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  1. Supremo

    Confusion in Wrestling

    I still don’t know why Undertaker murdered Paul Bearer by burying him in cement.
  2. Supremo

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    That decsion and the development of that mode will have began months and months ago and is not something that I think should determine the likelihood of him staying. I still suspect the news will break that he has signed, but him featuring in the game isn’t something I’d read too much into.
  3. Supremo

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Absolutely spectacular video packages building up The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan. Both guys' closing promos were fantastic too. Kudos to everyone involved, here. This has peaked at the perfect time and Bryan finally feels like a huge deal again. Fascinating that they've got back on track when he's got less than twenty days left on his contract, though. I see it didn't take long before someone told Killian Dain to cover his back up. Shame. He looked better in the trunks.
  4. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    How fucking typical. Even when they stumble upon a great direction for Roman, the natural heel turn and pairing with Paul Heyman that everyone felt last week, they not only don’t do it, but they try to be extra cute with it and then it blows up in their face. I hope those writers were listening to that crowd. They refer to the turn and the pairing with Paul and the crowd go apeshit. Finally, something new, different and cool for Roman. But no. They instead decide to shit all over this natural, awesome idea in favour of the same old bullshit. Roman doing that weird, smug delivery where no-one knows how to react. You could almost pinpoint the exact moment when the crowd died. Daft, weird references to family members nobody in the crowd could even pick out of a line-up. Silence. Pseudo-shoot remarks, “Future endeavours~! LOL~!” More silence. And then the classic WWE babyface move where you’re outsmarted and look like a moron. Fucking hell. It took them ten minutes to erase any and all potential. “One more time!” chants after Brock hits the F5. Jesus Christ. That was their biggest opportunity in years to sort this Roman stuff out. Now we’re back to square one. Watch him lose clean on Sunday. No turns. No cash-ins. Probably another lingering sympathy camera shot to a chorus of boos, too. For as good as Dean Ambrose’s new look is, I can’t get over how bad Dolph Ziggler’s hair was. I mean, I know he’s a heel, but still. I can’t believe they’d allow anyone in the company to go out on national TV with a barnet that bad.
  5. Supremo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I’ve not had time to watch the show, but I’ve seen the clip of Ambrose. He looks much better with short hair. Looks fucking huge, too. Do guys get tested when they’re out with injury?
  6. Supremo

    RIP Jim Neidhart

    Look at these cool motherfuckers. I thought they were the bee’s knees in 1997. Unbelievable that there’s only Bret left. Might go and watch Canadian Stampede in tribute.
  7. Supremo


    I hate ever saying “he’ll be good in Japan,” because I don’t want to sound like one of those goons who wrongly praised Albert or Anderson and Gallows, but yeah. If CJ Parker can go to Japan and genuinely turn himself into a star as Juice Robinson, then I think it’s pretty fucking likely that Chad Gable could become one of New Japan’s top stars. He’s so great. As a performer, I don’t think Bray Wyatt is particularly wasted. He’s a solid promo but I think I can count the number of truly great matches he’s had on one hand. The character might be the biggest waste of all time though. I’ve said it countless times before but Bray is one of the best characters of the last few decades and it’s a crying shame they never actually went anywhere with it. He just did the same thing over and over until he became unwatchable. If they’d developed that character, took it in different directions, written some actual storylines, he’d probably be one of my favourites. Instead, he’s instant fast-forward material and has been for years. What TNA matches would Bobby Roode fans recommend? I missed his entire run.
  8. Supremo

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Fuck's sake - opened up New Japan World to watch today's show and there's a big, fuck-off advert for who the two participants are in tomorrow's final. That's Omega vs. Ibushi spoiled, then.
  9. Supremo

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    The Miz tweeted this photo of himself working independents before Tough Enough. I never knew he worked anywhere apart from WWE. He better hope Michael Hayes and Road Dogg don’t see it. We’ll get even more, “bingo hall,” and “high school gym,” promos.
  10. Supremo


    I feel like Roode and Tyler Breeze could make for a nice little “The Models,” heel tag team. Taking time out during matches to apply moisturiser and stuff.
  11. Supremo

    First "smart" thoughts

    I remember the first time I read Raw spoilers online, probably around early 1998, I thought a “dark match,” was some type of cool new gimmick match and spent ages trying to figure out how it would work.
  12. Supremo


    Love that idea of giving someone like Gable a subtle winning streak that the fans can notice and get behind naturally over time. With the amount of TV time they have to fill they’ve got no excuse for not doing mini-storylines like that. It’s almost a shame Brian Gewirtz isn’t around anymore. As I understand it, he as the perfect guy to write fun, goofy Kurt-Angle-style comedy that would’ve fit Chad Gable perfectly. I never watched TNA, so maybe I missed his prime, but even in NXT Bobby Roode did nothing for me. Who knows, though. Maybe he just needs the right material or positioning. I thought the same about Drew when he was NXT Champion, wasn’t impressed at all, but for reasons I can’t explain I’ve thought he’s looked the business since coming to Raw. I can’t wait for the day he fucks Ziggler off. I want him to do a Psycho Sid and give Ziggler ten powerbombs in a row or something. I forgot the biggest waste of them all - Rusev! Never has a man proven himself so many times, getting super over with fans both as a heel and a face, essentially coming up with his own stuff like, “Rusev Day,” yet they seemingly refuse to ever give him a fair crack. He’s so great. Even when I give up hope and accept they’re never going to do anything with him he still manages to pull me back in. The other week when he was commentating on AJ’s match he was a genuine hoot behind the desk, a real rarity on WWE TV where I found myself genuinely laughing out loud. It breaks my heart that a talent as good as Rusev has been so short changed by the creative team. I’m sick to fucking death of him being in endless, “dissension,” angles where him, Lana and Aiden English tease splitting up for about six months, split up, then inexplicably get back together, rinse and repeat for literally years.
  13. In any other storyline, with any other character, I’d be applauding the ambiguity and intrigue surrounding Gargano, Ciampa and Black. I’m all for multi-layered stories where you can’t figure out where they’re going. But not with Gargano. He’s too good as a babyface to start hinting at a heel turn or surrounding his character in doubt. It goes against everything they’ve built up so far and works against the natural conclusion of the hero finally conquering the villain. Am I alone in thinking this? It definitely feels like they’ve lost a lot of steam the moment Johnny started acting suspicious.
  14. Supremo


    The Revival and American Alpha were the two that immediately sprung to mind. Both were brilliant in NXT and I couldn’t wait to see them come up and start mixing it up with guys like The Usos, New Day and The Bar. And yet here we are and neither team were ever given a real chance on the main roster. I know the Revival were unlucky with injuries, but even when both of them were healthy it felt like they’d been firmly slotted as losers destined to feature on Main Event exclusively. The mess Jordan and Gable have been left in is something to behold as well. I remember seeing them in Blackpool, so over that they couldn’t even start their match because the crowd wouldn’t stop singing and chanting for them. It was one of those great moments when you can see something suddenly clicking, with the guys involved looking absolutely delighted. And yet now look at them. Both dead in the water as singles whilst the Raw tag division in particular is filled with utter shit like the B-Team and Matt and Bray. What a waste. They should have been tearing it up for years and years before anyone even suggested breaking them up. Finn’s a weird one. I think I’ve been more critical of him than most, but even I have to admit there’s something there that they’re not tapping into. Don’t get me wrong, the promos are awkward as fuck, the Demon entrance is about as inauthentic as anything I’ve ever seen in wrestling, the head dress made of belts is embarrassing and the way his hair sticks up when he pulls the head dress off always makes him look like a seven year old in Halloween makeup, but there’s no denying that he’s got no right whatsoever being as over as he still is. If the fans love him this much when he’s been treated as a complete dickhead, forever feuding with boring lankies like Corbin, imagine if he got a bit of credibility and legitimately mixed it up with the top guys? Plus, he’s clearly a very attractive man. I think he’s the only wrestler not featured on Total Bellas or Total Divas that my wife could name. I’m glad no-one has mentioned Bobby Roode because he’s proper rubbish.