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  1. This was WCW. They had Robocop, a yeti (that looked like a mummy), Mortal Kombat rip-offs, and a KISS “Demon”. Oh, and Chucky. Fuckin’ Chucky the doll.
  2. Yeah, not expecting someone to drop the exact commercial details of the deal(s), but just wanted to know if ITV went to shows and recorded them for the World of Sport programme, or if All-Star and Joint Promotions were responsible for recording shows for the programme.
  3. I’m almost embarrassed to ask this. What was the deal with wrestling on World of Sport? I know it carried footage from Joint Promotions and All-Star Wrestling, but what was the actual commercial deal? Did those promotions have deals with ITV to record shows for broadcast? Or did ITV just turn up at shows and record them for a magazine-style show? Basically, were ITV completely independent and recorded the shows they wanted to? Or did Joint/All-Star have obligations to provide content?
  4. The referee’s white gloves are going to look a state if a wrestler starts bleeding.
  5. Well, there’s a whole college module wasted. Learned how to colour photographs by hand in Photoshop. Now there’s an API that can do it in a second 🙃
  6. Vince probably orchestrated the thing, Phoenix Nights style, as didn’t he have some clause saying he couldn’t buy the assets/company back? It’ll be The Rock’s name on paper, but Vince pulling the strings.
  7. I’d be looking for a new game developer if I was WWE and made that much extra money.
  8. I thought I had completely imagined this. Thank you!
  9. Should have just took him outside and hosed him down like a zoo elephant.
  10. @Devon MalcolmLiterally just watched that episode a couple of days ago. I knew who Jerry Seinfeld was but had never actually watched the sitcom, so blitzing through it on Prime Video at the moment. It’s such an easy watch.
  11. The logo looks like some early ‘00s e-fed logo.
  12. Yup. Up there with “PIN number” for me.
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