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  2. Damn you are correct. I had Hawkshaw in my head as the guy for that thanks. While we're at it what's the cool funky four ident theme from back when called. Gordon somebody!!!
  3. The unexpected awesome guitar solo in the middle of the Grandstand theme is absolutely astounding first time you hear it.
  4. There were some shots thrown in that Danielson / Suzuki gentlemens agreement to kick the shit out of other that made me wince, the sound of some of those forearm shots were wild.
  5. I'm absolutely certain we discussed this in person once and laughed about how ludicrous and odd this was. It's literally an Alan 'KLANG.'
  6. I saw Psycho II before Psycho. I'm delighted to see its praises being sang. I always thought everyone in it really does a great job, it's got some really great tension, slight dark comedy and it's really worth sequel. Shame they made more. Also Godfather II is best for John Cazale being absolutely heartbreaking.
  7. I'm all for them bringing in a GM who is a sassy, sexy robot.
  8. Sooooo. Someone zoomed in on Tonk K's notes like a politician when they have papers photographed, and this is the rumoured Full Gear card (no Buy Inn noted so one ot two will be there perhaps). No idea how spoiler tags work. So SKIP THIS BELOW INFO. Posted for anyone not arsed about clicking the link. https://twitter.com/Surya_KL_/status/1448404428764037124?t=qSREow19Mm-VISl9xOG7Kw&s=19 Kenny vs Hangman Bryan vs Mox Inner Circle vs American Top Team MJF vs Darby Punk vs Wardlow Britt vs ??? Thunder Rosa vs Jade Cargill Christian vs Cole Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express Cody vs Malakai Black OR Andrade OR Miro Luchas vs FTR
  9. I really don't mind Brian Cage, but he's very much in a Hercules 1991 situation (niche yeah) where what really do you do with him, he seems to have caused a bit of backstage chat but at the same time really in AEW, hit the end of his natural arc. Where does he go or who with?
  10. Crowbar does a one off and everyone gets worried he's ALL ELITE. We really don't trust wrestling at all, and rightly so. A local 'legend' appearing every few weeks would be great.
  11. John Suchet looks as comfortable as war in that.
  12. Ratings (and the whataboutery) from people about it genuinely drives me away from any thought of watching for a day or so. Its easily the most bland discussion point ever that isn't what Jim Cornette thinks. It's the nearest wrestling fans get to making wrestling sound a bit important. Like when they break down how the team lost on Saturday.
  13. So they'll be doing the 8 Man Eliminator Tournament again with the finals at Full Gear. Lot of big names and moving pieces about, who do we see in it? I'd say Moxley has to be a lock for it, maybe Archer. But do you chuck Bryan, Punk, Christian, Jungle Boy, Adam Cole, Pac, Andrade, Darby, MJF, Jericho, Eddie, Miro in there? So many options.
  14. Let's give Taz a hearty nod for his outstanding almost Heenan-esq delivery of 'There's ya gamanguri, right in the nuts!' I absolutely love Taz. GIVE THEM WAR MACHINE!!!
  15. They finally book Luchasaurus as he should be booked, a fun spot hitting special attraction, and it's paying off. He was massively over in that opener.
  16. '... That was Owen. Little bastard he got me.'
  17. Outstanding footage this.
  18. I'm fine with that. I have no idea what the deal is they worked out but anything that means the McMahon's don't earn a penny from OH but others do, I'm grand with. Good for her and those pricks deserve to lose any right to him. Worked there or not, it's a unique case.
  19. Hang on. Are people implying Martha Hart only took this deal because wrestling fans broke down her will?
  20. The Elite and Undisputed Era cutting promos would look like a falling out outside a Brewdog. It's a pass from me.
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