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  1. The Raspberry Pi 4 is now out and it's a beast compared to the 3, especially the 4GB version. I'mma give it a while for people to get all the emulators ready and hoping there's a chance for some decent Dreamcast emulation.
  2. Mark Henry's on this weeks Steve Austin show so it should be a good'un.
  3. This should have been the PPV theme song, especially with the ending.
  4. You've got 24 hours (depends on the event, some give you longer) to watch it after the live showing and you can cast to a smart TV/Xbox One etc. I think you have to watch through the awful browser on PS4 tho.
  5. Merzbow

    Top Twitter

    I knew the first comment would be Hair Island related and I wasn't wrong!
  6. I just signed up with the code, you'll be a dollar short but you can fix that by following the FiteTV twitter through the app which gets you another $2.
  7. I was just reminded of this, has there been a better showing of metal on British TV? (the answer's yes, that Napalm Death live on kids TV bit but still)
  8. Iced Earth but only with this album as far as I can remember.
  9. https://www.fite.tv/watch/aew-fyter-fest/2oygb/ This should be the working link.
  10. I just checked and he gave the AEW match 5 snowflakes.
  11. "Is that a JoJo reference?" I need to see them as a stable of anime nerds now.
  12. A motivated, in shape Dustin is as good as anyone today. Does anyone know why Meltzer seemed to hate the guy? It's been pointed out in a few of Conrads podcast that he really had something against him and would shit all over his matches.
  13. Merzbow


    It's curious how these vegan alternatives keep selling out on release, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some artificial scarcity at play to keep the buzz going.
  14. Here's another angle! Wasn't there a spot where Terry Funk threw a bin like that too? I know he threw a chicken at Dustin Rhodes head.
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