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  1. I think this is the right thread but finally managed to get a PS5 on order yesterday so hopefully be with me by the end of the month. Had to order the console with the Spiderman game which is probably fine for a first game. Any other suggestions on games to pick up? Call Of Duty worth it? (normally love them to be fair).
  2. First Raw I've seen in months, other than Goldberg nothing at all captured my attention. But even Goldberg felt a bit of a half hearted effort (shit pyros, none of his usual back stage walk, didn't even have a microphone, didn't even spear Lashley). Presumably Goldberg will spear Lashley and the MITB winner cashes in at Summerslam?
  3. TV Ratings are in. 25m watched the game on BBC. 6m watched on ITV. Jenas helping bringing in the ratings, you love to see it.
  4. Briefcase

    Carvery Rules

    This thread reminds me of the time a few of us had to travel and stay overnight for work, our hotel being next to a Toby meant this was the logical choice. I usually find with these overnight stays that there is always one in the group who has never been to these places before and this was even more obvious when the guy behind the counter asked what meat my colleague wanted, his reply 'Can I have fish'. Still makes me laugh to this day.
  5. Briefcase


    I got overpaid like 18 years ago by like £500 I think and said I could only afford £10 a month so that's all they took over a few years. I could have probably paid it back over a few months as money and bills wasn't an issue then but I thought sod them.
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