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  1. The answer is “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh.... WrestleMania..... fighting to survive (pump it up pump it up).” Close second had no lyrics.
  2. But it will never beat the spectacle.... the pageantry... of SummerSlam!
  3. They won’t treat it as special because it won’t be “WrestleMania 40”, it will just be WrestleMania. Just like these announcements for the venues for WrestleMania, WrestleMania-Next-Year and WrestleMania-The-Year-After-That.
  4. It’s a tough one, explaining away Vince helping Austin win the belt because he was desperate with the “threat” presented by WCW on the horizon, so he wanted Austin on his side, is OK. Babyfacing Austin back the night after by him saying he didn’t know why Vince helped him but he’s no idiot so he took it there and then, but don’t expect him to return the favour, Kick-Wham-Stunner, “DTA you piece of trash” etc ... quick and easy for one night still in Texas. Does it work in the rest of the country given that’s The Rock he brutalised? I don’t know, even if you have Austin run rampant over all the
  5. Is it my imagination or has the football media been absolutely awful for knee jerk reactions and spectacular back-tracking for basically every team to grace the top six this season? As in, far worse than normal? The weekend that Spurs played Chelsea for top spot, press were glowing over what a good job Lampard has done. A couple of bad results later, apparently there’s pressure on his job. Similarly when they were top, Spurs were getting lauded as legitimate title challengers and Mourinho getting praise for getting the best out his front two and “finding a system that works.” A run of thr
  6. I have zero memory of this but if it was right before he lost to Mongo at Bash at the Beach, it’s possible it was just to make it seem a bigger deal. In fairness I have zero memory of his whole career apart from that match and a loss to Hugh Morrus & Konnan tagging with Renegade on a Nitro which was a poor attempt at making the Dungeon look a threat to the Steiners with Slamboree just round the corner. I miss 96-98 WCW.
  7. Re: Earthrise. The pacing is all over the shop, slow moving in parts and as soon as stuff really starts happening, it’s over. The repeated use of character models again is jarring. A group including Bumblebee and Wheeljack fighting a re-coloured Bumblebee and Wheeljack was pushing it enough, but Impactor’s design is far too distinctive to be recycled as a generic. Spoiler removed because I forgot how to tag them.
  8. air_raid


    QFT. They made such a big deal of Undertaker hitting his “Decade Of Destruction” because with the only notable exception I can think of being Bret, people simply didn’t manage to do 10 years in a company to that point. Hogan at his peak left the final time pre-WCW after less than 10 years there even if you ignore his hiatus after Mania 8, Shawn was retired the first time just shy of the 10 year mark, later on Steve Austin was retired inside eight years of company debut. Plenty of wrestlers moved on or were moved on once they’d become stale, whereas in the absence of competition and the need to
  9. air_raid


    “Steiner & Chyna” (lol) is the best idea I’ve ever heard for any fantasy booking of Chyna staying - not that I’ve heard much of that, to be fair. It’s a shame stars wouldn’t have aligned for Poppa to come over at the purchase of WCW when the weird sex appeal that the WWF had managed to convince the world that Chyna had, would still have been near its peak. The promo writes itself : “I couldn’t come here without a freak, and I found the biggest freak in this company.” They’d have looked good together and she could actually beat people up. Plus it would have saved us from BPP v HHH for two r
  10. I can’t for the life of me understand how often a half feels like “matter of time until the next one” translates into a second half of “nah, one will do.”
  11. There’s a shitload of stuff I forget and only remember when it gets mentioned on here. Or sometimes if I get a random like for something I tweeted about the product years ago. Truly remarkable. * Kizarny * The Social Outcasts * Palmer Cannon * Ricochet actually had a title shot against Lesnar. * Harper and Rowan being called The Bludgeon Brothers for a bit, post-Wyatts. * Trish coming back at the first Women’s Rumble WASNT her first match since retiring - she was in that Snooki match at a WrestleMania! * Hawkins and Ryder previously being the Major brothers o
  12. It’s crossed my bough today that during a Q&A on Twitter, Mesut Özil has declared that he’d rather retire than play for Tottenham. I must admit, this came as quite a surprise to me. I assumed he retired years ago.
  13. One of the great under appreciated shows of our time. I know loads of people that didn’t see it but was lent a DVD five years later and loved it. Spaced, for the uninitiated. Before Pegg disappeared up his own arse.
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