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  1. My enthusiasm for UFC has never been lower, but I caught this show and it was exactly what I needed as a gateway to watching regularly again. The return of some fans made a huge difference, but the biggest clincher was Max’s performance in the main event. Absolutely incredible. It was like he was using cheat codes! Also - Dan Hardy and Daniel Cormier are a fantastic commentary team. I don’t know if they’re considered the PPV A team now but they should be.
  2. Yup. Half the roster’s social media makes out as if there isn’t a pandemic happening. Ricochet in particular is terrible for it. And what’s without going into the fact that he’s usually found hanging out with nonces and rapists. Considering how much Drew’s positive test clearly fucked everything up last week I’m stunned WWE haven’t put something in place regarding talent acting like idiots on their days off. Unless the booking of Ricochet is a warning to the rest of them, of course.
  3. Royal Rumble winner herself taking the piss out of the length of the shows. I’m sure she still enjoyed the, “spectacle,” of going on last, performing to silence though. But yeah, someone telling @d-d-d-dAzhe doesn’t watch much MMA made me laugh.
  4. Splitting the show into two was by far one of the only positives of last year’s event. Rather than a six plus hour slog that leaves you with a migraine, two three hour events was a million times better. How does doing two shows of manageable length rather than an insane endurance test, “take away,” from the spectacle? Would you genuinely prefer them to go back to the way Mania was the last few years prior, where they go on forever and absolutely no-one bar the performers can be fucked by the time the main event rolls around?
  5. As is often the case when I see negative reports before I get the time to see it, I seemed to have a lot more fun with this week’s show than most. Fun opener, nice little tag match with FTR and Jurassic Express, the Omega/Elite brawl was great, I’m delighted the Lucha Bros are moving into a top position, the Inner Circle stuff kept things bubbling nicely, Jake Hagar made me laugh out loud with his daft, “CHAMPIONSHIPS!” thing and then the main event was easily the best thing I’ve ever seen Brian Cage do. Great match, Darby came out of it looking like a never-say-die, next-Jeff-Hardy super
  6. If Khan is willing to pay for proper songs for entrance music then this should be his first choice.
  7. When it started I remember the talk was about how lopsided it felt, with no-one really understanding what AEW had to gain compared to Impact. In retrospect though, it almost feels like Impact has got the shittier end of the deal. AEW got to use Anderson and Gallows like they had planned from the very first episode of Dynamite. It also allowed them to bring in Callis as a full-time character, who’s complimented Omega’s act tremendously and proved himself to be one of the best promos going today. With Impact, not only has the use of Omega not really added anything but from reading this
  8. Do they use the 8K cameras to shoot the actual action in the NFL? I can imagine that could make for some interesting footage, particularly if you slow it down. Just using it for entrances just made everyone look a bit weird though. I swear, we're months away from WWE airing a show consisting entirely of footage from WWE2K and no-one will even tell the difference. Speaking of overproduced, weird, haunting Black Mirror production - I found out the other day that they're only now starting to use proper fans for the NXT's Thunderdome screens and previously they just used stock footage of fans
  9. Again, the last thing anyone should be doing is complaining that AEW haven’t done enough. Something as trivial as releasing some matches on YouTube? From what I’ve seen, they’re too busy continuing to be class acts, keeping Brodie’s son as busy and happy as possible. Disney World trip with Tony Schiavone? So jealous! That’s my dream come true!
  10. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened and I’m absolutely gutted. Something new and different only to swerve us with the same thing they’ve been doing for months. Still, this show needs to be seen just for the 8K cameras they used for entrances. As if it wasn’t the creepiest, most haunting show already with the Black Mirror fans and piped in chants. They’ve now got guys somehow giving Uncanny Valley vibes with their own actual human faces. I don’t know why, but 8K makes everyone look less real, like a video game character. Overall a good show though. The difference in quali
  11. Supremo


    I remember queuing for tickets to one of those UK events at the time, Rebellion I think, and there was a middle aged woman next to us absolutely obsessed with Chyna. We were waiting for hours and all she wanted to talk about was Chyna. Person after person, she’d start a conversation about Chyna. She was her hero, she read her book once a week, reeling off all these facts about her. Wouldn’t shut up. She must have been so gutted when Chyna was gone from the company not long after, quickly becoming a tragic wreck.
  12. Much like everything involving Roman right now, it’s a shame the Adam Pearce match is taking place in an empty building. Even if we know how the match is going to end I bet they could have fans going wild when Pearce gets a flurry going against him.
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