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  1. @kidswritejokes is done by the moderator of a site where kids submit jokes. The good ones go on the site. The plain baffling or disturbing ones go on his Twitter feed.
  2. There's something wonderfully self-contradictory about going to a parole hearing and saying "I've done my time."
  3. Just discovered https://twitter.com/daytimesnaps, which is pretty much @wresnocontext for daytime TV.
  4. Warning that they skipped intermission today so the tournament matches started only a few minutes past the hour mark.
  5. The Jordan storyline at least explains why Angle was: a) very keen on fucking Booker T's wife but b) insistent that it be up the bum.
  6. It's off-topic by being on-topic, but I enjoy @wresnocontext
  7. I was there and it's one of the tenser games I've seen. Most of the England innings was on course but nothing better and very nervy, then you had three major wickets in a couple of overs. As Gagde says, from about 40 balls left it was pretty much hovering at a run a ball needed, with England down to the middle order and just keeping pace. You then had South Africa give away three extras in a couple of balls, and England hit a couple of boundaries, leaving a seemingly simple 10 from 3 overs. Somehow they still had three needed from the final over, but you had Gunn (the last in the order who was at least an all rounder) on strike. She got dropped on the first ball, then a single on the second which put a bowler on strike. She was bowled on the third, bringing in Shrubsole, who is in the tail end and had previously been carried off the field just before the England innings ended. You're pretty much praying that she can squeak a single in the next three balls, setting up a tie and maybe even giving Gunn a chance of winning it. Instead she marches straight out and hits a four. Unbelievable.
  8. When people argue Jodie Whittaker was picked through tokenism, are they suggesting she unfairly got the role over superior actor Kris Marshall?
  9. Cheeky plug: itvwrestling.co.uk now has all the match videos I could find from the old ITV wrestling days, dating back to 1970.
  10. Lovely bit of trolling in a comment on a site I write for:
  11. Oh yeah, when they actually did the running over it was just a way to get Austin out of the match. The Rikishi deal came about when Austin was ready to return and they needed to figure out an explanation.
  12. Sometimes a little longer on the big shows, but generally the first half runs about an hour. The second half with the tournament matches started at 1hr 30 today, but on the smaller shows you'll usually be safest tuning in about 1:15 after the show start time.
  13. IIRC, HHH was always going to be the real mastermind, but they knew Austin's return match would do big business against anyone, so the idea was to do the Rikishi match and still be able to have the grudge element for the Triple H match the next month.
  14. Arena business was awful in 1995. September was the lowest average attendance for a month they've ever had. Most guys at the time would take a small cash advance each night on a tour to cover their road expenses (hotels, cars, food, 'medicine'), with those advances being deducted from the cheque they'd get later on for their payoff for the tour. There were points in 1995 when lower card guys payoff for the tour wouldn't cover the cash advances, so they got nothing. Shane Douglas, who at points during his run was in the second-biggest match of the night, reckons he wound up losing money while he worked there.
  15. My barber and his colleague were discussing the fight today. They were absolutely convinced McGregor is winning by KO, as in not a shred of doubt. This reminds me a lot of when they did Royce Gracie vs Matt Hughes and some people thought it was crazy to even doubt Gracie was going to win handily.