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  1. Fuck. Tears in my eyes every time I watch that pre WM 27 Rock return. The energy is absolutely off the scale.
  2. AEW and NXT in full. Raw and Smackdown on Youtube unofficial highlights packages (usually about 20 mins or so). WWE and AEW PPVs. Dip in and out of NJPW World depending on the time of year and what's going on. Other random stuff on WWE Network - particular the behind the scenes documentaries.
  3. Ah yes, I got blocked as soon as I dared to question what he said. Idiot.
  4. We all looked to AEW to rescue us. We were looking in the wrong place the whole time.
  5. Rusev is absolute gold. He just goes out there and has fun with whatever shit he has and it's great. It's a real shame they haven't got anything better for him.
  6. I agree it's the right thing to do but I just found it all so underwhelming. I'd much rather they did that turn in front of the live crowd than backstage, for example. It just felt like it weakened the impact a bit, although maybe the crowd were just shit.
  7. I was quite looking forward to the Rollins turn but fuck whoever wrote that. Absolutely shit way of doing it.
  8. I'm all for Conor returning to his rat gimmick.
  9. Moxley is a great example of freedom working well. Or they could end up like Kenny Omega and be stuck up their own arses.
  10. That's probably the nail on the head with AEW really. Not only are the viewers torn as to what they're looking for, but those in charge aren't really willing to commit to what they are trying to be either. It makes sense - they're an early upstart, still finding their feet and looking to see what works and what doesn't. It's actually an advantage that wrestling has over other shows in that they should be able to develop as they go along, listen to feedback and course-correct when they need to. Not that they should be drastic enough to overhaul everything just because a few internet geeks decided to complain about it but feedback can be very useful. Same with live audiences. As with any company attempting to break into the market, they do need to be focused on the long game and surviving first over anything. Will they be the potential gamechangers that many hoped they would be? I think that'll take time to really show, and could be as much about luck as anything, but then wrestling is like that in general. You just don't know who might break out and become that mainstream star again. Not like any of us thought it would happen to The Rock or Stone Cold etc after all.
  11. Ascension would probably be fine in NJPW for a few appearances. Without wanting to slag them off completely, it's not like Anderson and Gallows or some of the other tag guys they've had over there were spectacular. They just know how to play to their strengths.
  12. That's something that's still up in the air for me, and it's one thing that they can't do too much about - my years and years of investment in WWF/WWE/NXT. Something like Survivor Series and the buildup was a wet dream for me in many ways, and there's very little AEW can do in my mind to go up against that. If I'm honest, it's the same reason why I enjoyed WCW and ECW but in a very different way. Same with stuff like ROH and NJPW. That's not a knock on AEW or any new company coming in and trying to do their best, but it's very hard to compete against something that has been so deeply linked to my life for such a long time now. I've never been closed off about the competition but it's like being able to enjoy watching other football teams play. You know they're good, and you appreciate their skill and talent on some level but your heart just isn't in it. Granted, it's true to say that loving WWE is like being in a really shit relationship a lot of the time.. I hope AEW gets that chance to stick around and form that bond with more and more people. Obviously they have a solid ground to build on and the fanbase is already extremely passionate but it takes time to really win people over. Can my head be turned? Maybe it can. Maybe it doesn't even need to be. It's not like I'm in an exclusive relationship with WWE after all. I'm more than happy to watch any number of companies as long as I feel they're offering something different that makes them worthwhile to me.
  13. I couldn't give two shits about what Meltz says. I've just always felt that AEW were trying to sell themselves as an alternative with different ideas and plans etc. Not just "we're going to be like WWE but good."
  14. Yeah i think that all sums it up for me quite well really. While it is technically an 'alternative' it's just not as 'alternative' as I'd hoped it would be. There are glimpses of it here and there but on the whole there's more similarities with existing wrestling than not.
  15. Are they though? Is AEW really that different? How much of anything new is AEW really bringing to the table right now?
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