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  1. It's genuinely never bothered me. I've always differentiated the art from the artist and sitting back watching a Benoit match is just watching one of the best wrestlers of all time do his thing. The guy was one of the world's best and - while his crimes were heinous and I can 100% understand why WWE won't go near his name - I still think he should be acknowledged for that. Child murderer or not, it doesn't affect his wrestling ability and he was one of the greatest of all time in the ring. I discovered wrestling in 2000 and so his is a name I'll always remember fondly as the dickhead but imposing Canadian who was not to be taken lightly I'm not going to stop watching Naked Gun because OJ Simpson's in it. I'm also not going to stop watching world class matches because Chris Benoit is in them. The guy was an incredible professional wrestler and that rings true regardless of the evil he subsequently sunk to.
  2. Oh no, don't get me wrong I'm no prude. Perhaps depravity is the wrong word - I mean just how funny it is to me that the guy I'd pegged as the biggest nerd in the company actually likes to engage in a bit of cuckoldry in his spare time. It's a far cry from the "biscuits and cocoa and Dragon Age" that I'd imagined how his evenings were spent. Which is totally daft I know given how little I know Xavier Woods, but it's the impression I got from how he presents. I suppose I simply didn't expect he'd be such a "LAD!", for lack of a better term.
  3. An interesting part of all this for me is I would've put money on Xavier Woods being perhaps the single most likely guy on the roster to quietly retire backstage and play video games rather than get up to the shenanigans of yore and now this depravity emerges. Perhaps wrestlers really will always be wrestlers deep down.
  4. I live in Helensburgh, the town right next to Faslane and that's naturally the predominant concern here in the local press. Presumably the plan would be the same as it was in the campaigning for the last referendum - that following nuclear disarmament the town would become the centre of the new independent Scottish navy. Obviously not as big a market for jobs than Trident provides but to be honest not having a prime nuclear target on my doorstep sits quite well with me. I'm 1000000% Yes.
  5. Anyone else think Iceland will impress? I don't think they'll win it or anything but I can definitelty see them turning some heads. Maybe being the fairy tale over achievers like Costa Rica in the last World Cup.
  6. Like others, I always enjoyed watching Balls Mahoney, especially as a fan of the hardcore style of wrestling. The fella also had impeccable music taste too. I always thought it was really cool to see a guy out there wrestling in Immolation, Type O Negative and King Diamond shirts, to name a few bands I noticed him representing.
  7. *double post*
  8. The Lesnar match was totally deflating. THAT was their chance to finally make the guy that everybody loves into a legitimate player. But no he fell like a chump to one F-5 after a match which really didn't meet my expectations while the guy that everybody with a brain gave up on months ago went out for half an hour in the main event and won the big one in a half hour tedious bout to the sounds of Nakamura and Ole-Ole-Ole chants. Fucking hell WWE. I mean, in general I enjoyed the show but the results weren't half frustrating. Delighted to see Ryder get the big win he's deserved though. Could see it meant so much to the guy, just need to hope he doesn't immediately drop the belt on Raw. More coherent thoughts later but my general consensus was: alright show, horrendous booking.
  9. If the Shane-Taker match features a Mean Street Posse run in I will actually weep with joy.
  10. Nah, after watching it back, Jericho clearly grabs the referee shouting "He's hurt!" Reckon he was legitimately fuming.
  11. Cool wee bit of trivia I heard today: Sting vs HHH is the only match at Wrestlemania that doesn't feature NXT alumni. They're definitely doing something right down there.
  12. I was a winner of one of the signed Benoit DVDs. Pretty unique collectors piece now for sure.
  13. Finally trying to get the Network but while going through the sign up I've seen they don't accept my kind of card (Maestro). Don't see any option for PayPal or anything so it would seen that I'm still Networkless
  14. Rellik. It's killer backwards don't you know?
  15. I checked out Jericho's podcast for the first time last night for the Cesaro interview. I must say I really enjoyed it. The ice-creams story was brilliant and it was funny to hear Jericho cracking up while hearing about it. I'll probably go back and listen to some of his other ones.