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  1. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    On the subject of great pundits, I'd like to nominate Graham Hunter. His pairing with Simon Hanley on La Liga games is a joy to listen to. Both chaps always seem to be having a genuinely great time and their commentary is so affable you can quite easily imagine going for a pint with them and Graham is super knowledgeable about Spanish football. I also second the love for the European Football Show, that was a superb watch every week.
  2. SpiritOfTheForest

    Kill off a wrestler

    Vince McMahon - you could do this thing where at the end of the show the camera captures Vince leaving the arena. He gets into his limousine and then, as he drives away, it blows up. This could then lead to weeks of exhilarating television establishing who was responsible.
  3. SpiritOfTheForest

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Never got the hate Sabaton seem to get from some folk. I think they're ace and I don''t even really like power metal at all. First few albums were terrific. It's not like they're knuckle-dragging Neanderthal shite like Five Finger Death Punch or Slipknot or the likes either. As a man to whom heavy metal and and military history are two of his greatest passions, they're great fun. I mind seeing them in 2008 or thereabouts in Glasgow in front of about 14 people and now they're headlining festivals. Madness.
  4. SpiritOfTheForest


    Ever see a foodstuff that looks so spectacularly dreadful you feel compelled to buy it? In Tesco the other day I picked up a "Breakfast wrap" from the frozen section. You get 2 in a packet. According to the packaging, this consists of "pieces of cooked pork sausagemeat and egg omelette with hash browns, crispy bacon and processed cheese slices served in a white tortilla wrap". All of this for £1. £1! Imagine the quality of the ingredients? But I simply had to buy this both out of morbid curiosity and the interest of science and also because it just screamed "EATCLEAN!" at me. If I had to take a guess, I'd imagine that much of the constituent parts consist of some sort of circus animal. Had it for a late breakfast today and here are my findings. The manufacturer instructs you to microwave these for 1 minute 10 seconds, then turn them over and repeat for the other side. Here they are pre-nuking. The frozen meat, if you can call it that, didn't all fit in the frozen wrap so some of the contents spilled out when I put them on the plate. And here they are post-nuking, ready for consumption.They taste like they've been drenched in salt, although the sausage meat is tasteless. The bacon is actually alright, and seems to be where most of the overwhelming salt taste is coming from.One of the wraps was a bit hard, which is what generally happens when you microwave bread. All in all, it was alright. The chemically aftertaste lasts long after you've finished your final bite. An interesting experminent with an overlying sense that you're slowly killing yourself. I definitely wouldn't eat these too regularly if you value the prospect of continued existence but for EATCLEAN purposes, I would recommend.
  5. SpiritOfTheForest

    Epic Fails

    I nominate the time in the 1000th Raw episode where "Mae Young's son" appeared totally out of the blue having not been mentioned for almost 15 years, made all the better by Michael Cole totally corpsing. But as regards the topic on hand, there's so many but the Pat Patterson Vs Gerald Briscoe hardcore match where they were both in drag has to be up there. You can imagine Vince sitting backstage doing big belly laughs during that while you, the viewer, wanted to die of shame. It's hard to imagine many worse moments of wrestling television for a non-wrestling fan mate to walk into the room. Also, the Jim Ross skit shortly after he'd had real life cancer surgery where Vince was pulling various objects out of a fake JR's rear end. Vince clearly thought it was hilarious but the whole thing seemed so mean-spirited that any comedic value was lost.
  6. SpiritOfTheForest


    Ugh some absolutely hideous things in this thread. I'm far more of a traditionalist. Some favourites: Castillo de la Antalaya, Alicante province, Spain. Aqueduct of Segovia, Segovia, Spain - getting close to 2000 years old! Palermo Cathedral, Palermo, Italy Italy. The entire Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, Extramedura, Spain, one of the most idyllic locations in the world. Went a bit Spain-centric there but god, I love that country.
  7. SpiritOfTheForest

    Wrestling's scariest pictures

    Reading that discussion about whether or not it's creep behaviour to give gifts to famous people and all I can think of is this. I would 100% watch a video of a wrestler getting a cake jumper though .
  8. SpiritOfTheForest

    Favourite Cheese

    Cheese is perhaps the godliest thing in this universe but if I had to pick one, it'd be Manchego. I adore that stuff. Best served with some olives and sliced chorizo and Iberian ham....perfection.
  9. SpiritOfTheForest

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Highlight of Raw for me was Corey Graves mentioning Rob Halford only for Michael Cole to immediately incredulously go "Whoooo???". Can't really get a more minor happening, but it gave me a kick to see two of my world collide in a small way like that. The Trish and Elias segment was great though. Trish is just brilliant and I'm not sure if she's ever looked better. It was also quite heartwarming to see Nattie pick up the win in her homeland given the couple of weeks she must have had.
  10. SpiritOfTheForest

    Advice/tips wanted for Traveling to Indonesia and Bali please

    Having actually been there, Rancidpunx's advice is surely far better than mine. I want to reiterate the drugs point though - I've not been to Indonesia but I was eyeing up some teaching jobs there a month ago and the first thing anyone makes clear is do NOT go near illegal drugs in any way, shape or form in Indonesia. If you're caught in possession of drugs - even weed - you can expect several years in prison. It's simply not worth the risk. The place does intrigue me though. It looks like a beautiful place and I'd definitely be up for the monkey and volcano trips that RancidPunx mentioned. I hope you have an absolute blast and as long as you're sensible I'm sure you'll have a great experience!
  11. SpiritOfTheForest

    Old finishers that need to be brought back

    My bad, I'm only a very casual viewer these days and haven't watched NXT in years. Still nice to see that someone's recognised the greatness of the Impaler!
  12. SpiritOfTheForest

    Old finishers that need to be brought back

    Gangrel's Impaler! Simple but always managed to look brutal. Gangrel was just awesome in general though.
  13. SpiritOfTheForest

    Chippy Tea

    Yeah it doesn't look nearly as impressive in the photo but it was delicious - lathered in tons of salt and vinegar so it wasn't too dry. The town also has an award winning chippy which is apparently one of the best in Scotland so I'll try to go there after payday and post the results. I mean, for the interests of science and this thread obviously.
  14. SpiritOfTheForest

    Confusion in Wrestling

    Oh this has reminded me of something else - this time an unfortunate error from my brother. When he was in Primary 3 or so, my parents were called to the school for an urgent meeting with his teacher. Apparently my brother had been calling one of his classmates a "fuck". After being questioned by my parents and his teacher, it emerged he had been watching too much WWF, in particular Tazz. He'd actually been trying to call his classmate a "thug" (a word Tazz would regularly use at the time) only with his elementary diction it came out "fuck". After discovering this misunderstanding, my parents thought it was hilarious. I'd like to thank this thread for reminding me of this ridiculous memory.
  15. SpiritOfTheForest

    Chippy Tea

    Had the cravings after reading this thread so picked up a chippy tonight. Sausage supper from The Palace in Helensburgh.