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  1. Ronnie

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    The finish was supposed to be Orton's recently introduced MDK punt but Kofi kept getting up from the prone position, so a frustrated Orton put him away with an RKO instead. (That was ten years ago? How?!)
  2. Ronnie

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    That's not far off for me: Our distinctive word for a bread roll did it, assisted by the word for a pathway between two houses. If I hadn't lost the distinctive last syllable on words like 'silly' and 'happy', I think it would've nailed me. I spotted plenty of things which would've clearly identified the region if they applied to me (I have family members who say '(h)ern' instead of 'hers') but we don't all grow up using the exact same features as our relatives.
  3. Ronnie

    Is David Platt massively underrated as a footballer?

    Platty wasn't a flair player to capture the imagination like a Gascoigne, Waddle or Hoddle but he was extremely consistent. I think he probably would've been more promiment in people's minds on the back of Italia 90 (particularly that goal in the 120th minute against Belgium) had he not disappeared from the domestic game by transferring to Bari.
  4. Ronnie

    Who has a spare $376?

    From the November 1, 1999 Wrestling Observer.
  5. I followed a popular topic yesterday and thought it was odd that I was the only person doing so. Now, after my inbox has been inundated with emails that "x has posted in y", I understand why: notifications for "content I follow" come only by email and not on the site because "the administrator has disabled this option from being toggled". If you choose to follow a topic, you get a new email every time somebody adds a comment. Could you remove this limitation, please @Moo, so that we can choose to get the notifications through the site whilst we're online? The setting is found in Members > Member Settings > Notifications.
  6. Ronnie

    Terrible merch

    These have obviously never been worn ...
  7. Ronnie

    The Languages Thread

    It's true that I have the world's least impressive superpower, yep. Or jes (pronounced the same), as the espies would say. That's kind of you to say but I'm a bit fraudulent if I've come across like that. I'm functionally fluent in a couple and can read passively in several because they all happen to be related. But I'm not good outside my comfort zone of Romance languages (ie French and Italian, which I'm comfortable in, and then relations like Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, which are visibly related and which I've read books in). I don't have the diligence to learn languages anymore. We've put off organising a trip to Romania for a few years because I never got around to learning the language properly. I've actually given it a go finally because Ronette's just booked a trip to Russia after only starting to learn the language a couple of years ago, so I've got no excuse really. But January ended yesterday, so there's every chance that my attempts to learn a language again will end up going the same way as resolutions like "eat vegetables", "do some exercise" and "smile every now and again" have.
  8. I've been putting off a clear-out for about ten years but finally got around to organising myself a couple of weeks ago. I put some wrestling books on eBay and a few are still looking for new homes. They have bids on them but only for small amounts. Time runs out very shortly (i.e. 16 hours from when I'm posting this) -- I said I'm disorganised! Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All: hardcover, read once: current bid £9.50 The World According to Dutch: Dutch Mantell: current bid £0.99 Legends of Wrestling: Classy Freddie Blassie - Listen, You Pencil Neck Geeks: current bid £2.85 Bodyslams!: Memoirs of a Wrestling Frontman by Gary Michael Cappetta (1st edition): current bid £2.47 I'll be adding a few more bits at some point, including some real rarities (Pure Dynamite, first edition) and some otherwise, um, kitsch items.
  9. Ronnie

    The Old Poster Ouija Board

    Hello, Gladders! That was a total fluke, I'm afraid. I must've clipped something when browsing; I remember seeing the log-in and password fields getting autofilled. I didn't realise it had logged me in though. I'm glad it did, though; I haven't a clue what my credentials are. Oh, there's a Languages thread? I'll have a look I remember you as a top fella too, Wand! Anyway ... I caught myself being a bit like that whilst we were on holiday. I realised I'd better take some time off when I was moaning to Ronette over lunch instead of enjoying the trip.