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  1. I think you’ll find people shat on it for it being shit, nothing more. I’ll admit, I’ve never managed a whole episode because I’ve just thought it wasn’t funny in the slightest. Something being popular by the masses doesn’t mean something is good. See Trump and Tory supporters as proof of that.
  2. Since been kicked off PayPal as well
  3. Any company who has Sami Calihan as a top guy shouldn’t be taken seriously. And it’s not. Liking TNA at this point is the equivalent of saying The Indys were better then WWF was in the early 00’s. The in ring action may have been more interesting but the presentation was often garbage. If you genuinely think Impact is better then AEW them insert The Dude gif here . But I find Impact a real slog and AEW is much easier and enjoyable watch in comparison.
  4. My son is disabled, so he has to go to school. You’ve misunderstood my comment. Of course key workers and vulnerable children should be at school. I’m talking about full school re-openings which they may push for as early as February half term. They shouldn’t have gone back in September.
  5. We got CNN over here. We would get his show. He was a great interviewer. There was a reason he had such a long career, because he was damn good at it. I will watch this tonight in tribute
  6. “Oh the old days were better weren’t they? None of this new age bollocks. Do you remember the old days, eh? The boys in the locker room all had knives and guns and the streets had white dog shit everywhere. Do you remember white dog shit? I miss that. That’s proper dog shit that... and the food. Oh the food! Back then it was cheeseburgers and cocaine, now it’s quinoa and garlic bread. Foreign muck. I mean Garlic Bread?!? Anyway you’ve been a great audience, goodnight and remember Blue Lives Matter”
  7. This was one of the last TV series I worked on. He was a miserable prick and tried to justify his wife beating. It was a 3 hour interview and never saw the final edit. No wonder I left the media world. As an aside Piers was very polite to everyone which doesn’t give him a free pass of course.
  8. And this is exactly why I cannot understand the logic of schools being re-opened. Happened twice to my son pre christmas as well.
  9. Thank you @Onyx2 (especially loved the old SNL reference). You have done a great job for the last 2 years on this. Congrats to all the winners and losers
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