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  1. Your Fight Site

    Random Thoughts III.

    Is that excluding his leaving in 2001, stint in NWA-TNA etc?
  2. Your Fight Site

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Not surprised. Was hardly an overnight sensation, and then they were charging stupid prices for tickets. Admire their ambition, but execution left a little to be desired.
  3. Your Fight Site

    Run a training school…?

    Thanks! Really kind of you.
  4. Your Fight Site

    Run a training school…?

    Hey, cheers. Don’t have a handle for the training school stuff specifically; can just link to the URL and my handle: @yourfightsite
  5. Your Fight Site

    Random Thoughts III.

    I think WWE played him better. Gave him what he wanted so they could get what they wanted, and as soon as they had it future endeavoured him.
  6. Your Fight Site

    Watching wrestling for the first time

    I’d say about 9. I started watching it in primary school in the late ‘90s (I left primary school in 2000). I’d caught an episode of WCW Worldwide on Channel 5, first match I saw was Sting versus someone, and was just immediately enamoured by a face painted guy picking up and dropping another guy in what looked like a boxing ring. Guess I just covered it above! Although I think I knew of Hulk Hogan before I started watching wrestling. I seem to remember watching Thunder in Paradise at a really young age, so I’d have watched Hogan before I knew he was a professional wrestler. Not a lot of ‘80s stuff other than video packages and that Silvervision intro. More ‘90s stuff as I watched back WCW, and had a load of WCW videos. Again, I’d say the majority of the ‘90s WWF I’ve seen would have again been through video packages (DX tank rolling into WCW, any one?)
  7. Your Fight Site

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Was it Villano 2:30?
  8. Your Fight Site

    Times when you felt really bad for laughing

    Can’t remember where I heard it, but the producers deliberately sought out Eubank when they saw that song was number six. Even the BBC wasn’t above ribs.
  9. Your Fight Site

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

  10. Your Fight Site

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I was, but I get it now. Its boobs, isn’t it?
  11. Your Fight Site

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I don’t watch the main shows, so what did Charlotte miss a month for?
  12. Your Fight Site

    Physical Altercations

    Not a fight per se. Darlington has quite a lot of gypsies. One day I was walking home from school (so would have been 14–15) through a park. Saw a group of about a dozen or so ahead so crossed over to another path, but they did the same. “Shit” goes through my head. They then form a circle around me and one of them starts talking. “Can you fight?” “You hard, mate?” There isn’t really any right answer when you have 10-plus lads looking to give someone a pasting for laughs. One did punch me from the side/behind. Quick bat on the cheek which I took as a warning/feel me out since I was still standing and my jaw wasn’t shattered. Luckily, a guy with a dog passed and yelled “What’s going on?” and which point they started walking off, shouting things like, “He’s done things with my sister!” “We’ll get you later!” I took a different—longer—route home for about a month after that. I don’t know who that guy was, but forever thankful as I can only imagine I would have been on the floor in a bloody heap after a good kicking two minutes later.
  13. Your Fight Site

    What happened in 2018?

    We’re probably collectively forgetting at least one of Seth Rollins’ matches with Dolph Ziggler…
  14. Your Fight Site

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    I think it was the aforementioned CNN interview, but there was a clip of an interview with Kid in his home and in the background was a TV with the “insert Sky card” screen, so it’s just been a common jibe since then that Dynamite Kid’s not had the coin to keep his Sky subscription.
  15. Your Fight Site

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Up to episode 7. That drop kick to Tyler Bate in the corner by James Drake. Ouch! Also, why on earth does Jordan Devlin have the bloody Arizona desert in the background of his entrance video?