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  1. I thought it was ok, maybe a bit better than last week but still way off old form. Aldis for me remains head and shoulders above everyone as an absolute pro, a great interview and personality. I thought I was someone who'd enjoy Austin Idol but he's been taking over segments and annoying so far. The women in the women's match seemed very green. Kamille and Thunder Rosa are still great imo. The spine of the promotion are still all good to watch, it's just that the spine is very depleted compared to the last few years.
  2. You see I don't think the return has been bad, not great though by any means, but not bad. Some of the negatives for other are positives for me. I like that it's just an hour long show. I still like the small studio and other parts of the production. We're only on week one so there's plenty of time for storylines to shape up and for other things, like Tim Storm getting involved in the action maybe? I do agree the roster is extremely depleted and much more meat needs to be added. I'd like some promo time for the new wrestlers and hopefully they are talented enough to establish themselves like t
  3. I enjoyed the return of Power. Hearing the opening theme and seeing the graphics made me smile, it's great to have it back. I'd say it was a decent show, I enjoyed the PPV but at times the production was a bit awkward being live, and there wasn't all that much meat to the PPV in terms of drama or ongoing storylines. It was a decent basic show. This week's Power was better for me as being pre taped it was more polished, the matches were all good and some storylines are being developed. Airing the same adverts two times on the show was annoying, it felt like watching RAW, but in RAWs defence it'
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