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  1. Oh, I'm not really a collector. I just have a few different versions. As for that one: they look more like me (short and fat) than the behemoth that Devs is supposed to be.
  2. His past self thinks he might have gone a bit OTT too:
  3. Ronnie

    2021 holidays

    We went in 2019 too and the paperwork in our case was a doddle. From memory, it involved filling out a form online, then heading down to the embassy, leaving our passports behind. They returned to us in the post with visas added not long afterwards. I wonder whether a bit of racism was involved: we were all pig-pink in our party, whereas I presume your folks weren't.
  4. Very classy from Donnarumma. His save won the tournament for his team but it came at the expense of a 19-year-old. I really like how he had the decency not to celebrate, as though acknowledging that this was a zero-sum game, and being mindful of the other person. I'm glad that England didn't win but I'd rather it not have been via penalties, with those poor young men now shouldering what their manager did 25 years ago.
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