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  1. This. He pursued a relationship with an underaged girl, knowing she was underaged, whilst he had a pregnant girlfriend, was caught, charged and sentenced, and feels hard done to. Complete and utter bell-end.
  2. Reading the transcript. That man is absolutely horrendous.
  3. I don’t have $140 million dollars.
  4. I saw a Batman Begins/The Dark Knight double bill the night before The Dark Knight Rises was released. Wasn't really a slog, but the goth next to me who threw his arms up after they ended and nearly knocked me out with his B.O. marred the evening for me.
  5. If it was, surely he’s going to get the sack soon? Injured himself twice and out of action for lengthy periods both times, now injures another talent in what should have been a main roster warm-up match whilst tagging with the company’s golden boy.
  6. Kate Ford. 14-year-old me used to have a thing for bitchy Tracey Barlow.
  7. Shit, forgot all about this
  8. It’s fine. It’s just an Alternative Fact.
  9. Here we go again…
  10. Concrete? The outside area is more padded out than the ring. Brock certainly could and should have sold it better. It's more padded because it has no fucking give, unlike the steel beams of a ring which flex and absorb some of the impact of bumps. If you wish to show us how Brock should have bumped on the floor though, then be my guest.
  11. Are people complaining Brock didn't do a good enough sell from a spear on concrete on the last RAW before WrestleMania? Aye, he should have went more arse over tit, slip a disc, and jeopardise the marquee match on the biggest show of the year.
  12. Apparently Sony is moving ahead again with a ‘Venom’ movie:
  13. I think he has at least two on Netflix. Also, I heartily endorse his audiobook about his childhood. It was Afraid of the Dark I watched. Will have a look for his other(s) if he does have more on there. Only seem him a couple of times on panel shows but really enjoyed him when I have watched him. I adore Katherine Ryan, but I didn't think the Netflix special was the best show of hers that I've seen. Yeah, I thought my opinion would be tainted
  14. Trevor Noah's is brilliant. Katherine Ryan is good too, but I may be biased in that she's a celebrity crush of mine.
  15. Just use a computer. It's going to be an arse on to edit audio on an iPhone alone, not to mention the storage limitations.