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  1. I think the smaller chains will survive actually. It’s the bigger chains I think will suffer over the next 5/10 years
  2. It’s probably my favourite DC film. And the sequel will have The Rock in it
  3. We treated my daughter to Trolls: World Tour tonight. £15.99 for a 48 rental, but it would have cost about £20 for a trip to the cinema had it been opened. Inoffensive. seemed pretty similar to the first film but I have sat through far worse kids films of late. i quite like this early release policy. I still don’t think it will change my viewing habits with a cinema trip for most things. But it will come in handy if this policy keeps on when cinemas re-open. However it will be interesting to see how well this does. It doesn’t get released in the US until Friday and was streaming in the usual illegal places first thing this morning
  4. The idiot openly admitted to shaking hands with infected patients. Told us not to worry. Then herd immunity, then the science changed and then lock down. I hope he pulls through, but he’s been a silly little boy
  5. That’s me and Johnson he’s wished that on in the last 6 months. Not sure which one of us deserved it more tbh
  6. I’m surprised anyone watched the pre show tbh
  7. You know this would lead to Dominic Raab in charge right?
  8. Beaten to the post. I found a group of chimps with typewriters who were very reasonable. But I will bare you in mind for the 21/22 edition
  9. now we have Boris Johnson in hospital, and no matter our personal feelings on his run as PM (I am sure no-one wishes him more ill), do we think when he recovers, we will see a change with his handling of it, or do you think it will be business as usual for him?
  10. The only thing I didn’t get was NWO Cena. Otherwise I’m so glad they let Tim and Eric into the WWE for one night. Such Good Shit
  11. One of mine reopens on Tuesday for click and collect or delivery only. Good Friday is back on!
  12. Naaa not buying that. If you saw the shit they were doing in TNA at the Hardy compound it was very similar in style
  13. If you want to watch that event, wouldn’t it better to just create a burner gmail account for the free trial? I use watch for TV episodes though
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