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  1. More Gable/Gallagher this week. Worth tuning in for even if you're not a regular viewer.
  2. An hour show on their own Network to a small loyal audience vs multiple hours on different channels. It's just a whole different approach.
  3. Nikki hasn't turned heel. Surely by default she's on the heel side by being against Bayley, but I've always assumed that the end game would be her or Alexa turning on the other. I don't know which way they'll play it. Maybe have Nikki nearly beat Alexa only for her to steal it away from her? Or will they go down the Nikki smartening up part like Batista/Evolution? I don't know. My problem, much like others that have mentioned it, is that this Bayley is quite unlikeable and that's not what she should be.
  4. Fucking hell. Thought something epic had been announced when I saw how many new posts had appeared in the topic. Thanks for the disappointment lads.
  5. Enzo probably wants to fuck a dog in the ass.
  6. And there's someone that takes his 'gimmick' too seriously. I say gimmick in the loosest sense because Enzo is just a dickhead playing a dickhead.
  7. Or option three: just hopeful that something that they love and have enjoyed for many years will get better, which is why a lot of people stick with it regardless. I wouldn't see that as naivety as such. I don't think anyone expects a drastic overhaul, but it's nice to think that both guys would be allowed to bring something to the table.
  8. There were a couple of decent things on the show last week. That's for sure. But no one really knows what the plans were pre-Heyman or what his influence was on that particular show etc.
  9. Definitely looking forward to the Black/Cesaro match. Kevin Owens is one of those consistently good guys whatever material he's given. Hoping this is a more extended singles run rather than constantly sticking him back with Sami. I guess we'll see.
  10. Surprised people are giving up on it already. It was hardly going to be an overnight change especially when they were mid build towards Extreme Rules. I'm perfectly willing to go into the next PPV build up with an open mind and a fresh slate. Hopefully that'll be enough time to start really noticing some changes and the actual impact Heyman and Bischoff are having.
  11. I didn't expect much this week, mostly because they're already in that Extreme Rules holding pattern. Think we got lucky with a few things last week. The direction over the next few weeks post-PPV will be the real test.
  12. He'd have to take six months off after if he did that these days.
  13. I do miss the excitement of getting a new console as a kid, rather than just going out and buying one now. On a couple of occasions I got fooled by my parents. They managed to get an original Gameboy from America but didn't include it in my main presents, instead hiding it behind a cushion for me to accidentally sit on later. And the year they got my SNES, they made sure I opened the game first and then apologised for getting the wrong one because obviously I didn't have a SNES at the time.. I remember going from absolutely gutted to utterly joy-filled once I got to the last present and it was a SNES and a carry case. I can't wait to pull that kinda shit with my kids.
  14. Damn. Far From Home was incredible. But yeah that mid-credits scene goes right near the top of my most exciting things to ever happen in the MCU, just below "assemble!"
  15. DavidB6937

    NJPW World

    First time watching this properly. Are there tags and singles every show? I skipped the tags on this as there wasn't much i was bothered about. Plus if each show is this long I don't know how I'll fit it into my life.
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