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  1. How about just for today we all just pretend to be wrestling fans and enjoy the moment for what it is. It's bloody Goldberg Vs Undertaker and it's going to be tremendous!
  2. Mattel have just unveiled Slim Jim Savage - brilliant!
  3. I honestly think that the battle royal is being over analysed far too much, when was the last time anyone has paid this much attention to the harmless dross that WWE can put out on each and every one of their ppv pre-shows? I had this on when my parents were still up on Saturday night, neither have a paticular interest in wrestling but the match produced a few laughs from them and they were actually engaging with the product. Mum rooting for the bloke with no legs (Dustin Thomas) and praying nobody hurt him and then cheering on the bloke who looks far too old to be doing this wrestling stuff (Billy Gunn). Dad laughing his head off over the bloke putting a fag out on somebodies head, being in awe of luchasaurus, the antics of Sonny Kiss and getting a kick out of seeing Tommy Dreamer getting involved. Point being that yes the match was a mess and production being all over the place, but I honestly feel that there were enough colourful characters involved, with plenty of wild spots to at least keep the casual fan amused for twenty minutes. It was a pre show battle royal which delivered a feel good finish leading into the main show - what more were people expecting?
  4. I'll assume that the battle royal is 22 men as "Private Party" are being counted as one entrant?
  5. Cody has officially confirmed during a Starrcast panel that AEW's weekly show will air on ITV4.
  6. God knows what she would think of me, took myself away to New York/New Jersey for ten nights last month for Mania and in a couple off weeks I'm at Download Festival for 5 nights. Didn't even take my Dad with me!!!
  7. Interested to hear what food food joints you've spotted Jericho in thus far? Like many here after seeing his training video I'm heavily concerned about his physique and his drinking habbits.
  8. So the early predictions on how long Zayn's presumed new push would last now appear to be spot on, I make this his 5th televised loss without a win since his post Mania Raw return.
  9. Why would you need to be familiar with any of the superstars taking part in the battle royal? This is a startup promotion trying to present something fresh, the roster should also be presented as fresh and exciting. Surely this is the whole point? And as for the names you've mentioned, guys like Janela, MJF and Pillman are already already in some way over with those aware of AEW and The Elite. This is a great platform to introduce these guys to a larger audience and also be a potential star maker.
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