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  1. Takashi Mizutani of psychedelic rock band Les Rallizes Dénudés had supposedly passed away far back in 2019 but it's only just today been made known in an update to the band's offical site. And to be fair this is totally on brand for him, I don't think he'd made a single public appearance since the 90's.
  2. Bad Boy Hido, a big part of FMW and W*ING amongst other hardcore feds has passed away at 51. Far, far too young.
  3. Merzbow


    I'm not sure you'd like them much more, the first film is very much like the series but they are all on Prime if you want to give them a go.
  4. Merzbow


    Did anyone watch the final Evangelion film? Fuck me that was a wondrous troll job, Anno really does hate the fans like he often makes out. I genuinely enjoyed it to be fair, the films have their bad moments with fan service and the like but the complete 180 the story ends up taking was good.
  5. Who beats him? I want it to be someone really unexpected or he just gets fucking destroyed by handsome Wardlow.
  6. https://ukm.propstoreauction.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/299/lot/80310/?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F299%2F%3Fpage%3D5 Don't ask why..
  7. Has Tone taken a Doomsday Device while fucked up in a strip club yet?
  8. Nothing really amazing has come out, Anbernic have a new one or two but it's the same chipset as usual. Hopefully they have a new gen of handhelds soon. The AYN Odin looks like the new big beast to come along, I'd wait to see what it can exactly do.
  9. Adam is proof you can still book a true wholesome blue eye on top when it's done right and he doesn't need to be the angry vengeful dude, I think he hits that even better than Bryan did vs the Authority
  10. That'd be the weird as fuck backstage after party.
  11. Aren't the CC subs actually subbing the English dub and not the original Korean? But yeah I really enjoyed it overall, it's been weird seeing people proclaim that it's the only show ever to have such an anti-Capitalist slant but that says more about peoples watching habits than anything else.
  12. I can't see it, that mini push he got a while back really exposed 10 as being completely green and he came across as shit scared when given time to talk.
  13. CM Punk calling a match a banger? Hi, Phil.
  14. I think I preferred the women's division when it was just Kenny booking his favourite schoolgirls, the matches and feuds on the main shows have been dogshit rough ever since DMD became champion. And I'm not putting the blame on Britt, it's the booking and the mad idea to push the likes of Penelope and The Bunny over so many others on the roster.
  15. That match took me back to Bryan vs Morishima in 2007(?) in that I thought there was going to be another detached retina like situation.
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