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  1. I live in Scotland and am a neutral when it comes to the auld firm. Had many a good day out at Ibrox and Parkhead though, and a good drink in both Rangers and Celtic bars. I believe both have a tremendous passionate support, almost ruined though by a certain percentage of sectarianisn, hatred and bile. One upmanship and rivalry is a good thing, but it's turns to fierce hatred quickly and it ruins people and lives. If I'm honest, in my unbiased opinion, I feel Rangers are worst for it, but there's plenty of idiots on both sides. That's football and rivalry for you. But put it this way, I'll be encouraging my son to support our local team, in the hope that he doesn't get swept up in the hatred of the auld firm.
  2. Not sure what's the right thread for this, but I see Robert Forster has died. I was a fan, Alligator was a favourite of mine, kids always have that scary movie they're allowed to watch that terrified them. For some it was Chucky or films like that, mines was Alligator. I really liked him, he was a good actor and very handsome and cool in his own way. He'll probably be best remembered for Jackie Brown, another great film. RIP
  3. Lots of talented people have not fulfilled their potential, or been shit, in TNA.
  4. I really enjoyed it. Put it this way, there's far more chance of me watching this over RAW or AEW in future. We'll see how it goes, but in terms of commentary, interviews, wrestlers, crowd I thought it was all good. Eli Drake was my favourite. He seems to have that It Factor, charisma in his promos, look, ring work. Never seen him before but was impressed.
  5. I like Heyman as much as I like anyone in wrestling but I tend to agree. There's been so much pap on news sites saying after any decent change, "that was a Heyman idea, he was all for it." And after any questionable booking, "Heyman was against that, but was overruled." It's clear bollocks. So much crap comes on my timeline, Heyman wants to push this guy, Heymans doing this and that. It's clear it's just people watching RAW and making assumptions based on what their favourite bits are. There's the placebo effect also. Sit 10 "smart" wrestling fans down to watch an event booked by a McMahon they'll have loads of moans about it. Show them the same show and tell them Heyman booked it they'll probs say it's great. WWE have every right to capitalise on this and I'm sure that's what they're trying, to an extent anyway.
  6. Anyone who's ever play wrestled their co-workers doing the back shift at the cash and carry knows a Rock Bottom is hard to take. We had our own wrestling promotion, Slutty Championship Wrestling. I was the Harsh Spanker, teaming with my mate Chocolate Biscuit, going up against Sexual Torture and Filthy Whore. It was openly choreographed, and we pushed the young guys and the hardest workers. Me being the fair booker I was always jobbed myself out. Sexual Torture's finisher was the Rock Bottom. But anytime taking a Rock Bottom, the recievers natural instinct is to cushion the landing by putting their feet out, rather than taking a full back bump. Solution was I take the bump off the filler shelf onto a pallet of out of date Quavers. I set myself up for a full on back bump when mid fall I shat it, grabbed hold of Sexual Torture's arm, who fell on top of me and kneed my face. Rock Bottoms are hard to take. Canadian Destroyers weren't so easy, either
  7. I loved Tenay and West. Some might have found West over the top, but Randy Savage was one of my favourite commentators so I like over the top. I watched TNA during Hogan's run and up to some of the Aces storyline. I definitely felt it was noticeable then that Tenay was not enjoying the product, and I feel his performance was somewhat laboured. I feel he's a good commentator, with a good voice and good at selling a match or angle. But he defo lost his spark/interest at one point
  8. I'd never actually seen the clip before. Never watched TNA during that period, but reminds me how much I love a good crowd, D-Vons intensity and Mike Tenays familiar voice on commentary
  9. Hence why he'll maybe make a good heel?
  10. I watched these two today. Calibre I liked, the setting and acting were very good. Thought it got off to a good start, I was waiting for a few more twists in the story though which didn't come. I enjoyed it enough. Gerald's Game was very good. Carla Gugino is a joy to watch. I found it very enthralling and suspenseful. Stephen King books are very capable of being good films with the right people on board.
  11. To be fair a Lawler/Dustin match would get me watching AEW
  12. I honestly don't know what I made of it. It's years since I saw the TV film, from what I remember it was OK, part one had its charm, Tim Curry was great but the ending was rubbish. As for the remake? Firstly I'm not overly keen on jump scares, all of which seemed to be the Clowns face screaming towards the camera. I didn't hate it and thought the cast were fine. But it's a weird mix of over the top jump scares, and that coming of age, heart-warming friendship stuff. I suppose that's what the story of It is, but to me it's hard to put into film.
  13. No I didn't lay out the magazine. Nor do I take it personally. But being truthful I am quite loyal to a mag I read and enjoyed for 20 odd years. And I did find it far superior to any other wrestling mag I bought. Some others in the 90s and 2000s were terrible. I understand people not liking the written content, because that's wrestling for you and we all have our own strong opinions. But the actual layout and presentation of the mag? I personally think it was undeniably better than any other. And me asking what u specifically meant by graphic design has "tipped you off"? Most sincerest of apologies, I just wanted to know the specifics of what u didn't like. I'm not gonna full on argue though with anyone who's got Sweeps family as an avatar. That's against my beliefs.
  14. Wow I've never thought of it like that. I'm off to buy my Angling Times magazine. Nothing like the slick and glossy mags that jump off the shelves of WH Smiths at me
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