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  1. Ah, thanks for that! Tell you something: I was nervous as hell, it was literally ten years previous I'd last announced. And I haven't watched wrestling for some time, so this "ONE FALL" business caught me completely by surprise (got me a little bit of criticism on Twitter too).
  2. Boxing Thread

    I just checked his record. 5 wins, 5 KOs, none getting past the third round, most happening in the first or second. Insane.

    Quiznos was still around by 2000 - I was in my first year at university, and there was one in that mini shopping arcade on Oxford Street, and one in the shopping mall near where I live, in Wood Green. I always like Quiznos, could never understand why they weren't more popular.
  4. I did a bit of announcing for the first (and probably only) time in ten years for WCPW a couple of months ago, in Manchestoh for the Japanese leg of the World Cup. I've not been to a proper BritWres show for quite some time, and I have to say I was impressed: ten years ago, it would not have been possible to get the size of crowds they do so regularly, but, more importantly, it wasn't possible to be a global indy fed, both in terms of popularity and logistics. Starting off as an online cultural content company is probably one of the best bases I've ever seen for a wrestling promotion, it makes a lot of sense. Couldn't comment on the wrestling or the booking, as I was running around backstage a lot, but the production values, the crowds, the global reach, the regular viewership - these are all things that promotions "back in my day" would've killed for, and that a lot of British fans were clamouring for. I haven't really read much about them until recently, but I am surprised that they're apparently so disliked, not to mention unsure as to why. In terms of being a wrestling business, they seem to be doing most things right (and I have to say that that did include backstage: I've never worked for a promotion before that not only paid me up front, but also did everything in an organised, professional, business-like, almost corporate manner). EDIT: Bear in mind I'm referring to the hatred they got prior to these revelations as to how the writers are treated.

    I remember going to a Taco Bell in Baker Street years ago in the 80s, when a family friend took me and my sisters to see the London Planetarium (also now in the past). I quite liked it, so I was surprised they closed up in the UK.
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    That device that enables you to pay tolls without stopping - I was in Ireland recently, and the car of the guy I was staying with was fitted with one of those. I'd never seen that before.
  7. Stables

    That's true, which is why I said before I think WWE might be the only company large enough to pull it off. That said, it's about more than just the size of the roster; they'd have to build up more interest in a 6-man tag division, and build up a "culture" of it becoming a regular thing on whichever show it's on, and being part of storylines, as opposed to just being an incidental element.
  8. Stables

    The thing about divisions in general is, I've noticed, one or two always do well at the expense of others in terms of booking; it doesn't seem possible to book all of them to capture the attention well enough at the same time. At least one division will get put on the back-burner, so I guess it becomes a matter of knowing which ones to juggle so that no one division ever gets left for long. TNA is crap, but there was a point where they weren't too bad at generating interest in specific divisions; I remember them pushing the tag division with Team 3D heading it up as the "veterans who wanted to give something back", which wasn't bad. When they did this, however, the X-Division went a bit quiet, and, later, when the X-Division got a bit of prominence, the tag division seemed to regress a bit.
  9. Stables

    WWE might be the only promotion big enough to pull it off, but I personally think there's no point having both a regular tag and a six-man title in the same company. I never understood why DragonGate went and introduced the Twin Gate titles when they already had the Triangle Gate ones - it made more sense to have the Triangle Gate titles only, because they mostly had multiple-man tags and singles, and regular tag matches were too rare to warrant their own belts. WWE have recently been having a lot more of both, but most other companies tend to have one type a lot more frequently than the other.
  10. Facebook updates that blow your mind

    That's disappointing to hear. John Lewis are one of the major examples I point to when discussing how co-operatives are a successful business model, and therefore a genuine, worker-beneficial alternative to the more common corporate structures.
  11. Today I learned...

    I thought it was "Bumgull"? Either way, that was fucking funny.
  12. UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Brunson - Oct 28

    And it's nowhere near as filthy as Bubba Bush.
  13. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Till - Oct 21

    Yeah, those two are big into their boxing training, so it makes sense that they'd probably have better training and instincts for boxing. Perhaps GSP? He did train with Freddie Roach. And, I guess, Brad Pickett might have done OK at some point - didn't he come to MMA from boxing?
  14. Boxing Thread

    There was a report (I think it might have been the Mail Online) on Adalaide Byrd being suspended, and Oscar De La Hoya being Canelo's manager and being ready to invoke the rematch clause straight away. Haven't seen that bit reported anywhere else though.
  15. Today I learned...

    Sir Derek Jacobi's one of the most recognisable British actors around - he's possible most remembered for playing Claudius in "I, Claudius", and for playing Cadfael too. As you say, he's done loads of stuff, including a couple of roles in "Tales Of The Unexpected". And, whilst it's a bit of a blot on an otherwise respectable career, he's been most recognisable to recent audiences playing alongside Sir Ian McKellen in "Vicious".