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  1. ECW's always that 'looking at it through rose coloured glasses' nostalgia for me. I LOVED it as a teenager. It was SO different and cool that I can forgive all of its faults even now just because of how fondly I think of it. I first saw pictures and write-ups in Powerslam when I was about 13 [I remember seeing photos of Axl vs Ian Rotten, Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack in as ring strewn with rubbish and Luna vs Stevie in a cage) and was blown away 'What IS this!?'. It's low budget, it looked grotty and dark and totally different to Doink the Clown and Henry Godwinn on WWF and The Dungeon of Doo
  2. Stevie was excellent in 1995-1996. Just brilliant. Have to disagree about 'Come Out and Play' though. I thought it fit Raven perfectly. In fact ECW's music choices in general were pretty damn good and it genuinely does take something away from the shows on WWE Network that we don't get the original music.
  3. 'I promise Kyle, this is what all the cool kids wear these days.' - Shawn Michaels.
  4. I think looking at how they dealt with things like Matt Hardy nearly cracking his head open on live TV they won't be too concerned. Besides, it could be the same 'WWE doctors won't clear him' situation that Daniel Bryan had where every other doctor on Earth cleared him but WWE's wouldn't... until he told him he was going to leave when his contract came up and then they miraculously did.
  5. Bo Dallas is with Liv Morgan? I thought he was married?
  6. It's WWE. Nobody wins in their home town.
  7. I really enjoyed the main event because I genuinely had no idea who would win. Also, I think they told a fantastic story. Edge, 10 years to the very day he had to give up the belt, getting more and more desperate (and more and more angry at Daniel Bryan stopping him winning) was particularly great I thought. Roman is an absolute superstar. Only match I didn't watch was the women's tag. I think Shayna (was) great but the other 3 are terrible and bore me to tears. I'm glad Rhea won but her match with Asuka lacked just a little 'spark' for me. Not saying it was bad just didn't have m
  8. Enjoyed it overall. I genuinely thought they would gimmick the ring for Shane's bump but, no, there he was taking a crazy bump onto a regular ring. Don't know why but I laughed a bit when Cole said 'This match was dedicated to anyone who's ever been called stupid'. Vince can't speak anymore can he? It's quite sad seeing him like that knowing what he was like in the 90's but time catches up with everyone I suppose. Looking forward to tonights show.
  9. 'Welcome to beautiful, sunny Tampa, Florida'....?
  10. So sad. She seemed like she was a really sweet person. 38 is no age at all. Absolutely tragic. RIP.
  11. Triple H and Shawn Michaels had an 'epic' best of three falls years ago that went way too long. If these two are the ones running things in NXT then I guess that's what they consider an 'epic' to be. It's become a trend in NXT, sadly, and despite one or two matches it's just too damned long. Have to say though, having not watched a full show of any modern wrestling in months I had both nights of NXT on as background yesterday and overall didn't mind most of it, some even made me stop what I was doing and watch it properly. It was good having a live crowd there too, just made things much
  12. Oh God, work experience flashback! I was doing work experience at Woolworths about a week after Diana died. I remember we had 'Candle in the Wind' playing on a loop, shelves full of cassettes and CD's of 'Candle in the Wind', big posters all through the store with Diana's face on and the words 'Buy 'Candle in the Wind' here'.... and yet we STILL had pricks coming in going 'Do y'sell 'Candle in the Wind'?'.
  13. No idea. Sadly, this is the problem when someone makes vague statements on social media. It creates un-necessary speculation.
  14. Was it still being used pre-Covid?
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