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  1. Sorry to hear that Ralphy, that's terrible. To echo the post above it sounds like time to reach out and get some professional help.
  2. Britt Baker is posting pics on Twitter from when she broke her nose months ago but is claiming they're from this week when Swole pushed her assistants hand into her face. She's absolutely great. A revelation as a heel.
  3. Wrestling logic. It's the same reason why Stone Cold doesn't just hit the Stunner straight away. There is no reason.
  4. From most accounts, wrestlers are paid far better in WWE today than they were in the Attitude era. Brodie Lee said he was offered a very high six figure downside salary to basically sit at home and not go to AEW. If the wrestlers had to really fight for those good spots to get bigger payoffs like they used to have to perhaps the product would be better. I can understand how some just fall into a pattern of doing what's easiest to them when creative never gives them anything to work with and they'll be paid shit loads regardless.
  5. Ricochet can do absolutely insane high flying spots. Unfortunately so can quite a lot of the lads these days. But he's shit at selling, eliciting sympathy, building to a comeback, emotionally engaging with anything...basically everything that gets you over with a crowd that isn't a high spot. Rey Mysterio is a master at all that stuff.
  6. Reminds me of an interview I saw with The Shield once where when asked if they found their immediate success overwhelming Ambrose replied "no, because we deserve it and it's about damn time". You can definitely tell the difference between guys who are going to fight their way to the top and guys like Ricochet who just don't have that fight in them and will just be happy to be there and wank off to fans praising them on Twitter.
  7. Thing you have to remember about Tony Khan is that he posted on DVDR for his entire 20s. He's an internet wrestling nerd who just happens to be a billionaire. He's occasionally a bit of a div on Twitter but AEW is the only thing I've enjoyed in wrestling in years and he appears to take genuine care of his employees better than any other wrestling promoter seems to so he's alright in my book. Plus he seems to behave like a fairly normal human in touch with reality unlike all the top office staff in WWE.
  8. Did anyone see that Only Fools musical? I can't imagine how bad that must have been.
  9. Wicked is a spectacular piece of shit filled to the brim with the blandest most unmemorable songs in history and an incredibly dumb story. No idea how that's been running so long to packed houses every night.
  10. People need to get this out there heads, the US is fucked and it's going to be months and months before there are live crowds. If they come up with a decent angle, they just have to do it now. No use waiting on crowds and holding back on angles while the TV completely stagnates.
  11. If the songs are rap songs I would rather they were performed by rappers who can rap rather than singers who are very bad at rap, yes. And fuck that "don't need it to be perfect" noise. Do you know how expensive Hamilton tickets are?! If I had spent the price of a weekend away somewhere to see it live and sat through 3 hours of classically trained musical theatre actors put on that amateur rap shite I would have been absolutely fuming.
  12. When it was running they did a daily lottery where you can turn up to the theatre and put your name in for very cheap tickets in the front 2 rows. It's a lot of seats so most people (myself included) got one. Worth a try if you are in the area for sure.
  13. What does the Intangible thing even mean? Undisputed and Limitless are nicknames. So dumb.
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