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  1. Your Fight Site


    Do you not have a bath at home, like?
  2. It’s been declared a terrorist incident: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58935372
  3. Your Fight Site


    Urgh. Just say you’ve done some digging into the other role they were pitching and found nothing but red flags…
  4. Your Fight Site


    Yup. This is recruiters in a nutshell. Always want to jump on the phone and try and sell you the job so they can get their commission. Just stand your ground. If you’ve decided on another role then just reiterate that, thank them and tell them there’s nothing really to discuss. You’re doing both of you a favour in the end as you can move on happy with the decision you’ve made, and they can chase other candidates for other roles where there’s an actual prospect of netting some commission.
  5. Your Fight Site


    I have no empathy for recruiters, so if you’ve been offered a role for more money and better circumstances (work from home) that’s going to make you happier day to day, then go for that. You mention the other job had a higher title, but is that all there was in the “plus” column for that role? Does the other, “lesser” but higher paying role have scope for advancement?
  6. “Wages going up!” seems to be the sound bite they’re peddling at the minute: “Never mind life expectancy. You can work your arse off and you’ll be getting paid 10 pence an hour more whilst you do work yourself into an early grave, you ungrateful prole!”
  7. Yeah, this is a big reason. A game’s release date is no longer it’s final, “Everything must be done by this date, otherwise it’s too late”. So now games are released and you’ll have to download a 50 GB patch on the very first day before you can actually start playing it because the developer’s used the time between the cut-off date and the actual consumer release date to fix shit.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/27/fuel-activist-is-furious-after-woke-trolls-list-his-home-as-a-petrol-station-15324615/?ito=facebook|social|metroukfacebook&fbclid=IwAR3alPAa41xnoOG2U26Fq9_J4KYKMVIXDutwWgZ9C_krSgVr7n1XM3orCwU
  9. People were wanting a unification bout when Fury and Joshua were the title holders. Why would that have changed now that there’s a different person holding the belts? A unification bout sells itself, no matter who’s holding the belts. Joshua’s next payday would be a big money fight against Fury, but you really think Hearn’s going to go into negotiations with a level head? Joshua’s got nothing to bring to the table now after losing his belts first to a late stand-in, out of shape Mexican and now to a cruiserweight.
  10. I can see Hearn nixing an AJ–Fury scrap. They have nothing on the table. Fury’s going to (rightfully) demand a lion’s share of the purse being a world title holder and Hearn will be spinning as much yarn as he possibly can to get that as close to 50/50 as possible before getting laughed out of the room. I’d like to see Fury and his team now angle for a unification bout with Usyk. It’s what people want. If Fury does lose to Wilder before then, then that leaves both Fury and AJ open to an all-British grudge match to just settle the score once and for all. No belts, just bragging rights.
  11. What do WWE do when they tape RAW and SmackDown over here in regards to the time difference? Do they air them on tape delay in its regular time slot in the States?
  12. Bit brazen from the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58699058
  13. This is me but whilst watching late ‘90s WCW.
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