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  1. Can anyone recommend a good plug and play retro machine? I've seen so many sites around but not sure which companies are decent. Plus some look fairly expensive and not looking to pay over the odds unnecessarily. Looking to purchase one for a friend for a birthday present but don't really want anything too complicated that needs building etc. Thanks.
  2. FTR are a fantastic team. They understand the psychology and exactly how to put together a strong tag team match - although, as others have said, something didn't quite work on the last PPV. Are they as good as they think they are? Debatable, but there's no question they are a very very good tag team. They're definitely not awful.
  3. It has been discussed online with both guys involved. I wouldn't be surprised at all, but who knows what shape Mania could be in next year. The Rock wouldn't come back without a crowd right? This feud has been fucking awesome the last few weeks though. All credit to Jey - he's done his fair share of making this a must-see match.
  4. Retribution are more entertaining on Twitter than on TV.
  5. It wasn't just that though was it? Working with her didn't need to mean death to her being a bad ass. After that they just seemed to give up on pushing her as a top tier talent and have her mess around with Robert Stone etc. The Charlotte feud shouldn't have ended her.
  6. I'll let them off with that one then. They have had some questionable booking with her though. She was on a level with Keith Lee for ones they were pushing to the moon from NXT over the main roster. I'm not sure what happened there.
  7. I'm pretty torn on this because (a) I love Thunder Rosa and (b) I do want them to do better by the division but should that be by bringing in an outside champion? I know some fans love cross-overs and whatever else but I've seen places like ROH become way too reliant on stars from outside and their own stars suffer. Now I'm not saying AEW will become like that but it's also why I'm in no rush to see anyone from NJPW appear or whatever else. They're doing a great job of building their own company. By bringing Thunder in, it's very much a 'we dont have enough confidence in our own division'
  8. I love Kyle O'Reilly. I've loved the guy for years. I think he's a fantastic talent. Can do face or heel so easily. Is this the way we're going with a face Kyle push though? I'm not sold on it yet, moreso for getting him over with an audience that hasn't seen him that way before. Not that there's crowds anyway.
  9. Does it matter? Such a strange thing to be sitting on the edge of your seat for an update on. You got some weird death pool thing going on with your mates?
  10. I'm torn. I love seeing him there and I know it's very likely it'll all work out in the end just fine, but I can't help but feel it's almost the wrong time to bring him in. They've got so much going on at the moment. But then I see his happy face and hey as long as he's happy to be there I'll be happy for him too. What a guy.
  11. No offence taken. My point - however vague it may be - is more about taking the womens division to one side and stop comparing it to the awesomeness they've managed to deliver with the mens. As a lot of people have said, I think the mens side has a lot more experience. It has a lot more depth as well as a history - especially with the Elite. You just don't have any of that with the women and it's not possible to really jumpstart that. That comes from years and years of development and audience relationships etc. Have they had issues with the talent they've used? Yes, but I do think t
  12. You may have but it's been a real low point since the beginning for me. And that's the case whether other people like it or not. So much of it has been forgettable, or memorable for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't help that it's been on such a strong show where there have been so many high points over the months. They just don't have the talent or depth to make it anywhere close to the men's side. But that shouldn't be their aim right now anyway. They just need to make it good at least.
  13. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to social media etc. If it's happening/happened then I consider it fair game, and I either stay away or take that risk.
  14. I've been keeping an eye out and I haven't seen anything confirmed for UK yet. Some CBS All Access stuff takes a while to get over here.
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