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  1. Didn't they also announce new rules some months ago about not allowing parries with the fingers out?
  2. I haven't been watching them, I just know they're both period dramas with big fan followings. Although I do know they're set during different periods, so I still don't know why I confused them.
  3. Sorry, had a complete brain-fart. Meant Poldark. God knows why I confused those two.
  4. The frustrating thing with the BBC is they show very little vision sometimes. For example, Alexandra Palace, even with everything that goes on, is mostly empty/unused/derelict. The BBC is probably the most famous broadcasting corporation in the world, as well as the first and oldest, and Alexandra Palace occupies a unique place in modern history in that it was the place from which TV as we know it was first broadcast. Given the BBC's popularity globally, as well as that of its franchises like Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, it could easily have purchased and converted a big chunk of Ally Pally and turned it into the BBC Museum. I'm fairly certain such a museum would pull in a shit-ton of cash, with all the domestic and international tourists flocking to the birthplace of television and the TV programmes they love, and take some pressure off the BBC regarding the licence fee, not to mention it could even help the BBC fund even more ambitious programming. As it is, it's being left to some private company trying to fund it through Kickstarter.
  5. From what I understand, you're supposed to use a distilled water/salt solution, to avoid said parasites. I've not used one, but I've had it recommended to me as a fix for my hayfever. Can't bring myself to buy one and try it though; a bit daunting.
  6. Have to disagree. I enjoyed the Antman/Falcon fight, the final Age Of Ultron battle, the Captain America/Iron Man fight, the Iron Man/Thor fight, the big Civil War battle, and, bizarrely, the Iron Man/War Machine/drones/Whiplash-Crimson Dynamo fight (probably the only good bit about that film).
  7. Yeah, certainly looks that way. Massive shame, as he's clearly got skills, has an entertaining style, and is charismatic enough to sell his fights.
  8. It really is a shame that Barnett keeps getting flagged. You'd have thought he'd learned his lesson after his juicing cost him the Fedor fight. I would've loved to see him against Lesnar. Freestyle wrestling versus catch wrestling, it would either be boring or mesmerising. Given the styles of the two, I think it would be the latter.
  9. Oh yeah! I forgot Frankie adores the Other K. Nash.
  10. OOOOH, so close! Some great ones there, though. This goalie shirt is quite nice, I think:
  11. Not having seen his NXT work, I can't comment, but perhaps they thought that, as he got over pretty well as a heel who then turned face without changing character too much in TNA, that they might as well save time and just debut him as a face? WWE are sort of caught between a rock and a hard place, I think. The old templates for babyfaces just aren't working, so maybe they thought, given the success of arrogant heels turning face, Aries' heel persona was a natural modern face. I don't know really though, I can only postulate.
  12. Sadly, they don't seem to stock any Vasco at all. That's a great site, though - thanks for that, D-Mal!
  13. I'm a big fan of this Vasco da Gama 2016 away strip: I'd like to buy a replica, but nowhere seems to be selling it. They're selling every other bloody variation from previous seasons and this one, but not that particular one.
  14. Bisping's also pretty tough too. I know a lot of people felt the ref should've stopped the Anderson match after he got dropped, and that the decision win was dodgy, but he demonstrated he's got heart and durability with that performance.
  15. One of my favourites is @TwopTwips.