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  1. I wonder if Natalya is getting the title shot at Summerslam so that the Four Horsewomen are free to have a match or do an angle with Ronda and company?
  2. Imagine having a roster that included AJ Styles, Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Rusev and John Cena, yet putting on such a terrible show. Smackdown is a real mess when it has the potential to be incredible.
  3. It's a good documentary for building up excitement. It's easy to lose myself in all of the hype, get invested and believe Conor has a chance, so it's definitely successful in that sense. Supposedly there's been so much money put on Conor since the World Tour that the Vegas bookies are going to lose their arse if he somehow wins. The amount of money put on him is why his odds are now ridiculously short, something around 3/1. I guess that's the power of the build up so far. That they've managed to convince a huge amount of people that Conor has a chance also suggests this is probably going to do extremely well on pay per view. Of all the boxing pundits, I thought Ricky's Hatton came across the best. Realistic, honest, but saying he hopes Conor, "flattens," him. Brilliant. Dan Hardy was excellent.
  4. GAD's ear ring is something else.
  5. Jericho's done a Benoit special ten year after his death, with Meltzer as the guest to discuss Benoit's career. I've only listened to the first ten minutes so far but it's very much a remember-the-wrestler-not-the-murderer approach. Don't get me wrong, if anyone is justified in that approach it's probably Jericho, since the Benoit matches were so integral to his career, I just wonder if either of them will make mention of the fact that being such a great wrestler, and taking such hard shots to his head in order to have such great matches, likely caused him to act the way he did on that final weekend.
  6. If we're to believe that Shane left WWE for all those years because he wanted to prove he was more than just Vince's son, he must have loved that reporter who's main question was whether he was the son of Vince's McMahon.
  7. My main reason for disliking Schaub is how embarrassingly awful he comes across whenever I've seen him on Rogan's podcast. I don't listen to it regularly or anything, but clips will often be recommended to me on YouTube and every time I've watched a segment with Schaub in he always comes across as painfully desperate to impress Joe. It's like Rogan is the cool kid in class and Schaub is one of his goons that'll do and say anything to impress or curry favour with him. It's genuinely uncomfortable to watch sometimes.
  8. Some people have so much money, and are such marks for WWE, that they'll spend millions and millions trying to be WWE, and when that doesn't work they'll just appear on the Network instead, undoubtedly considering that some type of success. Dixie Carter, what an embarrassment. The money mark's money mark.
  9. I like that they're at least doing storylines. I'll always take that over them just having loads and loads of meaningless matches. But Jason Jordan? Other than having a great hot tag, I've never seen him as anything but a reasonably athletic guy who got lucky to be in a tag team with Chad Gable. It's interesting that they've taken two of their best tag teams of the last few years, American Alpha and Enzo and Cas, split them up before either team reached anywhere near their full potential, then picked the shit one to push to the moon because he's taller. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Personally, provided the main goal isn't to do the in-joke about Kurt liking black women, I'd have definitely picked Gable to do this angle with. A former Olympian, genuinely charismatic, awesome in the ring. Gable even has that goofy comedic thing that made Angle so diverse. I think Jordan, much like Cas, is going to struggle without his smaller, better, more charismatic tag partner.
  10. I wouldn't pay 60p for those ITV mongs calling the action. Absolute melts, the lot of them. Edit: Apologies. I appear to be having a stroke or something. I keep missing herb's vids!
  11. Does anyone else feel like they've wasted massive momentum by not capitalising on Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate following their match of the year contender on the last Takeover? I keep seeing Dunne advertised for all these UK shows and can't help but feel like WWE have missed their opportunity to strike when the iron was hot.
  12. You don't think the quality of the fight, and the reaction of the people who bought the fight, played any part? I remember it being almost universally hated at the time, cries for refunds, a million memes of Floyd being a, "chicken," who ran online. That fight definitely left a sour taste in people's mouths, regardless of whether it was their own fault for expecting something different, and without a someone as big a star as Conor I don't think Floyd would've done over a million buys again. I just imagine Floyd not taking it seriously, maybe clowning like Anderson Silva against Weidman, then Conor clips him. It'd be the biggest story ever and the rematch would easily beat the first. Six or seven million buys wouldn't seem impossible.
  13. I'm not saying he would do it. I'm not saying it wouldn't harm his legacy. I'm talking strictly business. If Floyd decided he didn't give a fuck about anything other than making as much money as possible then losing to Conor would be the best thing for him. There's no one else he can make this money with and the buy rates he did following the boring victory over Pacquiao show you exactly what a boring decision over Conor would achieve. But a rematch against this mad bastard who got lucky ? With another tour of Conor milking the win and Floyd promising revenge? It's pure box office. EDIT. Maybe throw it is the wrong choice of words. I didn't mean it in such a sense. More that a loss against Conor would arguably be the best thing for Mayweather's bank account.
  14. If Conor won, which is only going to happen by flash knock out, I'd bet my house on the rematch doing bigger numbers.
  15. I was thinking about it this morning, throwing this fight wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for Floyd. It'll taint his legacy, sure, but it'd also ensure there's a rematch and another huge payday. The buy rate would be even bigger, the audience would be even more invested and he'd double if not triple the megabucks he's going to make this time.