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  1. Heffron/Bentley was a great fight. First fight I’ve really enjoyed live since we came back. I scored it for Denzel, but enough people scored it for Mark for me to be happy enough just to see it run back. I think it comes down to how you score aggression versus counter punching. I thought Denzel made some mistakes, backed himself into corners when he didn’t need to and looked WAY better when he planted his feet and fought the centre ring. But, I think he did enough, landed the more significant shots and won more exchanges. I had it 6-4 Denz, without the knockdown. I thought
  2. Yeah, they’re good people. I speak to Tunde quite a bit, because as well as Yarde he manages quite a few Up and coming guys that we promote (Bilal Ali and Amin Jahanzeb are on tonight, for example). Tunde’s a good guy who loves his fighters and cares for them 100%. He might be a marmite media personality, but he’s a good bloke. This is the first fight cycle I’ve worked with Yarde properly - spoke with him a little bit over lockdown after what happened to him - and he’s a pro. I set up the media workout last week where he messed about with Likkleman and what have you. People migh
  3. Heffron/Bentley has me as excited as any fight in some time. Denzel’s my mate so it’s hard to stay unbiased, despite them both being our guys. I just hope the fight is what I think it could be. Such a Great, great fight. SHOULD be fireworks (though feels like whenever there is a guaranteed banger in MMA or boxing, they seem to fizzle 🤣)
  4. The one time Usyk has fought at Heavyweight he looked slower, and got hit a lot by Chazz Witherspoon. I think Usyk has more natural talent than pretty much any living heavyweight, I’d also struggle to back him against most of them. I’d want Daniel to take a few fights first as his recent run of opponents have been up to it, but in a years time I’d bet the house on Daniel taking Usyk out on strength and power alone. If I’m Usyk, I want Joshua to vacate and to take on Parker. He’d beat Parker.
  5. The way this ends is as so: Roman brings Heyman to ring. Roman wins title. Heyman is happy. Roman is happy. Roman's face changes from very happy to very serious in a way that only happens during wrestling turns, Roman superman punches Heyman. Lesnar returns in a few weeks/months. Reigns/Lesnar feud. Nothing changes.
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