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  1. He had 3 legends assist him and barely won the match with all that assistance. His worst match since becoming champ in terms of character development
  2. Finally finished Class Action Park. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I thought the end was a bit off
  3. Apologies. Not a rebuttal, just an example of the cult we're facing. I really hope that it is the minority. But I know of one person in the states who 9 months ago couldn't stand trump. She has since gone down a right wing rabbit hole, shares loads of links which flag up by fact check as being false on her page, and when I ask anything tells me I need to not look at the lamestream media and allow god to show me the way. I unfriended the crank
  4. I thought both title matches went on far too long. I liked Roman talking out loud, but it got repetitive. As for the Orton Drew match, Drew barely won
  5. Polite reminder, this is who we’re dealing with
  6. I expect his legal team will find some justification as to why. As per his famous quote about shooting someone on the street, there is literally nothing he could do or say that would stop the majority of his fanatical follows voting for him. The fact his slogan is still Make America Great Again, because he hasn't been able to over the last 4 years, and people are still buying it means were in for another awful term. I just hope I am wrong.
  7. I found these to be a great addition. The add a little space between your mouth and the mask, not too much to stop it being well sealed, but enough to make a difference comfort wise. I really recommend them (not these in particular, but just as an idea of ones I bought)
  8. Surely buying into your gimmick is what makes a gimmick work
  9. Just finished this. He’s nuts isn’t he? But I agree, a lovely tribute, minus points for the Joey Ryan scene, but 6 additional stars for the end credits
  10. I remember, but never had the chicken flavour. I am sure I remember the adverts that announced them as being raised the american way, and yet have never ever seen any other crisps, either side of the Atlantic with this gimmick. Probably because they are shit. I think they came out around the same time as the Looney Toon crisps which is why I never bothered with them again for years.
  11. This is no more alarming then the Tory MP’s other financial interests like the Cheltenham festival or companies that will benefit from Brexit and hedge funds. Otherwise how else do you expect them to make decisions unless it’s going to impact their outside interests.
  12. Con Hilo translates as with thread, i.e when a wrestlers steps on the top rope to propel themselves over the top rope into a somersault. So if you don’t like his pronunciation that’s fine, doesn’t make him wrong
  13. Until it started on BT Sport (which I have) I had to rely on You Tube highlights as I didn't have Sky Sports. I long for those days in some ways, because I feel obliged to watch the show now rather then just clips
  14. How dare a commentator use the correct/original names for these moves, rather than the Americanism/translation were used to. You grumpy bastards!
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