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  1. More of a spoonerism, but: Sandy Ravage - world's worst golfer, always ends up in bunkers and his efforts to get out make everyone else miserable.
  2. "Pr0n" Mike Sharpe - purveyor of online grumble videos
  3. Haven - the holiday camp mascot version of Raven
  4. Lobbie Brookside - perpetually-wanking Scouser. Played by @Frankie Crisp
  5. It's an odd one - never really got into baseball until I watched it in Japan. But that was primarily because the lady I was lodging with was good friends with the director of the Yomiuri Giants, who got us tickets behind the plate for two matches - was more prawn-sandwich-brigade interest than genuine. To be honest, with the exception of Gaelic Football, I think I've gone off team sports.
  6. I'm not likely to follow football, really. Gone off it. I've signed up for the boxing and MMA coverage. If they had it, I'd follow the GAA Football coverage, but they don't appear to, which is understandable given how niche it still is.
  7. Based on @David's recommendation, I've just purchased a subscription to The Athletic, as they're apparently doing a half-price sale today. £2.49 a month is pretty damn good.
  8. This guy's posted screenshots, but I don't know if he's a journalist. It's picked up a lot of steam, though:
  9. Oh, man. Not Kante too. A stalwart of West African music. Listened to him a lot during my early teens, along with Baaba Maal, Ismael Lo, Manu Dibango. RIP.
  10. Just tired of all these fuckers getting away with it.
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