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  1. I'd say 1995, Raven joins in January and the fued with Tommy starts not long after. Not linked there as it was recently re-uploaded.
  2. They Walked In Line while QT starts parting his hair plugs to the side each week and growing a funny 'tache?
  3. Was just watching a video on those, might have to pick a bag or two up.
  4. If only someone had been busy redubbing all the PPV's and a whole bunch of years of the TV show.
  5. The only time that song was good in wrestling is when Team No Respect used it.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but Sonny is neither gay nor a man, they are gender fluid and pan. Although they do go by pretty much every pronoun IIRC, so JR was technically right when he kept saying "she".
  7. I mean that was the point, wasn't it? But yeah I can see how there's still an argument to be made about it being a negative representation but I think it's a little different when it's actually in the hands of a bi man.
  8. Wasn't that all Orlando's idea? I think it's a bit different when he's playing off his own sexuality rather than having some writer on the outside saying "you're bisexual? you're gonna be a creep".
  9. Might just stick with that Wii one, MLB Power Pros. Real easy to pick up and isn't just a waggle gimmick game either. It had a neat GM mode too.
  10. How is it? Full on simulation style?
  11. The lack of any kind of concrete information after that initial video, and even Kenny was all "we've got fuck all to tell you" on the latest Games video and announcing that he won't be hosting it any longer. It was already an odd development with a team that clearly hasn't done anything major in a long long time. Maybe they just announced it too early like a lot do today. You either do it early and keep people up on the dev cycle or you wait till is near completion like Nintendo almost always does so well.
  12. Anyone else get a feeling that the AEW game is going to end up in development hell?
  13. Vampiro in his puffer puffer jacket with The Steiners, this was before he had a chicken wrap and a good stare at the Albanian's garden.
  14. Did anyone else have this classic? I don't even know how I ended up with it but I remember it being pretty fun, it had some English teams too IIRC.
  15. Speaking of remastered games, flawed classic Shadow Man has been given a second chance by Nightdive who also did the recent amazing Turok remasters. I think it's just on PC right now but it's coming to consoles including the Switch soon.
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