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  1. Still haven't finished the last chapter due to grind and wasting my life on Phantasy Star Online 2. If going full JRPG is the future of Yakuza, I hope they streamline things a bit.
  2. FTR are all hype. Yeah they can wrestle a good match but are as dull as dishwater otherwise.
  3. Meh I enjoyed it. Probably helps that I watch nowhere near the amount of wrestling that I used to. Waiting Room segment was a mess though, especially the awkward cut to the Thunder Rosa stuff. The Miro stuff isn't what I hoped for but he seems happy in his role so fair play to the guy. The Inner Circle segments are getting stale. Fine with Sting fighting off the interference, Darby still won the match on his own. Loved Pac Vs. Kingston.
  4. Could be wrong (not sure how the selection process works) but couldn't Trump try to run again on a GOP ticket?
  5. Also can you imagine anyone not named Brock Lesnar making contract demands? Would love to be present for that meeting.
  6. Is Trump TV still a thing? Remember people claiming that he only ran in 2016 as a platform to launch it. But yeah grifter gonna grift.
  7. That's enough about the Tories, what about the public?
  8. Fucking Commies. Some heated language on MSNBC.
  9. Fale is at his best fighting other big guys imo. He's dull as dishwater most of the time otherwise. The commentary has nose dived since Don left. They were insufferable during I think it was a Taichi Vs. Okada a while back, the two whose names escape me just bickering throughout the match. Kelly is still decent but there's little chemistry now.
  10. Thanks. Obviously I plan to go back to work in time. Had multiple cases where I worked and was possibly only a matter of time before it hit me. Also got to clear my debts with my payout which was a massive help.
  11. Took redundancy recently and though things are obviously harder financially without work, I have no serious regrets. Mentally I'm feeling the best I have in ages. No longer have to worry about possibly catching the virus in work and passing it onto my mother. Dole money is still shit though. Some things never change.
  12. Just read Hogan's comment. The cunt needs to fuck off for good.
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