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  1. Ric and Arn had quite the falling out didnt they? I mean, I know when money's involved then ill feelings can be put aside but I'd heard they were no longer friends.
  2. How could they release him when Lacey Evans is just about to give birth!? Have they no conscience, dammit!?
  3. I get the feeling that Vince became a fan of his and that was ultimately the worst thing that could have happened as you just know he will be completely in charge and hands on of everything about the gimmick from that point on.
  4. I would hope they were. I'm sure Cardona was too.
  5. I do think there's not really anything else for Bryan to do in WWE. If he re-signs who does he work with that he hasn't worked before? As David says, I don't know the guy but, if reports are accurate he seems like he is at that stage of his life where he wants more creative freedom and AEW would give him that. I don't really follow AEW so I don't know who would fit in terms of him working with but if he has signed it would be a truly big deal and [we can hope] give WWE a kick up the arse to sort themselves out. It won't, obviously, but a guy can dream.
  6. Psycho Clown and Brandon Kirk wrestle in a thunderstorm with the most torrential rain you have ever seen in your entire life. Bonkers.
  7. Oh fuck! I wish I hadn't watched that. Just horrible. Absolutely un-necessary and inexcusable. Ian Rotten's a massive piece of shit.
  8. 'Hey Vince, we have this big intimidating looking guy. He's tall, he's muscular. He's everything you like in a top guy. Plus he has a sexy blonde valet, which you love, and the two of them together are money' 'Great. Bring him up with no build, get rid of her and have him lose clean in his first match' '.... but Vince...' 'Do it, dammit!' I mean... there are just no words ...
  9. The fact it took place in an abandoned building in front of about 100 people makes it even more random.
  10. Yes, very sad news. Huge draw in his feud with Hogan. Great intensity and look. RIP Mr Wonderful.
  11. Andre giving his 1989 Survivor Series team-mates, Haku and The BrainBusters, a cuddle.
  12. 89 has to be the all round best for me. Luger v Steamboat, War Games and the absolutely stellar Funk v Flair fight. A more than watchable undercard too. Have to agree with the Midnight vs Southern Boys from 1990. Absolute belter.
  13. Very sad news. Absolute legend. Hope he is comfortable and getting the care he needs.
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