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  1. Oh shit, that's a real shame then if true. Promoter really should have tried to quell whatever heat there may have been for the sake of the school if nothing else. Any indication the promoter is autistic? I'm not saying that to be mean or funny [I'm on the spectrum myself] - rather that, if he is, it may explain why the initial interactions with talent were clunky and he couldn't see what the problem was repeatedly asking for a number or why they refused.to do so.
  2. Yeah that's not the promoter but somebody sticking up for him [who has also posted a link on his Twitter feed saying Jayde is toxic etc]. Promoter made such a mess of the whole thing all the wrestlers pulled out of the show and the venue received numerous calls saying they should cancel their booking with him. EDIT: Aint the world a wonderful place?
  3. A classic example of making a bad situation even worse by the Broken Ring promoter.
  4. MJF has posted this DM exchange he had with a fan on Twitter. Awesome.
  5. As huge of an Undertaker mark as I am - and wishing he would have stayed gone after the Reigns loss as that was THE perfect ending in my opinion - having him appear on the 30th anniversary of his debut would be very cool and doing something with Bray would be even cooler.
  6. I see - so it looks like Bodom's trying to take Quildan down with him.
  7. Apologies - this has gone way over my head. What is this?
  8. A lot of wrestlers from America seem to have caught wind of this whole situation and and are condemning it - particularly the footage of Bodom's assault. I hope Josh cherishes those bookings he's got because he might not get many more for the foreseeable future...
  9. Didn't something happen at a PCW event in Preston years ago when he was booked for them? I seem to recall it was a tag match or something and was due to attitude problems/issues...
  10. Sha has made several tweet showing how he 'protected' the referee on the slam whilst apologising but also saying that he is probably 'too comfortable with the way things used to be' and that 'things have changed'.
  11. 'Nothin' to do wiv me guv! Honest! It was the other guy!'
  12. If you're not expecting it either your body will tense up or react differently than if you are willingly taking the move. It sounds a lot like people trying to excuse unprofessional behaviour in my opinion.
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