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  1. Actually really enjoyed that show. Thought everything was pretty decent, even if the women were a bit sloppy in places in the opener. It's nice to have so many clearly defined characters and feuds going on at the moment. Plus Asuka dancing to Io's music. I'm good with that. Agreed on the above - Sasha and Bayley are fantastic in their current heel roles. I don't want it to end.
  2. Jeez I've had a right shit couple of days but just read that from @Liam O'Rourke and its cheered me right up. Thanks for that.
  3. At least Fire acknowledge they've got AEW. Fairly sure ITV forget most of the time.
  4. Sometimes I hear it in my sleep. It haunts my dreams.
  5. I guess it's down to what story they wanted to tell. I think 'self-parody' might be a bit harsh. Yes, he flip flops a lot and gets stuck in a cycle of retiring and not and then being shit and then having to come back etc, and it does get a bit repetitive but that was the real situation of what he was going through. Tough to make that interesting in some ways, but I'm glad we actually got a better understanding of the struggles he was going through over the years and why he didn't retire etc. An independent production would be interesting but they'd need to come at it from a different angle. This story has been told. Reminds me of The Amazing Johnathan Documentary where multiple filmmakers were making documentaries at the same time. It's always down to what story you want to tell, and this documentary was about Taker's final journey and I think they captured that as well as they could with all the moving pieces etc. There's still plenty for someone else to delve into though and I hope that happens one day.
  6. I just miss video shops. My parents owned a newsagents just down the road from a Ritz and then Blockbuster so I would be in there nearly every day. Honestly I learned so much about TV and film just from looking through those shelves over the years and talking to the staff.
  7. Pretty sure that's how they do ALL their decisions no? I always imagined some kind of spinning around blindfolded and sticking a pin in something, or having a wheel they spin daily.
  8. It was always one of those harmless comedies that I'd watch just for a smile here and there. It was never really hilarious but wasn't awful either. It had a great cast and they all worked really well together. I never really understood why it was more popular than some other comedies, but I guess a lot of the time the least controversial and most wholesome ones are.
  9. SHIELD's best effort was the LMD/Hydra stuff in season 4. They never quite hit those heights again. But yeah the final season has been really enjoyable so far. Much better than the last couple anyway.
  10. One of those that I've loved from the start and had the pleasure of seeing everyone else fall in love with too. And unusually it hasn't pandered too much to the popular crowd since it gained a following. It has managed to stay pretty high quality consistently and deal with some major issues along the way in a decent manner. Still one of my favourites and the whole cast play their roles perfectly.
  11. Defending Jacob Didn't know much about it beforehand but a pretty decent post-Cap project for Chris Evans. Only 8 episodes which was just about the right length. Easy to binge crime legal mystery type deal. Another solid effort from Apple's service.
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