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  1. Yeah you could tell that he was really getting in to Darby, proper got excited when he won. I heard him on Tony's latest podcast and he was having a blast there too, a real funny guy.
  2. More Eddie and David fucking Crockett! Amazing that David's calling a Yuka match in 2021.
  3. Sega do a much better job with their old IP's on Nintendo's own consoles than Nintendo do. The work with M2 on the 3DS and Switch has been nothing short of excellent, I'd say they even made better use of the 3D gimmick too as those old 2D games popping out of the screen looked amazing.
  4. Is anyone getting Chernobylite? Reviews on PC so far are decent to great and it looks like it could be a nice little Stalker-lite fix before the new game comes out. I think console versions come out next month.
  5. The problem is the USB-C port, they've taken out the stuff that feeds video from it so it'd be damn hard to come up with something to do it.
  6. Fred's out here in 2021 looking like he's about to call someone slapnuts.
  7. That fucking pop, I won't go on about how it went down hill fast but that single moment was mindblowing at the time.
  8. Really? I don't want his spooky goth bullshit infecting The Dark Order.
  9. For me it's not about her at all, it's about this potentially opening up change for the workers on these films in general.
  10. Erm.. Cradle are good again? It'sbeen a while since I've listened to anything new tbh, but they fell pretty far into shite at one point.
  11. You could simply have Omega being real fucking cocky because he's beat Adam twice already and a surprise Buckshot just takes him out. No 5 star match but the pop will be insane still.
  12. I know it sounds a tad petulant but if they've really ditched Adam for the ex-WWE star them I'm out. I do think the EVP's Dave thinks he's such good mates with (if that's where he got the news) are fucking with him tho.
  13. You know, the idea of Page getting a definite shot this far out probably wouldn't have been the best. Page has been best when he's chasing and wouldn't be against him chasing to the very last second.
  14. What actually was the stip for Page losing? During the match and later they made it sound like he'd just be out of the top 5? I can see them pushing Christian to the number one spot only for Page to beat him.
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