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  1. Maybe I didn't really word it well and you are right actually, but I always got the impression with Mania that its a feel good end of season PPV, the whole road to WrestleMania in the months before etc. But going back to the other point made earlier I can see why the likes of Cena/Undertaker would win here and there are plenty of other PPV's as you said with rematches for the likes of Rusev to get the wins back, I suppose the way I look at Mania is that its the one PPV where I can understand why the winners/losers are what they are, its almost as if they do the show more for the live audience than those watching at home, as daft as that sounds.
  2. Agree with this. I think WrestleMania is the one show where sometimes it isn't as straight forward as putting someone over (in this case Rusev), it's almost seen as the end of season show & you need feel good moments where the goodies overcome the baddies. If WrestleMania is the final chapter then it needs happy endings. Besides Cena has put over the likes of Styles (Summerslam) and Kevin Owens (on his debut) on other shows.
  3. Can't wait for Seth to do the whole 'Well I have slayed the beast, slayed the monster, now I will slay the fiend too' garbage promo for the next 3 weeks.
  4. Week 7 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1 - 1 Burnley Manchester United 1 - 1 Leicester City Sheffield United 0 - 2 Southampton Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 0 Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 - 2 Chelsea w/@TildeGuy~! Norwich City 1 - 3 Manchester City (5:30pm) Bournemouth 1 - 2 Everton (Sunday 2pm) Watford 1 - 3 Arsenal (Sunday 4:30pm) Ligue Un Saint-Étienne 1 - 0 Toulouse (Sunday 4pm) Monaco 1 - 3 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 8pm)
  5. Hoping Andy doesn't get off lightly with this. For one it seems obvious he knew on the day not a week later, if your telling me the promotor took a week to know this then surely he is in the wrong business. Secondly reading that statement just feels so fake, whilst I get that statements are to protect the business and to make people aware of what's happened, it feels like its backtracking and making excuses on everything. Lastly that Instagram story with the DM from Andy says it all in that 'Oh that ref is kicking off on twitter' not thinking of what's happened and how that 'ref' is feeling. The worst thing is that he will no doubt get away with it and all will be forgotten.
  6. Adding to the opening post. GCSE grades & References are two things I don't think anyone has ever asked me for or my previous employers for. Which tells me that either nobody really bothers or cares these days (exceptions being working with children, police, airports etc) or they just believe the bullshit I usually put on mine (grades that is). I suppose its about work experience and how you come across in interviews rather than grades on paper or a reference.
  7. It depends how well advertised it is as well. I follow football and although I know that some La Liga games are on ITV 4 I wouldn't know which ones unless I went out of my way as I haven't seen many adverts. So you would have to think along the same lines with AEW on ITV 4. I would be interested to see what the viewing figures have been for the 2/3 La Liga games shown on ITV 4, not so much to compare to AEW but would give a good idea of the type of casual viewers we could potentially be looking at.
  8. I'm assuming the UK version will go up after the event ends (following night) or will it go up on the normal day like it was before when taped?
  9. The very first thing I would ask is for them to provide/show you paperwork of what they feel you are not doing, the training received since the last conversation in May & any evidence to suggest you are not doing your job (e.g. call recordings, paperwork, complaints etc). Whilst its admirable that you are very honest I would probably play dumb in this instance and see what they say.
  10. I think Bayley's turn will only be a few weeks. For one Clash Of Champions is in Charlottes home town so its a clever turn (assuming that's where they are heading) as Charlotte gets the easy face reaction and secondly they could always switch her back by having Sasha Banks turn on her 'best friend' which would probably make Bayley a face again anyway. Nice to see some logic in how they are booking this anyway.
  11. Week 6 fixtures UEFA Euro 2020 qualification (various groups) Wales 2 - 0 Azerbaijan (Friday 7:45pm) England 3 - 0 Bulgaria (Saturday 5pm) Switzerland 3 - 0 Gibraltar (5pm) Finland 0 - 2 Italy (7:45pm) Sweden 2 - 1 Norway (Sunday 7:45pm) Northern Ireland 1 - 3 Germany (Monday 7:45pm) Scotland 0 - 2 Belgium (Monday 7:45pm) CONCACAF Nations League 2019-20 League A, Group A Canada 1 - 0 Cuba (1am) FIFA World Cup 2022 — African qualifying first round, first leg Gambia 0 - 0 Angola (Friday 6pm) Botswana 1 - 0 Malawi (Saturday 3pm) All games take place on Sunday unless stated. Start times are listed in BST.
  12. Man City will probably have an easier Champions League group than Arsenal's Europa League Group.
  13. Premier League Crystal Palace 2 - 1 Aston Villa Newcastle United w/FailedPromoter 2 - 0 Watford Burnley 0 - 2 Liverpool Everton 3 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Arsenal 3 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur Scottish Premiership Motherwell 0 - 2 Hibernian Rangers 2 - 1 Celtic Serie A Juventus 2 - 0 Napoli Lazio 1 - 1 Roma Proper Bundesliga Austria Vienna 1 - 1 Rapid Vienna
  14. My partners dad (who she doesn't talk too or wants to even know, if you so much as mention him she see's red) lives about 5-10 minutes away and every so often we drive past his house. Of course knowing this I always speak out loud and make a point that we are driving past his house to which as you could imagine doesn't get a great reaction. It's funny though as she even knows I'm going to say it so she's already angry bless her.
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