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  1. Everyone talking about who AEW should hire next, I'm hoping they hire someone like Norman Smiley and most the roster spend every day of the week doing nothing but fundamentals so that everything that isn't a highspot doesn't look like dog shit.
  2. Every singles match they've had has been utter shite. And you'd think Punk would want to go against someone who can actually cut a decent promo. But outside a Punk (or perhaps a Cena) return they don't have shit for Wrestlemania.
  3. Knives Out is the best film I've seen in the cinema this year. Glorious stuff.
  4. Armed police procedure for a possible terrorist incident is basically to kill the guy three times over as quickly as possible to stop any chance at all for them to let off a bomb. They will never stop to check if a vest is real.
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