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  1. Personally speaking I don't give a toss about "beating Vince" and will be happy with an entertaining alternative.
  2. I'm buying to give them a chance and to see how they do. Card looks good to me but I don't religiously follow the indie scene.
  3. Sure there were stories about him having heat. Think he was dragged in front of "wrestlers court" on multiple occasions. I believe one story alleged that he was talked into complaining to Eddie Guerrero about him using the camel clutch. Unknown to Hassan, a relative of Eddie (his father I think) is credited as the originator of the move. Wasn't a woman that was part of JBL's faction allegedly bullied out of the company? Forget her name but I'm sure that something was reported. Including a story related to a tour of Japan.
  4. Think it was Ian that once said. Wrestling is one step above porn, one step below the circus.
  5. I'd been on the verge of dumping the WWE for a while. This was the last straw. Things had been piling up for years.
  6. Fair play to ITV, they seem to be pushing this hard.
  7. You also have to factor in trolls rating bombing it for the "LULZ" Anyway for those that don't want to wait for the Blu-ray release, the entire season is available digitally on Amazon for £16.99.
  8. My take on the Wildling's is that they only went south because they were left with no choice, and even then getting them together was a massive ball ache. They probably would have settled for a nice plot of land as a last resort, but their hearts were never truly into it and the "true" North is where they belonged. And they took their chance to return home.
  9. The shot of the throne melting may be my favourite shot of the entire series.
  10. Haven't read the whole Reddit, but what I have read has been almost wall to wall disgust. Gives me some hope for humanity.
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