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  1. Fuck. Completely agree. Also why I enjoyed NXT Takeovers a lot of the time. It's so much easier sitting down on a Sunday to watch stuff.
  2. Fuck off. I've got that mug. It's official. Literally says it on the mug. I'm not having anyone take that away from me.
  3. That he's a twat but with very smart business sense and undoubtedly one of the most creative at reinvention and adaptation over the years.
  4. I think it's clear that people can be talented, successful and complete dicks. Taker is just one in a very long line of guys who have made the mistake of opening their mouths. But much like Jericho I doubt he cares.
  5. That's my main concern. I don't want Impact to become a place for the shit AEW folk. Obviously Omega is top calibre but Matt Hardy is a real step down. I don't need to see him twice a week. It'll be interesting to see who makes the trip each way. I hope some of the Impact folk get a rub from a Dynamite appearance and not just the Good Brothers.
  6. You also have people who think Friends is the best and most important comedy in history and others who can't make it past an episode. We're all into different things. It's no different in wrestling.
  7. Yeah and if Chris Benoit hadn't killed his family we wouldn't shit on him either. But that's missing the point.
  8. To be fair if my last experience of video games was the recent WWE one then I'd be shitting all over them too.
  9. Having JR on-board just has to be that element of familiarity right? If you're switching the channel and come across that voice then it's very recognisable. But yeah I don't know how long you keep him around when his performance is usually subpar, lacking in enthusiasm and probably more detrimental to the overall product than his upside of name value etc. He is by far the weakest part of their commentary I'd say. Tony is fantastic. Excalibur has grown in the role. And the guests they have like Tazz and Jericho etc have all brought something different but enjoyable to the table. JR so
  10. And those are the moments they'll inevitably try to recreate and fail because its really lightning in a bottle. Much like when Bryan came back and they didn't really have any idea what to do with him. But yeah I'm excited to have her back as long as they keep her away from Seth. I'm hoping they both know that's for the best now.
  11. I'd be happier with him winning MITB.
  12. I hope so. She's always been solid and comfortable on the mic, and had glimpses of great athleticism in WWE but never got a sustained singles push to really prove herself. She has more than enough about her to be invaluable to a weak AEW division. I'd love to see her on board.
  13. I really have no desire to see the Good Brothers get an AEW PPV match.
  14. Completely agree and told her as much when I met her at a convention. That she did great with a fascinating character and I really wanted more. She seemed to appreciate that.
  15. Do you think that's the problem though? That it's always a half arsed effort. Or do you think they try and then realise he's shit and just give up? I'm not sure which one.
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