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  1. Yeah, it's the green bit. I've not actually had it like that before - it was sautéed in garlic and ginger, I think. I've mostly had it in curries before. It's got a sweet flavour, and the texture when cooked is very soft. The raw fruit is green on the outside, greenish-white on the inside, and a bit sticky when you cut it. You can buy it in markets in the UK, you just need to keep your eyes peeled. Apparently some Caribbean dishes use it too, so you might be able to find it in Caribbean markets (although that's anecdotal from a non-Caribbean friend, so don't take my word for it).
  2. Hey guys. Am in Mauritius at the moment, lovely so far. Here's a very Mauritian dish I've just had for dinner, octopus sautéed in onions and chilli with rice, salad and chow-chow (a fruit often used in savoury dishes, including Mauritian curry).
  3. That's 'cos they need funny heel commentators. Proper bastards too, not just tits like Sutton. Bring in Berlusconi.
  4. The fact that Ant-Man and Iron Man wear masks means they could at least have a few cameo fight scenes. Can't imagine Downey Jr. or Rudd would charge too much for a bit of vocal work.
  5. I agree with bAz' idea of heel commentators. Also, the managers should carry canes to trip up the odd player with, and have a Japanese assistant that blows green mist for the first interference, then red mist for the next.
  6. Sorry for late one - not been on the past couple of days. I've never seen coconut samosas outside of Mauritian cuisine, but I wouldn't care to assume they can't be found anywhere else - I'd imagine there must be places on the south Indian coast, in Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles or Comoros that might have them. Don't know for certain though. They are indeed lovely. Sweet and flavoursome, but not too cloying or sugary.
  7. I'm off to Mauritius for three weeks in a week, for my cousin's wedding. Will be eating a lot of Mauritian street food (which is similar in places to either Indian or creole cuisine, but generally tends to be heavier on herbs, and more water than oil. And lots of garlic, ginger, and coriander), such as dal pouri (similar to Indian dhal puri), haleem, coconut samosas (a nice sweet to have on the beach), and pineapple doused in chilli sauce. Will try and take pics of all the food - my family being Muslim, the wedding ceremony involves the butchering and cooking of an entire cow (including tripe curry, which I'm not fond of), so there should be plenty to photograph.
  8. If an FA Cup game ends 0-0, THUNDERBALL. Goals are widened, and both teams get to field their entire squads. Losing team's manager is fired and is replaced with Ron Atkinson (pictured).
  9. OK, so this site's more like social media than ever. This is going to take a LOT of getting used to...

  10. Unfortunately didn't get a chance to. Had a stag do on Saturday and a Mother's Day dinner on Sunday. Gonna give it a shot this weekend coming, I think.
  11. See, first thing I think is "Inspector Japp from Poirot". And also one of the screws from Scum. Being a Trekker, I remember he had a pretty major role in Star Trek: First Contact as Zephram Cochrane. But he's been in loads of stuff. He was also in Blackball with a bizarre approximation of an English accent. ​I remember him mainly from Wayne's World, but I do also remember seeing him in other things. Willard Tyrrell Bass!
  12. Even if they just bring them back as the old Hardy Boyz, they could re-do the storyline to lead to "Broken" Matt. I'm sure there are ways around it. There's no value in it otherwise. There's value in Jeff, as he's already proven, but I've no desire to see Midcardy doing the same old shtick again.
  13. Bollocksed Matt Hardy.
  14. Raaah, man
  15. Any chance they could just get around it with a change in terminology? "Shattered" Matt Hardy might work. Given the weird/fantastic nature of it, could be a way to work in the Rhodes brothers too.