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  1. Jericho is probably too busy swimming in bubbly to give a fuck what that nobody thinks. Cornette is a prick but at least knows his shit where as Last is just a hanger on. He's a Poundland Alvarez.
  2. Bedtime Stories. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCCD4-G3Aokt2sM7TYQV2HmA Really enjoy this channels content. Covers all sorts from unsolved murders to UFO conspiracies but use their own art instead of the usual stock footage and can make almost anything at least interesting.
  3. Amber Leaf or depending on mood Lambert Blues for me.
  4. Trump hiding in his bunker sums up his "leadership" perfectly. Then again wouldn't shock me if secret services chucked him in there to keep him off Twitter. Can't imagine how much of a ball ache it must be keeping him pacified.
  5. Friday the 13th can be tremendous fun with a good group of players with microphones. Can see it being a massive bore if played solo or silent.
  6. Watching a live stream on ground in Austin Texas and an InfoWars vehicle got pelted. Unclear if Alex Jones was present but they got the fuck out of there. Forgot Alex Jones is based there. He'll be milking footage of that for years.
  7. An episode covering racial stereotyping in general would definitely be an interesting watch.
  8. Yeah she was also eyeing him up during Dark much to the annoyance of Brandi and Dustin. QT was acting like a total geek. Obviously one of those it was a setup all along storylines but it'll be interesting if she's setting QT up on behalf of Butcher and Blade or someone else.
  9. Shit I actually forgot about FTR. Guess being lumped with Butcher and Blade will have that effect. On those scrubs has The Bunny gimmick been ditched?
  10. Could have done without Tyson but enjoyed almost everything else. Tyson does nothing for me and the pull apart was too hey remember the attitude era? Guessing that AEW are gambling on getting mainstream attention out of it. Wonder if it was planned ages back or if the pandemic has pushed them into it. Mox Vs. Cage has my interest but they are definitely lacking in top tier challengers right now. The battle royal was messy but I'm on board with Jungle Boy getting a shot. I've defended Janela in the past but the fucking state of him last night. Is the HBO sponsorship new? Brings some cash in I guess. Shida looked good. Brit channeling WCW Chris Jericho with the conspiracy stuff is nice. 6.5/10. Watchable but definitely one of the weaker episode.
  11. Ha I'm in the same boat. Fun game though much lighter on single player content than other anime fighters.
  12. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is really fun, especially if you like games like Blazblue. If single player is your thing you can even buy the previous games story mode as DLC and one of the DLC characters has his own story mode. Story modes are visual novel style. Other DLC is crap though.
  13. Pillman and Dynamite Kid are pretty good shouts. Rob Black and XPW could be an interesting watch but would lack Paul Heyman.
  14. Imagine being so low in the pecking order that you can't even beat Nakazawa. Two guys fighting over who is the biggest loser in AEW is pure garbage, thankfully it's only stinking Dark up at the moment.
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