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  1. It’ll probably be hard for John Laurinaitis to contact Velveteen. I suspect it’s been company policy for months that he’s not allowed a phone. Them keeping Riddle is the best. Clearly see nothing in him, yet are more than happy to keep humiliating him on TV rather than get rid. Fantastic.
  2. I think Tony Schiavone screaming, “It’s Sting!” every week is a valid thing to complain about. The reason it worked that first week, and the reason Tony is otherwise the best announcer in the business, is because of authenticity. Tony’s career resurgence hinges on the way he acts like he’s been thawed out of ice after twenty years and absolutely everything is fucking amazing to him. Whether it’s ultimately an act or not, the entire crux is that everything he says sounds one hundred percent heartfelt. That they’d then direct him to repeat a fucking catchphrase every week, a trope stra
  3. I was shocked to see people complaining about the length of that opener. If I hadn’t read reviews afterwards I wouldn’t have even noticed it went long. The time absolutely flew by! Lessons to be learned for Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. You can go long if you have a balls-out, action-packed, super wild, fun match. Not so much when you pattern your match after some of the worst HBK vs. Triple H bouts, a super slow, boring drag where you keep...slowly...getting...more...weapons. Fenix is incredible. I agree with what’s already been said about it being too soon to do Adam Page vs. Kenny Omega
  4. I’m praying that the one lesson they take from this week is that they did one of their biggest numbers ever on a show where they didn’t advertise a Sting interview. So stop doing it every single week!
  5. Didn’t Raw go as low as 1.5 million viewers late last year? Suddenly, taking a beating every Wednesday but still making a sizeable dint doesn’t seem like the worst use of NXT after all. I wonder if Vince is having second thoughts about that Jericho podcast.
  6. “We’re excited to announce that NXT will be moving back to Wednesdays.”
  7. Samoa Joe uses, “of,” instead of, “have,” when typing? I probably would have fired him for that, too. But yeah. I hope Joe left Titan Towers with this level of energy, just rinsing the shit out of anyone who caught his eye. Imagine not making this guy a World Champion. Crazy.
  8. I know there’s nothing more tired than everyone fantasy booking everyone released by WWE in AEW. But Mox and Kingston bringing in Samoa fucking Joe to even the odds? Rest in peace my balls.
  9. Wow. First The Good Brothers last year and now Bo Dallas this year. Sacked off right after a prominent Wrestlemania appearance. Becoming a pattern.
  10. It’s going to be very telling when neither Drake Wuertz and Jaxson Ryker wind up on the list, isn’t it? Bo Dallas is lucky they need him for all these Fiend appearances. But yeah - Billie Kaye to Dark Order?! Hell yeah!
  11. Mask vs. Hair? Is Nick Jackson finally admitting defeat?
  12. Ivelisse confirmed she’s been released from AEW. Leave the memories alone.
  13. It’s no coincidence that Vinny Mac threw the towel in on the Wednesday Night Wars the moment Jade Cargill debuted. The amount of potential she has after a handful of matches is bonkers.
  14. They’re a fantastic group of daft twats. Gargano has completely turned his career around. I genuinely prefer this to when he was top babyface.
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