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  1. This is always an interesting thing for me to think about because I've been watching for ages and yet there's no real recollection of when I was really aware of anything like that. I don't remember it being like a 'Santa isn't real!' type deal. It was more of an intrigue than a disappointment. Just how much of it was 'fake' exactly? How did it all work? Obviously that curiosity still exists to this day really and I think it's part of the overall fascination - most of us have an understanding to a point but there's still elements of mystery.
  2. Ivelisse talking about respect. Great. Next Will Ospreay moans about other people being cunts.
  3. She thinks he's capable of talking to a woman? Unlikely.
  4. Give them a break. They had to release poor Mickie for budget cuts. She's lucky she even got a bin bag.
  5. Honestly? I still bloody love it really. Might not be the cool answer but I genuinely do enjoy it a lot. I still have that emotional attachment to a lot of WWE while AEW has been a real joy that I wasn't expecting to hit the heights that it has sometimes. Throw in the different companies like NJPW that I'll watch more just for my fix of wanky workrate stuff and yeah there's still plenty of good quality content out there. And I'll watch the older shows for a nostalgia kick too from time to time. I think it'll always be one of my favourite things simply because it's always evolving yet stay
  6. I know there's plenty to criticise about WWE, but what in that article says the way he's feeling is anything to do with 'much publicised and ongoing bullshit'? Or are we just making big assumptions because WWE are shit and evil?
  7. I read the trends on Twitter in the morning. That's usually enough to catch up.
  8. We had the same group that would always play so it was pretty even. I think that and Mario Kart were the 2 I almost played without even thinking.
  9. As much as I love retro games I am absolutely terrible at them. I long for the times of playing Goldeneye and knowing where people would respawn etc.
  10. Your experience is absolutely the same as mine. It took a little time but yeah, once you get the hang of it and the upgrades etc it's not nearly as difficult as it first seems. Definitely one worth persevering with.
  11. At points in his TNA career? Absolutely. At other points.. no.
  12. Miro beats up Sting backstage. Baits Darby into a title match. Schiavone cries. Miro beats a mentally distracted Darby and none of us have to see Sting come out and pretend to be his dad.
  13. As long as they're viewed in a sensible context then why wouldn't you use them in an argument? Star power is social media driven more than ever. Not as a single metric (unless you're an influencer) but it's an extremely valuable part of status.
  14. I'm sure they only kept him around for his Gronk friendship.
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