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  1. Yeh, that's a bad take. On the one hand, he's making a load of noise about safeguarding spaces for women and minors, which per se is good, but on the other, the pearl-clutching about how those women hiring Bubblegum "undermines" the validity of everything that's gone before is either misguided at best or disingenuous at worst. Nothing that's happened since he admitted to that abuse changes the fact of it, or any other abuse that's actually happened.
  2. It's not sulking, though - he's right to be pissed off. Like I say, they're fucking with his career. I get that not having a fan-friendly style makes it difficult, but it can't all be about entertainment. There needs to be a proper balance struck between being a proper, competitive sport, and being an entertainment form - being entertaining makes money, true, but if you want to be seen as the legit no.1 promotion in the world for the sport you're promoting, you also have to be seen to have the best fighters in the world, competing for the top prize in the world. Also, something els
  3. Thing is, I also see it from Edwards' point of view. If he caves and accepts any more fights, he's basically validating the UFC's behaviour. Let's assume, just for the sake of argument, he beats Chimaev. What's to stop Plastic Caesar deciding to leave him waiting yet again, despite beating someone that should've put him in title contention, like the RDA win did? He doesn't have any other means of forcing the UFC to stop fucking about with his career and give him the fights he's earned. Theoretically, they could just keep throwing him fights, making him wait, force him to take more because they
  4. It's a bit of an odd one for me. He's definitely a bit of a slimeball, but at the same time, I've enjoyed various segments and interviews he's done where he dissected techniques, tactics, and strategies in detail; he's very articulate, so it makes for enlightening listening. That said, whilst not a fighter, Jack Slack does the same thing without that snotty tone, and wand's right that Cruz has been insufferable since his loss to Cejudo, so he can cock off.
  5. Just to clarify, I'm not saying I don't like to see it happen - given how dominant grappling has tended to be in MMA overall, I always love it when a striker thrives in MMA. Although, as to Duffy, I agree his personality stopped him from getting to a match with McGregor, but his run also showed that, even if he had done, he probably wouldn't have fared all that well against a prime McG, who seemed to be levelling up on a regular and startling basis at the time.
  6. Fuck's sake. Got "Edit" and "Quote" mixed up.
  7. As we've seen with other kickboxers to make the transition into MMA, though, that really does mean fuck-all. It's a different discipline. Gokhan Saki's the most recent example, but I think I remember @wandshogun09 talking about how it also never really happened for Semmy Schilt, Peter Aerts, and Jerome LeBanner. It'd be interesting to see if they do meet in the cage, because it may be that he does make the transition as well as Adesanya has, but it's far from a given. Actually, over time, even guys who held a win in MMA over another will mean fuck-all too. We've seen loads of guys with ea
  8. Has he refused matches? If not, that's really fucking unfair before you take Conor McGregor into account. Shouldn't take Ansaroff into account as she's been off for maternity leave.
  9. Oh, absolutely - I was thinking less about the out-and-out Trumpers, and more about those Republicans who are embarrassed by the current administration to be seen amongst their friends as Republicans, but not embarrassed enough to vote against. Although, given that there's now a contingent of more traditional Republicans who are quite vocal against him and campaigning for Biden, that may be quite a small segment of the electorate.
  10. One reason to be wary is, as someone pointed out on Al Jaz (and I'm sure others have pointed out elsewhere), "shy Republicans", like we had "shy Tories" here.
  11. Thing is that, given the sheer focus McGregor has shown in past in terms of improving his abilities and progressing his career, a rematch with Nurmagomedov a few fights down the line might not have been completely unreasonable, but the direction he's taken since then would suggest he's just not there mentally any more. Beating a checked-out Donald Cerrone means fuck-all now; sure, he may have beaten a motivated Cerrone too, but not by much, and certainly not in his current state.
  12. "John de Jesus" - atheist parents, then.
  13. Just got ear-wormed with this. Monte Video & The Cassettes - Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang
  14. Don't forget they had Robocop show up. It's been largely written off as wrestlecrap, but I don't remember reading about anyone getting death threats or direct hatred for it.
  15. I'd rather Gaethje win, but whilst styles do make matchups, I'm not looking past Nurmagomedov for this one. We do this every time for either Jones or Nurm, talking about how "this guy's got his number", etc. From what I've seen, yes, Gaethje has probably the best chance thus far that any contender's had of handing Nurmagomedov his first loss, but bear in mind he still hasn't lost yet, and the list of scalps he's taken in the UFC is not made up of chumps. The only people who could be considered truly the "elite" of the LW division that he hasn't faced thus far are Gaethje and Ferguson, and ever
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