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  1. That's the problem with giving your talent complete creative freedom I suppose. Gives them the chance to fuck up.
  2. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend Adam Page's new website as promoted on Dynamite. www.adampagewrestling.com
  3. Dynamite often feels like a show if two halves. Hour 1 is usually outstanding, while the second hour is average to pretty good. I think the placement of the segments was a bit weird and didn't really flow very well but this is pretty common in AEW. The Shaq match was really fun and gotta give the big man props for taking a huge bump at the end. Velvet and Jade spent about 6 hours trying to set up those tables. With experience and that look Jade has all the potential in the world to become a breakout star for them. An attractive, charismatic athlete of her size and look...I'd have her doin
  4. Before they announced Big Show I always kind of hoped they'd bring Foley in as a commentator. Always liked his work and he'd be perfect for the new TNT show. I love Excalibur and Tony Schiavone but feel like they need some fresh announcers on the different shows just so they feel different. Speaking of announcers, JR might be pretty naff these days but his clear genuine love and enjoyment of John Silver is pretty heartwarming.
  5. Depends who they're wrestling I suppose. Not sure I'd want to see Pac & Fenix vs Chaos Project in the main. My guess is the six man will be the main event and rightfully so. Cracking little feud.
  6. Oh most definitely. Gets blown up, takes a couple of months off for paternity leave then comes back ready to fight again.
  7. Nyla is definitely better without Vickie Guerrero. She's completely unnecessary. Nyla can do a decent promo and as a monster doesn't need a manager to cheat for her. Plus Vickies act was played out years before she left WWE let alone now.
  8. Definitely. Although I would say that Kurt has a natural charisma that Triple H just doesn't have which made his forced epics more enjoyable. A lot of Triple Hs career has this grim, dull cloud floating around it. While even if the matches were spot fests Kurt was usually great in the promos and build up to them, can't say the same about HHH.
  9. Any kind of forced "epic" where two wrestlers with barely any character hit big moves and kick out of them non stop for half an hour. Most Triple H matches after 2001. Especially when he's full on Ric Flair cosplay. A Triple H Wrestlemania match is usually a good cure for insomnia.
  10. Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn are both up in the Autumn. Not sure I'd be bothered about Zayn but Bryan would be the absolute dream signing.
  11. They should definitely have the PPVs on the same pitch where they filmed the Stadium Stampede. The Khans own it and it's part of the same complex that they film Dynamite every week so you'd think it would be easy enough.
  12. Big Show lost to Stone Cold clean in his first month in the company. He had 3 heel runs and 2 babyface runs in just the first 12 months he was there. He's probably been the most erratically booked wrestler in history. And considering his size, look and personality he should have been one of the easiest to book storylines for.
  13. Somehow? This is Edge we're talking about here. One of the most boring main event babyfaces of all time.
  14. You don't really need to keep up with the YouTube shows though. I can't think of a single time that a storyline on Dark has crossed over to Dynamite or lead to a PPV match. Dark gets a small fraction of the audience that Dynamite does.
  15. Hardcore Christian Right Wing Trump-tard too by all accounts.
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