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  1. Unfortunately pulling the trigger would have meant Lesnar losing the belt between Mania 33 and 34, shattering the all-encompassing plan of building another huge reign for Lesnar, before he finally lost it to Roman, for which everyone else on the show needed to sacrifice. Apart from the small detail of when Lesnar finally faced Reigns one on one at Mania 34, he BEAT him, in the most senseless “this is really beyond a fucking joke” Lugering of all time. Reigns, it should be noted, lost at the same show as Lesnar/Joe. Because of course he did.
  2. This is my first time encountering it, and now I hate it too.
  3. He was still on the books?? For how long was he there without having any matches on TV? Stealing a living.
  4. I’m a bit behind but I used to enjoy them as a pair of twats. Splitting them up was always a death knell for teams that were characters rather than “good wrestlers.” Not much. Two matches in 2007, a really disappointing singles match against Musawa and a tag to build to it, and a few matches teaming with Magnus in 2012 where they won and lost the tag belts over the course of three months. I’d love to see him wrestle Okada, Makabe, Ishii, Evil and Shingo though. No. Geoff beat me to the best joke.
  5. Off the rope there’s a possibility they’d have done the “heel takes ages to make the cover” near fall. Near fall unless you’re Booker T, of course.
  6. A midcard singles belt for the women is the last thing they need. The depth is barely strong enough to sustain two titles and a pair of tag belts without shite like Tamina having to be involved. If they’re not good enough to be challenging for the belts that exist, they shouldn’t be challenging for anything.
  7. Now I’ve calmed down after Sunday I’d just like to say “Sissoko for Lo Celso at 1-1” says more than a 2 hour season review DVD ever could.
  8. The amusing thing being that the transition to streamed service TV means people can now choose to watch 3 hours of their favourite show at a time, whereas WWE have been forcing it upon people for years. I can’t imagine watching 3 hours of anything a week just to keep up with all the characters/storylines lest I fall behind.
  9. Ridiculously, at 3 hours plus occasional overrun, Raw is often longer than the PPV outside of the big 4. Think about that.
  10. Damning with faint praise. Also - gimmicks?
  11. I had a thought... one of the things that Nitro changed was how Raw used to tell you 2/3 matches you could expect to see next week, then Nitro happened and as soon as Raw was live every week they started hardly ever announcing anything for “next week” apart from the occasional contenders match. I wonder if they might catch more viewers if they made more effort to consistently announce the forthcoming matches? Probably not since everyone’s over-exposed and wrestled everyone already but there’s nothing to lose. Since WCW died the “you’ll have to watch it to find out” approach has steadily result
  12. Why would anyone try and turn Charlotte face to begin with after the Lynch series proved everyone’s fucking sick of her? They nearly destroyed Sasha with their obsession with making “the Queen” in that stupid run of losing the belt on Raw and winning it back on PPV, I was so pleased to see Banks main event half a WrestleMania these years later after rehabilitating herself from being made to look such a loser/choke artist/quitter by that shitty shitty booking. 3 Hours definitely kills Raw dead. Nitro went downhill fast when they tried to stretch 2 hours of big names and great wrestlers int
  13. It’s far easier and more fun to not watch it but complain about the booking anyway!
  14. From Rajah “Lashley moves and immediately locks Riddle in a seated Full Nelson once the youngster crashes into the canvas. ” Matt Riddle is 35. Good news for many youngsters reading this.
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