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  1. Rumours of a major incident at Disneyland Paris are mostly untrue. There was an issue with an escalator which made noises which sounded like an explosion. Police were called and they had to lock down the Disney Village error as a precaution. In the end everything thing was found to be fine and people were allowed back to their hotels
  2. Announcing Baron Corbin as Angles opponent was the biggest disappointment on Raw since Fake Diesel and Razor showed up. That cannot be the final match listing.
  3. i try not use egg, but I know it does bind better. I wonder if melted spread would work?
  4. That's genius. Never thought I could prep it like that!
  5. The first one was a breath of fresh air. This one was lets repeat part 1 with a worse storyline and don't get me started on the ending. I tried to watch Once Upon a Deadpool to see how they made it a PG13 but I got borred about 30 minutes in. Fred Savage was the best thing in it.
  6. Depends on the era. If they go into modern day, probably Bubba the Love Sponge.
  7. Thank you. I think it is the wet/dry hand that lets me down. And also dry dip then into the milk before a second coat. I actually double squeeze my tofu. I squeeze it fresh, freeze it, defrost and squeeze again. Makes a massive difference to the texture.
  8. What is the secret to breading? I always make it patchy. Now days the only thing I try and coat is Tofu, but even when it was chicken I struggles. So what is the secret for putting on some seasoned flour? I have tried corn flour and also I have some Jamaican Fried Chicken mix which is seasoned flour.
  9. Whilst I think we can all agree some Ron Howard narration would be ideal, I wouldn't actually mind some I Tonya style 4th wall break aways. They worked really well to discuss the bull shit that was happening. If this ends up being half as good a film as that was, it would be great!
  10. I can't see him having a run with the world title on either brand now. It's a bit like Bray Wyatt in that they missed the time to pull the trigger and when they did it was too late. I just don't think he can be taken seriously anymore
  11. I don’t like that they cost the same amount as the big screens, but there is something fun about them. I saw Mindhorn in one which was ideal. Mission Impossible Fallout was not
  12. Oh I completely agree. It seems stupid especially as so many screenings in a row just means that you may get 4 screenings of a movie that are half to a quarter full rather then 2 busy ones. It’s stupid. If your talking about my local, they have those stupid studio screen which are tiny. They could even keep those exclusively for more arty releases but they often use those for blockbusters as well.
  13. This time of year you have to be quick out the blocks to see films because it’s the start of blockbuster season. I was tempted to see Cold Persuit but that lasted no time before Alita and Captain Marvel took up most of the screens. 2 weeks and change we get Shazam and then shortly after Avengers. So anything that comes out soon is not going to have many screens
  14. It was an explanation as to why I was writing a reply at that time and waffling on and hoping to make sense of being sleep deprived. However one thing you are right to call me out on is mentioning the Autism. I had not thought of it as a sympathetic ploy, nor was trying to get any sympathy. But it didn’t need to be mentioned as it made no difference to my reply. So I’m sorry for that.
  15. Maybe because I find I’m against this myself but this is awful https://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/hunting/2012/02/interview-chris-pratt-talks-about-hunting-tanning-and-squirrels his 30-40 gun collection is discussed here https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a32814/chris-pratt-interview-0914/ The Trump thing has been rumoured for years, and thought as one of the reasons his marriage broke down. A lot of his co-stars are publicly anti-trump. Which probably fuels these rumours, as did articles like this https://people.com/celebrity/chris-pratt-says-he-wants-to-help-bridge-political-division-i-dont-feel-we-have-to-be-at-war-with-each-other/ his faith can be a little jarring. While he’s always been very openly Christian and religious, as is his new fiancée, this has also sparked criticism of late due to the church he affiliates with https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/02/12/is-chris-pratts-evangelical-church-really-welcoming-to-lgbtq-people/amp/
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