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  1. If you’re a midcarder who’s already, “declared,” you need to come to terms with the very likely scenario that you’re being replaced once Vince sees the size of these fellas.
  2. Edge must be delighted Randy is so far down the wrestlcrap rabbit hole with Bray and Alexa that they can’t pair them back up and he can actually wrestle someone else for a bit. What a difference six months makes though. When Edge left Randy was one of the best things in the business. The fucking state of him now.
  3. Given recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taker himself was holding this sign. Whilst carrying a knife.
  4. I had another quick go of Thunderdome. Lasted about twenty minutes before the novelty wore off and I couldn't be bothered to sit with my face aimed at the show, finding it far more preferable to leave it on as background noise and glance over when something sounded interesting. Honestly, you could skip almost everything on this show other than Edge's promo, which was fantastic and felt completely out of place on an otherwise disaster of an episode. Watching Edge deliver this belting little speech, I got the impression he hasn't seen the show in months and doesn't realise what dross he'll
  5. To be fair, they’ve done their best to adjust the quality of their shows to match the price.
  6. I’ve rewatched a few Rumbles to get myself in the mood and My God I forget how over Becky Lynch was in 2019. I never thought someone would click like that again after Daniel Bryan in 2016. Genuinely, naturally, vociferously over. Not just popular. Fucking loved. Even better than her winning is still the bit where Fit Finlay allows her to enter the match and motions her to the ring. The roof comes off the arena. Stone Cold Steve Austin pop. When it’s good it’s fucking great. Assuming someone in the company has been watching these matches back to make the,” It’s All in the N
  7. Give it two weeks. He’ll be explaining in interviews that Dustin only beat him because of how scared he was of him.
  8. Hoping by the time Revolution happens Thea Trinidad’s 90 day non-compete will be up and she can make an appearance. The women’s division is in desperate need of someone like her.
  9. The, “HE SAID YES,” thing is one of the best intentional bits of comedy from any promotion in forever. I can’t believe what a success story Dark Order have become. It might be daft to say but John Silver reminds me tonnes of Kurt Angle. One of the few guys who can absolutely nail comedy, wildly entertaining, yet feels completely legitimate and can look like a killer in the ring. Silver’s comebacks when he starts going a million miles an hour are incredible. Honestly, there’s a huge TV main event to be had giving him a title shot against Omega. This week’s show was one of JR’s worst. He ha
  10. I fancy Dustin to win this when Conor gets his usual stitch somewhere between rounds three and four.
  11. Dolph Ziggler’s entire WWE career was summed up that time he, “quit,” the promotion whilst US Champion, then returned as Number 30 in the Royal Rumble for no reason, didn’t win the Rumble, and did nothing of value afterwards. The absolute definition of just a guy doing some stuff, none of which matters or will ever be remembered fondly. Anyway, yeah. It’s madness how much potential one couple can have in Bianca Belair and Montez Ford. Imagine if they ever have a kid? That’s the key to the next boom period right there. Most important news of the year though - Thank fuck.
  12. If we’re to believe reports Ronda would probably prefer to wrestle in front of no fans. I’ve read it a few times that fans turning on her is what soured Ronda on both UFC and WWE. She’d probably be a lot happier and less likely to do those awful shoot promos online if WWE piped in cheers for her. Something I’ve been thinking about recently - do you think the performers themselves can hear the piped in reactions? Or is it all that done in the truck, with the guys wrestling in silence? It must be really awkward wrestling in that huge arena with no noise, just a wall of silent, digital fa
  13. Thanks for the information guys. Yeah - I must have caught a replay or a seen it on Todd Pettengill‘s Action Zone or something, but Royal Rumble 1996 was the first bit of pro-wrestling I caught and it pressed a button in my brain that I’ve never managed to turn off. All these mad, colourful characters coming in at timed intervals, Shawn Michaels eventually winning with the Superkick. I was hooked for life. Love the Rumble. Even the bad ones. They’ve got their work cut out for them without a crowd, and they’re going to struggle to top last year’s which was the best in ages, but the us
  14. Love the idea that shooting this commercial probably wreaked havoc on his fragile masculinity. Heaven forbid people think you play videos games. It’ll ruin your man’s man image of wearing eyeliner and fake fighting for a living, spending your spare time playing wrestler’s court. Didn’t he say in the documentary that the thing that attracted him to Michelle McCool was how she threw a football? Haha. The tragic prick.
  15. It’s nice he’s finally dropped kayfabe entirely and we can judge what a twat he is based on what he actually thinks and says rather than just ascertaining it from his shit T-shirts. Isn’t there talk of him coaching at the Performance Center? Looking forward to him helping NXT talent not get squandered when called up by advising them to carry weapons. If only Ricochet was packing heat! Things could’ve been so different!
  16. Can anyone recall how WWE pay per views were airing in 1996? I’m convinced my first taste of pro-wrestling was tuning into the 96 Royal Rumble whilst flicking through the channels. Did it air at a normal time?
  17. In the weeks that followed, everyone told Bret that he made the tastiest omelettes they’d ever eaten.
  18. Ah, bollocks. I forgot about that stip. Oh well, he can just fight him for AEW’s honour.
  19. Great work again @Onyx2. Thanks for doing this.
  20. The Jericho thing reminds me of Kassius Ohno. I’ve no problem with guys putting weight on, everyone having the same physique just adds to the identikit problem in the business today, but if you’re gonna smash in the sausage rolls you can’t still be doing lucha spots. I think it was Kassius Ohno vs. Velveteen Dream where Ohno was still trying to wrestle like a cruiserweight and ended up falling over and nearly killing himself. Same deal here with Jericho. With Cody, I get the sense he’s treading water until the inevitable Omega feud over the Title. Ideally, they’ll get a more substantial c
  21. As a human being? Chris Jericho is undoubtedly a stupid MAGA knobhead. But as a performer? I still rate him and think he’s got a lot to offer. Fuck me though. That Lionsault. Either get in shape or remove it from your move set, tubby.
  22. Check out Finn’s new T-shirt. Same energy.
  23. Memories of playing a copy of Metal Gear Solid on a chipped PS1 and having my life RUINED when I didn’t have the game’s official case to find the required codec frequency on the back. I think I ended up just calling every single frequency. Probably took hours.
  24. They’re not even trying to hide the Riddle thing anymore. It’s absolutely blatant. There’s no way this handling of him isn’t being done on purpose because everyone (rightly) thinks he’s a prick. ”Yeah Matt, Lashley will stamp the floor pretending to stamp on your bare foot, so sell it like he’s crushed your toes. Don’t worry, we’ll frame it so the viewers can’t see your feet. We don’t want you looking like a twat.” *Stamp*
  25. It took me forever to decide whether it was David Krumholtz or not. I couldn’t believe they’d get a real actor in and not bang on about it and squeeze whatever little name value he had. Absolutely tragic to come in to WWE and they don’t even bother mentioning you by name. Yeah, the show was mostly shit. Save your self time and just watch a GIF of the Ricochet vs. AJ finish. That was the only thing worth going out of your way to see.
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