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  1. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Fuck Stephanie. She's back one week and she's already undone all the good work she did leading up to and including Wrestlemania. It's like the whole thing was a dream. She's right back in that shitty tweener role, where she's superior to everyone and everything. Kevin Owens comes out and cuts a nice promo, actually feels a bit like a star, then they script him to look a dickhead when he leans against Steph's shoulder. Then they build up Nia vs. Ronda by essentially having Stephanie rip the piss out of both of them, with neither doing anything about it. I fucking hate Stephanie in this role. I'm forever baffled as to what they think they're doing when they book her like this. They must know how damaging it is in the long-run, surely? I wonder if any FOX executives watched that Sami Zayn/Lashley's sisters segment? Imagine watching that, knowing you're giving these guys an actual billion dollars. I love the B Team. Their celebrations are the highlight of the show. I like that even his fellow announcers can't be fucked with Coach's shitty, "word of the hour," thing. He tried to squeeze one out during the third hour and both Cole and Graves talked all over him. Lovely. Drew MacIntyre has got something. Every week he stands out. Fun main event. Seth Rollins needs to be the one to beat Brock. Roman continues to be an aimless, pathetic character who needs an injury or something to sideline him for six months to a year.
  2. Supremo

    Smackdown - the Billion Dollar Baby (new TV deal announced)

    So in the end, Road Dogg can book a successful show and wins and losses don't matter.
  3. Say what you want lads, but he’s going to change the business when he finally makes that LA Fights show.
  4. Really fun episode this week. Dream vs. Ricochet was super enjoyable whilst it lasted, suggesting those two could have an absolute cracker if paired at Takeover, then the main event was all kinds of great. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan are a great team. Hopefully they get a title shot. Plus, of course, Ciampa vs. Gargano continues to be feud of the year. I'll never ever get over what a fantastic job everyone has done with this. I remember when DIY first debuted, I thought they were the dullest, most faceless pair of Work Rate Wankers I'd ever seen. It's unbelievable how much I'm now invested in both guys. Ciampa in particular is just phenomenal at the moment.
  5. Supremo

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    After listening to the Wrestlemania 13 episode of, “Something To Wrestle With,” I went back and watched the main event of the go-home Raw, Bret vs. Sid in a cage match. It’s the first time I’ve watched it since watching it live as a thirteen year old. It was as great now as it was then. Some really clever booking with Stone Cold and Undertaker trying to help their Mania opponents win to ensure their match would be for the Title. Bret’s acting afterwards is fantastic, too. Proper believable, justified heel turn. He hasn’t just become a baddie because they need a baddie, it makes complete sense in the storyline that he’d be thoroughly pissed off. Everything feels way more authentic than anything they put on TV these days. However, one thing I’d completely forgotten about is the final few moments, and the inexplicable HBK appearance! Everyone is brawling, Bret fighting Austin and Sid fighting Taker, then for seemingly no reason at all, despite being injured and not even having a match at Mania, Shawn appears at the top of the ramp holding a chair. What the fuck? It felt so out of place to put focus on a guy not even competing at the Pay Per View. Can anyone remember what the opinion was of this at the time? It feels so stupid looking back.
  6. Supremo

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Enzo’s case has been closed. Doubt he’ll ever get another crack at WWE though.
  7. Supremo

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Is it particularly difficult to mic the crowd at the o2? I thought it was an isolated incident on Raw when they seemingly muted the crowd booing Roman, but it sounded like the same thing was happening during that Daniel Bryan reaction. It was big, don’t get me wrong, but it looked like the crowd were going far crazier than you could hear as a viewer. Is this the first time they didn’t cover up Paige’s awful hand tattoos? I only noticed the “Get Bit,” tattoo on one of her hands. Wasn’t sure if the, “Talk Shit,” part was ever visible on TV. Surely the don’t want that? I like the Rusev-Lana-English trio. They should drop the hints of Lana trying to get Rusev to ditch Aiden and run with them as a trio for a bit. Maybe in a year’s time they eventually split when Aiden makes a move on Lana or something. Babayace Samoa Joe makes it bit uneven at the top, doesn’t it?
  8. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    There was something really funny about Roman searching for Jinder backstage, mumbling to himself. “Have you seen Jinder? I’m sure I’ll find him....” All whilst the people backstage completely ignored him. As an isolated moment it’d be completely forgettable, but given how he’s been scripted these past few months he’s become this weird, tragic, comedic figure. Seeing him being blanked by nobodies backstage only added to it. He’s beyond repair.
  9. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Well, that was certainly a wrestling show with lots of wrestlers having lots of wrestling matches.
  10. Supremo

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I fully suspect Natalya will cost Ronda the match to build their storyline, but fuck me, they better hope Nia doesn't injure Ronda before they get to the screwy finish. How you could watch Nia's most recent performances and decide to pair her with one of your most valuable assets is beyond me. She's an absolute liability.
  11. I might be remembering it wrong, but didn't his match with Velveteen Dream at one of the Takeover shows fall apart on a couple of occasions for the very reason that he's a fat bastard trying to wrestle like a Luchador? I'm sure he jumped onto the Dream's shoulders for some fancy type of Death Valley Driver spot, only for everything to fall apart when gravity took over. There's no excuse for the shape he's in when you consider the training and nutrition available to him at the Performance Centre.
  12. Does anyone honestly believe that Kassius Ohno will make it to the main roster? He seems destined to flounder in NXT before eventually getting released again.
  13. Supremo

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Fair play to them. That’s a hell of an achievement. You have to wonder how big of a building they could’ve filled if they managed to shift 10,000 seats in an hour. Fingers crossed they stream the show now they’ve shifted all the tickets.
  14. Supremo

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I’ve not seen this week’s show yet, but have they given any reason as to why Bryan and The Miz haven’t interracted yet? It just seems so weird that Bryan supposedly played a hand in Miz being drafted, yet they haven’t bumped into each other yet. At the very least, they could lazily mention that Miz has a restraining order against him or something. Other than his performance in the Greatest Royal Rumble, I completely agree that they’ve done a stunning job of making Bryan feel like just another guy. It felt like there was so much potential in his comeback, yet it already feels like he never left. Meltzer reckons he should leave WWE in September now they’ve made it clear how they plan on using him. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not but I’d fucking love to see him in New Japan now that I’m watching it regularly. I highly doubt he’d be treated as just another guy there. I mean, if they’re willing to treat Jay White and Juice Robinson as if they’re big deals, then I bet they’ll treat Bryan like a god. Kenny Omega vs. Daniel Bryan would be mega. Also, LOL at whoever said Rusev had been near the top of the card. What the fuck have you been watching?!
  15. Supremo

    Worst Turns in Wrestling History

    Seth Rollins turning babyface in the lead up to his Wrestlemania match against Triple H is easily the worst turn of all time. To this day I’m still convinced that someone was sabotaging him on purpose. It left his character in tatters and it was only his performances these last few months that’s made him feel like he’s back on track. Whoever came up with the concept should’ve been sacked on the spot. Triple H, his best mate at the time, simply decides to handpick Kevin Owens instead. Seth didn’t come to any type of realisation himself. There was no story or character arc. He didn’t have some huge change of motive. There wasn’t any grand moment where he proved he was a goodie afterall. He was just a bad guy who other bad guys decided to bin off. How is anyone supposed to feel sympathy or support for such a loser? He acted a prick for ages, then all his dickhead mates decided to go with someone else instead. So you’re still a prick, just a prick with no friends. Some babyface. Then he lost and lost and lost. Every month he’d face Kevin Owens and every month he’d lose. So not only has he still not given us a single reason to cheer him, but now he’s being continually outsmarted by Jericho and Owens. Again, you’re not a babyface mate, you’re just a shitter heel than the guys you’re facing. The biggest crime though was that NXT invasion angle. That should’ve been dynamite, but was anything but. The idea of someone feuding with Triple H and invading a Takeover event to fuck with him is such an awesome concept. Imagine if a properly defined character did it and caused complete havoc. It’d be incredible. Instead we got Seth jumping the rail, threatening to take over the show, only to be easily removed by security, never to return. All in the space of about ten minutes, too. What a fucking wally. I’m sure there were other moments of ridiculousness. Didn’t Stephanie stop Seth from entering the Royal Rumble, which he just accepted like a complete chump? And didn’t Hunter and Samoa Joe continue to batter him every single week leading to Mania? It was so tone deaf from beginning to end. Honestly, he may as well have lost to Triple H at Wrestlemania because by that point he was dead in the water regardless. The only thing stopping that version of Seth Rollins from being the worst babyface of all time is the 2018 booking of Roman Reigns. It is the worst turn though. By far.