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  1. Completed Call of Cthulhu last night. As a huge fan of Lovecraft, this game was a must try for me. It was pretty good for the most part. The atmospherics are great and it got the murky Sinister Lovecraftian vibe down quite well. It was easily at its best when you're walking round looking for clues and talking to people and trying to piece together the mystery. There were a couple of moments that seemed a bit out of left-field but they didn't detract too much from what was a fun game. I had a R'lyeh good time exploring Darkwater and I liked that many of the achievements that would pop up were a
  2. Miscellaneous FC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscellaneous_SC_Serowe
  3. Thanks again, man. I sent you an add. My name's Emberscorn in case anyone else fancies a new PSN pal.
  4. Huge thank you for this @waters44! used your advice and got a rage resurrection stone instead of a health one. I still got killed about 100 times before I went into the menus to see if there was anything else I could upgrade. Went to check the difficulty, and discovered that it never actually saved when I changed it last night. I faced her again and only one more time dying later... I fucking did it! The Platinum is now mine. Probably not the most sporting way of getting it, but who cares, it had stopped being fun by this point and I just wanted to finally kill her! While you can learn h
  5. I've been playing God of War for the past few weeks after loving the first 2 on the PS2. The shift from Greek mythology to Norse is cool (albeit a little less original these days) and I had a blast playing through the story. Decided to go for the Platinum and there is only one enemy and trophy left standing in the way of my goal. Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries. Oh my fucking life. Stayed up all night last night trying over and over again to beat this bitch and yet couldn't even get her below half of her health bar in all that time. Your reactions have to be pinpoint accurate - just a
  6. Wonderful Spanish flamenco infused prog from Sevilla.
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