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  1. I didn’t know how much I needed this until now. Big meaty men slappin’ meat! Get it booked!
  2. Teleportin’ Matt was so shit. Similar to Moxley’s terrible match with Omega, it did the exact opposite of what they intended. I didn’t come away thinking, “wow, Vince and WWE dropped the ball not letting them do their own stuff.” I came away thinking, “no wonder they had to rein you in, you fucking dork.”
  3. That Gronk lad’s quite the annoying twat, isn’t he? Looking forward to WWE realising and turning him heel about nine months to a year too late. Poor Mojo, too. You can sense his hope and belief that this is going to turn his career around, when everyone else on the planet knows it’s never going to happen. Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak are the only act in this company that works in an empty building. They’re great together.
  4. Forget JR, Jake the Snake was the one that shocked me. The shit he’s put his body through, the health problems he’s had, and they still fly him in? Insane.
  5. I haven’t seen all of it but from what I did see they did a far better job than WWE. Them both doing shows without crowds further exposed the difference between the products. WWE felt shallower and more one-note than ever, like there was nothing behind the razzmatazz, whereas even in a mostly empty building there were still cute interactions and fun moments to be had in AEW, whether it’s Big Tone having a cheeky bet on the matches, Colt Cabana slapping Kip Sabian or Orange Cassidy sleeping at the commentary desk. The only problem with the Matt Hardy thing is knowing what a thunderous reaction that would’ve received in front of AEW fans. Still, Matt Hardy back in a company where he can come up with his own stuff? Brilliant. Fuck yeah Brodie Lee. So happy it was him. Could’ve done without the bush league WWE bashing about old men not understanding his potential or whatever, but still. I’m thrilled. Him being the leader of the Dark Order immediately elevates them. So yeah, given the circumstances, if you must do a live show, this was not bad at all. Ultimately though, it’s really not necessary and felt like a huge risk having so many people out there at once. This company especially wouldn’t suffer one bit from just doing a two hour promo, interview and vignette-filled show for however long this goes on for. Thankfully, the ambiguous way they kept saying, “the next Dynamite,” rather than, “next week,” suggests they realise this too. Sammy fucking Guevara though. My word. What a talent. There’s no joy in wrestling right now greater than Chris Jericho constantly trying not to laugh at what a fantastic, hilarious prick Sammy is. He’s like a proud dad.
  6. I can completely buy that Vince thinks he’s doing the right thing. He’ll be absolutely certain that it’s their duty to, “put smiles on faces,” and offer a distraction for people stuck at home. Him and Steph are probably already talking about how running Wrestlemania is going to save the Planet or some shit. I think the longer they do these deathly episodes of Raw and Smackdown the more chance there is of him changing his mind though. It just doesn’t work. You aren’t distracting people. You’ve taken something they enjoy and rammed it through this weird, haunting, creepy filter. I think I read the analogy on Twitter or Facebook, but it’s spot on regardless. Doing these shows in front of zero fans would be like if your nan died and your parents took you to Disney Land to distract you...but then brought your nan’s corpse with them.
  7. They should rip DDT off and just do Wrestlemania at a local swimming baths. I'd watch the shit out of that.
  8. Further evidence that Montez Ford is a cant miss gem. Look at how this lad sold the Stunner. Superb.
  9. I'm with @tiger_rick. Doing what they usually do in an empty warehouse is fucking weird and doesn't allow for even the slightest bit of escapism. They'll continue to do it until forced not to because Vince is a maniac, but they'd be better off just airing, "Best Of," specials on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's not like they haven't got the footage. We thought Drew was fucked beforehand. Wait until the poor bastard has to raise the belt aloft in front of nobody, shitty indoor fireworks going off behind him.
  10. Santino salutes in mid-air to sell the Stone Cold Stunner. Fantastic.
  11. So, with it looking extremely unlikely that this is happening in its current form, how do people think they go about it? Would they do all the Wrestlemania matches in an empty Performance Center? I don't know how they could really address a postponement in storylines otherwise. Everyone has all these storylines ready to peak in three weeks. Is Vince just going to suddenly wake up and pretend everything was a dream until things have calmed down? Can they even pause the entire company and not deliver TV shows to USA and Fox for a month or so?
  12. We had tickets for this. Frankly, I’m glad they’ve moved it and I don’t have to weigh up going or not anymore. Dana’s insistence that these fights will still happen isn’t the greatest look when everything else is shutting down for the foreseeable future.
  13. Yep. There are two things I want from this company right now. Firstly, a WWE 24 Documentary following Vince losing his mind at the prospect of cancelling Wrestlemania. And more importantly, a new Network option where I can switch the commentary track on every show to a grumpy, sarcastic Triple H in Gorilla just slagging everyone off.
  14. I bet it’ll help the shows massively in the short term. Something different. Forced to get creative, like that time Raw was snowed in. NXT already felt fresh as fuck with them messing around in the gym and the conference room.
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