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  1. Wasn't that Roddy Piper's finisher?
  2. Except he'd call it "The D.C."
  3. Would it be possible to get the same kind of result via salting it?
  4. Oh, I get that - it's just that, keeping the business hat on, surely there's also the added risk of another loss affecting your earnings? Especially if he fancies he can one day be earning championship money, and a second loss to Zabit could damage that.
  5. Yeah, given that Kattar went 5 rounds only a month previous to the fight date, it's not wise - it's never a good idea to go in half-cocked and damaged against someone on a run like Zabit. Obviously no-one questions his bravery, but it's not only himself he needs to factor into the equation.
  6. The problem with the Massaro rape wasn't solely the rape, it was how McMahon swept it under the carpet and told her not to make anything of it because the relationship with the armed forces was important to the company, according to Massaro. This is in addition to the company pressuring her to wrestle before she was ready, causing her to become addicted to painkillers because of the resultant injuries, which WWE's defenders jumped on as a means of trying to discredit her statements (something the WWE management didn't exactly go out of their way to discourage).
  7. I first quit on ethical grounds back during the Muhammad Hassan storyline. Shamefully, I found myself gradually coming back to it a few years later, then drifted away around 2011, owing to the product being cack. I think I only caught the Wyatt Family vs. The Shield match, and from then on I haven't bothered. The Massaro incident and the Saudi shows were the crowning turd in the waterpipe, added to what we already knew, to finally guarantee I will never knowingly give money to WWE ever again.
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