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  1. The ‘Kurt Angle’, I call it. It’s hard to remember whether he started it, but he became the gold standard for that style. I think mainly because he worked in only one place and they developed it together. His matches could be more tolerable than Triple H’s because of the fluidity of his movement and natural athleticism, but I’ll die on the hill that says ‘Kurt Angle was a glorified spot monkey during his WWE main event run.’ In retrospect, Kurt became better for moving to TNA and working with talent from outside the WWE bubble. In terms of what puts me to sleep, it’s the new ubi
  2. If there was a downvote button, I’d have broken my thumb pressing it. The words ‘Macho Man’ and ‘drizzling shits’ being that close together just makes me terribly sad.
  3. You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever praised Cesaro or Seth Rollins. Long time users of this board will remember that I coined the phrase ‘Twat siren’ to describe Cesaro’s old music. I hate his big stupid boring face, boring voice, overall Uncoolness and offence that I don’t buy as either a babyface or heel. Seth, I’ve just never got. That said, I really enjoyed that segment. When an intense Cesaro flipped on Seth and went for a swing rather than just punching him in the face I groaned... but... but... fuck me, I pissed myself laughing at that swing. The fa
  4. I am probably the biggest Edge fan on this board, but yeah.. fuck all the way off. If they STILL go to Roman/Edge at Mania, I’ll be utterly convinced that the writers hate us and want us to be miserable. Like, it SEEMS like they’re going to do Roman/Bryan at Fastlane and Edge might cost Bryan the title and turn heel, leading to a triple threat. But who fucking knows with this company. Miz is champion on the red brand and he’s feuding with Lashley, McIntyre and/or Bad sodding Bunny. If they don’t go triple threat, what happened last night is an absolute abomination. Bryan, d
  5. So, mission accomplished. He said that as he fed for the choke slam, he jumped into it and Equaliser, rather than go with the lift and then slam Tommy to his back, he just pushed back against Tommy’s throat/chest hard. So as he jumped upwards into the Equaliser, he got tilted back hard by the push so he landed on his head. He said he was knocked out pretty goofy, and Rude came in soon after and asked if he was alright. People weren’t happy with Equaliser after the match.
  6. The ketchup just felt silly. Had they just been holding him whilst he did his silly face and then rammed him into the van, it’d have worked just as well. I think they just wanted the ‘cool’ visual of the blood running down Matt Jackson’s face on the van, but it was just a bit hokey.
  7. It’s a shame no one remembered that Adam Page/Cassidy had a 20 minute time limit, and instead let it go on for 3 days. Fun show, defined for me by the Pre-Page and Post-page divide. I like Adam Page, but going life and death with a member of Private Party I can do without and the match seemed to happen in slow motion. It sort of killed me on the show. I also don’t really like Lance Archer, so the main event was a little lost on me. I thought the Sting/Allin angle was as well booked as that story has been (besides Darby’s silly film project bit before Sting came out), M
  8. I’m fairly convinced the plan was to plot an unlikely course to Heavyweight, had Ruiz Jr kept the title. That sounds mad, but after Kovalev there would have been a fairly straightforward fight with Makubu available for the WBC title. After that, no organisation in the world would have turned down the chance for probably the biggest fight of all time - certainly in Latin America and parts of the US. And for Canelo, it would have probably been the only heavyweight in the world he’d ever want to fight. Height difference is no different than what he’d already faced, he’d be significantl
  9. Call him Paul Wight. Whack him in a suit. Make out like they’ve been forced to sign him by the people at TNT/the Khan’s/whoever, as he’s a recognisable face to take the business mainstream. Fuck it, reinforce a ladder and stick him in the face of the Revolution ladder match. A couple of months of angry heel Big Show chucking Darby about could be great.
  10. I adore Big Show. This is fantastic news. Such an odd visual, him on an AEW graphic. Like someone else said, he seemed like a WWE lifer.
  11. What’s the deal with those Tony’s skits? They just feel ridiculously mean spirited. Like, they just whack Impact and then everything moves on. There’s no real Impact/AEW feud to speak of, and no proper Impact talent get a look in on Dynamite. I take this all back if Moose storms Dynamite, breaks Omega in half and leaves.
  12. I think Scott D’Amore was being a clever cunt, and got one over Moose by granting him what he wanted... a world title match. Only he quickly sanctioned Moose’s title and gave the shot to Jake Something, who had a new score to settle with Moose. I thought it made sense. Moose is a deluded prick who’s been carrying round a pretend title to validate himself. I don’t know the origins of the pretend title but presume they replaced the TNA title with the Impact one when they rebranded. Considering he’s definitely going to win, I’d have thought, a nice bow to put on the show would have
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