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  1. You and the media just can't help sharing your biases, can you? Here you are fixated on one individual in the video but do you make a single mention of all the people jumping in to defuse the situation? Of course not. You just act as though they were all sitting there tacitly endorsing it, as though there no empathy whatsoever on show.
  2. That family holiday was two years ago now and I didn't get harpooned, so I can stick with being wider than I am tall without having to contemplate anything awful like exercise. (Actually, my BionicGym should be arriving this week. Perfect for a lazy man.) That's what's missing! My old Steiner profile pic! Thanks for the prompting; I've tracked it down again
  3. Getting in there first before anybody else writes "Yeah, about two paragraphs into your tedious, overly long post, Ron."
  4. My dad joked with me at my brother's 30th about how the entire family was going on a holiday but that they hadn't extended the invitation to us because they knew we'd say no. We're really not the sort to sit around on sun loungers at poolside, so this was an entirely reasonable conclusion. Nonetheless, I thought I'd quite enjoy seeing the younger members of the family having fun on what would be for most of them their first trip abroad, so I signed up too, bringing the total to 19. About three weeks out from the event, I began feeling rather apprehensive at the fact that I'd be topless around people and at risk of getting harpooned if any Japanese or Norwegians were in the area. So I did what made sense to me and got a gym membership. After all, everybody knows that the best way to make five stone disappear is to half-heartedly push something or wave your arms about for twenty minutes or so every now and again. To no surprise, it didn't work and I arrived on one of the Canary islands a big gelatinous blob ... and it turned out that I was one of the thinner people there! Everybody else was a curious red colour too, as were half my family when I saw them for breakfast on the second morning. (That'll be why the Spanish call us shrimp, then.) I've had my gym membership since then. That was exactly two years ago and I haven't been once. Every time I saw the monthly fee coming out of my account, I felt rancorous, particularly in those months when I've been within a few quid of hitting my overdraft. But I never did cancel it, imagining I'd feel disgusted with myself at having to acknowledge that I'm too lazy to go to the gym even once. And so for two years those payments have kept coming out. Until this evening. I headed to the gym (driving naturally) and put a stop to it, cancelling my standing order when I got back home. I've accepted defeat. I'm too lazy to go to the gym even once in two years. I thought I'd feel terrible at having to accept the realisation but, nah, I don't care. I think more than anything else I'm feeling quite happy knowing that I'm not going to be throwing away a few hundred quid every year on something that I don't use. What about you? Any non-wrestling-related stories of when you just tapped out?
  5. Ronnie

    Chippy Tea

    I'm still in bed having achieved nothing this afternoon ☹️ The HP wasn't supposed to touch the fish. Most of it was intended to stay in the bottle.
  6. Ronnie

    Chippy Tea

    Alas, no, didn't think of that! That's HP. More of it than intended, too. Most of it was still there afterwards. I suppose I should've mopped it with some bread to do a proper #eatclean job, shouldn't I?
  7. Ronnie

    Chippy Tea

    Am I doing this correctly? That was great but I think I need a lie-down. I don't think I'm going to get much work done this afternoon. I knew I shouldn't but I did it anyway. The better half is working away and won't be back until tomorrow, so all discipline's been thrown out the window. I should probably rethink tonight's trip to the pub too. I should but I won't. My brain is even telling me "It'll take you an hour to walk there and another to get home (plus more time for the zig-zag factor) so it's exercise."
  8. It happens to me too Moo (Chrome on Android) but only on this site; it doesn't happen on any of my IPS sites or IPS's own one. Which version of the software are you using? The current one is 4.4.4.
  9. Ahh ... I was out of the country. That would explain it! Got three weeks' worth of The New European piled up too with another due today. I seem to have run out of steam.
  10. That's me out of the loop, then! I thought he'd defected to the LibDems yesterday. You mean he left a couple of weeks ago, went independent again, and then joined the Libs? What a palaver!
  11. It's still early! Plenty of time for more to follow Umunna once the news reaches them that he departed yesterday evening.
  12. They're having to change their name again! That's the third time in four months. The non-partisan change.org took legal advice back when TIG adopted the name Change UK. As a result, please welcome to the party The Independent Group for Change!
  13. I reckon I cleared the cost at £1 per hour within the first 60 hours of getting home with the game! Couldn't get me off it for years!
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