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  1. "You won't see this reported in the MSM." It's a link to a Sky News report.
  2. It's virtually meaningless. Any politician in a national parliament can nominate for the prize and in this case it's been done by a "far right" politician in Norway who also nominated him in 2018. There's no shortlisting, so it's no more meaningful than any other nomination.
  3. New Timeline with Savage vs Flair is great fun. It's only half an hour and only really covers the build to WrestleMania 8, but it's a lovely compilation. Some of Flair's fashion choices are amazing. Now holding out for the Savage vs Roberts one, which would be incredible.
  4. Cunts in a very general and unlimited way:
  5. It's going to be a total shitshow. Trump's 33% ahead in people who plan to vote in person. Biden's 68% ahead in people who plan to vote by mail. Because the US setup means they don't count all the votes the same way/at the same time, it's almost certain that Trump will be way ahead in most states among votes counted and reported on the night (and on exit polls). Biden will catch up and likely overtake as they count the mail votes but by then Trump will have declared victory and laid the groundwork for claiming bogus mail votes stole the election.
  6. I don't see how anyone makes money with Brock right now. Japan's likely out the window for some time. UFC would get zero extra dollars if he's on a show. Other MMA groups presumably couldn't use him till he's been in the testing pool for six months, plus he's 43 and hasn't officially won a fight in ten years, so the best bet is probably Bellator losing their ass putting him against Fedor. AEW probably won't be able to do a big live gate any time soon and doesn't really need ratings until their next deal is due, so you're left with PPV. Given they're doing 100,000 on a good day, I'd be sur
  7. TBF, that does mean teenage boys finally get a shot with the girls in their class rather than them only being interested in lads in the year above.
  8. BBC News app had the bloody cheek to send a breaking news alert as if a government U-turn is actually an unforeseen event.
  9. Only just noticed this, but WWE Network adds a bunch of Raw/Smackdown clips the day after broadcast, but they only show up in the menus/home screen if you're not a subscriber or you're logged out. If you're a logged in subscriber, you'd never know they are there.
  10. AEW's (formerly NXT's) Tayanora Conti when she was at school with Philipe Coutinho:
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