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  1. Shaggy at least had a good dealer so he'd be worth keeping about.
  2. I have no idea if he has a no compete. If he did it runs out right near Halloween. I think people are just scared he's gonna turn up and do spooky bollocks and ruin the Dark Order. It's the WWE burned us effect and Wyatt being a rather meh for a while.
  3. Taz works because he feels real like Kingston. The undercurrent that he's bitter is exactly what his motivation is. He's great. He's gonna cry when he walks Hook out for his first match and 'War Machine' kicks in though. Do it Tony, you coward!
  4. On @BomberPat dropping a Heenan reference, it's something I've been thinking about. Taz now feels so much like Heenan, that I love it. Still serious as a manager when he needs to cut a real promo but on comms can be analytical but obviously genuinely funny in his own quirky world he seems to exist in when he's announcing. His adding 'Jones' to random made up nicknames always amuses me.
  5. Ironically Jonny Vegas that rant would have ended beautifully if you walked out Morgan style with 'Take the Weather with You' playing in the background.
  6. But they knewwwww Riho was getting the title eventually, so why didn't they have her first. I just think it's another example of AEW holding down its women's division. There you go, classic AEW complaint piece.
  7. Sorry I absolutely love the idea of a toy company going 'better put his wife in the launch line too, he's a big wheel at the cracker factory.'
  8. Any have a right to troll an argument we find really tiring, like the bizarre flights of fancy people get with Cody and his wife or ANY of Cody's angles. That bit where someone said Brandi walked out to no pop and looked angry. A literal lie with evidence to prove it that only the Bacon wasn't in Footloose defence would stop. I think it's a culture thing for us at the moment. None of us are going to like that reality show of theirs but it's finding a new audience hopefully. Cody gets accused of lots of things he hasn't done because we're all still jaded, plus he isn't as good is he, so it means he's were way more justified to slag him. Like how Bob Holly would get smark abuse but Benoit was worse but a worker and respected, so his cruel shit GOT a pass for the time. He's not as exciting, therefore he's not to be judged the same.
  9. Ahhh the 'We need to talk about Brandi moans are back. I've missed this.
  10. Ok, what do you do with Hayter. How do you remove her? What's the plan?
  11. Yeah it's not a public thing I guess. Tracy Smothers has one about Taker referring to someone in a drag gimmick as the f word (one of Chris Candido's mates I recall). So it's hearsay really, and not even the band.
  12. Nah bollocks. What happened was he got FUCK ALL post injury in 2001. He didn't come back till February 2003, had that angle they just had lying around for someone to play Boy George in one segment with a known gay basher. Then he was doing the old star teams with jobber on Velocity and losing literally every match. He pitched bringing back Mortis, has a house show run and they didn't do it. Basically I think he wasn't a great mate to himself in a lot of situations. Something anyone with MH issues can strongly relate to. It's even harder in a toxic 2003 boys club where having talent wasn't important. Cena probably didn't actually know shit, as stated earlier. Flair was being what he is when you ask him. A bitchy, gaslighting, demoralising shitbag, who because of his Babe Ruth status could tell Kanyon he was shit and because its him, its gospel. Kanyon was well good. He'd have been fine in a nice midcard spot if the company he worked for was more mature and he himself was dealing better.
  13. Slightly niche. But British thesp Roger Rees playing a very dull millionaire who was anchored around the entire 8th season on Cheers, in a very very dull meandering story for Kirstie Alley's character. It's Cheers, so it's hard to fuck up, but even they can't make him slightly interesting. It's too, ya know 'British person being British in the yanks show.' Rebecca is no Diane either, but I like Alley in it eventually. Her first series in shaky but eventually you see just how bloody funny Kirstie Alley was capable of being.
  14. I think Cena was being a very company line prick and a very uneducated guy with those statements. Has he changed, probably, his own brother came out and Cena was extremely supportive to others about that since, so maybe in the years he changed his tune on that. I don't know. Or he's a soulless ghoul doing Steph's 'We do PR' mantra to the scary levels. Sad as fuck though, Kanyon was absolutely one of my WCW favourites. I think his run as himself, as the one man taking out the Flock with every mad move he can make up out the air are ace.
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