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  2. The cunt even masks the smell of bullshit with Brut 66! Thanks for the evidence
  3. I never liked his treatment of Booker T. I do enjoy an oul' HHH every now and then, but he has come off a genuine scrote on more than one occasion. He smells lovely though. In 2005, myself, Herbie and our mate were in the Point/O2/Three Arena and he stood talking to a few fans early enough outside the arena, and as we walked past, his oud was projecting majestically. Talking easily a 10 meter radius.
  4. Honestly Magic, you're keeping me, my son and young lad sane during the day. I read these, go onto Fight Pass at my desk (fuck all of us in the office, so it's grand), and I'll WhatsApp the fights to the boys. My nephew - who lives with us - is 18 and thinks you're an absolute hero. "Will you send us on what Magic has today?" Is what I was asked at about 8am as I was ating an omlette.
  5. Triple H may have put over Benoit strongly three times in the space of three months, but he wasn't exactly losing to Shelton Benjamin and feuding with Eugene in the meantime, was he? Doesn't count.
  6. All the Dark matches are squashes, to try out potential signees, Mox is the biggest name on this week’s episode
  7. Have you contacted your MP? It seems like the kind of thing that they should be involved in. It's illegal to force an employee to do something that they feel is unsafe, which is clearly what they are trying to do in your case. I really don't understand how companies can be so short sighted about this. It's not like we're going to be in lockdown forever, and employees are going to remember how they were treated. It's going to be very hard to retain staff when you've made it clear how little their lives are worth.
  8. Factotum

    Disney Plus

    Yeah that was the issue with the franchise. The pushed Jack front and centre, when he worked as the side story to the main bit. Depp also went OTT with it and nobody could really tell him not to, Though I'll give him credit, the fact he showed up to those schools and hospitals in costume whenever he could makes me forgive the rest of those films. I will however, never watch any of them again.
  9. Should previously banned members be allowed to return?
  10. I find it baffling the lengths you go to defend him? Have you got any more than minimal evidence he is not a cunt? I guess we are back to the point of the circle that we wish each other well regarding the virus? Stay safe Mr. Blog
  11. Burnt. Or, if you're Butch, incinerated.
  12. #45 - Takanori Gomi vs Jens Pulver - Pride Shockwave - Dec 31st 2004 So our first trip to Pride. Gomi made a fresh start after the BJ Penn loss in late 2003. He signed with Pride and in 2004 rattled off 4 straight stoppage wins before this fight was made. Pulver was also in good form. He’d also won and finished his last 4 fights. He was 18-4-1 coming into this and widely respected as one of the pioneers of the lighter weight classes in the early days. It promised to be an explosive fight. Both men were primarily boxers and they were both known for their ability to throw hands and score knockouts. Takanori Gomi vs Jens Pulver Pride Shockwave 2004 December 31st 2004 Saitama, Japan Had fun trying to find this on Fight Pass. If you are watching these fights as we go then don’t make the mistake I did. I was arsing about in the Pride replays section for ages looking for this. For some reason Shockwave 2004 isn’t there. The other years events are but not this one. Had to search Gomi vs Pulver and it came up that way. But the picture quality is utter shite compared to the other stuff I’ve been watching. Anyway, whatever... Round 1: Both southpaws. Gomi throws some jabs and shoots in for a quick takedown right away, but Pulver stuffs it. Both throwing heavy leather and Gomi is ripping in some nice hard shots to the body. Good stuff from both here. Gomi is leaving his chin right out there to be hit though, and Pulver isn’t passing up on the opportunity to tag it. Gomi had an iron chin at this time though. Really nice Boxing from Pulver but every now and then Gomi will just dig in a nasty body shot and it’s all adding up. “The body shots, he’s going for the body. And you have to watch out for that because he can make it to the body and then go upstairs.” - Bas Rutten Gomi’s starting to take over. The body punching, a consistent jab and his overall power is beginning to give Pulver real issues. But right when I think that, Pulver fires back with a combination. Big straight left from Pulver and follows up with a left hook. Gomi back with punches and a big knee. This is great to watch. Gomi’s fucking bringing the pain now. Non-stop to the head and body. Pulver is returning fire when he can but Gomi’s all over him with a flurry. And fuck me... An absolutely vicious left uppercut puts Lil Evil down and that’s a wrap. Winner - Takanori Gomi by knockout. Round 1 - 6:21. Gomi with his usual standing on the top rope celebration there. And he caps off a highly successful 2004. Loved this. Just wall to wall action and a big finish. Totally shat on the thinking at the time that the little guys couldn’t bang.
  13. You're probably all correct. Yes he's a 'cunt' but nowhere near the level of some. There's a tier system of 'cunts' in wrestling - the SCG Podcast of scummiest moments because a prime example. You've probably got: Tier One - Benoit Tier Two - The Standard Wrestling Rapist Tier Three - Dickheads like HHH Tier Four - The Rest Tier Five - Genuine nice guys. - There you are. Scientifically proven.
  14. Yeah, it's like if Manson was a guest on Jackanory.
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  16. In fact, Luke Thomas has accomplished the impossible. I now root for Dana White, because I know Thomas really fucking hates him.
  17. @wandshogun09 Exactly. It wasn't the grand plan at all. He tried to babyface himself on TV first, and it was only when that failed and he came off so badly that he figured out he should play heel.
  18. I'd be up for that. I might need a refresher though, not sure got the hang of it last time.
  19. Deciding he is a cunt based on nothing but your own personal experiences of people you think he is similar to is ridiculous though. I'm not trying to change your mind I just find it baffling the amount of hatred you have for him based on minimal evidence.
  20. Can you be considered a decent person, if you haven't bought your cleaners son a PS4 for Christmas?
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