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  1. The "everyone booked was fully aware" turns out to be them telling people "yeah, it's a legit show, we're booking AEW talent, we've got Sonny and Joey" and if people assumed that meant Janela rather than Ryan, that's their fault.
  2. Part of the confusion with Wembley may be that it's been rumoured/suggested as one of the venues where they'll do a test of how you can safely run a big event with no social distancing. The supposed plan is that if the Euros go ahead, then at one of the Wembley games they'll have a capacity crowd (as a permitted exception to the rules at the time) but with everyone having to show a negative test or a vaccination record. It would be as much a test of "can you process all this admin without people queuing all day" as "if there's 80,000 people and somebody with COVID gets in, does it spread.
  3. It's not just Wembley. That's just media reports giving an example. The limit for outdoor from stage 3 is whichever is lower, 4,000 or 50% of capacity. There's then a "special provision" for very large events, with the limit at whichever is lower, 10,000 or 25% capacity. So in practice, the limits will be as follows: Capacity of up to 8,000: Limit of 50% capacity Capacity of 8,000-16,000: Limit of 4,000 Capacity of 16,000-40,000: Limit of 25% capacity Capacity above 40,000: Limit of 10,000 The logic seems to be a combination of how well spaced out fans can be seated bu
  4. That infographic is slightly misleading. The full plan (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/963491/COVID-19_Response_-_Spring_2021.pdf) treats them the same way. Specifically: * Nightclubs reopen. * Large events (sport/theatre) no longer have limits on numbers. * Weddings, funerals and christenings no longer have limits on numbers. * Big conferences. Unlike everything else which is subject to the general "as long as the vaccines are working and cases under control", these four are all specifically subject to the
  5. Also bear in mind that the payment is taken at the start of the month at midnight Japan time, so either 3pm or 4pm on the last day of the month UK time.
  6. One factor that I think is underestimated in Progress's decline is when they started rescheduling shows because they clashed with NXT UK tapings. Not only did that kill the image when it was obvious the promotion was no longer the top priority for its wrestlers and owners, but it pretty much wiped out the large proportion of the audience who were making lengthy train or coach trips that were only affordable on non-refundable/rebookable fares.
  7. How long ago was that? With the first batch of vaccinations they were booking people in for both because three-weeks apart was still the plan. One of the big pains of switching to the 12-week-gap was GPs having to cancel appointments, which took ages because it was old folk who didn't read e-mail and kept you nattering for ages on the phone.
  8. I've used https://www.parcel2go.com/. It's a comparison site for couriers and works out way cheaper that Royal Mail if you're sending a decent sized box.
  9. Good bit on explaining vaccine effectiveness maths here: https://www.livescience.com/covid-19-vaccine-efficacy-explained.html tl;dr: 95% effective doesn't mean 5% of vaccinated people will get COVID. It means the chances of getting COVID are 95% lower if you have the vaccine than if you don't.
  10. I believe Hammerlock started in 93. Not got results myself. Cagematch only has results from 95 on for some reason: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=8&nr=210&page=4&s=0
  11. I have these on my PC. Not certain but think they originally came from Tony Earnshaw's old British Wrestling Archive site. 1st list is from all promotions, though incomplete no doubt. The Undertakers weren't necessarily WWF tributes as such, more likely just a generic gimmick. Somebody else had already done it here in the 60s.
  12. A few years back, ITV had a documentary about Panini football stickers. The guys who came up with the idea tried to buy out the company but were outbid by Robert Maxwell, who then got the Football League license. They started their own company (Merlin) and were about to go bust but were completely saved by doing a WWF album.
  13. Well that didn't work. Anyway, here's all the Big Daddy results, which is 99% the same thing as "here's the Crabtrees/RWS schedule" 16/1/93 – HANLEY with Scott Valentine v ??? 6/2/93 – STRETFORD with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W 9/2/93 – BRIERLEY HILL 10/2/93 – HUDDERSFIELD with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers W 15/2/93 – HUYTON with Tony Stewart v Count von Zuppi/Undertaker Doom W 19/2/93 - DURHAM 23/2/93 – CROYDON with Karate Kid v The Destroyer/Karl Krammer W 27/2/93 – YORK with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W ./BIG%20DADDY_files/imag
  14. Hope this doesn't crash the site, but I'll spoiler-tag it as it's super long: 1993 shows/results: [spoiler] 1993 RESULTS BURGESS HILL – 2/1/93. Danny Collins v Mal Sanders…Zebra Kid v Miguel Santos…Pete LaPaque v Steve Johnson…Lee Darren v Young Jason. SPENNYMOOR – 2/1/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks v Detroit Destroyer. NEWCASTLE – 3/1/93. Big Daddy & Karate Kid v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks/Mighty Yankee/Detroit Donovan. WARMINSTER – 4/1/93. CROYDON – 5/1/93. Rumble – Giant Ha
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