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  1. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    He mentioned in the aforementioned interview that there was one route to take if he was cleared and another if he was not. Ostensibly, I think that is his way of saying that if he's cleared he will stay with WWE and if he's not he will leave and wrestle elsewhere. I guess it's down to WWE. As has been said, if they can clear a wreck like Angle it must frustrate the shit out of Bryan that he can't get cleared. Either that of the WWE doctor believes he is way worse and more of a risk than anybody else. I guess we shall see.
  2. 5 star wrestling

    I don't know if Luke Menzies is under any sort of deal where he can't work television but he would be a good bet. He looks the part and although he is still green the TV experience would be good for him if he is on WWEs radar.
  3. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Speaking of dickish moves.... Tammy Sytch recently said on a shoot interview that Madusa was having a relationship with Kevin Nash when he was Diesel and she was Alundra Blayze in WWF. She said 'Ooops, maybe I shouldn't have revealed that. She's my friend. No doubt I'll get a call if she hears about this.' Admittedly Sytch has almost zero credibility these days but it is a pretty shit thing to do especially as Nash is/was married at the time.
  4. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Zack Sabre Jr, Travis Banks.... there's countless British guys I prefer to watch over him but obviously that's personal taste.
  5. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' Marty Scurll? Honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. He may have good matches but a lot of guys have far better in my opinion. He looks cool in his entrance garb but that's about it. Maybe if he's on these shows and I see him live he might change my mind but currently... nah...
  6. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I'd have preferred the 'Sherri Martel Memorial Battle Royal' [seeing as they dont acknowledge Mildred Burke] but, still...
  7. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Apparently WWE ave issued a statement dropping Moolah's name from the WM battle royal according to Meltz
  8. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I've checked. You I do. Did not know that. Cheers.
  9. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Annoys the piss out of me when Sky does that! I didnt know so it didnt record but I have got rid of all the sports channels bar Arena because they said that would be the channel wrestling is on! Why not put whatever you replaced it with on Arena on Sky Sports frickin' Action!?
  10. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Moolah set the North American womens scene back at least 20 years. Mildred Burke was the true pioneer of womens wrestling in North America but obviously she did not have a personal relationship with the McMahon family and means nothing to the WWE audience so she will never be acknowledged by them in any way. It does seem remarkably hypocritical that WWE went on record to say they could not in good conscience induct Chyna into the HoF because os what would appear if you googled her name, yet they seem quite content/oblivious to what happens if you Google Fabulous Moolah's name. Mind you, hypocrisy and pro wrestling is hardly anything new. Interesting to see if WWE does anything about it - I guess the only way they might is if they get bad press,
  11. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I was not aware of that. I just figured it was Vince doing away with surnames like he's one to do at times.
  12. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    That's fair enough. Maybe I'm just too desensitised to stuff having lived through ECW and the Attitude Era where stuff like this would happen all the time and nobody would bat an eyelid. Randy Orton DDTs Stephanie and kisses her while she's unconscious in front of her husband and brags about it afterwards and everyone goes 'What an angle! That really got Orton over as a slimy prick and made people want to see HHH kick his arse!'. BrandI Rhodes forces herself on Kenny Omega and brags about it afterwards like a heel would and it's 'the most disgusting thing ever! I'm never watching ROH again!. Times change I guess.
  13. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Hmm, well I get that but at the end of the day it's a wrestling show. I'm not saying that, because of that, all bets are off but at the same time wrestling has never exactly been known for its PC content. I know we are in different, more enlightened, times these days but the righteous, indignant over reaction to things like this does infuriate me. Finally, a wrestling company is featuring LGBT characters and storylines in a positive light and then the slightest thing happens, which I imagine is the start of something bigger anyway, and people jump all over it. Plus, I'm struggling with the whole morality of 'beating someone up to resolve an issue' is fine (which is fundamentally what wrestling is) yet kissing someone 'without their consent' is assault? Anyway.....
  14. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    So I have been seeing outrage on Twitter regarding an incident from the show last night. It has been described as 'rank', 'unsettling' and 'vomit inducing' by several posters. Another said it 'made their skin crawl' Not having seen the show, I was naturally shocked and intrigued by what the incident could be. It went on - 'this is desensitizing people to sexual assault', 'degrading to pansexual people'... another described it as 'assault, attempted conditioning, bi-erasure, shaming/humiliation' and 'abhorrent'. FUCK! ROH must have really overstepped a line here!... and here's me having just bought tickets to their show in Doncaster! What's the incident they are referring to? I just had to find out! GENUINELY.... I shit you not... this is the incident all of these comments were referring to. Be warned. If you are sensitive this may trigger you. I hate modern wrestling fans....
  15. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    She is still green [to be expected] but Belair carries herself like a star, is a freak athlete if you look at the Performance Centre videos WWE posts and the hair whip is something different. She can press her opponents over her head and I reckon we haven;t seen half the stuff she can do yet. I would have her work more house show matches with Kairi Sane. The two had a great match in the MYC and working with a more experienced performer will only help her in the long run. Give her another year or so before bringing her up but have to agree that she is something special.