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  1. Apologies, I'll see about getting some beers in that are less far right.
  2. Buying seven Karpackies when I finish work knowing full well I have work again the next morning. I keep telling myself I won't, but I always do.
  3. I had my first vaccine a month ago. I was eligible as I work in social care. I had to sit and wait for 15 minutes afterwards. Didn't have any side effects except my arm itching for a while.
  4. That's what struck me as well. Why just weddings? Does Covid-19 care whether you're getting married or burying your gran? Apparently it does. Unless our esteemed PM is simply trying to avoid his own nuptials as you say.
  5. I subscribe through Amazon as an add-on and the content is pretty impressive. Don't know about the Kindle version.
  6. If anyone here is a Shudder subscriber then I would strongly recommend In Search of Darkness, a documentary on 80's Horror. At just over 4 hours, it covers a lot of ground. Dozens of films are covered, some well known, some not so much. Talking heads include John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, Joe Dante and Larry Cohen. Will be watching the Tom Savini documentary next.
  7. I certainly didn't think 'what's wrong with that'. Absolutely rank!
  8. Well, we can only hope. These lockdowns have destroyed many businesses and livelihoods, not to mention the impact on peoples mental health. It's encouraging that things could start to improve at least.
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