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  1. Carbomb


    You said it yourself, dude: you were always going to regret whichever choice you made at the time. Try to remember that there were worthy reasons why you chose to stick with the current job, one of them being that the job offer was proof you didn't have to worry about whether or not you could get another worthwhile job if you needed to. EDIT: Just to be clear, that's not to say that it's not shit that they might be cutting your job back, especially as this seems to have been an unpleasant surprise they've sprung on you.
  2. Recognised the name Darina Mazdyuk, and looked her up. Apart from looking very nice, she's also that woman who beat a 240kg guy in one of those Russian freakshow bouts, an inter-gender match. Her nickname is "Red Queen", which, as we know from Rory MacDonald, would be a shit nickname, except she at least has her hair dyed to reflect that:
  3. One from the previously-mentioned Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, Japan's premier purveyor of "yakuza music". Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi - Sora (Sky)
  4. Somehow, the phrase "fucking hell" seems woefully inadequate. I honestly don't know whether or not this justifies my policy of refraining from keeping too abreast with political news over the past several months for the sake of my mental health.
  5. I'm worried we might end up with bloody Nadine Dorries, now that she's been promoted from shrieking fringe backbench nutcase and been bestowed with a veneer of ministerial profile.
  6. I didn't start late for cooking in general, but in terms of cooking different things, I did, like Spanish or Chinese. First bit of advice is: start simple. It seems pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people try to take on complex dishes straight away. YouTube is awesome for recipes - I strongly recommend Spain On A Fork, as he really emphasises how simple Spanish cooking is: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpainonaFork Also, What's For Tea - nice, hearty Scottish food, tasty but not overly complex: https://www.youtube.com/c/WhatsForTea
  7. What's Strummer done? I haven't read up on him so much, but I was under the impression he was one of the good guys, socialist and all that. As to Taha, maybe - like I say, was being a bit click-baity, but I also recognise one of my biases at play in this, i.e. that I was more inclined to believe an ethnic minority artist was under-appreciated and under-acknowledged for his influence on a major white act.
  8. Well, it's a tricky one: Taha gave them a recording of his work in 1981, and a few months later they released Casbah. He said in interviews that he reckoned that's what they based it on; in itself, that wouldn't mean much, but they never denied it, and even had him on their tours with them, so it's probably partially true at least. In all honesty, I was just being a bit click-baity with that line, but there is a kernel of truth to it.
  9. Absolutely. That said, it would appear that it was because of Hancock's direct influence on what would have been his remit, rather than his UK "work", that affected it, according to this guy:
  10. Cover of Rock The Casbah by the raΓ― artist whose music inspired The Clash to write the original. Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah
  11. You gonna be @69MeDonhausen?
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