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  1. It must be a Hull thing... https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/chicken-catcher-died-pain-work-3605096 So what has this article taught us? 1. There is apparently the option to go private with your chicken catching. 2. 'Silly beggar' will likely only be found quoted in a Hull newspaper.
  2. Has that always been the case? Jericho was there over 25 years in his defense. Honestly though, the fact he is having to call a meeting to tell people in the second largest company in the US that essentially 'this aint the indies anymore kids, sort your shit out' when a] the EVP's didn't do that and b].... well I didn't need a b because the a was so great!..., is crazy and highlights just how woefully under prepared so many of the roster are for live TV and just how different TV wrestling is to live indie/Japanese wrestling.
  3. Genuine argument I hear all the time in Hull is 'Yer, they're tekkin arr jobs!' Guy I was speaking to this morning said his Polish friend has been sent back to Poland recently. He was a 'chicken catcher'. Apparently he would spend 12 hours a day running around fields 'catching' chickens [for what I have no idea - I should have asked]. Surprisingly this job, much like the myriad of hand car-washes in the area, has not been filled by one of the many people bemoaning that the 'immigrunts' are 'tekkin arr jobs'
  4. Similar. I've been watching wrestling for 30 years and this is the first time in my life I don't regularly watch anything. I have MLW and Impact on series link but will only skip through the shows or have them on as background every few weeks as a catch up. I cancelled my Sky Sports subscription because I wasnt watching WWE anymore and that was the only reason I had it. I keep up with the reports and watch the odd clip of noteworthy events/matches etc but as far as actually sitting down and watching a full show? Havent done for months. I attend live shows more regularly than I have in recent years though.
  5. In fairness, that is basically AEW's entire gig. You can look at quite a lot of the talent there and see that they only got their jobs because because of who they are friends with. Fuck, why else would Jimmy fucking Havoc and Joey pissin' Janela be there!? Now of course, this is nothing new but I would hope the same criticism levied at WWE and others that have done that will be thrown AEW's way. I have a feeling the AEW die-hards will excuse it somehow though. An interesting article about Jericho having to tell the roster the fundamentals of tag wrestling. In one regard it's great but in the other it's worrying just how clueless/arrogant the actual EVP's seem to be in not being the ones to address it themselves. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/chis-jericho-says-he-called-team-meeting-address-tag-team-rules-aew
  6. Agreed. Garza has enough about him that comparisons will naturally be made to Eddie in a positive way but he is absolutely capable of being that Latino superstar WWE has desperately craved for years. Rey is still there and doing better than ever but they have time with Garza. He oozes charisma and talent. If he does not become a big star then there is something seriously wrong.
  7. Agreed. It was a crowd that was emotionally invested in what was going on and reacted accordingly - and not just reacting to a big move or a dive but going absolutely batshit crazy for the entire match. If you look at it objectively the wrestlers did nothing special because they didn't have to, the crowd was eating out of the palm of their hands for everything they did. Noticeable was the lack of the cliched chants that have become the norm. No 'This is awesome'. No 'Fight forever'. Just a genuine 'losing yourself in the moment and enjoying what you are seeing' pro wrestling crowd. God, I miss them.
  8. Just been catching up on a few weeks worth of Impact. A few comments: Heel RVD is SO good. I'd forgotten just what a prick he could be. Katie Forbes is brilliant as the slutty girlfriend too. Just great. Plus, Johnny Swinger's throwback gimmick is genuinely funny - 'I just took a diz-ump in his bag!'. If you'd have said at the start of 2019 that I would enjoy anything involving Johnny Swinger I would have told you you were crazy. Anyway, back to how awesome RVD and Katie Forbes are....
  9. Both parts of the awesome 10-man tag from Raw in February 2000. I have posted this essentially because of the crowd reaction - seriously, any wrestling company would kill for a reaction like this nowadays. Infact, I dont think its possible to get a reaction like this nowadays. Crowd is loud and into EVERYTHING in the match - they never let up once - just a genuine, hot crowd not bothered about work rate and loving everything that is being presented to them. ... and just when you think they can't get any rowdier Kane shows up looking like the baddest mother fucker on the planet! 'Wrestling has never been better' my arse! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYVJsnmehd4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i5NqkMGuM8
  10. Surely if Primo is not actively wrestling he should not be subject to wellness checks?
  11. Not my intention - merely pointing out the ridiculousness of their argument.
  12. Meltzer and Alvarez were selling this like 'Colby Lopez' [what Alvarez referred to him to] believes that everything Seth Rollins said is true. I'm out. Seriously. Say whatever you want about my supposed 'obsession' with Meltzer but this is Alvarez too. Seth Rollins the character absolutely should believe everything he said because, well, that's the point but I honestly cannot believe that two wrestling journalists are publicly going 'Yes, this is really how Colby Lopez, the person behind the persona, actually, legitimately feels! He's deluded! It's the booking that's done this! It's his tweets!' Yes, because a deluded heel is going to go 'the big bad company booked me like a total pussy at times in my feud with The Fiend and I turned myself heel with my stupid tweets' Say what you want about the content of the promo, that's one thing - and the fact that blaming the fans is a typical and overused heel trope - but this is just embarrassing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKJrdfI3mOg
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