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  1. 2011 Kofi Kingston vs 2012 Dolph Ziggler, preferably in a best of seven series.
  2. Is it spoiler free on the app these days? A few years back you couldn’t seem to watch it without having at least 3 fights spoiled beforehand.
  3. Bit late to the party, but I also bought a pack of these upon release and couldn’t get through a single one. I found them so sickly sweet with no bitterness to counteract it. The candied bacon and waffle one was actually my least favourite of the lot too. Shame, because I usually love Tiny Rebel, and I have a taste for porters at the moment. Their Pineapple Express IPA, however, is absolutely delicious. Dangerously easy to drink.
  4. What’s the reason for the blanket closure of such topics out of interest? I can understand the minor news thread, for example, because the majority of what’s posted in there warrants its own thread - and let’s be honest, nobody gives a shit about the news that doesn’t warrant a thread - but the Facebook updates thread is great.
  5. Anybody here struggle with wheat or gluten intolerance? I’ve struggled with bloating for years, but I’ve never been able to identify whats causing it. Last night, however, my girlfriend made some garlic bread and I had to lie on the floor for 2-3 hours after eating it because I felt too sick to move and looked six months pregnant. It would also explain why I can’t drink more than 3 of my home brew beers without feeling sick because they’re brewed with wheat. If so, so these symptoms sound familiar to you?
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