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  1. Does he think he’s a WWE 2K game character? “Today I’m Jannetty ‘98. Tomorrow I might be Jannetty ‘91.”
  2. Yeah. I sold an iMac on Facebook Marketplace a couple of years ago and the amount of sympathy messages I got was ridiculous. I’d asked for £450. “Want to buy it for my girlfriend. Will you accept £150?” Eventually had a bloke message asking if I’d accept £425. Had to stop myself biting his hand off 😄
  3. A family friend. I was staying and my aunt’s and she and my mum went out somewhere. He put WCW Worldwide on 5 on, and was just bemused seeing guys in a boxing ring, but running around, picking each other up and throwing them around, etc. First match I remember was a Sting match. The rest is history.
  4. I always thought it was 1+2+3=6, then leaving WCW, he was (e)X-(Wolf)Pac. Not sure where I read/heard that. Might be bollocks.
  5. Wrestling really is a funny business. Literally any other business meeting: “Best make an effort. Put on at least a collared shirt.” Wrestling business meeting: “WWE? Oh, cool! I’ll wear an Undertaker t-shirt! That’ll really show them I know their product!”
  6. Have the NWA said what will happen going forward? How many episodes of Powerrr are left? Are they going to air with Cornette’s recorded commentary but with a disclaimer that he no longer works for the company and his views don’t necessary reflect the NWA’s? Or will they be removing/re-dubbing him?
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