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  1. I can see the dual releases being an issue going forward, but I do wonder how much the impact actually was with it during a pandemic. How many more people really would've gone to the cinema? Or were Disney expected to hold these movies back for an indefinite period? I do think it's a tough call from a business perspective for sure.
  2. I can't believe that we'll get screwed out of the perfect Hangman ending. They've invested way too much time in it. It's so obvious what's got to happen. This isn't Vince. He isn't there to ignore the fans. It will happen damnit.
  3. What was so bad about it? I've seen a lot of strong negative opinions on it.
  4. Same as suggestions of Daniel Bryan I think. I just don't see how it would work in that context.
  5. He'll have to beat Austin and The Rock in the same night.
  6. I think it has to be viewed in context. If it happened in WWE it would be happening on shows where they already have rematches every week. The product is very stale in a lot of places. In AEW its surrounded by a lot of fresh matches and a good energy and always in front of crowds that are genuinely enjoying the product they're watching. So yeah is it an ideal 2021 match? Probably not. But as its a small percentage of their overall product, its not nearly as much of an issue. People don't think AEW is perfect but the things worth criticising don't feel as big a deal.
  7. The craziest thing is that I've actually lost count of how many times we've been able to say that about a Dynamite show and genuinely mean it. They've managed to do it a good number of times and keep doing it!
  8. I feel like Barrymore has somehow travelled back in time and inserted all these fucking mental covers and performances just to keep us amused. Because if they'd actually happened at the time, I'm not sure the world would exist as it does today.
  9. Daniel Bryan Danielson Bah GAWD BBQ Sauce the WWF champion I think you mean.
  10. Might come down to how long he wants to keep going really. If he only thinks he's got a few years left in him then could be better off getting through as many as he can, especially if he also wants to go to Japan. Hopefully he'll be around long enough to have some decent long-running feuds though and not just a quick who's who tour.
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