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  1. A Mustard Packet throwing contest has never been so oddly frustrating yet utterly compelling.
  2. What complaints do we have about the Women's Division this week, just to get that bit out the way. Felt his week they had a pretty good going of it, Shida continues to be ace, they're doing something with Brandi/Nyla and a few other folk that will get some more TV time and give Jade Cargill a soft launch for herself if they go with a multi-woman tag and Abadon was reintroduced as a title contender, the Conti/Anna Jay friends and influences angle is carrying on too. Thought that was all pretty good stuff, at least it has a purpose.
  3. I was brimming with mild excitement after the 'shock' of his death to see the online reaction. Member the Falklands? Anyway removing the hand ball and that absolutely terrifying shot of him running at the camera off his swede at USA '94, he was clearly a master at his chosen art. In the main death thread I just posted the clip of warming up with that daft Opus song in the background. Just the best at what he does, pissing about effortlessly. Completely fucking mad mind you.
  4. WWE finally chucked up the Survivor Series 1991 theme. Now boys, if you can just divvy out a clean version of the full retro Summerslam theme and The Bam Bam Bigelow/Prime Time '91 cut that'd be nice lads.
  5. BTE is now a series of short skits in between people not trying to corpse at John Silver (this week specifically Anna Jay), and it's a weekly highlight.
  6. Chili

    U Turns

    The Smiths. Absolutely no time for them until I was about 27, then I came round to the fact they were a really incredible piece of work, and now I have a stupid almost encyclopedic memory you have what you massively get into something suddenly.
  7. The North Carolina bit a Michael Jordan reference.
  8. 'The Prittster'. Someone actually said that. That was the best they could do. A real actual human (citation needed).
  9. The motion of that whole spot is so satisfying to watch.
  10. I liked the Hangover pastiche purely because it was funny and something WWE would absolutely cock up in its simplicity.
  11. I hope they lump that Adam Cole lad with that gimmick. Like a medical Mike Bennett.
  12. I'm taking a punt she was hired way prior to this and that announcement is following a TV timeline. Anyway I thought she was pretty ropey in that segment and then I thought, fuck it, it's her introduction segment, shit turns gold sometimes, Some people just strike it on their first go, some take a bit of time. So I'm just going to wait out and see what happens with the angle. I think there is something in Jade Cargill, she was clearly nervy as fuck, they should have made her spiel way briefer and to the bullets on that promo but had a decent voice and presence to her. She's also in absolute
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