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  1. Yeah but this isn't about you or anyone else feeling sorry for her. It's about someone being fucked over by a soulless media conglomerate and fighting back.
  2. AEW sold 10,000 tickets for the Rampage/CM Punk show in under one hour. And that's just the presale, rest of the tickets go on sale Monday. To put it in a wider context AEW has sold approx 40K+ tickets for 4 wrestling events within a few weeks of eachother in Chicago alone. And there's still tickets available. This is seriously impressive.
  3. Good point, Hangman vs Omega could be a big match to kick off Rampage.
  4. I doubt this is for Bryan. I'm starting to think that perhaps one of CM Punk's demands for coming in was to headline a PPV in Chicago against Kenny Omega. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was the case and would certainly explain any sudden change to long term storylines. But then the idea of CM Punk losing his first big match is a weird one, and him winning the title this quickly would be fucking shite as well. I'm praying this Meltzer stuff is bollocks and they are going with Hangman. I'd much rather they ran with CM Punk vs Darby Allin. I'd actually love to see that match.
  5. On the contrary, the fact that they managed to maintain their ratings and get a good number against the Olympics is a massive positive for the company. TNT must be very happy with it.
  6. There's not a single M Night Shymalan film or TV show I've seen where any of the characters act like any real person would in that scenario. Either he has no grasps on genuine human interactions and dynamics or it's an intentional artistic choice. Either way, even in his bad stuff I find that aspect of his work enjoyable to watch.
  7. You're right, my mistake. Just checked and it was the 18-49 demo that was up this week but overall ratings were lower by about 20,000 viewers.
  8. I'm not sure how good AEW's production team is at capturing audience noise. I've seen some phone footage captured by fans and the audience sounds really loud but on the show itself didn't sound half as loud. I've noticed this in a few other shows too. Given the numerous production problems that Dynamite has regularly had it wouldn't surprise me if they were just cack-handed at mic-ing the crowd. As for whether the deathmatch will have a negative effect on ratings people seem to make the same comment after every bloody match AEW do. Last week we had Mox and Archer stabbing each other with forks and ratings were slightly higher this week. Previously we had Baker and Rosa bleeding buckets. Blood & Guts drew a big rating. In reality, while it's not everyone's cup of tea I think crazy, bloody matches are more likely to draw casual fans in rather than put them off. People like seeing crazy shit.
  9. I like the idea of Jericho turning up to that final match with MJF just absolutely exhausted, beaten up and wrecked from doing all these weird matches 5 weeks straight.
  10. Just checking but you do know that Max Landis is a disgusting woman abusing rapist, right?
  11. Nick Gage hitting Chris Jericho with light tubes in a TV main event in the year of The Lord 2021, what the actual fuck. I love AEW. I thought the overall show was a mixed bag with some very high highs and some shite in it too. - From a business standpoint, the past few weeks AEW has had sponsorship from Street Fighter, Kong vs Godzilla and now Space Jam. This can only be seen as a really good thing. There's a big, modern and current sponsorships which show that AEW is getting the right kind of attention. Very promising! - Two of the greatest entrances in wrestling history right there. Heartwarming, lovely and badass babyfaces and hilarious, utter dickhead heels. Love it. The tag match was really fucking great too with a perfect finish. There's over a month till All Out, they have to throw more obstacles in Hangman's way till then so a loss here makes sense and doesn't hurt the story. - The Starks celebration was ok but I felt like they didn't really go big enough with it. Hard to really get behind Cage as a babyface so I think this story might be a bit of a struggle. - FTR vs PnP just didn't work. I think the crowd were pretty knackered after the 10 men so putting on another fast paced tag straight after wasn't a good idea. The Archer match would have been better placed here. I don't really know what they were going for here. They should have done a textbook cut the ring in half babyface in peril leading to a Santana hot tag at the end match, instead they just did a 50/50 bunch of random shit match. I'm guessing they also cut it short because of Cash bleeding to death at ringside. A weird match and not a good one. I felt a bit deflated by this. - That Chicago tease, fuck me. Brilliant. They did just enough to say it without saying it. Then Darby on top. Genius. - I've never seen Pac in normal clothes. Ever. He's worse than Randy Orton. - I enjoyed the Archer match a lot and the fans got into it too. It was a few minutes too long but a strong showcase for Archer. Big lads smashing each other was a nice change of pace and I'd like to see more of it in AEW. Also love Haku getting involved. - Didn't give a shit about that 6 man tag and barely paid any attention to it. - A good promo from Britt Baker but I'm still not sure whether she's heel or babyface. Hopefully they decide soon. - Rosa vs Julia was what it was. Julia is green as grass so can't really do much. - The Cody/Malakai angle had a bit of that WWE stink of wrestler magically appears from off camera and no one sees them before but overall I liked it. Malakai looked like a killer and Cody is back to being the fiery babyface which is what he does best. - MJF coming out with popcorn and his entrance tagline saying "Loving Life" made me burst out laughing. He was great on commentary too. - Good God that main event. At first it was pretty terrible, Gage looked like shite. His offence was weak as hell and he seemed lost. Luckily it picked up when all the gimmicks came out and got absolutely crazy. Just bizarre to see this in mainstream wrestling but I loved it. I didn't expect much going in so Jericho getting blasted with light tubes was incredible. I loved it by the end. Massive props to Jericho who doesn't need to do any of this shit but is doing it anyway. I didn't even know Juvie was still wrestling, I'm intrigued to see how that turns out. This Labors of Jericho storyline has been fucking great so far. - Can't say I care about this Tanahashi/New Japan stuff very much and I wish they'd just give Moxley a fresh feud with an AEW guy. I could massively get into a big Moxley vs Miro programme.
  12. The match wasn't half bad though and had a solid build up. Both Matt and Christian have been good in AEW so far for the most part and have a lot of goodwill from the fans. Personally I found the match to be a fun novelty, especially as it'll probably never happen again. I hope we get Christian vs Jericho one last time at some point too.
  13. And now officially signed to AEW too! They bought out her NWA contract. Very good news.
  14. Yeah that's a pretty incredible card. My guesses for the major event announcement is probably some kind of super show in LA similar to the NY show coming up, a Trios tournament or a New Japan crossover. I mean personally I'd prefer it to be a UK show but I don't think we'll be seeing one of those until middle of next year at the earliest.
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