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  1. I’ve had people try and con me into thinking that number 9 was always the main striker and 10 the “second striker” or link up man but I simply don’t agree. Lineker wore 10 for Spurs and England, Michael Owen wore 10. Rooney only wore 9 for England because Owen was 10 and as soon as Owen stopped getting picked, Rooney wore 10 as often the only striker on the team.
  2. There’s a ton of brands that are putting the zips on the wrong side. I have hoodies from Nike, Nimbus, American Apparel, Russell and AWDIs and the inconsistency is terrible. Fairly sure my North Face jacket zips on the wrong size too. Not women’s, not backwards. But unsold Leftorium stock nonetheless.
  3. The late 80s and early 90s were full of obvious transitions in the WWF where a PPV match would involve a run-in, finish or interaction designed to move one guy from the guy they’re fighting to the next guy they’re working on the house shows. My favourite if it counts was LOD costing Demolition the tag belts against the Hart Foundation at SummerSlam 90. I say “if it counts” because the war of words had already begun even if the matches hadn’t. But yeah… the energy in Philadelphia when the Roadies emerge was absolutely nuclear. I imagine the anticipation at the time for those matches must have been huge. Shame they ended up not up to much.
  4. Yeah. In bare facts, WCW somewhat followed through with a “then Goldberg gets his revenge” logical follow up with him beating Hall at Souled Out and Nash at Spring Stampede. Except he’d had the irrelevance of the Bam Bam sidetrack, wasn’t booked at Uncensored, didn’t get revenge on Hogan, the belt was already far away and moved onto Flair, and Hogan had already been turned babyface with Nash on the way too. Sigh.
  5. What people often don’t realize about the irony of the “butts in the seats” quip, is that a good number of the butts in THEIR seats that night were looking forward to the show mostly for Goldberg challenging Kevin Nash for the belt - a match that WCW promoted, but then didn’t put on. That did more damage to WCWs fading goodwill and ability to interest the viewer than promoting the other teams title change, make no mistake.
  6. I got 4* Cutthroat, Octane, Dinobot, Waspinator and Blackie. One week after 5* Soundwave. My alliance got merged with the one above in our family so suddenly completing 1m pt events is a thing and I’m warring in Caminus most often instead of Gold. Welp.
  7. Sticking with that summer, the pop that Brets music got in Montreal really woke me up. Oh, Shawn. You rascal.
  8. I understand the appeal for some but I can’t really afford to spunk money away to watch a film I’ve watched hundreds of times.
  9. Zipper going on the left hand side of a jacket/coat as worn. When did this begin, and how do I stop it?
  10. I tried a couple of flavours of Stax and found them OK. But the fact I can’t remember what flavours tells you - OK but not memorable.
  11. “I almost forgot the Fourth Horseman! RIC FLAIR, come on down!”
  12. Thanks a bunch! Going to pick blackcurrants in a bit and have a whole day of muffins, Liege waffles and cookies ahead of me.
  13. Paranoia : does buttermilk need to reach room temperature before baking muffins? Recipes don’t specify….
  14. Pop this in your thought percolater, see if it bubbles up!
  15. Work patter can be the worst. One cunt that thankfully got shitcanned in the Furlough Era created a template that included “I hope that you are well” which is so clunky it makes my teeth hurt. Sadly about three others couldn’t be bothered making their own template so when I view clients on our CRM I see the phrase often and am reminded of that terrible piece of shit. I love when a middle manager uses that phrase and one of my level of expendable nobodies knows they’re being called a twat.
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