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  1. TBF by 89, LJN had ceased making them and the last series was exclusively sold in Canada which is why it says Grand Toys rather then LJN.
  2. I’ve yet to see it improve one
  3. I know. Fancy a comedy club trying to let the performers do their job, and allow the audience to enjoy what they have paid good money to see. fucking snowflakes
  4. The original point remains. Whether you expect it or not, if people are in danger of getting hurt, wait until they move or don’t do a spot. I’ve never watched progress. A friend suggested us going to a show as an excuse to meet and catch up. I’ve now been to 3 shows, the last had a similar spot. I had no idea they would do things like that until they did a spot. You can’t assume everyone will Be aware or even know what to do. That’s my issue with it
  5. I’m watching the Rey and Eddie special on the network. Pretty big underestimate with Eddie I think
  6. I mean I can of agree with that. If we’re talking about the wrestlers, not the fans though
  7. Oh no, I mean I GOT IT, just, it was fucking stupid. We’re talking about a wrestler getting thrown into people. That’s not what most go to wrestling for. Still, you’re in good company And now I understand why people hate Progress fans. However I’ve met a few people who aren’t twats, but also some absolute dregs during the 3 shows I’ve seen
  8. @Snitsky's back acne I know it’s me saying this but, that’s one of the weirdest explanations for behaving like a dickhead at wrestling show I’ve ever seen. wrestling, or any form of live entertainment, is an escape from your everyday life, but that doesn’t give me a behave like a cunt card. I can’t even begin to decipher your orgy analogy.
  9. I don't think he does, but he did recently lose Hunter Horse Helmsley and that can affect a man
  10. She pops up in Wonder Woman and Studio 60 on the sunset strip. She's been in a few american things since the Office.
  11. I mean, the last time we saw this angle someone tried to hang them self from the titantron, so the bar is pretty low already
  12. I have been to 3 shows. I was at Unboxing/Chapter 100 at the Ballroom. In a 4 way, Cara Noir was put in a sit in front of us, Haskins shouted move, ran to the other end of the ring, ran back and cannonballed him. Obviously a few broken chairs, and we had all had time to move out safely. THAT said, I still think spots like that are fucking stupid, especially in front of a few hundred people. Eaver (for those that don't know, is the love child of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper from 2016, also smashed through a wall (obviously not a brick one, it is the Electric Ballroom after all).
  13. Yep, Just been told if you have front row tickets, you are part of the show. The stupidity of people is not always lost, even on me
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