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  1. https://lastwordonprowrestling.com/2018/01/09/daniel-edler-accused-sexual-misconduct/
  2. If my name was Daniel Edler and we were discussing shady as fuck promoters, I’d be steering well clear of this thread.
  3. Sting having a world title programme. In 2015.
  4. More like Triple H vs. Scott Steiner, surely?
  5. 9/11, I was walking home from school. Some woman was on the phone in her front yard when I was walking past saying something like, “Yeah, they’ve been hit”. It wasn’t until I got home and my mum had the live coverage on TV that I realised. Diana, I can’t really remember. I can remember around the time, knowing who she was, but I can’t remember exactly where I was or what I was doing when I learned the news.
  6. What on Earth did I just spent two minutes watching…
  7. Totally agree. It’s uncomfortable seeing the rush to dispute and knock down Aaren. “Why did he wait?” Well, ignoring the accounts that he did tell people the night of the show, why does any waiting any period of time make it any difference? Given the current #MeToo climate—where claims are coming emerging years and even decades later—why does a story taking a few days to be publicised mean it’s not a story or any less truthful? “How did he work if he was injured?” Again, ignoring the reasons been given (adrenaline, locker room environment), we’re all wrestling fans. We’ve heard how wrestlers have worked through injuries. We’ve heard of wrestlers working with broken necks. Why is it unfathomable to think Aaren worked through any pain, before seeing a doctor who after tests has told him the extent of his injuries? It’s not that unheard of to think you’re better than you are and then see a medical professional who says: “You have X, you should no longer do Y”.
  8. Depends if Josh remembers to lift his shoulder after two or not I guess.
  9. I began to realise no employer really cared about GCSEs the more and more vague I got. My first application I listed each one and my result, then grouped them, then just said “10 GCSEs”, then just omitted the line altogether. Not once was I asked, “So, what grades did you get?” My takeaway is, those grades were used in higher education. When I started college, I started the first year of my course, but others who didn’t get a ‘C’ grade of above in maths, English and science had to a do a foundation year where they pretty much re-sat those GCSEs as they were “key skills”, so were effectively held back a year.
  10. James Castle seems to have thrown his tuppence into the debate… So by that logic, if you want to be a referee, ring announcer, cameraman, etc. You better be a fully trained wrestler!
  11. Just with you including it with Breed and OWE that have both had shows recently postponed for dubious reasons.
  12. Southside doesn’t have anything to do with visas or licences. It was a (heavy) decision by Ben, and wish him and his family all the best for the future.
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