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  1. Hardcore Heaven 2000. It was a great match but yeah, absolutely brutal.
  2. Have they given up on signing blokes taller than 6 foot and weighing more than 14 stone then?
  3. Storyline wise it would have made perfect sense to have a fatal four way with AJ Styles and Harper. The match would have been a lot better, the show would have been shorter and Shane McMahon would have been kept off the card. A no-lose scenario.
  4. There were definitely times you could see the hopeless despair in Roman's eyes at those big moments that are supposed to be babyface moments and the crowd are just totally hostile. Just completely deflated, exhausted and upset. Especially as Roman has always taken big bumps and rough beatings to be the hero overcoming the odds. I don't know how he persevered at all. And the complete fuck up of Daniel Bryan's return cannot be overstated. The most beloved babyface of the era returns from retirement and his first singles feud is against BIG FUCKING TWAT SHITE CASS.
  5. How many times do you reckon Masato Tanaka took that power bomb out of the ring through a table on the floor spot from Mike Awesome? At least seven times. Fucking mentalist. One of the most brutal looking bumps imaginable and he took it over and over on concrete floors. How he isn't crippled I've no idea, the tough crazy bastard.
  6. Currently watching Dark. It's ok. What none of these Twin Peaks/Lost copycat shows ever seem to realise though is yeah spooky mysteries and mythology are really great and all but you actually need interesting, likeable characters with personalities and occasional moments of levity to go from an ok show to a great show. It's all so grey, grim and joyless.
  7. Modern WWE style is basically a high spot based style. Their roster is full of young guys doing high spots and not much else, Top Flight would be in NXT or 205 Live doing fuck all if they had signed with WWE.
  8. Just finished season 4 of Fargo. You ever watch something that should be incredible but for some reason isn't? Amazing cast, characters, story and dialogue but for some reason season 4 just fell a bit flat. For all the stories going on, it just felt like nothing really happened at any point and there was no purpose. A missed opportunity.
  9. Wasn't the whole appeal of NXT seeing new guys coming in regularly, following them on their journey as their characters and skills grew then when they're at their peak they get drafted to Raw or Smackdown and the whole wonderful cycle starts again? Now it's just another WWE show. The fact that the current roster is so bereft of future big stars pretty much negates the entire fucking point of its existence.
  10. Ah man, I'd hate Trios titles. Too close to tag titles. AEW need to sort out the womens division before they start adding anymore divisions.
  11. Considering that NXT was originally started to create the stars of tomorrow (rather than its current purpose: keep AEWs ratings under 1m so Fox don't work out that they paid way too much for Smackdown), out of the current crop are there any potential big stars or future main eventers? Are any of this lot going to headline a Wrestlemania?
  12. You make them a tag team for a few weeks, have some fucking great matches, add Penta for some six mans or to create some story flavour, then they go their separate ways and have a feud. That's a few months of great television and a PPV match or two right there, easily done. Wrestling booking 101. No one's expecting or wants them to be a permanent team. As for New Japan I'd like a one night only event. AEW Dynamite: Japanese Invasion or something. Bunch of exhibitions of AEW guys vs the better Japanese lads. That would be a fun novelty. No interest in anything more than that. If that shit-
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