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  2. Ah right, I didn't know that, but yeah agree that there's not really an issue here.
  3. It’s no wonder as well really when we’ve recently seen the UFC reward Aspen Ladd for missing weight with a main event spot and didn’t seem fussed about Nick Diaz casually deciding his fight with Lawler would be at 185 after agreeing to 170. They’ve basically sent the message out that if you can’t or don’t fancy cutting weight it’s no big deal. I read that Costa’s got to give up 20% of his purse to Vettori now. Which is shite really. Isn’t it usually 30%? I guess because he told them ahead of time rather than just rock up on the scales on Friday heavy, the fine is less. I’d be quite happy to see him get his fake hairline smacked off.
  4. I felt abit sorry for him when Adesanya pretended to hump him after knocking him out. Starting to reverse my opinion on that lately.
  5. Mr_Danger


    £5k? I’ll click through the 600 pages of Buzzfeed articles of “Things you won’t believe The Simpsons predicted” for the donuts alone.
  6. What does this even mean? Not being a dick but I've got no idea what you're going for here. What's the relation between any of those things?
  7. Aye, add that to a fairly recent social media post Costa put out that licked all over the arsehole of right wing Brazilian leader Bolsonaro. He's clearly a supporter of his ridiculous policies, which makes him a Grade A bellend.
  8. "We are pleased to announce the new director of communications for the Conservative Party"
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  10. 69MeDon


    Maybe they're developing some kind of formula to predict the future. Psychohistory or something.
  11. FYI if you've never seen Cowboy Bebop, it's been added to Netflix today.
  12. This is a good point. There are a lot of people who have built quite a following in the last couple of years based on being all "I will not comply" all the way to "the virus is shooting at us!" and you can kind of see some of them starting to get slightly antsy about what'll happen when we aren't all living under forever lockdowns, with the army patrolling the streets and everything else they've insisted is in the pipeline. I've seen "a source tells me (crazy bollocks)" a lot lately.
  13. Browns Panthers Patriots Chiefs Packers Dolphins Ravens Rams Raiders Cardinals Buccaneers 49ers Saints
  14. Takashi Mizutani of psychedelic rock band Les Rallizes Dénudés had supposedly passed away far back in 2019 but it's only just today been made known in an update to the band's offical site. And to be fair this is totally on brand for him, I don't think he'd made a single public appearance since the 90's.
  15. Most of these people aren’t scared. Most fall into one of two camps. Those that can use this as a money making scheme and those who just believe any old shit. For over a year an ex mate of mine has been making videos and set up paypal and buy me a coffee to help him keep presenting the truth. He also successfully got to France and Disneyland Paris last week without Vax or wearing a mask. According to him anyway. He half believes what he says, but it’s also keeping him earning money while claiming his disability allowance and council house, despite slagging of the NHS and Council as often as he could. Tosser.
  16. i know what you mean, ive always felt that way about Anderson Silva's win over Vitor Belfort. The best example is Cain Velasquez/JDS though isnt it? Cain got sparked in the first fight but by the end of the 3rd fight there was no doubt who the better fighter was. Still, heck of a win for Anderson, and in a tournament setting about as flawless victory as you can get.
  17. I pre-ordered the Moltisanti shirt a few weeks ago, it looks awesome. Should be shipping in November. Copa also have since cool Sopranos shirts on their store at the moment, but I just couldn't resist this gorgeous Tony Montana one instead... https://www.copafootball.com/en/men/football-shirts/montana-football-shirt-6968.htm
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