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  1. I'm well fed up of the it's really hard gimmick anyway. Which is why I gave it a miss.
  2. I hope Miyu Yamashita got permission to use the Attitude Adjustment, from John Cena.
  3. "Don't do it in Japan" would make Toyota look even worse. Bea isn't doing the move in any "successors" promotion. Stardom should just ignore her, and it looks like they are doing just that. Bea should make a gimmick out of this. Every match she should "steal" a random Joshi legends move.
  4. When was the last time a march actually achieved anything of note?
  5. This. Apparently a lot of Japanese fans have called out Toyota as a massive hypocrite because she took moves without permission, herself. Toyota comes across as a massive mark. How the fuck do "pass down" moves in pretend fighting? The sooner the old guard get the fuck out of Joshi for good, the better. And I say that as an unashamed AJW fanboy.
  6. Bagwell was a pretty solid midcard guy until he fucked his neck imo. And even at his worst he was still the perfect smug prick.
  7. That may be the smuggest looking group of twats, I've ever seen.
  8. I have no sympathy for May.
  9. Just posted on Digital Spy.
  10. They should refurbish the Tower of London just for Farage.
  11. They need to start muting Graves whenever Mandy Rose is on screen.
  12. He'll probably just claim he was working the marks if he gets into a confrontation with anyone. He's a blow hard.
  13. Dead or Alive 6 has a £73.99 season pass, which is about £20 more than the actual game. And it's only season pass 1. Surely the bubble has to burst one day.
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