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  1. I just assumed part 6 of any film franchise would be bad
  2. I'm very sorry. I 100% promise you'll hate this more than you'll hate Tremors 6.
  3. Mate watch it. I'm honestly looking forward to your review. I think I might, might actually agree with you on this one.
  4. I agree with this. There's probably good ways to take jabs at WWE but this one came across crude and petty for AEW.
  5. I don't watch much WWE anymore but one thing I remembered is you didn't get the same moves in every match. And people's finishers especially were not stolen. Every single match had dives to the outside. Nearly every match had many super kicks. The amount of piledrivers and piledriver variants was off the chart. Producers and wrestlers should be sitting down and making sure moves aren't constantly repeated, for maximum impact. I take your word for it that WWE is bad but I doubt to that extent. I'm being a little flippant when I say come back WWE all is forgiven. But a bit truthful too. I know WWE won't be chokka with amateurish production and wrestlers who don't look like wrestlers, and I appreciate them for that more than ever.
  6. Well, I have a whole new appreciation for WWE. I thought it was dreadful. Honestly dreadful. Sure enough, it had its good bits, but the bad bits and the truly awful way the show was put together ruined it for me. The pre show was genuinely one of the worst things I've seen in wrestling. You've been promised an alternative to WWE and they've been hamming a 'real sports' feel. Not that I wanted that, but it was a complete lie. The opening shots have a no legged guy in the ring, who gets the shit kicked out of him. Various ludicrous wrestlecrap gimmicks. The wrestlers come out in big groups so you have no idea who's who. The heel who got eliminated last at least had the basics of working the crowd covered unlike anyone else. But that's where my praise ends. It was like a bad early TNA battle royal. The shit comedy with the smiley female wrestler and librarians was as bad as the comedy WWE gets slated for by everyone. The Young Bucks and Omega are meant to be the top stars but play out full comedy in backstage skits and come across as goofy nerds. There was for lack of a better phrase production 'hiccups' everywhere. Show starts halfway through a Cody promo then cuts him off. Commentary team was awkward all night. The guy who isn't Jr or Excab was grinning weirdly like a pedo anytime the camera was on him. JR tried his best but he's done in. If you wanted an old hand Tony Schivonie would have probs been better. Camera switched to the wrong entrance ramp for various entrances. Some big spots in matches were missed. There was lots more I forget. Here's something we all take for granted in WWE, you don't see the same moves in every match. Here, every single match had dives to the outside. Nearly every match had super kicks. I though the Young Bucks match was awful for 2 reasons. 1- we'd already seen enough high risk moves in the pre show let alone the rest of the show before they were on, so it was less effective. 2- they crammed SO many high spots into the match they were forgotten about soon after anyway. And what's with the many, many over convoluted double team moves? A spike tombstone is devastating enough, why does the person jumping off the ropes have to do a 450 spin? The championship presentation was disjointed too. The heel should have cut his promo, Hangman should have took the belt out the bag, hit the heel with it, then posed with the belt and handed it back to Bret. Instead we get a good promo from the heel, then some shit arses who should be nowhere near the world title belt batter him, and Bret poses with the new belt, which they fail to get a good camera shot of. Cody vs Dustin was great, for being different especially. I've soften in my old age and they're was too much blood for my liking but hey-ho. Other matches were decent but struggled for being too samey. Some of the wrestlers have no place on a PPV. Jack Evans? Fuck off. I honestly can wait for the@Devon Malcolm review. Come back WWE, all is forgiven. I'll maybe think of more to add later, but I'm too tired now. Feel free to rip me apart for my opinion. Cheers.
  7. I don't know if live chat is allowed now or not, but that battle royal and backstage angle was fucking terrible. If the paid for show is as bad I'll be looking for my money back.
  8. I now have a whole new appreciation for WWEs shit comedy
  9. Right, I'm aff this weekend so gonna watch this live. What's the easiest way to watch? I don't mind paying btw. I've not got sky etc just council telly, so can't get it on TV? Would it need to be buying it on the laptop through a streaming site? Someone help a brother out, no gd wi this stuff.
  10. I'm the same. Seeing Glaciers name mentioned for the battle royal got my interest. It's a fine line. People like myself and presumably you would get more interested seeing Sean Mooney pop up for an interview than seeing certain 5*matches. I too hope they can find a balance of good cameos and emerging talent that brings in all types of fan. Overall with AEW, I'm looking forward to watching it play out. At this stage I don't care if its soapy, serious, comedy, sporty or whatever. I just want something a bit fresher and more engaging than what I've seen from WWE the past while. This year was my first year not even bothering watching Mania. After forcing myself to watch the last few Manias and supershows I gave up this year, mainly due to the runtime. It's just cumbersome. Anything, even if AEW does have it's flaws, is welcomed by me now, just to get me back interested in wrestling.
  11. I find it hard to tag many as a 'B+ players', even with your description of this category. Randy Savage, for example, was always about the main-event scene, had a few title runs, and was never 'the man.' But I would find it insulting to describe him as a b+ player, he's one the best ever, and had the charisma and drive to work a dramatic match better than anybody. I'd maybe say Luger for this, I'd probably rate him as b+. I really liked Luger, he had great poise and charisma. His matches were good, his promos were good, he was over and very convincing as a face or heel. He did have some shortcomings, he was more basic than the Flairs/Harts/Savages of this world and not as over as Hogan etc. So being a Luger fan I'll choose him, he was good, but never the best.
  12. I watched a couple of MLW episodes recently. Thought I would enjoy it, but didn't really. It was when Low-Ki shanked Konnan. I thought it was quite lame. I'll probs give it another try soon mind u. I've heard a lot of praise for Corny. I've said it for a while, love or hate his booking/podcasts, but on screen, be it on commetary or as an act, he's first rate. People who dislike him for his off screen antics sometimes forget how good he can be on screen.
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