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  1. Briefcase

    Earl Hebner

    On a related note, I might be wrong here but Im sure there were times where a more unknown referee would be in the main event to the point where it was noticible and you were waiting for the point where they would get knocked down for 5 minutes and then another more established referee would come in to do the count (I'm sure this was Hebner).
  2. Briefcase

    Earl Hebner

    It was when Hebner was down for about 5 minutes covering his face after a little push that infuriated me. It happened so often as well, almost in every PPV main event. I can't really remember the last time a referee got involved in something like a dodgy finish or being knocked out for a few minutes (in recent years). In the right circumstances it can create and add drama.
  3. Briefcase

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    I usually get my head down and work, be polite and friendly and just bite my tongue until I have passed probation. After then I usually know if the job is for me, if I am good at what I am doing and in some cases what I can get away with.
  4. Briefcase

    2015/16 Football Kits

    That Sponsor is terrible on the Blackburn shirt. You would think somebody would have a say in that, but then again I doubt anyone else would sponsor Blackburn. Take the sponsor away and thats a lovely shirt.
  5. Briefcase

    2015/16 Football Kits

    The Spurs away kit is identical to the Barcelona training kit. Nike with their carbon copies.
  6. Briefcase

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    You get the impression with Jericho that he just does what he wants in a fun I don't care way, in that he knows he could probably take the piss out of WWE and they will still have him back for short runs.
  7. Briefcase

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I think with Goalkeepers you need to look at the long term option, so if Liverpool get 10 years out of him then its probably good value. He has had glowing reviews though, I am guessing they moved quickly before Real Madrid/Chelsea started sniffing.
  8. Briefcase

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Klopp has definitely been given the money to strengthen the squad, whether thats through success (Champs League final) and money received he cannot complain he hasn't been given the funds/players to mount a challenge this season. That said you do think he needs to deliver something this season otherwise questions will be asked. With that squad on paper they should be challenging. Been impressed with Liverpool & Arsenal's signings this summer, be interesting to see what everyone else does in the top six.
  9. Briefcase

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Hopefully West Ham don't fall into the trap of not starting well, playing too open football and getting punished and then sacking the manager and going back to survival football by Christmas. Would also be nice to see the fans get behind the team this season and try turn the Olympic Stadium into a good atmosphere. This is West Ham though.
  10. Briefcase

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Hopefully Brock shows up next week and the match ends in a DQ and Braun challenges him for the belt. Or Braun goes to Brock's ranch and challenges him there.
  11. Briefcase

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    The problem to me is that Brock is starting to get heat in the sense that the fans would be happy to see him lose the belt. Except the fact that now its either Lashley or Reigns you feel that the fans will probably be behind Brock, especially the New York crowd. The only way they can save this is to have Braun cash in at Summerslam, but Brock would really need to heel it up against Reigns or Lashley unless they do the double count out, the fans are booing because its shit and Brock thinks he has got away with one and then Braun comes out and destroys him. Or do we think WWE will do an angle with UFC where whoever it is Brock is facing shows up at the PPV and costs Brock the belt?
  12. Briefcase

    Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*

    Adding to the above. They again went with the 'scared of heights angle' with Ellsworth. "Oh he is scared of heights" forgetting he helped Carmella win the briefcase last year. It's like as soon as there is any match involving a ladder or shark cage everyone is scared of heights. Kevin Owens - I know he is a heel but wish we had the prize fighting Kevin Owens back rather than the cowardly heel, I get that he is against a monster but do miss the Kevin Owens of old where he would be cocky to believe he can win, as mentioned already him and Braun has come across like Braun is the bully in all this. Orton's return to me as a heel looks like he is tricking Nakamura into thinking they are on the same side (think Wyatt feud), whether they do this with the pay off being mania or they do it within the next three weeks is anyones guess.
  13. Briefcase

    The World Cup

    VAR for all its rightful criticism (still a testing product) did seem to eradicate some cheating the further the World Cup went on to the point where it wasn't really used as much in the latter stages as I think players cottoned on that things would be picked up and highlighted so in some ways it worked well, but in other instances such as the penalty in the final it also finds a way to make things even more difficult, especially trying to determine things like whether a handball is deliberate.
  14. Briefcase

    The World Cup

    My predictions. Right with Kane being top scorer and kinda England as surprise package. Glad I was wrong about Pickford, but there was a point during the groups where a few were singling him out. I know Germany were probably the biggest disappointment but Argentina were terrible and lucky to get out the groups with 4 points.
  15. Briefcase

    Let's talk FWA

    Agree about FWA being ahead of its time. You could also make a case that it was almost too early before social media/you tube got going. Had it arrived during that time it could have potentially been much more successful. That said it would have taken away the fanbase that made it so much fun as it was pretty much the same faces and characters at the shows. It's one of them where you had to be there to really enjoy and take something from the shows, not sure how it would look watching back today.