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  1. How old are you…? “What he said was worse than what I said, miss!”
  2. Just five notable WWE Champions. And Triple H’s mate.
  3. Might send him some maths homework questions to answer.
  4. There aren’t any. Intelliigable ones, at least. From http://www.villagevoice.com/music/selling-music-is-easy-just-partner-with-wwe-and-wrestlemania-6652363:
  5. “Hey, Vince. Guess what? I’m in the rasslin’ business… again!”
  6. Did this not come about when set-up footage from a WrestleMania made the rounds with the caption “VINCE GOING BLIND!!!” and it was quickly debunked?
  7. My favourite follow-up Tweet:
  8. Graphic at the top of the show. Continuous announcements throughout the show. Triple H and Stephanie take over the day-to-day running. WWE is a public company that has shareholders to answer to, so its operation isn’t contingent on one person.
  9. Undertaker attempts a tombstone. Can’t hold even Sting’s weight and buckles. “Lateral press…”
  10. WWE were in talks with Sting at the time and the plan was for him to face Kurt Angle, but obviously that fell through and Kurt ended up lumped with Kane.
  11. 10 years ago, yes. But Sting’s nearly 60 now. Undertaker has blown up in all but one of his last five or so WrestleMania matches. This is not a match I want to see in 2019 (or beyond).
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