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  1. From what I gathered they just bleeped out the words "white trash" both times.
  2. It's been announced today that MJF has now finished up with MLW and will be working exclusively with AEW. I'd assume that Havoc will shortly be finishing with MLW also.
  3. What's everyone's current view on Nick Aldis as the NWA's marquee performer? It's always struck me over the years that the general consensus on him was that he had the look but didn't possess the skills or charisma to be anything more than a lower mid card talent. But this is where I think everything truly comes down to presentation being key, and why we held some stars or the past on pedestals regardless of limited talent. I'm buying into him as a big deal and each and every week he comes across as a massive star worthy of being a company figurehead.
  4. This is AAA's La Parka. The WCW La Parka is still alive and well and an active part of MLW's roster, he's also in London next month at Rev Pro's next York Hall show.
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