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  1. Tajiri and Super Crazy had some belters in the promotions later years. Didn't Tajiri make moves towards WCW but was so offended by only being offered a tryout that he immediately fucked off to the WWE? Another amusing story from Power Slam I remember was the FBI and Dorin/Roadkill having a really good dark match before Raw and getting bollocked backstage for doing so.
  2. Really enjoying Spears on Dark but it feels like Tully is being wasted now.
  3. To be fair you were roundly mocked for ripping the entire Stardom faq off of Reddit and only gave credit after it was pointed out. Maybe it was an honest mistake but it didn't look good at the time. I'm an unashamed Joshi fan and have been since the early 2000's and haven't gotten any shit. Not that I care what other wrestling fans think anyway. Edit. I did get a funny look from a family friend when I was watching some Stardom recently though.
  4. Wouldn't shock me if Riho is missing the show. There was mentions on Reddit that Yuka Sakazaki will miss the March 1st TJPW show leading to people assuming that she'll be at Revolution. Yuka Vs. Britt on the pre show perhaps?
  5. I'm really into Omega/Page as a team so I'm hoping that only The Bucks turn heel. Imo there's more milage in a bitter Bucks with a chip on their shoulders because they continually fail to win the belts. On the other hand though is it really the right time to turn any of The Elite heel? I'm so conflicted. On Raven being in the crowd, after all the years of him leading weird cult like factions I'd love to see him reduced to the role of washed up flunky trying to be cool again by hanging out with the new guys. I'm probably in the minority (and I think Raven hated it himself) but I loved his spoiled rich kid gimmick in WCW. Him and Kanyon were a riot.
  6. I just know I'm going to get some shit for this but New Japan has become almost as much a chore for me to sit through over the last year or so as WWE was before I sacked it off. Enjoyed both WK's and Dash but I'm already only watching specific matches again. Also gone right off the commentary since Don left. Found the bickering unbearable during Naito Vs. KENTA.
  7. Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome. Remember quite liking it it when I was younger but watching it now for the first time in what must be a good 20+ years and it's a fucking mess isn't it? Awful soundtrack as well. Had to turn it off. Thank god for Fury Road.
  8. Some sloppiness aside a really fun battle royal. Butcher looks the business imo and fuck me Sammy G took a mean superkick. Woman's match was ok but they need to bin JR from women's matches and have Taz out there. Never thought that I would be posting that in 2020. Mox Vs. Cobb was decent and I enjoyed the post match shenanigans. Darby is great. Rose Vs. Statlander and/or Swole doesn't interest much so hopefully that's not the PPV match. Loved the tag title match and they totally had me with the Omega/Page miscommunication. I'm hoping that Omega sides with Page and fucks the Bucks off at Revolution. Cage match was great. Some hiccups aside AEW perfectly fills the void for me.
  9. Must have watched Mike Awesome Vs. Spike Dudley at least 20 times. Just a complete demolition derby of a match. Awesome's them music was ace.
  10. Screw the cameraman. Don't care what anyone says, TH2 are bloody great. Wrestling needs more trash talkers.
  11. https://www.f4wonline.com/japan/stardom-makes-major-schedule-changes-due-coronavirus-outbreak-304441 Stardom cancel upcoming shows with the exception of the March 8th Korauken show which will an empty arena show and will be put on YouTube. Not heard anything about other promotions other than New Japan shows apparently going ahead.
  12. Surely Page and Omega will face The Bucks at Revolution? That's the direction they seem to be going with Page's interactions with them since winning the gold imo.
  13. Has anyone ever backed this up or is it just a case of Cornette said so?
  14. She should be the easiest champion to book. Just have her Vader/Sid her way through scrubs and put her with the likes of Shida and Riho for the big defences. Though I've just further highlighted how weak the division is I guess. Fuck it, just fly Aja Kong in and have them beat lumps out of each other.
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