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  2. Jacko

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Current scutlebutt on Twitter is that nia and Alexa have had a huge falling out and she liked a tweet saying Alexa had slept to the top. i follow nia on insta and since she’s been hanging around with PAige she seems more of an asshole
  3. Mr. Noble

    Grand Pro Wrestling Thread

    This thread hasn't been updated in a while.... so what better time to do it than informing you of our landmark 15th Anniversary show on Sat July 14th. Saturday nights are a rarity for us, so if you've ever wanted to catch one of our shows but not been able to make the Friday nights, this is a great chance to us in all our glory! Tickets are on sale now for just £8 head to grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop to order yours now. Here's the card at a glance: Main Event Grand Pro Heavyweight Championship: Dylan Roberts (c) w/ Alan A.A. Tasker v. Joey Hayes Grand Pro British Title Match: Sam Gradwell (c) v. Mystery International Opponent Grand Pro Tag Title Match: T-Bone & Kollins (c) v. The Austins Grudge Match: Martin Kirby v. Ashton Smith Streak v. Career Match: Isiah Quinn w/ The House of Isiah v. "Dangerous" Damon Leigh Fast Track SIX Man: Bin Man v. CJ Banks v. Danny Hope v. Jet Fashion v. Soner Dursun v. Big Joe Singles Open Challenge Match: Sandy Beach v. ????
  4. PunkStep

    Misheard Lyrics

  5. Ambulance Chaser

    TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Anybody still bother with Impact? I'm actually enjoying it more than I have in a while, it's a good easy watch. Things I like: The build of Brian Cage as an unstoppable monster, the OVE stuff, Callihan really does the disgusting vile cretin well, in turn making me more interested in Eddie Edwards than any other time as normally the bloke is right up there on the Nese dullness scale. Seeing Pentagon on a weekly basis in something other than LU, he definitely has some of that star quality, you can just tell when he gets a hot tag and the crowd reacts to him. The intro of this Killer Cross guy. Only real complaints are Josh Matthews, and also the current title picture, I just don't buy Moose, at all, in any way. I look at him and I see an NFL player, playing pro wrestler, I just can't help it, seems a nice chap but I can't get behind him. Looking forward to what I'm guessing will be an Aries/Cage match that crowns Cage at Bound For Glory maybe.
  6. Steve Justice

    Misheard Lyrics

    So is it right?
  7. cobra_gordo

    Convention/Signing Appearences/Evenings With Thread

    Big Dave has just been announced for MCM Comicon London in October

    The Lucha Libre Thread

    I also preferred this week to last.The season opener was great as a way of introducing a few new roster members, but this week starts to kick off some of the storylines. Definitely agree that the budget cuts are noticeable, too. "Big Bad Steve" is the same lad who played Vibora last season, so if the reptile tribe's still a thing then presumably he's doing double duty to save a few quid on not getting someone else in (or to pay for Swagger). There were some weird edits around the musical interludes as well. I'm guessing the band was filmed separately to the audience but they were trying to like it look like everyone was there at the same time, which ended up looking a bit strange. It's still easily one of the best/most fun wrestling shows on TV though, and the triple threat Grave Consequences match next week could be a cracker.
  9. Today
  10. The Reverend

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    This pic was taken by Steve Austin's ex-wife, Jeanie (Lady Blossom) she has some great photos in her collection.
  11. PunkStep

    The World Cup

    I think you've used the wrong example there, as Spain strike me as a team that has a Plan B. In fact, they exercise plans A & B with the same players! Not too dissimilar to their 2008 side. Their Plan A is clearly to suffocate their opponent with possession and pressing, patiently working the ball until they have an opening and score. Very much what you've come to expect from them and Barcelona over the past 10 years. If that isn't working, Plan B they get somebody to smack a 40 yard diagonal ball up to Costa to bring down and use his strength to battle off the defenders and score. Iago Aspas is their Plan C.
  12. Merzbow

    Research question can you help please

    Let's not forget 1999 WCW's Midknight.
  13. gmoney

    Misheard Lyrics

    10CC's heart wrenching "I'm Not In Love" with it's spoken work refrain "Stay moist and quiet"
  14. HarmonicGenerator

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    You get the usual recaps with post-match interviews, plus Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai at the start of the show and War Raiders vs. The Mighty at the end.
  15. Is this week's show just a recap of Takeover? Or worth a look?
  16. LaGoosh

    The Lucha Libre Thread

    Pretty good episode this week. Much preferred it to the season opener. Weird seeing them book Pentagon so strong but welcome, I'm just so used to them jobbing him out. Interesting hint of a face turn for Matanza. Curious to see what they do with Swagger. Swagger is actually huge though so I'm worried he's going to make guys like Mil Muertes and Matanza look like dwarfs. Not a fan of the new Temple though, looks low budget as hell. Reminds me of Impact.
  17. HarmonicGenerator

    The World Cup

    I don't know much about football these days, but it was lovely watching Croatia smash Argentina last night. I feel bad for Messi because he seems better than the team he was on, but yay Croatia!
  18. Briefcase

    The World Cup

    Argentina just have no balance. For a team with 5 defenders and Mascherano they looked shaky every time Croatia came forward and then with arguably the best pool of talent (in the competition) in attack they just couldn't create anything at all. At times they couldn't even get the ball from defence to attack even with Croatia's wonderful midfield controlling the game. One thing I have noticed is the lack of Plan B from teams in this World Cup. I think since the Spain model too much focus has been on playing one way and hoping it pays off. So far I haven't seen much changes from teams in this World Cup when things are going against them. I'm not saying hoof the ball into the box like we see in the Premier League but even throwing a few more forwards on (in forward areas), crossing the ball into the box etc would mix things up a little. It's so like for like - I mean taking Aguero off last night and putting Higuain on is fine if your changing your approach, but they kept playing the same way. This does give me hope England have different options that may work to our advantage (although Southgate kept to his principles against Tunisia).
  19. FailedPromoter

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Amazing. Continually loving Dream's rise. But as mentioned above, I'm fearful of how he'll be used on the main roster.
  20. bAzTNM#1

    The World Cup

    If VAR happened during a Rangers vs Celtic game they'd be throwing their babies at the referee and various other heavy stuff.
  21. wandshogun09

    MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

  22. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I'm glad he never got the gig, to be honest. Something about him bugs me. Plus 'New York Ric'? I can't take any grown man who goes by a nickname seriously.
  23. OzExile

    MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    I like Schaub too. Sure, he looks like Emre Can on steroids and comes across thick as fuck sometimes, but generally I think his enthusiasm is great and he is likable. I understand he's apparently said some controversial shit.
  24. OzExile

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Can't see i am very fond of the guy, he is a bit irritating, but I think New York Ric got shafted there. I remember he hosted the MMA Hour very well when Ariel had a week off, and he seemed to be Ariel's choice to fill his shoes when he left.
  25. OzExile

    UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Edwards - Jun 23

    Bookies paying around 1.50 on Edwards and 2.50 on Cowboy. I haven't seen a lot of Edwards at all. Who's winning this one?
  26. That's awesome news. Everyone on that show deserves it, they are tremendous. Really looking forward to it. Roseanne is an arsehole and not nearly as important to the show as I suspect she thinks she is. They will be fine without her. Darlene is the same character anyway and she's a better actress.
  27. IANdrewDiceClay

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    ABC's announced that Roseanne is returning ... just without Roseanne. It'll be a spinoff with the cast without Roseanne Barr in it. There's an odd mix of "great fuck her" and "boo, it'll be shite", but people need to see the bigger picture in that Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman will be leading this thing. They're really fucking good. Could be a blessing for the show getting those two more time on camera. They carried that show for years during its original run, when Roseanne became an overbearing old bag.
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