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  1. My mobile is playing up. Please YouTube 'Insane free kick' by the poster nilberg.
  2. Sasuke took a bump in his second Onita match that saw him fall from a ladder, over the barbed wire wonto the wooden floor. Which then fucking exploded. Last time I searched the bout is only shown online in highlight form By the way; when this insanity was going on I am sure both men were politicians in the Japanese Senate
  3. I was thinking it was associated with a lyric. Get it now Thanks
  4. Mate. I genuinely don't get that? What is the pun. Sorry
  5. Ralph, Jason Leitch advised against the public buying thermometers with the reasoning being that you will know if you are running a high temperature. Hope you feel better soon
  6. My work called on Monday to ask if I would agree to be placed onto Furlough pay. Glad to be honest.
  7. My mates bother is a class A fuckwit; something that shall become apparent. He decided against calling experts to get rid of a wasps nest in his Mums garden. He decided to do it by himself. His plan was to take home a mail sack from the post office where he worked. He then attempted to dislodge the nest with a clothes pole hoping it would fall into the sack. Amazingly all did not go to plan as the nest fell onto the lawn. He was then rightly attacked by a bunch of pissed off Glaswegian wasps and ended up with arms that looked as if he had been splashed with Agent fucking Orange. Best of all is that when he attempted to run into the house his old dear locked the back door. The phrase 'how stupid can you fucking get' has no meaning to him
  8. Professional Cunts and now thankfully fucking bankrupt have CEO named Dick Brown. When working as a Civil Servant in the MOD I came accross an old record of a Staff Sergeant Pingu.
  9. This will always have been in any Governments plans. Though scary times it is reassuring in a way to see this. If any Government within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not admit this then people see the military set it up then, in these days of Social media, panic would set in. Hope that makes sense
  10. The Stroh violin aka violin trumpet is something I have never seen played well by any busker in Glasgow
  11. I had a mental health moment last night. My mobile; which I use for listening to the radio and for all social media was charging so badly that it was losing charge. Net result was I chucked it onto my wooden floor. It was shit like this that led my to chatting to my GP a few years ago and being prescribed Citalopram. Thing is that when I used to do this it would be a genuine attempt to break the object. Mobile is fine but charger isn't but the first spare charger worked. I took a (prescribed for PRN pain) Amitriptyline which led to a great sleep and was up at seven. Went to take my medication this morning, picked up the empty bottle of pills that I use to put all my daily stuff in and found - yesterdays stuff which I had dispensed but somehow forgotten to take. I need to mark that down as a one off but fuck sake. Hope no one thinks this is a selfish post but it shows that there is always a reason for this shite.
  12. I am beginning to see a few more non joking "chunky flu" posts or usual "Ah dont beleive whit yon Azinz Doakturz say" bollocks. Worse is the "it is the Asian shop then" responds to posts about the cunts selling 50ml hand sanitizer for a ten spot when not looking at the posted evidence which proves otherwise. These are from previously level headed folk
  13. @quote the raven I will be in the same position come 06th April should my company not change their position. To be fair my company (who I never name publicly online) is being way more compassionate than the shitecway you are being treated. I am looking daily at both Government and DiabetesUK advice. In your position do you know if the NHS volunteers campaign are accepting at risk people like us. If they are not then that could be a precedent for you. Good luck mate
  14. Today I learned the old guy in the Blues Brothers asks "You got my cheese wiz boy"? Not "You got my cheese Wes boy". Why would he have said the latter as neither of the Blues Brothers were FUCKING CALLED WES? Shoot me now.
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