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  1. For a few years, going to guess approximately between the ages of 7 and 10, my parents would take us on mad road trips for a couple of weeks every summer holidays. We'd take the boat to Zebrugge and then drive off on various routes across continental Europe stopping off along the way and then circling back. I only wish I could have appreciated it more because at that age you can't really but looking back it was cool as fuck. Because of these journeys, I've now been to places like Liechtenstein, Bratislava and Krakow and I'm sure it was these holidays which instilled my later love of travel and adventure. A few years later, my parents got tired of the ambitious (and I imagine often stressful) trans-continental exhibitions with 3 children and instead just went to Spain every year. Each year they'd pick a general region of Spain and spend 2 weeks travelling around there. In this case, I'm certain that this is where my love of Spain began and many places I was brought as an obnoxious teenager became places I travelled to - and even lived in - years later. It's a bit humbling when you remember how much of an outwardly obnoxious prick you can be at that age when, looking back, you clearly loved it and it really gave you so much for the future.
  2. Just paid in a tenner. Cheers mate. I've been invited into the inner ring (I think).
  3. I feel this thread is as good a place as any to ask and hopefully give the issue some prominence so some others follow suit but how exactly do I donate to become the coveted Paido? After all the joy this place has given me over the years, I think it's worth me giving something back.
  4. I was a regular on the old TWCF all those years ago and when that place closed I migrated over here. I've been lurking ever since. I never really posted at all until fairly recently (I was totally put off by the old down vote system which made it quite daunting for somebody "new" to get involved) and, honestly, the UKFF has become a staple of my day. I always enjoy reading it over lunch or dinner and on the occasional time there's been a malfunction and the board has gone down for a few days, I've definitely missed it in my daily routine. Maybe it's a comfort thing. I've read a great deal of daftness from the sidelines over the years, and often roared with laughter. The creepy guy who kept posting photos of him with his female friend, Bensons For Beds, cheese on, the "trying to return the shoes I was already wearing" incident, the arsehole dog, Neil's name change threads (sorely missed)...good times, great memories. I can also thank the UKFF for helping me make a couple of mates away from here in the form of former posters Richie Freebird and Stormy Weathers, which in turn helped me discover some cool movies and other good stuff. The UKFF...a great bunch of lads. Long may it live on.
  5. From a metal perspective, the trait that I've occasionally seen that annoys me the most is the Over Protective Boyfriend. This guy will be with his girlfriend near the front with his arms around her, seemingly always stood directly in front of the pit. At frequent intervals, someone behind this couple is pushed forward a couple of steps by someone from the pit, inevitably causing a domino effect which leads to people falling into him him and his lady. A pretty obvious inevitability given the situation, but this guy seems to take it as a direct attack on his lady and gets on the hyper defensive - turning around glaring at all in the vicinity, suddenly lunging backwards with pointed elbows outstretched, on sometimes even lunging towards an unassuming bystander and pushing him backwards. Definitely a twat thing to do. The other stuff that annoys me like suddenly having my pint thrown out of my hands by an unexpected crowd surge or having to always keep one eye on what's happening behind me lest I get a boot to the head from a crowdsurfer or something all comes with the territory.
  6. I saw Edouard came on from the bench and scored twice this afternoon. While it was frustrating watching him not be arsed for months, it's still nice to see he's off to quite the start.
  7. Horrible news. She was clearly not in a good place on an Instagram live yesterday apparently which caused a fair bit of panic from fellow wrestlers and fans alike. While I never saw WCW until much later, I'm not at all ashamed to say that after seeing a pic of her in one of the old wrestling magazines, I immediately fancied the fuck out of her. Later on, I enjoyed her appearances in TNA. RIP Scream Queen.
  8. Kirsty Gallagher. Discovering Kirsty's Home Videos certainly helped me take huge steps from boy to man.
  9. Timesplitters 2 was the ultimate Friday night with your mates party game back in the day. Now there's one I'd love to see get the re-release treatment.
  10. Crash Bandicoot 2 Platinum. Now my rarest trophy with only 0.6% of players getting this one. The overall difficulty is far easier than Crash 1 but the time trials are still fucking brutal, There was one level called Hangin' Out which had me stuck for 7 hours! Without exaggeration, you had to get every timing completely perfect even to get the gold relic on that one. This game was so brutal that my thumb quite literally has a big purple bruise. I never thought I would be capable of doing it but that's me now got the Platinums for both Crash and Crash 2, Madness!
  11. If debate is discounting almost 6 lines of text to the first 3 linking words then yes it is a pretty pointless thing, I suppose! Give the complete shambles of a club Ange inherited, I don't think it's at all fair to label the defeat to Midtjylland a failure on his part after a week in the door. Since the Hearts game though? There's been a somewhat noticeable improvement. 25 goals in 7 games? Aye, I'll take that!
  12. Well yeah, but by the time Midtjylland came around Ange was just in the door. Were that tie to take place now, I would have Celtic to go through pretty comfortably. Like Rodgers' first game for Celtic against the aforementioned Red Imps funnily enough (although on a much less grand scale obviously). I don't intend to insult Qarabag but a team from Scotland should be beating a team from Azerbaijan especially at home. Qarabag, along with most teams from that part of the world in European competition, are notoriously poor travellers too (they got beat by Linfield a couple of seasons ago) and even at home last week with that laughable pitch Aberdeen were unfortunate not to get anything. Aberdeen should probably have beaten the Horsemen tonight.
  13. Also shout out to Sheriff becoming the first Moldovan side to make the Champions League group stages last night. I'd argue that could be even more impressive than the Red Imps. I'm absolutely loving Ange ball but goodness me tonight sure showed our frailties. We're through after beating AZ. Interestingly, both of the goals we conceded were not from Alkmaar chances but from our own self-inflicted defensive calamities. Still, we advance 3-2 on aggregate and AZ are arguably better than any team we'll play domestically this season . Also, I adore Kyogo. Saints fought well tonight but it was all downhill after Wotherspoon got himself sent off. All for nothing which is somewhat disappointing after Callum Davidson's heroics but what a run they've had to even be in this position. LASK are no mugs either. Aberdeen though, totally disappointing. 3-1 at home to a team from Azerbaijan? (I should point out at this stage thatI've only been reading the live text of the other games as I was watching Celtic) That's embarrassing. Indeed, for Hibs, Aberdeen and St Johnstone all to crash out of Europe and for the Old Firm to once again be the only ones playing in Europe this season is disappointing. I had expected Aberdeen to get through and St Johnstone to have a very good chance. For dross like the Red Imps to make the Conference League while "the best of the rest" in Scotland all crash out is pretty sobering.
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