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  1. air_raid

    A great UKFF sweepstake

    Timing was wrong for Barrett then but they were still going to do it later. He was slated to win MITB at Mania 27 and when he got injured rather than come up with a plan B they just didn't bother holding one (and subsequently never have again at Mania). ....... Do I need to stop mentioning this? Feel like it's come up a lot and you all already know.
  2. air_raid

    A great UKFF sweepstake

    If you think this is wrong, it's political correctness gone mad.
  3. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    He's clever. He knows who he is and that the Styles, Bryan and Balor types are perfect to make him look good just like Angle, Eddy and Benoit did 15 years ago. Balor is perfect warm up for Seth. Sounds like the plan. Through the mouth of John Cena did Vince make himself the biggest heel in the story of Balor moving back to main event.
  4. air_raid

    What’s the best aquatic animal?

    There should be the option to re-direct to the Chippy Tea thread.
  5. air_raid

    What’s the best aquatic animal?

  6. air_raid

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Gotta pay your dues. Unless you're a vegan.
  7. air_raid

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    This WOULD be a fairly novel approach to doing wrestling in slightly more of a sporting rivalry fashion. A chase without a title involved and not having to resort to the soap opera of "you hit on my girl" or tag partners broken up - just a good old fashioned "one guy wants to prove he's better than another." New Japan do a lot of really simple builds around one guy just coming to the ring after someone wins a (usually championship) match and throwing a challenge down, or two guys are randomly paired opposite in a tag or six man, things get feisty and BOOM, you have a rivalry leading to a singles match. The simplicity (repetitiveness?) sometimes crosses my mind as being too narrow for the average attention-deficient modern Western fan but there's still room, if handled well and not over-used, to build on the "sports" element of "sports entertainment" without going overboard with weigh-ins or a Code Of Honor type nonsense and to re-establish to the fanbase you want to catch that YES, wins matter.
  8. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    The delusion knows no limits. Elite's "attack" thus far has had less impact than one bloke trying to bring Christianity to the Sentinel Islands.
  9. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Genuinely I think the point of Lesnar-Rollins would be to anoint the latter as "The Man" while Roman is off so I would expect they'd assemble something akin to Lesnar-Styles but turned up to 11. And they're massively missing the boat if Seth doesn't win with the Phoenix Splash given that it's an amped up "beast slaying" finish and their obsession with the "WrestleMania Moment." Have him do 5 curb stomps, onto the belt if you want, anything you need to put Brock on his back, but the big spin/flip is the moment you replay over and over for months. This is the best chance they've had to make someone a truly made man since they pussied out on Reigns explicitly retiring The Undertaker and riding that horse into the ground. I hope they do it properly.
  10. air_raid

    The Best Pop Song Of All Time

    I hope so, don't want the music career distracting Martin from fucking finishing The Winds Of Winter.
  11. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It IS time that Elias starts his inexorable walk towards becoming the next Rock and a couple of years as I champion would be lovely. Since he's been squabbling with Lashley lately I wonder if this will be the transition? Stupid hierarchy bullshit means Ambrose straight to Elias might have made Dean look weaker for the eventual big loss to Seth. Or Elias going over a tank like Lashley is the way to go rather than Ambrose who he is bigger/stronger than. I don't know.
  12. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Taking the I title off Deano so he can lose a feud ender shortly to Rollins without Rollins having to pick up another pointless secondary belt or holding a non title match (thank fuck). Seth's off to win the Rumble after all.
  13. air_raid

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    "Meh" would have been preferable to what actually happened, with multi mans involved and all manner of bullshit and a battle royal worth fifty million points negating the previous three months of important-feeling matches. "Farce" more like it. Devised by a fool and executed by morons.