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  2. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Primarni's best.
  3. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Shut up you daft cunt
  4. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Come on, Glen, so much whataboutery going on there. You know it isn't binary, right? It's possible to condemn all of those?
  5. People who fucked up but you still like...

    BomberPat Gibson may be all of those things. All the more reason for him not to shove his political views down peoples throats. As opposed to the tone deafness of Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin. And George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for that matter. The former allegedly done nothing while female cast members of ER were getting harassed and racially abused. The latter two knew Harvey Weinstein was raping women and did nothing about it; the latter allegedly went as far as to cover it up. Which is not to excuse Mel Gibson. But as far as I am aware he has not physically beaten anyone nor has he sexually harassed anyone. He was entrapped and recorded making racist remarks while in a drunken stupor. Didn't it also come out he has manic depression? I'm just trying to put things in context.
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Next time you have a head ache ask him if he has any pain killers, then read the back of the box and loudly proclaim “Clangers Testicles?” On a different note I heard one bloke explain how a particular online betting payout system works to his mate today: ”The jackpot is in euros, but if you win, ya naa, it gans in your banks as coin”. I hope part of the bexit deal is that we officially change our currency to ‘coin’.
  7. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Reigns apparently got a monster pop on the India show, too. Nakamura being sacrificed to Jinder was bonkers, and he's not recovered at all. I assumed it would go to a screwy finish - something moreso than just another Singh Brothers run-in - to protect him, but they didn't bother at all. It just didn't make sense either - Nakamura shouldn't have been rushed into a title match so soon, especially not against that lug, he shouldn't have been losing high profile matches that soon, and wasn't yet established enough that Jinder would even get a rub from beating him in the first place. On top of that, you're killing whatever worth Jinder has a foreign heel for the American market by booking him against another foreigner so you don't even get a lazy patriotism angle, and throwing in a bunch of hideously dated "flied lice" promos from Jinder - which, I guess, in more nuanced hands could have been used to paint Jinder as a hypocrite for throwing racially motivated abuse at Nakamura while complaining of racism himself, but from WWE, just came across as utterly tone-deaf.
  8. UKFF: Then and Now

    Then (2007) I had found out about the board through Dann Reed who I had befriended out side a show and he mentioned about the board at Gorefest 2006 after he found out I was on Crazy Max. I was living in Colchester with my girlfriend with a day job in shipping to pay the bills whilst being a writer and gig promoter for Drownedinsound in the Essex area. Now: Still with the same girl (look out for me plugging her upcoming NOAH podcast soon) and still working in shipping but in Central London. We moved to Twickenham and have a cat called Beau who is our everything. I rarely watch any wrestling now (obvious by my clearance thread in the classifieds) other than some WhatCulture/Cultaholic bits and Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania each year which is tradition.
  9. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I broke my foot the day we won 1-0 at the Bridge and had a massive seizure four hours prior to the Nou Camp draw and ended up in hospital. Plainly, what the boys need is for me to have some sort of catastrophic injury shortly before kick-off and we'll be right as rain. Excluding potential League/FA cup ties, our four match schedule for February/start of March will be: Barcelona United City Barcelona. Ouch. Our team on paper is better than in 2012 and Barcelona's is worse. However, there is just a total lack of sack with this lot comparatively.
  10. Today
  11. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    There's zero chance Alonso didn't definitely know the ball he was picking was Barcelona. Surely there's a better way of drawing in that situation? He watched the ball get dropped in, grabbed it, then swirled the two balls ffs! That said, I wanted this, can't fucking wait! It's time for a new breed of young lions to become warriors.
  12. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    Not Chegwin Still chuckle whenever I think of his appearance on Extras. Pop knob in fanny... ...not up the arse.
  13. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Strange I should read this straight after finding out he's just popped his clogs. In regards to Wyatt I find it refreshing that this feud started in a different sort of way to his usual lights off random "I don't like you" stuff. Is this the first time that someone has initiated a feud with Wyatt? I can't think of another example.
  14. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Oh wow, I didn't realise he was referring to himself, I assumed he was talking in general terms. Scumbag.
  15. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Admitted spiking a woman's drink and having sex with her whilst she was unconscious. He then gave a bunch of weird excuses as to why it didn't count as rape, before throwing a strop and deleting his Twitter account. It was the deleting of the Twitter that really upset his fans.
  16. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Suzuki's is pretty bad, shame his hair isn't on the line.
  17. People who fucked up but you still like...

    He said it can't be rape if the victim is unconscious after he drugged someone.
  18. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    Gutted about Cheggers. Such a genuinely lovely bloke.
  19. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Josh Homme's booted a photographer in the bonce the big nob head.
  20. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Some people will play them all. If I had it, I would probably give each a whirl just to see if they were all that different from each other. Ultra Street Fight II was £34.99 earlier this year so I doubt it will be less than £30.
  21. People who fucked up but you still like...

    I know he made some very, very irresponsible comments about rape a few years back, but I've not seen him accused of anything else beyond that.
  22. People who fucked up but you still like...

    What's Ceelo Green supposed to have done ?
  23. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Gibson might be a violent misogynist, racist, homophobe and raging anti-Semite, but he's got great hair. I think - for me, at least - overlooking such unpleasantness depends on the balance of malice and craziness. Benoit's brain had great holes in it from headbutting contests with Regal, Gibson's has years of alcohol abuse effecting it, but the likes of Cosby, Watkins and R.Kelly were rational and deliberately set out to abuse. "Attitudes of the time" is a weird factor too. 70s rock stars are now told that despite the attitudes of the time, fucking school girl groupies should never have been acceptable, and yet the current attitudes towards the antics of Ched Evans, Adam Johnson and Ceelo Green are equally appalling.
  24. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Is anyone who buys that really going to play each of the 5 different versions of Street Fighter 2? If they release it lower than £30 i'll have it for Alpha 3
  25. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Ha ha, that’s quality. It’s like a pile of hides.
  26. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I hope its over. I just loathe that Nakamura was sacrificed for it. There was an interesting google search analysis done a while back that showed that, with the exception of the day he won the title, Jinder was getting wayyy less google searches in India than Cena and Reigns. Not even in the same ballpark.
  27. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    Cheggers’ Clogs Pop
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