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  1. I hope Hogan comes in and teams with Private Party.
  2. I'm really enjoying it but I've also got six months free. I'm not sure I'd pay for it.
  3. Kurt did some genuinely great work in TNA/Impact. It was a shame he wasn't able to deliver the same on his return to WWE really, What's his health like these days?
  4. I hope they do something decent with the HOFer deal. Mostly because we're all so fucking disillusioned with other companies and them presenting this stuff as utter shit, it'd just be bloody nice to have a real legit good surprise.
  5. Having been re-watching a lot of WCW over the past year, watching Dynamite often feels like I've just skipped a couple of decades and I'm suddenly watching WCW 2021 - only it's the good bits.
  6. That was my initial worry but probably because I'm so used to the way TNA hype their signings..
  7. Quite amusing reading through Twitter and a lot of AEW fans just not getting it at all.
  8. I'm not sure that's entirely true. Granted, they still have spammy finisher nonsense every so often, but I do think they've had a pretty solid direction overall recently. I've certainly found it more enjoyable, although I get why others might not. It's not a perfect show, and it's not at its height right now, but I do think it was a lot worse at points earlier in 2020.
  9. I would hope you're right. They'd be daft to still be building Drew up in the way they are and then just fuck him over by bringing Brock in, unless it ends up being a triple threat. Of course, they've been plenty daft over the years..
  10. My main problem is the in-between. Where NXT has done a fairly decent job of building someone up. they get successful, they get called up and then.. oh, they're suddenly some random wrestler that has appeared. No real mention of their NXT successes. No real mention of what their character actually is or why they are who they are. Why anyone would want to call them up. They're just thrown out there and that's that. I hate it. I hate that they don't get that chance to get themselves over to the new audience because there's that horrible assumption that everyone already knows who they are. It rea
  11. And yet after all this time, Starship Pain still looks about as painful as someone tickling you behind the ear.
  12. I always thought they did a great job of finding peoples strengths and playing to them. Was the roster full of megastars that you could see selling out massive stadiums? Absolutely not, but that wasn't really the point. NWA felt like it had carved out a niche and knew how to do it well and that's what made it so enjoyable. A nice easy watch. Back to basics with characters etc. Sometimes you just need that alternative to the over-polished McMahon type mass produced wrestling we're all so used to these days.
  13. Nah. Anna Jay got injured. He won't turn up till he can shove a dirty sock down her throat.
  14. There aren't many shows that I anticipate a new series more than Line of Duty. Sure, I think it's probably past its peak but its still fucking addictive.
  15. While I'd agree that Bryan would be the dream signing, I think they'd have to make a hard play for Sami. He's been one of the highlights of SmackDown in recent times and he's as adaptable as Bryan is, even if he hasn't reached the same heights of success.
  16. Damn you. Telling me not to look basically forced me to go look straight away.
  17. I've genuinely got no idea what they're doing. I quite like it just because it's not very predictable right now. But it's also just a bit weird and confusing really. The way Edge was behaving. The not coming out to help at the end. All of that stuff. I'm curious to see where they go with it but yeah it's all a bit odd. I did enjoy Cesaro's swing.
  18. Really enjoyed Mox and KENTA. One worth going to the effort of watching for sure.
  19. Not sure if the other games included are up to much.
  20. I think you'll find he's a really big deal in the crisps community.
  21. Just reminded me of the time I saw Pentagon with a sword. He'd fuck up Drew McIntyre something rotten.
  22. It's the first time I've watched a State of Play so I was quite excited but it did feel fairly underwhelming. The new Oddworld being part of PS Plus was a nice touch though. The FF7 thing has certainly sparked some debate. As someone that hasn't played it before I'm tempted. The hardcore fanbase seems divided between being willing to pay for absolutely anything and feeling a bit ripped off by the whole thing.
  23. I actually cried laughing at that one and now I'm questioning my life.
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