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  1. Revisiting an old joke: Dermott Desmond and Steven Gerrard go for a few pints. One looks up at a shelf and says "that's a fucking magic lantern". So they both give it a rub and, sure enough, this Genie appears and grants each a wish. Dermott says "sort the team out and go the rest of the season unbeaten to build momentum". Gerrard asks for the same but for the unbeaten spell to last the 2021 to 2022 season so Rangers claim the SPFL, League Cup, Scottish Cup and most of all the Champions League". Genie snaps at Gerrard, calling him a fucking greedy Scouse cunt. Gerrard turns to
  2. Please do not quit here Baz, I know you from two completely different forums and always enjoy your input. Always.
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