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  1. Late to the party but i bloody loved Cure. The closest I think Kiyoshi Kurosawa ever came to standard J-horror was probably Pulse which I also bloody loved. I think he also directed a slasher movie. He loves his slow burns. Which reminds me I watched Occult a while back which is a weird and at times unnerving found footage movie and Kurosawa actually has a role in it. Not sure if I would call it good but it definitely freaked me out at times, should be noted though that I have a very low tolerance when it comes to found footage moves.
  2. Think it's been said before but isn't AEW basically a TV promotion that promotes a few PPV's a year? Personally I would prefer B&G on PPV but it's pretty obvious that they value TV ratings over buyrates. Saying that though they did have the Omega/Mox death match on PPV but that may have been too much for TNT to allow on TV.
  3. I genuinely wish the virus finished him off. Not sorry.
  4. Imo the second TV show still not materialising (I'm half convinced that Elevation was originally meant to be that show) has hurt AEW's roster a little.
  5. Whenever Dynamite goes back on the road there should give Mox and Eddie their own show. Just Mox, Eddie, a car and a camera.
  6. Maybe it's because he doesn't really fit with QT's mob imo so sticks out mors, but his "oi yanks" stuff comes across as really cringy to me.
  7. Ogogo's gimmick is fucking awful. Surprised that he isn't saying bollocks every sentence and calling everyone a wanker. Also the Inner Circle segments are beyond tiresome.
  8. Oh and if you don't want to deal with previous games then this video does a good job explaining the lore and story, leading up to Borderlands 3.
  9. Very easy to get into Shoot, loot and level up. Though it helps if you played previous games, especially BL2. Story wise it's weaker than BL2 (better than 1 and the Pre Sequel though) but has the best gameplay in the series imo. There is also 2 season passes. The first contains 4 good to very good expansions (and some smaller stuff I think) where as the second contains other additions including new skill trees, a new raid boss and vault cards which are basically battle passes. No pay to progress bollocks though. You have to actually play the game. If you enjoy the ba
  10. Had a good run on Borderlands 3 yesterday. Started off with the Mayhem Level 4 Speedloadn' Hellwalker (a Jakobs shotgun based on the one from Doom) and it's a fucking monster and after looking into it one of the best shotguns in the game. So I decide to try the new raid boss again for the trophy and walk it and the Jakobs Company Man artifact drops. Jakobs reload speed +30% Jakobs damage +50% Jakobs critical damage +30% There's just something so satisfying about shooting scrubs with a Jakobs gun.
  11. Reminds me how as a kid I was able to complete Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers on the NES in less than a day. Tried it out again a couple of years back and couldn't even get past the first stage.
  12. Taz is just so good at being a miserable old prick.
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