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  1. Not seen it since, but I liked it when Daniel Bryan beat Trips in the opening match of that Wrestlemania with his running knee/kick. It was executed so slicky, and Trips sold it so well. Just a good old fashioned explosive finish.
  2. His intensity in 93 was increadible (as always to be fair.) I actually enjoyed his commentary but think I'm in the minority there. An underrated angle had Savage being held back by Vince McMahon while Savage was trying to go for someone, Crush I assume, only for Savage to push McMahon over and get involved in a full on brawl. There were some other things in that time, but my memory is a little sketchy. He buried Hogan on commentary in what was a rare shoot promo for the time. He ran into the ring a few times from commentary to even the odds when a face was getting beat up. Stuff like that always is a fun watch and got a big pop. He definitely had SO much more to offer WWF.
  3. It's my favourite match of the decade, off the top of my head anyway. Everyone was on top form. Rhonda was unreal, what an aura she had in that match.
  4. Is USWA on the network? Or somewhere else on the web that's easy to view. Heard lots of good things, never saw any of it though.
  5. Good match, and I didn't really know its significance to be honest. Alundra Blaze had some good matches with Bull Nakano in WWF around 95. There was some other surprisingly decent matches around that time aswell. Victoria and Mickie James were my favourite women's wrestlers, but I feel they could've done more if they were in their prime during a different era or had different women to compete with in WWE.
  6. Nearly every ECW original who cropped up in WWE after One Night Stand. Like someone said, Sandman being one, but Balls Mahoney, The FBI, Roadkill etc. are other examples. Even the BWO had a stint, didn't they? Just odd having them involved with WWE at that time
  7. In terms of lower middle card I always look back with fondness of Taka Mitchinoku, especially his early run (97 maybe) in the Lightheavyweight division. I also really like heel Brian Christopher from this time. Taka was a great worker. I find it hard to explain but when you compare someone like him to say, the Young Bucks, it's everything and nothing. Despite similarities in offence and that everything Taka did seemed more real. Maybe it's to do with selling and pacing, but a Taka spot fest I enjoy whereas a Young Bucks one I don't. Brian Christopher was a good charismatic all rounder. I know he's most remembered for Too Cool, but I liked him best during his heel run with his dad. I also liked when him and Scotty were called Too Much, even if they were jobbers. He was much more natural as a heel.
  8. Ur lucky there's a lockdown Keefy or I'd layeth the Smackdown on ur fucktard ass
  9. I always thought that Hogan/Gonzalez photo was fake. Hogan looks somewhat pasted on. Maybe I'm wrong. Also while we're on that time period, I was watching a match from late 92 Superstars a few weeks ago, can't remember what match. During some controversy Vince says on commentary, "I hope Sgt Slaughter will sort this out" or words to that effect. Was Slaughter an authority figure during that period? Cause I can't recall that at all.
  10. Hope everyone is safe and well. I can't concentrate on anything at the moment, not even wrestling. Stuck in the house the now. I'm a key worker but my boy is under the weather so I'm playing it safe and isolating with him for a while. I'll be glad when things are back to normal, and we can all argue and slag each other off without more serious things being on our minds. Cheers and stay safe everyone
  11. That's great. Where did you buy an item such as that? If you don't mind me asking was it costly?
  12. Just saw the NWA has suspended all operations till June, and this weeks Super Powerrr and the upcoming PPV are off for now. Disappointed to say the least, but that's the world we're in the now and it's not too surprising. Hopefully the break doesn't take the steam off the NWA machine too much as I'm really enjoying it the now.
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