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  1. So, in the 'Random Thoughts' thread I floated the idea of a rolling Raw thread. The forum isn't as young as it once was, and as i'm sure some of the older members will attest, once you start getting on, it's not as easy to perform as you did in your younger years (for your information, i'm in my prime. Thanks for asking). Raw threads, once upon a time, would routinely get at least 5 pages of virile discussion, whereas last week the UKFF couldn't even get one up. So, here it is, the UKFF Raw thread. We can just let it roll, and for those of us who suffer through even the shittest Raw, we'll have somewhere to vent our spleen. And, we can even have pre-discussions about why we're so excited for a certain show. As for last night, it was fucking ace wasn't it? I mean, that corporate makeover segment was so close to being terrible, but D-Bry salvaged it with an absolutely ace promo that gave us a clear understanding of his character, and what separates him from the rest of the pack. He still looks like he hums, but he also looked like an absolute mega star with that promo. Easily his best character work since he came to the WWE. It almost seemed like they were starting to transition him, slowly, from humorous-character-who-can-wrestle to serious-wrestler-who-can-be-humorous. Vince was great, too, and everyone loves a headbutt. The Wade Barrett bit threatened to derail the whole thing ('HE'S GOT A SMALLER BEARD! THUS HE IS BARBER!') but, again, D-Bry pulled it out. What a wonderful human being. John Cena's promo was great, too, and helped solidify the differences between the two men. On the one hand you have the pure wrestling guy, who'd wrestle in front of three people in a ring made out of concrete; and on the other hand you have the WWE company man, who'd never work anywhere else. Neither is intrinsically bad, just wildly different. In fact, i've got such a throbbing stiffy for the WWE title feud. It's got such a nuanced narrative (for a WWE feud, you understand), with a bunch of different players with massively different agendas. You've got Triple H/Vince/Stephanie on the one side, Randy Orton on the other, John Cena and D-Bry in the centre and now The Shield circling like vultures. It's fucking ace. I mean, it all seems to be pointing towards D-Bry winning, and Vince promptly helping Orton cash-in his contract and thus facilitating a serious side of D-Bry, a Trips/Vince feud and an Orton heel turn, but I don't care if it happens exactly like I already think; it's all so brilliant. *EDIT* I forgot to mention, John Cena was such a pro in the way he circumvented the 'Boring' chant by that small(ish) group of dickheads (presumably the same people who chanted 'ROH' at Daniel Bryan). And, like an adulterous schmuck, my engorged member is also pointing at CM Punk and Heyman/Lesnar. Curtis Axel may be as useful as a handjob from a snake, but everything else is superb. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands through the whole of that segment. Punk looked ace, despite eventually going down and Lesnar looked an absolute killer. Again. And, the diamond in that particular feud (and possibly the show); 'Paul...Say something stupid...' BROCK'S GOT JOKES! But, yeah, i'm giddy. It was such an exciting show, everything seemed important and i'm buzzing for Summerslam. Wrestling is great.
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