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  1. It could be showing on Babestation and you'd still think it was the second coming.
  2. Only thing worthy of posting about was Bray Wyatt. Damn. I'd be even more excited if I didn't know they'd fuck the booking up.
  3. Yep. Not all in the ring at the same time though. Maybe it'll just break and they can all leave again.
  4. Well we've finally found the one country that wanted to see HHH/Orton again.
  5. Making all the right moves to start with. Hoping their creative matches their business.
  6. I'll actively avoid them as much as I can for anything really, unless I know I don't have the time to watch Raw/Smackdown etc and then I'll just read the spoilers. I generally read NXT spoilers as I usually forget most stuff before it airs anyway and I often just end up binging NXT before a Takeover. Luckily spoiler avoidance is a lot easier these days, especially with US shows that we get a far better crack at now in the majority.
  7. They really need to be able to hype up appearances and matches without giving away the same combinations etc every week. You don't need someone in a singles match, then a tag match the week after etc. You should be able to have weeks where they're just being interviewed or on commentary as a guest spot or a highlight reel or something. There's no build up or anticipation or anything like that. Everyone is overexposed and we're never given a reason to look forward to anyone.
  8. It really is strange just how much better Smackdown can be even with the same talent.
  9. The only problem with Impact being that it's beyond irrelevant these days.
  10. And then Cena will come back at Summerslam and beat them and we'll be back to where we started.
  11. Might be the most I've ever been excited about a Spidey film. Hope it's as good as it seems.
  12. Same reason Ryback and many others have failed unfortunately. Complete lack of commitment and willingness to go the extra mile with them. It's as if they're completely and utterly scared to try anymore.
  13. Overexposure is often half the problem too. Any time they get a glimpse of something organic that is becoming hot, they ram it down everyones throats and suddenly it has that 'WWE' feel to it and people lose interest.
  14. For me I really just need a reason to care. So many of the 'wrestlers' just don't have any background given to who they are, why they are what they are etc. Not on the main roster anyway. Take that Ricochet and Roode match for example. The crowd were absolutely dead for it. Granted, they weren't the best crowd in general, but these are two solid talents from NXT that should be able to get a crowd on side easily enough. But who is Ricochet beyond some flippy dude that came up from NXT one day? They have this horrible mentality of assuming everyone knows who the call ups are without giving them any context whatsoever. Not everyone is going to be like me where I'm familiar with their pre-WWE work, their NXT work and their Youtube stuff etc. That gives me a great overall knowledge of some of the talent, but it doesn't work for everyone. With 3 hours a week, they really can't spare a little time to deliver some decent vignettes to hype these people and give them some interview time etc? It's so annoying. If I can lose interest in talent because they're not given any story or anything then I dread to think how little others care when they're not familiar with them.
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