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  1. JNLister

    Disney Plus

    In the biggest coincidence ever, the 7 day free trial offer ended the day before Hamilton and Frozen 2 were added.
  2. I guess this is general politics. China has cracked down on protest in Hong Kong by making it illegal to hold a sign saying anything that can be construed as anti-government. The protestors have responded by holding up blank sheets of paper. Shopkeepers have joined in by putting blank post-it notes in their windows as a gesture of support (and if the police approach, they just write details of special offers on them.)
  3. Yeah, it was pretty much a Rumble/SummerSlam/Survivor Series level number. You're arguably talking $5-10 million more than a generic Backlash show (presumably new champ Rock defending against Triple H in a gimmick match) would have been expected to do.
  4. Turns out it's not quite as mental as it seems as they aren't changing the licensing hours, so no booze before 11am. It's just the penny dropped that some pubs were planning to open at a minute past midnight and welcome people who'd spent all of Friday evening preloading at home. Incidentally, the government haven't actually yet published the changes to the law that make it legal to open the pubs again or say what if anything they must do differently to normal. There's plenty of guidance but no sign of the actual legal regulations.
  5. Assuming he had control over the content/release, I wonder how much of him deliberately dropping the character and looking more vulnerable was a way to make it harder for himself to go back on retirement later on.
  6. It's possible part of the diverse reactions was people watching it as scheduled (over the course of a couple of months) vs people binge watching it. The fat/repetition would definitely stand out more if you watched the episodes in short succession.
  7. It's basically "2 metres or 1 metres plus corporation tax."
  8. If you give the government the benefit of the doubt on safety, they really should have used the phrase "one metre with protection" rather than "one metre plus."
  9. Apparently last night's Liverpool-Palace was the first time since OPTA started doing stats in 2008 that a team hasn't had a single touch in their opponent's penalty area.
  10. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent writes on the subject: http://matthewscott.org.uk/british-wrestling-and-speakingout
  11. JNLister


    Politico pointed out yesterday that the first case of coronavirus in the UK was confirmed the day we left the EU. Not in a "these events are connected" sense, but rather "we didn't have a single day's break between the two biggest UK news stories of recent years."
  12. I was thinking it would be along the lines of AJ Styles and a bunch of up-and-coming heels against Taker and his league of legends (Triple H, Kane, Big Show, anyone else who doesn't want Saudi money). All the old guys do their signature spots, a couple of the key young guys get a big win over one of the names, and Undertaker beats Styles at the end.
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