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  1. Most of these people aren’t scared. Most fall into one of two camps. Those that can use this as a money making scheme and those who just believe any old shit. For over a year an ex mate of mine has been making videos and set up paypal and buy me a coffee to help him keep presenting the truth. He also successfully got to France and Disneyland Paris last week without Vax or wearing a mask. According to him anyway. He half believes what he says, but it’s also keeping him earning money while claiming his disability allowance and council house, despite slagging of the NHS and Council as often as he could. Tosser.
  2. His latest blog he meets John Cena at Comic Con and while catching up with Orange Cassidy, wears this banger It’s like Inceptionhausen or something
  3. Isn’t it just MVP and Randy Ortons old move? It’s always looked shit, looks like it would hurt you more then your opponent. Just daft.
  4. Well…. Someone else is making their Dark debut this weekend i wonder how packed the second taping will be. Halloween Horror Nights kick off at 5:30pm for day guests so I reckon it will be emptier then the first set.
  5. I am not trying to be. I would love nothing more then all of those people to be on the card, and forgot about the Jericho cruise being on, so there is a good chance that is the line up. Which will be the best wrestling line up since the glory Impact days. I remember seeing Team 3D, Angle, Joe, Awesome Kong, Black Reign and the MCM during a taping years ago.
  6. Also, card subject to change, as standard on the bottom of that poster
  7. It’s just a generic poster. If your lucky Tay, Jade and Wardlow will appear.
  8. All this tins talk has reminded me of the Bean Street Kids. Lived on those when I was a kid. Heinz did some great stuff in the 80's.
  9. I don’t get the hate on Halloween Kills. Yes, as the middle of a trilogy it’s hard to make it work sometimes but loved I however wish But overall I got what I went in expecting, albeit with much more gore then the last.
  10. They didn’t tease anything. Just two mystery opponents. Anyone who assumed it was anyone did so themselves. Thought it was done well. Did anyone else think the show was rushed. FTR win the belts, few seconds of them celebrating then cut to backstage, then cut to the next entrance. Nothing seemed to breathe. Cant believe we’re getting Cody/Black 3 already. Eesh. I liked the finish of the main. Any match won by a move which isn’t their signature or finisher is good in my books. Adam Page is the man. And when he beats Kenny, and he is holding the belt whilst being held up by the Dark Order will be an image better then Bobby Moore lifting the World Cup. Bring it on!
  11. Robert Patterson looks like a good choice for Batman, but his Bruce Wayne looks like a 90's boyband member at a funeral. I saw Venom 2. Probably the best buddy cop style movie since Midnight Run. Awful if you want a Venom movie though. Post credit scene was meh as well. Least it was under 90 minutes.
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