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  1. He was cheered a lot at first even when he was laying into Lita with a chair. It kind of clicked at the end but I just never bought him aligning with Vince or leading the Alliance. It was never truly explained either. JR kind of tried with a 'Was he really that desperate that he would align with Vince?!' stuff at the end of the match but... nah, not for me dog. Didnt buy it.
  2. In fairness we have no idea it is going to be either short or harmless.
  3. Austin as a heel in 2001. I never bought him as aligning with Vince. He nearly made me buy into it towards the end when he started to beg off and act the coward at times but it just didnt work. Plus it inflicted the 'What!?' chant upon wrestling for which I can never forgive him.
  4. According to Da Meltz its Evolve, the Dragon Gate USA back catalogue and some early FIP shows. I'd be interested to see some of those events tbh.
  5. I would imagine so - they ran them full time up until 2000 and after that they became very brief 1 week/2 week tours.
  6. Have just seen a clip from Smackdown - possibly a silly question and I am likely giving this WAY too much thought but if The Fiend was carrying what was supposed to be an effigy of the severed head of Manson-Wyatt (signifying he is 'dead') how and why is Manson-Wyatt back on TV? Have Firefly Funhouse Wyatt and The Fiend gone:or is this a Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack type deal?
  7. David Platt's big in the important 18-30 demographic though.
  8. Sadly nothing on any of those cards grabs me. I never thought I would stop watching whatever the current wrestling being offered was but I really havent watched anything even close to a full modern show in ages. Interesting to see NXT pick up such a decent win though.
  9. I hate cinematic wrestling too BUT I thought the boneyard match was really good. It completely fit The Undertaker persona and he has done many vignettes etc in graveyards and the like before so it wasn't completely out of left field. Him driving off into the darkness fit perfectly too.
  10. Yeah he has a similar post on his Facebook too. I get wanting to defend your Mum if you think she's done nothing wrong but this is just out-and-out threats now.
  11. Cool, wasn't trying to be a smart arse just didn't know if you meant disposable like 'Get rid of this person from everything' or if you actually meant despicable. I recognise the other guys in the vid too - one was Big Grizzly if I'm correct but the other guy I can't place. Is he a referee?
  12. Just gone done watching it and I'm not ashamed to say I had a few tears towards the end. The Undertaker was the reason I got hooked on wrestling. It's the end of an era. As much as I have felt he should have retired years ago, he's right, it was up to him. He had to be okay with it and it seems like he is. The Boneyard match was a great ending for the character - the old gun-slinger in one last fight riding off into the darkness. I know it sounds daft but it feels like a little bit of my childhood has gone. Great documentary series and I'm happy for him that he seemingly got the storybook ending he wanted [and deserves].
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