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  1. If you didn't take bookings from dodgy perv scum promoters 90% of the wrestlers in the world wouldn't have anywhere to perform.
  2. Wrestling is as much a piece of art as an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, an Avengers movie, an episode of The A-Team, an ACDC song, a pantomime or a Lee Childs novel. Whether you think of those things as art or not is up to the individual, I reckon.
  3. Probably your lack of self awareness. Using big words to cover up a basic unintelligent opinion, describing your personal voyage and bragging about a sociology(!) degree isn't exactly going to endear you to people or lead to any interesting forum discussion.
  4. Kevin Costner is fucking great in The Untouchables so anyone slating him is just completely wrong.
  5. I mean stuff like that isn't even funny or being a good heel, it's just being an actual fucking prick. Cheap heat at its laziest.
  6. Soderbergh's best work is easily The Knick, a two season medical period drama. He directed every episode and it was genuinely brilliant. I think only like 12 people watched it though. Clive Owen's finest work too.
  7. It's origin and motivations are explored quite a bit in the book, in the movie they just glossed over it. They never really explain what It actually is. Definite missed opportunity.
  8. Yeah I thought chapter 2 was a fucking mess. The first 45 minutes or so were top notch though. The ending was a disaster but the book ending is basically unfilmable so I guess they did what they could. Ziggy from The Wire was unbelievably shite as was the guy who played grown up Henry Bowers, grown up Ben was completely forgettable. McAvoy, Chastain and the almighty Hader were fantastic. Overall, preferred the first movie by miles. Would have liked them to delve into It's history and true origin much more. The early Pennywise scenes in the film were my favourite bits for sure.
  9. I absolutely despised Walter vs Pete Dunne. I thought it encapsulated all the worst parts of modern wrestling in one match. So I didn't have high hopes for Walter vs Bate. But what a match. Utterly gripping stuff.
  10. LaGoosh

    AEW All Out

    Overall, a really good show and an easy watch I thought. The opener was exactly what a PPV opener should be. Absolutely tons of fun. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy fucking rule. Luchasaurus especially. The multiple ninja kicks followed by a chokeslam and moonsault bit was nuts. Could have done without the handshake and hugs at the end though. And SCU's ring attire is just the shits. Loved Pac vs Omega. I'm hoping Pac is a full time roster member. He's incredible. Has an amazing look as just this horrible, tough looking miserable shit. Also clearly knows how to reign in the overkill tendencies of someone like Omega to make an actual logical match with proper build. There was a bit where he hit a spectacular top rope dropkick that got a huge reaction. In this type of match usually they would have immediately followed that up with a death valley driver, enziguri and superkick all within 30 seconds. And I actually enjoyed Omega in this match which I rarely do. MORE PAC! I loved the Crackerbarrell 3 way. Mental stuff and just incredibly fun. I don't want to see it every week (or even every month) but every now and again I love a pure insane ridiculous spectacle like this. Allin has real upside and potential as a singles star for AEW. He has a look, style and charisma to him that just draws you in. I'd bin off Havoc and Janela as soon as possible, what the fuck do you have these two do every week on TNT? I see no upside with them. As soon I saw Dark Order I skipped this match. They just look embarrassing. I also skipped the Womens match. Cody/Spears was good old school fun. Spears is a completely non-entity and not worth a full time spot but as a vehicle to get Cody over I thought this was pretty perfect. Cody, to his credit, looks like he's having the time of his life in these types of matches (unlike his poor dog) playing an old-school babyfaces and they're fun to watch and completely different from most of what you get in today's wrestling. Great tease with MJF. Thumbs up. The ladder match was good and bad. Full of genuinely incredible stuff. But it was just a collection of insane moments with no real flow and logic to pretty much anything. And there was just too much. Shave off 40% of the match (especially weird stuff like the double frog splash) and save the biggest moments for the end rather that randomly interspersing them throughout and you'd have an all time classic. For example, the two biggest spots. They could have finished the match with the following: Pentagon hits the Canadian Destroyer off the top through a table on the one Buck, he climbs the ladder and the other Buck pulls his mask off. He tries to climb up the ladder as Pentagon is on the floor covering his face, but then Fenix pushes him off the ladder out of the ring through the tables. Fenix then climbs the ladder and wins the match. You have the three biggest reaction moments in a row and a hot finish. Instead what we got was between all three of these moments was loads of other spots and meandering around. It's very frustrating that something entertaining isn't being reigned in to be something truly special. LAX debut after was really good. I'd still prefer Fenix and Pentagon as singles though. Really enjoyed the main event. I like Jericho's look. He looks like a completely deranged egomaniac bitter old rock star, which fits his character perfectly and is actually quite a unique character in wrestling. Good story to this match of Jericho being the smarter, more aggressive and more skilled wrestler but physically unable to keep up with the younger, faster and stronger Hangman. This was my first Hangman match. Coming out on a horse made him look like a boss to me before even getting in the ring. I like him. He's not quite there yet but even being in this match gave him the rub. I'm excited to see Jericho's reign. Also, fans actually reacting. Reacting loudly. And clearly into the product. It makes such a wonderful difference to the uninterested and dickheaded audiences WWE usually has these days. The only things I didn't really like: - the commentary was often tedious and quite muddled. - fucking Justin Roberts?! Who hired that gobshite?! Absolutely terrible. Bring in Melissa Santos. - dives in literally every match. - the crappy logos in the corners of the ring mat. - the pyro. If you're gonna get pyro fork out for the good stuff, not this tacky shite. - terrified dogs.
  11. LaGoosh

    AEW All Out

    The band and/or record label own the rights surely.
  12. LaGoosh

    AEW All Out

    MJF absolutely needs to come out to Cult of Personality this Sunday.
  13. So to compete against AEW they're going to fuck up their development programme? Great. NXT's main audience is the same as AEW''s except they'll choose AEW over NXT anytime. Especially as it's now the big bad WWE trying to fuck over the plucky upstart.
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