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  1. That Reigns stuff sounds incredible. Are people actually cheering Sasha? Wait.... people aren’t there cheering for anyone. Forgive my stupidity. Who the fuck are Otis and Tucker? Were they “Heavy Machinery?” I’m more than a bit out of it.
  2. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    I think this is where you went wrong. Saying one part of the food is “on” another instead of “with” just screams Tory bistro. Unless the second word is “toast.”
  3. If I had a fridge full of them that I need shot of, I would have.
  4. I decided to make a huge pan of chilli style chicken and used this as an opportunity to use up some of the excesses of sauce from the fridge, and I turned out really well. I sat two chicken legs on a bed of sliced onions and peppers, four cloves of garlic and a tin of mixed beans then drizzled them with a 50/50 of the Batts Peri Peri and Linghams chilli sauce (absolutely magical stuff). In the oven for an hour. Made a cheats sauce with a big Makro tin of double concentrate passata, a little fried garlic and a lot of my chilli staples - equal parts garlic powder, mild chilli powder, o
  5. The best time is the week where one Sunday is the Fire Festival final and the Sunday after is the G1 final. There are shows all over greater Tokyo all week and if it’s the same as when I was going, a big Joshi show happens the afternoon of the former at Korakuen (enough time for food and beverages in between) and All Japan run Korakuen the lunchtime of the G1 final. Though if the venue has changed from Ryogoku then it might not be the easy train ride across town from Korakuen any more. Also this assumes the wrestling calendar/world will be back to normal by then.
  6. Playground slur for fatties.
  7. I still insist on one or two every Christmas. Eve, day, three days thereafter.
  8. I’m confused as to why making things orange is becoming a Christmas thing. I was thinking not long ago how mint Aero is still prevalent but orange is hardly ever seen, then last week sure enough, there’s orange Aero in Tesco in festive wrapping.
  9. Have stashed for Christmas.
  10. I doubt he’ll win two in a row unless they’re committed to going all the way with him. Or totally Lugering him into oblivion. Either would be great.
  11. Christ, I hope Ibushi wins.
  12. Anyone else have serious fixations on condiments as opposed to food itself? Have had a really difficult time getting good garlic sauce since Heinz changed their old recipe to “Turkish style” which I believe is yoghurt rather than mayo based and really not for my palate. Briefly in B&M I found bottles of the old recipe in imported bottles called Knoblauch (don’t laugh) but that’s gone dry so now the only source of original recipe is the small packets you can get at Asda hot counters. So far my quest for a replacement has lead me to Hellman’s Garlic and Herb as the front runner. I also
  13. Brets point was to make it LOOK real without hurting your opponent. He loved to point out his uppercuts for example always looked like full contact but he never hurt anyone. In his book he describes the ideal as looking like it hurts but it doesn’t and compared that level of “working” to Vader’s stuff which looked like it hurt because it hurt, and to Flairs knife edge chops which hurt like hell but looked “like shit.” Somewhere along the way people decided beating each other up for real was easier than just making it look that way.
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