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  1. If it's John Cena I'll eat everyone's hats and we can all do the safety dance.
  2. I never saw any of Kurt's WWE comeback. How did he look, I love the bloke but I remember as far back in TNA he almost had a permanent hunch position in his matches because he looked done;. State of his neck too.
  3. Might have been having a piss and they didn't know?
  4. My dads response to seeing Ahmed Johnson debut at Survivors 95 is in my memory. 'Foooorkin HELL, size of' im son! '
  5. Lance Archer and Rey Fenix could have gone an hour and I'd have watched it all. What incredibly fun chemistry they have. That match was just really fun.
  6. Of all the people. Always liked Show, also if he's not going to be a regular worker, you could at least finally Andre book him to appear super rarely in the ring. Also a skit where John Silver comes into contact with radiation and turns into Show please.
  7. It never interested me because the image just really put me off. The punk rock thing just made me not into it. Also them having fans that sounded like a really shit firm didn't help.
  8. They're doing a sunday special on Bleacher Report on 28/2 with Riho/Thunder Rosa Eliminator Tourney as the big match to catch on the show. State of the reaction this will get in some places. Honestly I can't hear the most basic complaints about the women in AEW without hearing it in Milhouse and his firework factory voice. Proper big opportunity this, and actually putting on a women's match is a better option. But yeah, I'm sure the promotion just hate women or something blah blah.
  9. Oh parents wise they both watched when I was a kid. My dad loved any big scary bruiser. He LOVED Vader, absolutely loved when he would come out and batter people. He saw him in WCW and I remember when the WWF vignettes for him aired, my dad was like 'Oh fucking hell, THE BIG VAN VADER, he's gonna walk it son'. Brilliant, he loved Jim Neidhart too because he looked like a bloke he played rugby with in the army. My mum didn't have time for WCW, always thought Ric Flair was a very weird old bloke, but didn't mind when I put Goldberg on. 'Oh he's alright him son, I don't mind him, he should b
  10. My mate is a bit of a hardcore feminist poet, but blokes with their tops off eh lads. She watches AEW with me because she saw a viral clip of Orange Cassidy and knows members of trans community who were wrestling fans and for her to check out AEW. Anyway her favourite is Eddie Kingston. Purely on the basis that 'someone that fun at being an arsehole must be a lovely bloke I bet' and refuses to yield on that. She also calls Private Party 'the juice boys' because she thinks its a better name and 'they're with that old Matt guy, I'm not that bothered about the proper name.' She also
  11. Atomic Kitten, A-1 and BB Mac (think that's how you type it) did promo gigs in our school hall plugging whatever single they had out. Andy McCluskey from OMD was the original songwriter for Atomic Kitten. I was 11, but knew him from seeing their videos on VH1 Classic, went up to him saying 'are you bloke from OMD?' and he said 'Yes, how on earth do you know that?' The exact same reaction as when I met Paul Bown. Also OB from Hollyoaks popped in to tell us acting was a great career and don't do drugs.
  12. Seeing him recently I'd be assuming this is a legit question.
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