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  1. Dusty Hill is a shocker. Despite their ages I thought they would go on for years more. Agreed they had their own look which will always be cool as fuck.
  2. I followed Victor Quinones' W*ING promotion via Powerslam, fanzones and Glen Radford If you watch it chronologically then it makes sense, even if it just through such releases as Best of 91, 92 or 93. Doing this means the feuds amd matches make sense as well as spots such as Mr Pogo setting Mitsihiro Matsunaga alight or the revenge baseball bat/barbed wire/standing kick stunt. As someone here once said the hard-core matches are about a wrestler trying to avoid the danger rather than all participants building up to a crazy fall.
  3. Maybe I should not have posted the paragraph about education but I was trying to highlight how the Kennedy curse is a myth and is engineered to include this poor woman's death
  4. As it the anniversary of her death Her name was Mary Jo Kopechne, not the women who died at Chappaquiddick. As stated this article she had barely started her life whereas Ted Kennedy was given another chance. He was voted into office after this. Repeatedly. Both he and his supporters courted sympathy for this incident with his acolytes continuing to do so long after his death. Kennedy curse may apply to the tragic assassinations, cot death or illnesses. It does not apply to this lying fuck or choosing to settle two federal sexual harrassment claims or choosing to kill yourself and two innocents by flying in conditions with no relevant qualifications or choosing to lobotomise your fucking kid or choosing to ski in a forrest whist chucking an American football after choosing to ignore multiple warnings or choosing to drink then drive or the conscious choosing of multiple self inflicted due to self entitlement situations. Ted Kennedy himself quoted the myth of curse after his actions killed Mary No Kopechne whether his official account or otherwise. Then again my education up to and including Modern Studies higher level the JFK was the greatest president opinion was spewed as fact for reasons you would be correct to assume. Even in Primary school this was aggressively pushed with no debate allowed with any alternative perspectives discouraged in Secondary education. I am not the only person who experienced this as it seems to have been a common practice. Rest In Peace Mary Jo Kopechne, or to placate the Kennedy proctologists, the one died at Chapoquiddick. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Jo_Kopechne
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Siffy_Mirin
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