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  1. https://youtube.com/channel/UCxZkbriMW7jREFv_NFp2w3g There is a youtube channel full of supercuts of the best of Dark commentary and its really great fun.
  2. Oh like when Kurrgan danced and Vince clocked it. Money.
  3. In a way it turned out true that some lives now are truly in Waylon Mercy's hands.
  4. Good luck Frankie. I've been single now for about five years. Had dates, but nothing that seemed to really lead to anything. After a lot of them, it was probably best to just leave dating and not pursue anything. Just concentrate on other things. Probably coming out of a long relationship I probably thought I needed stability or something, probably just some fear of adjustment. Pretty much gave up bothering when the lockdown kicked in. Did find myself grumbling or fast scrolling through any 'couples' stuff on my socials because being isolated nagged at me a bit. Nothing funny o
  5. What's Bayley's gimmick now then, I've seen bits here and there and it looks like she's just glued a load of old Gilda Radner bits together and cobbled a weird character. I know WWE kind of brought her to the main roster and made her a child and an idiot, but what's her latest bit about. She acts like a teenager on too much sugar hosting an imaginary talk show she'd host in her room, but has real guests. Also Reginald, manager? Just a bloke? Does he work matches?
  6. That main event isn't getting enough love. Proper good TV main that was. Hobbs and especially 10 looked ace in that. Hangman & Dark Order celebrating with beer and sodas to end the show. Might as well have done a freeze frame and put a 'Produced by Tony Khan'. Really liked that ending. 'EL BARTO'. Well done Ortiz.
  7. I really like through everyone they've just said 'Uno is gonna get murked' and everyone is up for seeing it. Nothing against Uno either, I liked that even his training on BTE had a wink and know that he ain't walking out alive.
  8. I've only ever seen him near there or down the road at the Ritz and yeah, probably the only time my brain saw that haircut and flashbacked to him probably talking about New Order on I Love the 80's.
  9. Yeah he looks like a Bobby Heenan commentary punchline. Personal trainer. State of it.
  10. They absolutely can pull off a Trios Title without a hitch. The factions/tag teams on offer is great. Echo the Varsity Blondes love. I've really started noticing them. I love the comparisons a few others make on here that they are straight of WCW Saturday Night 1993 and its absolutely a good thing. Catchy theme too, you also have the Pillman Jr following hiw dads career story to dig in to as well. Griff Garrison makes me think of Chuck Palumbo with his weird skinny but lanky built frame. He's got an absolutely brilliant big boot for the 'awesome lads who do big boots' club we love.
  11. If Meltzer wasn't around we'd be rating matches out of 10, and we'd still have a really blinkered view on Japanese wrestling.
  12. Ah. Nice. Was really good having the 2nd title around. Rosa to still kill Britt Baker at some point though.
  13. The worst thing they can do is embrace Baker as a tweener. I like HER, but her character is a right shit. You have the inbuilt story that Nyla did clean pin Baker in the Eliminator Tourney and its her only smudge on record recently that counts so it makesd some sense. Still think it will end with Thunder Rosa taking both women's titles and avenging the win that never counted. Baker could be a magnificent troll doing that.
  14. Pissed myself at that. Well done boys. That. Might. Work!
  15. You're entitled to your opinion, no matter how blinkered and wrong it is.
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