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  1. Best things to watch on the network?

    Is there anywhere on the Network I can watch the Razor/Kid v Diesel/Shawn match that aired on Action Zone?
  2. Hive heating

    I used to work for Nationwide and I despise their ads at the best of times, but these are terrible. Complete vomit, transparent attempts to buy that warm fuzzy "hearts and minds" shite that gets drilled into the staff in terms of how they attempt to brainwash the consumer into the bank being something you bloody love, as opposed to a simple necessity. Not the worst, mind. When they put the cash down just before the crunch to get the Little Britain pair roped in, they were utterly abysmal. Best of all the company were so happy with them, they sent a DVD to every branch in the network so the staff could watch the ads before they started airing on TV. I took ours home to show the ex and I only received a one word review : "Pathetic."
  3. Stables

    It's utter bullshit if you ask me that any group that feels like it can apply that rule to themselves. Makes no fucking sense.
  4. Stables

    RVD getting carried out on his shoulders by Scotty when he's still fucked to confront Rhino and the Network... that was a moment. Walk used to pop that mob a treat.
  5. Random Thoughts III.

    Probably because WrestleFest 94 was a banger.
  6. Bobby Heenan Passes Away

    Its taken over 24 hours for me to feel up to posting anything. I've felt like I've described Bobby as not having long left for YEARS to my casual fan mate, yet I still wasn't ready for him actually dying. I'll try and put my thoughts into words later for just what a titan of the world of wrestling he was, but for now I'm still in shock. Probably says all you need to know, actually.
  7. The Mae Young Classic

    Io hasn't come YET. I'd bet my left nut she still comes.
  8. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Cena and Lesnar both win for my money. They'll think Reigns still gains from losing to Cena but "looking good in defeat" and they'll save Reigns beating him until their last ppv match of the series. And they'll think Strowman "isnt ready." Yawn. Hopefully the matches will be belters but I'm expecting predictable safe booking until Rumble time.
  9. Stables

    The New Dangerous Alliance, with Sign Guy being Lou E Dangerously and the tag team being CW Anderson and "Beautiful" Billy Wiles. Shame the gimmick was a Poundland re-tread because Anderson was a decent rassler. After that resounding success, Wiles was repacked as Bilvis Wesley. There's a guy never meant to catch a break.
  10. Random Thoughts III.

    Watching the Hart & Soul DVD and the match with Bret/Owen v the Steiners where all the agents pile in to separate things.... when Gorilla Monsoon spots Pat Patterson, they've edited out the line from the original commentary track about how fat he's got. I found this hilarious, as though someone in the editing suite thought "Oooh, Pat might not like that."
  11. Bully Ray holding the belt to Bound For Glory and losing it to company hero AJ Styles would have been a decent thought process. Except they inexplicably put a Chris Sabin (really??) reign in the middle, and AJ was leaving.
  12. Cage match at Unforgiven was really good and the right man won. Sadly, it wasn't the end of the run.
  13. The correct answer being neither.
  14. Stables

    Dragon again.