raw in London/elsewhere.
  5. I want to dislike Arsenal but that bloody beautiful Tomiyasu (based off a love from Football Manager) wants him and anyone associated with him do well.
  6. New Paul Tomas Anderson trailer came out yesterday. I'll watch anything he does anyway, but I loved it. Cooper Hoffman being in this is incredibly sweet given his Dad's legacy with PTA. Also Brady Cooper as Jon Peters looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I know the Oscars mean basically fuck all, but it still astounds me that Anderson doesn't have one (or several)
  7. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT!!! I'd forgotten all about him. A prick of the highest order.
  8. Today
  9. I'm not saying he'll 'lose his spot' I'm saying that does Page's win have that impact that it would, and are people's wants now changing. Sometimes delays mean focus shifts onto other people. It feels like something has moved. I hope Im wrong
  10. I don’t watch The Walking Dead, it’s on while my girlfriend watches it. It’s shit but I know it was at one point considered great. But that “Well Ma’am ah do declare that ahm a southern gentleman and ah do indeed have a mullet. Ahm a go and hide in the cawnah while y’all’s do the fighting’” berk is a fucking arsehole.
  11. Ahh the old passive aggressive erotic plate dance duel, a classic manoeuvre in the toxic relationship.
  12. Selected excerpts from the MMA Fighting article. Only in America could damaging a car be a more serious crime than smacking a woman in the face...
  13. Surely the one of the main points to having Danielson/Omega so early was because by the time Danielson has had enough wins to rise up to the ranking to the number one contender spot Omega will have lost the belt to Hangman. The match wouldn't have as much impact if Omega doesn't have the belt and isn't the "certified best in the company" anymore. I think if they weren't going ahead with the plan to switch the title over the Hangman, they'd have held off on the Danielson/Omega match and waited until Bryan could actually challenge for the title. Or something, I dunno.
  14. I haven't been listening but thank you for clarifying. Old trainer who got the boot says he is unmanageable and that is why nothing has changed? I'm assuming going by the fact he is a former trainer, he isn't in Wilder's camp anymore and could question all day long what he knows about what is going on in Wilder's current camp. Sometimes a fighter may need to lie to themselves, sometimes they need to lie to the outside world to create some mystique. All the reasons he has listed may be justified to why he lost the fight. Big punchers chance may well be all he needs to end this fight. In what way does Fury win this fight for you?
  15. Rhodes To The Top starts after Dynamite tomorrow, anyone watching it? I really like Brandi outside of the oh so ill-advised angles, can see her shining here even if the format of the show isn't really my thing.
  16. Principality has a retractable roof doesn't it? I can imagine that being a big factor to doing a stadium show over here.
  17. After watching Sammy's vlog I just want to see Cody as Fuego's masked brother now, that'll save him for sure.
  18. They still release the PPVs on DVD and I think Wrestlemania still gets a BluRay release, but that’s the first “superstar set” that they’ve released in a long time. Since the network launched they’ve become pretty redundant
  19. Not to mention that, whilst his puncher's chance is bigger than most, Fury's also demonstrated that you can't hinge everything on that. I'm not saying Fury can necessarily take bombs like that every match, but he's definitely got more chin than Chinatown, coupled with a style that means he hasn't had to take as much damage so probably has the capacity for a few in his remaining career.
  20. Given they are doing MITB in the new stadium in Vegas next year, I could actually see Summerslam in a stadium over here being a goer. Wonder if it's in any way related to the hinting that AEW might run Craven Cottage next summer?
  21. Where have I been hearing this from? It's been common knowledge, no? His former trainers (who he sacked and blamed for pulling him out of the fight with Fury when he was getting battered) have said he's pretty much unmanageable? He's surrounded by yes men now, which isn't what he needs. That last fight he got absolutely smashed. I'm not sure he could change his style and approach this late in the game anyway, but certainly not while his attitude is stinking. He still blames phantom loaded gloves, heavy ring walk outfits and all sorts of mental nonsense. He still has the big punchers chance, but nothing else.
  22. Alex McCarthy of Talksport is reporting that the plan is to do Summerslam in the UK next year with the Principality Stadium in Cardiff as the front runner for the venue https://t.co/BCPcBteyH0
  23. Direct to Poundland's £2 section. I did actually see a PPV in my local Tesco's recently. But it was the first new WWE DVD I had seen since just after Silver Vision closed.
  24. Ah, FuseMP! I remember that name. I got Super J Cup 94 and When Worlds Collide from Mark Petar in about '99 I think. Remember being really excited to watch them, even if it was on a grainy VHS. Good times!
  25. You see way more basics out in the wild then elites, so more aimed at kids. I know two friends with kids under 12 and they all have WWE figures. But the collectors market is clearly growing
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