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  1. I don't really get what a Spoons protest is supposed to achieve. If it's ostensibly to protest Tim Martin for kicking his workers out of their jobs at a time of pandemic and if it were successful and really hurt his profit margins, wouldn't that simply result in pub closures and many of those same staff people were supposed to be protesting in support of then losing their jobs at a time of pandemic? Seems a bit counter-productive to me. Must admit I do love Wetherspoons. Real ale for £1.99 and a great selection of lagers for bargain prices. Food's fine too if you're looking for something quick to scran before a gig.
  2. About 10 days to 2 weeks after arriving in Spain I got sick. I've never felt a flu quite like it before. There weren't many of the talked-about Covid symptoms though - no dry cough. Instead it was the worst flu I've ever felt in my life. I totally lost my voice, I used up 3 straight kitchen rolls in wiping away my mucus and even lifting up my phone to use it felt like the most Herculean of tasks. I called home to my family and I could barely muster the strength to speak words. In short, it is the worst I have ever felt from an illness and for a straight week I had no physical strength to rise from my bed other than to visit the toilet. I don't know for sure if it was the Coronavirus but I'm convinced it was - I've had the flu plenty of times but never quite like that and it tying in exactly with me flying and travelling through Madrid, where I stayed overnight and walked all over the city - which became the epicentre of the virus in Spain - seems a tad too coincidental. In a way I hope it was indeed Coronavirus so perhaps I've now developed some anti-bodies.
  3. I have been discovering Anthony Bourdain recently thanks to Parts Unknown being on Amazon. Yet another person I discover when they're already dead and so it's too late to imagine meeting them. His programmes are absolutely phenomenal and indeed they don't even seem like cooking programmes most of the time - more like a mix of travel and anthropology. It's all so very watchable and I love how he comes across as almost a Jack Kerouac/Hunter S Thompson kind of figure. The guy had my dream job. Above anything else I'd describe his shows as being very "human" television. I had never in my life expected to feel an urge to go to Beirut or South Korea but after seeing him there, both are now on the list. An absolutely brilliant man and he deserved far better than to go out hanging from a noose in a Strasbourg hotel room. A great loss to the world.
  4. When the Big Show was using that knockout punch as a finisher. Even while suspending my disbelief, I couldn't quite fathom why he didn't just do that as soon as the bell rang and win instantly. It's different from other finishers in that you can just do a punch straight away and yet he never did. Annoyed the fuck out of me.
  5. I never even thought to mention it because I wouldn't consider it much of a claim to fame but I'm Facebook friends with his other daughter - I specify Facebook friends as it's not like we're close pals or anything but we'll like and comment on each other's stuff from time to time. It wasn't even through wrestling I "knew" her - turns out she's huge into black metal, even the pretty obscure stuff that I'm into so we met through that. It was only afterwards I realised who her dad was which was a tad surreal moment! There's something very pleasing to me about the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin's daughter loves Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. Continuing the theme of very tenuously claiming fame thanks to women I know, my ex was once (kayfabe) battered by Sarah Logan, at the time Crazy Mary Dobson. (She used to be a valet/manager in some small-time Midwest promotions). Another thing I found super cool!
  6. I went to primary school with Mark Coffey and we were quite friendly with us going to each other's birthday parties and hanging out and such. It was from him I first heard about pro wrestling. We lost touch when I moved schools in P7.
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