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  1. Oh I know the companies and used to watch TJPW pretty regular but got bored of it lately and don't really have the time to watch much these days anyway. I'll probably dip back in when I've got some free time. Thanks anyway.
  2. Count me as another who didn't like the original (only managed a few episodes) but is interested in the remakes.
  3. Been on the fence about checking that out for ages. Thinking Halloween viewing.
  4. Am I the only one getting serious Scott Pilgrim vibes from that trailer? Looks fun.
  5. Yeah it's a bargain. I don't even watch anything regular (imo TJPW is really fucking stale) but it's nice to have a sub for when I'm bored and it isn't breaking the bank.
  6. Red Velvet might have the worst finisher in wrestling. Edit. More Eddie and Taz bickering through Archer squashes please.
  7. Mox has worked Dark a few times as well hasn't he?
  8. For reference. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/sep/05/diane-abbott-more-abused-than-any-other-mps-during-election
  9. Kiera Hogan has potential imo but Ford is in Bunny territory and clearly needs someone to carry her to a decent match. On that note I'm looking forward to more Deeb Vs. Shida. Hopefully the TBS tournament is setup for them in the finals.
  10. Already mentioned in the New Japan thread. Still though an absolute bargain and the perfect time for the curious to dip in and check DDT, NOAH and TJPW out. As for english commentary last I watched NOAH is pretty regular (forget who does it) but TJPW is pretty inconsistent, lately it's been Chris Brookes and the guy from ChocoPro/Gatoh Move handling the english commentary. There was a twice a week 30 minute TJPW show but it only lasted a few months. To be honest I don't watch as much as I used to but it's a good, cheap service to keep around and the new setup is a big improvement over the old one.
  11. The Cunts probably saw what happened to the American Cunts after Trump Cunt was booted and are probably now terrified of getting rid of that Cunt Johnson for fear of the cunts that support him turning on them. Cunts.
  12. I just vaguely remember it being mentioned, might have been on here.
  13. Didn't that one get shit on for looking staged as fuck?
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