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  2. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Brendan Rodgers would be absolutely mental to turn down Arsenal over Celtic. Just get Lennon back from Hibs. Troubles over like the last few years never happened.
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  4. UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs Lee - Apr 21

    Same here with regards to Miller. When you've had that many fights/wars and have clearly peaked i think its time to think about doing something else. Dan Hooker is quality though.
  5. If you could bring back a TV show

    Don't Forget Your Toothbrush is one I'd like to see return even if it was only a once off, but I'm struggling to think that if Chris Evans wasn't available who then could host it. None of the current regular quiz panel show circuit comedians really stand out in a similar way to Evans' style of presenting in the 90's.
  6. 4GW Put On Your War Paint

    Well in fairness you tried. Still seems to be issues with your images mate. Your above post only shows images 1, 5 & 12. For reference I’m viewing on an iPhone.
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  8. UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion

    She's worked steadily with Wicked over that time, as a director too.
  9. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    "He's not the Big Dog, he's a very naughty midcarder."
  10. Seinfeld

    Somebody prominent round here liked Scrubs as well. Butch saw to them quickly. Yeah, such a surprise that a critically acclaimed actor with a 65 year TV and movie career behind him might be good at serious roles.
  11. Standup Comedy

    I saw it live last year and enjoyed rewatching on Netflix, but one long gag feels wrong footed. That story about the Bristolian date crosses from wicked to mean-spirited and just doesn't fit the tone of the rest of the show.
  12. If you could bring back a TV show

    The man himself said it was far too much work, but I really miss TV Burp. So many times I see something on telly and want to see it poked fun at in their own way. Come back Harry. Stop wasting your time at Sky.
  13. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    Ha! I watched that last night as well. "Her! Her! Her! *cough* HIM HIM HIM"
  14. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Yeah, that’s from Anchorman. I preferred “Turd covered in burnt hair” from that scene.
  15. Rusev Day

    I agree with the majority of your post, but have to challenge this bit. I don’t want all of my heels to be like this (your post) or the gimmick is overdone. I want monsters who are heels, big grotesque fuckers who aren’t cowardly and are a threat to the smaller face. (Earthquake vs Hogan). They made Braun seem cool by doing nuts stuff against a face that was being boo’ed, hence why he got cheered. We all called him mint the moment he tipped the ambulance. He’s a rare gem that will be amazing as either, but for me personally, I wanted to see more of him being a giant threat to faces, for longer than we did. I want evil fuckers who aren’t cowardly but will be incredibly fucking nasty to everyone around them including the fans, berating those who dare to cheer. (David Shultz). I want guys who you just fucking detest, who are completely arrogant but aren’t cool so you can’t get behind them and aren’t cowardly, but just pricks (Model Martel, Beverly Bros). There’s space for an array of heel types, it’s just every fucker worth watching ends up being cool. The like of AoP for instance. They have a chance to be a hell of a heel team, especially if they keep shouting in foreign languages and beating opponents without remorse. But how long will it be until they do something ‘holy shit’ esque? Or, something to Reigns. The moment they do something that gains bloody ‘this is awesome’ wank off, then that’s it, time to speak English and apologise for their countries behaviour during he war. Maybe the horse has bolted and there simply isn’t space for proper heels and we need to get over it. I wish there was though.
  16. Seinfeld

    "Only one person loved Raymond, and he didn't leave a name - I think it was DeanoTheGame? Somebody called Dean, anyway." - Copyright @Devon Malcolm
  17. 4GW Put On Your War Paint

    2nd Match announcement, Both wrestlers impressed 4GW on their debuts so here you are - ROH, Impact Wrestling & NXT star Chris Silvio faces WWE U.K. Tournament Contender, 1 of the Uks best wrestlers & 1 half of SWE - Southside Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champion Joseph Conners! Tickets available from www.4GWUK.com
  18. Seinfeld

    Wow, someone actually laughed at King of Queens. Next you are going to say you like everybody loves Raymond
  19. If you could bring back a TV show

    Black Books and Green Wing, without a sodding doubt. These two shows mark the end-game of British comedy for me, as most British sitcoms made after the final episode of Green Wing have been trash.It was around this time I discovered the joys of American comedy. I would also commission a 'Where Are They Now?' mockumentary for Father Ted, seeing how all the characters are getting on these days after the deaths of Father Ted and Father Jack.
  20. NFL Discussion Thread 2018 - Draft Week

    Really excited for the season to start. Been a fan for a while but the past 3/4 season really started to get into it more deeply. Unpopular opinion time but I think Rosen could be the best QB to come out the draft this year. Although I don't think he will be drafted top 4/5. Darnold first and maybe the Giants taking a chance on Allen's big arm. Maybe Mayfield going before him too. The cons seem to be that he's too smart. Can't see that being a bad thing personally!
  21. If you could bring back a TV show

    Cheers Keith but then I would have to give Rick my address which how my paranoid mind works would mean potentially people on here could have my address and would cause me trouble, I know I am probably over thinking about it but cheers for the suggestion.
  22. Seinfeld

    Not for a moment suggesting it's a better show, but I prefer Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner in King of Queens. He never ceases to crack me up in that. I love his unique delivery of lines which stems from the fact he's trying to remember them as he says them. Can do serious roles as well, surprisingly. Put in a tour de force in a very disturbing episode of the horror anthology show "Tales from the Darkside" (think Twilight Zone) called "The Devil's Advocate". Still makes me sad just thinking about it.
  23. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    As much fun as Steiner is, I'm finding it hard to impressed by him considering what 50 year old Pierre Carl Oullett did over Wrestle Mania weekend. Scotty needs to up his ante.
  24. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    As Roman Reigns enters the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, the camera pans over the audience;
  25. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    While he's unlikely to have made it up, an old boss of mine once said of a customer "He smells like Bigfoot's dick". I forgot all about it until it came in handy over the weekend. Anyone have any similes quite as poignant yet graphic as this?
  26. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    Link from WWE: https://app.halayalla.com/wwe Full online sellout, which considering tickets were 10, 20 and 100 SAR (£1.91, £3,90, and £19) isn't surprising. That won't even cover production will it? So assuming massively subsidised as part of the 10 year plan.
  27. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    I wonder if there will be any travelling fans - general tourism Saudi visas are tremendously hard to get, you would probably have to be there on business to be able to attend, if tickets are even being made available to foreigners?
  28. Seinfeld

    I didn't watch it until Sky Atlantic put it on, twice through and then just stopped tragically. It was tough going for the first series but it fell into place after that. Frank Costanza is one of my favourite characters in any comedy series ever. The Voice (HELLLLOOOOOOOO) has me in stitches no matter how stupid it is. Drives my Mrs mental as well. That montage of George pretending to be disable with that Sheena Easton song is superb as well.
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