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  1. Awesome video. I wasn't big on him at first but the guy's money. Edit. I don't think he has a Facebook page!
  2. I couldn't agree with you more. It's the only thing I want to see happen in Wrestling. Nothing is more important. Just shows what a good job they've done of making us all root for him. Tim Storms Mission Statement on YouTube is a good quick watch. Almost brings a tear to my eye seeing him come out as champion and the longing it gives me to actually see his next run. They've got his music down to a tee too. What a theme! I feel like I'm his biggest fan even though many more will feel just like I do. I've just turned 39 and the fact that wrestling can actually make me feel this way about someone again is amazing.
  3. They actually did something wrong. They changed the intro. I couldn't be any more devastated than I am right now 🙁.
  4. You can say the same about Aron Stevens too.
  5. Joe's not at the youngest stage of his career but he's at an Ahmed Johnson level of injuries since being on the main roster.
  6. I can't believe that there's only been 3 posts so far. I just want to add that I quite like David Marquez and love how he announces Thunder Rosa.
  7. I enjoyed it and it's my birthday 🙂 Totally agree about the women's match. Both ladies put on a great effort. I was a bit disappointed about 1 person but it was a good event. I've now got 17$ Fite Credit so the next ppv won't cost me anything. They've got a good 10 weeks to build to the next event too.
  8. A hurracanrana in 2020 and another good show. I can't wait for the PPV and it's my birthday the minute it starts. The next tapings are over the weekend so I don't think we'll have a gap week this time.
  9. Couldn't agree with you more. I think I'll need counselling if Tim Storm doesn't become the champion again. Aldis to Screw him out of a TV title win on Friday? They've done such a good job with this. I wait all week for Powerrr. No other programme has me so hooked and WWE has just been habitual for years. I'll always watch that anyway. I found somewhere selling Mongrovian Flag T-shirts. They don't ship to the U.K 🙁
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