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  1. It's been my favourite wrestlemania location by far. All the events are in walking to distance to one another, and the atmosphere around town just hasn't been matched anywhere else for me.
  2. Yeah I wasn't even thinking in terms of that mania would be during the season, which essentially rules out all premiership grounds. Leaving just Wembley really. In all honesty I still see this London Wrestlemania as something that will never materialise due to the time difference aspect. I'm more than happy to keep hopping over to the states every year anyway so it makes no difference to me. Doing a B level show or even survivor Series here would be Ideal to test the waters though.
  3. Having been to 5 manias in the states. I can safely say that the area is a million times nicer and safer than what surrounds the Citrus Bowl in Florida and the At&t stadium in Dallas, both of which are true ghettos. Also being a 7 minute tube journey from Kings Cross, it's an hour more centrally located than both of the last two manias also.
  4. Because a 90 k stadium is no guarantee to sell out on foreign soil, not that mania ever sells out anyway. It's also not the most relevant argument, when the Superdome is a 70,000 capacity stadium yet it's been chosen to host mania twice within a 4 year period. Typically the same area for Raw and Smackdown is used for Hall Of Fame. As for Axxess I would place my money on the excel centre with it being Londons biggest and best convention centre. Though the space at the far side of the 02 centre outside of the arena has been used for similar events which would make it hugely convenient should the arena be used for hall of fame, raw etc.
  5. I think the new White Hart Lane would be high on their lists for a London mania. It's going to be the home of NFL in the UK which would be a big draw for WWE.
  6. Yesterday I successfully got a $1000 refund for our 4 mania tickets from ticketmaster due to the unadvertised obstructed view and the blinding lights. Unfortunately after several emails to WWE about the matter they've chosen to completely ignore me which is pretty bad Form.
  7. Considering they time travel and morph into other characters there is a huge fantastical element to the gimmick
  8. This is my take on it too, personally I would never bowl around town wearing one of those title belts but like you say they were all having fun and at the end of the day we were all there for the same reason and are all fans having fun.
  9. Honestly to avoid all problems just book through your mobile phone Web browser, it seems void of any desktop issues now.
  10. Ticketmaster still has the vpn issues most occasions from a desktop computer. If using ticketmaster usa through a mobile device then you shouldn't experience any issues.
  11. 5 years and never went with a travel package, it's much cheaper to book everything separately and it enables you to spread the cost as opposed to laying down all the money in one wack.
  12. I've done 5 mania's in different cities never feared for my life at all??? Seriously some people see a few homeless people or hustlers and shit themselves! Maybe it's because I've lived in London for 34 years I know how city life works and how things on the surface may look scarier than they actually are. As for Dallas last year, Yeah couple parts of the city looked a bit sketchy but it was a wonderful place and extremely walkable. The walk from convention centre to our hotel was a good twenty minutes walk but walking with my wife and our seven month old son was perfectly enjoyable, did that trip several times both day and night.
  13. Just arrived back today and had a magical time with the family. Sorry to read reports regarding feeling unsafe etc, but hope everyone enjoyed the festivities. We were staying at Staybridge Suites lake Buena Vista not far from Disney Springs, which was a beautiful location and can't say that myself or my family ever felt unsafe. On the flip side though I didn't really enjoy being in downtown Orlando around the Amway and The Citrus Bowl as they were a little shady. Though I had no reason the visit that area outside of the wrestlind as there really wasn't anything there at all. We spent the week doing the Disney Parks, both Universal Parks and Sea World and had a blast. Will say though that this was the worst city for mania I've ever done as everything was just too far apart and I literally had to spend hundreds on uber and Lyft fares. Roll on New Orleans which is the perfect mania location with every location walkable from the other.
  14. Weather in Orlando is insane right now!!! I'll post loads of pics from the weekend on instagram if anyone cars my username is bohan83
  15. Saturday 1pm tIlkets went back on sale of ticketmaster this morning. Not sure if any left now?