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  1. Lauzon and Sanchez are always my worst nightmare when I'm picking. Awesome guys to watch, but ridiculously inconsistent result-wise. Just my luck that they're both on the final card between me and some delightful cash!
  2. My work has a quarterly UFC predictions league where we pick the winners of the top five fights of each card, throw two quid in for every show and then four times a year we pay out whoever has the most points and start over. You get one point for a normal fight, two points for a semi-main, three points for a main event and five points for a title fight. I'm currently in joint top position. This is the last show of the quarter. If I do well I'm looking at a couple of hundred quid. I'm thinking of going Swanson, Ragin' Al, OSP, Dodson and Lauzon. Thoughts? Help me UKFF, you're my only hope.
  3. I'm always fascinated by the ring breaking spot in a behind-the-magician's-curtain way. It looks so spectacular, I particularly loved the steel steps going flying last night, but I can't figure out how it's done so well. Any ideas? Just remove the spring and hope for the best?
  4. That main event is up there in my match of the year contenders. Two blokes smashing shit out of each other. Boss.
  5. The smartest draft they ever did was around 2005 where one new guy was drafted on each episode of Raw and Smackdown. Made it worthwhile to watch every show and you didn't get fatigued with all the red T-shirt vs. blue T-shirt bullshit.
  6. It only lasted about thirty seconds, but that quick montage they had of Nakamura's NXT career was brilliant. Made him look like a huge fucking deal.
  7. Poor Taker, you do the big, dramatic taking off of the gloves, slowly walk to the spot on the ramp where your lift is, throw the iconic fist in the air...and then time stands still for about three hours as someone clearly missed their cue or something wasn't quite working. They even cut to a long shot of the crowd out of fear he'd be standing there for the rest of time, didn't they? I'll have to watch it back.
  8. The Hardy's return had my grinning from ear to ear. Just like their Survivor Series match was my match of the year last year, Goldberg vs. Brock at Mania is probably my match of the year this year. Two big blokes smashing each other with finishers from the bell. Brilliant. The Cena proposal was fake and corny, but then so is everything in pro-wrestling, so I was absolutely fine with it. If nothing else, there was this one absolute virgin in the front row pulling the most spectacular, "ewww!" face when they kissed. It made my day to watch him be so disgusted. I can't wait to watch it back and look at the faces of all the other mongs. It'll be as much fun as watching everyone's reaction to Taker's streak ending, only this time it won't be shock and surprise, but an awkward, embarrassed, not-quite-sure-how-I'm-supposed-to-act-in-accordance-with-the-hive-mind-but-Chris-Benoit-should-definitely-be-in-the-Hall-of-Fame reaction. Bray vs. Randy was easily worst match on the show, and is quite possibly the worst WWE Title match and feud in the history of Wrestlemania. I absolutely loved the production. The best thing that ever happened to Wrestlemania was them deciding to go balls to the wall every year on LED screens and over the top entrances. What's left for them to put an LED screen on next year? The guy's trunks? The ref's shirt?! So yeah, I thought it was a great show. No amazing matches other than Brock vs. Goldberg, but super newsworthy, with loads of memorable moments. Impossible to watch in one sitting though. Seven hours including the pre-show?! Fucking hell. I had to do it in three sittings.
  9. I'm finally caught up on everything and, without question, the mixed tag has had the best build up of any Wrestlemania match in years. Both the Miz and John Cena have been awesome. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but I always enjoy it when Cena steps it up a gear and proves that he's head and shoulders above everyone else at delivering passionate promos. It's going to be a huge shame when he finally gets enough Hollywood work that he fucks off for good.
  10. Jim Ross will be announcing a match and Taker vs. Roman looks to be going on last. ...Taker's last match, do we reckon? I'd be over the moon if Roman turned heel and spent the rest of his career goading the fans about retiring The Undertaker.
  11. I didn't really pay attention to the internet at the time. Was there a big, shitty backlash when Goldberg beat Owens for the title? I expected there would be and, if I'm honest, one of the reasons I want Roman to beat Taker is to see a similar online reaction.
  12. I agree with everyone praising Roman. He looked so confident and happy to play the smug heel. Easily his best mic work in years. I really hope he wins on Sunday.
  13. There's Seth Rollins on the show. I had no recollection of him being on it. It's crazy watching that back, you'd have never guessed he'd one day be WWE Champion. Then again, that's also the case if you watch some of his more recent work, too. Unbelievably he was ever given the belt.
  14. The tag title match has officially become a ladder match. I worry for Enzo in that environment. He looks like he's going to kill himself in regular matches. He might actually die at Wrestlemania.
  15. From the way they showed a million replays from a better angle, you could tell they weren't happy with how rubbish Goldberg's spear looked at the end. Everything, from the way it was shot, to Brock's selling, to Cole calling it badly, it all just felt wonky and anticlimactic. There's been a few times now where Brock has taken a spear and it's looked like shit. He needs to get on the phone to Nunzio. That man knows how to take a spear.