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  1. Well I really enjoyed night one and thought that everyone gave it their all for the first night with a crowd again. I really wanted Lashley to win after the build they've given him lately. I'm not too fussed about Drew to be honest. Cesaro and Rollins had an outstanding match. The Bad Bunny match was all kinds of fun and better than anyone could have expected. No complaints with the main event either and I was happy at the end. I would write more but I have work early in the morning. I'll catch night 2 tomorrow evening but I'm really excited to see the rest. I hope I can
  2. So it's still not started yet then?
  3. Damn, there's a name I'm sure I heard The Fink announce as a jobber 🤔
  4. I wonder what the pre-shows will be. Crazy.
  5. I paid $4.99/tree fiddy for it last week. I'll be devastated if Tim Storm is the permanent commentator now. Would rather they carry on with the story. As above, I'm buying all the content out of loyalty for enjoying what they have put out so far more than anything else in years. 2 hours to go for the first Powerrr in what seems like forever. I can't wait.
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