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  1. Which is fitting, as it replicates my reaction when I got the cut.
  2. I signed up to my first 10k yesterday with the money I raise going to Velindre. I’m absolutely bricking it, but considering this time last year I couldn’t run a minute without blowing up, and now I do a 5k every Saturday, I’m sure I’ll be fine.
  3. This has already started, albeit under different circumstances. Today alone there have been two separate cubicles where the toilet roll has been replaced, but they haven’t pulled the first sheet through so nobody can get at it. For context, this is the sort of dispenser I’m talking about, except with a lock on it:
  4. One of the cubicles in work was out of service all day Friday, and I’ve come in this morning to find it’s been replaced with something resembling this! Absolutely horrible, most uncomfortable poo I’ve had in ages. Constantly felt like I was falling off.
  5. I know, my post was a bad attempt at a joke regarding all the ridiculous “I don’t know who this character is or why they call themselves this” comments. It’s wrestling, it really doesn’t need that much thought.
  6. I don’t get why Jericho keeps calling himself “le champion”. Is this some in joke I’m not familiar with?
  7. Surely he wouldn’t actually do this, would he? It’s one thing going back on his word that “this fight is definitely happening next”, but Khabib vs Ferguson is official. Is there precedent for Dana cancelling an announced fight because he just prefers a different opponent?
  8. Slapnut


    Fuck me, you’re not wrong. I cooked one for my better half a few nights ago and the smell alone was enough to make me gag. She only managed to get through it by drowning it in BBQ sauce, which would only make it worse as far as I’m concerned, but each to their own and that.
  9. I know the feeling, @SuperBacon. This was me just over a year ago before deciding enough’s enough. I’ve actually started to grow it again in the blind hope that it’ll look good this time.
  10. I’d imagine the “Khabib is scared of him!” cretins are quite happy to dismiss such behaviour. If this is a public press conference, he’s getting cheered by the majority regardless.
  11. Slapnut


    Not tried them myself, but I saw Matthew Prichard make these on TV a while back and they looked nice. I did make the baked beans though and they were lovely.
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