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  1. Well... its like the football super league/British racism and government story of this week . They have been super quick to react to this. Not so quick to act when it came to Riddle, Velveteen, Theory etc and the #Metoo movement though
  2. He looked at least 52. He must have had a rough childhood. Surprised Pearce was that young as well actually
  3. Maria Kanalis just backed her up saying the same thing happened to her. People are saying it’s unprofessional she tweeted the photo. But she’s never going back and her Husband is never getting hired so who cares?
  4. @PowerButchithe problem is, I actually think what’s happened with Wrexham is interesting and celebrated (though don’t get it twisted, the Netflix documentary is part of the package of them buying the club). And you should be excited. But dictating who and what can post when you’ve posted almost double what anyone else has I don’t find endearing. Just because I don’t talk about every game West Ham doesn’t mean I’m a fair weather fan. I remember being excited about Moyes, and annoyed he was axed so early, and then predicted when we got in the tree man we’d be reaching Europe 😂. But yes,
  5. I just saw this about the German system. Really interesting and I think it’s a great model which is why we’ll never see it in our top leagues
  6. That’s not a loss. Won’t need to see every other post be about a club hardly anyone cares about (that’s Wrexham and Spurs). 122 posts about Wrexham in a single thread. Eesh. death to the mega thread
  7. The Factory works for me because, they are all training there. So a faction of people training to be wrestlers, being a faction, makes perfect sense.
  8. I agree. Even if a rule was broken, the PL would be too chicken to dock points, they would issue fines. And Spurs are over 1 billion in debt, what would another £100k do to them?Florentino Perez has said it still exists, and contracts are in place with all teams so it is a matter of when. The project is on standby. And with the amount of money being proposed, I believe it will happen at some point.
  9. The thing that shocked me the most is that 57 year old Billy Gunn hasn't aged since 1999. He looks and pretty much moves the same. How do people like Jericho look like old leather and he looks the same whilst being older? The show overall was fine. All the matches were entertaining, but the Blood and Guts match is taking too much focus without needing anymore build. In fact, the amount of pushing is actually diluting my interest in the feud. That Ricky Starks botch though. Jesus. How he just got up after that and carried on as if nothing happened. Could have been nasty. Hook needs to
  10. Yeah I was more interested in the fan angle then the quality aspect. Look, I can’t see how the PL will ever go back to the way it was financially, but every year I get less and less interested. This season I’ve followed my team, but hardly watched anything else. My interest in the PL is getting near WWE Raw levels of enjoyment vs habit, and a lot is down to the way football is now run, especially the Premier League.
  11. And to think a little sarcastic post has gone OTT. Sorry pal, I think you’ll find over the years I’ve been pretty happy to discuss the good and bad of West Ham because it’s the weirdest club in the world in how shit and good they can be. And I’ve chipped in on other stuff over the years. It’s just I pick my times to not be too noticeable or annoying (as much as possible in my case anyway). But if you want to talk about posting less in the football thread I wouldn’t stand in a glass house whilst throwing (John) stones.
  12. I’d be all happy to just see a Wrexham thread tbf. Oh wait, this is pretty much this one 🙄
  13. Of course i jest. Well, at least about the fans being Tories by proxy. I was really pointing out the fact that whilst many clubs have been docked points for things outside of the fans control and (mostly) being because of dodgy running of the club, the fact the defenders of the top 6 are saying don’t punish the fans, punish the chairmans is ridiculous. As is Man Utd fans on Twitter suggesting they should be lorded for Rashford saving football from the nasty Super League. The whole thing is frankly a massive shit show and the fan backlash from the rest of the league will be felt for a whi
  14. The top 6 not being punished for this means we now have 6 essentially Tory teams in the Premier League when they can do what they want with no repercussions. So yes, I am saying if you are a Spurs fan that makes you a Tory now. Congratulations.
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