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  1. ABC have claimed that his daughters have died too but other news sites are saying otherwise, what the hell?
  2. Triple H has been training his pet pop metal project Poppy for the womens 'Rumble Fucking clowns, how do they work? They can't but they're booked to enter regardless. Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J
  3. They brought in the rest of the Perry family that one week too, I'd say they're now 100% going in that direction with him.
  4. SOPHIE's amazing, last years remix album is as good as anything else released and takes some nice ambient/experimental directions.
  5. Have him and Nick Gage ever had a match somehow? The promos would be so f'n good.
  6. It's out on the old Paul Burchill sites, I think some regions got it early.
  7. I, for one, am glad you can't just call a heel a faggot any longer and get called something as bad back.
  8. Gamivo is another cheap arse place for top ups although they seem a littler dodgier.
  9. I really held back from going full Merzbow.. I could have posted ear shattering, hyper, noise pop.
  10. I like how Punk's gone down the kinda handsome dad route instead of trying to look young, although it really does make it seem like he's never going to be a wrestler again.
  11. Home Bargains sell that brand for sure, I think they're pretty typical in most non-major supermarkets too.
  12. If only Big Bossman wasn't too busy getting ready for the 'Rumble.
  13. It's more of a case of the history of anything needing to be treated well... well, not. I'm really hoping AEW surprise me and buck the trend.
  14. Yeah exactly, and when even Easy E regrets doing a drunk angle you know they're not the best idea.
  15. They just have to balance it out and not play it for laughs too much, there a serious real life relatable story there but is wrestling of all places the best place for it?
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