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  1. Last week was my last. I’m watching AEW and NXT. I’ll read results still and if anything peaks my interest I’ll watch it back but yeah, not enjoying WWE and it’s 5 less hours
  2. Just a shame the 3rd episode is late yet again
  3. We are being introduce to a new roster, many of whom have not had national TV exposure. This is a great way of getting lots of people familar with new talent. Have no issue with it to be honest. Or should they follow WWE TV and have Darby Allen v Jimmy Havoc in another match for the next 3 weeks?
  4. Yeah I just watched him be interviewed. He says there will be no need for an extension because there is a deal, but it seems clear if it doesn't pass and the EU27 accept, there could be an extension. He is taking purely based on a deal being agreed by the PM and the EU and knows it still has to be passed.
  5. I remember seeing Jumanji at the cinema and even then thought the CGI was shitty. Watching now with my kids and they say how hokey it looks, and they are being shown lots of films from our youth, though things like The Goonies and Labyrinth obviously didnt have the CGI problem. We also watched Ghostbusters together and hadn't seen it in years. How they got away with some of those jokes in a PG I'll never know, but holds up really well
  6. So we either leave with Boris's deal, or we get kicked out regardless of the Benn agreement?
  7. Had that one. Also, when that Dairy Milk advert came out with the bloke miming along to Yes Sir, I can boogie came out I had a few family members message me to ask if it was actually me. The idiots
  8. The guarantee is a place holder. It is a guarantee you’ll get at least that. The purse is based on ticket sales, PPV buys and sponsorship. For example, Mayweather was guaranteed $100m for his fight with McGregor, but his purse was $275m in the end
  9. I meant in comparison to All Stars rather then as a game. Would still rather that over 2K tbh. But I think All Stars definetly needed a sequel. As did Legends of Wrestlemania. I remember quite liking that one as well.
  10. Boris announces the Brexit deal is agreed. Minutes later the DUP and Labour announce they won't support it. MP vote set for Saturday
  11. Am I right that they made a crappy sequel to All Stars but for mobiles and renamed? I am sure there was a WWE fighting game on Iphone
  12. While I totally get @WyattSheepMask's point, that was Wrestlemania 24, 11 years ago. When he fought McGregor in 2017 he apparently earned $275 million for that fight. He probably wasn't getting that pay in his prime. Plus Saudi's are funding it so I find it totally believable
  13. Freshly Squeezed picked up a win. Him vs Nicholas one day?
  14. 100% this. WWE has been on a downward spiral for a while now. The TV hasn't gotten much worse in the last 3 months then the previous 3 months, and while they continue to write and then re-write the shows as they do, they could hire anyone and they wouldn't be able to change the product. Vince needs to let it go and focus on the XFL instead. It certainly isn't Heyman's fault
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