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  1. They’re just trying to be down with the kids. Young ‘uns these days no longer way they’re a fan of someone, they just say they “stan” someone or something, referring to the overzealous fan in Eminem’s song.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/TheSpOtLightPWS/photos/a.132073597400213/804508103490089/?type=3&source=57
  3. I don’t think social media is for Flatliner, between that and him getting absolutely burned by Toni Storm a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Well this is going to make designing wrestling posters easier when promoters send tiny images ripped from Google or Facebook and expecting them to be used on an A2 poster.
  5. Lay off the guy‘s graphics. The money’s clearly gone to the humongous wage bill so he’s having to get someone to do them on the cheap.
  6. Surprised it’s not off-white by now.
  7. Just literally burst out laughing reading that!
  8. Having watched this period of WCW recently, I really can’t understand how badly Sting vs. Hogan was. I’m a huge Sting fan so it could be taken as sour grapes, but the booking of those few months was awful. Sting and Hogan had three title matches and each one has a screwy finish. Like, you take one of your most popular wrestlers out of action for 18 months and then he can’t win a single match decisively? With that build and commitment, Sting should have came back, thrown Hogan around, and then dropped him on the back of his bald bonce for the 1–2–3.
  9. This. When Rishi Sunak announced people will “quit” if they have to work from home instead of returning to the office… whatever, mate. You clearly just want offices back open rather than businesses going, “You know what? We don’t need this space, we’ll drop the lease” and have the price of his and his mates’ property portfolios plummet. What an odious, transparent prick.
  10. He was selling tin foil hats weeks ago. I think he dove into that pool a fair while ago.
  11. Meh. It was also undone by the fact he took to wearing a black hand towel on his head around then, too.
  12. She’ll be in case in the WWE warehouse, like Nora Fries in Batman & Robin.
  13. Kane seemed to be stupidly over in late-2002/early-2003. Would have loved to have seen to him have a run with the Big Gold, even if it was just for a few weeks whilst he smacked Evolution about.
  14. I get the impression there’s a gulf in age ranges: you get kids who love their pre-heel Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterios and would beg their parents to take them to live shows; and then you get fans in their late 20s/30s/40s who grew up watching wrestling in “glory” days, be that late ‘80s rock n’ wrestling or the Attitude era, and still watch out of habit or to binge the documentaries/old stuff on WWE Network. I don’t think wrestling is anywhere near as popular in say, upper years of secondary schools today as it was when I was at school in 2000–2005. I think if you asked a teenager today
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