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  1. Next year, after Big Boss Man makes a surprise return in the Rumble match.
  2. Random choice of charity.
  3. What is that “1… 2… Sweeet!” all about? Is it a nod to the nWo catchphrase?
  4. Sod Drew Gulak. Bane from the Batman comics!
  5. Looks more like Andre than that bust did of Ronaldo.
  6. Yeah. Give Gargano some crashing heavy metal, and have him strike fear into the hearts of his opponents when he emerges on the ramp with his 5-foot-something frame, wearing his black PE vest with an emoji sticker slapped on it.
  7. And maybe the Mexican press refer to Paige as “Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio’s Diva girlfriend”?
  8. Pray tell…?
  9. I haven’t read a comic properly for a while (tended to just get collected graphic novels), but can someone tell me what the hell’s going on with DC? I know they did the New 52 thing a few years ago where they rebooted all the titles and started from #1 again. But what’s with the ‘Rebirth’ branding all the comics have currently? Have DC since done another reboot of their comics line?
  10. Has any one noticed money going “missing” from their GTA Online accounts? I started a game this morning with $3.5m, although I thought I’d left with $3.7m. So play a little, got back to $3.7m, deposited it in my Maze Bank account, and made a mental note of it. Went to play again this evening and my balance was back at $3.5m!
  11. Fludder’s probably already been on the phone with him
  12. The good guy’s the Terminator.
  13. That’s Rosie Lottalove! Props to the girl on that transformation.
  14. I knew what that was going to be before watching the clip. Never understood how he didn't break a hip doing that drop kick.