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  2. Perez vs Moore was a card-filler. I'm not arsed about it being off. Would have liked to see Mix school Gallagher though. Let's hope they reschedule.
  3. If Dave Bautista is going to blow shit up, then you can count me in. If it turns out to be shit afterwards it won't be his fault, and we can complain how Netflix, Snyder, ITV, don't deserve Dave(wrestling).
  4. spoke too soon, Gallager/Mix & Moore/Perez are off 😞
  5. Today
  6. "You've got to think this is all Meghan Markles fault"
  7. Roman for 90% of his career. Seeing him now vs what he was for all those years shows mind boggling incompetence and shines the spotlight on just how awful WWE are at making stars. Also 90% of the guys and girls brought up from NXT seen to have done worse than most would have assumed.
  8. Anne playing just off the big man up front with Andrew dropping into the hole as always. Harry to be given a free role down that side but undoubtedly will get a lot of criticism for not tracking back and working hard enough.
  9. Nice to see the Goldeneye engine getting a dust off to mock up the funeral.
  10. The line up for tomorrow’s funeral of Prince Phillip. Kate Middleton drops back into the role of Sweeper, while The Queen has favoured experience over youth in attack
  11. As an aside to that, for whatever reason Glitters crimes are largely ignored stateside anyway. Still often hear Glitter at US sporting events.
  12. Scott Steiner should welcome him back with a bucket of KFC.
  13. Absolutely gutted about Helen McRory. She was a great actor and a genuinely lovely person. Feel so sorry for Damian and their kids too.
  14. absolutely not, he might aswell have his willy hanging out the front of his jeans and a pair of those Groucho glasses on
  15. This thread is now dedicated to @KFC_ES
  16. Metal can be really fucking great at times.
  17. It wasn't intended as a verbatim what he'd say necessarily, but something along those lines was what I was thinking. Joe could probably pull thar line off delivered correctly, in fairness.
  18. he absolutely cannot under any circumstance say daddy's home
  19. My point was that for a club that is always portrayed as in some sort of state of crisis, most clubs in England would kill for what we do.
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