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  1. I'm sneaking in some late night metal, there's also a cover of the Phantasm theme in there.
  2. Yup, same with whatshisname, the Scottish wrestler that all but bragged about everything.
  3. The new Denzel Curry and slowthai collab is so good.
  4. You know how the age of consent works, right?
  5. "Oh BBC, stop flirting with me" *winks* He'll be back.
  6. It's hidden away on Radio 4, and they'll balance it out by having an extra racist on QT.
  7. Good Time was indeed a good time, Robert Pattinson put on a great showing and I can see why there's an amount of people really bigging him up now. Marked out a litle when I saw that twat Necro too, is he mates with the directors?
  8. Divinity: Original Sin has couch co-op and it's great but be prepared to put a lot of hours into it.
  9. He's out and looking like every ginger that finds Allah in his heart.
  10. The quality of the pads with the last SNK retro machines have all been awful.
  11. Merzbow

    Chippy Tea

    I learnt the hard way not to ask for a Scallop Batch down in Port Talbot when I was around 17, they had no fucking idea what this weird long haired English guy was asking for.
  12. Merzbow

    Chippy Tea

    I've done that plenty of times, ordering scallops instead of chips, not arranging them into a cock and balls. A couple of scallops in a batch make for a lovely greasy snack.
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