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  1. I get what they're trying to do in terms of getting Matt over as a top tier signing, but he's just not. Did he have more to offer than what WWE had him do towards the end of his run? Sure, he's a solid hand and could've been used, but he's never been a main event talent. There's a reason why Jeff was always the solo star.
  2. How? It's (probably) a once in a lifetime situation. There's absolutely no problem with them doing it from a business perspective. It won't impact on anything.
  3. Hardy as part of the Dark Order or feuding with the Dark Order seemed like the logical fit. Im really surprised he's doing what he's doing at the moment, jumping into feuding with guys that have been generally focused on realism and something genuine. Hardy is the absolute opposite of all of that.
  4. Yeah I think we have to give them the benefit of the doubt at the moment. In fact, I'd rather they did stuff like this now, and save the decent feuds for when they're back on the road. It's a shame WWE can't do that really as it's Mania season.
  5. The Hardy stuff has a time and a place but this is definitely starting to live up to my original fears of it not really fitting into AEW. I really admire the guy wanting to be creative but yeah, it's a really weird spot for him to slip into.
  6. It's not bitter. It's cool and edgy like everything AEW does. Keep up.
  7. DavidB6937

    Disney Plus

    I haven't watched anything yet but I like the layout and general design. Certainly feels a lot better than Disney Life was, although I guess that was geared more towards children than anything. This is a far more well-rounded service.
  8. Yeah, it's definitely a better idea to have more self contained stuff at the moment. Just wondered if there was any history there with Kenny/Sammy/AAA or anything.
  9. Neither. He just likes making money from it.
  10. DavidB6937

    Disney Plus

    A lot of stuff I've already watched as I've been signed up to Disney Life since the beginning - and it shocks me how terribly they've marketed that service considering how many people didn't know about it. But it'll be nice to have the Marvel and Star Wars stuff on tap, plus I really love behind the scenes Disney things so I'll be heading straight for documentaries on the movies and the Parks content too. And there's loads of Simpsons episodes I haven't seen yet. On the whole, there's a really great selection for the price.
  11. What's the story behind Sammy getting a title shot?
  12. I'm trying to find some comfort in knowing we as a family are doing everything we can, although my wife working for NHS doesn't help. She's an analyst but it's still a fairly vital role at the moment. I'm just hoping they'll allow some to work from home sooner rather than later. As it is, this is my 2nd full week working from home (after a trial fortnight of alternate days) - I'm certainly slowly going mad, plus I've got the kids today so hoping the Internet can cope with my WFH and endless Youtube and other stuff. I know my own personal circumstances could be a lot worse, so I'm keeping a hold of that. But yeah seeing so many selfish twats out there just fucking around like nothing matters - that's what's really driving me crazy.
  13. Best work he's done in years.
  14. Absolutely. I signed up to ESPN just to watch the XFL one but I've been making my way through them all from the beginning, and they're all absolutely fascinating in their own ways. Even when I rarely know the background story etc.
  15. In all honesty, I'm probably not that bothered about Mania now being like this simply because I wasn't that excited about it in the first place. There's nothing on the card that I'm looking at and feeling like I'm really missing out on something by it now being under these weird circumstances. The most exciting thing for me will be the social media reaction to Baszler winning. Can't wait for that meltdown.
  16. I can't imagine anyone's being pressured to wrestle in any of the companies at the moment. Although there's this weird thing on social media where some people have criticised Vince for doing shows yet commended AEW. I honestly don't get that.
  17. Major league vs minor league? Nothing about WWE's production is minor league. Let's not exaggerate. It's obvious that AEW decided to push their storylines etc far more than anything WWE really did on their shows. More entertaining? Absolutely, but let's not go crazy.
  18. It was a better show than the WWE ones, but mostly because they decided to put more into it, while WWE have played theirs down a bit. It was almost a preview into how entertaining and depressing Wrestlemania will be. A fun show but you just know how much better it would be in front of fans. I'm still okay with these shows happening and I am still enjoying them but you can't help thinking what if...
  19. I'm surprised at how much negativity there is about WWE trying to continue to put on a show of some sorts. Granted, it's not a patch on the normal shows, but it's still nice to have something to watch. It's a curiosity more than anything. Plus I'm pretty sure the majority seem determined to put on a show for the fans. It's not like Vince is forcing everyone to do all this shit. I do genuinely believe that a lot of them do have that 'the show must go on' ethic and believe they're doing what they can for them. I guess I'm just not feeling the criticism right now. I can see why the shows aren't for everyone, and they're not ideal for ANY of us, but I have a lot of respect for them trying to do something in a very testing time.
  20. Probably the right decision now they've not really got anything to build to.
  21. Yep, I'm loving just going through the Network and catching up with any interviews I haven't seen before, or any of the backstage documentaries etc. I'll probably re-watch Breaking Ground at some point. I loved that. Really wish they'd do another series.
  22. It's certainly not ideal but it's the most I've watched Smackdown and Raw for months.
  23. Only if he shouts STAND BACK before he finishes on Cole.
  24. There's been enough for me on Smackdown and Raw to make them enjoyable in their own ways. It's a nice bit of escapism anyway.
  25. Their cutting away to the audience is something WWE does too often too. Plus half the time their timing is awful and they get someone sat there doing fuck all.
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