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  1. And HIAC on the same show? WHERE'S THE LADDER MATCH DAMNIT.
  2. This is what confuses me though. Why would the onus be on the promoters etc to not give someone a place to do this stuff, rather than on the individual/perpetrator to not go there? I agree that promoters, fans etc shouldn't be out there allowing the opportunities and supporting them but the primary blame always has to come back to the person in the wrong at the first instance. As an extreme example, if a son was murdering people and his mother knew about it and allowed it to continually happen in her home, I'd still blame the son more. I wouldn't be like "oh well, he's been given the opportunity to do it. I can't blame him for taking that opportunity." You absolutely should be blaming the person doing this stuff and taking advantage of situations. Enablers and those that turn the other way are an extension of that of course and that shouldn't be ignored but the decisions and behaviours of the perp must be at the forefront.
  3. So it's not reasonable to expect these people to feel guilt and actually deal with the consequences of their actions? Yes, I absolutely blame him. It shows there's no remorse if he's happy to go out there and get back into it like nothing's happened. Am I meant to sympathise with someone who's snuck their way back in because they're dealing with (a) someone who's naïve or (b) someone who's dodgy? It's on the promoters, talent and fans as well but the blame and behaviour heavily falls back on guys like Ligero etc too.
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/10/20/ruby-rose-unloads-the-real-reasons-she-left-batwoman-nukes-executives-showrunner/?sh=3e3cc0102663 Well after plenty of silence on her exit from Batwoman, Ruby Rose has absolutely let rip. Sounds fucking horrible for her and many others.
  5. I mean there were enough people failing to wear masks when it was mandatory so it's really not that surprising that no one's wearing one now when they don't have to. Government couldn't give a shit at this point .. or ever.
  6. I mean that's absolute bollocks really isn't it? "Enjoy it or don't." Can say that for anything ever. For a start, I've enjoyed hundreds of horrors that I wouldn't consider include "amazing acting, beautiful camera work and a top notch story" so it doesn't really come down to that. I'm more than happy to watch something daft as long as it's entertaining. It doesn't even need to make sense! Halloween Kills was fucking stupid in the worst way though. I mean let's all be honest - no one's watching a long running franchise like this and expecting an Oscar worthy movie are they? My standards are fairly low for horror. But if I have to hear 'evil dies tonight!' one more time I'll go crazy. It's like they watched Scream, took all the typical horror tropes and then used them without any irony or whatever. And don't get me started on how Michael was portrayed in this one. It's just so inconsistent. For me, what made the original Halloween so successful was its simplicity, subtlety and the fact that I actually wanted Laurie to survive. I couldn't give a flying fuck about 95% of the characters in Halloween Kills and Laurie was pretty damn irrelevant in this chapter of her own story. That was probably the most disappointing part to me - and sure, I bet she'll have her chance to shine in the next one but right now I couldn't care less about seeing the next one and that's a problem. So yeah I guess if you're looking for "passable story and some eye-watering violence" then I can see why you enjoyed it, although "passable" is probably pushing it. But for me there's plenty of other options out there for that and this movie should've given us something a little better.
  7. Haven't really kept up with retro stuff too much this year. Are there any decent new handhelds that have come out or are on the horizon?
  8. Yep completely right. I actually thought it had potential and I didn't mind the idea of two more sequels but fucking hell. They've taken me from vaguely positive about it to absolutely dreading another one.
  9. This is absolutely correct. All these weird "well do you blame him?" or "what else is he supposed to do?" type defences when one of these arseholes sneaks back onto a card. What do I expect them to do? Fuck off quite frankly. Why should they get to continue their dream job when they've acted in that way. Oh poor Ligero missed wrestling did he? Am I meant to give a fuck? If it's all you know and all you've ever dreamt of your whole life then maybe don't be a cunt.
  10. I get that they overuse certainly things but has his momentum really been flattened already? I've not seen any real issues with how he's doing so far. He still seems over to me.
  11. Both my mum and wife have had their boosters now so that's a nice relief. I'm still living with the constant stress of 2 of the kids being at school and potentially bringing something back. It's just all starting to feel a bit helpless again. I'm still working from home and feel pretty 'safe' although that's not how I want to live forever. Starting to worry the next few months might be pretty bleak. My area is now the highest in the country apparently so that's adding to the stress. I deliberately don't read/watch the news much now as it just all gets a bit much.
  12. Haven't guys like Omega and Moxley done Dark before? If so, it's weird to think Bryan and Adam Cole are a stretch for the shows.
  13. If you need to ask why then that's part of the problem..
  14. For him to be blacklisted and fuck off out of the industry forever.
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