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  1. Cheer up mate. As for the real names thing I only used it once, first name only, for a fella I've known personally for years. Sorry he's not recognised me. People call me Mo all the time but don't get "thin ice"
  2. But remember you took they many years off in the middle to show us how cool you are? You'll always be my Gladder's 😉😉😉😉😉
  3. Fin with me. 11 year old forum references 😯. Nice to see you're living a worthwhile life. Aww Gladder's, never change. This gives me all the more ammunition for our next cheese and wine night. Hny son.
  4. Well if there's ever a least suprise of all time there it is. I've always known you like me but this isn't the best way to get my attention. Cheer up you miserable bastard. And as cool Keef pointed out, it's 2021 ya prick. YOU'LL NEED TO KEEP MY THREAD IN YOUR MIND FOR 11 MONTHS AT LEAST. LOL
  5. Tell you wit everyone's allowed two choices cause I've thought of 2 others, Essa Rios and Miss Elizabeth 1980s. What a prospect
  6. Fair enough with heel Trish, but no can do with Bob from Blackadder. Unless Gabrielle Glaister appeared at a UK indie show at one point. For example Lembit Opik would count. I'd HIGHLY question that choice mind u mate
  7. It takes a big man to apologize, good man, respect mate. Listen I'm no one to blow my own trumpet, but the thread of the year nominations are ongoing, and if ever a thread had thread of the year written all over it's this. Just a thought
  8. No I'm not you idiot. Go back and read my opening post again, it's perfectly simple. Choose you're fav incarnation of Doink and a female wrestler from any time period.
  9. Nah but you could for example have 1995 Doink and Luna Vachon. Not a bloody bad choice if u ask me.
  10. Flair's current wife counts due to her previous involvement in wrestling, as does his two sons and Charlotte. Feel free to have fun with that combination
  11. If Ivory never answered the phone I'd take Wrestlemania 30 Steph McMahon. Those shorts mannnnn
  12. Be nice, it's 2021 after all, is neither worst poster or a dolt, he's just a bit misguided.
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