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  1. SpiritOfTheForest

    Non-UK and General Other Football

    It getting postponed was a pisser as I had talked my father into watching it all Saturday and in the end he'd bought into it and got quite excited about the hype and so we were looking forward to watching it together. We watched Atletico Vs Athletic though which was a 3-2 belter. Also kept an eye on Dortmund-Bayern and that seemed pretty great too. Dortmund now 7 points clear! I know absolutely nothing of either teams in the Copa Libertadores but I immediately favoured River Plate purely due to them having by far the more appealing name. Vamos River!
  2. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Lovely to see Celtic win tonight, beating Leipzig 2-1. Tremendous performance from us although things got uncomforable when Mulumbu came on for Forrest for the last quarter. That last 10 minutes were especially nervewracking but we held on! Great feeling to have beaten a European top team at Celtic Park again, goodness knows it's been a while. For all the wonders Rodgers has done for Celtic in our domestic game, our European form has been very much a damp squib so this result was much needed. It's still an uphill slog to qualify but nights like these are ones you have to relish.
  3. SpiritOfTheForest

    Being reminded of the UKFF in real life

    I've been familiar with much of the UKFF folklore down the years but this Bensons For Beds one had somehow passed me by. Googled it last night and good lord that's wonderful. "YES BENSONS FOR BEDS THE BED SHOP" is still making me smirk this morning.
  4. SpiritOfTheForest

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Horrendous news about Leicester City's chairman. By all accounts he was a thoroughly decent chap and the polar opposite of the Mike Ashley sort of owners. I'm sure it's but a small consolation now but he's surely etched his name into the annuals of that city forever. RIP to all involved in that horrible tragedy. On the football side of things though, today was pretty marvelous. Celtic pumped Hearts, Barcelona pumped Real (it could well have been 6 or 7) and then to top it all off the Dons gave the zombies a brutal taste of reality. I watched all 3 games back to back and it was wonderful. (I'm a Celtic fan)..
  5. SpiritOfTheForest

    Today I learned...

    Last week I learned that port, as in the type of wine, is so called because it originates from the city of Porto in Portugal. Seems staggeringly obvious now but I'd never twigged and figured it was just a name for no real reason.
  6. SpiritOfTheForest

    WWE Evolution

    Becky vs Ronda's a ready-made feud as well with the Disarmher Vs Armbar dynamic. Obviously putting aside the fact that one's a former UFC champion from her hold but I could suspend my disbelief far easier there than with Nikki Bella.
  7. SpiritOfTheForest

    Small things you appreciate

    When I'm out walking somewhere listening to music and I arrive at my destination at the same instant a song I'm thoroughly enjoying finishes. Wish I could bottle that feeling of pure satisfaction. And apologies for bringing a relatively wholesome conversation to the UKFF's favourite subject, (perhaps inevitably), but when you have a very pleasant poo which you then discover magically requires no wiping. I'm not entirely sure why that happens very occasionally but I do know it makes me feel like a King. The smell of burning leaves. I've always loved that aroma and it's the perfect time of year to get a whiff of it walking through the more residential streets around here. Scoring a 93rd minute equaliser/winner on FIFA.
  8. SpiritOfTheForest

    Best horror movie baddies.

    Captain Rhodes from Day of the Dead was a masterclass in cuntdom. Unhinged, bullying arsewhole whose eventual demise has you practically whooping at the screen. David Hess from House On The Edge of the Park. Sadistic sleazeball who you couldn't tear your eyes away from to see what depravity he'd get up to next. Speaking of depravity, you'd be hard-pressed to top Sardu from Bloodsucking Freaks in that field. This guy's an absolute riot from beginning to end.
  9. SpiritOfTheForest

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Becky's known for having that really dorky "dad-joke" sense of humour. She no doubt referenced the X-Files purely to make that "out of this world" pun. From following her social media, she adores puns. She would fit right in on the UKFF to be honest.