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  1. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Most interesting thing on the whole show was Jericho being advertised for next week. That bit where Strauman went into the production truck and didn’t really do anything was pretty awkward, wasn’t it?
  2. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Romero vs. Rockhold is a more exciting fight, but fucking hell, it’s beyond parody with these Interim Titles at this point.
  3. Raw is 25!

    It’s probably one of the worst segments in the history of Raw, but that Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell skit will always stay with me. There was something so fascinating seeing Vince at ringside watching his comedy bomb so spectacularly. It was the only time there’s ever been a loud TNA chant on WWE TV, from what I remember.
  4. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind seeing Samoa Joe vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania. It’s a bit late to start the angle now, but if they’d kept up with Joe being Hunter’s muscle then there’d have been some great drama in Joe eventually turning babyface. Joe feels like he has far more upside with a Mania win over Triple H than Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns did. There’s something there with Joe if they ever decide to pull the trigger. I reckon they’d have a good match, too. I wonder though, do you think Joe’s seemingly constant injuries are his hard style catching up with him just as he makes it to the big leagues, similar to Daniel Bryan?
  5. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    This Jericho deal has been an absolute home run. For years I always planned to start watching New Japan, but there was so much product to keep up with from the US that I never got round to it. Jericho’s involvement was enough for me to finally take the leap and subscribe to New Japan World. Wrestle Kingdom was my first New Japan event and it blew my fucking mind. Not only was the Jericho vs. Omega match awesome, but there were at least four other matches on the show that were match of the year candidates for me and a whole roster of guys who I’m now obsessed with. I’ve spent the days since Wrestle Kingdom going back through all the January 4th Dome shows and they’ve all been awesome. They’ve got a subscriber for life in me. Jericho’s podcasts this past week, one with Don Callis and one with Kenny Omega himself, have been absolutely fascinating as well. The Omega one in particular is a genuine revelation, hearing two guys dissect the feud and match just days afterwards. This genuinely feels like something they need to start doing on the WWE Network. Enough of this pseudo-shoot stuff. Drop the shit entirely and do stuff like this, where guys go into detail about putting angles and matches together. We got a tiny hint of it when they showed Vince being disappointed with Kevin Owens vs. Jericho in that Owens documentary. That’s the future of this business, right there. Imagine if the week after Wrestlemania the Network featured guys sitting together and talking about the matches they just had. It’d be awesome. Fuck, I’d even love to know what Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Vince thought of their shit show.
  6. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It’s easy to forget, since it’s the least appealing match ever, but isn’t it Angle vs. Hunter at Mania?
  7. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    All the rumours seem to indicate a Cena vs. Taker match at Wrestlemania, but it Taker isn’t coming back then Cena vs. Joe sounds brilliant.
  8. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Pairing Balor with his mates seems to have done him the world of good. He’s never seemed more relaxed or confident.
  9. Raw is 25!

    If I remember correctly, as good as the, "save_us.222" stuff was, they missed their window of opportunity to pull the trigger at its peak. Cena got injured around that time, leaving Randy Orton without an opponent for the upcoming PPV. Everyone had figured out it was Jericho and were chanting for him at the PPV, assuming it was the perfect place for him to come back. If I'm not mistaken, I think Vince even acknowledged the chants in his promo to open the PPV, saying something like "you're not going to get that." It was a shame because if he'd come in then it would've been awesome. As it was though, they stuck with their original plan, held off for a few more weeks and the return didn't have anywhere near the impact or excitement that it would've had. Matt Hardy returning to attack Edge and shout down the microphone about ROH was mind-blowing at the time.
  10. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That whole first year of AJ’s was something to behold. Despite bringing him straight to the main roster you could tell someone had huge reservations. They didn’t trust him to cut promos and they were of the opinion that guys like Jericho should be beating him at Wrestlemania. You could almost pinpoint the moments when someone, presumably Vince, caught on and went, “hang on, this guy is brilliant at everything, give him the belt!” I often wonder if they regret not signing AJ earlier now. They passed on him for years, and now he’s the best on the roster.
  11. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Something I think a lot of people forget is how much Balor struggled on the main roster before his injury. Those couple of weeks leading up to his SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins, it was crystal clear that they (rightly) didn’t trust him to cut in-ring promos the way most main eventers would do. They were doing everything other than giving him a live mic, indicating that they were very aware of his lack of promo ability. Don’t get wrong, he way he’s floundered since coming back from injury has tonnes to do with the booking and handling of him, but I think a lot of people are quick to ignore his flaws, or pretend everything was perfect before his injury, which simply isn’t the case. He’s good, but he’s definitely not lived up to the hype. I’m fine with them putting those three together and hopefully letting them relax and be themselves more, as there’s clearly something there if they can tap into it, but yeah, I’d very much agree that they’ve been a bunch of Tensais in WWE so far.
  12. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It’s almost impressive how that one match, the Survivor Series main event, seems to have been removed from history. As if someone woke up the following morning and realised what a complete shit show it was.
  13. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Is Cena back on Raw, then? Has him being on the Smackdown team for Survivor Series been addressed?
  14. Random Thoughts III.

    What do people reckon Bad News Barrett’s fortunes would be if he came back, now that they’ve got a split roster? Could he be a Smackdown headliner? I always felt like they never used him to his full potential.
  15. Cyborg vs Holly UFC 219

    I read the results rather than watch it. Doing so is becoming increasingly regular. For whatever reason, I just don’t care about the UFC these days. Do they have anyone else on the roster to challenge Cyborg? Does that division even exist beyond her holding a belt?