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  1. Carbomb

    Chippy Tea

    I really like cod, but rock has become my new favourite. Probably the most flavoursome fish you can get in a chippy.
  2. I loved Doctor Strange, thought it was a very good start to the character. However, I think John Hamm would've been a better Strange, and I hope, once the Infinity War arc draws to a close, that the sequel (if there is one) goes more into the arcane and occult. I was a big fan of the original Strange Tales comics, which were for the vast majority in that vein.
  3. Fair enough. I was never a massive Shazam/Captain Marvel fan (although have enjoyed a lot of his stories, but in recent years have enjoyed more Black Adam-related stuff), so wasn't sure how others might think of it.
  4. The term "reasonable" is problematic in law when it comes to the entertainment industries. It could be argued that Bret was being reasonable because he offered a remedy to the difficult situation by offering to job in the US. He took recognisable steps to negotiate a position that was problematic to both parties, rather than being intransigent and refusing to negotiate at all. Either way, if you wanted to argue the legal case, Vince still wouldn't have a leg to stand on, because he agreed to the finish and then reneged on that deal. By agreeing to it, he was admitting Bret was being reasonable, and by changing the finish without Bret's agreement, he abrogated the contract. It's all academic, anyway, seeing as it was never contested in the first place.
  5. Come on, now. Don't you know they are a delicacy?!
  6. Just a random musing, and I daresay some of you will be thinking "well, duh!" but I was wondering if the timing of the Shazam release was deliberately done to just about match Captain Marvel, as a sort of DC jab, saying "We had the original Captain Marvel"? Minor, obviously, but film and TV's got loads of little quirks like that.
  7. I fucking love The Levellers, with a preference for their earlier stuff (Levelling The Land is one of my favourite albums of all time), but today feels like a What A Beautiful Day day:
  8. He'll probably do what's gradually becoming the alternative, which is go to NJPW and supplement with indies. With his Bruiser Brody style, he'll probably go down very well in Japan. I know that it's getting quite silly just how often AEW is being touted as an alternative, but from a wrestler's perspective, if they're offering legit cash, he's probably considering that too.
  9. Yeah, those tracks are from about 2012, when he was doing his residence at Ministry. He was touring a lot more too.
  10. Fair enough. I was led to believe he had an involvement in the production of the film because he'd done some work on the comics.
  11. I hated Chasing Amy when I saw it the first time. It was only because of my impure feelings for Joey Lauren Adams that I kept watching. Like you, I still like Clerks, but everything else really hasn't held up well at all. Out of all the others, I retained some fondness for Dogma, but really the only thing I enjoyed about it was Rickman's performance. ...Strike Back is just absolutely dire, Mallrats was, as others have said, the right film for a certain time (which has long passed for me), and Clerks II - the less said about that, the better. Outside the View Askiewniverse, the only Smith film I remember that I've seen is Daredevil, which isn't good, although I'd argue it's not quite as bad as was originally made out. Michael Clark Duncan was an inspired casting for the Kingpin, and Colin "Oi wan' a bloody costume" Farrell was funny. The story was basic, but solid enough. Everything else was meh. Jennifer Garner is nice to look at, and obviously her work in Alias suited her to playing Elektra, but I didn't give much of a damn about her or pretty much any other main character than Kingpin and Daredevil.
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