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  1. I've just watched a report where people in unimaginable desperation are either not sure who they're going to vote for or even say that they like what 'Boris' is saying. I really don't understand how "not the Tories" isn't an automatic answer if you're one of these very unfortunate people. Somebody was so moved by the sight of a woman with 14 pence to her name and a pack of bacon, loaf of bread and two pints of milk to last her and her son a fortnight that she's just set up a crowdfunder for them and people in a similar situation. Even a couple of quid will make a lot of difference to these people.
  2. Johnson still hasn't agreed to be interviewed by Andrew Neil. Brillo's commented publicly on it now: Forget talk of an interview; it would be a bloodsport.
  3. There's the message I'm seeing: There were problems with Spotify embeds because of a change in their end, which were rectified with an update in November. There was a further update in December, so it could be that YouTube changed something but this site is running an older version. I've just tried that same link on the current version and it embedded fine.
  4. A lead of 9 percentage points is significant. You know Labour's landslide win in 1997, when they got 2.5 times the seats that the Tories did? Their lead over the Tories was 12.5 percentage points. In 2015, the Tories' lead over Labour was only 6.5 percentage points, which was enough to give them a majority, with Labour wining about a third of seats. Extrapolate from there and you get the picture that 9 percentage points is good news for the Tories.
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