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  1. I never had issue with the things he said until just before Mania he was adamant the winner of the main event would not get both belts. Even after it was announced 'winner take all' he was still saying 'Boy, people are gonna be really pissed when it's not!' and that the winner would not get both titles, just the title of the person they beat. Mania happens. Becky wins both belts. Dave 'Hey, plans change' No, you were wrong. Just admit it. It's okay.
  2. Youd have thought the Benoit murders or Owens death would have been covered - unless there are legal/ethical reasons why they cant/wont.
  3. I knew it was hardly the most original concept to be fair.
  4. Rowan's gimmick in FCW originally was a viking... if Ivar ever gets hurt Rowan could replace him the team could be called Erik Rowan.... Sorry....
  5. Just from reading the tweets it seems its about a 10 second clip posted on Lana's official Snapchat of her having sex. I know nothing about Snapchat so have no idea if these things can be hacked etc. I'm assuming they can.
  6. Rusev is trending on my Twitter. It would seem Lana has released footage of a sexual nature on Snapchat - which hopefully for all concerned is fake.
  7. I got a 'Sister Abigail' vibe from the most recent one so maybe they are going to pull the trigger on that...
  8. UK's Kip Sabian is signed with them too.
  9. I did wonder whether there was any repercussions for Becky Lynch saying 'Becky Two-Belts' on Raw. 'They're championships, dammit!'
  10. Apparently Vince was FURIOUS Bret said it. Again though - how ridiculous is it that the segment producer is fired for an innocuous improvised comment, that was actually a compliment, and which absolutely NOBODY but one person got angry about [and had no reason to]? Crazy.
  11. Indeed - and considering it's been confirmed that Vince fired the person in charge of Bret Hart's HoF segment because Bret improvised and thanked Vince in his speech (Sean Waltman confirmed it on his latest podcast) I would imagine any job like that is more than just a ball ache.
  12. Agreed.... that and Conrad Thompson's presence at their press conferences. I've never really had any thoughts on Meltzer one way or the other but he recently mocked someone who said that AEW, at this point, with no TV deal announced, was essentially just a 't-shirt selling company' only to later defend The Young Bucks not being big names by going 'Yeah but they sold 400,000 t-shirts in Walmart'. It certainly seems, whether he is or not, that he is on the AEW payroll and that his supposed impartiality is actually anything but.
  13. Posted further down the Joey Ryan thread by the guy in the photo.
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