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  1. Sure it will be an unpopular one but anything WWF pre-1998. As someone who discovered wrestling in the Spring/Summer of 2000, looking back at the cartoon era of chaps like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and The Ultimate Warrior, is just the drizzling shits for me, personally. Largely due to personal nostalgia but that Attitude era will never be topped for me and the stuff that came before just seems beyond tame and embarrassing in comparison. If there was such a thing as a bedtime wrestling show, for me, it would be anything from that era.
  2. Maybe not the right place as the post is not about cooking concoctions I have made, but is anybody here a fan of Anthony Bourdain? Been absolutely obsessed by the chap for a while now, binging Parts Unknown on Netflix and have even bought/devoured a few of his books. What a wonderful human being and it's so sad to know that that's him away now. Annoyed at myself for not knowing who he was until he'd already left us. "I don't have to agree with you to like or respect you" has become one of my favourite quotes too.
  3. Oh bloody hell yeah. Any male will wince watching that one. If I remember right, from the old Rise And Fall of ECW DVD, Dreamer had to go to the hospital to get a bunch of blood excavated from his testicles, which sounds almost as bad as the original cane shot.
  4. Edge spearing/destroying Jeff Hardy from the top of a ladder was the first that immediately came to mind. Incredible visual and there's no disguising that impact. Mick Foley being thrown from the Hell In A Cell has to be there too. Likely one of the very first single spots any non-wrestling fan will think of if you were to ask them "tell me a famous moment you remember from pro wrestling". Again, the visual is pretty hard to top, coupled with the commentary team's reporting of the aftermath. I also adored the flaming table spots involving Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley and Edge
  5. Not me. The self titled, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem will forever be timeless classics in black metal and I adore them to this day. Many will also point to Det Som Engang Var too, but that one never gripped me as much as the others for whatever reason. More recently, The Ways of Yore has been a regular bedtime album for me since it released. Think of Varg personally whatever you wish but there's no denying he had an immense impact on an entire genre. I certainly never "grew out" of him.
  6. I've often been curious to see how Right To Censor would have gone down in the present day. They would probably be enormous babyfaces in certain Twitter circles!
  7. Rome's new album has a song that is quite clearly a nod to Springsteen. It's an absolute cracker, like the vast majority of his stuff is, and I'm always trying to get people to listen to this guy so I'll share here.
  8. My favourite wrestler of all time. When I first discovered wrestling in 2000 as a 10 year old, he was the coolest bastard in the world to me and that perception has never gone away. There's never been anybody better for me in managing to excel at both in-ring work, character, and generally just seeming like a cool guy to hang out with in real life. I adore the guy. (although I've never seen AEW, but from what I gather the criticism is "he got fat" - so? The guy's body can't stay 30 years old forever).
  9. I watched a little of it last night, having not watched any WWE at all for a couple of years now. I watched Goldberg - McIntyre, which I actually thought was pretty cool, and then the women's Rumble, which I found a right chore and generally thought was garbage. At that point, I packed it in and went to bed. I actually ended up feeling a little depressed watching much of what I saw. I couldn't help but think of my days as a pre-adolescent and as a teenager when I was completely obsessed with WWE and the Royal Rumble felt like Christmas to me. To realise now just how little a shit I gave a
  10. I spent much of yesterday reading about this and trying to understand it all and get my head round it. It's already been mentioned, but Robinhood really is a truly ironic name for a company involved in all of this. From what I can gather, when naming it, they must have all read the fable backwards. Financial markets have never been something I've been remotely interested in so it took some effort to make sense of it all but it's always pleasant to see the elites get thoroughly humiliated.
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