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  1. Sandy is vastly underrated and forgotten as a heel too. He was an absolute bastard in his role in getting Dreamer over as a babyface.
  2. One show that had a moment that I absolutely loved during the “all over the place” booking was the episode of Raw where Vader beats Bret after interference from Austin then later on Bret and Shawn have a worked shoot face to face. Sid marches out and mentions people are out there talking about HIS title and tells them “I have played the game with you, and I have played the game with you, and you’ve both lost. What I want is some REAL competition!” .... GONG. Superb, that bit.
  3. The constant vignettes at the time hyping up Salt N Pepa appearing did my nut in. People like Nick Turturro and the kid from Home Improvement... who cares? Having said that, if Bam Bam had the entire cast of NYPD Blue in his corner instead of Nikolai Volkoff, maybe he'd have won.
  4. One that hasn't been mentioned yet which I feel should be in with a shout is Mania V. People think of it as a one year build starting from Mania IV but the creation of the Hogan/Savage friendship started on The Main Event several weeks earlier with Mania IV really only being a cementing of their alliance. You only have to watch SummerSlam *, Survivors, the Rumble and the key episode of Saturday Nights Main Event, where the MegaPowers fought the Twin Towers and the wheels really fell off, to get an idea of the story, but for a 12 month build it was incredible execution. Liz being integral was very important to the story and the mirror opposite of the much-maligned "shoe Debra into the Mania 17 build." Underneath there's plenty of good value from a storylines point of view - Mr Fuji's quest to relieve Demolition of the belts he helped them win, Jake and Andre had a lengthy build related to the Giant's fear of Damian, and even the throwaway matches had some storyline - Hercules wrestling a Heenan family member, Jimmy Hart sending Honky and Valentine after Bret and The Anvil and so on. It's not match for match perfect but the build for the main event alone means for me it needs to be in the discussion. The worst simply has to be Mania 18. Rock vs Austin setting up their clash of generations, legend vs legend match then following it with a ludicrous attempted vehicular homicide stunt only for Rock to be absolutely fine come the big night. Booker and Edge fighting over shampoo. Kurt Angle, after the incredible year he'd had, being paired up with Kane simply because neither had anything bigger or better to do. The Undertaker attempting to illicit heat based on kicking in David Flair (for fuck's sake) and best of all - Chris Jericho spending his time getting ready for the main event by walking Lucy the dog while the real feud plays out between Triple H and Steph. Woeful stuff for a B show, never mind the "granddaddy of them all." * @IANdrewDiceClay of course, always watch the tape until the end. Blistering.
  5. Some of the replies in here make me wonder how some of you got into wrestling to begin with. Konnan is living proof that in the 90s you became cool just by standing next to Kevin Nash because he was the square root of fuck all before he joined the Wolfpack.
  6. In a time when the never ending run of crushing letdowns and inexplicable decisions leave many of us jaded to the point of casually shrugging every time something disappointing happens, is there anything more beige ever than the prospect of Kurts last match being with Borin Carbon?
  7. 30 years ago fans put their dollar down for a foam replica of a plank. It's well established if you're over enough, they'll buy stuff that sullies the good name of shite.
  8. I got on ESPN before the Spurs v Newcastle game in 2012 right after Redknapp got away with it was acquitted of tax evasion and they were asking Spurs fans what we thought of the chances of him getting the England job, feelings on his job for us and if we thought he'd do well/wish him well etc - I said something they considered worthy of a soundbyte so my fat face was broadcasted to the nation.
  9. To play Devils Advocate having two belts again means they could, easily, decide to go for a short Kofi run because winning "one of the belts" wouldn't make it as out there as if he were winning THE belt. Which is part of the reason I hate two belts. Swagger, Jinder etc.
  10. That's part of his charm. He's Tyler's dad.
  11. Lots of hyperbole about Kofi right now. He's put the years in and he's a good wrestler, he shouldn't be WWE Champion. Some guys get the buzz and become believable challengers but then get beat - thats where he is. He's in the spot to make Bryan more hateable for beating him. The payoff on Bryan is for someone who's getting a good run, not a Lifetime Achievement Award, "thanks for being here" win.
  12. Joe v Rey would be brilliant, but harsh on Andrade.
  13. A convoluted excuse for a Shield reunion before he takes his break.
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