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  1. Snitsky's back acne

    WWE Crown Jewel

    I have seen mentions of Linda being part of Trumps cabinet and the affiliation to Vince and the bad PR etc. It is a tricky situation. WWE will costs themselves likely hundreds of millions if they break the deal and it's not like they've not had bad PR in the past and weathered the storm. Interesting situation.
  2. Snitsky's back acne

    WWE Crown Jewel

    I believe its 2 shows a year for 10 years but could be wrong. I would imagine they would not want to piss the Saudi's off by publicly slating them and clearly they will not do anything that is against their wishes and will cater to every mad whim the Prince wants that they are capable of delivering. 'Shit they want Yokozuna.' 'He's dead' 'Fuck it, get another big sumo guy, they'll never know'
  3. Snitsky's back acne

    The Mae Young Classic

    re: Michael Cole - Io's finish is not an Asai moonsault!!! It's just a fucking moonsault!!
  4. Snitsky's back acne

    The Mae Young Classic

    Solid show this week I thought. Zeuxis looked a lot better than her first round match but then she was in there with Io who continues to look a notch above almost everyone else. Mia - Kaitlyn was much better than I thought it would be to be honest. So that means : Mia v Toni Storm, Io v Deonna, Meiko v Lacey Lane, Rhea v Tegan Knox. I'm going with Toni v Meiko [nobody thinks Satomoura's jobbing to Lacey do they?] and Io v Knox. Could be Io v Rhea [obviously] but am thinking they might have Rhea lose and attack Tegan afterwards or something. Either way some really good potential matches coming up.
  5. Snitsky's back acne

    Away from the ring matches

    Regal and Finlay batter the absolute granny out of each other [and several cars] in the car park of the Albany Civic Centre in Georgia while Bischoff freaks out for fear of getting thrown off air. I remember watching this as a kid and it is no less hard hitting and awesome now.
  6. Snitsky's back acne

    Shit nicknames

    Don't know if it counts but always used to irrationally bug the piss out of me that Vince would say 'The Man They Call Vader'. Just call him fucking Vader for fucks sake! Sorry, I told you it was irrational.
  7. Snitsky's back acne

    Shit nicknames

    Seriously what the fuck even was that!? Used to annoy the piss out of me when JR said that. 'Ol' booger red!'. Fuck off! Sorry.
  8. Snitsky's back acne

    The Mae Young Classic

    Cole saying Ripley 'was probably the most athletic woman in the tournament'... in a match with Kacy Catanzaro was quite humorous to me.
  9. Snitsky's back acne

    The Mae Young Classic

    William Regal highly praised the match on Twitter and said it should be studied as a great example of wrestling. High praise indeed.
  10. Snitsky's back acne

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Becky was a great heel in her pre-WWE days as Rebecca Knox and has had acting training in the past so I'm amazed it took WWE this long to realise how good she could be as a character. Still, I'm glad they are finally giving her a chance to really show what she can do and I hope we get her v Ronda at Survivor Series.
  11. Snitsky's back acne

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    William Regal as The Golden Girls
  12. Snitsky's back acne

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Lacey Evans was in the military and WWE rims the military so I'm guessing that's why she's there.
  13. Snitsky's back acne

    The Mae Young Classic

    Toni Storm - Hiroyo Matsumoto was great. Honestly thought Matsumoto might take it on a couple of occasions. Really good match. Rhea - Kacy was a good big v little match and Kacy really has the plucky under dog role down. Considering her level of inexperience she is also really good in the ring. I like Taynara Conti's crazy eyes/shouting/crying thing. She seems to have some personality about her. Still needs more experience though. Glad her match with Lacey was quick. Meiko - Mercedes was a great main event which should have been expected. Am loving this tournament as there has been more good/very good than bad so far.
  14. Snitsky's back acne

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I hope somebody yelled at Bryan for doing the diving headbutt spot. Not needed and, given his history, he should not even be trying it.