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  2. I've not watched NXT for a long time, so this may be totally wide out of the question, but is there any chance he is coming out of retirement for a little run to "clean" the place up? Or is it simply a tease about changing the on-screen authority?
  3. Yeh, if it happens it'll likely co-headline with a title fight on top, but any fighter who has the ability to draw legit PPV figures could get the nod to headline. Masvidal's stock has definitely fallen but i could see that headline if the schedule falls right for it. Maybe the Nick Diaz return would sit with it as a co-main? no title fight needed.
  4. Me again. More emails from the Owl Centre. One to confirm my email address, then a questionnaire, but not like one of those AQ tests with the multiple choices. All the questions conceivably had yes/no answers, but text boxes as well so they ended up getting essay type answers. Presumably somebody will have a look and then contact me, my mum and/or Mrs Jazzy for further questioning. Properly threw my mind off, then the cat was misbehaving so I had a tiny little bit of a meltdown. Got on the bus to work, listened to some more of my audio book and felt alright until I dropped a mug and broke it i
  5. Well, with the best intentions I’ve not even started watching this. And judging by the lack of talk in here it seems I’m not alone. It’s not just here either, there seem to be very little enthusiasm anywhere. Anyone keeping up with it? I’m at that point now where I’ve got them in the planner and debating whether it’s worth starting or just deleting the lot. To be honest, I forgot the show was even on until I just saw this…
  6. I don’t know. Fergie’s clearly on the decline but Hooker’s a completely different style to Oliveira and Dariush. That fight would tell us a lot about what Ferguson’s got left actually because Hooker’s got that style that Ferguson usually did well against. If Hooker put a beating on him then it’d probably be a good indication that Ferguson’s really on the way out. Hooker might just be tougher at this stage. Got a feeling that Gaethje fight beat a lot of it out of Tony. I hear you on Gaethje vs Diaz but, call me an evil sadistic bastard, I still wanna see it! Most of the top guys at 155 and
  7. He's got another squash lined up for Dark this week too. Cut a good promo at the start of the show. God bless this sexy, sexy man.
  8. I’m looking forward to Adesanya vs Whittaker 2 as well. I’d like to see Whittaker avenge the loss. There isn’t really a more likeable guy on the roster these days than Whittaker. He’s got that Shogun vibe where you can tell he’s just a really good, laid back bloke. A golden retriever out of the cage and a Rottweiler in it. Plus Whittaker winning would open up the trilogy, which is probably best for the division too. Adesanya’s burning through contenders at 185. Figgy’s already talking about 135 so maybe that’s next. I’d be interested to see how he looks up in weight, if his power would c
  9. That was hilarious. All these tough guy babyfaces walking out because they were scared of Miz and Truth attacking them with lead pipes. Textbook example of bad WWE storytelling. They come up with a story then tell the audience the story in the most blatant "tell, not show" way possible even if it makes no sense or isn't reflecting what happening on screen. Like when they decided to go with the "worst year of Cenas career" story before his rematch with The Rock, despite winning almost all his matches in the previous 12 months.
  10. Is it like that time the Raw roster were all living in fear of the dastardly duo of R-Truth and The Miz?
  11. What's absolutely mad to process is that if Brodie Jr does decide to begin wrestling as a career choice, members like Anna Jay will be an ancient 32 years old, Stu Grayson will be barely over 40. For some reason the perception there messes with me. Everyone might not be there by then, but they'll still be young.
  12. Today
  13. whilst im sure Gaethje would take it in a heartbeat, Nate Diaz doesnt want that fight, a leg kicking machine with heavy punching power and a wrestling background? just Nate Diaz worst nightmare. They have to go with Gaethje/Chandler. I wanna see Hooker take abit of a step back and take a fight that wont be so physically damaging. That guys been through the ringer. Hooker vs. Ferguson? sounds mental to say a fight with Ferguson would be less damaging but at this point it probably would be.
  14. I don't think they've hammered the Brodie Lee stuff into the ground. This time around, it was absolutely perfect - it gave something for Miro to crush. You get the loveable doofus dedicating his match, with everyone watching, including Brodie's son, and Miro just beats the shit out of the doofus and laughs at them. What a man. It's hilarious and weird in hindsight that Evil Uno was brought in as some kind of monster heel. He's clearly just the most wholesome pervert in history outside of Fetishman. It's even weirder thinking about how the Dark Order was meant to be a Marty Scurl
  15. This. I'm really looking forward to Whittaker vs Izzy 2 though.
  16. Here’s the Gaethje tweet. Hoping there’ll be a fight announcement for him soon. Can’t believe it’s been 8 months since the Khabib fight already. Gaethje vs Chandler, Hooker or even Nate would do very nicely.
  17. my customary late as fuck thoughts: * was a bit down on the main event, felt abit like an old Anderson Silva defence when he was in with someone beneath him. The commentary was praising Adesanya to the heavens but i was a bit underwhelmed. I think Izzy just got into a groove and stayed there, outside of the leg kicks he did little real damage to Marvin, the stats kind of reflect that too, the leg kicks were the significant factor here. Utterly baffled at Marvin thinking he'd won. Even more so when you could tell his corner were practically yelling at hi. that he was losing. Crazy It
  18. Handsome Wardlow murdering some poor scrub is the highlight of Elevation this week. Edit. Looks like they might also be teasing an Angelico solo run.
  19. I wouldn't mind Redbeard being in it but the idea of him winning it would awful. I'm sure they were close but Brodie was seemingly loved by everyone. Redbeard beating all the AEW guys is a step too far for me. Rather have him lose to whichever heel gets to the final before they in turn lose it to the likes of Silver so. I also appreciate I am commenting on a fictional tournament.
  20. yeah i have to agree, i think the concept is more to have each fighter in a decent fight rather than tune up style fights where no one had heard of the opponent. The main events aren't great, they'd all work great as co-mains but they dont feel like big fights. Maybe expectations were too high, but thats on Eddie for hyping it. That said, who is there really on the Matchroom UK roster to put there at the moment? You gotta count out AJ/Whyte cause they are still tied in with Sky i believe. Eddie is probably holding back Chisora for the AJ/Usyk card, and the plan for Warrington is to fight
  21. How about you cunts stop judging a book by its cover and instead remember what he is accused of. Whatever he looks like doesn't compare to the accusations. Pack it the fuck in. No one needs to see promos by him either.
  22. Wow he is unfortunate looking.. like some sort of surrealist, abstract face!
  23. The eyeholes in his mask are so weirdly positioned; makes him look cross eyed.
  24. I'd never seen this before either. "The reason I started wearing it (the mask) was precisley to stand out from eveyrone else" 5 seconds later: "I started wearing the mask for different resaons"
  25. I think so. He has rejected millions from Pepsi in the past.
  26. Weren't they selling it a few weeks ago as if Fight Camp was going to have some amazing fights now they have moved officially completely to DAZN? It's exactly what I would have expected from them if they were still with Sky Sports. Nothing really stands out on any of the shows.
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