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  1. Have I missed something or does a losing champ not get a rematch anymore? If that's the case why didn't Seth get a rematch instead of having to do the number one contenders match?
  2. Re Heyman on creative. I'm sure I read somewhere him & Bischoff are properly taking over the night after Summerslam so I wouldn't expect too much until then. They are on the road to Summerslam so can't imagine too much changing.
  3. I thought the show was decent although did go in with low expectations. Also thought the crowd were louder than most at PPV's. Black/Cesaro, Strowman/Lashley & US Title matches were all decent matches. I wasn't too bothered about the main event but did like Corbin taking Becky Lynch out at the end and calling Rollins a little shit, the only thing I didn't like about Brock's cash in was that it didn't feel like the right moment or even surprise. It's not as if Seth just finished a hell in a cell match or went through a gruelling match, he just did three angry curb stomps and then gets taken out just like that. I'd have rather Corbin took out Becky Lynch for the win (in typical Corbin heel fashion), take the win, celebrate with Lacey Evans then have Brock come out to squash him in seconds, that would have at the very least got a pop, Seth could say he wasn't pinned/beaten & Corbin would moan as Corbin does with a reaction as no one likes him.
  4. I think it's the change of the times. Back then there wasn't really mobile phones or full on internet for fans to get themselves over, People now take photos and post/tag on social media they are at events (rather than having a big sign as that was a way of letting everyone know you are at the show) and secondly I think the internet with more smart fans means that WWE has tried to filter certain signs out to avoid spoiling shows/promoting non WWE content. Now the WWE promote all the facial expressions/reactions (e.g. Miz Girl, Brock Guy etc) and people just use phones with lights in the dark.
  5. I miss Pyros at the start of Raw/PPV's. Raw especially.
  6. A few years ago I had to go on a course to London for a few days and therefore got the train for a couple of days (I don't usually do trains these days) and somehow managed to sit next to the same three people two days running. Baring in mind they was already on the train, they were sat together (they didn't appear to know each other) and I'm not one of them who gets on at an exact place at the station and the same empty seat was available too on a busy rush hour train. I suppose to them it could be a daily commute and they all happen to get the same train at the same time etc, to me I thought what's the chances of seeing the exact same people, in the exact same seats and of all the places to sit I have to sit next to them in an empty seat like I did the day before. In my younger years I would often get the same bus/train and you would normally see a few familiar faces but not even that happened where you would sit next to the same people in those circumstances. There was even that moment where everyone looked at each other thinking the same thing.
  7. TV Tapings have got better in recent years, in the sense of how its filmed. It's much less waiting around now than it used to be, before they would film it as if it was live with the real time allowed for commercials etc. Last two years they film it and edit later so its less waiting around in the arena. Only time there would be a wait is if they are moving things around like contract tables in the ring or previously taping the ropes purple for 205 live.
  8. Not that I care much about Arsenal's transfer budget but its a lazy press story as a lot of transfers are paid in instalments, so wouldn't be a case of Arsenal just having £45m to spend on players, they could spread money out over a few seasons, throw in incentives (e.g. Champions League Qualification etc). So they could very well sign a few players this window. Also reading between the lines the £45m is what Arsenal can spend after incomings (commercial, sponsors, tv money etc) and outgoings (wages, loans etc) have all been taken into account. I'm pretty certain that under FFP Arsenal (or any club) can actually make a loss up until a certain amount (£100m?) so again they could in theory buy players and hope it pays off or it can go against future transfer budget (Adidas deal apparently kicks into the accounts next season).
  9. I know he isn't an under 21 player but I thought Rob Holding looked impressive for Arsenal before his injury last season and after a quick wiki check he's only 23. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and reaches his potential. England could certainly benefit from it (and Arsenal, of course).
  10. I'm not buying into that. Triple H has seemingly been involved in many things behind the scenes so I don't think its a F**k you, if anything as already mentioned WWE is probably trying to keep key figures within the family away incase the ratings nosedive. Heyman/Bischoff are the easy fall guys, so if (or when) it goes tits up Vince can put the blame on them, its quite clever keeping Triple H/Stephanie away from this. Imagine what would happen if the Fox thing didn't work out and it has Triple H's name all over it, the future would look bleak for investors, tv deals etc. Vince might have lost his mind with the TV shows/product, but things like this he seems to always find a way.
  11. If this does end up being Heyman vs Bischoff on TV (you would think it would be) then I can certainly see Brock Lesnar cashing in on the Smackdown title for Heyman to get one over on Eric.
  12. I don't know whether WWE has done this for the greater good of the product or if they've hired both to stop them going to AEW but its caught my attention and am keen to see where they run with this.
  13. Yeah Newcastle is high risk, for one its a difficult job with the current ownership and let's assume they do change ownership and go proper big time I doubt the manager would last long anyway as I'm sure the new billionaire owners would want to bring somebody else into the club, it feels like a no win situation really. Ranieri is my favourite to get the job and probably also my favourite to get sacked first.
  14. I usually fast forward through most of Raw so you can excuse me for missing this, but what and where did these teases happen?
  15. I've totally been put off politics after the shambles of the last few years and watching the Tory leadership thing this week with Boris somehow winning every round by a big margin is even worse. I actually think Rory Stewart was the most likeable one from what I saw and bucked the Tory trend. I haven't followed closely though so he could still be a cunt like the rest of them.
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