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  1. I jizzed about a million times watching that. Good lord, I'm excited to see the old gang.
  2. OK, so what alternatives are there currently available to Brock as Champion and doing the same shit he's been doing for years? Because I'm at a loss. I think they just have to pick someone and go all in on them because with no one winning the main belt for the past few years it has really stagnated the upper end of the Raw roster. And they seem unable to book many interesting storylines that don't revolve around title belts so they might as well just go for it with someone. Brock's run isn't helping anyone.
  3. I absolutely agree but I think having a full time Champion will potentially give the shows some structure and focus which might improve them a bit. If the past few years have shown anything it's that it makes the months when everyone knows Brock won't be around feel completely meaningless. Then to fill up the gap they just put Stephanie on TV loads...and no one wants that.
  4. Raw has been shit for years now because with no Champion there every week there's not much to anchor the shows around. I'm no fan of Rollins but I hope he wins and has a lengthy reign just so Raw has some focus again.
  5. I don't give a shit I just want him to get the big win at Wrestlemania because it'll be awesome.
  6. I want Kofi to win. I'm completely bought into the story as a fan rather than analysing it as an armchair booker like I've done for 95% of wrestling since I picked up my first copy of PowerSlam . I want good to triumph over evil. I want to cheer because the hero won, not nod and think "the heel won, great storytelling!". I want that big moment. If they could give us that, then have Bryan snatch it away from him on the next Smackdown to really break our hearts though...that'd satisfy the armchair booker side of my brain.
  7. Thing is due to how shit it eventually turned out but that Wyatt/Orton story was the best thing they had going for a few months. Really fun and Randy seemed to be enjoying it. Then he burnt Bray's house down instead of RKO'ing him and it all went to shit.
  8. If history has taught us anything it's that Randy is always in his wrestling pants at all times. The guy hasn't worn trousers in years.
  9. "Nasal crossfit bro" is a spectacularly accurate description of Rollins. Another thing I love about the Usos is outside the ring they are like the wrestlers of old, getting pissed off their heads, taking their shirts off and starting fights with the police. God bless 'em.
  10. I fucking love The Uso's. Everything about them. They are all that is good in wrestling. Imagine if Roman Reigns had their promo skills.
  11. I don't think there's any harm in giving the talent time of from house shows but still keeping them on TV. One or two months a year to let them rest up and actually live normal lives can only be a good thing for healing and morale but still on Raw or whatever so they don't just vanish for a bit during a storyline.
  12. I imagine Dave will be the heel. He loves playing heel and he's way more entertaining. I also think it's a bit more of a natural fit for both. Triple H as a heel doesn't really work these days either and usually leads to his matches being utterly fucking dull.
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