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  1. @Magnum Milano Wonderful, thanks mate!
  2. I’ve been browsing some Crockett-era WCW on the Network this week, and I’m a bit confused by the TV shows they would have been producing at the time. If I understand correctly, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling is the original TV show that eventually turned into WCW Pro, while World Championship Wrestling is the show originally produced by GCW, was sold to Vince, and then onto Crockett, right? On the Network, a lot of these shows have the same air date. So for instance, in 1985, both Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling aired on November 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and so on. Was Crockett producing two shows featuring the same wrestlers airing on the same day, or has the Network got the dates wrong?
  3. When there’s no longer shit on the toilet roll. Is that somehow different as a stander??
  4. Standing up while wiping seems super inconvenient. Do you have to use one hand to separate your arse cheeks? Not only do I not stand up, I’ve never even heard of that being a thing. I’m incredibly uncomfortable with this.
  5. I’ve been making my way through some 1997 Raws in my isolation and, quite frankly, I wish The Patriot would just fuck off. I’m about two episodes away from Bad Blood and I’m not ready to lose Brian Pillman just yet.
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