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  1. Wasn't that quite publicised, though? It's certainly one of the first things I thought when TNA brought her in, because WWE fired her following accusations of domestic abuse towards Drew.
  2. Just looked him up. From his mask, you'd think he was doing a British patriot gimmick.
  3. I love the idea that Trump could get wrecked by a Bannon call.
  4. I think White's banking on the very strong likelihood that a large percentage of UFC/MMA fans are Trumpcunts. They won't be tuning in no matter what, so it'll probably be a market worth tapping on the day.
  5. It's a double-edged sword, though. If he's prosecuted for something, the people he's pardoned can no longer plead the 5th, and be subpoenaed as witnesses, on penalty of obstruction of justice or perjury. He would have to pardon himself. And there are still the rumblings of state prosecutions, which pardons don't cover.
  6. Road Dogg had ridiculous charisma, though. And I dispute that they were no good in the ring - I think Dogg was actually quite decent, able to make a lot out of a little, and both were talented tag-team wrestlers. For me, Billy Gunn is one of the best tag-team wrestlers ever, because he's remembered for at least three teams that did well and got over. In a way, it's sort of a shame he never got to tag with HBK in DX, or do a run with Ricky Morton at some point (fuck knows when that could've ever happened though), because with either one of those two as the ultimate blue-eye-in-peril specialist,
  7. Hey man, that's great. For the moment, will hold off - but please let me know when the next one begins, would like to catch it from the ground floor. Thanks muchly!
  8. Is this basho on Eurosport? Might try and catch the rest. EDIT: Oh, wow - I just decided to Google to see what happened with Tatsuhikari, and found out he died in 2011 Seems I was wrong - he never got past Maegashira.
  9. Went to Hardy's Wiki to check how old he is, and came away with the information that he's dating Veronica Macedo. The prick.
  10. The original 80s/early 90s WM theme was always brilliant, and very distinctive (I could probably hum/doot-doot it), but this later-era one is my favourite, because I'm a fan of Gabriel, because it's a theme they should have used long before WM23, and also because it shows a bit of flexibility on the part of WWE, not going straight for the latest thing because they've got a deal on to promote it:
  11. Yeh, the more I hear of Cruz, whom I do still rate after a fashion, the more I think he'd be much better suited to punditry rather than live announcing. It's a shame they don't have a sports-room-style inter-match segment on UFC. I think I'd much prefer that to just graphics: have them looking at the Tale of the Tape and talk about them in a bit of depth (but I know they have a certain amount of time allotted).
  12. I rather like good meat substitutes. The burger I had at the Vegan Junk Food Cafe in Amsterdam was delicious. I'm pretty much of the view that I don't think I'll ever really be able to go vegan or even vegetarian, but it was the food we had at that place and a couple of other vegan eateries that made me think I could definitely scale back the meat much more in my diet than I used to think.
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