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  1. “Looking well” = the second coming of Randy Savage.
  2. Don’t money marks tend to, y’know, have the money?
  3. Virgil with “it’s always a ball of fun” and now Toyah with “you racked up…” Katherine Ryan said she wanted to get her twat out soon on Big Fat Quiz of Everything. I’m now beginning to question whether she was kidding or not…
  4. “Well, doctor. I was running down the stairs in a towel, slipped on my back, knocked a wall and the recorder rolled off the shelf and fell in there.” ”Sure, sir.”
  5. “It’s always a ball of fun” has to be a self-aware joke, right?
  6. He looks like what I imagine Mike Ashley to look like when he’s been told a takeover bid’s been rejected.
  7. I don’t think the bar would have been that high. Distinguishing between upper- and lower-case letters would probably have been enough.
  8. “So, you think he set himself up as a rogue cosmetic surgeon, to operate on a friend of a friend of yours, disfigure her, and turn her into a Bruce Forsyth lookalike, just to piss you off?” ”YEP.”
  9. I’ve seen TV scripts where the episodes are named: https://www.wrestlezone.com/assets/uploads/2009/08/file_190821_0_001(28).jpg https://i.imgur.com/DeTH7Lp.jpg https://i.redd.it/myoq1lrd0vf51.jpg Don’t know if this is still going on today though, or when it started. I guess WWE TV writers employ whatever they can to make every episode of TV they write not feel the same week in, week out. EDIT: The title of this episode made me chuckle: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/CChN55bmzMkJ-eYiZlkRPfVU9pjc_XdD08699H48Bw2L8dAhzh_hphjj74DeBRLkb5mW2OuIFX1_1XjYDDdIPlq1n_A4-
  10. Christ, when was this? Intrigued enough to try and watch an episode on WWE Network as that just sounds… impractical.
  11. Your Fight Site


    I’ve ran businesses for a few years and operate Your Fight Site as a limited company. I’ve never applied for funding though, so can’t help with that I’m afraid!
  12. Wasn’t the issue with Labour that the Tories and media were calling Corbyn a communist, IRA sympathiser, and antisemite, and Labour nor Corbyn really made a concerted effort to refute it? Then working class people essentially saying they’d rather be skint that a “commie under Corbyn”. Just as long as we get those borders back. Those borders we never really lost.
  13. …which will be won by Big Boss Man.
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