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  1. Yeah, this has been a belting little feud with Jey Uso. One of the best things Roman has ever done. That final segment last night was one of my favourite go-home segments in ages. Roman’s guttural screams were amazing. I can’t wait for this match!
  2. Tony Schiavone earned his keep during that Cody return. I can’t tell if he’s just excellent at putting it on or if he’s genuinely having the time of his life, but either way it’s super infectious hearing him shout and scream in delight. It’s more apparent with each passing show. Tony on commentary is like watching the show with your best mate, with you both having the best time. JR on commentary is like watching it with your grumpy Dad, constantly making snarky comments and picking holes in everything, making you feel like a prick for watching it.
  3. Spare a thought for Zack Ryder. Spends his whole time off in the gym and taking god-knows-what to at least have the big physique, and then Miro - already the total package - shows up looking like the Incredible Hulk.
  4. I hadn’t even considered that. It’ll be genius if that’s their plan. They might as well double down and bring back the super distracting blue contact lenses.
  5. The best description I’ve seen for Retribution is that it feels completely lifted from the career mode of one of their video games. It wouldn’t shock me at all if it came out that 2K pitched this idea to WWE after deciding not to make a game this year. I mainly feel sorry for the guys involved. I think not having a crowd shitting on it has allowed it to go on longer than it would’ve done in the pre-Covid world, but it still feels like a certainty that it’ll eventually be shit-canned and all the talent will be future-endeavour’d. Now that they’re wearing those awful masks, this is all
  6. I’m not as sold on the Sasha/Bayley feud as most appear to be. Now the dust has settled on the turn it’s got the exact same fundamental flaw as Evolution turning on Randy Orton or The Authority turning on Seth Rollins. Someone turning de facto babyface for no other reason than their heel friends turned on them always feels wonky to me. I’m supposed to root for you for the sole fact that your equally reprehensible mate got tired of you? Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but had Sasha even been displaying any babyface tendencies? I know they’d been teasing animosity forever, but
  7. I don’t like Hangman’s tights. He looked way better in trunks.
  8. I genuinely got goosebumps reading that. An then I got sad realising they'd likely play the horrendous BTE music over their reunion. Nothing makes The Elite feels less like stars than that cheap YouTube intro music. They need to bring Jim Johnston in to make his own rendition.
  9. Absolutely! After the lacklustre Pay Per View I was completely over the teases and nuanced baby steps in this storyline, but this show pulled me back in. Both promos from Omega and Hangman were fantastic and I’m super interested to see what happens now. Has anyone in pro-wrestling ever created a sympathetic character like Hangman before? A complete screw-up, full of flaws, yet you’re desperate to see him get it together and succeed? Fair fucks to them for even trying it, never mind succeeding. 99% of the time this would either result in a heel turn or him being positioned as a loser not w
  10. Conclusive evidence that this company should be built around Dustin Rhodes.
  11. Rusev mentioned wanting to pattern himself on Kurt Angle - capitalise on his natural comedic talents but also be a badass. You can’t argue with him. He’s hilarious in almost everything he does, yet he also looks like this.
  12. It’s borderline genius they brought him in for a wedding angle. I can’t wait for skits involving him and Kip trying on suits, tasting cakes and going on the Stag Do. I thought I wanted him coming to the ring in a tank but this is a million times better. Yeah, the bitter-ex-WWE-guy thing is massively played out, but I think he’s so fun, so lovable and so handsome that he won’t be able to stop himself from immediately moving on and carving a new niche for himself. Guys like Cardona, that’s all they’ve got. Once they’ve done the chip-on-my-shoulder thing there’s hardly anything else there, w
  13. The, "shove your brass ring up your arse!" thing reeked of TNA, but whatever. Miro! I'm so happy. There's no more lovable oaf in the business. He'll rise to the top with ease.
  14. Don’t sell the heel side of the Raw Tag Division short! They can do what the Street Prophets are doing and have a best of 71 Series against Andrade and Angel Garza.
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