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  2. Louis CK has let himself go since he was outed as a scumbag.
  3. Fludder trying to rally everyone together, to sue a bloke called WresleSlam Anth, because Molly Holly & Bushwacker Luke didn’t attend the meet & greet. That was a decade ago.
  4. Shawn Michaels retired 10 years ago. 10 long, long years without HBK .
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  6. Off to the New Forest in May, near Ringwood for a few days with my wife and our daughter who will be nearly 2 by then. Any tips on things to do in the local area?
  7. Ace Attorney's one of my favourite series, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea. It's a loose cross between a point-and-click detective game and a visual novel, with emphasis on the latter. I might be tempted to say stick with it for the better characters later on, but it's not the laugh-a-minute kind of humour and if you're already so put off by it then it's probably just not for you, sadly.
  8. All this brings up an interesting question about Mike Goldberg. Did he start to phone it in as time went on? Or was he always crap?
  9. I've not pushed anything, I just don't like the film. Both "Octopussy" and "A View to a Kill" are both shit films in my own opinion.
  10. He’s a disgrace of a man who doesn’t mind having a laugh at himself and is smart enough to turn negatives into positives.
  11. Heading to Tenerife with my mum in March, to a friend’s wedding in Portugal in May, and then to Las Vegas with the other half and her parents in June. Supposed to be buying a bloody house this year, too!
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  13. There are morons genuinely trying to make that argument. There's always something. Just admit they're fucking great and then wash your mouth out.
  14. I hope he's taking the piss and living up to the Kenny Olivier shit from Corny.
  15. I've finally tried one of the phoenix attorney games and I'm terribly disappointed. I'd heard good things but it's been a dull slog through awful characters so far.
  16. Bret Hart has been announced for Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover April 25th and 26th.
  17. I know, my post was a bad attempt at a joke regarding all the ridiculous “I don’t know who this character is or why they call themselves this” comments. It’s wrestling, it really doesn’t need that much thought.
  18. Dragon Ball FighterZ is the game everybody wanted Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite to be. It can get a little hectic.i picked up Under Night In Birth.exe Late(st) in the PSN sale for a tenner, because I don't own enough fighting games. On another note the Switch Lite D-pad is terrible for dragon punches/diagonals in general, and the analogue stick seems a little oversensitive. It's going to take some practice to get fighting games down.
  19. “You were shite as a PE teacher, you’re shite as the headmaster...stick it up your bollix”
  20. In fairness to Keane and his numeracy skills, he probably spent most of his school years moaning to the principal about the lack of chalk, poor condition of the blackboards and the unprofessionalism of his classmates. Very little time for learning after that like.
  21. Some news coming out the York tapings, which has also affected today’s Progress show-
  22. Jericho bloody baffles me. So much so that I cannot write down what I think of him as I am still trying to work it all out. In short he is either the greatest mind in the business or a complete loon. Honestly I just don't know.
  23. To this day I can't hear the name Carlos Cuellar without following it with "player of the year and now he's a dick".
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