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  2. Chas and Baz. Brilliant stuff. I shall be following my cousin closely.
  3. But unlike Thor's hammer, which got a ripple of excitement when it was first shown in a post credit scene, the Intercontinental Championship is seen with horrific indifference. Sure they are props, but they have meaning and significance to the viewer. Like championships, Thor's hammer would mean dick if there were too many. Would Captain America picking up the hammer mean anything if there were 12 of the fuckers and each member of the Avengers managed to pick one up? Course not.
  4. Wrestling belts have always felt like - and always been - props. Like Thor’s hammer in the marvel films.
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  6. The problem with these things is that nowadays anyone can make a video or movie, also if it was advanced technology which I personally think it is then I doubt any military would even admit to being behind it. I don't think it's Aliens anyway.
  7. PCO is over. Where is Rene over?
  8. I think PCO is signed to ROH, plus he's 51, Rene is still only 35.
  9. By that logic they would be better signing PCO
  10. Props that tell all of their stories and create all of their drama. There shouldn't be such importance on them but there clearly is. That's why they keep adding more and more.
  11. Back when it was real*. * Kane’s hair, not pro wrestling.
  12. Fin's hatred of Cena was ridiculous and counterproductive. Like it or not, the potential buyers of a wrestling magazine that's sold in WH Smith are mostly kids who watch WWE and for a supposed mainstream magazine to spend so much time slating Cena and the WWE product was utter madness. The people buying the magazine and reading it are either going to think you're wrong and stop buying the magazine as a result, or think you're right, realise WWE had become shit, stop watching it, and stop buying the magazine as a result.
  13. I don't think the brands will truly be separate. Not like people are hoping. I doubt WWE will risk a single brand PPV again. They should, they should make them as far away from eachother as possible. But they won't. Too risky.
  14. The Raw Tag belts in the last month or so have been held by an odd-couple and then they lost it to two guys who were thrown together for no reason and won it at the first try. How is anyone supposed to care when seemingly any pair of fuckers can win them. The Intercontinental title, which used to be the second most important belt, I’d genuinely forgotten that Shinsuke Nakamura was the Champion, and I had to look up who he beat and when.
  15. He's a good worker with a great look that hasn't been seen for years on national TV so would be a fresh face for AEW instead of being seen as a WWE cast-off. Plus he's a big guy too which is something they are sorely lacking at the moment. Plus he speaks French so he'd a be a good guy to have if they wanted to run in Quebec or have TV in the French speaking world. If I was Tony Khan I'd sign him in a heartbeat.
  16. Disagree strongly. The titles have felt like props for ages. Outside of Lesnar and Rousey is struggle to remember who's held which belt in the last 12 months. The brand split has never worked for me, and the shared PPVs are particularly problematic. Seeing 2 "World Titles" defended on the same show just demeans both. NXT often feels special because it is so separate from the main brands. For my money, with both main brands on separate but important networks, they need to properly cut the ties and have two utterly separate brands that only meet once a year - Wrestlemania.
  17. PS didn't look that bad. It was very simple in it's style and never really deviated but it was far superior to the rest of the non-WWF mags you'd find in the 90s and the content was miles ahead of FSM which was, with a few exceptions, style over substance. I was gutted to finally give up buying PS after what must have been 12-13 years of regularly reading but I just couldn't stomach Fin's dominating opinion anymore. His failure to recognise what is popular and why and being incapable of accepting that things he doesn't think are perfect work for others just irritated me along with his ridiculous nicknames for things.
  18. More throwing around of this lazy opinion. Aside from the really peripheral ones, the belts are the most important aspect of their show. They dominate all of their story telling. Nothing that isn't related to a title means a thing these days. Title changes make shows feel meaningful. Nothing else does.
  19. It seems Stephens has responded, and the dude ain't happy...
  20. Nobody in their right mind thinks AEW can compete with WWE. If that doesn't make them an underdog, what would?
  21. First game of the new league season today (and my first league game ever in charge) and a routine 6-6 draw. Fuck me, I'm exhausted after that. I'm going to end up like Joe Kinnear if it's like this every week. 5-3 down at half time, we scored 3 goals in the last 5 mins with the equaliser coming from the last kick of the game. Our keeper got upset because he really wanted to come out on pitch so we gave him a run out in the final few mins and he grabbed one of the goals. Extremely proud of them, they didn't stop working until the final whistle. We lost 7-4 against the same side in a friendly last week. Had to run over to the parents at half time and politely ask them to not give the players instructions i.e. telling them when to shoot, pass, dribble etc. Lo and behold, it made a big difference. Imagine trying to play a game of football and there's almost a dozen parents telling you what to do whenever you have the ball.
  22. Apparently, something may have transpired between Covington and Miocic's wife at UFC 241: Regarding the bolded sentence, at least Miocic is acting like a rational human being and not partaking in this BMF stuff.
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