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  1. Nice Zzzap tribute on the PPV. No spoilers
  2. Having just paid for it, on demand after the first repeat at 12pm tomorrow which is bloody annoying
  3. Biology by a country mile. Though Call the Shots would be my number 2. Simply great pop
  4. He didn’t write the musical numbers though. He didn’t want it to be a musical which I think was his biggest issue
  5. That’s where I think your wrong. Do you think Harrison spends his time on Twitter? They are in pre production for the next film so I think it’s more letting some insider knowledge slip. Time will tell
  6. That’s how I felt about Alien. I like Shining as a work of art but do not find it scary in the slightest. Same with The Exorcist
  7. So you are telling me, people like JBL, Swagger, Ziggler, Mahal were more worthy then The Nugget?
  8. You're saying this about a company which made Justin Hawk Bradshaw a world title holder
  9. I think he did actually. I just remembered this as well just an awful backstage skit rather then spot
  10. I said more faithful. Wonka’s childhood was new for the film, but he does talk about the origins of the Oompah’s in the book I’m almost certain
  11. I met Benoit and Rhyno at a signing in Hamleys in the early 90’s. I know he was at a signing, and for all I know he could of hated doing public appearances, but he was scary, real intense and I’ve never shook hands with someone who almost crushed my hand like he did.
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