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  1. Watching the congresswomen's response. Omar isn't holding back at all.
  2. They'll be crawling up the cunts arse again soon enough. Didn't mean any of it sir honest.
  3. So the Orange Cunt has told some congresswomen to basically "love it or leave it" pretty clear who he's twatting about. Nice to see the that Tory Cunt May finally speak out against him. Now she's on her way out the door and had nothing to lose of course. Cunts.
  4. It's a shame because I quite like Nakajima, just not as a top wrestler. Ties into what I posted earlier about TJPW's roster being pretty thin on top talent. Apparently she was a sub for Yuka. My big worry about the women's division is that the Joshi talent are all going to be Kenny's mates or people that work for his mates. Still though I don't get the fuss over Britt.
  5. Supremo hit on what may be my biggest gripe with professional wrestling as a whole. Matches going much longer than they need too. The women's tag is the perfect example of it, shave at least five minutes off of it and you may have had a more focused contest, and hopefully a less sloppy one. Instead everyone was just doing moves with varying degrees of success. The main reason I've become a Stardom fan is matches rarely outstay their welcome with only important matches usually getting 15 minutes plus. I enjoy TJPW but the roster is pretty thin with a lot of green and being blunt, some not very good wrestlers. Even the top talent are prone to sloppy matches from time to time. Saying that though, I'll take a sloppy match over the comedy shite from previous pre--shows every time.
  6. Miho Abe is fantastic. Oh and the wresting was alright I guess.
  7. Late to the party, but she attempted some worked shoot promos in Stardom and they were bloody awful. It was towards the end of her dreadful red belt run (or maybe just after) and she was having a moan about fans complaining about her reign. Problem was the majority of complaints were not even directed at her (she was in a tough spot, only "winning" the belt because Mayu suffered a genuine injury during their match) but at Ogawa and Stardom. Just made her look incredibly thin skinned. Her piledriver is meh as well.
  8. Some have claimed that he doesn't even watch it outside of the odd Takeover. Could be bollocks of course.
  9. Bea and Shoko are the current champions in Stardom and TJPW. I'd be very surprised if either eat the pin in that match. I'm not sure what Bea's AEW status even is. She's apparently signed to AEW but is giving the impression that Stardom is her top priority, and I can see things getting awkward eventually. Unless Ogawa is planning to kick ROH/WOH into touch to deal with AEW. Though that would also probably be the end of WWE allowing Stardom to book the likes of Storm and Brookside. Though I wouldn't particularly miss them to be honest.
  10. Last time Heyman seriously clashed with Vince it resulted in him quitting the company. It's only a matter of time until they end up falling out again imo. Heyman and Brock might be close but I'd be surprised if Brock would risk the best deal in the business over those two egomaniacs having a falling out. I suspect that Triple H is savvy enough to know how it will probably go and that's why he opted to stick with NXT. As David pointed out, nothing fundamental will change so long as Vince is the boss.
  11. Odds on them completely no selling these stipulations and must having a regular tournament anyway? I've enjoyed the majority of AEW so far but this tag team nonsense stinks like TNA.
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