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  1. It seems incongruous to me that we rightly have rules in place regarding spoilers but the site isn't configured to implement them, leaving users to their own devices about how to apply those rules. Those with a bit of knowledge use legacy BB code; deprecated five years ago in the software and not guaranteed to work consistently. Others mark their posts as containing spoilers, leaving it to the reader not to notice what's posted below, sometimes in the very next line. The software provides native spoiler functionality, via a button in the editor. But it hasn't been configured here. Given the existence of spoiler rules, it really should be, across all devices. Setting it up is easy if you know how to, for those who have access. (Presumably only @Moo.) It's just a case of Customization > Toolbars in the Admin Control Panel, then dragging the spoiler icon into the toolbars (one for desktop, one for tablet, one for mobile). Piece of cake. Could you add the button, please?
  2. You say that you've been asking for a month for her to give you time to get in shape, Richie, but have lost the motivation since she made the break-up definitive. Why not use that as your motivation? It's one thing promising to change and another thing to show her that you have. At the very least, it's something for you to work towards.
  3. We've been pretty good for food this year, halving our meat consumption and losing around a stone each in the last three months. Christmas Day, however, wasn't a day for restraint! I knocked up some pancakes for my better half. The dark splashes in there are chocolate drops. I decided that I'd treat myself to some bacon and a few slices of porked pie, both bought from a specialist shop rather than the cheap-and-cheerful supermarket variety. That's Heidi on the chair besides it. The food was safe because she knows that she might be offered a little bit (and she was) but not if she asks for it or tries to take any. Our girls also get a special breakfast for Christmas and their birthdays. We didn't get around to eating the main dinner until around 6pm. We had slightly different meals. Ronette has never gotten over being made to eat vegetables as a child, so her plate is bereft of them. We haven't had a roast since last Christmas and she really enjoys Yorkshire pudding, so her turkey, pigs and gammon were served inside a large one. She can't stand the taste or texture of potatoes, so the trick is to cube them very small. That way, they're small crunchy things that only taste of the goose fat and seasoning. I'm a bit more conventional, with roasted carrots and parsnips. No Yorkshire pudding with mine, since I'm conscious of just how much it fills me up and I didn't want to have to leave anything. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! The only downside was that the gravy was very watery, although its taste was strong. This was shop-bought stuff, so I would've expected better. This was going to be the first Christmas Day on which I didn't have to retreat to the bedroom for a post-prandial sleep, which I'm putting down to feeling bloated from Yorkshire pudding in previous years. Unfortunately, man flu happened to coincide with finishing the meal, so I had to head to bed until the worst of it passed around midnight. I'm back to feeling sorry for myself with just a tickly cough and runny nose now.
  4. It's buggy as fuck. Look at this scrollbar while reading the last comment in a thread:
  5. Are you sure it was wise for you, as the inventor of the Loki Pokey, to bring up fecal foibles, mate?
  6. If it wasn't Fog Dude, the gimmick was made for him.
  7. Link: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/nov/29/revealed-nhs-plans-to-ration-34-unnecessary-tests-and-treatments
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