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  1. Considering I've never met anyone off here, and I probably don't know many on social media etc, it's incredible how much time I've spent on here over the years and just how much I've enjoyed it. Not only the laughs but the amount of stuff I've learnt about wrestling and its history, some opinions that are always worth listening to, and more recently the Off Topic stuff just being so helpful and supportive. I know it's been said before but many have grown up with this message board and to think of where I was when it started vs now being sat here eagerly awaiting a third child any time now.. it's fucking mental really. But beyond all that mushy shit, for me it'll always be about Gangrel and his crisps, and CHEESE ON really.
  2. I can't stop staring at Brock's face.
  3. Looking forward to Tommy Dreamer posting a crying video on Twitter sometime soon.
  4. No one gave an excuse last week. But if people are going to get obsessed with ratings then it's fair to view them in context. MNF isn't an "excuse". It has been an issue for Raw for far longer than AEW has existed.
  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-songs-of-all-time-1224767/ I mean it's a list so everyone will disagree with it, but it's an interesting read - especially as it's the first time in 17 years they've done it. The group of people they polled to get the results together is certainly eclectic. It definitely gives a picture of how music has continued to evolve over the years, If anything it'll give me a few songs to check out that I've probably not listened to before, so that's something.
  6. Hook's got a bright future ahead of him if social media is anything to go by. They're obsessed with him.
  7. Fuck me. WWE were worried about getting ratings back but they actually brought someone back from the dead instead.
  8. Having grown up on stuff like wrestling, Star Trek etc I've never been 'cool' nor did I ever have any desire to be so. I've always been pretty happy with just being me. The various scenes/fandoms are quite interesting though, and you learn that really it's just the same as anything else in life - you get some decent folk, some slightly odd ones and some absolute cunts. You do get your fair share of people who clearly haven't had many friendships or social interactions but the older I get the more I think about how difficult that must be, and that I was lucky to find a few similar people quite early in my life. Not everyone has that luck. And the Internet really helped that over the years too. I've felt like I can be myself online far more, not have to worry about social situations which I hate, and make friendships for life without the awkwardness. So yeah I'm not the kinda person to put myself out there in person really but if someone does interact with me I do try to be polite and all that. It's a tough world and sometimes people just look for the tiniest little glimpse of a similarity or common bond in order to strike up a conversation. I can see why they need that.
  9. Ah yes, let's have an issue with fans with autism, but being an utter cunt is just fine. Cool.
  10. Is he though? He's great but he's very different. Heyman's done a fantastic job with Roman and continues to do so. I imagine it's very much down to personal preference but I think they're both at the top of their game at the moment.
  11. Can't believe we're getting Omega and Danielson so damn quick but fuck it I'm not complaining.
  12. Kevin Nash being on that list at all just means it's complete bullshit.
  13. Hornswoggle never got his second name so I don't see why anyone else should.
  14. Sure its not accurate but it's far better from a marketing perspective than NXT 4.0 really. Can't blame them.
  15. Just do 2 hours of Bron a week and they'll soon win all the ratings.
  16. So: 1) Big E is a face. He wasn't going to be doing some sneaky Seth Rollins shit with his cash-in. Just no. This was exactly how he'd do it, regardless of whether they're hot shotting it or hitting the panic button or whatever else. It fits who he is perfectly. 2) They've spent ages building Lashley up to a point where he actually seemed a pretty legit champion. So they did the smart thing and made him look strong in defeat. Is that really such a bad thing? Who the hell watched that and thought 'oh but Big E barely beat him..'? Hardly anyone I'm sure. 3) 'You only beat me because I was injured' is a decent way to continue the story if they want to. Again, why's that a bad thing? It gives Lashley an out and it allows Big E to step up and prove himself properly. 4) I'm genuinely curious as to when you think Big E was ready for a title run years ago? When would you have put it on him?
  17. Hasn't he said he doesn't want a full time US role? Might make them hesitant to have him as the champ. He's not quite Brock.
  18. Bianca I definitely agree on but Kofi was always going to be about 'the moment' I think. At least I never saw him as someone who needed a long run. Big E on the other hand needs everything behind him going forward.
  19. Perhaps it could be a way to convince Dunne to stay?
  20. So what you're suggesting is people can talk about WWE without mentioning AEW? I've heard some crazy shit on here in my time but seriously.
  21. Actually looks like a pretty decent show I think. Hailee Steinfeld has done some good shit over the years (and I'll always love anyone involved in Into The Spider-Verse) and I'm sure Renner is happy to flesh his character out a bit more.
  22. So who do we think is the next champ? I'm holding out for a returning Skip Sheffield. Yip yip yip!
  23. Wandavision and Loki were both setting up for Spider-Man and Doctor Strange but I think they needed to do it in such a way that they worked on their own too. Its a tough balance. Same with the movies really. You don't want to overdo it with the interlinking to the point where you can't dip in and become a new fan at most points. Obviously something like Endgame shouldn't be a jump in point but most of the standalone ones can be while still rewarding the loyal viewers.
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