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  1. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    yeh, id love to see a show there, looks quality.
  2. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    well, maybe the reports are full of shit? 😄 im only going off what ive read/heard. As for the arena, i think thats just how they have to set up based on the shape of the venue. Its a similar set up when Cage Warriors runs in Newport. Its shaped more like a theatre than a sport venue.
  3. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    its very close to selling out according to reports.
  4. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    the answer is no. Did you see him on the Bellator panel on Saturday night? they all clearly hated him.
  5. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    ok, take Gallagher out of that main event, do you think the event still sells out?
  6. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    Maybe not, but Bellator putting him in that slot clearly show they have some faith in him and believe he has the ability to carry an event. If they didn't someone else would be headlining it wouldn't they?
  7. Egg Shen

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    that RKO was brutal.
  8. Egg Shen

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread *MMA Edition*

    i only ever saw it once, im gonna have to revisit it to see if its as bad as i remember. MMA doesn't get much worse than that though does it? what a shambles. I still got excited for it though 😄 Wonder whatever became of Dawg Fight 2?
  9. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    He's clearly doing something right, the arena is either sold out or is very close to selling out.
  10. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    yep, that's what a little bit of star power will get you in this game.
  11. Egg Shen

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    yeh, excellent looking card that. This Saturday, live on Sky Sports is this from Dublin: James Gallagher vs. Steven Graham Peter Queally vs. Myles Price Keifer Crosbie vs. Daniel Olejniczak Richie Smullen vs. Adam Gustab Its thin in terms of notable names, but its a big show from an Irish standpoint. Apparently the Arena is close to sold out so theres gonna be a hot crowd. Its a shame Gallagher lost his last fight because he likely would have been either fighting for the belt or fighting AJ McKee in that main event which would have been a big deal. It very much feels like a get back on track type fight, Graham is 6-3 and making his Bellator debut. I expect Gallagher to win big and get the hometown pop. Queally/Price doesn't mean a lot to me but its apparently a big all-Irish grudge match so im expecting fireworks, i need to dig a little further into the feud before Saturday edit* reading into it, it appears that Myles Price is a former SBG guy who defected to AKA to help Khabib train for Conor McGregor. Interesting stuff.
  12. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    yeh he worked his way into a mandatory position, its a shame they couldn't land that in Manchester though.
  13. Egg Shen

    Spoiler Free Fight Links

    they've stuck it on youtube too...
  14. Egg Shen

    UFC Prague: Blachowicz vs Santos - Feb 23 🇨🇿

    yeh, i could easily watch the Prague show live and get a hold of DeGale/Eubank on Sunday morning. I'll decide on the day 😄