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  1. 4 is basically a reboot of the whole series. 5 is where The Rock joins and it turns into heist films rather then street racing. It’s diminishing returns after 7 pretty much (which is when Rock and Vin have their public fall out). Hobbs and Shaw has Roman Reigns, 9 has Cena. They are all awful but I still like them. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  2. Onward is fucking awful. At least on repeat viewings. Luca was pretty but dull. Dory and Toy Story 4, for me, were fine, but completely unnecessary. Incredibles 2 was a gender swap version of the first. Coco though… yeah I LOVE Coco. And that and Soul were the last films that felt like Pixar, outside the box storytelling. Onward felt like a Dreamworks movie.
  3. If you all want to get pissy at Disney, you should consider how they treated Pixar of late. Releasing their last 2 films to Disney+ for free meant the people working on those films missed out on bonuses for box office achievement. The fact that Pixar, who were usually reliable at making decent films compared to Disney have been floundering of late (Soul excluded) is by the by. They don’t deserve that. Also, while I do Podcasts about Disney I have called out their shitty behaviour every time they have pulled a shit move like this in both the movie and theme park divisions. Which is why, despite the shows audience size, I’m not allowed on their PR list. @Keith Houchen the word I should have used in response was pedantic. As we’re talking of recent times. Or is James Bond not a billion dollar franchise because of the Moore/Dalton years?
  4. On the contrary. Each film got more popular then the last, until the broke a billion. They, like Man City, didn’t start of winning, but through investment and support did start winning.
  5. If you’re hired and your salary is £24k a year but you only get paid £12k because your boss changed his terms, would you be ok with that? it’s not the amount. If your lifestyle is based on earning ridiculous sums of money, the impact to the individual will still be the same.
  6. Yeah, 7 and 8 as the series got more popular over time so yeah, this was another billion dollar film pre Covid. $70 million for F9, $98 million for part 8. $1.2 b total for F8. But for F8 only 18% of total box office was the US. For F9, that’s 26.5%. F8 had a budget of $250m. Films need to make 3x budget to clear all costs, and traditionally each film costs more to make. Please never make me breakdown the box office of the fast series again. What I will say though, is you would expect the profit is higher on streaming. I’m sure for opening weekend the Studio gets around 15% of the Box Office, which increases each additional weekend. Streaming sales through Apple they would see around 80%. But they are selling this on Disney+ so even more of a cut. So you’d expect, if they are offering cuts of streaming revenue that would actually be more then box office performance which would then just be an ego thing.
  7. Fast films usually do over Billion. It’s already out of cinemas as well in some countries. Even my local only has 1 showing a day now and it’s in VOD in the US. I’m not sure who to back here. Because I think they have merit to sue. At the same time, those films were already heavily delayed (jungle cruise originally was due out in 2019, but believe they may have thrown in some reshoots) and how much longer were they supposed to hold out on them? However if they have a clause in their contract, they should have come to an agreement before these release to make sure everyone was happy.
  8. The Sparks Brothers - My knowledge of Sparks is sparse, but an Edgar Wright documentary about a band many big bands cite as influences and have been going for 5 decades, was something to check out. For his first documentary I thought he did a good job. The Maels seem like decent blokes. You learn very little about them, but what they do allow you to know was great. And the talking heads ranging from all parts of culture from Comedy, Music and even Joan of Arc, seem to really love the band. It will lead me down a Sparks rabbit hole. It’s long, over 2 hours, but there is a lot of ground to cover. I reckon fans will love it, but enjoyable for non fans as well.
  9. I could see Jericho vs Paul Wight because of their history. Would also love to see Fandango come in for a one night deal as well for similar reasons
  10. The joy that is felt after watching a cracking 2 hours of TV
  11. I’ve never seen Goats Cheese in a supermarket that says it needs to be cooked myself, but I’ll caveat that with I don’t buy it.
  12. That’s a stretch isn’t it? He was jailed for robbing a bank
  13. Personally when I go to a show I don’t intend to be part of it. Just before the William Eaver incident I was at a prior progress show where not once, but twice they did spots into the crowd. This was the electric Ballroom so only a few rows around the ring as well. One was a senton the other was an Irish whip into chairs. Both times had I not moved away quick enough I would have been hurt.
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