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  1. Intrigued by ths. I wonder if it was meant to happen where his mask got torn off all the way. He seemed pretty pissed off.
  2. A British World champ now and when he loses he's Scottish - that's how it works.
  3. Is 'Help for Heroes' bad? I'm out of touch! I thought 'Blue Lives Matter' was like an 'Equal Rights for Smurfs' thing when I first read it..... I I couldn't see where it was inherently bad from the couple of paragraphs I read on wiki [and I appreciate the source of the info when making that statement].. I'm willing to accept it is if that's the general consensus it just reads, apart from the name, as a decent thing to support? ***EDIT*** Ah, I've seen a few more responses now. I get it. Yeah, that's not good.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, I know nothing about Blue Lives Matter. Had a quick look and its about tougher sentences for people who kill police officers? Or have I misunderstood? Why is that bad?
  5. HATED the FFH 'match'. Loved the Boneyard stuff as it at least resembled a fight but FFH was just a series of lame skits. Only thing I liked was 'It's such good shit'. Apart from that, HATED it with a passion. If THAT is what WWE are planning on doing more of going forward, then count me out. Agree with the comment you could feel the groan from the non-existent fans when Charlotte won. I actually didnt mind the Last Man Standing - although I did have it on as background while I was doing other stuff so didn't really watch it intently. I was shocked they did the choking spot with the weight machine though. Had there not been all the recent publicity surrounding Benoit again it might just have been acceptable in a 'It was 13 year ago' kind of way [and I emphasise 'might'] but it was just uncomfortable. Also, yes, put Mania on over 2 nights! It's way more tolerable.
  6. If we count last night, Undertaker has main evented at WrestleMania in 4 different decades.
  7. I'm in two minds about that being Taker's swan song too. I'd have been fine with Undertaker having his last arena match v Roman [complete with that ending] and than, as has been said, The Undertaker existing in this kind of parallel universe where people call him out and he wrestles in the Boneyard environment. Agree that he looked fucking bad ass in that though and Sting v Taker in that kind of match would be a great end for both [as has been said]. Couldn't buy it as a WrestleMania due to the setting but what really showed was those who have worked the indies extensively in front of different crowds and with different styles [Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens etc] and those who haven't [Braun, Goldberg etc]. It's just the little things and the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Enjoyed it overall and, as has been said, it didn't drag. WWE take note.
  8. Fuck, that's insane. I remember Kudo eating another fireball in her match with Tsuchiya which burnt a lot of her hair off.
  9. Timothy Well's entrance at Royal Rumble 1995.
  10. Explosion matches always looked completely bonkers. I mean, I'm guessing there's some 'trick' to it but that bottom photo seems to indicate there is little margin for error.
  11. Extended highlights of an OVW show from 2000. Notable mainly fro seeing the likes of Batista, Brock Lesnar, Mark Henry and The Big Show wrestling a bar/nightclub.
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