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  1. Seriously, that doll is scary as fuck! Why is it looking straight at the camera!?
  2. Chris Brookes recently competed in a match a swimming pool complex in Japan. In what surely has to be a first, he was involved in the first ever 'reversal of a figure four while going down a water slide' spot...
  3. Hey, IYH 5 had the Arkansas Hog Pen match! Great show!
  4. Absolutely stunned like everyone else. I'm 37 so to think he was 36 is just.... it's devastating. I remember first seeing him in 1PW where he would become a regular at the shows and he was a talented guy. RIP.
  5. I get that part - that's obvious...my point is why would they care if they have nothing for them anyway? 'I don't want Harper but I'll be damned if anyone else can have him!' 'Why?' '...just BECAUSE, dammit...' If you feel they have worth to you - keep them, use them. If you feel they have no worth to you - get rid of them... if they are of no use it's no loss. So what if someone else uses them? Essentially Vince is a hoarder. He never uses any of the talent that is cluttering up his roster but he doesn't want to throw any of it away either.
  6. He has more talent under contract than he could possibly do anything with. I can understand locking up top talent or wrestlers he perhaps sees some potential in but at this stage it absolutely must just be control and nothing more. I mean, look at the Harper situation - the guy wants out, WWE is not using him and clearly sees nothing in him so why not let him go? In that situation what is the point of keeping someone under contract who does not want to be there and who you clearly don't want to use?
  7. Oh those Japanese and their portmanteaus!
  8. It genuinely intrigues me why WWE is so intent on keeping everyone they can under contract. As has been said, they would always trim the fat and get rid of those they felt had outlived their usefulness or were surplus to requirements on a fairly regular basis. Now, they CAN afford to keep everyone and no doubt offer pay rises to renew expiring deals but why?:... WWE clearly has no use for Mike and Maria for instance.... so why keep them around for 5 more years?
  9. No question in the 'You deserve it' era we are in pretty much everyone who was anyone on the WWF roster in the late 80s/early 90s would have been champion (Piper, Perfect, DiBiase, Rude, Jake, Earthquake, Bigelow, Razor, Bulldog, Owen etc) . I reckon had Mr Kennedy not been as much of a tit he could, at one time, have been champion.
  10. Bloody Leeds! Haha its true about the 'actual arena' thing though. Seeing HHH, Undertaker and others at the tiny Hull Ice rink was always quite the sight to see.
  11. Unless he's living the gimmick, he doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the box...
  12. It does? Triple H is the epitome of a 'hanging with the cool kids' guy. He's done it his entire career.
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