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  1. SpiritOfTheForest

    Best Mask

    I've always really liked Hallowicked's although Google isn't throwing up the clearest pictures of it.
  2. SpiritOfTheForest


    I last visited a barbers when I was 15 and I'm 28 now so having very long hair is something I've known throughout all of my adult life, with occasional trims from girlfriends of the time or obliging female friends being the only haircuts I've had. Regrettably, I have noticed over the last couple of years that my mane days are numbered, with far more gaps becoming visible on my forehead than there used to be. It's definitely getting thinner on the top too. It's nothing too obvious yet, but it seems to be coming somewhere down the line in the next few years and that's depressing. I most definitely don't want to end up with a skullet or as a baldy long-hair so it's something I have thought about of late. Even the thought of eventually getting a short hair style to draw attention away from any hair loss is one that concerns me, because apart from the love of heavy metal, one reason I've had long hair over all these years is out of having no idea what the hell to ask for at the barbers and zero clue what would look good on me. Uncharted waters for me!
  3. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Christ alive. I had a look at the comments on the Match of the Day facebook page following their loss to City and some of the cringe to be found by Liverpool supporters was remarkable. In light of reading your guys thoughts on here and then seeing that, I can now definitely see what you're all getting at. It's a shame, because Liverpool the football team are one I find very likable, although again that probably stems from me really liking Klopp after watching him with his Dortmund team a while ago. On the Scottish football front, for the first time I'm beginning to feel a bit uneasy. The Rangers signing Jordan Jones and especially Defoe is a real statement of intent and well and truly laying down the gauntlet. Yeah Defoe is old but if he stays injury-free he'll still score for fun up here. Meanwhile, we've just signed Ollie Burke, a PSG youth player who will have to hit the ground running and a chap from a Slovakian club whose own manager describes as a "raw prospect". It's so frustrating to watch this biscuit tin mentality Celtic have had for years when really the fact that we're not over the hill and out of sight by now is quite inexcusable.
  4. SpiritOfTheForest


    Oh I have one that some of you will probably find entertaining! I hope it doesn't ruin this thread now I've mentioned it but I've seen threads started on here several times over the last decade or so where all the replies are nothing other than pictures of random people's faces. No words just totally unrelated pictures. Celebrities or something I presume. To this day I have no idea what on Earth that was all about.
  5. SpiritOfTheForest

    The Languages Thread

    Funnily enough, I finally decided to google this only last week to what all this is about. It turns out it's because both Portuguese and Russian have a different way of dealing with the stress placed on syllables than other European languages. Because Portuguese uses the "sh" sound regularly, with the stress they put on it, it comes out sounding very similar to Russian to us. It's strange how similar Portuguese and Spanish are in many ways in their written forms but they sound totally different when spoken - language is something which I simply find fascinating. Mr Facesitter, I'd recommend you get on Memrise as well as Duolingo. It's also free and you'll soon find that Duolingo will start teaching you a lot of nonsense sentences (presumably to help get you to grips with sentence structure and tenses) while Memrise teaches a lot more practical stuff. That is of course assuming their Portuguese courses are like the Spanish. Another thing to bear in mind, as mentioned above, Duolingo teaches Brazilian Portuguese. I have never studied the language myself so I'm purely speculating but I'd recommend making sure there are no major differences between the tongue spoken in Brazil to that of Portugal. Latin American Spanish for example has no You (plural) pronoun while in Spain they do have one (Vosotros) and it's widely used. Would have been baffling reading/speaking to Castillan speakers had I not known this.
  6. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I realise I never actually posited the question: why are they hated so much?
  7. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    As a Scotsman, I don't really understand the dislike a lot of you guys have for Liverpool. As a neutral, they're great to watch and I'd love to see them win the league - although that's mainly because I have really liked Jurgen Klopp and loved watching his Dortmund team. I've never really understood the hate Liverpool get, but I suppose it's not my game and I have no involvement further than watching Match of the Day.. As a team, they all seem quite likable to me. As for my team, Celtic were beaten by Rangers today. I'm taking it on the chin because in the great scheme of things 1 loss in 13 in a derby really is nothing to cry about and besides missing key players like Rogic to that farcical Australian international situation, that is the worst I have seen Celtic play in years without exaggeration. We were miserable to watch and Rangers wanted it much more. They'll go laughing into the new year but a game in hand in the league, one cup in the bag and a European double header against Valencia to savour, there's nothing to panic about yet! Saying that, I hope we have a decent transfer window for once and actually buy some players.