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  1. Close. The match I mention from WrestleFest 93 was for the Intercontinental title (DQ finish). The match you refer to for the WWF title was included on Smack Em Whack Em as well as the match Bret wins the title from Flair, and the ladder match with Shawn. It was probably my first favourite tape tied with UK Fan Favourites.
  2. Kamala was one of the characters that was pretty crucial to my intro to pro wrestling which as I may have mentioned before, centred around a mate having loads of the black/yellow cards they released either side of SummerSlam 92. After getting sucked in by the Mania VI tape, my next three rentals were 3 consecutive Survivor Series which enabled me to see the Coffin Match. I won’t lie, I felt sorry for the tubby lad. Clearly shitting himself and only there because Kimchee and Harvey had engineered it, not because he wanted to, the guy did as much as he could before the Undertaker clocked him with the bastard urn to beat him. “This isn’t fair” said The Brain on comms, and I thoroughly agreed. I can’t think of a time I’ve felt more sympathy for the heel, if you don’t count cheering on Earthquake flattening that cheating bastard Hacksaw Duggan at the aforementioned Mania VI. For my next birthday I bought 6 wrestling tapes from John Menzies, including WrestleFest 93 featuring a rather dated Kamala v Bret for the I title, and wonderfully, Invasion Of The Bodyslammers featuring the previously posted vignettes of Slick teaching Kamala to bowl. Sadly there’s also a match where he loses by count-out vs Doink where he’s distracted outside the ring by trying to open a present given to him by Doink, which turns out to be an empty box. The Ugandan Giant looks genuinely on the verge of tears before he gets the clown back in the ring and squashes him. Not long later I’m back round my mates house watching UK Rampage, and that bastard clown is beating Kamala again. I was really not happy. So early in my fandom it was wide-eyed naive figure of sympathy Kamala that I knew best, and even after I discovered his beginnings as an actual monster heel, I never stopped feeling sorry for that fat lad that was scared of the Undertaker, got cheated by Doink, and came worryingly close to taking the I title from Shawn on one tape. I bypassed his stint in the Dungeon of Doom and greatly enjoyed him popping up at Mania 17. Always sounded like a nice bloke by all accounts and was always sad to hear him blighted by ill health. He was never what I’d call one of my favourites but he was part of the brightly coloured patchwork quilt of big characters that got me into rasslin in the first place, so I was really saddened to hear he was gone. I think of him every time I pat my own belly now.
  3. For me it’s “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback.
  4. I don’t think this is a fair comparison. Michaels and The Undertaker at the times of their two matches were still viable main eventers on merit, not coasting on reputation, and delivered two matches that delivered as matches, compared to Rock/Hogan which was 80% atmosphere 20% novelty and featured Hogan positioned as the equal of one of the company’s biggest guns after their own rhetoric had declared him past it for over 5 years. I will say that the finisher thing however is true. In the second match Michaels coming back to score near falls after receiving a Tombstone on the floor was ridiculous.
  5. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    It’s the sachets of Heinz garlic sauce that caught my attention. Original recipe, not that horrible “Turkish style” they switched it to. Had to switch to Hellman’s, you hate to see it.
  6. Don’t you hate when the odour is TOO reminiscent of what you ate, and you find it...... not unpleasant?
  7. War For Cybertron : Siege cartoon I really enjoyed this (spoilers within). Really enjoyed the interaction between Optimus and Magnus, who fought together a few times in the UK comic with a friendship only mentioned in passing in the Movie and barely touched upon in Rebirth. Truncated though it was, obviously. I was really happy to see Spinister and “Skytread” a/k/a Flywheels too, and especially the meaty role given to Impactor, and a really interesting take on him starting as a Decepticon. Plenty to enjoy in general, some interesting themes as a reimagining of the G1 story prior to the launch of the Ark, and I really enjoyed the Omega Supreme reveal. Finally there were some good voice performances, I was especially impressed with Starscream, who is easy to get wrong and be too whiny. Thought all the criticisms of pacing were unjust, the story moved precisely as quickly as it needed to. I didn’t notice anything particularly bad about any of the Prime/Megatron monologues either. Only slight criticism would be the use of generic body types for extra soldiers/“the Sparkless” not really being generic enough. It’s a bit jarring watching zombie Mirage attacking Optimus’ crew when he’s very much alive trying to fix the space bridge. Also, using “scrap” as a replacement expletive makes me cringe as it always has in TF media, especially when one of the bots said “scrap sucker.” Really bad. But I’m nitpicking. Really looking forward to more, vast improvement on what I’ve seen of Combiner Wars/Titans Return.
  8. If you want to get the most out of an alliance, join an established one. Otherwise you won’t have the strength to earn enough points in the alliance events to level up your bots quickly, earn the best rewards etc. I joined one part of a “family” where strongest guys move up to the next one. They asked for hq10 and an event minimum of 10k, I was hq9 in the process of upgrading and just promised my best in the events. In a no time I was finally earning 4* bots (up to 12 now having hatched Galvatron with shards from this weekends event) and I’m hq13 easily capable of 17k in an event. Could have been hq14 long ago but a lot of my buildings and defences need to catch up. Or form your own if you don’t mind a snails pace, might be better if you want relaxed rules e.g not having to do EVERY war or use ALL your raid tries, since most established alliances war every day and will boot you for missing wars, raids or events unless you inform command in advance you have a prior. Maybe muck about in a more relaxed alliance until you get bored of 2* bots. Depends if you fancy playing every day without fail or not.
  9. Add me to the Boomy list. Amazing fruit ice. Vastly superior to Zoom.
  10. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Went to Llandudno today and got fed at Barnacles. Fish n chips n curry sauce as standard, scampi as Mrs raid loves it, and a battered sausage because she’d never tried it. The sausage was exactly like every other, the curry was good, the fish was good if a little pricey at £4.80. However, the scampi was both fresh tasting and crunchy coated, and the chips were exceptional. Don’t recall chips as crispy on the outside excusing actual battered chips. Probably best chippy visit since Fish Over Chips in Grange Over Sands. Still had room for a custard slice from Gerrards and some ice cream.
  11. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Expecting fruit from the chippy? Strange times we live in. I suppose “blame covid” could be trotted out. Since everyone got bored of “blame Brexit.”
  12. Basically what I was alluding to. Regardless of whether I went the night before.
  13. Absolutely baffling point of view that I will never get my head around. If I hate a club, I hate them, regardless of whether they’re playing Fulham or Fiorentina.
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