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  1. Just looked back in the listings and they've been showing them after a new documentary series about Thatcher's reign as PM. The last three weeks they've shown the 1983, 86 and 89 episodes so they've presumably been crudely trying to tie them in with the relevant Thatcher episodes. God, 12 years ago now would be 2007 so the equivalent "nostalgia" would be Amy Winehouse, the first iPhone, MySpace and Northern Rock. It doesn't exactly seem like a bygone era.
  2. Technically this counts as scripted (according to at least one participant) but BBC just repeated I Love 1989. All the talking head clips felt really weird and unsettling, which turns out to be because it was first shown in 2001. So it's 18-year-old clips of people talking about stuff only 12 years earlier. We're talking full head of hair Gail Porter, Johnny Vegas with bumfluff, sober Bez, and Ross Noble the size of a house. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00062vd/i-love-the-1980s-i-love-1989
  3. [nerd] Val Venis, then known as Steele, was the reigning CMLL World Heavyweight Champion when he signed for WWF. [/nerd]
  4. https://twitter.com/LiberalMorgan/status/1139688906721357831
  5. It's avoidable by signing up for their paid "VIP membership" (includes the Torch newsletter, member-only podcasts, etc), which is no doubt why the ads are done in such an annoying way.
  6. For the Chernobyl fans, BBC 4 on Sunday at 8pm is repeating a documentary about how they built a steel dome to stick on top the remains of the reactor a couple of years back. That might not sound like much except its not safe to build over the reactor so they had to build it to the side and then wheel it in place with millimeter accuracy. Oh, and at 36,000 tonnes it's the biggest thing that's ever been moved on land.
  7. Best part about the latest name change is that they've announced it before the Electoral Commission has given final approval, so it's still possible they might be forced to change it yet again.
  8. There's a leadership election going on with Jo Swinson and Ed Davey.
  9. JNLister


    Not to panic, but on the current polls, Farage would be leader of the largest party but not be able to form a government, which would instead almost certainly be Corbyn as PM in some sort of Lib Dem/SNP deal where he agreed a second referendum. If you think "Farage is always on Question Time" is bad, can you imagine the fucker being Leader of the Opposition and doing PMQs every week bleating on about how he won the election and both it and Brexit have been stolen from him.
  10. The actual promotion side of NXT doesn't necessarily lose that much, it's more the costs of the performance center. If they're regularly getting 1-2,000 on house show tours and aren't paying most of the crew big six-figure salaries, the shows themselves shouldn't be big money losers. Plus they don't get credited with any TV revenue even though they produce a weekly show and specials that are among the most popular programming on the Network, which brings in $200 million or so a year. Even if you say just five percent of Network subscribers are getting it primarily/solely for NXT and would cancel otherwise, that's $10 million a year, which is more than NXT's on-paper losses.
  11. JNLister

    NJPW World

    There's an HD and SD option on the video.
  12. If you're after watching more of Orange Cassidy, independentwrestling.tv is the way to go. It's a streaming service that covers a load of indy groups and they have their own championship which is defended on as many of the shows they air as possible. Cassidy had a long reign as champ and there's about 60 shows with him on in their archive.
  13. FWIW, the former UKHatGuy of this forum was at the show and says the claim of 4,000 in attendance was very credible.
  14. Good point from Alan Boon over at Love The Graps: If this has all been planned for months, why didn't they announce/plug Takeover: Cardiff when they did a WWE house show at Cardiff a couple of weeks ago, complete with a Pete Dunne-Walter match.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48492619 Band gets booked for Glastonbury. Sunday Times 'reveals' that one of their songs is called Kill Tory Scum and outright calls for the murder of all Tories. Glastonbury cancels booking. Now, obviously I have no problem with this, but where's the right-wing outrage from the free speech is supreme brigade? What's the difference between this and cancelling/not booking racists/idiots from talking at a university or a British Medical Association panel?
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