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  1. 100% this. I can’t handle it. Like a weird uncanny valley of audio. It’s torturous. They’ve finally defeated me with this sound mixing. I could put up with the strobing camera cuts. I could put up with the replicant dialogue. I could put up with everyone standing around backstage in 2D like Paper Mario. I could put up with the commentators sounding like prisoners of war. I could put up with the endless rematches. I could put up with the one-note characters doing the same thing forever. I could put up with Charlotte. But this audio mixing is too much. It’s psychically impossible to sit through. You’d hope this is one of those kicks that doesn’t last, like the purple ropes for cruiserwight matches or the no-wrestling-during-ad-breaks thing, but if it becomes permanent? They’ve finally overproduced their shows to the point of no return.
  2. Remember when WWE stockpiled everyone and there was never any news? Wrestling is great right now.
  3. The year we’ve had I’m expecting Gage vs. Flair in GCW within a month.
  4. I genuinely think it’s going to top this, which remains one of the best reactions of all time. In my head, the chants are exactly like at the start of that video, absolutely thunderous, but with Kenny Omega and the Bucks standing in the ring, dressed like hilarious dickheads, saying “I think they’re chanting Belt Collector?' And then the music hits. EDIT: Scratch that. I've just imagined The Elite beating up Colt Cabana and then the music hits. Fuck me. The building will explode.
  5. Everyone looks a twat the way they’ve done it. You couldn’t script it worse. The one guy who was the perfect opponent for Roman was the squeaky clean, never-give-up, pure babyface John Cena. So the first thing they do is have him steal a contract from someone else like a snide prick and throw out wanky shoots~! Would it have really killed them for the returning legend to just challenge the current top guy? In terms of taking a match that writes itself and finding a way to ruin it this is getting dangerously close to Bret vs. Vince levels.
  6. Putting aside my frustrations with them postponing the Hangman storyline in the middle of the home straight, I think The Elite are the perfect act to send out in Chicago for CM Punk to interrupt. I love the idea of those goofballs acting completely oblivious to the rumours, bragging about selling the place out, pretending they can’t make out the chants, only for Cult of Personality to hit.
  7. Only just caught wind of how they set up Cena vs. Roman. What a mess. It’s crazy how they decide on a big match and then make it less and less exciting with each passing week. It’s genuinely better to just go into WWE pay per views blind. I had visions of this being a modern-day Rock vs. Cena and say what you want about that feud but at least the match wasn’t created by a fucking legal loophole!
  8. I completely agree that The Elite in their current form feels like a top act that could go for another six months to a year. And with guys like Danielson and Punk coming in it does make sense for Omega to keep the Title so they can do those dream matches first. But don’t start the Hangman thing, then. Don’t pull the trigger, get everyone excited, and then change your mind three weeks in. We’ve got decades of evidence of what happens when you stop and start stuff like that. It’s nearly impossible to get it back. There’s every chance this negatively affects Bryan and Punk, too. I’ve already gone from losing my mind with excitement to half resenting them for derailing my favourite storyline ever.
  9. I’ve never seen Adam Cole wrestle outside of NXT. Was he better before HBK agented his matches? Or was he always doing the forty eight minute kick out fests?
  10. Meltzer reporting that the plan is to not have Hangman appear at the All Out pay per view at all. To shoot those angles and then switch direction like this? I genuinely feel like calling the police.
  11. You’d hope this isn’t related to the rumours of him having mental health issues, and it’s pretty shitty to ever celebrate someone losing their job, but let’s not pretend his 2020 run was anything other than one of the all-time biggest piles of shit. He’ll be remembered in WWE as the king of the initial concept. Clearly super creative when it came to pitching something new, I wonder if this is the best thing for him. Clearly, his visions didn’t mesh with WWE’s way of presenting stuff, rinsing and repeating until the end of time. Maybe going somewhere else where his ideas can actually develop over time might be what’s best. I’ve absolutely no desire to see him in AEW though. Fuck right off with all that lore shit.
  12. Cost cutting, innit? Just bring Bo Dallas back to play him again, like at Wrestlemania. Much cheaper.
  13. Isn’t Serena dating Marty Scurll? At least she can keep him company at home. Not like he’s got much on. 12,000 tickets already gone in the pre-sale for that Rampage show in Chicago. All based on one promo by Darby Allin. That lad’s a draw! Also - Dave Meltzer saying he hated Gage vs. Jericho before giving it four stars is him at his most Dave Meltzer. I love it.
  14. The best description I’ve seen of Jericho’s wife is, “her blood type is Fox News.”
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