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  1. They probably all have and just haven't told you. All my female friends, former girlfriends and current girlfriend have been harassed at a minimum and some sexually assaulted. Once I truly realised how common and constant it is I felt sick.
  2. Yeah I'm disappointed they didn't show winter properly too. Especially as at the end of last season it started snowing in Kings Landing but nah, when they come back this season it's all sun.
  3. HBO should have cancelled Westworld and used the money to give 10 episodes for both season 7 and 8. Everyone would have been happier and Westworld sucks.
  4. It was fine. Not everything worked but I'd say just enough did. The world is in a slightly better position than it was at the start, which is a victory if sorts. If they had a few more episodes to more effectively lay the groundwork for the big events of the season I think it would have been a very strong season.
  5. I dunno, I only saw a 5 second clip and immediately turned it off. That would make sense though.
  6. Yeah because at least if you do a stupid bump (and don't end your career or injure yourself) in front of a sizeable crowd you can win new fans, sell merch, get more eyes on you leading to more bookings etc. and more money. If you do it in front of a handful of people then there's no gain.
  7. There's a spot from some hillbilly IWA deathmatch tournament where someone gets stabbed through the tongue with a pair of scissors. It's the most disgusting and idiotic spot I've seen. There's genuinely 30 people in the audience. I won't post a vid of it because no one should see it ever. All the IWA Carnage Cups have tons of ridiculous bumps onto concrete, glass etc. with no one in attendance. At least the CZW Tournament of Death's have about 1000 people there and sells high on DVD.
  8. The worst part is the media giving coverage to this bullshit. Only encourages the sad cunts.
  9. Pretty much no one in Game of Thrones is as well written as half the characters in The Sopranos.
  10. I disagree. It's always been there and has played a vital part of every decision he has made and the show has constantly gone back to it. Tyrion even made mention in episode 2 of this season that Jamie has always known Cersei was a monster but loved her anyway.
  11. Exactly. The one constant of Jamie has been his undying love of Cersei no matter how much he changed. Just because he bumped uglies with Brienne one night isn't going to make him leave her to die alone with their unborn baby.
  12. I've seen a lot of people saying Euron was a pointless character who had no depth or arc. He's a supporting villain, a plot device. He's fuckin' Keamy from Lost season 4. He's just a bad guy who fucks stuff up, not everyone needs this whole massive story or depth. I enjoyed the episode. There was some stuff that I didn't like and this season is definitely rushed but it was good enough. It's a miracle we EVER had this show, especially the level of quality and production it's been. The story quality has dropped but that's true of almost every long running series in history. That they've kept it this good despite all the obstacles, problems and insane expectations is really quite something.
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