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  1. Yeah, haircuts still give me anxiety attacks since that monstrosity.
  2. Can’t speak for the rest of the Welsh population, but I’m personally more than happy to see a bit of joy on the news for a week or two instead of the depressing shite we’re constantly getting at the moment. I appreciate this is the shit hill to die on thread, but I find this one particularly odd.
  3. I’ve shared screen time on a TV show with the bloke who played Ivan Ooze.
  4. And then turns heel by claiming the fans never had his back.
  5. Sorry raid, but after all the years of unsatisfying pay-offs to stories and popular wrestlers having the rug pulled from under them, I think the sheer fact that so many people want him to win the WWE Championship is the reason he should win the WWE Championship. I’m fed up of feeling deflated after a Wrestlemania. Give us a feel-good moment.
  6. Nah. Smackers is fine, this is too far.
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