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  1. Which might explain why I and others referred to "paper views". No, I don't know paper made any more sense either ...
  2. Frank Deford once said that Meltzer was the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism. That's some pretty good backing considering Deford had over half a century with Sports Illustrated.
  3. Yep. It was because this gif was shared: It was conveniently cut from a lengthier piece of footage from a documentary.
  4. It seems wrong when you break it down but historically it's correct. It's either a modifier (akin to dog-eat-dog: 'a winner-take-all match for the championship'), a construction using a verbal mood called a subjunctive (lest he forget: 'I'll put my title on the line if you do, winner take all') ... or, on occasion, could be as you set out. I suspect in the majority of those instances, though, it would be more natural to say something like '... and the winner will take it all'. Traditionally, 'winner take all' has been more popular but 'winner takes all' gained and superseded it. That's part of language change as a whole. Future generations might think of dog-eat-dog as being infuriatingly illogical too, especially if dog-eats-dog has gained currency by then. And by that time, ne'er-do-well and powers that be's days could well be numbered too.
  5. I think the original "JR endorses wife-beating" dates back to him commenting on Austin and Debra. He said something along the lines of not approving or excusing it but he could see how Debra could cause a man to lose his cool and do it.
  6. Ronnie


    Oh yes, the Sad Nigel! Around the same time, they were broadcasting footage of him calling for a second referendum whilst he was stood with his handful of fellow marchers having a pint and pretending he couldn't hear it! This one of Esther McVey is tops too purely because she's in it! But their most striking one to me, at least until they projected onto the White Cliffs the other night, is this one: I think they're great! Must chuck them some more money!
  7. Ronnie


    I live in an online Remain bubble (and am a loser shut-in so don't have to chat with anyone in my 67% Leave town) and so was really surprised today to see that only two of my Twitter followers were following the wonderful @ByDonkeys. These are the people who have been putting up billboards showing tweets and other comments which expose Leave as hucksters and charlatans. They outdid themselves yesterday evening: They're absolutely amazing. It's just a crowdfunded group of four too!
  8. Ronnie


    Yep. There's certainly the precedent of an individual whom others find to be stupid and laughable becoming the rabble-rousing representative of people who feel cheated. I don't imagine there's much difference between history's earlier incarnations of regular people endorsing the far-right and the angry everyman of today. They wouldn't have seen themselves as anything but righteous just as today's Robinson supporters do.
  9. I wonder what it would've meant for Hogan. Vince was said to have yelled 'That's my new champion!' So, Magee getting the belt at WM3? No Hogan-Andre? On the plus side, at least Andre wouldn't have died from his injuries shortly after.
  10. Oh, that's a terrible thing to read, Baz. I'm very sorry that you've lost her. I hope the fact that she's no longer suffering helps you in some small way.
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