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  1. Remember that brutal German suplex Ricky Starks took a few weeks back? Well he cracked his neck and is on the shelf for 3 months the poor sod.
  2. How dangerous it was depends on how flexible the person who took it is. She finished the match with no problems afterwards. But I'm sure a bunch of wrestling fans with no experience are experts on the matter.
  3. Does she really though? I very much doubt that.
  4. The November St. Louis show is on a Friday and described as a "TNT taping" rather than a Dynamite taping. Could this be for the new second show? Friday Night War coming soon!
  5. Both are 90mins-2hours each week but I find them to be very easy and relaxing watches.
  6. Definitely. There's loads of really cool and unique outdoor venues in the US which have amazing set ups and beautiful surroundings they could use which would give the shows a really original and fresh feel. How great would it be to have a Dynamite at one of the top outdoor amphitheaters like these:
  7. Allin winning via tricking Miro into being counted out or something would be a good finish. Showing Allins craftiness and Miro going absolutely mental in anger and embarrassment but also protected by not being pinned.
  8. I think the Lance Archer aspect has to be a part of this too. He seems to want to protect Sting from harm so could see him getting involved. Personally I'm happy with either a Miro or Allin win as both are great. Miro losing via messed up Kip interference or something leading to him going even more mental would be fun. My prediction is Allin turns up injured and in bandages from the stair fall and Miro murders him, leading to Darby getting healthy and building up to a rematch. Scorpio and Ethan Page are really shite so whatever they have planned for them hopefully it's a quick loss
  9. Yeah you should be able to find a torrent for the full match fairly easily. That's the one I watched the day after.
  10. Well no one caught COVID at the two day Georgia tapings so who gives a fuck. Obviously the precautions they took worked. And if you don't see why a brand new company without a proven built in fan base stopping their television show for a potentially long period couldn't have led to them going out of business then I don't know what to tell you. TNT is a major network and cancels shows all the time. There's a long list of shows that were cancelled due to COVID. Even Meltzer reported that if Dynamite had gone off the air it would have been highly unlikely that it would have been brought back
  11. The company has been very open in saying that if they didn't do those Georgia shows (that were filmed over one weekend with a skeleton crew) they wouldn't of been able to fulfil the legal obligations of their TNT contract, they would be cancelled, the company would have gone under and everyone would have lost their jobs. What was the alternative?
  12. Best stories have probably been: - Cody vs Jericho - Cody vs MJF - Jericho vs Moxley - Kenny Omega/Hangman Page vs Young Bucks - Santana/Ortiz vs Best Friends - Jericho vs Orange Cassidy - Darby Allin vs Team Taz - Dark Orders attempted recruited of Hangman Page. - MJF and the Inner Circle (which is ongoing) - heel turn and rise of Britt Baker.
  13. - watch the Revolution 2020 PPV. If you enjoy that you'll probably like most that AEW has to offer. - the main revenue stream for the company is its TV deal so ratings are more important than PPV buys.
  14. AEW extras wear masks on TV all the time.
  15. How were they selfish? Seems to me like they've run a very tight ship throughout the pandemic.
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