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  1. How are they planning to retrieve that…?
  2. There sort of was, but only for about 5 minutes. I think the Nitro after Survivor Series, the nWo did a promo celebrating Bret as the newest member of the nWo, but it was then a few weeks before he actually showed up. When he did, it was in a throwaway interview with Mean Gene where he’s chosen by J.J. Dillion to referee Bischoff’s match again Zbysko at Starrcade, Bischoff insinuates he’s getting paid $7.5 million to be an nWo guy, and Bret essentially shrugs his shoulders and goes, “Meh” 😄
  3. I don’t really know what’s going on because when I saw ‘Lee Mack’ trending, it was already chock-full of the Nazi jokes, and not what the actual issue/story is? The closest I could find was the ‘88’ tattoo on the guy’s right cheek, which has been explained as commemorating the year that the bloke’s dad died.
  4. I’ve just got to December ‘97 and yeah, underwhelming to say the least. The whole month was. Bret makes his debut on Nitro in a throwaway segment, and Sting returns to the ring after 18 months of build-up in a lacklustre match where he hardly gets any offence in and gets pinned clean after a single leg drop.
  5. Nah. “Fire break” lockdown. Which definitely isn’t a “circuit breaker” lockdown that Wales have been threatening for days.
  6. To be fair, “award winning” and “Hollywood director” might be separate statements.
  7. I think it’s an America thing where you sue someone for what both sides know is a stupid amount, and then settle for a lower amount. If it’s say, 20%, then 20% of $10 million is a lot more than 20% of a “realistic” sum of, let’s say $50,000.
  8. This is slowly turning into a “Joey Ryan is a piece of shit” megathread.
  9. Ben Houchen was on my girlfriend’s uni course. He was a massive bell-end.
  10. To be fair, it doesn’t specify what decade. So as long as you can quote Looney Toons, I think you’ll be A-OK.
  11. Bret being mega critical of himself, there.
  12. Fuck. This. Government. Billions spent on a fucking Excel spreadsheet, and they can’t even make that work properly 😡
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