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  1. Tony Khan going nuts on Twitter has been incredible. It’s the greatest pay off to WWE’s longest running angle. For what’s felt like decades everything has been geared towards the company and the McMahons being positioned as the heel against the hardcore fans, with little to no catharsis. And now the king of the hardcore fans keeps humiliating them every time they pick a fight, revelling in it online. I keep waiting for Tony to tweet Triple H and Vince directly, hitting them with an old fashioned, “u ok hun?” Surely it’s only a matter of time.
  2. Love the idea of Hangman kicking out of the One Winged Angel and then effortlessly blocking and countering every member of The Elite as they fly in to try and stop him becoming champion.
  3. Whilst I can’t imagine this show delivering the surprises and moments of their last pay per view, I do like that they seem to have solid directions already. For All Out it felt like everything was decided upon three weeks before and then rushed together, whereas you can already map out over half of this card based on the TV alone. I saw some people online suggesting Hangman should lose and continue the chase into next year. I’ll throw myself off a fucking bridge if that happens.
  4. I wouldn’t know how over he is currently, I haven’t been enthused enough to even watch, which is surely the point. The moment I saw he was in the exact same storyline they’re doing with everyone else, I skipped the show. He will be swallowed up and flattened though. They all are. Ladder match next week though! God bless them.
  5. Their worst trope will forever be tag teams and factions having animosity. I’m still convinced half the reason everyone bangs on about there being too many factions in AEW is because they’ve been conditioned by WWE to think no-one in pro-wrestling should have any mates that they actually get on with. It completely undermines any drama an eventual turn or break up might generate. If lads never got along, why should I be surprised when one of them smashes the other with a chair? And why should I support either of them in their inevitable feud when they’ve been a pair of insufferable pricks the whole time they were together? The will-they-co-exist thing just feels like an extension of that. For a company so clearly written for one man, Vinny Mac must have fucking loved doing group work in school, where everyone is bitching and fighting and nothing actually gets done. That’s what his entire product feels like. Speaks volumes for what I imagine it must be like working there too.
  6. WWE’s Twitter account was making fun of the Co-ExIsT~! thing on Twitter during Raw too, but if anything that just makes it worse. If you’re self aware enough to recognise your lazy, vacuous, repetitive tropes, yet don’t actually address them beyond making cheeky jokes, it shows even more contempt for your audience. We know it’s shit. They know it’s shit. But they’re not changing anything. Here’s your shit. Enjoy. I think the reason I find it extra disheartening is because Braun Breaker has so much potential. When you’ve got someone like him and he’s already being swallowed up and having his momentum flattened by all the shitty booking? Real Goldberg in 2003 vibes. When you plug everyone into the same system and they all go through the same storylines you can’t be surprised when no-one gets over and everyone feels the same. It’s been mentioned a thousand times in the Raw thread but this is the perfect example here. You’ve got a guy everyone wants to invest in but when you can extrapolate his entire career and you know for a fact you won’t be rewarded for following and supporting him? Kills my excitement dead. Five years maximum. Steiner will be dancing on Raw. Guaranteed.
  7. I’m the hardest of hardcore fan who tries to watch everything I can, but the moment I saw the graphic for this week’s main event? Another title match being built up by the opponents trying to co-exist in tag matches? They can fuck right off. Imagine getting those Friday ratings and then just doing the same fucking thing over and over again. Even WCW at the very end didn't treat their audience with the contempt WWE does.
  8. Cody pissing about in a comedy tag team does not bode well for this coming Saturday. He’s beating Black and staying babyface, isn’t he? Fuck’s sake.
  9. When was the last Hell in a Cell match that happened at the natural culmination of a feud rather than because it was a specific time of the year? It’s got to be at least a decade. For that reason alone this feels like a huge novelty, whatever you think about Edge or Seth as performers or their feud overall. Multi-month-feud-ending Hell in a Cell match doesn’t scream non-canon UK PPV to me.
  10. I don’t want a Championship celebration that’s interrupted by the next challenger. Fuck that. I want at least two to three weeks of shows filled with skits of Hangman partying and going on day trips with the Dark Order. The Zoo. Theme Parks. All You Can Eat Buffets. Nothing bad happens, there are no swerves or surprises, everyone is just really happy and having a great time.
  11. I doubt it played any type of factor, and I know it’s been historically proven to make no difference whatsoever to ratings, but I’d love for this to spur them on to do more live episodes of Rampage. Friday’s show was so much better for having a fresh, loud crowd. There’s no way that six-man tag gets that reaction if it’s recorded after the fans have already sat through four or five hours of stuff. Both The Bunny and Ruby clearly have more restraint and class than me. I would’ve tweeted, “acknowledge me,” hours ago.
  12. “Tonight on Monday Night Raw, days before their clash at Crown Jewel, can Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns co-exist in a tag match?!”
  13. Amazing. Feels like we’re moments away from Roman challenging CM Punk to see if he can throw a kettle over the pub and that’s the real quiz.
  14. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of WWE picking fights that blow up in their face. It’s a better cathartic babyface victory than anything WWE have booked themselves in years. Thoughts and prayers to those poor bastard writers who are having their Raw script tore up right now. EDIT: LOL. You love to see it.
  15. The roll Danielson is on, I’m happy to see what he can drag out of Luther on an episode of Dark. That man is a fucking great professional wrestler.
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