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  1. Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*

    Brock/Strowman to end in a no contest. I think Undertaker may interfere in Romans match tonight to set up a possible rematch at Survivor Series that will also mean Cena/Roman lives to fight another day. If WWE are really clever they could even have the lights go out, Undertaker standing between both and accidently hitting Cena teasing a Cena/Taker next year at Mania whilst also costing Roman the match setting up a rematch at Survivor Series. Issue with this is I cannot see Brock/Strowman and Cena/Undertaker ending in no contests/screwy finishes.
  2. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I got this feeling The Undertaker is going to cost Roman either against Cena or if Reigns faces Strowman next month setting up a final Undertaker v Roman programme at Survivor Series. But then thats another controversial finish.
  3. It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    From a North Korea perspective I think a lot of people underestimate Kim Jong Un and are almost stereotyping him as a silly nutty bad guy with power (some could be true) but do think he has played Trump here and knows the right buttons to push (no pun intended). I do think North Korea are doing this to either sell missles to other countries to gain cash or to put themselves in a position of defence where if anyone of South Korea/China/US attack they could launch a missile and cause lots of issues. If I have read right then North Korea have very little to lose so this gives them options to defend themselves (albeit with a 'if you attack us we got missiles aimed towards such and such' and the capability to sell these missiles onto other countries/groups who might have there own agenda for wanting them (e.g. ISIS). Trump does himself no favours with his bullish destroy talk as this plays into the hands of North Korea and almost gives them reason (to there people at least) to carry on. I will need to find the article I read recently but it made some good points how Kim Jong Un is playing a good game here. Interesting read which I think I have interpreted right.
  4. It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    The Trump thing is interesting though, because on one hand his bullish ways could be seen as being arrogant and he has made some blunders in some of the things he has said, but then you do wonder whether he will go through with some of the things he is saying, North Korea being an example of the whole 'We will destroy them' I think we are in an age where people have had enough of politicians spinning and blaming everything on each other so people opt for the likes of Trump because he says it how it is and people see that as its better the devil you know kind of thing. The whole North Korea thing is interesting though....what would have Obama done? And if he did nothing would North Korea be acting this way?
  5. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    What I meant was that I think they will find a way to show more live matches, albeit via streaming so the likelihood is that it will either be mid week games or they will create new kick off times like a late kick off on a Sat night or always a mid-day kick off on a Sunday or continue with the Friday night football but make it more of a sure thing. I bet the Premier League would love the league cup scrapped otherwise if they could they would have games on Thursdays as well, kind of like what they do in La Liga but would probably package it as Amazon Thursday Special.
  6. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I think this is where its going. They will probably win rights to show more games but mid week games like Sky has recently purchased for the championship. I cannot see 3pm games being streamed unless they move a few games to Saturday 8pm, Sunday Mid-Day (I know sometimes there are mid-day kickoffs) etc.
  7. Football Predictions League 2017-18

    Week 7 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1 - 1 Newcastle United (Sunday 4pm) Burnley 2 - 0 Huddersfield Town Everton 2 - 1 Bournemouth Leicester City 2 - 2 Liverpool (5:30pm) Southampton 0 - 2 Manchester United Stoke City w/Vegeta 0 - 1 Chelsea Swansea City 2 - 1 Watford Scottish Premiership Motherwell 1- 2 Aberdeen (Sun 12:15pm) German Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund 3 - 1 Borussia Mönchengladbach (5:30pm) Hoffenheim 2 - 1 Schalke (2:30pm)
  8. Best things to watch on the network?

    Fair point but they do film at house shows anyway when its something significant to story lines, recent example is when Styles won the US title in MSG recently. Also remember them filming Sheamus vs Cesaro in the best of 7 when one of the matches was at the UK September show last year. I was ringside and remember them filming off a camcorder not the usual big cameras.
  9. Best things to watch on the network?

    I think the worst idea is watching live house shows....like who would seriously want to do that on top of everything else WWE put on? I wouldn't mind the music channel aspect but would rather watch music videos (or titantron videos), you could have ones from different eras, PPV music videos etc. If you wanted to go further then you could have PPV build up videos as well like those intros. I know you can YouTube it all now....but would be cool to have something along the lines of this.
  10. Stables

    With so many titles these days, I'm surprised they haven't had a Faction/Group title. I know that would mean you would always have to have a stable, but might liven things up a little bit. I would much rather have one set of tag titles (on say Smackdown) and a Stable/Faction title on Raw.
  11. PROGRESS WEMBLEY: Biggest UK Indie show ever?

    Usually with these events (everyone including WWE do this) they sell tickets in a way where people think its sold out so buy any seat and then gradually release better seats nearer the time which are likely to be bought. Thats not a fault of Progress though, its a smart way to sell out an arena. Sell the hot seats you know your fanbase will buy, then the not so good seats people will buy thinking no more seats are left, sell a few more good seats once the line up is announced and if need be sell cheaper tickets in the upper tiers/seats further away nearer the time.
  12. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I suppose the before the kids thing means in the sense that if a referee had a cup final game he couldn't get out of it if the kids wanted to go Chessington World Of Adventures. They probably love family as much as any person does, but I guess that with the job involving evenings & weekends its difficult to get a day off, especially at a higher level. We do need to see more referee documentaries though, I think the lack of respect shown towards referees is not helped by fans not knowing what referees go through, how they feel and dedication they put into the game.
  13. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Some cracking goals tonight in the Europa League. Hoping for an AC Milan vs Arsenal final. Would be the first either club would win this trophy too
  14. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Only saw the game until the last 5 minutes but thought it was a weird game, lack of atmosphere made it feel a bit distant and Dortmund looked the better team until the 3rd goal but Spurs caught them out because of terrible defending. Still you make your own luck so fair play to Spurs.
  15. Football Predictions League 2017-18

    Week 6 fixtures Premier League Chelsea 2 - 1 Arsenal (Sunday 1:30pm) Huddersfield Town 0 - 1 Leicester City Liverpool 3 - 0 Burnley Manchester United 3 - 0 Everton (Sunday 4pm) Newcastle United 1 - 1 Stoke City Watford 1 - 3 Manchester City West Bromwich Albion 2 - 1 West Ham United Ligue Un Paris St Germain 3 - 0 Olympique Lyonnais (Sunday 8pm) Stade Rennais 1 - 1 Nice (Sunday 4pm) Eredivisie PSV 2 - 1 Feyenoord (Sunday 3:45pm)