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  1. He used it in the nWo as well.
  2. I’d stayed up to watch Survivor Series. I think I’d maybe heard rumours Sting was débuting but for it to actually happen was just so surreal. I didn’t know if I was having a 3 AM hallucination or not that Sting was actually in WWE after nearly 20 years of, “They’re in talks”, “He’s nearly signed” only to be let down. Shame about what happened thereafter.
  3. The only question I have is “Is it still available?”
  4. Clearly wasn’t the wedding in Stockport I went to last weekend. Some guy turned up in shorts, a white polo shirt, and trainers.
  5. Might be worth looking for your purchase date and seeing what the warranty is? If the warranty is say, 3 years and it’s just inside that timeframe you could try and chase a fix/replacement.
  6. Your Fight Site


    Reminds me of my boss in my second-to-last job. Company had a “lax” work from home policy (basically: they said you could if you needed to, but no one actually did). Someone decided to work from home one day. Boss then sent an email the very next morning saying any working from home requests needed authorisation from a director, and he then worked from home that very day. Basically it was taken by staff as a, “I can work from home because I’m the boss but you can’t” dick swing. Awful company and was only there a few months.
  7. Had mine about 18 months (treated myself at the start of the first lockdown) and haven’t had any issues with it.
  8. Your Fight Site


    Yeah, keep your head up. Definitely the post-rejection blues. I had a similar scenario last year. Applied for a role at Shopify where my experience and skillset was literally a match, point-for-point, for what the job description was asking for. Didn’t even get an interview. Replied seeking feedback on why my application wasn’t progressed when on paper I seemed a match, and got a silly answer back in that I didn’t do anything above and beyond submitting my résumé and cover letter that set me apart from other candidates… despite their application form just having upload fields for a résumé and cover letter. So got a bit of a hump on that they’ll happily turn qualified candidates down for roles because they didn’t know about some secret “Impress us!” rule when applying. A couple of months later, I was head-hunted to join a tech team by Pfizer, and promoted within six months from senior engineer to leading my own tech team for a key internal digital transformation project. So yeah, try not to get too down and something better may be just around the corner as the old saying goes!
  9. Yeah, I was early for both of mine, and my girlfriend was early for her first one, and were ushered straight in. I guess so long as you actually have an appointment, they have the vaccines in, so would rather just have people come in and out than go, “Oh, no. You’re early” and just have people congregating and milling around.
  10. Not sure it constitutes as shithousery. In Newcastle city centre and the shopping centres, there are arrows on the floor to keep traffic flowing in one direction. Basically, keep left. If someone’s walking against the arrows then I’ll just deliberately keep walking at them until they walk around, whilst I constantly glance down at the arrows between us, them, the arrows, hoping they take the hint. They don’t.
  11. Fucking damn right they should be self-isolating if the rest of us have to when we get pinged by the app. I literally just ended my bout of self-isolation at midnight.
  12. Is tonight’s SmackDown when this set will be unveiled?
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