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  1. The Indian I go to is one of the best I've ever had but one time last year they were almost 2 hours late, then when it arrived they'd forgot the rice. I'm a very reserved person but it still makes me angry thinking about it. We did end up getting the rice and a few things added in for free but I've still not been back since. What kind of Indian takeaway forgets to bring the rice!
  2. Bought the New York Hot Dog Pringles today. The weirdest thing about them is that they really do smell and taste like a hot dog with an aftertaste of ketchup. That's not necessarily a good thing. I'll still eat them though
  3. Opening the oven door while wearing glasses is something I do almost daily. Every time I get blasted by a wave of intense heat that steams my glasses completely up, and even worse most of the time I still put my oven gloved hand in the oven to get a hot tray out while completely blind
  4. Shame there's no bottom layer of pastry but even so that looks to be one of the best things she's done
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