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  1. Yeah I agree, Shiv carries herself as more intelligent but in reality she's not really that smart which is why Logan is never serious about choosing her. Roman is probably the smartest but is such a huge mess he fucks everything up.
  2. GANG WARFARE! When a dastardly stable of despicable heels are at war with a ragtag group of babyfaces. When done right builds up a massive 8 or 10 man match and in the sides sets up individual feuds and personalities. Plus you get loads of great chaotic brawls in the build up. AEW seemed to be doing this with the Inner Circle vs The Elite and it was really exciting but they seemed to have sacked it off for some reason.
  3. Goddamn, must have only been in his mid to late 30s. Amazing that he was the one to go first and not Gage.
  4. I really hope someone gets thrown off the side of the boat at some point. Please God let this happen.
  5. And where can I watch it?
  6. I would put Airbender and Korra against any TV show. Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, you name it. It belongs up there. It's really that good, but as a cartoon most people won't watch it. Amazingly original world and the most loveable characters in anything you'll watch. Korra is also really great and the Netflix show is being written by the same guys so I'm sure it'll be good stuff.
  7. Best wrestler - Chris Jericho Match of the year - Cody vs Jericho, Bryan vs Kofi, Asuka vs Becky Lynch Women's wrestler - Ronda Rousey Best show - AEW Dynamite Best fued - Cody vs Jericho Moment of the year - Kofi wins the title. Best babyface - Cody Best heel - Jericho Funniest moment - inner circle parody video of Cody.
  8. Worst wrestler - Seth Rollins. Worst event - Wrestlemania Biggest letdown - Lynch/Charlotte/Rousey Worst match - Pete Dunne vs WALTER. Everything stupid and terrible about the modern style encapsulated in one match. Stupidest moment - adding Charlotte to the WM main event story
  9. Film of the year - Knives Out, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Dolemite Is My Name TV of the year - Succession, Watchmen, The Mandalorian
  10. Yeah I know, it's incredibly stupid and more of that "everyone in this massive galaxy knows or is related to eachother" bullshit the series desperately needs to get away from.
  11. They could have cut Zorra and Jannah and basically had Rose fill their (also mostly pointless) roles in the story.
  12. Ha, fair point. I think they should cut 20 minutes of shite and replace it with 20 good minutes of decent stuff.
  13. Not sure if you bothered trying the show again but while the first few episodes are confusing but it makes sense later once they start linking everything up to the original comic in really interesting and original ways. I recommend it.
  14. So I went to my second viewing earlier today. I enjoyed it a lot more this time around without my huge hopes/expectations and knowing that it was a very flawed film going in. The film is flawed. There isn't any denying it, but it's also fun. There's loads of plot that makes no sense whatsoever and other aspects of the story I massively dislike but the film never forgets that it needs to be fun. Compare this to the prequels which just carry an air of dull depression throughout. It's a beautiful film. Some of the shots and images are truly magnificent. Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are brilliant and hold the whole thing together. When the plot is creaking and you feel like everything is turning to shit, they anchor it. John Boyega is pretty bad in this one though. There's definitely a good movie in here somewhere. I feel like with just a handful of story changes this would have been more satisfying. I've come up with a better ending if anyone's interested(?!)). You can feel how rushed the production was. There are loose threads all over the place. Plot points and character beats that go nowhere or are completely at odds with everything else. In some of the action scenes it feels like shots are missing. The thing has an air of "we don't have much time so lets film as much as possible and work it out in the edit, oh shit we don't have time for pickups either". The Palpatine relation is still BULLSHIT. As is the fucking over of Rose. And C3PO getting his memories back. Don't get me fucking started on Snoke in a test tube. The death star lightsabre fight is brilliant in every way, except the odd ending (I've also come up with a better ending for that). Babu Frink is great. BD-1 is not. In fact there's too many pointless characters in this. The film should be 20-30 minutes longer. Give scenes a chance to breath and land properly, slow things down a tad, develop the characters and story more. I could nitpick everything in it tbh and might post some more thoughts later. But I definitely came out of my first viewing very disappointed but my second viewing I feel a bit happier. The films not great by any means, but there's plenty to enjoy. And, ofcourse, John Williams smashes it for the ninth time.
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