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  1. Is a reason for WWE’s belligerent continuing on though not be because their TV contracts stipulate a certain number of hours of unique programming per week? And therefore hefty penalties/lawsuits if they don’t? I get that people’s health must come first, but we’re talking about Vince here…
  2. Reminds me of the time my science teacher wrote “Anal.” as an abbreviation for “analysis” on the whiteboard during a lesson. Cue room full of children giggling and teacher very quickly wiping it off the board when he realised.
  3. Who shat in your corn flakes this morning…?
  4. So yeah. What do you do when you’ve decided to stay indoors and reduce contact with the outside world, and then your girlfriend (who is considered “high risk” as she has asthma) invites her parents and their dog round for dinner at the weekend?
  5. Why does he spend so much time paying with fireworks (and using them as a weapon) when the first rule of fireworks is, don’t play with them?
  6. Yeah. The promotion could run, and you could win a European city break whilst travel is off and borders are closed.
  7. WrestleMania will go the way of SmackDown last week (and tonight’s RAW) in that it will be streamed from a closed set at the Performance Center will only “essential personnel”:
  8. With promoters having to cancel and postpone live events due to the ongoing global incident, we realise how this can harm promoters’ revenue streams, especially if it is their only or main source of income. Starting today, for any new channel created on our video on demand platform, we will waive our commission and pay 100% of any revenue earned over the next six months. To create a channel, go to https://vod.yourfightsite.com/channels/create
  9. Christ… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/15/uk-coronavirus-crisis-to-last-until-spring-2021-and-could-see-79m-hospitalised
  10. The same technique was used in Terminator 2 where they “reboot” Arnie in the garage. There’s no mirror, it’s Linda Hamilton and her twin: https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/terminator-2-judgment-day-deleted-scene-840915/ When I Googled it, it keeps saying it’s a deleted scene, but I’m sure I’ve saw it as part of the movie itself and not as something punted to a “special features” disk, so not sure if I’ve watched a director’s cut or something in the past.
  11. Still waiting on those screenshots from Ben.
  12. It’s definitely Gallows’ chin…
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