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  1. It'll go over well with parents now not having to buy live for their kids to play Fortnite
  2. People with far better connections than mine have said it's bad, lots of lag and issues but I've also seen it running great for others. Make sure you use the free trial. But yeah, having to buy the games when you don't actually own them at all is shit.
  3. FMW seems like an odd choice but I'm 100% here for it, I'd imagine Hayabusa will have a large portion dedicated to him.
  4. Is M'Badu still around? He was a boss, his gimmick was just that he's Nigerian but that's enough for me.
  5. Oh, he wasn't wearing a mask in AEW. That may have actually helped him if he was.
  6. El Australiano may be the worst looking wrestler going, the most dreadful attire I've seen in years and wrestles like a third rate Jack Evans. Full on shitarse.
  7. You could get a spring that'd hold that inner button down when opening the disc drive, I had one that came with a little dohicky that plugged into the back of the original models for playing backups and using cheat codes. I had a dodgy beta copy of Attitude, lots of stuff missing and would barely ever load a match.
  8. MLW, as enjoyable as it can be to watch seems to be a bit of a hellhole, it's where the scum of the wrestling world gravitates towards so I'd rather be on team AEW even if it means tagging with Griff Garrison.
  9. Big Time & Easy Lover are easily the top 2. This is memorable because it's fucking called Crack Addict!? Greebos might like to know that Brian Welch is on guitar here, on the live version at least.
  10. How bloody long is Yakuza 7? I've already taken a long break to play a few other games but come back and it feels like it's neverending, I really like the cast and story as much as ever but it's going on a tad too long compared to previous games, or it at least seems that way. I guess it really is a JRPG then.
  11. I loved their silly little PPVs and what they do outside of the ring but the moment they do something serious.. fuck I hate them. Gallows is a shit boring big guy compared to others near his size, got a great look and can pull off a gimmick really well tho. Anderson is just vanilla.
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