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  1. If you stabbed Jon Moxley in the eye with a spike he would literally go blind, too. It's pro-wrestling, work it! Throw a dummy overboard dressed as MJF for all I care!
  2. How is Statlander's gimmick played on the Indies? Is she actually supposed to be an alien? It sounds like a fun idea but in typical AEW fashion nothing has ever been explained and it's almost as if they threw her on TV before deciding whether they actually wanted to use the gimmick or not. Being stuck on that boat would be my idea of hell, and I bet it stunk to high heaven, but the set for tonight's Dynamite show on the Jericho Cruise looks bloody brilliant. Pic in spoiler tags just in case.
  3. I really don’t think showing a three to five minute video on the big screen, “kills,” a live crowd. If anything, whenever I’ve attended a live TV recording it’s only added to the excitement, getting caught up in the characters or stories before seeing them live in the flesh. To this day, one of my favourite experiences at any live event is the, “Baba O’Reilly,” montage the UFC play before their events start. It’s absolute magic, every time. I wonder if it’s yet another case of AEW being so obsessed with being an alternative to WWE that it’s at the expense of their product. In WWE, everything is boiled down to one or two notes and everything is hammered home to an almost comical level. Every advert break is followed by a, “Moments Ago,” recap and if a big moment happens then you’ll see it repeated over and over, week after week, music video after music video. Absolutely nothing is left to memory or assumption. It wouldn’t shock me at all if The Elite guys think WWE’s approach insults the fan’s intelligence, which is why everything is far more scattered on Dynamite, most guys usually have an A and B feud running simultaneously, and we almost never get a recap video. I get it, but there has to be a happy medium. Don’t treat your fans like morons but then also don’t assume they watch and remember everything and wouldn’t appreciate a quick recap or a fun video package. I’ve watched everything they’ve put out so far but still thought that MJF/Cody video was fucking boss. Imagine having a moment as good as that MJF turn and not showing it over and over again. In fact, where the fuck is the footage of that fan throwing a drink at MJF as he walked to the back? That was money!
  4. I try not to slag Dave off unnecessarily but I did think it was mad the way he and Bryan quite openly explained that a staple of the product they provide - the audio recap and analysis of Raw - wouldn’t be happening this week because they fancied going on a cruise instead.
  5. Sweet Jesus this is good. In less than ten minutes Cody vs. MJF is made to feel like the best storyline in wrestling and PAC and Jungle Boy two of its biggest stars today. "Please, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. 'Cos I'm like a Honey Badger, mate...and I'll gnaw your bastard face off!" Why oh why is this stuff not being broadcast on TNT?!
  6. I get the impression the person who eliminates Brock will be Brock’s Mania opponent, with Brock likely returning ten or fifteen minutes later and eliminating them, allowing someone else win the Rumble itself and challenge Bray. Makes sense to make two stars and set up both Mania main events in the same match. The only X factor for me are those recent NXT ratings. I wonder if Vince is going to panic again, realising the only thing that gave him a consistent lead over AEW was putting NXT over the whole roster, meaning he’s going to put someone from NXT over strong again. How many millions extra do you think it’d cost to get Brock to go to Full Sail on Wednesdays for a few months? And would Vince be willing to pony up?
  7. Watching this show, and knowing how Heyman books, I’m half expecting someone like Matt Riddle or Aleister Black to get the mega-rub by eliminating Brock. I’d be all for it.
  8. Someone has stolen Brandi Rhodes’ passport, meaning she can’t attend the Jericho Cruise, so won’t be on this week’s show. Not all heroes wear capes.
  9. Why are people equating being booked to look like a prick with taking it easy and not smashing your body up? They’re two completely different things. From what I’ve seen Omega has booked himself to lose loads but he’s still been doing similar matches to what he used to do in Japan. Smashing his nose up in that first Jericho match, chucking himself into railings in the Pac match, doing fucking Phoenix Splashes onto the exposed wooden boards against Mox, landing face-first, this isn’t a case of Kenny, “taking it easy,” or preserving his body. It’s about him and his mates being geeks who were too scared to push themselves as the top stars out of fear of morons on Twitter accusing them of burying others.
  10. Pretty unfair to say AEW’s Kenny Omega doesn’t have a character. He’s a gamer/internet/cosplay dork who loses more than he wins and isn’t as good as he supposedly was in Japan. He’s also a shit friend, where despite being a Vice President of the company he doesn’t really do anything whenever his mates are violently attacked. Frankly, I don’t blame Adam Page for choosing booze over him.
  11. I was sad to see Shelley lose but then Gibson cut that brilliant heel promo afterwards and all was forgiven. Hopefully Gibson moves to the proper NXT brand full-time. He’s a great heel. Plus, Shelley strikes me as being similar to Samoa Joe. They’ll tell themselves he’s only coming in part-time, or that he’s NXT-exclusive and there’s no long-term plans, but then they’ll quickly realise how great he is and lock him down for good. He’s exactly what KUSHIDA needs, with the ability to carry the promo side of things. Dunne and Riddle made for a great team, too. Very excited by the idea of them winning the whole thing and then breaking up and feuding with each other. The quicker Dunne turns heel again the better.
  12. Half the time I think people just say, "psychology," without even thinking or caring about what it means. They just know there's a certain type of wrestling they're not supposed to like because Meltzer or Cornette told them, so whilst pretending they don't like it and not really knowing how to articulate as much, they just attribute it to, " bad psychology." That opening four-way tag on this show was the perfect example of it. Everyone banging on about bad psychology and acrobatics, tagging Cornette on Twitter so they can go, "LOL It's just flips!" and feel all smug if he chucks them a like or retweet. It's not just flips though, is it? It's not like the lads are out there just doing somersaults onto crash-pads without rhyme or reason. They're attempting to win by hitting high-flying, acrobatic, impactful moves and counters that are completely in keeping with the accepted reality of pro-wrestling. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but that doesn't automatically mean, "bad psychology." Give me this type of match over a dead slow, boring match where everyone expertly works on a body part~! any day of the week. If anything, I thought they did a really good job in that match continuing to tease Adam Page's turn and building up the tension among The Elite, whilst still providing a fun sprint of a match with a fucking brilliant Orange Cassidy comedy spot in the middle. So glad they've started featuring Cassidy more on Dynamite rather than Dark. He's the best. I've no problem watching long matches on TV provided they're fun, exciting matches or involve characters I care about. That's why this Brandi thing sucks so bad. Shit characters, shit storylines, shit matches. Look at that Mel girl, for example. Who the fuck even is she? Has it ever been explained? At least most characters in pro-wrestling start with the default of, "this person is a professional wrestler," and then they build from there, but that hasn't even been the case with Mel! She was just a woman in the crowd who wanted a haircut and now she's having matches. I think JR sort of half mentioned, "it looks like she has wrestling skills," during the match, but come on! I know they've got a fetish for spooky and mysterious factions but there's no excuse when the Nightmare Collective's entire act is mostly built around promos and vignettes to not have characters more fleshed out than "Jericho's mate from the 90s," and, "woman who wanted a trim." The way Awesome Kong's aura has plummeted for being associated with this shit is really depressing, too. When she originally came in it felt like such a big deal. Her staredown with Ajar Kong was great. I know the rumours are that she's a physical wreck these days so can't really go, but still. A few power spots and squash matches is all she needed to continue her momentum. I'm sure Riho or one of the other small girls could've easily ran around her and bumped enough to get a good match out of her. Now though, she feels absolutely worthless.
  13. It was a solid show. The only low point, as always, was the Brandi Rhodes stuff, but I've taken to just fast-forwarding the majority of stuff involving that lot. I was a bit disappointing we didn't see anyone messing around with the beach set, throwing giant beach balls or something at each other, but hopefully that's just because they're saving it for the cruise next week. I'm praying we see guys fighting in cabins or getting thrown overboard or whatever. Ideally, Moxley keeps the Metal Gear Solid eye patch for a while.He looked great in it!
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