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  1. Carbomb

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    That was originally coined for Bobby Lashley back when they moved him up from the old WWECW to the main card and were pushing him like Lesnar. Hahaha, now that certainly should be in the tags.
  2. Carbomb

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    I've been thinking the same, too. I think what's happened is that several of his guys came into the UFC and made a splash - McGregor, Nelson, even Cathal Pendred to a certain degree. Then they all faded or came up short against elite opposition except for McG, but Kavanagh's rep remains. Whereas pretty much everyone Thank-You Edmund coached seemed to nose-dive after moving to his gym. Nurmagomedov at WW would definitely be intriguing, because I get the impression his level of ability is such that it could be a leveller for him against guys a bit bigger than him, a bit like DC. If there's any style of fighting that turns a disadvantage like shorter height into an advantage like low centre of gravity, it's wrestling.
  3. Carbomb


    If I ever go vegan, I will start up my own Grime-themed vegan tapas restaurant, called Tinie Tempeh.
  4. Carbomb


    The vast majority of the best vegetarian and vegan food I've ever had has been Indian. There's a place not far from me in Turnpike Lane (and they have a branch in Stroud Green near Finsbury Park) called Jai Shri Krishna, and they're both delicious and surprisingly cheap. Their menu's a mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  5. Carbomb

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    I think the omens point towards the people's choice. Bro(ck Le)snar Derri(ck Le)wis It's all there for you to see, people. You just need to open your eyes.
  6. Carbomb

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    That's great news, Ralphy. Glad the waiting has paid off for you.
  7. Carbomb

    Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Sadly not mine, but my cousin and his missus have just got a dog. This is Polly, she's currently about three/four months old, and she's half-Chihuahua and half-Maltese terrier. Here she is sat on my mum's lap.
  8. Carbomb


    I'd like to see one in WWE. On Smackers.
  9. Only way I've ever found to be able to do that is use backspace delete, provide the cursor is after and below the box.
  10. Carbomb

    First trip to the cinema

    That's a loooong pregnancy
  11. Carbomb

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    That's definitely one of those intriguing factors it's worth taking into account. We often talk about how such-and-such a male fighter needs to have his career managed and not be thrown in the deep end too soon, i.e. be given opponents commensurate with his experience and record thus far. Most recent one was when wand mentioned Israel Adesanya being matched up with Derek Brunson. We also said the same about when Horiguchi and Cejudo were chucked in with DJ, when it was clearly too early in their careers to do that (and Cejudo has gone on to virtually prove that point right since). It's not quantifiable or demonstrable through empiric evidence as such, but I get the firm impression that competitors in WMMA are largely viewed has being on a much more shallow plane, that there isn't all that much between the top and the bottom; we talk about the sheer gulf between Derek Lewis and DC, or between Al Iaquinta and Khabib Nurmagomedov, but aside from most Cyborg matches, I don't think we've ever really talked about any mismatches in the women's divisions, and, given the aforementioned propensity for viewing them as largely being within range of each other, that should be a more common occurrence.
  12. Carbomb

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    They've fallen so far that wand is now calling Chris a Welshman. It really is astounding just how both guys seemed to crumble so quickly. With Weidman, it almost seemed like Rockhold had taken his soul, and then had Bisping do the exact same thing to him. They're both pros, but I do wonder in Rockhold's case if the modelling has caused him to take his eye off the ball a bit - it's a bit of a reach, but I can't think of any other reason as to why he suddenly took a nosedive. Both guys have done an Anthony Pettis in this regard. Flying high, with everyone touting them as the dominant new generation, then inexplicably crashing for a bit.
  13. Carbomb


    It was Hade Vansen.
  14. Carbomb

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    That's a bit off, downplaying his record like that. Sure, he's not fought in a while and is injury-prone, but until the loss to Garbrandt he hadn't lost in twelve matches, he only has two losses on his entire record, and one of them was to Urijah Faber, whom he went on to win the trilogy against.