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  1. There's the disaster.
  2. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Can’t remember the last time I bought chippy without curry sauce. Probably was bought for me. The meal is basically “Fish n chips and curry sauce” in my lexicon. Additional elements may or may not appear but that’s the meal. Unless I’m having kebab meat and chips, that should be obvious.
  3. air_raid


    Remind me of “Scottish Twitter” if the irrational annoyances thread is ever resurrected.
  4. I can get them in Asda but I’ve found the Scorpion to be marginally past my tolerance. The two milder flavours, chilli & lemon and smokehouse cayenne, are both really moorish. I enjoyed the Scorpion as I ate but a minute or so after finishing my mouth started complaining.
  5. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Took Mrs raid to Aberystwyth for Bank Holiday weekend and like anyone aiming to get the best out of a sunny weekend in Ceredigion , took her and the pooch out to Ynylas and on the way back observed the long held tradition of a stop in Borth on the way back 100% for chips. Place was rammed as per normal but worth the wait. Fish n chips, scampi, curry sauce and gravy smashed with aplomb. Plus a battered Mars bar for no other reason than to compare to the one we had in Edinburgh. It was better.
  6. When people say “see you tomorrow “ I can’t stop myself replying “God willing” or “lest the good lord take me in the night” which is both annoying and confusing to people who know I’m atheist.
  7. I can’t stop myself saying “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t “ when saying goodbye to people I won’t see until after their birthday/holiday/Saturday.
  8. I am powerless to not say “Poor Dolores” every time Linger by The Cranberries comes on Spotify. My mrs will kill me over it eventually.
  9. Me and a friend had breakfast with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis in Preston Premier Inn. On the way out walked past Rikishi with about a dozen eggs on his plate.
  10. Don’t understate the notion that Page would be happy Arquette had just won the belt and helped him celebrate when it meant he had just LOST the belt.
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