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  1. AEW can't win really. Guaranteed they'd be called idiots if they let Kingston slip through their fingers, which quite frankly they would be. Most of the ""Dark crew" ain't even signed aren't they? Mostly just indy workers getting a pay day right?
  2. Pretty bonkers to write Tanahashi off imo and I can easily see him getting at least one more run with the IWGP title.
  3. Only thing stopping me from saying fuck him and other like minded pricks is that people trying to stay safe have possibly been infected because of those cunts.
  4. AEW (being blunt any promotion outside of WWE) doesn't have a single woman that is even close to main event level so I can't really hold it against them that the women haven't main evented. The division is weak though I'm not going to deny that and being honest I'm not convinced that management are even interested in making it a serious focal point.
  5. I loved the Lethal Lottery concept back in the day even if the matches were a bit naff for the most part.
  6. NOAH is included in DDT's streaming service and I believe All Japan started their own but have no idea how active it is or even if it is still going. Should be noted that classic content for both promotions isn't available on their platforms due to ownership rights I believe so it's only modern content that is available.
  7. NOAH was basically just All Japan with a green coat of paint during the promotions peak and from I can remember failed miserably at making new stars and became increasingly dependant on the likes of Musawa. Didn't they also get booted off TV because of a Yakuza scandal?
  8. Hopefully the rumour that she is looking at one more year before retiring are true because she could have some belters with Stardom's current roster and right now they could really use Kairi after Hana's death and a bunch of retirements.
  9. From what I can make out it seems to be more of a corporate restructuring than anything. They did a big group show last year with Ultimate Party (loved that show) so an eventual super show including NOAH wrestlers is pretty much inevitable imo.
  10. Dark is still pretty missable to be honest. Though they do sometimes run angles and storylines on there, there is rarely anything must see.
  11. Kingston Vs. Mox could really be something if they ever go down that road.
  12. Always wanted to see Takeover shows start SNME style with that very song.
  13. Racist knuckleheads getting knocked out after picking a fight never gets old.
  14. Under normal circumstances I would say that the Sammy return was really well done but the reason for his suspension made it impossible for me to really get behind it. Even Jericho looking like world's happiest dad couldn't quite save it. My fantasy wank booking would be for Pac to dethrone Cody as a mystery opponent when he's able to return but fucks know when of if that will even be possible.
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