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  1. Good for him. I always thought it was quite tragic that he ended up hating wrestling so much.
  2. That video is class. I haven't watched any of the others but that's got me hooked. I'll have to make time to watch them all before the big show. If nothing else, you can't deny these guys have got great instincts for making matches seem important and worth watching. I really hope Dustin and Cody have a good match. Weren't they always campaigning for a Wrestlemania match, only to end up having a bit of a stinker on a B show?
  3. Me and my brother used to call jobbers, "no names." "Was Raw any good?" "Nah, just a bunch of no name matches." I think I've mentioned this before but the first time I got on the internet I remember reading Raw spoilers for the upcoming Friday night's show and being super jazzed about the new gimmick match called the, "Dark Match." My little mind was racing trying to think what it might entail. There's probably a thread to be made for the first time fans discovered the internet or Powerslam.
  4. I didn't realise there was a thread for these. Good call. I've mentioned it elsewhere but the Montreal one is essential viewing just for Jim Cornette's story. Describing himself pitching the Sharpshooter spot, but never in a million years thinking it would happen, then shitting his pants when he saw it happening on the monitor and running out of the building, clocking the Hebners doing the same. So funny. Is this what Jim is like on his podcast? I thought he was just a miserable moaner? He was wildly entertaining here.
  5. Cody's announced another weigh-in for Double or Nothing and I'm fully behind doing it for every match on the card the same way they do for MMA cards. Staredowns, flash bulbs going off, shoving matches, I still can't believe WWE haven't stolen this idea yet. It worked wonders at All In.
  6. I don't know if I believe Cornette came up with the idea, but fuck it. When it comes to something as tired and over-analysed as Montreal, I'll accept Cornette taking credit just for that brilliant story he tells about shitting his pants seeing the finish occur and racing out of the building, only to notice Hebner's car behind him. I've never heard or seen that before and the way it's told and recreated is by far the best part of the Vice documentary. Really made me laugh.
  7. WWE supposedly did market research at Wrestlemania. Whilst I commend them for questioning their methods and wanting to improve their product, can you even imagine some of the feedback they'd have likely got from a portion of the supposed, "smart," fans?!
  8. Do we think this, "Vince is a clueless old goof," is an intentional character? I think in his head he's playing a clever, manipulative, puppet-master-stye troll, whereas everyone watching just wants someone to get him a blanket and some slippers.
  9. Whilst obviously true, Shawn Michaels in particular, could only dream of getting the reaction Kofi got for his first Title win at Wrestlemania.
  10. Has Bray even been injured this entire time he's been off? Or was it a legitimate case of, "fuck me, this guy is stale and shit, send him home." If there's one man I can never imagine tiring of a one-note character doing and saying the same thing forever, it's Vince.
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