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  1. A gradual reduction in the number of “non-PPV Network specials” (to call a spade a spade) to be followed by a small uplift in the number of lucrative Saudi shows, mayhaps?
  2. I thought we were friends? A good mate and occasional keffer put it best what was wrong with TLJ by making me put it in my own words : ”When you think about the first film, what one image comes into your head?” raid : “Luke blowing up the Death Star.” ”And when you think about the last film (at the time) what one image comes into your head?” raid : “One ship very very slowly chasing another ship.”
  3. The quality of the film in peoples opinions is probably clouded by their hostility towards … well, you know which part. Fixed.
  4. The wonderfully named 120% Schoolboy - at least 20% better than when Charlotte tries to do it.
  5. If we’re talking spoofs, Hot Shots Part Deux is up there. The best sequel of all time for my tastes is either The Empire Strikes Back or X-Men 2. Or Days of Future Past if it counts as the sequel to First Class, and not “X-Men 5.” Apologies for my awful taste in escapism. Also “better than the original” is not the question posed in the OP, so it’s fine to say Terminator 2 if you think it’s the best sequel regardless of whether it’s better than the first or not. It is bloody good to be fair.
  6. “Antics” in Albania v Poland too. Still, great to have fans back.
  7. Possibly wrong thread, and I don’t want to “live chat” but… …. the day has finally come.
  8. Surprised to see the love for BR2049. Blade Runner is possibly my favourite film ever but I thought 2049 came straight from the “Matrix sequels” textbook of fleshing out a world introduced in the original, going way too far and leaving me feeling cold. The run time of about three days didn’t help.
  9. Get these two on Raw and gets the belts on them immediately.
  10. No Tony, I didn’t fun your wife. She just sucked my duck. Kiss my knee, muddy funster. ….. Will anyone get that?
  11. He is still relevant. This is why he’s relevant. If picking up Punk/Bryan is where AEW start to run, Jericho is the reason they learned to walk. Ten years from now Jericho’s biggest contribution to the wrestling landscape might very well be viewed as what he’s done in the last two years.
  12. I think it goes back to… …. which assumes everyone wants to subscribe to the “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” idea that you have consider a wrestlers multiple characters over time as being an ongoing character arc. Which is overcomplicating it massively regards to “legacy.” Somebody was as good as they were regardless of whether played the same basic character for fourty years like Ric Flair or modified it a few times like Hulk Hogan or The Rock.
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