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  1. I'm working late this week so I stayed up and watched it live. I quite enjoyed the show actually. Shane's introductions are brilliant, there's some life in those for a while. I agree with masses about The War Raiders. What a shame for them. Lovely bit of excellence from Lacey I thought.
  2. Christ, I hadn't even thought about that! Won't be long until we find out now!
  3. The New Day really are one of the greatest acts of all time. The way they all gel is so natural. Big E's split was amazing and his constant mannerisms are hilarious.
  4. Really? I've only seen single bets there too. I admit that I'm not really a big better so I'm not as in the know as others would be.
  5. What's the best site to do an accumulator on? Everywhere I've looked only takes single bets. I'll be watching the whole thing live for a change. I already had tomorrow off work due to having my daughter but she's not coming over until the afternoon so Wrestlemania being on tonight was a bit of a bonus. First live event in quite a while for me. 10/20 years ago it was a religion. Strange thing is, is that I'm all geared up for the show, but for no match in particular. Watching Kurt Angles last match live will be nice even if it might not be great. I'm sure the crowd will be into it enough.
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