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  1. I'd say you were better off where you were.
  2. Never sitting floor again. Rows 2/3 when I go Progress are fine but by row 11 I can't see shit for people's heads. Plus I was surrounded by cunts. An insufferable Essex wideboy and his mate who kept shouting random shit right in my ear, accidentally spitting or spilling beer, pounding on the empty seat adjacent to mine and just being a cretin. And the whole row in front of me seemed to enjoy his antics and spent more time turned around looking at him than watching matches. I dont understand wanting to be THAT hammered at a show, he's going to remember fuck all. Balcony or nothing next time, almost felt like 20 quid wasted. ZSJ/KUSHIDA and Scurll/Takahashi were great fun as expected. Kenny and the boys did lots of superkicks and shouted Suck It and the Bucks did some flips. Fine if you like that sort of thing. The aforementioned cretin certainly did, screeching "superkick" in my ear every time they did one. And now I never want to see one again.
  3. You forgot the ludicrous no selling, where Ospreay takes a DVD on the apron but it affects him about as much as a hiptoss and he's executing a rana mere seconds later. I like fast paced stuff if its believable and not over-choreographed, and I love aerials, but that match was just fucking stupid. I'm trying to pretend it's a contest, don't just sprint on to the next spot making it fucking obvious that nobody's really hurt. Not everything that CAN be done in a wrestling ring SHOULD be done.
  4. Given the propensity for the company to go home with "in the end Hogan wins" at the time, I'd have bet my house on The Hulkster making it 5. But I was 9 at the time and didnt own my house.
  5. They wouldn't be that nice. One of their onsales clashed with Raw house show at the MEN.
  6. Any excuse to post "the Mania that never was" due to injuries, tragedy and plans changing ; John Cena VS Triple H The Undertaker VS Kurt Angle Batista VS Randy Orton Shawn Michaels VS Eddy Guerrero CHRIST.
  7. I've never been embarrassed to the point of hiding that I'm into wrestling. Sure, I've been embarrassed by stuff going on in it, but I've never hidden it from anyone. Even during those awkward teenage years. Fuck it, ESPECIALLY during those awkward teenage years. By time I was getting into wrestling properly and people at school were becoming aware of it, I was already an unpopular (dare I say sometimes bullied) child, so I never hid wrestling from anyone. There was no point. Truth be told the guy who is now my best mate, I first got closer to at 14 even though he was one of the cool kids and I was a dork, because he knew I was into WWF and he still was too. Even into college when most of my friends were trying to find a socially acceptable version of themselves that meant doing things they didn't really want to or casting off interests that would get them shunned, I never denied wrestling. "What's your plan this weekend, Raid? Going to stay in watching wrestling?" Yeah, and? As a wise fictional man once said, never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you. Even to this day when one of my friends decides to make a friendly joke about "You still watching that fake wrestling crap?" I like to remind him he likes that fake EastEnders, and at five nights a week he's definitely watching his fake crap more often than I watch mine. If a crush (as Cheapheat puts it) wants to use wrestling as a reason to not be interested, its better I know sooner rather than later because it means they're pretty shallow, and to be honest new friends don't have to know me very long before "I'll have to check, I might have wrestling" comes up when planning a weekend drink or activity or drink. I've never given a fuck about what the cool kids do and into my 30s its incredibly liberating to learn most of my friends, colleagues and peers don't give a fuck what anyone's into either. Unless it's something they can share in which is obviously great. If I think about it.... I think the only time I have been embarrassed by wrestling that immediately comes to mind is having to squeak "Not now" when my mother knocked on my bedroom door, because I was midway through knocking one out over Sable's photos in the brand new copy of Raw magazine.
  8. You do not. Kenzo did not win John Cena's US title in 04/05.
  9. Shawn had a nice safe match with Chris Masters on that show. The blood will be Edge from his cage match with Matt Hardy, which I imagine few casuals remember Matt WON, given how much of a loser he was booked as at SummerSlam and in their final match.
  10. The WHAT? I've see Berzerker try to stab him on Superstars as plenty of us have but.... beheading?? Is this what originally aired, different to the Silver Vision release? Whats on that is Luger drops his cape and poses to generic WBF style workout music, him and Heenan chat for a bit, Narcissist theme plays to close the segment. The theme they stuck with.
  11. That title was the Swagger, Ziggler, Christian belt. Might as well have unretired the European title for all the value it had between Undertaker's last run and Cena winning it for the pure purpose of unifying it with THE title.
  12. Hogan lost a whole load of times by submission in WCW. To Sting for the belt at Starrcade 97, at least three televised times to Luger.
  13. September-Survivor Series is full of stop start booking, logic holes, rapid-fire title changes, and generally stuff you either have forgotten or wish you had. ROODY POO POO.
  14. 2008. It was the best year for it to be there, watching "smart" MSG dickheads lose their mind for Cena's surprise return then remembering he "sucks" and booing instead - priceless.
  15. Benoit was a heel throughout these PPVs where you can't quite remember. Him vs Angle at Unforgiven was a heel vs heel match, they were both heels together during their "partners that hate each other" run. They became defacto babyfaces getting booked against the also-heel Guerreros and because the fans struggled to boo them on account of them being, well, as good as they both were. Its only really out the back end of Survivors going into their respective matches for Armageddon that either (both) were booked properly as a babyface, as I remember. He'll have meant tag titles in general, I'm sure, which Angle had not won during the days of only one set.