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  1. The 5 star review titled “Wonderful Experience” and then lists “Everyone in charge is afraid of Vince McMahon and losing their jobs” as a con is absolutely hilarious.
  2. A friend and I were once invited into Harvey’s house at age 8 to watch Chubby Brown. Who is Harvey, you ask? Well he’s on the sex offender’s register these days, so that’ll sum it up. When I told my mam, she was more disgusted at the idea of me watching Chubby Brown than potentially being groomed by Harvey.
  3. Jon ‘Scones’ Jones.
  4. I’ll cross post this with the minor things that annoy you thread, because it really shouldn’t bother me at all, but it does. As I’m sure many of you have, our estate has a Facebook group which is full of utter busy bodies. This evening somebody has posted a photo of an addressed envelope that’s arrived at the wrong house and asked “Is the person who lives at this address on here? If so, message me and I’ll pop it through your door”. Why not just pop it through the bloody door anyway?
  5. Mate you really need to stop looking on twitter after wrestling shows, it seems to bother you more than it should.
  6. I kegged some homebrew for the first time last week, a 5.3% hazy IPA with citra, mosaic, simcoe and azacca hops. The appearance and aroma turned out exactly as hoped, really nice peach and grapefruit aroma, but unfortunately was a little more bitter and a little less "juicy" than I was expecting. Nonetheless, it was a lovely drop, super easy to drink, and all 32 pints disappeared within 3 hours at my birthday BBQ to fairly unanimous critical acclaim so I'll take that.
  7. I can’t imagine this will be a popular opinion here, but this show was my first experience of Pat McAfee and I have to say I found him to be the most overbearing part of the show, even more so than Michael Cole. I found him particularly irritating during Nakamura’s entrance. I didn’t see any of his NXT work so that may have something to do with it, but I’m really surprised at how much love he gets here.
  8. Everything I’d like to say about CM Punk has already been said. I was grinning like a total idiot the entire time. Incredible. But how good was that main event?! That’s as good a 5 minute TV match as I’ve seen in years. Every show should also end with Eddie Kingston like an excited child he gets to hang out with Sting.
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