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  1. WWE have mentioned his passing in a Facebook post.
  2. Hass is displaying the se breathing pattern that Perry Saturn did in a shoot interview group discussion with some ECW originals. It is the one where Saturn seems to be struggling so Shane Douglas has his hand on his shoulder throughout.
  3. I am beginning to dislike Hannibal. Firstly this doesn't seem a work. This is following the Dark Side of the Ring Episode when Hannibal conducted a 'do you think Kanyon and James Mitchell were more than just freinds'. survey on YouTube. Thankfully most responses said something to the tune of so fucking what. Both instances are in really poor taste.
  4. Steve, I'm glad Rocky had 17 good, healthy years. Take care
  5. Shit; SuperBacon. It is terrible when this happens. Hope you are as OK as can be.
  6. Did Kanyon become physical with Mitchell? The shoot with Raven and James Mitchell where they had just returned from Kanyons funeral was very sad.
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