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  1. It's a play on the Puppy Bowl done during the Super Bowl day.
  2. It's weird that they've really cut back on the Fite exclusive skits and even commentary during breaks, they were my main draws for watching it there.
  3. It's good silly fun for a while but becomes repetitive, if you can get it cheap I'd say dive in.
  4. Speaking of black metal dweebs, False have split up as one of the members has been accused of sexual assault. They cut all ties with the guy and disbanded the band then and there, they were certainly one of the more progressive groups around (politically, no so much musically).
  5. Nick Hogan and Tyga have a little real life fued going on right now..
  6. Aldi are selling those £1 bags of Fox's Glacier Mints for 29p a pop, I haven't had them in years,
  7. I managed to get a pair of all black Era TC's for cheap, I'm not hugely keen on the rubber over the toes but it does help with skating.
  8. Merzbow


    No, it was exactly like what has been happening elsewhere even down to how the police handled it by pushing aganst and kettling the antifascists while they were being attacked by nazi thugs. I'll take your word for it that it was a more tolerant city but it's not currently looking that way.
  9. Merzbow


    Did you see the attacks on groups of Refugee & BLM protests earlier this month? Shit's brewing up there with the NDL right now.
  10. Not sure how that's linked to this thread, her contract was coming to an end and it sounds more like she just didn't want to do any work so was told to do one.
  11. Check out the site WhoSampled, if something's been sampled then someone has recorded it on there.
  12. Yeah, I just really can't imagine someone that close could have never been in the same room as them talking like that before. I've loved Zach because of his politics but it's sadly not uncommon at all for men on the left to be just as scummy. (no implication there, just the left has serious issues) I'm not going to hound him for a statement but if nothing is said at all I'll be disappointed.
  13. Bret just posted this awesome photo.
  14. Wait, didn't he like it then unlike it after the Sasha talk? That's what I saw yesterday.
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