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  1. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    The like I just gave you was for the Adam Bowler reference, Gus. I love Chinese chippies - they've been the only ones around here to get chips anywhere near right. Better at chicken than fish, though.
  2. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    Just out of curiosity, what would be the best vegetarian option in a chippy?
  3. Carbomb

    First "smart" thoughts

    Or Gangrel eating crisps at a petrol station. Completely out of the bounds of reality.
  4. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    Plastic northerner, thank you very much. Only places in the south I've been to make decent chips are usually on the coast. There are exceptions, but they're usually ridiculously expensive and have got so far up their own arse because of their reputation that they're not actually much cop any more (specifically The Seashell in Marylebone). The usual exceptions in London are an arseache to get to, because they're mostly the excellent Jewish chippies in the far north-west of London.
  5. Carbomb

    Peyton Royce Meltzer comments

    But it isn't, though, is it? How attractive a male wrestler is is very rarely a topic for debate - so much so that being good-looking in wrestling has been a distinctive gimmick in itself. Wrestling has had some downright ugly bastards not only working in it, but being pushed to main events. People don't tend to comment on that. And if a male wrestler who's often pointed out as being attractive somehow becomes less attractive because of beauty standards, that's rarely discussed, if ever.
  6. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    Alright, Monsignor Bollocks - you're going to have to tell me what a red pudding is. Sounds like it could've been in Game Of Thrones. I know black pudding and white pudding, but never heard of a red one, and I am intrigued to know more.
  7. My only problem with the Ghostbusters reboot was that it was a reboot. Fucking needless, and uncreative. They could've easily done a Ghostbusters III and made the women Ghostbusters TNG. There was still room for us to have our cake and eat it - the original guys we all know and love, passing on the torch to an excellent new crew played by really good actresses, and nostalgic call-backs. A friend of mine recently came up with an excellent idea for such a film. After the whole Vigo thing, the Ghostbusters have gone from strength to strength, and now, around thirty years later, they're a massive corporation with franchises all over the world. The third film would be set in Boston or Chicago or San Francisco or Salem - wherever that has a good ghost-story culture about it. At this point, Zeddemore, being the quiet guy he is, is now a silent partner, collecting his pay-cheques, and Stantz and Venkmann are the ones going around approving the franchises, like the containment systems, particle-throwers, nuclear accelerators, and traps. Spengler hasn't been seen since he went missing on some field excursion project, and nobody knows where he is despite extensive searching. Dana (not Zuul) is also an exec, having been cut into the company given how much crap she was put through, and she's been an effective CEO running the company while her son is a junior exec on the board. The four women from the reboot are the new prospective franchisees for, let's say, Boston. Unfortunately, Venkmann is still a sleazy, obnoxious (but hilarious) prick, and he makes things difficult for our new heroes, and Stantz, as ever, is oblivious as he's still fascinated by the paranormal - and he's particularly impressed by the new-and-improved systems built by the new team's technician. Maybe do some thing about the system having some kind of supernatural WiFi/Cloud system that keeps them contained in a satellite or something. It's clear this new team is really very good - they're organised, disciplined, highly adept with ghost-catching tech. Their Ectomobile (custom-designed nowadays for Ghostbusters franchises) is a sleek, bad-ass piece of kit that still retains some affectionate design vestiges of Ecto-1, but it's clearly a vastly superior vehicle. All of a sudden, the new containment system reads out a message on its display: "GONE." People start freaking out - has the containment system broken? Have the few ghosts they've caught as a test for the system got out? Venkmann, of course, takes this as a sign that the new guys are incompetent and withholds approval, but Stantz decides it's necessary to stick around and take a look at what's going on. As the storyline builds up, it becomes increasingly clear that a major threat is on the horizon, possibly a demon, and that's when the message GONE re-arranges to become EGON. He's stuck in the containment unit, trying to get a message out about the threat. *********** At this point, I liked the idea so much, I thought about ways this could be expanded and provide openings for various bits and bobs. - As the story progresses, have the message on the containment start reading "GOZER GONE". That ramps up the panic level, and also provides an opening for Dana to show up to share her extensive experience, and also haul Venkmann back into line, and to get Zeddemore out of retirement to provide both the everyman advice/perspective and extra muscle. Maybe explain the re-emergence of Gozer is what Spengler was investigating in his trip to Iraq when he sadly was killed. - When Gozer finally shows up, he/she asks, say, Melissa McCarthy's character: "Are you a god?" to which she immediately replies "Yeah!" Zeddemore looks on approvingly. Of course, this doesn't stop Gozer trying to kill them. - Ray screws up again. "THE CHOICE IS MADE" rings out again, and they all look at Ray. "Seriously?! We've gotta fight Stay Puft again?!" To which he shakes his head dejectedly and says: "No - I just remembered Gozer AS the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man." Meaning Stay Puft reappears, but is now triple the size and looks grotesque and malevolent. - Maybe have rivals from the new crew on the original New York chapter show up, chasing a ghost (that turns out to be Slimer again) that escaped them back in their city. They're obnoxious (because of their Founding Chapter status, amongst other things) and overly macho in a cliché Clint Eastwood way, stepping on the Boston guys' turf. Or they could be a parody of the original four. They're also terrible at their job, and as a result end up causing a load of problems trying to catch Slimer - and the Boston crew end up having to do their job for them. It also provides a way for the heroes to have a little extra back-up to deal with Ultra-Gozer when things get really bad (and the NY lot finally learn to be a bit competent). - Have a bit in the resolution where Egon's spirit somehow helps in defeating Gozer, before disappearing into the ether. Would be a nice, poignant moment, especially if they could do some CGI magic with some old Harold Ramis footage. - The ghost of Walter Peck. Shows up at some point, and he's a floating torso. "Told you this man has no dick", says Venkmann. I'm well aware that some or none of these ideas might seem abhorrent to some. They were basically just things I thought would've been great to see. A reboot meant that we missed out on so much that could've been fun, as well as introducing new generations to the greatness of Ghostbusters. EDIT: Hmmm, reading back, I'm not happy with the lack of more detailed story for the main characters. Needs to be less focus on the old guys.
  8. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    I love cod, but recently have been getting rock from our local chippy, as it's flavoursome and delicious. The chips are a bit pony (to be expected from a southern chippy), but they give you loads. The mushy peas are OK, I guess. Drinks-wise, I tend to get a bottle of Hobgoblin or Broadside, as I'll only get fish and chips these days when I'm feeling like splashing out.
  9. Carbomb

    McMahon Always Wins (Colt Cabana sues CM Punk)

    I like the sound of that. There's also potential, I guess, for a DiBiase/Virgil mini-feud storyline too. I'm not a big Cabana mark, but he's not bad as an underdog face; he can certainly elicit sympathy, as he's quite goofy and has that Jason Biggs-esque likable loser-type face.
  10. Carbomb

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    What about Shoeface? He's been at 205 before. That would certainly be an interesting match.
  11. Carbomb

    That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    Fair enough. I see you've played Orc-y Klingon-y before. Seriously, though, the Klingon re-design is just shit at this point. I'm not a purist, I always like to see new stuff as long as it can be explained to a reasonable degree in the story, which it usually can. But this is just fucking stupid, and really lazy. The Klingons have been re-designed three times prior to Discovery - do they really need it again, just to show how oh-so-new-and-innovative the new series are? Can't they do it with the other aliens now? It's just starting to feel like a lazy go-to trope.
  12. People who microwave fish in the office kitchen should be tied to a chair in a small room with no ventilation, while all their colleagues come in and do Butler's Revenges* in rapid succession, and then close the door. *Silent but extremely deadly farts.
  13. Carbomb

    General politics discussion thread

    The Catalan situation is an interesting one, because historically the Catalans have an understandable grievance against the Spanish government about how they've been treated over the centuries, particularly under the fascist regime of Franco, but there is also a worry that the Catalan independence movement could be a lot like Italy's "The League" that's now running the country - it used to be "The Northern League", and it was originally founded by a bunch of racists who wanted to split the economically more powerful north of the country off from the south, which is still quite poor, and a thread running through the more pernicious elements of their propaganda was that they wanted to get rid of the dark-haired, dark-skinned southerners. Spain, like Italy, saw a large chunk of the south of the country conquered and ruled by the Moors in the Middle Ages for quite some time, so there'd be a similarity in the genetic make-up and appearance of the southerners being darker and the northerners being fairer; I wouldn't be surprised if there was some similar vein of racism being exploited in the more extreme elements of the Catalan independence movement's messages, and from what Fog Dude's said, it sounds like there's also a bit of the Northern League's greed in there too, splitting the economic powerhouse of Barcelona/Catalonia from the poorer south. In fairness, like I say, Catalonia has legitimate grievances against the government of Spain which saw its culture threatened several times and its people treated like second-class citizens through periods of the country's history, so it's not quite the same as Italy; one can understand why they'd be a bit more reluctant to share the wealth. Either way, though, it's clear to me @David knows a lot more about this, so I'd like to read more from him.
  14. For me, Chan's best movie ever is Project A, followed by Police Story and Wheels On Meals. Project A is loads of fun, great action, and any Sammo Hung involvement means the film is automatically 100% better (so that's 200%[/steinermaths]).