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  1. Didn’t she recreate this photo in a film some years later?
  2. Slapnut

    Mad jobs

    The Ryback beating Big Show for the World Title after a mammoth Shellshock would have probably done a lot to repair him after the CM Punk thing, but of course Show had to drop the title a few months beforehand so they could do that bonkers Alberto vs Swagger match we were all clamouring for.
  3. I think this is quite commonly brought up, but a little revisionist. They definitely brought it up quite regularly, and I’d only been watching TNA for about a year at that point. But yeah, definitely still shit.
  4. I’m actually a bit impressed he used “cudnt give too fucks” rather than “cud give too fucks”.
  5. 27:13 this Saturday just gone. Almost spewed immediately after.
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