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  1. Not make a song and dance about it, but at least announce it. I’m pretty sure that’s what they did with Double or Nothing and I don’t recall American fans kicking off about the price difference between UK and US like we’ve seen here. Although admittedly, that might be because UK fans are far more entitled, having had such a good deal for so long when it comes to pro-wrestling in this country. There definitely seems to be some of that. Ultimately though, I just think the guys doing all that great inclusive stuff and those super-engaging, press-friendly scrums should’ve known better than to allow the UK fans to think all this,”it’s gonna be free!” chat applied to them, too. And then when push came to shove they should’ve put out something official rather than let people figure it out via scraps of info on Twitter.
  2. Might as well just change this thread to the Drake Maverick Appreciation Society. With any luck he’ll be shown wearing his wedding outfit for the next few months.
  3. I’m not complaining. I’m saying how it can open them up to complaints, rightly or wrongly, which it has done. Regardless of what it’s been like for WWE PPV’s in the past or whatever, they were riding a huge wave of momentum coming off Double or Nothing, positioning themselves perfectly as the babyface, fan-first company. But this mixed messaging and inconsistent regional approach has felt like their first real blip. A minor blip, most likely, but a blip nonetheless. They’re a global brand ran exclusively through social media at the moment. It’s a million times different to WWE in 1995 or whatever. Everything is new. Nothing has come to just be accepted because it’s always been the way for literally decades. Plus, if you’re going to have different pricing across regions then at least come out and say it as soon as possible. The first confirmation coming from FITE TV’s Twitter patronisingly replying to fans that this is a swell opportunity for them to support a new product was fucking terrible PR, especially from a bunch of guys who’re nailing the PR in every other avenue.
  4. The way Billie and Peyton leave the screen at 57 seconds into this really made me laugh. Everything before and after was fucking dreadful, with absolutely horrendous scripting that’s genuinely hard to watch, but that one moment was brilliant and I fully imagine they came up with it themselves. It’s the type of daft humour that only really shines through when funny people come up with small touches themselves. Santino was the same and did it all the time.
  5. I still think making it free in some places but not in others is a bad move that opens them up to complaints, but nine quid is a fair ask. I’ll be paying for it. They hit a home run at Double or Nothing and reignited my passion for this daft sport at a time when WWE have nearly killed it dead. Plus, Joey Janela alone is almost certainly going to give you your nine quid’s worth. It’s terrifying to think what the lad’s going to do in the biggest match of his career.
  6. Becky Lynch, coming off a clean submission victory against Ronda Rousey in a one-on-one singles match at Wrestlemania, could easily have headlined, “WWE: The Man Comes Around.” Licence Johnny Cash for the theme, too. Maybe don’t put her in there with a green-as-grass Lacey Evans though.
  7. He could always be the happy, friendly guy until after Seth gets the pin, then shit hits the fan afterwards. They desperately need some type of big angle. When even your top champion is getting pissy and defensive on Twitter you know it’s bad. I can’t think of a WWE PPV in history that I’ve been less enthused about. I also fully expect Becky to lose the Raw belt and frankly, at this point, it doesn’t even matter. The Lynch buzz has been dead for ages. She honestly feels like The Miz in the Summer of 2011 now, where weeks after headlining Wrestlemania they’re now so dead in the water that you can’t believe they were ever in that spot in the first place. This Becky Lynch wouldn’t even headline an episode of Raw or Smackdown.
  8. Touchy. If nothing else, the talent being so aware of what a rut the product is in will hopefully mean everyone tries to have as good a match as possible.
  9. LOL at Paulie, with at least three cuts on his face, his skull practically exposed, saying he was only caught with one clean shot. He’s such a meff.
  10. Reading about it online, it looks like this may have been his legitimate wedding and they did a second take to film this. Drake is the man. I also read an amazing idea online regarding Matt Hardy's kid Maxel, who was the ring bearer. Someone suggested Maxel should've won the Title just so Matt could shoot a vignette where he then wins it from Maxel as he's tucking him into bed. Just as Maxel dozes off after reading him a story Matt sneaks in a referee! Brilliant! I am ALL IN on the 24/7 belt becoming the project of Drake Maverick, Matt Hardy and Jeremy Borash. But yeah, I'm deadly serious. Drake Maverick is my wrestler of the year and it's not even close.
  11. Noam Dar's social media post choked me up. I never saw him wrestle but it seems he meant an awful lot to a tonne of guys who went through the UK scene.
  12. That’s a masterpiece. Everything I hoped for. Absolutely fantastic stuff.
  13. What’s the deal with Marty Scurll? Wasn’t his contract with ROH supposed to end in the Spring? I reckon he’d get a humongous pop at All Out if the lights went out and then he appeared in the ring. Plus, who the fuck would want to be in ROH these days? Embarrassing.
  14. Hang about, is Drake getting married for real? I just thought it was a storyline beat they were going to immediately forget. I'll love him forever if he's having a legitimate Stag Do wearing the 24/7 belt.
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