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  1. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    dunno if anyone caught this last weekend? Eleider Alvarez putting in an early KO of the year candidate...
  2. ahhh good work, i was convinced it was gonna be a first round KO by fight night too, didnt stick a bean on it though. I did put this little fucker on though for like £1.50 i had in change: Conor KO, Roxanne/Barber to go the distance, Oleinik Sub and Pettis KO. it would have returned a £150+ I dont like Anthony Pettis anymore...whats the chances that his brother fucks me this weekend.
  3. well my run of missing out on acca's by one fight continues, Pettis fucked me. I can't even be mad at it though, he was never in it. Few quid on the fights make the viewing experience so i roll on, my £5 goes here this weekend: Bellator: Caldwell, Pettis, Archuleta, Cyborg. UFC: Allen, Chiesa. 6 fold returns 90 bones. Anyone else betting these days or is it just me?
  4. Ive said it here a bunch of times but Hendricks was likeable away from fight week type stuff. During his WEC stint he was a regular on MMA Junkie radio and always came off great. I just think he soured people around fight week interviews and in particular how he took the loss to GSP, no one forgave him for that.
  5. Yeh it almost became a bit of a myth in terms of results. There's no denying the threat was though and opponents knowing Hendricks had a dangerous weapon in his left hand still led to him having success. Few could outwrestle him and technically better strikers were less effective because they were afraid of that left hand. He also had some barnburners before his rapid decline. Here's an interesting little tidbit from the MMAFighting live chat: Sounds there like the situation really got to Cowboy. In the lead upto the fight I heard a few stories of how nervous he gets before fights and how he second guesses himself. Its strange because its so at odds with the image of the thrill seeker that lives to fight. Those types of feelings had to have been magnified massively Saturday night, and he was fighting a guy who thrives under that type of pressure, it was always gonna be a bad night for Cowboy.
  6. a solid wrestling base and power on the feet (plus a good chin) is a recipe for success in MMA, has been time and time again.
  7. I aint sure how he's doing, dont hear anything out of him. I know his resteraunt business venture was a disaster though. I always thought the bare knuckle thing might have had soemthing to do with that falling apart. He's coaching wrestling according to wiki.
  8. Frank Mir deep in camp for his next Bellator fight...
  9. excellent looking show Saturday night
  10. Ahhh Johnny Hendricks, he's one of MMA's saddest cases for me. He's only just left and every fuckers forgotten him already.
  11. ive got a copy of that here, ill dig it out.
  12. Considering he was released from the UFC for taking a form of human growth hormone just over a year ago, is suspended in the US until 2021, is nearly 40 years old and had has decided to start fighting in Russia. I'd wager that Dave Branch is on some shit.
  13. probably because hes been TKO'd twice in 4 months.
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