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  1. The official advice on what should trigger self-isolation/getting a test is still just fever/new continuous cough/loss of taste or smell: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/main-symptoms/ Chances are that even if they do believe headache/runny nose is a genuine/meaningful symptom, they know it's completely useless to make it a threshold for doing anything.
  2. What a perfectly fine show that had no reason to exist.
  3. Didn't bat either game, but was listed at 11 in the order both nights so I suspect they weren't that confident. Or it's just illegal to lob a ball at a child at high speed. Archie Lenham by the way. His dad and granddad both played fairly regularly for Sussex.
  4. Remember when the Hardy Boys were the doormen at King of The Ring 95? WWE Archivist Ben Brown has just pointed out that one of the costumes was reused the following year:
  5. Saw Sussex in a T20 game last night and they had a 16 year old bowling. Which means he would have been an actual baby during the 2005 Ashes.
  6. The boundary review is out. The proposals would mean my area becomes part of a different constituency. I'm at most three years away from my MP being Jacob Rees-Mogg.
  7. Apparently this lot were going to get fired with the others a couple of week back but they had to wait till they got the bin liners back,
  8. This is the country that made a film based around the idea one of these women is a goddess and the other an absolute munter.
  9. Big deal now would be a comparative term, but Zack Sabre has only wrestled Kenny Omega twice in singles matches. Once was in the G-1 Climax. The other was for 4FW in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall.
  10. Also it's quite intuitive to hear "76% effective" and think "I've still got a 24% chance of getting COVID." In fact, it means the risk is reduced by 76% from whatever it would be if you weren't vaccinated.
  11. Bear in mind Wuertz was an employee, not an "independent contractor", so they had to wait for an actual reason to fire him.
  12. Useful summary from Martin Lewis on international travel rules:
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