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  1. They’ve got a commentator who can smash those puppies to bits with a hammer. Great news though! Stats per hour. There’s your pure sports. Now everyone can stop banging on about it forever.
  2. He’d probably eat that buffet food at the kid’s table, with his employers doing fuck all about it.
  3. That line from Tazz was such a shame. He’s proven to be a fantastic TV character and an excellent promo, but the whole thing turns to shit when they take crappy pot shots like that. Especially when there didn’t appear to be a single fucker in that stadium wearing a mask. Glass houses, guys. Ultimately, whatever else happened on this show, I think we can all agree that the highlight was Joey Janela going full Lex Luger, struggling to angrily take his T-shirt off during his angle with Lance Archer. Jake Roberts laughing his arse off at him with his neon white teeth was just the icing on the cake. ”Your T-shirts are too tight too, Tony!” How long has Jake had those new ridiculous teeth though? He looks like that when people put train tickets in their mouth to look like teeth.
  4. Dynamite song not played during commercials this week - Tony Khan a confirmed UKFF’er. No booms, they did not ignite. No elements collided with a flash of light. It was not time. To light the fuse. Or bring the boom. For dynamite.
  5. If you enjoy the Dynamite theme song you're gonna fucking LOVE IT on Fite.
  6. Austin Aries in, “is a dickhead,” shocker.
  7. Thank fuck for this thread because I gave up in the middle of episode three and wouldn’t have continued if I hadn’t read the reviews for episode four and five. Echo what everyone else had said. The same story didn’t need to be told five times. It would’ve been far more enjoyable if a few episodes had just been a deep dive into his thoughts and experiences playing the character. The stuff where you’d see him rehearsing the old skits was absolutely fascinating. I would’ve loved more of that rather than a rinse and repeat of him chasing the final send off over and over again.
  8. It probably wouldn’t work without fans, but Big E is in desperate need of a big push straight to the top. It’s crazy in the “everyone gets a go,” era that they’ve yet to strap the rocket to this great man.
  9. Low Ki in, “is a dickhead,” shocker.
  10. Would anyone even be surprised if Vince McMahon’s eventual death came about because he tried to no-sell a pandemic, to the point of pretending he hadn’t contracted it when he had? I wouldn’t expect anything less than him popping his clogs in Gorilla, arguing he’s absolutely fine, pal.
  11. Watch something come out about him now and ruin what little hope I have left for the industry, but Daniel Bryan is just a good egg in general, isn’t he? It’s no wonder he got so over and is so beloved despite the way he’s been written and presented for years. He’s just a top guy whose loveliness and likability forever shines through. I thought the way he addressed the Black Lives Matter movement was great. Rather than just throwing out a hashtag or changing a profile picture it was obvious he’d given it a lot of thought and genuinely wanted to be a better, more educated person. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/06/daniel-bryan-says-he-wants-to-be-anti-racist-671600/ “I'm very bad about talking about race," Bryan admitted. "Right now there's a ton of people on social media, but at some point, this is probably going to die down, like the fervor for it as the news cycle goes in a circle. What I want for myself for myself and for the movement is to educate myself in a way that when social media starts focusing on something else, when there's a new outrage, that I'm still there for this fight and I understand the real core issues." "What I realize too is that like, 'Oh, if I have a question I'll just ask Big E!', right?" Bryan said. "The last thing, I don't want to say the last thing, but your black friends are not your Google, right? They're not there to answer all your white person questions about race." "I wanted to do a lot of education myself and to look up to the black men and women that have been fighting this fight for a long time," Bryan stated. "Big E actually retweeted a woman named Victoria Alexander. She put out a list of books. Like, here's an anti-racist book club.” "So, not only do I want to be not racist, being not racist isn't good enough. Being anti-racist, right? And not just from an individual level, but from a structural societal level, I want to be anti-racist. I want to support things that bring the black community up because it's not right." Essentially, what I’m saying is I doubt you’d ever see a video of Daniel Bryan being a horrible, creepy bastard asking for a wet lay.
  12. I sought this out after reading this, the only pro-wrestling I've had any interest in watching at the moment, and you're absolutely spot on. Fantastic stuff. I've said it before, but man. If this Jericho/Cassidy thing was happening in front of fans he'd be a made man for life. It's clicking perfectly, a brilliant dynamic, Jericho clearly recognises the greatness of Cassidy's act and how to make it work, all it's missing is an arena full of fans going crazy when he puts the shades back on, covered in blood. His Becky-with-a-broken-nose moment. I wonder if there's anyone who still doesn't get it? He's fucking brilliant.
  13. I wonder if all the shit surrounding pro-wrestling right now is more likely to turn off younger viewers than older ones. That would be one explanation for this week's numbers. Isn't the average age of an NXT viewer something mad like 50+? I can't imagine they're the type of people to follow a hashtag on Twitter and then decide to fuck everything off in disgust. Someone in their 30s or younger though, that seems more likely.
  14. Not exactly what you were asking for - so apologies - but this seemed as good a place as any to put this. At a time when I’ve got fuck all interest in watching any pro-wrestling, with everything everywhere feeling like a scummy, disgusting dumpster fire, the return of Rusev to Lana’s Instagram made me smile this morning. I guess they no longer have to adhere to the storyline anymore, so Rusev’s daft face can return. I love him.
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