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  1. Mr Hargreaves, Grange Hill deputy head in the early 90s. Like you'd dropped Gordon Brittas into the middle of another show. The type of "this show just went to shit and is going to take a big effort to get back on track" not seen again until the second half of Oz Season 4.
  2. They're both much of a muchness. TNT is slightly ahead, but that's largely down to live sports events like AEW itself. It'll probably mean fewer cases of AEW being moved because TNT is showing a bigger event like major basketball. Of course the downside, is that it will then be going against said big event. Not much real difference in terms of the lead-in (people watching the previous show, seeing the start of AEW and potentially checking it out.) TNT mainly shows movies before Dynamite (Rush Hour 3 this week) and on the current TBS schedule it would be Friends.
  3. Depends how you count MSG shows where they closed-circuited into the Felt Forum. They're not at the live show as such, but it's literally the same building.
  4. A couple from the Internet Archive: One from 2001 when we were UKFF but still at wrestlingukfanforum, a few months before the database reset. One from 2003 which is the earliest archive page as UKFF.com.
  5. So UKFF is sort of 20 today. It's actually a bit older as it began some time in 1999-2000 when several boards merged under what I believe was called Wrestling UK Fan Forum. 20 years ago today is when the database was last reset/recreated/relaunched and everyone had to reregister. From a purely technical perspective, that's an impressive task in that things like user accounts and post counts have been tracked for two decades, though older posts have to be deleted every so often to avoid a complete crash. Per the member list (https://ukff.com/search/?type=core_members), people who signed up (or rather recreated their account) on day one were: Moo Five Alive Junkman Bad News Mackem Man LCJ Van Dammer Gossy Pabster I was a day two-er along with several others who are still around. By the end of 2001 there were still fewer than 90 members. A few of those were/went on to be involved in wrestling including: Dean Ayass & Linus (who commentated together on Revival on Talk Sport and Bravo a few months later) Majik Patrick 'MadMan' Kelly (not at all sure, but I think he was Keith 'Ruffneck' Colwill) Jon Farrer Mark Sloan Mark Dallas The Middleman (wrestler/promoter Lee Butler) CracktonMOJ (ring announcer) Meanwhile, the only people who've topped 20,000 posts are IandrewDiceClay, Egg Shen and wandshogun09, though I can't remember if that excludes off-topic posts these days. Thoughts, memories, etc?
  6. So AEW beat Raw in the key demo with a main event featuring two guys who just got cut from WWE's developmental show.
  7. I was thinking "this guy's really trying to be both Steiners at once" till the penny dropped as to who it was.
  8. Hogan's greatest working ability was getting people to say "He's great in Japan because he does all the technical stuff" by simply adding one drop-toe hold to each match.
  9. Check out https://routeshuffle.com/. Give it a start point and a distance and it will randomly generate a circular route suitable for walking/running/cycling. It's a good way to keep yourself moving without getting bored by doing the same walk every time and you might see a bit of your neighbourhood you haven't seen before (for better or worse.) One thing to note is that you give a distance as a whole mile but, if for example you set it to 2 miles, the route will be anywhere between 2.0 and 2.9 miles. So you may need to refresh it a few times to get one that works for you.
  10. This could probably go in every thread on the board, but this one will do:
  11. No, you're right. They all look the same to me.
  12. Just to clarify as there seems to be some confusion. The one good Chubby Brown joke is: "My neighbour's one of those non-Orthodox Jews... he's a Nazi."
  13. The first series of Give Us A Clue had a tune that would become more familiar elsewhere:
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