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  1. Sami vs Wrestling. Robert Roode’s moustache. The Firefly Fun House. In case you’re interested, i’m listing the best things ever and anyone who disagrees is clearly a cretin..
  2. [shill] Decent run of Bellator numbered events, to be honest: Rory v Fitch // ilima-lei defending // Phil Davis v Liam McGeary // Benson Henderson // Gaston Bolanos this Saturday Chandler v Pitbull // Lima vs MVP // McKee v Curran // Jake Hager returns on May 11 Lyoto v Chael // Rory (or Fitch) v Neiman Gracie // Dillon Danis // Heather Hardy // Maybe Horiguchi on June 14 [/shill] Seriously, I actually think it's a fun time for Bellator. UFC is UFC, they are always going to be the dominant player in the space, but the strength of the non-UFC MMA world is crazy at the minute.
  3. Hasn't Pod got a 16" tally whacker?! The ending of Game Of Thrones can't have Sansa limping to the Iron Throne...
  4. Beric can't resurrect anyone can he? I thought he needed Dennis 'The Priest' Pennis, who froze to death on that little camping trip in season 7?
  5. I don't know that i'd agree that it was a filler episode, but it was certainly a slow paced trek through the emotions associated with impending death. I also think they wrapped up a lot of character arcs ahead of them becoming much less alive than they currently are. Based on last night, i'd say next week we're waving goodbye to: Beric, Tormund, Brienne, Theon, Davos, Jorah, Pod, Greyworm, Edd Potentially even Jaime and Arya... Also, this is by no means a hot take I know, but don't hide people in a fucking crypt when you're facing an army that can reanimate the dead. Just don't.
  6. I guess it depends. I don't watch smaller federations, nor any produced content from anyone, but i'd say i'm as involved with MMA as i've ever been. Obviously, with my job i do nothing but work on Bellator all day/every day, and I go to all the Bellator x DAZN shows but i'd also say my UFC fandom is at its peak - perhaps not emotionally (I'm not as invested, i don't have favourites and I don't cheer for winners etc..), but I definitely watch more stuff now out of habit, incl. paying for PPV's, watching all the fight nights etc.. I'd say by volume, I watch more than i ever have but i'm less emotionally invested,
  7. Hound vs Mountain is Rock/Austin. Cersei vs EVERYONE is Y2J/Triple H. We all know that, don't we?
  8. My money is on Brock. They're rearranging the deck chairs in anticipation of moving to Fox, and he's the only thing that could potentially move the dial. I wouldn't even be surprised if they did Reigns AND Brock, to be honest.
  9. I don't think predicting the end for Game of Thrones characters is limited to wrestling fans. Wrestling fans are just better at it. I missed out the bit at the end when Ned Stark comes out to 'I AM A REAL WESTEROSI', mugs for the crowd and takes the throne for himself.
  10. Don't know spoiler etiquette for ep 1, but here's my HOT TAKE/Predictions:
  11. I didn’t see the first part was a quote. Goddamit. But, yes, good. Order is restored. Supremo is a knowledgeable chap, Dean’s returned was criminally under utilized and Sami is a chubster. Perfect.
  12. Harsh, Supes. Ambrose looked like at least some of the weight he’d put on during his hiatus was muscle. Sami is determined to become the Benjamin Button version of Seth Rogen. I have no idea what’s happening with Ambrose but he’s not going anywhere else soon, is he? ...I can’t remember the last guy who got such a protracted, reverent send off. Yeah, he took a few L’s but the WWE played up the #ThankYouAmbrose stuff as much as they could and he even got his music playing as he said goodbye. He’ll be back.
  13. He needs to fuck off now. His whole act is terrible, but this newfound ‘sage of the sport’ spin is fucking atrocious. It’d be absolutely criminal if they do anything but Khabib/Dustin next.
  14. The new pay-per-view purchasing system is a fucking scandal but...boy... when I did get to watch, they were 3 fun fights. The Adesanya/Gastelum fight was something else entirely, though. Think the 49/46 gap in the main was too big, but actually think the judges had a good night - a lot of pressure on their shoulders in those last 2 fights, and they got both decisions right imo. Also, I think any fighter who takes their belt with them to sit in the audience looks a twat. But Cejudo is an extra special gimp. And WTF is his new gimmick where he creepily chats up women? There was the Bella thing, and apparently all night he was trying to get freaky with disinterested ring girls. Dickhead.
  15. Because it's 1999, and Limp Bizkit have just released 'N TOGETHER NOW' with Method Man, Enzo and Cass have decided that their new names are nZo and CazXL, and together they make up the FreeAgentZ. Fucking hell... https://www.cagesideseats.com/indies-independent-wrestling-indy-promotions/2019/4/11/18306286/enzo-cass-promo-reveal-new-name-tag-team-freeagentz
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