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  1. 4 pages and not one mention of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers? And you call this a musical thread. Anyway, The Book Of Mormon is one of my favourite ever theatre experiences. Surpassed my high expectations. I have probably seen Avenue Q the most though. The worst show I've seen though was probably Aladdin. I thought it was an awful stage performance from Disney. The Lion King was far better and I didn't think that was, other than the costumes and set, all that good considering the high esteem.
  2. To be fair he’s pretty busy with his new business empire right now to worry about DVD’s
  3. Boohoo if you don’t mind them coming from unethical sources. But I highly recommend Uniqlo. Their stuff is reasonably priced, but really well made. Their stuff lasts ages
  4. I hadn't seen them, but people like Jon Holmes (not the porn star were saying that). But yeah, i guess for some people they wont see any issues with it.
  5. I saw it later in the day on twitter. People thanking him for being such a great lead singer and saying no Kasabian without him etc. I bet they are kicking themselves today. I think it's really tasteless
  6. I was having a conversation with a friend about favourite songs which lead to me being reminded of this genius It has to be a contender
  7. Why are you pulling the one truly funny/good thing Brewdog has done in years out as being a reason to hate them. Hate them for exploiting their workers, not for making a beer taking the piss out of Dominic Cummings
  8. An actual lockdown also seeing reports that Nigel Farrage has been reported to the police for going to the pub today when he should be in his 14 day isolation after his return from the US
  9. They omitted two of the fucks, keeping one intact. Though I can't say they were particularly obvious. Though it's not Disney's fault. PG-13 means only one F-Bomb in a film. Violence and gore is less of an issue in PG13 movies than naughty words, Americans are weird. still, prick and shit were both featured
  10. I watched it before work this morning. So pleased to finally be able to put the music to the acting.
  11. Wendy’s was flopping in the states, so the pulled out of their international expansion. At the time they had about 3 in the West End and pretty packed. They built a drive thru about a month before they decided to pull out the UK and McDonalds bought that and some of the other UK sites. going to the states, my first stop would be Wendy’s and it’s the only place I miss now being a vegetarian
  12. Biology only got to number 4. Also if there is a list of 500 songs better then Angels, does Hanging Around make the cut at last?
  13. They need to keep JR well away
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