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  1. “The WWE.” The World Wrestling Entertainment? Makes no sense. I can understand if it was a hangover from “the WWF” (which makes sense: the World Wrestling Federation). But it’s been nearly 20 years now.
  2. An absolute cunt. If frustrates the fuck out of me that they’re literally living by their own rules whilst enforcing different rules on an entire nation, and there’s no fucking recourse for it. All they do is go, “Well, he was concerned about his family? Wouldn’t you be?” and nothing will come of it.
  3. Guess things didn’t pan out with his daughter then…?
  4. Watching an episode of Nitro from ‘96 on WWE Network and Jericho’s come out but to his “Break The Walls Down” WWE theme. How are WWE able to replace just the entrance music, but leave other audio (i.e. crowd and commentary) intact?
  5. Arm Anderson had a better DDT than Jake Roberts.
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. With WWE starting to be creative (out of necessity) with the presentation of matches, what will happen when restrictions are eased and WWE are allowed to go back to having fans at shows. Will WWE continue presenting shows and matches in creative ways like this? Or will it just back to “business as normal” as soon as possible?
  7. Was that the hardback one with the orange cover and Sting on the front?
  8. £10 on, “And the first inductee of the AEW Hall of Fame is…” if they do.
  9. He’s been doing that for ages, even whilst under the employ of WWE. He was regularly advertising appearances at meet and greets and conferences.
  10. Au contraire, surely a wrestler changing their appearance is the perfect reason to commission a new t-shirt design or action figure? Kids are going to pester their parents for a new [insert name] figure if it has the same hair style and attire as one produced and sold three years ago.
  11. The first ever bump I took in a wrestling ring was a hip toss from D’Lo Brown.
  12. You’ll be surprised to know it was double that last year then.
  13. Saw that show at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington in 99-ish.
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