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  1. No problems on Amazon Fire Stick or on Android app in a long time.
  2. Really loved the show. Thought everything was decent but definitely enjoyed the DIY match the most. Honestly such a treat seeing tag wrestling like that when we rarely get it on WWE PPVs. The more I see of Toni Storm the less convinced I am by her. Opener was okay but agree that it would have been a lot better with at least a little build up. Didnt help that everyone was cheering for Balor simply because they knew who he was.
  3. He still struggles to say the company name right some weeks. Let's not get carried away.
  4. I've deliberately ignored who is actually in the Rumble. I hate being excited about who's next only to remember there's someone really shit left.
  5. I hope they follow through on Drew. This is the closest he's felt to really getting over since he came back. I always admired the fact he took his time to improve and grow. A lot of people could learn from him.
  6. Arguably it wouldn't exist if it felt like a Star Trek show because I highly doubt Stewart would've returned to the character. He was very adamant that he was happy to leave that behind. But you can see why he was tempted back. It's nice to see a different angle on the character without completely ruining who he is.
  7. This should be renamed Acceptable Behaviour In Forum Topics. Fucking hell.
  8. They've put a damn good effort into building this up, so I'm really looking forward to everything on the card.
  9. A bit of a hard one to explain but I'm a big fan of mid-card feuds that elevate both men and then carry on to the main event. The Rock and HHH would be a good example. I really enjoy long term story telling when it's not overdone.
  10. Wasn't Rumble 2005 the West Side Story one? If so, that's enough to make it a good one damnit.
  11. I wasn't that surprised. NXT has had little to no build to the Rumble whatsoever.
  12. You won't be lost. It's not that deeply connected that you have to have seen all seasons of Trek and the movies etc. It does work better on some levels if you have, and obviously there are some pleasant surprises for the fans, but it's a perfectly watchable show by itself. They've done a great job of making something different.
  13. Another couple of solid tag matches this week. Nothing spectacular but I always enjoy when they put the focus on tag teams as NXT does it really well. In fact most of the show can probably be described that way - solid but nothing approaching the top level. A few botches here and there took the steam out of some of the matches really which didn't help. Shotzi has potential and it's nice to see them building someone new while still managing to push a number of other women too. NXT juggles talent very well most of the time. They're also doing a good job with their short but sweet video packages. Simple but effective. Also glad they've pulled the trigger on Keith Lee at the right time, and by winning on his own. I thought that told a good tale and I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes in the future. For a throwaway show, they've done a damn good job of building Worlds Collide this time round. I guess because it's Rumble weekend but still. There's a lot I'm eager to see on that card.
  14. This week's Dynamite was probably the most I've enjoyed an episode. Wasn't perfect but it's fun to watch something that felt different but still had meaning. Plus I can't fault the crowd. Overall it was a nice change from the generally stale nature of weekly wrestling products.
  15. AEW's best stuff being online can be frustrating, but I'd be a liar if I said WWE don't do exactly the same thing. I love their PC Youtube account and things like Prime Target. I do genuinely believe that these video packages would add so much more to all of the wrestlers, and there must be some way of adapting them for TV use. I think NXT does it sometimes but Raw/Smackdown rarely do.
  16. AEW or no AEW, WWE's ratings have been suffering for a long time now so getting more eyes on the product is a sensible business move whatever the catalyst is.
  17. Read that earlier. Good read. Always up for more NWA content.
  18. Only just seen 1917. Almost felt like the anti-Joker to me. While I'll remember Joker for the main performance and not much else, I'll remember 1917 for the visuals and cinematic experience and not much else. Both films are really strong efforts but neither really excels as an overall package.
  19. I wouldn't be against him doing another run around lots of different companies like he did before. If AEW were up for working with him on a non-exclusive basis, that could be a fun one to dip into, but you are right. They already have a lot of people to focus on and they seem to be trying to cut back on the creative control.
  20. Yes, everything WWE does is because of AEW.
  21. So strange to see the difference in career paths for Matt and Bray Wyatt. The latter being allowed to create to a point where he's become a champion. The former simply left to slowly rot away off-screen, unhappy on social media and then brought back for sporadic losses. Admittedly out of the two you can see why they'd be more invested in Bray as a future prospect, but it doesn't take much for Matt to get over with the crowds. It's a real shame to just let all his momentum die.
  22. I'm all for Murphy getting a push but I was a bit confused that AOP weren't the ones to win the titles, considering they're actually a tag team. I was hoping they'd go for more of an Undisputed Era dynamic, not that I'd want Seth to become champion again but at least have their dominance spread throughout the divisions. Strange, but I'd definitely be up for a Joe/Owens tag title run too so maybe it'll be okay in the end. Yeah, the Ladder Match wasn't as good as it could've been with those two guys, and the messy spots didn't help. Nice to see Ricochet standing up for Brock but I still wish he was better on the mic. Everything else was fairly okay. Nothing spectacular but the Rumble sells itself really.
  23. Yep it's a very strange thing to me. It's not like it needs to be all over their main channel pages. You would think they'd want to push the product though. Especially when their target market is actually one where social media interaction is important. Fox are great at it with WWE and even BT has been giving it a good go.
  24. More to do with their complete lack of social media promotion for it.
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