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  1. What are you talking about? A wrestling show or a comedy show? Either way, shut up. Cause if it's a comedy show its irrelevant and if its a wrestling show you're wrong. I wouldn't necessarily call it heckling at wrestling, but responding to the heel in a manner in which the heel acts to you is absolutely part of a wrestling show.
  2. You're even annoying me now. What wrong saying 'people like you.' He's talking about someone being a pain in the arse (in his opinion), not the Chinese. Shut up
  3. The arguments taken a bit of a tangent but if I can reign it in and establish the point I was trying to make... At a wrestling event where the heels draw heat by swearing, shouting, antagonising the crowd in adult ways, the response from fans is entitled to be similar. At a family event it is not. Pro wrestlers should be capable of knowing their audience and performing accordingly and adult fans should be able to understand the type of wrestling show they're at. Ultimately for me the so called pro wrestler should be able to defuse a situation with a fan before it gets out of hand without making further trouble and being a massive mark for themselves. That's not often the case. Although fans are not always blameless that being said.
  4. I'm half steamin and only read half the topic but here's my thoughts... Paid fans can be paid fans and do what they want to a point. Cheer who u want, boo who u want. Have common sense and know you're surroundings. What I say to a comedian at a comedy night isn't akin to what I say at the theatre. Shouting and swearing at a wrestling event aimed for families or trying to hijack a show is unacceptable. And the same applies to wrestlers. Dives into the crowd are maybe welcome at ICW at the Garage, but not at my local show where the crowd is kids, mums and dad's who hate wrestling and grannies etc. I definitely think wrestlers, at any level, should be capable of defusing a situation with fans before it starts but quite often these days it's the other way around and there's no telling who the mark is. Ideally fans should be able to enjoy a show, have a laugh and get sucked into the drama, without causing any great disorder and the "pro" wrestlers should do their performance without crossing an established line.
  5. No way I'm able to live on the wages of such little hours, unless the hourly rate rises dramatically to mean I'm earning my usual amount. Which won't happen.
  6. I don't really agree. Here's my opinion. I thought AEW was going to be great, and was massively disappointed having watched their first PPV. The PPV opening with a man with no limbs in the ring was a bad start. Be under no illusions, if NWA booked that, it would get ripped to pieces all the same. Plenty of other things AEW have done would have been ripped to shreds in NWA or wherever it occurred. AEW is, however, going to be open to more criticism being a big show on a big channel. Plenty of indy shows are putting on silly shite every week, and while getting criticism sometimes they wont get it on the same level due to having a small product with a small reach. Onto NWA, I enjoy it, I think it's a well booked show, nice tight roster, nice tight storylines, good announcers. As a show for me it's the best thing in wrestling, but that's partly because it's only an hour long, and has (for me) the right mix of promos, storytelling and matches. It's not without fault, and not immune to criticism, but when it's only an hour show, and you come away thinking it was great, it's nitpicking to find faults. Basically, they're both open to criticism, AEW slightly more so due to it's level and expectations. In my opinion all things considered NWA is a great watch, and AEW (from the little I've seen) isn't. But you're entitled to like or dislike both, and they don't need compared.
  7. 1992 Papa Shango, 1998 Papa Shango, Trevor Murdoch
  8. After all the attention I've gave you this year I'd have thought you'd put me forward for an award. Even one of the bad ones. Hurt is not the word. On Topic Poster of the Year- Ian Off Topic Poster of the Year- Devon Malcolm Funniest Poster- Undefeated Steak, me Good Egg Award- Harmonic Generator, Onyx, Kaz Hayashi Negative awards Dolt of the Year- Yakashi White Noise- Yakashi Failed Comedian- Yakashi, Khemical, me
  9. Happy new year to all when it comes. My hopes for 2020- I'd like to see the return of some of the things that made the UKFF so good in times gone by. More threads by failed promoters cussing out unimpressed fans or shooting on a wrestler who no-showed their event. Hilarious punishments for fans of the Young Bucks. A return of Tom Aitken with all the excitement and vigour of Brian Christopher's 2004 return. A weekly Gladstone Small podcast where he reviews AEW Dynamite, delivered in his trademark scathing style. And maybe me being made a mod, and finally having my seat at the Captains Table with Handsome Butch and the other guy. All the best everyone x
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