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  4. Pre-sky I remember seeing a show called Teen Angel on the Fun Factory. It was a late 80’s show and was set in the 50’s, American diner type environment. There was another one made after it, much more popular and modern times themed. I could only find episodes of that one online. That was until I found this random German version, of course, Teen Engel. I still haven’t found English speaking episodes. In fact I don’t care if I do, I just wanted to confirm I wasn’t making it up. No one else I know had seen it. All I could remember was the intro music.
  5. Updating Windows 10 has been a fucking headache but I've finally got Game Pass working on the laptop. Football Manager 2019 and Minecraft will be the only use i ever get out of it on pc.
  6. Now it's over the paywall, and as there's no fucking way anyone else has written about this terrible show in such detail, here's a thing I wrote about the Rambo cartoon, which is weird as shit.
  7. Just watched it. Absolute madness. That referee was awful. Made a right arse of it, first with failing to act on the elbow then somehow allowing Breidis to deliver more punishment for a good 10-15 seconds after the round ended. I saw him signalling that he never heard the bell but it was ringing non-stop for ages. I think he just dropped a massive bollock and completely lost control of the fight. I thought Johnny Nelson was chatting bollocks after the fight as well, giving Glowacki shit for “milking it” after the elbow. It was clearly more than that, it was the big turning point in the fight and I have no doubt that Glowacki was genuinely badly hurt. If he was just “milking it like the footballers do” then he’d have soon recovered fully once he knew there would be no punishment to Breidis from the ref. But he never did recover. He got dropped again quickly after that elbow (after the bell, to boot) and then was stopped early in the following round. He was never right after that elbow. I thought Nelson’s comments were pretty terrible, to be honest. Especially when he said something like “You can’t just stay down. Not in this game. You might’ve been hurt but you weren’t hurt enough.” Who’s he to decide how hurt Glowacki was? Just because he went down in a sort of delayed reaction doesn’t mean he didn’t have his bell rung. A flush elbow on the jaw from close quarters like that, could seriously fuck you up. And again, he was swiftly dropped twice more shortly after that and the fight was over. It obviously wasn’t just a case of Glowacki acting. I liked Adam Booth doing the analyst stuff though.
  8. Onyx2

    Fallout 76

    I agree with all that, though they did announce NPCs at E3. Massive climbdown.
  9. On a sort of related note, Curtis Axel seems to have turned out alright. But I reckon his IC title win on Father's Day back in 2013 in that triple threat against Miz and Barrett was one of the most under-appreciated moments of the decade in WWE. Lovely touch by WWE and it was also a cracking match too.
  10. Errea have done a top job with Druids, the ones they had last year were good too. Proper underrated manufacturer. Great sponsor too!
  11. Is Total Divas still a thing? A five year deal for a couple like them would make more sense if they have plans for future seasons
  12. Cefn Druids hac two absolute beauties for kits this years, I'll be getting both I think.
  13. FelatioLips

    Fallout 76

    Me and the other half played the free trial for the day. We like it enough to get it preowned for £15 but we’d be mortified if we’d spent full price. No NPCs is a killer, it’s buggy as shit and suffers from all the same clunkiness Bethesda games do. That said, we enjoyed exploring together and the world looks pretty. It’s an OK open world game, but by far the worst main Fallout game.
  14. We need a wrestling more Scott Steiner and less Scott Sinclair.
  15. Thunderplex

    Fallout 76

    Not played for a few weeks. Found the Scouting tasks a lot of bother for not much return, so will probably return on the next big mission update. RDR2 is taking up my life now!
  16. It's not really football related but this bit on Big Nev doing a talk for Unison is a demonstration on how bloody great he is. I'd happily swap him for Brucie https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2019/06/localgov-southall/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  17. Nah, it's more like what Microsoft used to do. They'd have about 5 people on the books for one job so that others couldn't hire them and when a new kid on the block came about, they'd hire them too. Wrestling and proper sport analogies don't work, Chelsea et al have squad limits and supposed FPP to deal with and have things like results to worry about. I mean even when Leicester won the league, they weren't the top dog.
  18. Buying players that you would never plan on putting in your first XI/PPV to stop the opposition from having them is the same principle . Bogarde may well have been a useful squad player or handy to have around during training or in the end just sitting back and collecting a big fat pay cheque but Chelsea have routinely stockpiled players who they have never given much of a chance to (Drinkwater and Sidwell to name 2). WWE is doing the same and just because Luke Harper appears to want to continue his career but that doesn't change the reason for him not being granted his release is because WWE doesn't want him working elsewhere. Specific circumstances and nuances may well be different but the principle behind Vince keeping people under contract is the same as Chelsea and it will probably end up with someone happily picking up money for sitting around much like in WCW/Chelsea.
  19. I'm playing through Prey again (the Arkane game) after my old PC copy bugged out on me, it's not perfect but I love this style of first person game. I think the cool people call them Immersive Sims, basically smaller open worlds you can play through in a multiple of styles and often a big emphasis on narrative. Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be the new big daddy of them, hopefully, even if CDPR are a tad scummy at times.
  20. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    That dont mean anything, Schwarz was ranked no.2 without beating anyone close to even being ranked in the top 15. Boxing rankings are all politics. That said, as said above it was the perfect showcase for Fury. I was worried that he'd plod along in control without an urgency but Fury did his job and got Schwarz out in style which is what he had to do, lively crowd too. The Americans lap up all his goofy shit too, they love him.
  21. First two seasons are great, but then somehow Dave and Denise go from a bit slow and a little lazy yet generally decent people to full blown retards and unfit parents. It really jars. The Chriostmas Spedcials are forever diminishing returns. You're probably best sacking it off after Queen of Sheba.
  22. Speaking of that, this past week I binge watched The Royle Family through for the first time ever. Well, I've got up to the Queen of Sheeba Christmas special. I seemed to have completely missed it first time round somehow. Really enjoyed it except for the third series which I found a bit annoying. They went way overboard trying to hammer home Denise's lack of enthusiasm for being a parent to the point where I really started to hate her. And Jim going on about everyone else being lazy except him about 10 times per episode. It really seemed like they were running out of ideas during that series in comparison to the first two.
  23. It's entirely possible I wasn't being entirely serious.
  24. Vince let Stardust go and he ended up creating a promotion that’s sold out three 10,000+ seater shows and done an approximate 100,000 buy PPV, without even being on TV. No wonder Vince is spooked about releasing people even if he himself can’t see their potential.
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