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  1. JNLister


    That's a bigger ask then. Because if you follow up from 2017, the Conservatives could lose just half a percentage point (still giving them a bigger share than they got in any election from 1983-2015), be 40 seats ahead of Labour, and still be unable to form a government,
  2. JNLister


    Good summary by Stephen Bush of the New Statesman of the complete impasse we've been in for months:
  3. JNLister


    What counts as winning? Most votes, most seats, or forming a government?
  4. JNLister

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    I know last year they announced the dates for the final three shows (and the fact it was at Budokan) during Wrestle Kingdom. Not sure if they had the full tour dates though. IIRC, it was part of an announcement for all the big show dates between January and August.
  5. Clutching at straws here, but it's perfectly feasible we wind up with a hung parliament where the two main parties have a similar vote share and the Conservatives have more seats. Given that in such a situation Labour forming a minority/coalition government is probably the only thing feasible in parliament, Labour getting more votes will be an important way of combatting the inevitable "Conservatives won the most seats, they should be in power, it's a coalition of the losers" criticisms.
  6. JNLister


    Ironically he's the MP for Deal.
  7. JNLister

    BT Sport loses UFC rights

    Might give this a miss then: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1000681899/?recommendedFlavor=MATCHING_SKILLS&refId=06b8508c-28f5-4c5c-bdca-308d35b51e22&trk=eml-jymbii-organic-job-card&midToken=AQHgmy6YOkg5VQ&trkEmail=eml-jobs_jymbii_digest-null-3-null-null-14131v~jplhvafe~fu-null-jobs~view
  8. JNLister


    Carswell and Reckless are pretty much the only MPs who've changed parties and resigned as an MP so they could restand in a by-election. Before that I think you have to go back to 1981 when one of the MPs who jumped to the SDP did a byelection (and lost).
  9. JNLister


    They'd most likely just become independents rather than switch. There is always the possibility that if you got Boris or somebody who was made PM and outright said "yeah, we're not getting a decent deal, we'll just crash out" you'd get enough Tory backbenchers commit political suicide and vote no confidence in the government to trigger an election as the only way to stop it.
  10. JNLister


    There's a theory that a lot of the people pushing for Labour to call a no confidence vote know it would fail without the DUP but want it to happen anyway because they think it will put pressure on Corbyn to then say "Right, we've tried everything else, now we back a second referendum." Contrastingly Corbyn and co will do everything to put off that moment in the hope of getting an election (or even taking over as a minority government) before they have to publicly support a referendum and risk alienating potential voters.
  11. JNLister

    Random Thoughts III.

    At Bristol he came out and was doing a bit asking for volunteers to audition for the ho train. Obviously only men offered. He asked the first one what qualified him to join. The answer: "I know where to find the actual hoes round here."
  12. JNLister


    Looks like just a debate with no power to change anything. There is talk of a censure motion, but that's just "we think you're acting badly" and doesn't have any effect.
  13. JNLister


    It seems like that's why she's being so careful to talk about "seeking assurances" rather than wanting to change either of the documents. One theory is that the moment she says we want to change the wording of the documents, the January 21 deadline comes back into force. There's also the minor matter that whenever she has the "meaningful vote", she then has to get a full act of parliament through to write the deal into British law, so the longer she delays it, the less time for that.
  14. JNLister

    Dave Meltzer

    Yeah, mid-80s. They paid him for reports on how American guys working in Japan were looking. Bit odd as all of that would have been in the newsletter anyway, and he's spoken about regretting doing it just for the fact it lets people say he was technically on payroll.
  15. JNLister

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Here's the opening paragraph of the Observer this week: