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  1. If a babyface isn't ready to win the title, they shouldn't be getting the title shot in the WrestleMania main event.
  2. It's good, but it's not Allied Powers good:
  3. Watched Wayne's World today. The opening scene, set in 1992, has a TV exec and his partner. Now can't shift the thought it's Bash and Rhonda six years on.
  4. What's meant to happen: Parliament operates for a year then gets prorogued for a week or so to start a new session with a new Queen's Speech setting out the plans for the next year. The Queen doesn't come in person so five Lords (leader of house, a Conservative, Labour head, Lib Dem head, Crossbench aka independents head) act as a Commission to represent her and close the session, with a busy chamber of Lords hanging round to watch, They send Black Rod to the Commons to ask MPs, lead by the Speaker, to come to the Lords for the closing ceremony. When its done the MPs go back to the Commons, the Speaker says "Queen says we're done here, guys", MPs shake his hand, everyone goes home. What actually happened: Parliament was planned to run for two years to leave enough time to sort out Brexit. (Normally laws in progress get ditched at the end of the session and you have to start again.) After two years May isn't 100% certain she'd actually get a new Queen's Speech passed, which normally means it's curtains, so she stalls, during which time she's replaced. Johnson prorogues for five weeks, very blatantly to reduce time for MPs to block a no deal Brexit, which doesn't exactly work. Only three of the Lords on the Royal Commission turn up as the Labour and Lib Dem heads boycott it. Fortunately for protocol, three is the minimum needed for it to be legit. Literally nobody is on the opposition benches in the Lords and there's about a dozen on the government side. Black Rod goes to the Commons and asks the MPs to come to the Lords, prompting loud shouts of refusal. Several MPs grab hold of the Speaker, leading to scuffles with clerks of the house. It was a protest recreating when King Charles 1st prorogued Parliament for 11 years (which sparked the Civil War.) MPs at that time sat on the Speaker so he couldn't go to the Prorogument ceremony for several hours, during which time MPs tried to pass various laws (which didn't have any force.) Other MPs hold up signs saying "Silenced." While Black Rod looks very pissed off, the Speaker pretty much says "This proguement isn't normal, it's political bullshit, I'm only going to the Lords now because it's my job." Various Tory MPs shout that he shouldn't be doing this and he basically tells them to get fucked. The Speaker leads most but not all Tory MPs (plus the DUP) to the Lords while all the other MPs chant "Shame on you!" The opposition MPs stay in the Commons during the prorogument ceremony and sing socialist/Scottish anthems. The Speaker comes back from the ceremony to do the goodbye bit, but all the Tory MPs who went to the Lords go home instead.
  5. He'll probably get a Just Eat ad where he shouts "Order, order." Then a sequel with "Chicken on the boooooone."
  6. The Duke of Wellington has resigned the Conservative whip. And that's not a sentence I expected to write in 2019.
  7. JNLister


    That's no use for him. They can't do a no confidence motion till Tuesday (has to be put down the day before.) If they got that through, either Corbyn or someone else takes over, or the opposition just lets the 14 days run down and spark the election automatically. Johnson would set the date but it has to be 25 working days later, meaning October 29. By then he's either asked for the extension (and collapsed in the polls to the Brexit Party), resigned to get out of it, or is in jail for contempt.
  8. There's two main settings: "Backup" just copies across any files that are new or modified on the original drive since your last backup. It doesn't delete anything from the backup drive. (Sounds like that's what you want.) "Mirror" copies across new and modified files, but also deletes anything on the backup drive that's no longer on the original drive. So once it's run, the two drives should be identical.
  9. JNLister


    Clickbait listicle shit notwithstanding, Buzzfeed UK does some excellent politics explainers. This is today's on the utterly batshit range of what happens next options: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexwickham/i-saw-14000605-brexit-futures
  10. JNLister


    Another theory is the Government hoped the Lords would take out the amendment, which would have added an extra day where it had to go back to the Commons for approval rather than go straight into law.
  11. JNLister


    I do wonder how successful the "Corbyn's scared of an election" attacks will be electorally. Yes, they might land with some people now, but it's going to be a bit of a redundant point once an election is actually happening.
  12. There are plenty of Labour-held seats where the majority of people voted Leave in the referendum, but the majority of *Labour voters* in those areas voted Remain.
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