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  1. Reading back the old Spiked Piledriver issues, the non-squash matches were "Star matches" rather than Superstar. Any hold or a move into a pin attempt is "scientific wrestling." "[Greg Valentine] seemed half asleep and totally disinterested in the contest" was a sentiment that didn't really need a knowledge if insider lingo. Most reports of his matches have phrases like "cautiously measured" and "test of endurance." Shawn Michaels always works the heat is "While he is as gutsy as any man in the sport, Jannetty seems to spend far longer out of the ring."
  2. Funny bit is that in Kent Walton's 1960s book, he does a bit "refuting" all the claims about wrestling being fixed, one of which is that sometimes wrestler A beats wrestler B but sometimes wrestler B beats wrestler A. He says that's actually perfectly normal when you think about it because one of them might be having an off-day or an injury, or come up with a new strategy. He concludes that if A beat B every time, *then* you might get suspicious.
  3. Just remembered that any wrestling promotion was called a "federation" presumably thanks to WWF influence. The opposite of a rookie match (aka squash) was a superstar match. Big events (whether PPV, TV special or major house show) were simply "supercards", presumably because distinguishing what was actually on pay-per-view was both complicated and indeed incomprehensible to a British person. ("You pay to watch something on television? Huh?")
  4. In the first fanzine I wrote for, faces and heels were fan favourites and rulebreakers, which was Apter-mag speak. Squash matches were "rookie matches" which was our own inaccurate term.
  5. Sounds like he's mixing up "first became a WWF commentator" and "first did commentary on Raw." He did a couple of weeks right after Savage left and they were trying out replacements. The "Savage didn't turn up and we saw him on Nitro" is obviously bollocks.
  6. All you really need to know is that Kairi Saine is getting one hell of an entrance in that stadium:
  7. I bet there's still plenty of people who went to WrestleMania who don't watch all five hours of Raw and Smackdown and might not even go to house shows in their market, so you can still learn something from them.
  8. Though of course a symphony has multiple movements in it. Which is why when I was telling my wife about Walter entering to that music on a violin at Wembley, she was picturing: http://tubedubber.com/?q=nuIPZqh0Bl0:SnSOYavRa0g:0:100:0:0:1
  9. Ah, now that's an interesting one. The story goes that the Io/Mio/Asuka trio was going to be getting a headline push in their promotion but then Io jumped to Stardom and broke the team up. Very Excitable People Who Are Probably Wrong insist that created SHOOT LEGIT HEAT between Io and Asuka and are adamant that if/when they end up on the same brand of WWE it'll be all the drama. (In reality, it appears more to be that they aren't going to be best mates just because they happen to come from the same country.)
  10. I don't think so. Kairi was a regular for Stardom while Asuka wrestled for pretty much everyone else.
  11. Singer/guitarist combo doing covers of wrestling themes: Plenty more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2F4cwXnpQ0Hre0ZhciWaaw/videos including Demolition, Deadly Game and Jive Soul Bro,
  12. One rumour/theory is broadcasting more shows from their version of the Performance Center like the Contender Series. More shows meaning possibly even live fights every day, presumably with unknown fighters getting paid pennies.
  13. Is it just my TV/the Now TV picture or did anyone else find the show incredibly dark (literally not morally)? There were scenes like where I couldn't see a thing that was happening.
  14. Episode 3 was put up on the website as a preview before the series started. 1 has now aired on the TV channel and in turn been added to the site. The rest are airing weekly.
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