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  1. I’ve started catching up on NXT TV after not watching it for months. I’m still a few weeks behind, so maybe things will change, but I’m absolutely amazed at what a mess they’ve made of the Gargano character. The purest babyface they’ve had since peak Daniel Bryan and they’ve now got their fans chanting, “Johnny Failure,” and singing the Goodbye song at him. I can’t see any way in which this can be salvaged. They’ve fucked him. Kassius Ohno’s physique looks even worse when he’s in street clothes, sitting in Regal’s office. I’d love it if the payoff to this storyline where he’s whinging about being overlooked concluded with Regal going, “look at the state of you, mate. Hit the treadmill!”
  2. Supremo

    TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    After being impressed with the last Impact PPV, I checked the results of last night’s show. I don’t think I’ll bother. That no-sell of the finish in the main event sounds dreadful. Either he’s a unprofessional prick or they’re stupidly going down the Russo route. I don’t know which is worse.
  3. Supremo

    The 'One Off' PPV Review a match thread. . .

    Crap! I completely forgot about this! Will try and get mine done over the next day or two. Are we PMing them or just posting them?
  4. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Look at Shawn’s sad eyes in these new promo shots. Absolutely tragic. I can’t believe they released them. Maybe that Saudi money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, eh Shawn?
  5. Supremo

    Random Thoughts III.

    http://www.tubedubber.com/?q=ENHuKRdKbk0:n2-rN-98kFQ:0:100:9:20:1 My dream Roman entrance music.
  6. Supremo

    WWE Crown Jewel

    I reckon they'll bottle it. By the time Monday comes round I think they'll feel too uncomfortable giving the show the hard sell it's been getting so far. According to Meltzer, the back up plan is for everything to be moved to Survivor Series, at which point they'll likely lose their arse having to pay Brock and Shawn their expected fees for a much smaller, self-financed show. It's amazing how things work out. Between Linda's desperation to be involved in politics landing her in Trump's cabinet and Vince's money-grabbing Saudi deal, they must have known they were playing with fire to begin with. It couldn't have gone much worse. It's a shame we won't get any more photos of another LADS meal though.
  7. Supremo

    Random Thoughts III.

    http://www.tubedubber.com/?q=EAKQjMIe_h0:rZSU7bdSGVU:0:100:0:0:1 I'd never before realised how literally any music is better than the RAWK! they insist on using.
  8. Supremo

    Random Thoughts III.

    Amazing! This could be its own thread. http://www.tubedubber.com/?q=hBB1_KC8XxU:HLHMxFGqhIs:0:100:0:0:1
  9. Supremo

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    I’ve got friends who’ve watched as long as I have and we all get more excited when Conor fights. I’ve also got fiends who only started watching because of Conor and now they watch regularly. I don’t buy that idea at all.
  10. Supremo

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    Yeah, I’m fully expecting Khabib’s next fight to be a Conor rematch now. There’s no way these desperate owners are going to be able to resist a repeat of those type of numbers. Empty arena match.
  11. Supremo

    Away from the ring matches

    Oh really?! I’ve completely misremembered that, then!
  12. Supremo

    Away from the ring matches

    The problem is that they always did those Lion Den matches in smaller venues nearby. As two of the biggest attractions in the company, they wouldn’t want either Lesnar or Rousey not appearing in front of the proper live crowd. I guess they could put the cage near the ramp? It’d feel a bit weird though. I’ve never watched it back but I remember loving Owen Hart and Ken Sharock smashing each other into the walls and ceiling of the Hart Family Dungeon.
  13. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I wonder what cased them to make Trish and Lita do a tag match instead. Maybe one of them realised they can’t do a proper singles match anymore? Or perhaps it was just a timing tissue when they realised how difficult it’s going to be to feature every woman on the the roster.
  14. Supremo

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Lewis is going to get murdered but fucking hell I’d laugh if he somehow connects and gets the upset. It’ll ruin Brock vs. DC but still. It’d be hilarious. My balls are red hot.
  15. Supremo

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    LOL at Conor breaking kayfabe. The worst example of working yourself into a shoot. A very angry Russian shoot that you can’t defend yourself from.