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  1. Weird that she said she never saw it then.
  2. Trent's mum is even gettin in on the interviews now, lovely to hear her worried about breaking kayfabe more than most wrestlers.
  3. It's a tad bright on desktop for me and I had to zoom in a level but it's not terrible.
  4. Catching up on last week's Dark and surprised to see Jesse Sorensen from breaking his neck in TNA fame popping up. Glad to see him doing well.
  5. Not ruined for me but the Wachowski's ruined The Matrix for a whole bunch of dickheads by saying the film was all about being trans.
  6. Galaxy feels like it could have been released today for the first time, it's still far fresher than most new 3D platformers.
  7. Have they? I thought she was stuck outside the country like PAC.
  8. It's a pretty bare bones emulation job, people went through the code a few days back. It means we could likely see more N64, GC and Wii games on the console but for classics like these I'd have liked to have seen more done.
  9. The new Ancst album is out an I think a few here would appreciate it, real solid melodeath with extra blast beats on top. https://angstnoise.bandcamp.com/album/summits-of-despondency
  10. Ivelisse has a bit of a rep IIRC, plus you could see some points where she was no selling stuff with a complete lack of any emotion showing. It was a bit odd.
  11. She deserves a big break, Orphan Black wouldn't have been a 1/4 of the show without her, she was outstanding playing all those characters.
  12. Yeah I saw that, pretty fun but a little short and skips a hell of a lot when it comes to the actual games.
  13. It was niche but the Soulsborne games are now some of the best selling of the past two generations.
  14. It's a shame they haven't put her or at least the car (with her in) on a forklift.
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