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  1. Unfortunately, yes. I’d much sooner forget that shit, but now Ronda has gone and Becky has cooled off beyond belief it seemed impossible to imagine it ever happening again. Then Rhea moved to Full Sail full-time.
  2. The best thing on this week’s show - by some margin - was that little vignette they did on Rhea Ripley. What a fucking star that woman is. She’s the only woman in the company right now who you could imagine one day being the main event of Wrestlemania. Having never watched the Mae Young Classic, I was blown away by how different she used to look, too. I’d never have guessed this was the same person! She has to beat Shayna for the title, right?
  3. Bray Wyatt is carrying Smackdown at the moment but that thing in The Miz’s house was proper shit. They’re lucky no fucker watches this show anymore. The one thing worse than the invisible camera? Miz actually acknowledging that there was a full camera crew just hanging out in his toddler’s bedroom on the off chance something spooky made him run in to check on her. I know he’s been described as a Vince McMahon Yes Man for years, but this run as head of Smackdown is really solidifying Bruce Pritchard as such. It reeks of a show written entirely for Vince. At least on Raw you can see Heyman trying to push through some type of vision and going with his favourites. Friday nights has become the dullest, paint-by-numbers job, week in and week out. I keep thinking of the Fox execs, having expected to get Ronda and Brock, then ending up with Baron Corbin. A special shout out to everyone on the show acting like removing someone’s fake eyelashes is both painful (last week) and the most disrespectful, personal attack imaginable (last night). Never has a show felt so obviously written by weird, out-of-touch old bastards. Still, this from Dash Wilder was gold.
  4. I work nights where there’s a lot of being on call. If I’m in work I’ll put it on live in the background whilst doing other things. If I’m not in work, I’ll likely stick it on the laptop in the morning and skim through it whilst I tidy up or cook breakfast for the family. Honestly don’t know how anyone could actually sit on a couch and give Raw or Smackdown in particular their full attention for the entirety of it. The only shows I’ll try and watch properly are AEW and NXT, but even NXT is reaching the point where I can fast forward half of it.
  5. I’ve mentioned it before, but every time I see this hammers it home that bit more. What a moment. How this wasn’t the catalyst for a smug prick heel turn is absolutely beyond me. Roman would be the biggest babyface on the planet by now.
  6. AEW: 778,000 (0.28 in 18-34) NXT: 778,000 (0.24 in 18-34) Brilliant.
  7. What a thread! I was thinking of starting a, “best of the decade,” thread but that comprehensively covers it! I think Brock’s music hitting for his return is my favourite moment of the decade. Fucking brilliant.
  8. Remember Tony Khan saying we'd never see the shitty invisible camera? Also, nothing kills your no-DQ main event quite like someone in your co-main event hitting his opponent in the face with a mobile telephone right in front of the ref and not being disqualified. I probably champion this company more than most but the cracks are definitely starting to show and it absolutely feels like they've plateaued in terms of listening and adapting. Really disappointing.
  9. Their complete inability to write babyfaces is a big, big problem that they desperately need to address, so you hope someone internally has learned a lesson from what happened to Seth this past year. But for the short term, I hope turning heel does for Seth what it did for Daniel Bryan and the Kabuki Warriors, righting the ship and elevating them massively. It’s unbelievable how quickly Kairi and Asuka have flew up in the card and feel like a legitimate top act. For a company that is absolutely terrible at shooting professional wrestling, this shot of Kairi Sane’s elbow to the outside deserves all the credit in the world. Even the way the table breaks is spot-on perfect. Like everyone involved is crashing straight into your living room. Also, I genuinely can’t think of another example of something as bad as the Lana/Lashley/Rusev stuff that somehow still holds a special place in my heart just for how charming and likeable one of the participants (Rusev) is. It’s absolute dross of the worst kind but then the camera will cut to Rusev with a daft grin on his face and I can’t help but love him. Honestly, Lana is punching.
  10. I quite liked the Seth thing. It's a complete knock-off of Bret Hart in 97 and it's fucking criminal they're doing it now with Rolins rather than with Roman Reigns a few years ago, but still. Good stuff. Makes a change for them to actually listen to their audience and for someone to turn heel and have a proper reason behind it rather than the usual, "the WWE Universe doesn't deserve an explanation!" shit. I hope Seth smashes it as a heel so that we see more of this going forward.
  11. Supremo

    WWE HOF 2020

    More importantly, can we talk about how fucking great Dave Batista was? Remember when he had to forfeit the Title and people were openly weeping? What a guy. One of the last true top babyfaces.
  12. Supremo

    WWE HOF 2020

    Can’t believe that had never crossed my mind before. Arguably the only wrestler I can think of where I might actually be able to enjoy their speech without feeling so embarrassed and awkward that I turn inside out.
  13. Supremo

    WWE HOF 2020

    In the Twitter replies to WWE announcing this there's a bewildering amount of people campaigning for Christian to be inducted. If that isn't a testament to how few top stars they've got left to induct I don't know what is.
  14. If there’s one thing AEW needs, it’s a dark cult faction or tag team.
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