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  1. WWE.com have just officially announced that the women's title triple threat match will officially be the main event and close out the show.
  2. The VIP for Monday session is AJ Styles and his tickets have sold out so you would only be able to buy general admission for Monday now. Check superstars Insta and Twitter pages as they will announce what sessions they are attending from now in the run up to Axxess. WWE will announce a list of who is appearing at each session roughly a week before the first session.
  3. Am I the only one that was a fan of Mike Sanders? Got a kick out of his late WCW run, remember him being a bit limited in the ring but highly entertaining in everything else he did - am I remembering this right or was the lad just shite? Joe E Legend was another that I enjoyed in the same vein, always entertaining during his days on the Britwres circuit.
  4. Think with fees the total for an Axxess PVIP ticket is around $210. They will sellout near enough instantly so if you are eyeing it up then I would get in quick soon as they are released.
  5. Nah drink prices in Barclays are as follows - Water $6 Soda $6.50 Draft beer $11 You must have been adding a shot of whiskey to that coke pal
  6. A Roman Reigns PVIP session has been added to Monday Axxess, tickets on sale this Friday.
  7. Full details of the Wrestlemania superstore and the free signings taking place are now up - https://shop.wwe.com/Superstore
  8. Finally decided on what tailgate to do on Mania Sunday and I've gone with Tailgate Joe. https://www.tailgatejoe.com/product/4-07-2019-wrestlemania-35-tailgate-party-metlife-stadium/ Seems by far to be the best deal, and they operate these tailgates at the stadium all season long, definitely has the best food options by far also!
  9. I don't quite understand what you are arguing here? My post was quite simple and had no hidden message. was simply agreeing with the previous poster that if Kofi were to win the WWE title then he would be the first african american to ever hold the title - that's a fact!
  10. Yes but were they WWE world heavyweight champions??? The answer is still no!
  11. Who would have thought that Braun Strowman's Wrestlemania involvment would end up being a comedy rivalry with two lads from SNL!? Poor bloke!
  12. They should go all the way with a Vinnie Mac dementia angle!
  13. Speaking of Taker, I refuse to believe that he isn't going to have any involvement in the show. I can see him being unannounced and then popping up during an Elias in ring segment - hitting him with the Tombstone and then pissing off. Keeps everyone happy right?
  14. My interpretation was that Big Dave feels that although he's gone on to super stardom outside of the WWE, that he doesn't get the credit for what he's done in the business and has always lived in the shadow of Triple H. Demanding the match with Trips at Mania would be his way of cementing his status as one of pro wrestlings greats and proving that he was always better than his teacher. Did I read the whole thing wrong?
  15. If I questioned every spot like the Orton/AJ one last night that has occured over the years, I would have packed up watching this fake fighting lark two decades ago!
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