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  1. Absolutely love this movie. Had little/low expectations going in and was very surprised. A very creepy well made movie with realistic characters and performances that you really buy into. A little horror classic I think.
  2. Ah right, I didn't know that, but yeah agree that there's not really an issue here.
  3. What does this even mean? Not being a dick but I've got no idea what you're going for here. What's the relation between any of those things?
  4. Fuck that, you shouldn't have to read any media or have anything explained to you before seeing any movie. The movie should speak for itself. If you need to do pre-reading to manage expectations then the movie has already failed.
  5. Based on various comments over the years I think he's always seen tag teams as a waste of money. "Why pay two people for one act" seems to be his mindset.
  6. Wardlow with some top notch heeling this week on Elevation when he teases a second powerbomb for the rabid crowd but then denies them. What a man. I love Santana and Ortiz as characters but I wish they'd ditch all the convoluted double team spots and just be straight nasty brawlers. They'd be much better if they did that. Also their finish is shite. The womens trios tag was really good. Red Velvet nearly fucking kills herself again though.
  7. The absolute best reaction to all this:
  8. What digs did he make? I didn't pick up on any. The only bad backstage stuff this week was the two womens segments. I think AEWs backstage stuff is usually fine and rarely last longer than 90 seconds even if it's shite.
  9. They are not trustworthy companies and no one should believe anything they say.
  10. Hangman vs Omega alone means I'm definitely buying this but if they've also got Mox vs Danielson it's already a guaranteed classic card.
  11. WWE have now added Roman Reigns to the show and slashed all ticket prices to be cheaper than AEW tickets.
  12. It's weird but also most the stories he's been in don't actually require him to wrestle that often so I'm torn on it. It definitely makes it so that when he does wrestle it feels like a bigger deal than most regular matches.
  13. God bless that handsome cowboy. A wonderful character that perfectly balances being wholesome and flawed with tough white meat babyface fire. I love him. Miro vs God - book it Tony! God doesn't stand a chance. A damn good show this week. Lots going on and most of it fun.
  14. I loved Punk vs Sydal. Punk wrestles very different to everyone else right now and I love it. He's not doing anything really unique or flashy, he's just doing the basics but extremely well which in this day and age is very rare and stands out. Strong Bret Hart vibes. I don't like Ruby Soho but I've never really liked anyone with the punk rocker gimmick because 99% of punk rockers come across as phony. Ruby is no different and she's nothing particularly special in the ring. The 6 man was an absolute blast and the molten crowd really added so much to it. Just non stop fun.
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