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  1. If anyone has it what does the Wrestling Album or whichever one it came from say. Surely they have to be accurate with their credits. Edit: Thinking about it around this time there were others that got involved in some Capacity or another. Demolition and Rick Deringer springs to mind. Although I think Johnston gets listed on the credit, which is curious.
  2. I'm not a City fan but much prefer watching them of late after the crap Bolton have served up. Watched it back and fair enough the first one you can argue wasn't a hand and hit his knee. Sterlings winner Aguero ran back onside before he made his run. It was cruel to be fair. Tottenham have Ajax next who have already had two draws with Bayern, beaten Benfica and knocked out both Real and Juve. It's a hard one to call. I would love to see Ajax get to the final just because of the football they have played. It's a shame that half that team will leave in the summer as they look to have something special going. How long does Erik ten Hag stay there too.
  3. It did. Not seen it back like I said but plenty have said their goal was dubious.
  4. Absolutely crazy game. VAR spoilt one of the all time Champions League classics.,City didn’t deserve to go out. That’s what happens when you don’t take your chances in the first leg. Mental start, four goals in the first ten minutes. For 60’seconds there it was electric when Sterling got his hatrick only to be denied. Anyway I caught Spurs winner there. Someone said there was a handball in the buildup but honestly need to watch it back when I get home. Rarely watch City as I’m a Bolton fan so just in Europe. But was looking at seeing that Ajax team before it gets dismantled this summer. Saw the Monaco game a few years back and that was something else. I thought destiny was going to bring Pep’s City against Barcelona in Spain in June. That’s gone now. Can’t see Spurs beating Ajax but the Liverpool vs Barca tie will be an absolute pleasure to watch. Messi, Suarez & Dembele vs Salah, Mane & Firmino. If on defender cam stop Messi, Virgil can. Is there a better English player at this moment than Sterling? I don’t buy the Kane argument. 14BB0A60-3C91-4F7F-8781-E895B7925A68.MOV
  5. Jofra Archer has made the Ireland and Pakistan ODI's but not the preliminary World Cup team. His career to date however has been made up of travelling around the Worlds T20 franchises. The next 50 over game only be his 15th. At least this way you can see how he adapts to the squad and what his level of durability is. There's a big difference bowling 4 overs to 10, and potentially 20-30 if he makes the test squad later on for the Ashes (which is a real risk). Sensible move really as he now has a potential of six auditions to force his way into WC squad this summer. If he is half as talented as what people are talking about we will have some player on our hands. If he breaks into the 15 I don't know who gets dropped.
  6. Nia Jax is going in for double ACL surgery. Not her biggest fan but that's a nasty one. Take it from someone who knows.
  7. He's started off well. But he needs to be doing that on a regular basis after the last two years. Personally I would make Roy a starter in the Ashes. It's better to get something on the board than have a Jennings get out at 25. No one we have is going to stay in and do a Cook at this moment. I'm of the idea that we need 3 & 4, namely Root to stay in and soften / rub the ball up. Non of our openers can do it. You can always try Bairstow or Butler again. But I've always tended to see Butler as a middle order player who can score quick runs and push the score up.
  8. Does the Mountie and then latterly the Quebeckers count? I loved that jailhouse match followed by the Jacque and Pierres title run. Loved has dastardly that shock-stick was. Bought it hook line and sinker as a kid. The noise the edited in sounds awful these days listening back. Wonder how anyone in the arena bought it. Thinking about it loved Men on a Mission from back then too. Oscar's rapping to the ring was immense. Only the face version though. The heel run and King Mabel was absolute gash and I can't think of anything positive about it.
  9. Is there anything else that better shows you what happens when cross Warner with wrestling
  10. Loose cannon was surprised he got that job. Lucked out with Ched Evans papering over the cracks. We nearly signed him but Fleetwood managed to find a way to stop him being recalled (lucky for him because at least Fleetwood are paying him), Barton came straight onto Twitter to goad Bolton and then again that weekend as he scored a brace. After the betting scandal I thought he was done. It seems to be incident after incident with Monsieur Barton and no amount of rehab work has helped him. He's a poor mans Roy Keane, except no one messed with Keane because he was hard.
  11. Andrew Taylor did a BBC interview at the weekend and said something very similar to what your saying. Why any of them would want to stay next year I don't know. Some may not be performing well but would certainly be extremely useful in League One. Taylor said that he's worried for some of the senior players who are embarrassed to admit their own personal situations. Parkinson said his selection for yesterday's game would be based on those mentally capable, that tells you some aren't. Some will most likely be struggling financially. Most have only moved there recently and have mortgage and rent payments to make. Very few are making sizeable money now. We have those players where a pay check matters. Bar your Wheaters, O'Neils, Wilson, , Ameobj and Hobbs. Plus possibly Beavers, Noone, Lowe and Donaldson. I can't see many others who would be settled finically. Those I've only named as they've had either a long career or have spent a few years on a well paying contract. it doesn't surprise me how they are feeling. I'd be pissed off. Your seeing your friends have financial problems not of their own making. Whatever way you look at it it's bad, Anderson is a complete arse. He could have paid those wages. Has property in Monaco and Switzerland, and him and Lee bugger off to the Caribbean when he feels like it. Our head scout (possibly only scout), has not been paid since January and can't afford to put petrol into his car to undertake his match watching duties. On Friday the players paid for their own hotel and the kit was sent up on the club coach. That sums it all up really.
  12. I know they've kept her on the announce team but I thought Vince had gone cold on Renee. May have got out of bed on the wrong side that day. But her job could be in danger. Isn't AEW limited dates, at least at first so it so it wouldn't really matter. Renee doesn't do the house show loop so they'll have plenty of time together. Dean can pretty much name his conditions though can't he. If he's only doing TV, PPV and limited house show and when they start to run. He won't be doing 250 odd days a year anymore. I'm getting my news off Cultaholic and the like off YouTube. I'm no longer someone who logs into the Newz sites through the day and I've not since 2014. It's easy for things to pass me by.
  13. I know Bryan did, I didn't realise AJ did. How long did he sign for? I'm not sure about Ambrose, he had his frustrations. He'll be back to his best in AEW should he go as he'll have the creative freedom he craves. Would be a wise move. He wasn't happy with his direction so if he reinvents himself, the doors always open at WWE for someone like him. Plus he be on good payday there. I may be wrong, but I just tend to believe that he's going to end up there.
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