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  1. The Little Drummer Girl It should be renamed Florence Pugh's Nipples with the amount of times they've been filmed in 3 episodes so far. Jokes aside it's been pretty good and Park Chan-wook hasn't gone at all gonzo yet, weird seeing him direct a BBC TV show. I'm curious if it'll take a pro/anti-Israel/Palestine route, it's a hard line to straddle really.
  2. Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome This is like a long lost 90's RnB smash hit.
  3. So have they already filmed shows or are they still going out and performing?
  4. A lot of it seems to be because of the overall tone of the game, the Slayer as you mentioned and small things like rip & tear losing viscerality. It just feels off and the level design unfinished as there's a lot of times where you can be killed for going "off map". There's supposedly a boss that's pissed a lot of people off, it stops the gameplay dead in it's tracks and isn't fun at all.
  5. Awesome. Speaking of Doom, Eternal looks like everything I don't want from a Doom game and I'm already starting to see a huge u-turn on the praise it was given day one. In a few years this'll be the least fondly remembered game to score around 90 on Metacritic.
  6. Does it have Aubrey's original soundtrack? I might pick it up on Switch as I have a few "coins" on there.
  7. Double post but Mubi is currently a quid for three months, Park Chan-wook's Vengeance trilogy are all on there, too.
  8. Big Daddy Kane ft. Scoob, Sauce Money, Shyheim, Jay-Z., Ol' Dirty Bastard - Show & Prove
  9. Rogue One is shit because it had no idea what it was, was it a grown up and darker take on war or was it fanservice? It wanted to be both but did neither well.
  10. The twat in the flat below has been in and out constantly, having people over like nothing's happening. I wouldn't wish the virus on her because she'll just pass it around.
  11. Yeah the intial women were all from the AJW Dojo weren't they? Onita scouted whoever slipped throught their cracks for whatever reason.
  12. They're selling bucket loads of merch, aren't they? I can see those figures doing pretty well too, how many years was it before TNA had any.
  13. Yeah he's been in hospital since the 15th, nothing to do with Covid.
  14. I've been to a few gaming conventions there, the smell should be about the same. Jokes aside, it does make sense but it hits home just how real and devastating this all is.
  15. The NEC/Birmingham International is going to be used as a hospital and mortuary.
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