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  1. LaGoosh

    Did you have a go at the wrestling, then?

    What was Super Dragon like? Compared to other wrestlers there's so little info out there about the guy and seems to be varying opinions on him from fellow wrestlers.
  2. LaGoosh

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Probably the same people who thought Roman Reigns calling Shaemus "tater tots" over and over was funny. They just can't write babyfaces. Though to be fair that cello spot was great.
  3. LaGoosh

    Best Mask

    Always a big fan of Super Dragon's gear and how the eye piece actually was a dragons mouth:
  4. LaGoosh

    Series with huge character arcs

    I think the characters in Sopranos do change in a sense in that they all actually become worse people as the show goes on.Or a given the chance to be better people but turn away from it, as it's easier to be the shitty person they currently are than to change. Especially Tony who in many ways is very likeable in the early seasons but becomes more and more of a terrible cunt as the show goes on and actively destroys all his relationships and the lives of everyone around him either because they cease to be of advantage/use to him or just because he can. On the other hand, I think Al does change in Deadwood. He's a total shark in season 1 only looking out for himself and his interests but by season 3 he's learned the importance of community and grown to like the town and his cherish his part in building it. Bullock definitely doesn't change though. I love Bullock because he's in one respect a hero character but underneath it he's basically a perpetually angry and violent psychopath who really just wants to beat the shit out of everyone in his way. Currently re-watching Mad Men and the character arcs are astonishingly brilliant. The growth and change of Peggy, Pete, Roger, Joan and Don is a master class of writing.
  5. LaGoosh

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    They should sign him up then have him just giving clotheslines to fat lasses into swimming pools like he did on Twitter but do it every week. I'd be all in on that.
  6. LaGoosh

    Who do people say you look like?

    I don't see it, but apparently I'm the spitting image of Jack Whitehall. Not just physically but in terms of mannerisms. I have had strangers come up to me in the pub just to tell me. I will be told at least once a month by someone new that I look just like him. Whether this is good or bad depends on your view of Jack Whitehall I suppose (I don't like him).
  7. LaGoosh

    The Old Poster Ouija Board

    Fair point.
  8. LaGoosh

    The Old Poster Ouija Board

    I'm happy for the guy but must admit some slight surprise at this. His music posts on here were always unbearably wanky, pretentious and his taste was very questionable. He once argued in that psychotic arrogant way he often did that Slipknot were better than The Beatles. I'm assuming he mellowed out with age. Sometimes a smart, cool guy but often a rage fueled complete arsehole. Branquey is much missed on the board. Fantastic poster.
  9. LaGoosh

    What are you doing for NYE?

    Decided to invite a few people over. Almost instantly regretted it, just want to stay in my pyjamas and play Spiderman. Bollocks.
  10. LaGoosh

    Wrestling unpopular opinions

    Definitely not an unpopular opinion. Everyone loves Big Dave.
  11. Sadly she doesn't seem to have got many good roles following Mad Men which is a fucking travesty considering how talented and ridiculously hot she is.
  12. LaGoosh


    I was at that Summerslam live and I remember it as being a good match. There was one particular near fall at the end which probably got the biggest pop of the night. But Orton has always raved about Sheamus when he's mentioned in interviews so maybe Orton wanted to help him out a bit. It seems a bit of a common thing with the veterans, they get more excited and put more effort in when they work with younger talent that they respect and see it as a challenge to get them over but might phone it in when working with an established name they've already had programmes with.
  13. LaGoosh

    "Time's been kind to it"

    Absolutely no way. He isn't on 36 Chambers. He isn't on the cover of Wu Tang Forever. He doesn't have any standout verses. No one cares if he's at any of the concerts. Not having that.
  14. LaGoosh

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    I think I've never liked him because he plays an MMA tough guy character despite being ridiculously small and not remotely tough looking or convincing as a hard nut. I find it impossible to buy into him.
  15. LaGoosh

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Does anyone really rate Haskins? I find him massively underwhelming. The least convincing of the many (many) knockoff MMA tough guy characters out there at the moment. Not sure what the upside here is for ROH.