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  1. Can't be having that. Sleazy Luke cannot be allowed to turn face by being booked against a heel like that.
  2. Sorry, that one's a bit too easy for me. Best stick to the Kool Komedy, Keith, and leave the shite to the pros.
  3. Thing about MSG is that it seems to be a topic of controversy. In the West, it's considered an unhealthy additive that's frequently campaigned against and placed alongside E numbers, whereas in East Asian culture, including the diaspora, there's been a bit of a backlash reaction to it, asserting that the ill-health effects are merely bullshit claims made by the Western diet industry, and that there's also an element of racism in there, i.e. a narrative that a whole massive section of the world's population don't know what's good for them. EDIT: I was trying to remember the specificity of it, but there was a term coined: "Chinese restaurant syndrome".
  4. I didn't realise that was them! It is indeed a banger. And remarkably prescient, given how many BBC channels there are now that weren't around at the time of the song.
  5. ...that Austin Powers originated from a band that Mike Myers had formed with, among other people, Susannah Hoffs of the Bangles in the late 80s/early 90s, called "Ming Tea". He performed under the name and character of Austin Powers, and she performed under the name "Gillian Shagwell".
  6. That's a Poe's Law-ism if I ever saw one. Just the overall look, I'm leaning towards that he's taking the piss.
  7. Ricky Funk would be a great wrestler name.
  8. Reminds me of the tennis player from back in 90s (I think), Guy Forget.
  9. Had Walkers Hot Dog flavour crisps yesterday. Just generic savoury, no real hot dog flavour.
  10. They should bring him in under the gimmick @Keith Houchen came up with - the pie-eating cult leader, Bray Fentos.
  11. I'd like to see Dubois against either of the Pauls.
  12. What the fuck was the point of that?
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