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  1. For me, the differentiation in rules should be a godsend for any booker, because it gives you yet another option for a special attraction match. I remember when Flair challenged Austin to a "classic" wrestling match, meaning he wasn't allowed to use his fists. Just that basic stip alone made it more interesting. Imagine they built up the Lucha Rules tag match as a gimmick, provided they were clear about the exact differences with the "traditional" house style and played them up. Reckon it would go down really well, done properly.
  2. Several of us have made this point several times, Loki, and you appear to be glossing over it: the Third Way/New Labour direction made Labour electable in 1997, but it also got them voted out in 2010. Are you saying that Brown standing again or David Milliband or Yvette Cooper or any other big-name Labour centrist would've got them back in again straight away? New Labour/Blair/Brown are the very reason why people say Labour crashed the economy and can't be trusted to run it. Conversely, genuinely socialist politicians haven't had a say in the running of this country for 40 years. And it's not like Corbyn was proposing anything particularly radical or "hard Left" as the Right and Centre like to make out. He was proposing measures and policies that Scandinavian countries have put into practice to the massive benefit of their populations, and get lauded here as "social democratic". What Labour also need to do next time is challenge this absolute lie that the Tories are good at managing the economy. They're clearly not, when they adopt an austerity approach that assumes that all public spending is 50% waste, ignoring the principle of fiscal multipliers where there's actually a return on investment that feeds back into the economy, or prevents greater expenditure. They've actually shrunk the economy and its ability to regenerate itself by treating a country like it was a company. Case in point: flood defences. The Tories in their fiscal wisdom decided to cut back on those, and what happened? Floods. Which did damage. Which the government then had to spend eight times the amount they tried to save in order to fix it. The NHS demonstrably returns on investment. As does welfare. And the Tories cut back on both of those. Labour as they currently are also need to really re-think their manifesto. It was too much, especially as they hadn't done anything to challenge the perception that Labour are profligate and irresponsible in government. They should've gone down the route of strategic investment, cutting back on certain things and investing in others. That's what Portugal did, and guess how their economy's doing now?
  3. Opposite for me. Philips can fuck the fuck off, pretty much was determined to undermine Labour from the moment Corbyn was elected. Would vote Long-Bailey or Rayner, but I'm hoping Lewis steps up.
  4. YNYS MON. Ynys Mon, for fuck's sake.
  5. Fuck this bullshit. They interviewed three Labour-turned-Tory voters, and two of them's logic was mind-boggling: they went blue because they don't like Corbyn. If you're so intent on voting against someone, that doesn't mean you fucking vote for the diametric opposite, you fucking cretins. Plenty of non-shitty Tory options they could've voted for. Wretches. They deserve everything they get.
  6. Carbomb

    Boxing Thread

    If I'd been a pro boxer, I'd have gone heel on everyone by fighting for the lowest-rung world titles, then go around festooned with belts calling myself "the real World Champion", never fighting any of the real ones.
  7. Carbomb

    Boxing Thread

    When I was young, I was told that the big belts at HW were the WBC and the WBA belts. I'm guessing that's changed?
  8. For me it was either Hi-Tec or Gola instead of Nike Air.
  9. I was under the impression that the SDLP were basically Sinn Fein but with the difference that they'd take their seats in parliament. Are there any other significant differences between them now? I know their other main difference was the rejection of violence, but with the GFA I'd have thought that had become a lot less relevant. Also, why's it not such a positive outlook for the Alliance? I would have thought that it would've been the preferred choice of any Protestant or Unionist who wants to Remain, which would give them the majority vote in Norn Iron?
  10. Besides, if Tito were to do an anti-wrestler run, there'd probably be more competition in facing Lashley or more publicity in facing Batista.
  11. True, the vote share is something I hadn't considered. For me, though, it's still the trust factor I can't get past. Not just that someone might renege on the deal, as there's nothing to stop them or even prove that they have, but also that they could be a Tory purporting to be a Labour/Green/progressive voter to pull a fast one.
  12. Well, some lying racist cunt with dodgy blond hair who cheats on his wife.
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