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  1. All I’m saying is that if you’re going to bring Hangman Adam Page back at some point this year, and you want him to get him as big a reaction as possible so as to ensure he isn’t lost in the shuffle amongst the Punks, Coles and Danielsons, it’d be Wednesday, wouldn’t it? Time limit draw between Danielson and Omega. Big Elite beat down of the Danielson. Jurassic Express and Christian can’t make up the numbers. Adam Page saves the day like the old Stone Cold returning to clear house in the Invasion.
  2. The Money in the Bank would still have legs if they treated it more like the King of the Ring. Give it to your next hand-picked star, protect and push them, and then coronate them when they’re ready. The problem is that they view the big, surprise moment as more important than patiently building, which is why it’s always the same style of cash-in after months of the contract-holder either doing fuck all or losing all the time. The psychology of the surprise cash in when it’s a babyface is all over the shop, too. Like CM Punk before him, Big E’s reign is already handicapped by having a supposed heroic babyface snidely win the belt by attacking an already injured Champion. Hardly a babyface move really, is it? But then it goes back to the same reason as to why this company struggle with babyfaces at the best of times. It’s so clearly a company filled with backstabbers and snide pricks, doing whatever they can to get ahead and save their job, that they aren’t even aware of what makes for a good, wholesome character anymore. They’ll justify Big E’s cash in to themselves the same way their babyface announcers forever justify everything with, “BUT DON’T FORGET - IT’S LEGAL!” As if that’s the base level for everyone and good people couldn’t possibly have their own internal morality beyond, “fuck everything and fuck everyone, I’ll do anything to succeed provided it’s not illegal.” What a lovely working atmosphere it must be at Titan Towers.
  3. Even if you’re the biggest hardcore WWE fan in the world, the more AEW beat them in the demo the better it is for everyone. I can’t imagine there was a single person watching on Monday who was annoyed they got Big E winning the Title instead of whatever throwaway tag they were planning to main event with. Long may this continue. Next week will probably be a massacre. It’s going to be wild.
  4. Callis is infinitely better than Heyman. It’s not even close. Almost exclusively, Heyman does the same thing every week. Meanwhile not a single show goes by where Callis isn’t doing something new or different, getting a new snide comment in at Schiavone, his tan somehow getting more and more ridiculous, playing the crowd like a fiddle, getting tonnes of heat, wildly entertaining, all whilst carrying Omega on the microphone and being an integral part of one of the best acts in decades. It’s almost a shame everyone wants to say, “shit,” at the moment because the crowd chanting, “piece of shit!” is great stuff. Also, let’s not forget. Mark Henry telling Don Callis to piss off and not letting him commentate was a better payoff than the main event finish of most Wrestlemanias.
  5. I have no problem with Adam Cole in the opener, doing a basic match that ends naturally. It’s the overlong, “epics,” I can’t stand. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of them. Yeah though. There’s no denying he’s over as fuck. Remember when someone was saying the Young Bucks were burying FTR? Yeah, I bet Cash and Dax are gutted to be wrestling Sting on the biggest show in the history of the company. What a burial.
  6. Dante Martin is so great that I can’t figure out whether this is a photoshop or not. Lad is so athletic that he looks like a WWE2K glitch where characters fly off the screen.
  7. Good lord. What a card. All your demos are belong to us. I don’t even know how you compete against this. They’ve already done the cash-in. Goldberg vs. Big E on Monday, perhaps? Belting episode with an amazing crowd, highlighted by the pops the match graphics for next week got. What a run this company is on when match graphics get big pops. Omega vs. Danielson! Sting wrestling again! Yes! My favourite part was probably Brian Pillman. What a great little promo. Much like this week’s NXT it’s becoming clearer and clearer that it’s far more exciting and interesting watching young guys try new stuff, figure it out and find a groove than it is to watch highly competent guys going through the motions and delivering at a consistently high level. It’s almost like everyone in the business is so good these days that those who aren’t quite there yet are the most fun to follow.
  8. The maddest thing is the news coming out today that Pete Dunne signed a new three year deal. After watching this show, I don’t have any idea what he’s going to do for those three years. It’s clear as day that he and his lot aren’t going to be long for this brand. With everything that happened this past year or so, I’m not at all surprised they’re going back to giving everyone a new, daft name. They can’t be particularly happy seeing guys like CM Punk and Adam Cole showing up in AEW using the exact same name, character and presentation that they invested time and money into. The least you can do to protect your intellectual property is give them a new slave name!
  9. Best episode of NXT to ever air on USA Network. A bonkers clash of timelines, filled with mad debuts of guys reeking of FCW, guys from the previous era like Ciampa and Dunne looking like they’d quantum leaped onto the wrong show, the bizarre game show presentation, bright lights, mad colours, a fucking Steiner showing up and instantly being the most exciting prospect in the whole company, and then the greatest wrestling wedding I’ve ever seen. I know they won’t be able to sustain this energy and it eventually become a mostly average developmental show but as of right now this was leagues above the dying Indy Fed we had previously. I can’t remember the last time a comedy segment on WWE television hit as well as that wedding. Absolutely note perfect. Such a laugh. Poor Kyle O’Rielly though. You have to assume he sent a text to Adam Cole at some point today. They might as well have put him in a crate with, “ROH,” written on it. But yeah. Rex Steiner should be WWE Champion in five years. That lad is a beast!
  10. I’m convinced Big E is so good and is so loved by everyone, that if anyone was going to rise above bad booking and make a success of it regardless it will be him. Being a bit of a shit house and cashing in on an injured champion definitely gives him a tough hill to climb, but it’s Big E. I don’t care how he became champion. I just care that he did it and that he’s happy because he’s fucking brilliant and clearly one of the soundest guys on that roster.
  11. The ridiculous shift in quality once that rating came out last week, on both Smackdown and Raw, it’s obvious AEW’s success has played a part in this. Didnt the internet fans once send Triple H a fruit basket as a thank you? Someone should send Tony Khan one for completely revitalising the industry. Maybe a little note on the card to not sign Gargano, though.
  12. Normally, you’d assume they’ll make the Four Way on this week’s show for the Title now rather than to determine Number One Contender, but look at the state of it! Considering the new regime want tall, young talent that haven’t worked the Independents, you’d think the old guard were trying to make it as difficult for them as possible! Have a bunch of old midgets from the indies, fuckers! Given the new direction, all four of these lads should probably consider this a Loser and Winner Leaves Town Match. I doubt any of them have much of a future in the new, colourful, tall, young, Saved By the Bell NXT. Honestly though, even more intriguing than who’ll be the next NXT Champion, is whether they open Tuesday’s show with Vince or Bruce turning the fucking lights on. One of the worst decisions of Hunter and Shawn’s entire run was bringing fans back in the post-Covid era but in the name of grit and edginess continuing to keep it so dark that you could barely tell if fans were in attendance. Fittingly, considering this week sees the re-launch of NXT, this GIF appeared on my timeline today. I’d completely forgotten this match had even taken place! Fucking hell, what a pile of shit this was! In retrospect, this was the end. Forget the ladder matches. Forget the hot-shotting. Forget that awful four-way Iron Man match where they just did moves forever. That match, Gargano and Ciampa going about three hours in the worst example of HBK melodrama, was the end. The exact point where they fully went up their own arse. How much do you reckon it’d cost to bring Bret in full-time?
  13. Great to see a return of the crazy hot-shotting. For the longest time it felt they couldn’t even be arsed doing that anymore. It’s funny though. For a company so obsessed with the Attitude Era and the eventual victory over WCW, it’s crazy no-one ever looks back at that time and suggests - you know - overhauling the product, creating new stars or patiently developing storylines people actually care about. “CHANGE THE TITLE GODDAMIT!”
  14. Ric Flair feels like Adam Cole. Not a sentence I ever thought I’d say but hear me out. As an individual performer, I’m not convinced he can provide much. But as a surprise debut that keeps the momentum rolling and continues the perception of this being a hot product that people are flocking to? I’d bring him in. Isn’t it a fact that Ric always pops at least one big rating if you advertise him? Seems the perfect way to keep things hot. There’s at least one great segment with him bumping into Sting, too.
  15. It’s easily the best weekly WWE TV show this year. Really focussed and full of good stuff. I’ve no hope they can maintain it but as a one-off show this was a big thumbs up. Fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come though. It’d be brilliant if the buzz around AEW forced some real change and stopped them sleep-walking through months and months of television. God bless them sending Brock out with his beard, top knot and flannel shirt. Who needs Bryan Danielson? We’ve got Bryan Danielson after taking super serum! ”Brock Lesnar looks like he’s eaten Brock Lesnar!” Good old Pat McAfee.
  16. Zelina Vega was supposed to wrestle in Madison Square Garden, twenty years after losing her Dad in 9/11…and then they cut her match due to time constraints. Do not tweet about unionisation if you ever plan on returning to this company.
  17. The year is 2024. Andrade has had thirty seven managers in his AEW career thus far. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose or if it'll lead to anything, but it really makes me happy the way Adam Cole never mentions Gallows and Anderson when talking about how great The Elite are. Fingers crossed it's a sign of them eventually vanishing forever. Really easy show to watch. I'd pay double for my AEW subscription with FITE if every On Demand show had the advert breaks removed like this one did. The amount of talent in this company now, I'm hoping they do a huge Title Eliminator Tournament to face Omega at Full Gear. Adam Page wins. And then knocks Kenny's head off.
  18. I think it was the combination of Dan Lambert followed by MJF that made it worse. Just the most boring, cheap, bog-standard shit. Thankfully things picked up with Nick Jackson’s nose ring, Don Callis’ fake tan and Brandon Cutler vlogging his own beating. Excellent stuff. I’m convinced Moxley’s half way to being a heel, too. Each entrance through the crowd he’s looking more and more pissed off. Could just be the night feeds, though.
  19. Has any act ever fallen off a cliff quicker and more dramatically than MJF on this show? Unbelievable. It felt like he’d really stepped up this past year or so and the Jericho/Inner Circle/Pinnacle stuff had salvaged him after that dog shit feud with Jon Moxley. And then literally the very next show he’s doing some of the worst Edge Lord, “tHaT’s RiGhT I sAiD iT~!” shit he’s ever done. Awful. I’m convinced he must be reading the UKFF and leant into that bollocks just to spite us.
  20. I’m not worried anymore. Blessed image.
  21. …they’re going to do one of those dud shows that somehow fails to capitalise on the huge momentum they’re riding, aren’t they? It would be so typical for them to stumble tonight.
  22. I absolutely hate to say it, but now, given everything that’s happened, and the buzz surrounding all these new guys, I feel like Omega needs to keep the belt in order to do the Title matches with Danielson and Punk. I still want Hangman to be the one who takes it, but I don’t feel anywhere near as much urgency as I did a month or so ago. I see no reason why Arthur Ashe can’t end with Kingston holding the TNT Title above his head. That feels perfect. If they don’t do Danielson and Punk vs. The Bucks in New York then the next dream match after that is Danielson vs. Orange Cassidy. It’s destiny!
  23. Johnny Ace is Danielson’s father in law, isn’t he? Whole thing has clearly been an elaborate plot for Bryan and the rest of his Indy darling mates to jump ship and have the best time together as soon as possible. Revenge of the Nerds.
  24. Am I going mad or did WWE do a couple of tag team cage matches where people were required to tag in and out? Seems silly now but I’m certain I’ve seen one. I think it boils down to what we discussed recently in regards to psychology. Whilst you’ll get the old school viewpoint that singles matches need you to work and sell a body part and tag matches need ref distractions, heat and then a big hot tag, to think that’s the only way to successfully tell a story is incredibly narrow-minded. I really rate the Bucks. I can’t tell you exactly how their style works or why they’re so great, all I can say is that their matches always entertain me, get over with the crowd, and specifically since becoming heels they make me really care about who wins and loses. I’ve wanted to see them lose their belts for what’s felt like forever. It was delightful seeing it happen in that cage. I think saying they only wrestle one style of match is nothing short of insanity after the year they’ve just had, too. It’s almost felt like an open troll of your Cornette types the way they’ve effortlessly produced belters with a huge array of opponents in such different styles of matches. Weapons matches, cage matches, backstage brawls, old school fights with Moxley and Kingston, story-based drama with Hsngman and Omega or that love letter to tag wrestling with FTR. For the longest time I’ve believed that’s why Matt Jackson continues to sell the back, year on year. Almost as a dig at everyone who says they don’t know how to work. They clearly do know how to work, they understand that it should be about selling your body parts and all that lovely stuff, but they’re confident enough to know they’ve got a thousand other ways to tell a story and get over, all of which has made them wildly successful. I’d hate to think what the wrestling landscape would look like right now if they only ever wrestled the way you’re, “supposed,” to. I’m assuming they lost the belts on Sunday so they can fast-track the inevitable match against Danielson and Punk without undermining the ranking system. Am I being too trigger happy thinking they’ll do it at Arthur Ashe?
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