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  1. She seems completely uninterested in what a ‘wrestler would do’ in any situation she’s found in, and I think that’s the single most important trait you can have in an era when everyone’s a mark.
  2. The people saying Mousasi won are absolutely fucking crazy. Lovato dominated rounds 1, 2 and 5. I know grapplers are never in the 10-8 conversations because the domination isn’t as visual as when a striker dominates, but fuck me... if Moose won either of rounds 3/4 by a 10-8, then Lovato won all 3 of his rounds 10-8. Those first 2 rounds were as much as I’ve enjoyed jiu jitsu in years.
  3. Phenomenal. It's not just great, it's perfectly digestible as social content so I don't have to bother with the main shows.
  4. You could say that. You'd be wrong, but you could say it.
  5. It’s things like this where you go ‘Mick Foley, still something likeable there..’
  6. Again, prefaced by me admitting that i'm bias as fuck, but this card looks like one of Bellators strongest ever. I mean, i'm missing 4 or 5 smaller prelim fights completely (that might end up on postlims), but in terms of name value fights look at the state of this: Main Card MacDonald v Gracie Machida v Sonnen Danis vs Humphrey Bandejas vs Mix Dantas vs Archuleta Horiguchi vs Caldwell (RIZIN CROSSOVER) Prelims Aaron Pico vs Borics Heather Hardy vs Taylor Turner Valerie Loureda vs Larkyn Dasch Robson Gracie vs Oscar Vera Mike Kimbel vs Seb Ruiz Kubota vs Lindsay Van Zandt (Rizin Crossover)
  7. I’m not even sure what they were thinking. Even before Goldberg brained himself, there was that terrible rolling legbar spot. Knowing neither one of these blokes are part of any long term plans, and knowing Taker was going over, after those first 2 spears and The Undertaker sit-up it should have been ‘punch-no reaction-punch—no reaction- bounce back against the ropes for a running strike that’s countered with a HUGE CHOKESLAM- Goldberg stumbles up- tombstone- KICKOUT- Goldberg crawls up a shocked Undertaker- Undertaker does throat slit gesture- second tombstone- go home boys, we’re done here.’
  8. The R-Truth segment was the highlight of the show and it wasn’t even close. Mojo Rawley staring beneath the blanket was superb and easily Mojo’s best work to date!
  9. You know a show is doomed when in the one match the Sheikh had paid for, the returning attraction knocks himself goofy and separates his shoulder within seconds. The Undertaker is in no condition to rescue things like that anymore, so it just fell apart. He was clearly too knackered to even say 'hey, earth to Billy, maybe skip the Jackhammer yeah'...God, i thought Taker's neck was done for. And then that Tombstone was sketchy as fuck. God, it was genuinely thrilling to watch in a way. I was convinced someone was going to die. It's a shame because after the first few spears I was super pumped. Yet, I watched the rest of the match through my hands. Goofing the Tombstone reversal finisher was the final cherry on the cake.
  10. I never knew that about Kenny Omega. I definitely like the way AEW is shaping up to be the wrestling you can watch without feeling morally questionable. I like to watch popcorn entertainment without feeling complicit in bigotry, rape and murder. Call me strange.
  11. Baron Corbin is the #1 contender. That is all.
  12. If they only cater to the core audience, they’ll wither though. AEW can’t just be fan service to the people who got them here. For it to work, it has to break out into something bigger and better.
  13. Which is my point about being available for free distorts the value calculation. I’m not judging, but it’s a very dangerous entry into the calculation. Particularly for new companies. The bar to payment is a lot lower if free isn’t an option.
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