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  1. Sorry to not be able to provide a link butbthe BBC has reported that Alan Minter has died.
  2. Scott What is the jacks? Sorry
  3. Nicola Sturgeon has announced a locldown of visiting houses or hosting guests on the Glasgow and surrounding areas. Initially for a fortnight, however it will be reveiwed in seven days. Glasgow city centre was fucking jumping on Friday with limited spaces in pubs seeing a lot of folk having to wait to go in; if being allowed at all. In my opinion, being a Nationalist but being level headed enough to have an unbiased opinion, if there are lies being told it is to limit to potential threat we are faceing.
  4. Today I learned that is possible to win a pool tournament by just pissing about. I play Miniclip Pool online and enjoy playing their Eight person one frame knockout tournament where each player has three minutes to complete all their shots. Today, I finally pulled something off. I broke off in frame one, leaving my opponent hopelessly snookered and did so repeatedly until he ran out of time. Frame two saw me brake and I decided to take a more cautious approach, leaving my opponent hopelessly snookered. Once again I repeated this laying snooker after snooker after snooker. Althou
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