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  1. Gotta say I've used Greyhound on several trips to the US to go between states and it's been dirt cheap and never had an issue!
  2. Loving this whole bringing the lights down for title fight introductions, which seems to have now been introduced across all three brands. Makes for a big fight feel, nice touch!
  3. If the last six years are anything to go by then you are looking at November.
  4. Yep I'm still confused now Issacc Yankem went on to become a main eventer and managed to win all those titles simply by slapping on a mask too!
  5. No idea how ROH intend to run these shows without making a huge loss. Looking at the London seating map, with four weeks until the show they appear to have sold only around ten percent of the tickets! Speaks volumes about Ring Of Honor's appeal in 2019.
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