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  1. The ultimate wrestling deserves itself scenario, is some of these fucking loons online who are going to use the weaponising of complaint, because they've got a big Helen Lovejoy fanny on them because for reasons, but purely because you can possibly alter the product. I'm not really a bloke who understands ratings tbh. But after the Wednesday pettiness stopped with NXT. Tis amusing to see them DOUBLE some of the viewers.
  2. For anyone out there who wants to hear that awesome Hangman remix, it was this lovely piece of business.
  3. Something I found really interesting with Jericho being a fucking nutter last night, was some of the takes from people saying it was a bit sad, he needs to move on or Jericho's ego was obviously trying to make up for the Blood & Guts bump getting slagged. Just struck me as interesting given Jericho is 50 doing that when you had mid 50's Terry Funk being so trapped in Barbed Wire after wrestling in a bingo hall that he had to be actually cut free.
  4. I can't believe there are people who just want Punk after 7 years to waltz in and win the title after the storyline we're currently into. Wrestling deserves itself if that happens. I can't get over how good this was.
  5. *With the opener, honestly 'wait and see', some of the absolutely mental reactions I've seen are just what you expect. *We've had promotions just give us mostly misery booking for years, a lot of the reactions are playing into that. *Hangman wanted a title shot. All Out was NEVER mentioned, just the next shot, now he doesn't get the next shot. *They have 40 days till the PPV and they have a new secondary show launching in two weeks. They have a lot of TV time for this. *He's still taking Kenny's fucking head off at All Out.
  6. Get that crowd singing along.
  7. I have no idea how you watched that show and had seemingly no good positives coming out of it. They fucked up a hip toss so they deserved fuck all? What a miserable take on literally everything.
  8. Hang on. Is this Nick Gage's first ever national TV appearance, his first match is fighting the narrator of his own documentary.
  9. Not much to add but again I'm gonna stay up to watch this. Honestly its the most I've enjoyed a product since when I'd switch and swap Raw and Nitro on Friday's back when, not Thunder though, not a sadist.
  10. Chili


    Sorry man, it's ok and I retract the other post, I don't read things well at the moment and yeah, it's cool man.
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    Thanks, an awful time and you post that. Come on mate.
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    Copy and pasted from elsewhere which explains the font or whatever. Anyway my old job TUPE'd me to a job in Gloucestershire during the pando when I had no money or travel and there was like COVID restrictions. The company in Gloucester wouldn't give me a penny for any moving or expenses, so it was either eventually have no job or just be a worker bee and use all my money after rent to live to work for GCC. Instead it drove me fucking mental and I've been off sick since. I signed up for Universal Credit recently. My sister helped me over the phone because my anxiety and feeling shit about it was just a lot. I've never had to apply for stuff like this. It just makes me feel like I'm not useful. I just don't want to feel like I'm scrounging, I've had people keep reassuring me to not feel bad about it. I get it, but I come from growing up and being like, in a job. Pay the rent etc, ya know, struggling background, I always felt I had to have a job or I wasn't trying or letting myself or people down. It's not looking down on people using it, I just feel disappointed and knocked. It's empty not having like anywhere to actually go to all day. Then I'm like, well I've worked from 2003. I've paid into the system. Like until now I've never not had a job. Because I was absolutely horrified about losing one and not finding a job in time because just lacking any confidence in selling myself for a day job, and then tunnel visioning just horrible scenarios. I feel like I've worked for that long and never actually got any proper help for stuff. Anyway, it's done, I don't feel as bad, but I'm just feeling a bit exhausted by it, all the stupid bloody forms. Sorry about that and reading this or whatever, it's a really strange time, isolation is insanely bad, the doctors fannied my meds until I bollocked them and the occupational therapist reckons I have ADD and ADHD undiagnosed for like, who knows. Sorry for giving out boys and girls, nowhere else to really do it and needed to like internally scream a bit.
  13. VOLUME 1! Sweet release of death, please.
  14. Well Nikki A.S.H. had a fun week. She better twat Charlotte Flair to win that feud.
  15. Yeah I'm all for bunging Eddie a few more quid to pop in on commentary more. As good as the show was the commentary made it even more enjoyable.
  16. It's going to be probably the closest thing we get to a real life 'A Star is Burns'.
  17. Can we literally never have to discuss Jim Cornette in here until he's either on the show or he's carked it?
  18. Quick thoughts as its my birthday so it's been a bit catching up to it. *Like everyone else, I agree it was like, a pretty good episode but not on last weeks patch. But last week was just an insane bit of TV. They maintained it well tbh. *I know pretty much all about Nick Gage without really ever seeing much of him. Someone said New Jack, and that's the vibe I get from him. I don't know if he'll be around longer, but Eddie Kingston made it, so I guess this mad fucker will too. What a unique roster of workers they have, such a madly diverse bunch of styles. Jericho's Pain Maker gear is a bit of chuckle innit. Come on Chris mate. I'm sure it'll be good, I have no idea what to really expect. Shawn Spears was very decent too and that was a solid opener. *Kaz/Gallows was about 6 minutes, thank christ. Another good Hangman segment this week, bit of the same of last week, but that's actually fine. Next week is going to be molten regardless. *Santana, lads, I believe every damn word he utters. *Count me as someone who didn't mind the OC/Blade feud. It was neat 4 week open and shut story with a great finish. Cassidy wins, and then, because payback, he smashes the prick in the face and takes the knucks as a trophy. He's still brilliant. OC and Sting's face off was outrageous. One of the funniest moments of the year. Sting is so, so good. Darby with his 'Dad your embarrassing me' reaction too. My mate really fancies Wheeler Yuta. *I don't mind Chavo, I mean, it's Chavo, but he's capable enough. Death Triangle have such an awesome look to them. This angle has no clear direction, which I'm really interested in. I got real 'turn on Pac' vibes for a few parts of the segment. Then they went the other way with it. We are going to get some blinding matches out of this. *Baker and Nyla was fun in that 'oh shit it's going squiffy' way. I really don't mind of the match is a bit sloppy, I really liked it and by the end they actually had it all clicking. Not amazing, but a good first defence for Britt, who can probably flip heel to face depending who she's working with. *Speaking of heeling it, Mox in the main event was really great, just being a bit too sadistic and getting boos for it. But he's Mox, so you know it's not a heel turn. I loved the main event. The violent stuff isn't really my thing either, but in this match I was fine with it. Jake Roberts was wearing some proper boss clobber on. Really good to see Archer get a bit win and some gold. It's done a fair bit of work to repair him after he kinda fell into a choke artist for a bit. Next weeks card looks very tasty. I cannot wait for that Elimination Tag.
  19. Balor just reminded me, but who the fuck was it that was like 'We can't let Becky Lynch talk, you heard her?' My trigger reaction is Kevin Dunn but it almost feels too easy a choice.
  20. In fairness to Triple H, while some if not all the NXT call ups have had a knock due to the pandemic and AEW picking up when WWE couldn't pull their standard tricks. Years before that they massively overstated the interest of your basic bitch fan by introducing a lot of the talent without much background. Plus, the poor graduates didn't have Papa H there. They have the mad emperor. The nearest some of them probably got to Vince in NXT was Road Dogg being himself.
  21. Just tack 'em back on when she gets inducted into the Hall of Fame in a few years.
  22. Rag on Davey Boy's 1999/00 run all you want. Give him this, history changes.
  23. Glad someone else actually watched Elevation as I had nowt to do. I'll definitely regret this, but I reckon in six months we're going to really appreciate Billy Gunn's douchey looking kids as a heel act. They did a really really nice tease this week with Colton Gunn holding the tights to keep his clean sheet, and then his honest denial was great shithouse stuff. Dead sutble, can't believe this in reference to a match with Billy and three super green lads.
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