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  1. I'm going to get round to that. There's a great recent interview with Tim Storm on YouTube. Not sure if any of you have seen it? It really gives you a closer insight into his life. It's 40 minutes long and well worth a watch. My hero 😀
  2. I thought Savage was great in the late 90's in WCW. Top level star throughout his career.
  3. Can I just ask that everyone spares a thought for Momma Storm during these crazy times. Let's hope she makes it through.
  4. Wow. No mention of "No Chance in Hell" NWO theme was pure class. I played it the other day and it still sounds cool.
  5. Forgot the name of the announcer but he always announced Blackman as Steve-Ahh Blackman. I'm glad others remember Iron Mike Sharpe's noises and grunts too.
  6. Can I mention Alex Wright here? I thought he was great before his aneurysm.
  7. Fantastic idea breaking it up over 2 nights.
  8. Like I said previously, we're lucky to even be getting what we're getting. We need to just think of it as a special series. If it's the only wrestling we're going to get then I'll happily take it.
  9. This will be known as the Performance Centre Era.
  10. I'll probably rewatch from the start too over the coming weeks. With little content coming ahead I'll have the time.
  11. I doubt HHH would bother having a match now. This thread is about to explode.
  12. We just need to consider all of this as a special series.
  13. This is unbelievable. It's the only option though realistically. This isn't going away anytime soon and one postponment would lead to another. It's the only thing they can do other than cancel. We've lost the Crockett Cup but we've still got Wrestmania. We've just got to be grateful for any wrestling we get now. Like the early part of this century 😀
  14. I was absolutely devastated to read the news around 4:30pm. It's hard enough going just one week without Powerrr. Now we're talking months. I feel so sorry for all the wrestlers too who don't have WWE/AEW contracts.
  15. Bray versus a black fiend. Like when Owen Hart met the Blue Blazer.
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