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  1. Yeah they mentioned the idea of Christian getting a shot on commentary. Edit. They made it sound like Page lost his current spot.
  2. I'm not convinced that Page is taking the belt at All Out. Maybe they are thinking Bryan and Punk might overshadow his big moment and are holding off for a bit longer? I wouldn't be surprised if Christian Cage steps in as a filler defence for Omega.
  3. When the bus starts driving off before I've even sat down, throwing me off balance for a second.
  4. Only thing that really irritated me about the elimination match was how quickly they cut away to the next segment instead of lingering on a defeated Hangman a little. Though tbh that's been a consistent annoyance I've had with Dynamite for a good while.
  5. On the Tanahashi/Mox stuff, I'm assuming that they'll wrestle in Japan and the promos were AEW throwing New Japan a bone. Sure I could do without it but it isn't a really big problem imo.
  6. Or they could reverse roles and have Hangman lift up The Dark Order.
  7. If the announcement is some sort of supershow that would be quite the risk considering how unstable things are.
  8. And he's not exactly the first wrestler to turn his life around after doing time.
  9. More Eddie Kingston on commentary with Tony and Paul, please. That is all.
  10. So I just jumped back on Borderlands 3 for the first time in ages and I've somehow got $99,999,999 and I'm pretty fucking sure I've never farmed that hard. Everything else looks in order so fuck knows what happened.
  11. That hasn't really hurt my enjoyment of other Japanese promotions I've been watching, then again they haven't booked a show in a more than half empty Tokyo Dome. No idea what the reasoning behind running the Tokyo Dome was but imo the show would have worked better in a smaller venue.
  12. Decided to dip into New Japan again for the dome show. Wish I hadn't bothered. Nothing wrong with the actual wrestling but everything else felt uninspired to me.
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