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  1. FFS you had me thinking they were doing a KLF gimmick for a second.
  2. Brian Pillman Jr has the best hair in wrestling.
  3. He should pause for a few seconds with his gob open then say "Dog Dirt" during every promo.
  4. It felt like season 4 again when the dialogue between characters was at its best, glad to see my boys Podrick and Gendry get a lot of screen time too.
  5. Pretty much this, it's him having a laugh with his mates and they can have a chuckle at "the internet" after.
  6. I had no idea this match ever happened until just now.
  7. Listen to his Drive Thru show, it's pretty much just Jim answering questions on the old stuff he loves and was around. He leaves the moaning about Trump and modern wrestling to his other podcast.
  8. I watched a few episodes, Angry Boys was where he started losing me as it seemed a tad nasty and lacked the heart of SHH. This is more of the same.
  9. Chris Lilley has a new show called Lunatics, it's exactly what you would expect of him too with him playing a bunch of characters and being edgy.. shite.
  10. Jon turns on Dany, steals the dragon and we get a mid air triple threat with the zombie.
  11. Mentioning both Sausage Party and Supernatural isn't a good look.. but I'm still quietly optimistic
  12. British boxer, won bronze at the 2012 Olympics and had a not too terrible pro record.
  13. So Anthony Ogogo's training to become a wrestler and he's involved with AEW in some way, there's a spotlight video of him in the lastest Road to Double Or Nothing with Cody training with/scouting him.
  14. Xenon 2 was shit but that song made it worth sticking on.
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