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  1. That first spot, where Bray immediately stands up after The Stomp? That should be the finish to Hell in a Cell. Bray jumps back up for the no-sell and wins in devastating fashion. Seth's a completely lost cause whilst Bray's the most interesting and exciting character in forever. He needs to win with ease. You don't have to do Universal Champion vs. WWE Champion at Survivor Series, if that's a reason for them deciding against it. Although, personally, I'd be super interested in Bray vs. Brock simply because they're pretty much the only real stars in the company at the moment.
  2. From an in-ring action perspective, this was probably one of the best episodes of Raw in a long, long time. I don't know if it was the result of some type of mandate or if guys were just lucky to be booked with people that they clicked with, but for whatever reason the matches felt way more fun and exciting than usual, which helped the pacing massively. Corbin and Gable in particular had their second straight banger in as many weeks. I don't know if they've tapped into some great chemistry between the two of them or if Chad Gable is just a really talented fucker (probably the latter), but either way, long may this feud continue! It's easily the best thing Corbin's done in his entire career. These past few years though, the problem with Raw and WWE in general has never been a lack of good wrestling. It's everything else. Everyone being scripted to talk and act exactly the same. Everything feeling so overproduced. No-one being able to stand out or show any type of authenticity. This show highlighted it perfectly. On a three hour show, with loads of good wrestling, what were the two best parts? The small glimpses we got of guys being able to show some proper character, first with the Street Prophets and Miz breaking the Fourth Wall to pull some faces and then with Sami Zayn acting the tit at ringside during Nakamura's offense. I know it's not news to say this, but imagine how great this show would be if it were booked or written like it was 1997 and guys were allowed to just throw shit out there and act more like themselves. We see enough of them on Network specials, podcasts and social media to know there's some really funny, interesting guys on this roster. It's criminal that they're all forced to talk and act so weird and uninteresting. Some other quick thoughts: - Rusev's fucked already. Nothing kills a return like abandoning the direction one week in. If they were always going to drop the tease that he might have been shagging Maria then they never should've hinted at it in the first place. Everyone knew Rusev wouldn't be announced as the Father in the end, but at least play on it and develop your story. They had Maury Povich offering to come on the show for a paternity test, for fuck's sake! That would've been a right laugh! Instead, they decided to just abandon the whole thing in that super frustrating way Vince drops angles, scripting the announcers to brush it off and act like you're the dickhead for wanting to see things followed up on. Rubbish! - EC3 needs to leak to Meltzer than he's being buried and Vince will never push him. Appealing to Vince's need to troll and undermine Big Dave is the only way EC3's gonna be able to save his career at this point. - Nice to see they've breathed some life into the 24/7 thing by giving the women a go. Hopefully they come up with some fun vignettes. - Big fan of Hogan's name being booed. They obviously weren't expecting that by keeping the crowd mics up. Brilliant. Hopefully that continues. Fuck him. - Another great Firefly Funhouse. Bray's really hitting his groove with these now. I wonder if we'll ever see School Teacher Bray in a live setting or if it'll always be in these type of segments? Either way though, there's no denying it any more. If it isn't already the case then this Seth vs. Fiend thing needs to be a double turn. The crowd hated Seth during that opening promo and the way they had him screaming in fear at the end was even worse than last week. Look at this prick! The quicker they start playing on the glaringly obvious unlikable aspects of Seth's character and push him as the heel against Bray the better it'll be for everyone involved. - It looks like they're going all out next week, with a new logo, set and the return of pyro for the, "Season Premiere." It would be forgivable if people missed the new logo though since it was shown at the same time as that terrifying image of a photoshopped Brock Lesnar. Major Uncanny Valley vibes!
  3. I'd much rather a badly delivered promo that feels real than a well delivered promo that feels and sounds like everyone else on the roster. That's where I think AEW are really going to succeed; by allowing guys to live and die by their own ability. I'll take the bad if it means we also get the good. Sure, Kip Sabian can't cut a promo to save his life, but if it means we also get stuff like that Moxley and Omega are doing? I'm down.
  4. Supremo

    NJPW World

    I’d never heard or seen of Kishin Liger before. Holy shit. Goosebumps!
  5. Imperium vs. Undisputed Era vs. British Strong Style (+1) would be my guess/hope.
  6. That first AJ run was great. You could see were they wanted to slot him, sticking him with Jericho at Wrestlemania quite low down on the card, but then almost immediately you could sense someone going, "fucking hell, this lad's brilliant! Why did we let TNA have him for all these years?!"
  7. Yep. The moment Imperium turned up I smelled War Games against the Undisputed Era.
  8. It was a good show overall but there was discernible difference between hour one and hour two. Hour one on the USA Network felt fresh and exciting, whereas hour two on the WWE Network felt like the NXT of old, with average squashes and certain people (Aliyah) not looking at all ready for television. Still, glad to see they’re likely merging NXT with 205 Live and NXT UK. That was always the best way forward. That blistering opener was probably my favourite WWE women’s match all year. Super fun. I enjoyed the big brawl at the end but surely I’m not the only one who thought it needed an exclamation point? As the show was going off the air I was convinced someone’s music was going to hit for a big pop, whether it be Ciampa returning or someone moving from Smackdown or Raw. As it was it just felt silly and awkward to go off the air with guys still scrapping without any definitive punctuation. Definitely a thumbs up though. If the NXT guys are going to start getting similar pay to those on Raw and Smackdown I bet there’ll be a tonne of guys asking to be transferred over in the draft.
  9. I've not seen it officially announced anywhere. Just random news sites so far., unless I'm mistaken?
  10. It's amazing how times have changed. I really want them to pair Conor against Dustin Poirier and I really, really want Dustin to destroy him.
  11. Yup. All signs are that they'll either be recording an episode or airing an episode live from the Jericho Cruise in January. Sounds like a brilliant idea. Guys brawling on the deck, angles and interviews being shot in cabins, a heel trying to throw someone overboard. Hell yeah. The antithesis of WWE programming where everything looks and feels the exact same for years and years.
  12. Fuck me, that's an amazing video! Balls to it. Bring him back as the top babyface to go against Adam Cole for the Title.
  13. I’ve barely watched NXT in ages but I’m excited for tonight’s show. I always love a big reset show where there’s a chance of surprises and drastic changes in direction. Is Ciampa close to returning? Are we all agreed that it’s probably best to pretend he never came out to congratulate Gargano when Johnny won the Title, thus rendering the entire storyline even shitter than it had already become?
  14. ...they’re leaving it very very late to officially confirm this is live on ITV4 every week, aren’t they? I’m starting to wonder if there’s a problem.
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