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  1. We’ve re-watched the Star Wars episodes one the run up to The Rise of Skywalker. Episode 1 - Other then the pod race, the final battle and that piece of music, it’s really boring Episode 2 - Awful acting, clunky script, and clear that George Lucas is like Vince Russo and needs someone to be his filter Episode 3 - a few good scenes, an improvement on 2, but overall it’s not great Episode 4 - Still a really fun romp Episode 5 - Clearly the best all rounder Episode 6 - Cheesy but the one I have most fun with Episode 7 - Good, but the buzz of re-watching does diminish my enjoyment Episode 8 - Best visually, best humour, especially the iron. Rian Johnson did a great job. Probably top 3 of the whole lot. Better on rewatches
  2. Were lucky with ours as well. It's not that old, so it's rather modern in terms of tech and facilities. Makes a huge difference to those kids. We don't get high rate, were grateful we get anything really, but obviously worried that those cuts could affect the help he gets at school so we were both worried. I even ready the manifesto to try and make sense of it, but struggled. Thanks for clearing that up, because we'll sleep better
  3. My Son is 5, and has had the same diagnosis. He is also none verbal. He is now at a Sen school and is doing well considering. Everyday is hard, he doesn't sleep well, my wife and I no longer share a bed, because in the middle of then night he will get in and we cant all be in it. I wish I could give you a brighter outlook. What worries me more, and a question I have to ask Mr Raven now the election is over, is on their costings budget, the learning disability and autism fund, has costings of £25, £24 and £24 million, but in the 2024 column that gets cut to 0. So what happens to our children then. Because my wife had an anxiety attack this morning after finding out about the landslide, fearful that our son will lose his school support within the next few years due to these cuts, so what are the Conservatives doing? The document doesn't make it entirely clear, but surely they can't stop the funding entirely?
  4. I’ve just thrown up a bit in my mouth. Like genuinely sick of fucking leave cunts
  5. At least we’re suffering in solidarity. Can we have a live chat on Thursday?
  6. Speaking of Johnson and crashing was Chris Morris involved?
  7. Yep me and Keith have both mentioned the same. I'm having issues at work as well, but this whole situation and fear as to what could happen on Thursday is definitely contributing to my MH struggles
  8. I mean how stupid do they think people are? It's clearly a Labour Party coat
  9. and yet, this is hardly being pushed at all (although I think Labour have started on it today) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-book-jews-control-media-general-election-a9239346.html and so I don't upset Keith with an apologetic double post, the plot thickens on the FB element of this story Also circulating are photos of her having a picture taken with Theresa May, the Husband works/ed for Bupa and their son is FB friends with Matt Hancock it appears as well.
  10. Famously he was offered fist dibs, and thought the grill wouldn't sell as well. Imagine if he had sold that instead. He may never have come back to wrestling after WCW folded due to the millions he'd have made
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