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  1. Keep this going lads
  2. Just bought Ladder Match 2 blu-ray for
  3. Yeah the first alien I encountered got stuck on some of the environment so I just shot it dead! Not sure if you can run past enemies the later you get into the game, but to me it seems that a lot of times you can't progress until all the aliens in an area are killed.
  4. Wasn't it delayed a load of time? that's a bad sign right from the get go. Yeah it was delayed for years on end. Tbh it would of been better of cancelled than released in its current form. And for anyone to consider it cannon is insulting
  5. Villa can be on about 10PM
  6. Currently splitting my time between a few games: Ni no kuni is such a magical game and right up my street as its essentially a next-gen version of all those classic JRPG's that used to come out in the 1990's. Plus Mr Drippy is one of the best characters in gaming! What I've played of Dead Space 3 has been pretty decent but doesn't feel as solid as they other games. Plus shooting at humans and zombie like enemies doesn't have the same effect IMO. Not sure if this changes the further I get into the game. Alien: Colonial Marines has got to be one of the biggest missed opportunities ever. While I don't think it's as bad as people are making out, it is at best an average to decent PS2 game. Such a shame.
  7. Nice one... sorted my team out now (so many attacking players!) and will also be on at some point tonight
  8. Sorry, I've been a bit slow on the uptake with this season so far. Finally got a day off from work so going to sort my squad later and then can be online anytime tonight if any of my opponents are about?
  9. I heard this was just a rumour is it true? That can't be true, surely??
  10. Villa have had plenty of entertaining teams during the premier league years (along with some utter dross). Finished runners up under big Ron (playing the best football I've seen us play). And had an excellent team under Brian Little (who finished 4th and won the league cup). We were also superb (if not one dimensional) at times under MON. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those deluded fans but I feel people actually hold the fact we've been in the top division since 1988 against us. Maybe people would like us more if we'd been more of a yoyo team.
  11. It was different initially as we spent a TON of money during the MON years. But when we didn't get Champions League football the cutbacks started and the purse strings started getting closed, with the rare big money exception (such as Darren Bent).
  12. Just like we get when we're in the top 6 but not the top 4. Doesn't mean every Villa fan is the same which is what you seem to be implying. Plus, you showed what kind of fan you were when you called us "Vile". The type that is obsessed with the Villa and more interested in them than their own team. You know, the type that would rather finish 17th if it meant us getting relegated.
  13. Are you an Albion fan by any chance? The same Albion fans who were on Radio WM after the Reading game asking for your manager to get the sack?
  14. Ha well as a Cov fan that automatically makes all your opinions on Villa invalid But nah, in all seriousness. The problem with the Villa in my supporting lifetime (1990 til now) was that we always seemed to go in (approximately) 4 year cycles. Employ a new manager, they have one or two excellent season, one average season and then nearly get relegated. So, they get the sack and we start again. We did it with Big Ron, Brian Little, Gregory and O'leary, with MON quitting before it got worse. What I'm trying to say is that we have very little in the way of a long term plan. We either give money to managers or we don't. I'm very envious of teams like Everton and Swansea who have long term plans in place on small budgets. We have achieved things at times but not with any real consistency. The support is there but only comes out in force if we are doing well, which of course they have every right to. I have no argument to the fact that we are dire now (and have been for a while). I was just pointing out that we'd achieved more than the teams I mentioned in the Premier League years and yet still seem to get more abuse.
  15. Everton, Fulham, WBA, Sunderland, West Ham, Newcastle, Wigan, Stoke and so on...