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  1. I've heard in multiple podcasts about Shawn's top level class at the PC which is Cole, Gargano, Ciampa, Pete Dunne etc. and these are the spot monkeys who have endless finisher spam boring indy spot monkey shite matches every week. Maybe that's just what HBK likes?
  2. My favourite RVD match was when he won the TV title against Bam Bam Bigelow. Bam Bam spends the match hammering the shit out of him, RVD hits him with some mental dives, gets a fluke win by interference from Sabu. The match has a really hot crowd too.
  3. I watched The Sting last night for the first time based entirely on posts in this thread about it and I think I have a new favourite film. Thanks lads.
  4. Yeah I struggled with Nausicca too. Didn't care for Porco Rosso at all strangely. Rewatched Princess Mononoke and Totoro. Both still excellent. I loved Laputa as well. Really beautiful and exciting.
  5. My only takeaway from this show is that I'd be very happy to watch a low budget action TV series starring The Undertaker and directed by Jeremy Borash. Buy that shit Netflix!
  6. RVD and Lynn had a match on Heat that live was a back and forth match but when aired on TV they reportedly cut out Lynn's offense so it was an RVD squash.
  7. Luke was a farmer not an ace pilot. He had never even been in a space battle before. He was a natural pilot and able to hit a minuscule target without his aiming system because he's strong in the force, just like Rey. I love the broom boy in TLJ. That movie is all about how the power of legends can inspire anyone to be a hero. Luke's sacrifice reawakens the force across the galaxy. That's what I admire about the film. Rian Johnson wanted to get away from the creepy Skywalker bloodline and tedious, boring jedi twats of the prequels and say that anyone can be a hero no matter who you are. The ending moment encapsulates that.
  8. The Rey being a powerful force user without training thing is a massive issue to a lot of people and I've never really understood it. In the first film Luke uses the force to destroy the death star and he's had zero training. In fact the only training he ever has is a couple of hours doing handstands in the woods with Yoda.
  9. Last Jedi is 50/50 for me. I think all the Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren stuff is absolutely brilliant and some of the high points of the entire saga. The Rey/Kylo mind merge stuff, the Snoke scenes, Yoda, the R2 scene, Luke saying goodbye to Leia and Luke's epic ending are all time great scenes. Fantastic writing with real emotion...stuff that is actually fairly scarce in these films. The Finn and Poe stuff is massively dull and tedious shite. If they had given those characters a decent story I think Last Jedi would be nowhere near as polarising. There's definitely too much humor in it though. It's definitely one of the best looking of the films. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at. The Battle of Crait is incredible.
  10. Apparently it took place at QT Marshall's wrestling school.
  11. Pretty good show for what it was. Colt Cabana and Tony actually make a decent commentary team. Hopefully we get more of it. Jericho chasing after a drone screaming was brilliant.
  12. What you call intrigue I call JJ Abrams presenting vague questions which he never bothered coming up with explanations for. It's his speciality.
  13. Kylo Ren isn't supposed to be a badass villain. He hides himself behind the mask. That's why he's so different without it. I can understand why you felt that way though. Personally I came out the film thinking he was one of the most interesting characters in Star Wars. My first viewing of ep 7 was one of the best cinema experiences I ever had. I hated the prequels so much and to see a film that felt like the originals, was loads of fun, had practical effects combined with great CGI and appearances from all the old gang...I left the cinema on cloud 9. Now I can see the flaws of the film, a lot of it is bang average, but I'll always love it because of that first viewing.
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