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  1. Prone to the sort of diva-ism that anyone who actually likes a camera is, but a genuinely great lad who loves the sport more than anyone I’ve ever known. I’m not a boxing guy, really. I love it, but I’m an MMA guy at heart. Dev’s pure boxing, through and through. We’re very different, and like all talent he cares about perception and appearance more than I ever will - but he’s a mate and really cares about Frank.
  2. Excuse the lockdown 2.0 weight gain, but love that picture. Wish I’d been wearing a suit, but Champion hoodie will do I guess 😂😂😂
  3. I’d be amazed if the guy who talks quite openly about wanting to be with his kids, and doing it all for them, doesn’t just take the biggest cheque with the fewest obligations. The bucket list stuff plays well online, but it’ll just come down to who pays him the most to do the least.
  4. Still watch it mate, it was a master class. Like when a footballer scores a worldie and everyone says “if that was Messi, people wouldn’t shut up about it”, this was the boxing equivalent - if Floyd had done this, it’d be everywhere.
  5. Huge, top quality performance from Sunny last night. Absolutely buzzing off that.
  6. Always worth remembering that Mthalane made Casemiro literally quit in the ring - like walk off and say ‘no thanks’ - and knocked out Zolani Tete. He’s as avoided as avoided gets, and is #1 with The Ring at Flyweight for a reason. That said, if the legs are shot in any way he could be in for a long night. Sunny is fit as fit can be, and has as good movement as anyone else in British boxing. It might not be fun to watch someone on their bike all night, but if he wins the world title I don’t care how boring it is 😂
  7. Sokolowski is a quality fighter, but he got caught in the cycle of taking jobs. Sunny Edwards’ hopefully wins a world title on Friday. Contrary to popular opinion, he’s a great lad and I’m rooting for him. Emotionally I can’t handle watching another good kid lose.
  8. Becoming a Jake Paul fan, truth be told. He’s got the whole MMA world spinning, and he’s engaging in a verbal back and forth with Tommy Fury. Man’s literally got the world of combat sports wrapped round his little finger.
  9. Not sure we have home commentators in the same way normal firms do. We’re hampered by our own honesty at times 😂 I think David is potentially a very good fighter, but he hasn’t discovered his power potential yet and assumes his success in sparring (spars Fury, Joshua etc) will equate to his success in a fight. Definitely some learning to do, but think he can come back stronger from this. May well be his McDermott moment.
  10. I watched the main event sat next to Frank. That was a thrill. Felix was just too big and powerful. Denzel was scoring some lovely points at times, but every time Felix came on he looked ruthless. Think the big right hand in the first round made Denz second guess himself too. I had the Adeleye fight even, if not David slightly ahead. I thought he was landing the better shots, and when he did throw the jab it was effective. Very close fight, and weren’t many in the arena scoring it for Kamil. I thought David did poorly when it came to the things that influence viewers - spent a l
  11. I recommend flicking through the QP/BT/IFL fight week content for Bentley/Cash on Saturday. Tensest bubble we’ve had. I think Denzel is inarguably the boxer of lockdown in this country. Couldn’t get on TV before lockdown, has fought 4 times behind closed doors and is British champ, fighting for the Commonwealth. Plus, he’s my mate and he’s a fucking good egg.
  12. My issue with Billy is, I don’t think he likes getting whacked at Super Middle. He didn’t have a nice time when that shithouse in Stevenage got close. I do like Bill, but I think he’s going to shit himself, get marched down and when his guard gets high because he’s worried, he’ll get chopped down with body shots. That’s my prediction.
  13. Denzel Bentley fight week!!! My favourite active boxer, and nicest bloke in boxing, defends the British Middleweight title against Felix Cash (who’s putting the Commonwealth on the line) next week. Also continues the Frank vs Eddie theme. Callum Johnson on the undercard, too. I’m so invested in Denzel’s career, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to win a fight this much.
  14. Paul may well clatter him, though. He’s big and he can punch. Without kicks, McGregor’s boxing is fairly pedestrian. It’ll have to be a boxer who beats him. Probably only needs to be area level, mind, but someone who’s boxed.
  15. I’m hoping they make the mistake of thinking Tommy Fury is just a celebrity who plays at boxing, too. Tommy would put him on the fucking moon.
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