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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/sport/amp/baseball/55771928 Rest in peace Hank Aaron; one of my very few. heroes.
  2. What was Konnan's (original) entrance theme in ECW? I have searched but can't find the answer.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55602149 Fuck sake.
  4. You may well be correct as me saying this on FB elucidated the same response. One thing Trump is not is daft; I agree with that and he is a man likely to act to draw the "he is a loony" remarks. The reason I stand by my commenys (as much as I respect yours) is even the Republican press are reporting concern from his fellow party members.
  5. Aye, that cunt deserves a kicking for that.
  6. Is there any chance he is genuinely ill or is attempting an Ernest Saundres/Vincent Gigante stunt? No matter how vile he is; to me it is the former and he needs help.
  7. Managed to book a Covid vaccine. 14th January at the Louisa Jordan. Get this as I work with kids who have ASN. To anyone in Scotland here who are eligible to book please be aware that the site is incredibly frustrating. It has drop down options for sites, dates and times which then turn out to be booked. I can't understand why they are given as an option as not everyone is IT literate. I hope folk think I am being petty as once again I am incredibly gratefull for the NHS. That said this frustration could lead to folk not completing the booking which defeats the purpose.
  8. What a game there. Fantastic final.
  9. Tested negative. One is ala trifle pleased. This and the lethargy must be down to the DKA. That makes sense however the taste and smell thing is never happened before. It cant be psychosomatic as salt, citrus, malt and juice taste different whilst I can barely pick up the scent of fabreze. Couldn't sleep after 0400 so will have a quick whisky, even though the taste has lessened, have a disco nap then listen to the game. By the way thank you NHS. Tested at 1400 yesterday then received confirmation text at 0800. Need to recover my energy; which usually takes just over a week
  10. Had my test from the super freindly staff at the drive through test centre in Newton Mearns. My cousin who I spent Christmas drove me the eight mile round trip. If if her snd hey boyfreind had let me borrow his bike the would have fucked me. Hopefully my lethargy is soley down to having had DKA recently. If not then at least I have folk near me. Not everyone has that. 48 hours should do it before I get an answer.
  11. Spent a few hours in hosputal on the 27th having battled Keto Acidosis since the early hours of Boxing Day. MybNHS and professional qualifications enabled me to manage it and only lose about eighteen pounds. Weight loss meant lethargy; had this before. This morning my taste and smell is hreatly diminished. Had a nip of Talisker and barely tasted it, similarly chucked a fair amount of salt onto the remnants of my porridge then hardly noticed. Booked a test for early afternoon. From folks experience, and please be blunt, can you 'only' have these symptoms? Even if I test negative
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