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  1. Only show I watch week in week out is NWA. Main reason being its only an hour. Also, I personally still enjoy the basic formula and small roster. Watched AEWs debut PPV and thought it was garbage. RAW is too long. Not watched Smackdown consistently since the mid 2000s, not to say it's bad I'm just out the habit. Watching less wrestling now than I ever have. Would like to watch more
  2. Strange I was just wondering the same thing.
  3. I'm not saying any of that.
  4. I do think if it hadn't been Cornette the tasteless joke would have went unnoticed. No one can say definitively but that's my opinion. I'd like to make a point about wrestling and things that are offensive. Putting it loosley there's the Cornette fan base and the, for example, Joey Ryan fan base. Obviously there's some who either like or dislike both, but again I'm putting it broadly. I find both Cornette and Ryan to be crass. Cornette I have had no problem with on NWA, but unfiltered on his podcast he's very over the top, for lack of a better term. Joey Ryan rubbing his dick in women's faces, putting them in sexual positions and cornering them in the ring and licking their neck, to me is very bad taste. I've seen him do all these things during matches. I, personally, find that more distasteful than Cornettes dated joke. And that's where I stand and that's my point. There's loads in wrestling, even now, which is distasteful. But we're viewing a tit-for-tat by wrestling fans depending on who their favourite is.
  5. I do 100% feel nearly everyone offended over Cornettes "joke" were offended because it was Cornette. He's the pantomime Katie Hopkins-esq villain to many over his conflicting views on wrestling. It's a pathetic tit for tat on Twitter, which is a shame as I think Cornette is a great talent.
  6. I hate politics, don't know who to vote for, and need advice. Take it this is the wrong place to be.
  7. I don't even see why the question has to be asked. Something hanging out his back pocket hindering his running, maybe? Twitter is full of morons.
  8. I'm not saying this to you, I'm saying it to the muppet on Twitter. The civilian has just disarmed a knife wielding terrorist, who has murdered 2 at least. Who cares what he throws out his pocket? Why is it important?
  9. Welcome back everybody. We should all chip in and rent out a penthouse one of these days. All of the UKFF invited. Bicker and slag each other face to face for a change. I'd even bring my N64 along and woops some asses at No Mercy. It would be the best of times.
  10. Despite what you or me or anyone thinks of him, he will be a loss. He's a great on screen personality.
  11. Thought that was it. UKFF is basically my link to wrestling now, I watch so little but as a lifelong fan I'll always want to keep up with the goings on. It's good to have it back.
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