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  1. What should wrestling give up for Lent?

    People never really talk about this when they're talking about how funny he was and how great he was calling the Rumble 92, but it's true. He didn't act as though he liked Bret, for instance, but he made a point to grudgingly agree when Gorilla would point out what a great wrestler he was. Later on when Bret was champion for the first time I'll always remember the job he did underlining what a schedule of defences the Hitman had gone through, that he was burning the candle at both ends, and always predicted the defence he was watching was going to be Hart's last because he was knackered. This made Bret look even tougher every time he pulled it out ; the Brain was key in convincing me that Bret was a complete iron man during his first title run, that's how good Heenan was. Shame that first run ended with Bret jobbing to salt.
  2. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I can't escape the feeling that this is bollocks. Nobody is worth that much to tread water. That's big boys money.
  3. If there IS to finally be a Gargano v Ciampa match in NXT, on no planet will I still care if they spin it out for another year after the wait we've already had. That would be mindless late 00s ROH-level "missing the boat."
  4. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Liger's routine in singles for years has been mat wrestle, pose, do the surfboard for a pop, sell for his opponent for a bit, then shotei, Ligerbomb, brainbuster and/or take his opponents finish, go home in 10-12 minutes. He gets people to make noise so he's still worth watching but he knows how to get maximum returns for minimum risk. I was rabid for him in the British J Cup just because IT'S LIGER and I wanted to see him win something, but his semi-final was 2 minutes (hilariously) and while the final told a great story, he lay selling on the floor for most of the first two acts while Kushida, Marty and Ospreay did the work. Objectively, he's not the same bloke that lit up the 90s and there's nothing you'd go out of your way to see. If I had to recommend one Liger singles match from the last ten years it would probably be against AJ from Rev Pro in Reading. That was really tight and Styles worked with Ligers limitations to create an enjoyable match.
  5. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    They're gradually trying to position Chaos more as the heels to the wildly popular LIJ. Okada has been more of a dick lately, even for him, adding Switchblade to the fold in the manner they did, at the expense of the also wildly popular Kenny O, and then taking his belto off him, only added to my suspicion that after being pretend heels for a couple of years (shhh) actually, Chaos might really be the bad guys at last.
  6. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    It wounds me that a match like Kenny & Kota v Cody & The Villain is happening first in ROH instead of "at home."
  7. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Calling Hiromu a heel. LOL.
  8. Unlucky Johnny, enjoy your six week holiday.
  9. What should wrestling give up for Lent?

    The whole idea of "the conversation" being eroded and eventually forgotten over time has done untold damage to the importance of wins and losses over the years, their ability to tell stories has gone out the window and there is now a huge reliance on lazy mechanisms as discussed re: MITB the other day. The briefcase, the top contenders match, the automatic rematch clause. I'm not saying a full blown return to the faceless "championship committee" of yesteryear is the way forward nor any tedious super cereal sports type rankings a la ROH circa 2009 but there's a lot to be said for an alternative to having to rubber stamp a match as a "top contenders" match before it means anything. My first exposure to a full wrestling ppv taught me wins and losses mattered beyond the actual title defences by the second match on the card. It was Mania VI and as the Demos were going after Andre & Haku for the belts, Gorilla informed me "We've got a team like the Harts, who have already challenged the winners here!" This made it clear to me that the Harts were full of confidence and must have put a few wins together, they hadn't even waited to see who won before issuing a challenge, and this was underlined later when Bret and Who crushed the Bolsheviks in 40 seconds. However later during the Rockers/Orients match Jesse points out that just because they've challenged, doesn't mean they automatically receive a title shot, and Monsoon replies with a mention of the championship committee. In the context of a fake combat sport without league tables or explicit rankings, this committee (and as I discovered, ultimately the whims of President Tunney), this made perfect sense to me. Fast forward a few years. Aside from the establishment of the Rumble as the vehicle to award Mania's title shot (fine) and Shawn's decision to defend said same shot against Owen at In Your House (fine) the earliest example I can remember of the explicit "top contenders" match was Bret Hart vs Steve Austin at Survivors 96. As an aside to the personal animosity this was mentioned in passing on comms - the match didn't need the extra, but it made perfect sense as the match was gigantic. The returning "living legend" against his chief antagonist with months of build.... yes, I understand why this was an eliminator for a title fight. If Bret's comeback were booked today, he'd merely have to mention that "I never got my rematch" to be granted a title shot but even the last WWF Champion needed to earn a title shot, and conversely Austin definitely would have a right to a title shot by simple virtue of beating Bret Hart. No issues with "top contenders" match here and it was still the exception, not the rule. Hell, after Shawn vacated and the Final Four debacle rendered Austin's Rumble win effectively null and void, Taker wasn't even forced to win his title match in the ring for MANIA. So did it go on, where title shots were simply announced on TV seemingly at the wisdom of the committee in reward for the relevance of performances and win/loss records of the wrestlers. I still remember the pop for when Austin was named as the next contender on Raw ahead of Cold Day In Hell, and thinking "Yeah, Austin's made it" better than dozens of top contenders in the intervening years. It's simple isnt it? Winning matches, being "in form" - it mattered because if you were regularly "going to the pay window" then you could be rewarded with that all important title match. There was the occasional exception - the first Hell In A Cell for instance which again made sense for the magnitude, but again, this wasn't the norm. 1998-9 is where it went tits up. Starting with Undertaker (disguised as Kane, remember that one?) going over Mankind to win his SummerSlam 98 title shot, contenders matches on Raw started creeping in. Similarly, title rematches on TV started becoming available at short notice, as well as the lazy practice of title shots being given out by the champion just because the challenger came out on the ramp and asked for one. Probably a continuation of the obsession with ratings and the need to put on compelling TV, it was a very gradual process but over the years the "top contenders" phenomenon grew to the point you could rarely go two ppvs or so without a show having a match to determine next months challenger, it felt. By 2002 even King of the Ring became a "win and get your title shot at SummerSlam" deal, albeit only for one year before it was scrubbed. Fast forward to today - between the Rumble, Elimination Chamber and constant "top contenders" matches, they're so obsessed with artificially underlining the "big" matches that other wins and loses really don't mean fuck all. But worse, it's bred the kind of lazy writing to the point where they can announce a multiman contenders match with a fucking nobody like a Jinder Mahal in for no apparent reason, have him WIN, and think that makes sense for a promotion. No fucking way does a look at THAT win/loss record justify him getting anywhere near a title shot in the days of the fictional committee. Lazy bastards. Oh, he won a top contenders match, it's fine that there's been no journey, no advance in my perception of Jinders ability to win matches regularly to the point I believe he deserves a shot, much less be champion. I'm not entirely sure what my summary is except that win/loss records should matter ergo ALL wins and losses should matter, it was better in the good old days, Jinder as champion made me sick because he's a loser.
  10. Best things to watch on the network?

    Tell the truth ; its dubbing over Edge's Rob Zombie music that hurts the most.
  11. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    YMMV but I always enjoyed his matches with Dean Malenko at Slamboree and Fall Brawl 97. His hair vs hair match against X-Pac at SummerSlam 98 is really fun. Helps that it's Kid, obviously. Can't work against Kid, can't work. I remember him working well with DLo, their PPV match was SummerSlam 99, set up IIRC by a Raw match the night after Fully Loaded with I think may have randomly had interference from Ben Stiller. Unless that was a dream. It's shorter than you expect but the ladder match with Benoit at Starrcade 99 for the vacant US title, I enjoyed. Weirdly for someone I considered fairly reliable to deliver a good match for years, I struggle to remember which his best were off the top of my head.
  12. What should wrestling give up for Lent?

    There's still a couple of different types of cash in they never used but as a lazy booking tool it needs to fuck off. Punk's first was hugely misguided but I think it was Swagger that made me think "I'm out." Nobody to champion in less time than it takes to say "JBL." Uggghhh.
  13. Best things to watch on the network?

    Anyone got any favourite matches from old PPVs where the full versions are on the Network having been hacked up on the Silvervision tapes? I've really enjoyed, so far, Boss Man vs Barbar from Rumble 91, Rockers vs Barbar and Haku from Mania VII and Smithers vs Warlord from the same show which I'm sure I've waxed lyrical about before. Anything else I shouldn't miss in the same vein?
  14. CM Punk vs Floyd Mayweather in MMA apparently Possible

    Punks surely not that stupid. He'd actually get fubar'd.