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  1. Given its Mick Foley you would think its possibly the hardcore title coming back, in this day of social media and the WWE Network they could do some really clever things with a 24/7 rule which for one I could probably watch the odd few minutes here & there rather than 3 hour shows every week. As for the PPV itself, as an overall show I thought it flowed quite well (didn't watch pre-show) and there were no real dud matches so was solid all the way through. I did (and still think) that Bray was behind Zayn being hung up as that's not something Braun or even Brock would do, it would kind of tie in with Bray's new character if people were to be taken/tied up like that and would be cool to see them go down that path over a few PPV's/shows. Brock could have taken advantage or taken someone else out anyway. Speaking of Brock, I got a feeling he will go to Smackdown when it moves to Fox and probably cash in on the first TV Show to gain interest, then they will set up Roman vs Brock. I do like the idea of someone (Brock being the perfect person) having the case that doesn't really need it, almost a get out of jail free card, Brock having the belt & briefcase would be good in the sense that if he lost the belt he could cash in straight away to win it back, from an original/something different point of view anyway.
  2. He is also on something like 500k a week so whilst he isn't by any means a Messi or Ronaldo the fans are probably expecting more from him. I'm not sure where he goes though? Chelsea in a part exchange with Hazard? United? Bayern could also probably benefit if they can afford/pay the wages.
  3. Not sure where to post this (might be worth its own thread)... BT Sports to win the next TV rights? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/wrestling/2019/05/16/wwe-uk-tv-rights-heading-bt-sport/
  4. I know it's easy to laugh at Leeds but Derby were brilliant last night in the second half and showed glimpses of their form earlier on in the season on those cup runs, great game to watch, we will probably get a few boring finals now in the next two weeks.
  5. Where's the lovely big hard to carry trophy? Good fun this season, that last round was probably the toughest yet and somehow managed to get through it without 'bottling it' at the last hurdle.
  6. I think its worth remembering that £12k is most likely their low ball opening offer in the hope that someone takes the money and run, you could probably negotiate nearer to £18k if you were comfortable with taking the offer and/or found another line of work that doesn't financially hurt you. Of course aim as high as you can and see what they come back with, depending of course what the others plan on doing.
  7. To me Bray is the only reason I am half keeping an eye on Raw. Probably because as discussed the last few weeks he is the only one with a character going on. Personally I loved the skit on Raw this week but will be interesting to see how this translates in the ring/on the shows as this will die a death the minute he is back exchanging wins and loses in 30 min matches every week on Raw. They need to try keep Bray as a special attraction and back him with this, no wrestling on Raw/Smackdown, just skits/odd appearances and matches every few months on PPV. We all know after MITB he will probably be wasted on normal TV again. Hopefully the rumours are true that The Undertaker has been helping him with this gimmick as that might suggest they will take him seriously.
  8. I don't know how true this is but I read recently that people that go on the show don't even get paid? Just travel expenses and a hotel. When I decided to check on the internet (yeah I know) someone even said they covered the price of their cigarettes, that part doesn't surprise me. Terrible TV show, not that I would want to share my problems on national television but thought they would get paid something, even if it was couple hundred quid.
  9. To be fair I never said last minute winners were luck, just that some of Liverpools last minute winners were this season , Pickford's gift, the Spurs mistake/own goal, Mahrez blasting the Pen miles over the bar in the last minute and some dubious decisions which VAR may pick up next season in similar circumstances. My point was that next season they may not be fortunate to have that go in their favour so will be difficult to achieve the same points.
  10. If Chelsea get the transfer ban and Sarri is sacked who would want to manage a club who chops and changes managers without being able to sign players and possibly lose their best player? Whats Avram up too these days?
  11. Liverpool had a lot of luck this season as well, last minute against Everton, last minute against Spurs, last minute against Newcastle, City missing that pen in the last minute. I know you make your own luck and that's taking nothing away from them but that's 9-12 points right there they might not pick up next season. Plus of course VAR.
  12. Week 40 fixtures Premier League (3pm) Brighton & Hove Albion 0 - 2 Manchester City Burnley 1 - 3 Arsenal Leicester City 2 - 1 Chelsea Liverpool 3 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 0 Everton Scottish Premiership Rangers 1 - 1 Celtic (Midday) Ligue Un Lille 2 - 1 Girondins de Bordeaux (4pm) Olympique de Marseille 1 -1 Olympique Lyonnais (8pm) German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 1 - 0 Mainz (5pm) La Liga Real Sociedad 0 - 2 Real Madrid (5:30pm) Serie A Sampdoria 2 - 1 Empoli (2pm) Roma 1 - 2 Juventus (7:30pm) Austrian Bundesliga Sturm Graz 2 - 0 Austria Vienna (1:30pm) Belgian First Division A Royal Antwerp 1 - 3 Anderlecht (1:30pm) Eredivisie AZ Alkmaar 1 - 3 PSV Eindhoven (1:30pm) Russian Premier League Zenit St Petersburg 1 - 0 CSKA Moscow (5pm) Swiss Super League Young Boys Bern 0 - 2 FC Basel (3pm) Superliga Midtjylland 1 - 1 Copenhagen (7pm) Major League Soccer Atlanta United 2 - 0 Orlando City (7:30pm) Série A Santos 2 - 0 Vasco da Gama (8pm)
  13. I'm happy to PM you my picks if that helps keep things fair?
  14. Premier League Arsenal 2 - 0 Brighton & Hove Albion Cardiff City 1 - 1 Crystal Palace Chelsea 2 - 0 Watford Huddersfield Town 0 - 2 Manchester United Manchester City 3 - 1 Leicester City Newcastle United 1 - 2 Liverpool West Ham United 2 - 0 Southampton Wolves 3 - 0 Fulham Primera División Celta Vigo 0 - 1 Barcelona Espanyol 0 - 2 Atlético de Madrid
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