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  1. Reckon I'm in here.
  2. As best I can tell, the DraftKings betting was a glorious scam. The judging was purely for TV entertainment and had nothing to do with the outcome of the match. You were actually betting on the "result announced by the WBC" and under the terms of the sanctioning they weren't allowed to announce a winner, so it was guaranteed to be a draw. You've now got a bunch of people who think they got scammed by corrupt judges (either the TV ones or some mysterious WBC people off-screen) making a shady decision when actually they were betting on outcomes that literally couldn't happen and what happen
  3. The same company made nets for tennis courts at Wimbledon, the massive nets that stop landing planes going off the end of aircraft carrier decks, and the tiny ones used on goals in Subbuteo: https://subbuteo.online/how-subbuteo-goal-nets-nearly-downed-the-company
  4. I'm told his second goal against England in 1986 was pretty good. I wouldn't know because I was sent to bed for my reaction to his first goal.
  5. Bristol almost certainly going into Tier 3 when lockdown ends. With fortnightly reviews, that means there'll be a maximum of six days between the official position here being "too dangerous to go in a pub, watch sport, go in anyone else's house, leave your area or be in a group of 7 in a garden" and "it's safe to bring three households together for five days of Christmas."
  6. I assume the real issue isn't so much "do we have restrictions at Christmas" as "do we have a national rule or go by the tiered/localised system." "Follow the science" is not going to cut it when Boris Johnson's faced with the prospect of confirming Surrey households can meet up on Christmas Day but Lancashire ones can't.
  7. Lovely explanation/analogy for how mRNA vaccines (such as the two COVID ones announced as being successful in trials) work:
  8. Man who was definitely staying till the end of the year does a U-turn:
  9. Their leaders list (including the magnificent Richard 'Dick' Braine) since they achieved their aim with the referendum is basically a title history from the Russo era:
  10. North Carolina is accepting postal votes (postmarked on or before election day) until this Thursday and there's more than 100,000 outstanding, so it's theoretically possible there'd be enough still to come in to change the result. Trump's almost certainly going to win but it's not at the threshold of certainty to call it.
  11. New York Times reckons Guiliani and co booked there deliberately because it was the only place they could find available in Philly that would take the booking and wouldn't be overrun by anti-Trump crowds making noise. The problem was that Trump assumed it was the hotel.
  12. Some weird-ass shit with Guiliani's press conference. Not the content (though Sky cut away as he was speculating about which way the corpse of Joe Frazier voted) but the location. They tweeted it would be at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, deleted the tweet, then tweeted clarifying it would be at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is the office of a gardening firm in an industrial area on the outskirts of the city: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@40.0263139,-75.0305298,3a,75y,111.63h,91.98t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svG8OYvcYJTt-r59K97Yv6A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Specifically, they held it in the
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