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  2. I think these two sketches in particular are wonderful. Though I do love the Yorkshireman sketch. Was a good version at a secret policeman’s ball with Eddie Izzard I think (it’s been a while)
  3. First one I remember truly hating was Final Destination 3. What an absolute sack of shit, with a storyline that blew and a completely unsatisfying finish. 300 was hyped to me as an epic, but bored me shitless.
  4. What was that western starring Seth McFarlane? That was fucking rotten. The most annoyed I’ve been though was Mother. Terrible film where nothing happens for ages, then it’s stupid and they gratuitously kick Jennifer Lawrence in the head and reveal her tit for no reason (I mean, I love a boob but it was so weirdly done). It was a film that thought it was clever but was as stupid as Anthony off Big Brother and as unpleasant as when Craig was was creeping around Anthony off Big Brother when he was pissed.
  5. AJ styles vs John cena had a good beginning middle and end id say. and Wyatt vs Cena too
  6. Gamebred is the latest to take issue with the UFC pay structure:
  7. Revolver was complete piss I thought. Dreadful. I didn't make it all the way through that one. The recent Alien films are definitely up there, and score extra points for expectations being somewhat high going in so it was more of a let down. At least Revolver just happened because there was nothing else on that night. The Hateful Eight was another colossal waste of time, that was made even worse by seeing it in the cinema, due to the cost making it such a waste of money. On top of being bad, it's about eighteen weeks long, so I was uncomfortable as sin and couldn't wait for it to end.
  8. SuperBacon

    Best Sketches

    Always loved this one from ManStrokeWoman. Very simple but always makes me laugh. This from Tim Robinson is an absolute modern classic. Watch the series if you haven't seen it.
  9. I'd forgotten I'd gone to see that. It was all they were showing out of season at Butlins so we ended up with it. Even at 10ish years old it was painful to sit through. The red coats version of the blues brothers blew it out of the water.
  10. Urggggh, I watched this when it came onto Sky, it goes on forever and plays out like someone had tried to remake shutter Island but decided to pick the scenes out of a tombola at random. Utter shit.
  11. Another victim of the virus. A great voice of TMS gone. Sir Geoffrey Boycott leaves Test Match Special after 14 years - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/52944158 Everyone was entitled to Sir Geoffrey's opinion.
  12. Without any fucking doubt Pret a Porter; the 1994 fashion film. There is a bit shortly after all the models prance about with their boobs and Tattie Scones on show that suggests the film is over. Cue me and every other poor cunt only there due to their girlfriend only for it to be a false finish with another twenty minutes to go. Spice World, which I took my young cousins to see, was The Shawshank Redemption compared to that pile of wank.
  13. All 3 of those films are good to very good. Matrix Revolutions. Cunts.
  14. Either Star Wars Episode 1, which gave 9 year old me a panic attack in the middle of the cinema. Or Clerks 2 which was fucking tragic.
  15. Wild Wild West. Was awful. Saw it with some cousins when I visited Norway so couldn’t leave because I had no where else to go without them. Just shit. Batman and Robin was the first time I genuinely left the cinema being angry and disappointed at a film. And I’d previously paid to see Hackers, Street Fighter and Congo yet THAT was the film that did it
  16. * makes note to ask a question about the second half of Dracula next Friday night
  17. The only one I walked out of was the Dracula thing with Gary Oldman. I'd say for ones I've sat through, it would be one of the Marvel ones, not sure which as they all blend into one.
  18. As Good as It Gets. Fucking hell. I was about 18 and watched it with a girl on a third/fourth date and never saw her again after she dropped me off at my Dad's in her Nissan Micra. I entirely blame this dull piece of shit, rather than my personality and looks and inability to drive. Absolute garbage. She's dead now, and I kind of blame this film for that as well.
  19. Quantum of Solace was the one I enjoyed least, but I think the worst critically was Bob Hoskins Mario Brothers. I remember next to nothing about it, hence QoS taking the cake. I actually remember more about the Cornish cinema we went to than the film itself. I've been meaning to re-watch it for years, see what childhood memories it unlocks but I'm concerned my brain has backed it out like a trauma.
  20. The second Thor movie. For a reason I can no longer remember, I had to hang around town for a bit so thought I'd make the most of my Cineworld Unlimited and it was the only thing on at that exact time. I know next to nothing about these movies but even still I found it dreadful, boring shite. Even nodded off for a bit.
  21. Daaaaaad!

    Best Sketches

    For a show with such a well-recognised cast, it's weird to me that ManStrokeWoman doesn't get talked about much. Presumably because it was commissioned at a time when BBC Three just put any old shit on TV.
  22. Epic Movie for me too. Was one of those I watched just cos I was trying to get a shag. I fell asleep about 30 minutes in thankfully.
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