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  1. It's whichever's the higher figure of: your contracted monthly salary/wages as of February 28th, or your actual average monthly earnings over the past 12 months (or during the period since you started the job if that's under 12 months). https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme The basic idea is that you don't get penalised if you have variable earnings (eg zero hours or variable shifts) and February was a light month.
  2. If UFC is getting a fixed amount from ESPN for each show (regardless of how many people watch/buy it), why would they book McGregor on a show that's going to have no live gate?
  3. They're still doing Wednesdays live for as long as possible, but they've also taped a bunch of extra matches that they'll use to cobble together shows if and when they can't film any more.
  4. Though the story goes they are two sword lengths apart to stop fighting, the government and opposition benches are actually 3.96 metres apart so he likely won't have caught it at PMQs.
  5. Not dived into it for fear of coming across spoilers but the ultra-reliable source "some guy on the F4W board quoting some guy on Reddit" reckons the following guys are (were?) off the show as well as Reigns:
  6. As well as London School of Lucha Libre, he's a trainer for EVE.
  7. Our local one says it's posting out all certificates, which implies you don't go in to register it. The bill going through parliament at the moment changes the law so that funeral directors can register deaths, so I'd assume the idea is they go in once a day and do everybody on their books, rather than a family member going in.
  8. Reading an autocue helps.
  9. Yep, it's a total inconsistency. The gov.uk website's "full guidance" simply says "Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home." But the gov.uk Twitter feed has a video (now deleted) which says "if you are a key worker" (which is presumably the same definition as people who can send their kids to school.)
  10. NHS website now has a clearer explanation of the two symptoms that mean you need to stay home completely if you get either of them:
  11. Not sure of the best place to post this, so repost elsewhere if appopriate. Sky is letting people pause payments on Sky Sports until live sport returns, but still be able to access the channels:
  12. Bet Lesnar would charge that as two matches on his contract.
  13. They're still working out the logistics, but the principle is that the government pays a grant to the employer to cover any staff who aren't working but remain on payroll.
  14. Reminder that as well as listings and results of all the World of Sport era shows, itvwrestling.co.uk has embedded videos for every match I could find from YouTube.
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