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  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Finally finished it (about 40 hours) and some minor gripes aside (some obvious padding and a tacked on upgrade system for example) it's easily up there as one of my favourite games this gen. Maybe it's because I'm not a purist but I'm fully on board with the changes they made. Yeah they pissed some people off but Square Enix were always going to develop the game outside the box and imo anyone expecting a beat for beat remake was setting themselves up for disappointment from the start. That was never happening. After all this is the company
  2. The Bucks/FTR feud has been shite. No way in hell they should go last. Mox Vs. Kingston is the money match for me. AEW really need to get their shit together in regards to wrestler safety. WWE were rightly ripped to shreds when Kairi got fucked up so AEW don't get a pass from me. The woman's division is dead on it's arse. Might pick up if Kenny's mates are ever allowed back in the US but until then it's a waste of ten minutes of TV time. Wardlow and Jungle Boy are stars in the making. Both looked great.
  3. The Bubbly ad during the song and dance was the cherry on top for me.
  4. Yeah I don't think I'll ever get bored of those three just pissing about. Wouldn't be surprised if Kingston tries to pressure Fenix into throwing the match.
  5. I'm just glad that they got her the hell away from QT. He's insufferably bland (perfect Dark fodder) and I don't see that changing. Hopefully Dustin moves onto something better soon.
  6. Have Ju-on Origins on my watch list. The original made for TV movie (that hardly ever gets talked about) really creeped me out. The second theatrical movie (Japanese not US) also had it's moments.
  7. American Horror Story Apocalypse (Netflix) Never watched the series before but the scenario caught my eye. Has the dialogue and acting always been this bad? Struggled to get through the first episode. Doesn't help when the first character introduced is a rich asshole who's goal is to be an online influencer. Yeah that's super relatable.
  8. It's a pretty naff use of Handsome Miro though imo. He seems happy though I guess.
  9. Read V for Vendetta years ago and thought it was shite and found Killing Joke to be hugely overrated. I haven't sought out any more of Moore's work since.
  10. Honestly haven't even noticed "Everton Guy" whoever the fuck he is. Probably a side effect of binning NXT off. Do they even concentrate on the handful of fans in attendance that much? I've never noticed it, granted though I usually watch wrestling in the background these days and only really pay attention when it's something important.
  11. He's fine as a Dark regular imo but putting him in the main event of Dynamite after one random scrap a week before was shite. Also pissy tweets are rarely a good look.
  12. If/when Trump loses I now have a mental image of Obama running up to Trump and kicking him in the bollocks. Obama then walks off into the sunset as copies of his birth certificate rain down on Trump's convulsing body.
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