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  1. Hi guys. I’ve got a fair few ROH DVDs I’ll never watch. I doubt there’s any money in the used ones but there’s basically all of 2010 post-Anniversary and some HDNet still sealed. I think I should ask for a bit of cash there. Im starting with the first 4 discs of ROH on HDNet but have no idea what to ask for. I’ve been watching some listed at £75 but after a few months nobody has bought them. Any ideas what’s sensible to expect for these?
  2. Time to wheel out for the hundredth time Papa Raid going “What the bloody hells THAT?” upon sight of Luna Vachon in person.
  3. The Hogoff era had me concerned when they decided Chris Daniels in the form of his life should work Val Venis, then lost me for good when they promoted the Dudleys 10 years past their peak, vs the Nasty Boys 20 years past their peak, for the tag belts on a PPV in 2010.
  4. Hogans last matches were on house shows on a UK tour. His last being in the MEN, Manchester. I was there.
  5. Finally saw it today. Really enjoyed it, not without its flaws but it undid a little of what I hated about TLJ, which was an unfocused film about one ship very slowly moving towards another ship, while the most interesting characters twiddled their thumbs for half the film, and an interminable sideplot casino heist gone wrong buddy cop comedy. The flaws being ; too many parallels to ROTJ much like the other two films, and I really hated how they cut the balls off a villain as good as Hux. Neither his turn nor death were in any way satisfying. Also, guilty of (like TLJ) way too many near falls of heroes dying with none of them dying so there was hardly any sense of jeopardy near the end. They didn’t even have the balls to let C3PO stay wiped! However ; still a very enjoyable Star Wars film and Rey going back to Tatooine felt like the film giving us chance to say goodbye to the story and I welled up. Also big fan of Sidious repeating word for word his “unnatural” line from ROTS and the voiceover cameos even though it was easy fan service. As an aside, not every one of us that hated Rose is a woman-hating racist. It’s just that her contributions to TLJ were the aforementioned dreadful subplot and the senseless prevention of Finn sacrificing himself to save the ENTIRE Resistance (missing the point entirely), accompanied by clunky dialogue about love.
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