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  1. Hands up who feels sick and can’t sleep already 🤚
  2. See, I don’t buy the top part at all. That views takes in prospects who’ve had 100’s of amateur fights and those with none. If you’re an amateur star, and Olympian, should your 4th pro fight be at the same level as someone who turned over early? I don’t buy it. A 3-0 pro with no amateur experience typically gets a lot longer to work on tepid bodies in obscurity. Tommy looked good, he got another pro fight in the bag and put his shots together well. Fucking delighted for Denzel, who looked night and day better than in the first fight.
  3. The Tommy Fury thing is a bit of a red herring thing, I think. He suffers because he’s sat at the intersection of ‘Brother to the best heavyweight in the world’, ‘reality tv star’ and ‘all bouts are currently televised because of Covid’. 3-0, 21 year old kids should be fighting guys with losing records. Or, at the very least, it shouldn’t be a surprise that that’s happening. Off the top of my head, Yarde’s 4th opponent was 0-11, and I think Bivol’s 4th opponent had a losing record. He’s at the stage of his career where opponents should be handpicked to make him look good and all
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