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  2. I'd say Dolph didn't do half bad there actually, if he keeps that up he's the perfect first heel for Shinsuke to smash into next week.
  3. Snowflake alert. Linus has his knickers in a twist. Is about Lemmy being a racist? Nope. CM Punk being a racist? Nope. A black wrestler portraying his OWN gimmick. DING!
  4. Yay! Family friendly teatime wrestling with a black guy pretending to be an African savage!
  5. I know, right? It's almost like he's a bad guy!
  6. Tough to know if that would have stayed the same had Sanders got the nomination and attracted all the attention/mudslinging that comes with being the candidate. I think that would have hurt him a lot, but there's also an argument he might have done better in the rust belt states where Trump wound up winning it.
  7. I seem to recall he got an eight game ban for a similar offence in Scotland.
  8. Really? We're "what!"-ing Shinsuke Nakamura!? Dolph calling anybody petty & pathetic without a hint of irony or self awareness, fucking bellend. I hope Nakamura goes full-on Patrick Bateman on him whenever that match happens
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  10. Seems to be for not acting professionally in a public place. Guess if you're being made out to be this bad ass guy who people don't like, turning out to be fun and nice in a place still quite invested in Kayfabe and character isn't going to be great for your employment options. Would be like the Bullet Club doing Make a Wish PR
  11. I dunno, I liked his response to Maryse... Still doesn't top 'That's not how you spell soft'. Give him time (he says hopefully)
  12. Smackdown landscape is very odd at the moment - we have two number one contenders who have been jobbing for months. I'm seriously excited by 'Sexy Cops' getting an opportunity. I don't for one second think they'll win, but I'd love to see them get more time. One of my favourite acts and I genuinely feel they personify 'Making the most out of every second' I'm all aboard the Jinder train too... Tiding time until Handsome Rusev conquers Smackdown but much better than this hokey Wyatt shite
  13. Only negative is that I might have to hear the blubbering bellend on TalkShite on a more frequent basis. He's the Katie Hopkins of football, translating a media career out of being a massive arsewipe and catering to the the foulest dregs of society.
  14. OCD for you - it's a pain! Well - bar another match from Kurt, I have something to look forward too!! Seriously, great work here. Absolute highlight of the 'Mania season for me!
  15. I wouldnt shed a tear if he got a 10 year ban, but the FA must do a lucky dip for punishments. The extent of their bans are always head scratchers.
  16. Yeah those polls for the most part were within the margin of error. Depressing thing about the US election is that Sanders was well ahead of Trump and I believe all but one of the other GOP nominations. It wasn't even close.
  17. Good Riddance To bad Rubbish
  18. And Joey Barton is banned from football for 18 months.
  19. Why? Just a bloke dicking about isn't it? Or am I missing something?
  20. I wouldn't have to, because it was done as a leadup to the HOF... but for the sake of completion, I probably would.
  21. As a long-term forum lurker and first-time poster, this made me smile. I work for CIWW in the Channel Islands, so it's always nice to see when we've made waves outside of our tiny little catchment area. One slight correction, though - it was actually two years ago that we had Tatanka over, and as well as regular appearances from Ophidian and Joe E Legend, we had two guest wrestlers from STHLM Wrestling in Sweden, The Great Kaiju and Jack The Strangler, that year. Last year, we had Joe E Legend over for two shows, and a weekend with CHIKARA talent; Ophidian, Drew Gulak, Frightmare, Heidi Lovelace, Princess Kimber Lee and Soldier Ant.
  22. Can they change their name to the Fashion Police now? Breezango is both shit and lazy, and there have been far too many team names of this ilk over the years, Fashion Police is a MUCH better name!
  23. I think you've nailed it there, Zeb. The average ITV viewer isn't going to know or care who ANY of the wrestlers are, it's all about building characters (and making them unique) for the viewers to invest in. Every single contestant on X Factor (barring the odd returner) is a complete unknown, and the producers work to get them over as characters for the viewers. This isn't much different, except in theory you have much more creative reign with them. I don't know who Kongo Kong is, I've heard the name mentioned (and at first confused him with Kongo Kev) but straight away I like the look of him and think he will stand out- much like Mighty John Quinn stood out in the old World of Sport days.
  24. As for errors, of the supposed three big misses, two were largely problems with interpretation while the other was a historically minor-medium error that played out badly. The national polls for Trump-Clinton were only a percentage or two high. The state polls in the swing states were a little more out but still not far off. The problem was that a lot of people looked at them and concluded each of the swing states had a small chance of overstating Clinton, so the chance that they'd all be off must be tiny. What they didn't realise (and that Nate Silver/538 did warn about) is that the states weren't completely isolated cases. If, for example, Wisconsin was overstating Clinton then it was probably for a reason (eg undersampling white working class folk) and that reason likely applied in similar states such as Minnesota and Michigan. While slightly more of the late polls for the EU referendum showed Remain ahead, the averages were very much within a margin of error. The problem is that a small margin of error is a big issue when it's a vote with only two options that ends up very close. Interpretation was also an issue as a lot of people assumed there'd be a swing on the day with people going safety first. 2015 we covered at the time. There were some genuine problems (mainly that pollsters didn't realise/cope with the fact that people who bothered to respond to polls were more likely to be politically engaged) but mathematically the 'miss' wasn't huge. In fact it was barely bigger than the amount polls overstated Labour in 1997, it's just that the outcome (Labour wins huge) was the same either way. In 2015 having an error that was right at the edge of the margin of error (overstating Labour by 3 points, understating Conservatives by 3 points) had the disastrous result of moving you from "it's in doubt whether the Tories will get most votes" to "the Tories get a majority."
  25. He's basically a white Teddy Long, but without the dancing, isn't he?
  26. The size of the sample is statistically much less important than people think. What's far more important is that its properly sampled and reflects the public. If you go from 2,000 (the usual common size) to 10,000 the margin of error only drops from 3% to 1%. Anything above 10,000 would make virtually no difference. (Margin of error is a statistical term that in effect means in 95% of polls, the figures will be within that range of the actual result.) The best analogy I've heard is a chef testing how salty a pot of soup is. If it's properly stirred, a teaspoon will be enough (because it's a representative sample of the whole pot.). If you dump the salt in and don't stir it at all, you can taste half the pan and still not know.
  27. Aye. It looks like even Angle isn't capable of overcoming the grind of the role. Granted, his script is basically "No don't do that, you!" or "Got a match for you, playa". It's such a waste of someone as capable as Angle.
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