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  1. Briefcase As I only joined to ask one question I'm not sure. Will have a look at a password book I have stashed somewhere to check.
  2. He always seemed to be universally liked and respected. The final pink of his 143 break against Alex Higgins is still a thing of beauty. Just shit news.
  3. I was born in early November 73 and have many early memories; one of them being a terrible plane crash which turns out to have been the Tenerife Disaster. Today I learned, thanks to a Easyjet pilot who I chatted to the answer of a question that I always wondered; one that when visiting online plane enthusiasts forum seemed to cause arguments. If Van Zanten had missed the Pan Am; even by the proverbial baw hair, then he could even with the 200m tail strike have flown around and landed without the need for any fuel dump. With a full 747 and a completely full petrol load he could have landed; albeit there was a good chance of over shooting the runway due to being so heavy. He explained all aitliners can do this and training is essential in the scenario of a fire on board after take off where the most important factor is to land and await help. This has always intrigued me. As I said when asking the question on specialist forums the ensuing answers seem to cause arguing so it was great to speak to a pilot. Unsurprisingly the disaster and the actions of Van Zanten are still an integral part of pilot training.
  4. My mobile wont let me copy and paste. Sad news emerging about Willie Thornevwho announced in February that he was battling Leukaemia. Last week it was reported that he was too weak to stand or feed himself then todays news is that he has been placed into a medically induced coma as he is fighting three separate respiratory conditions. A very popular snooker personality he has had more than his share of life issues over the years. Hope he can pull through as he is only 66.
  5. @Undefeated Steak Good luck mate
  6. Without any fucking doubt Pret a Porter; the 1994 fashion film. There is a bit shortly after all the models prance about with their boobs and Tattie Scones on show that suggests the film is over. Cue me and every other poor cunt only there due to their girlfriend only for it to be a false finish with another twenty minutes to go. Spice World, which I took my young cousins to see, was The Shawshank Redemption compared to that pile of wank.
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