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  1. Egg Shen

    MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    making a bit of a concious decision from this week to knock some of the wrestling podcasts on the head and start getting some MMA shows down me. Im literally going entire weeks now without following any MMA hype because im always balls deep in some wrestling stuff. So i gave the Anik/Florian podcast a go today and it was a good listen, nice and light, Longo has a regular segment on there too which is a bonus. Gonna give UFC Unfiltered another blast this afternoon, but as much i am a fan of Matt Serra i never felt he translates well to the podcast with Jim Norton, never found their chemistry to be all that solid, im gonna give it another shot though.
  2. ahhhh fuck off, that sucks
  3. Egg Shen

    UFC Fight Night: Maia vs Usman - May 19

    missed this but caught a spoiler in a youtube thumbnail so i decided to look up results. Main event seemed to play out as expected. I think its about time the UFC cut Maia loose, if the UFC cut someone like Jon Fitch because he was on downside (all whilst having incredibly dull fights), Maia had to be in the same boat. Hes nothing but a spoiler these days.
  4. Egg Shen

    Best things to watch on the network?

    whats the listing?
  5. Egg Shen

    UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Till - May 27

    Just realised this is on Sunday so it wont clash with the Champions League final, handy piece of booking. Wonder if that was by design?
  6. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Hes definitely shredded at the weight. Selby has released a statement saying hes moving up in weight because the weight cut has been killing him for years. Never really like to hear someone say that directly after a fight, even if its true, always seems a bit of excuse making even though he tries to mask it by giving credit to Warrington. Have no issue with Tyson Furys opponent. He ticks the boxes that looks good on paper, appears a bit of a puncher too. Its about how Tyson looks in victory.
  7. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Just a horrible night for Selby, he was bullied and out-fought all night. Warrington simply never allower Selby to settle and pick his shots as he likes to do. Good battle though, very messy but thats what Warrington had to do to win. Selbys complete lack of power (neither a punchers, but id say Warrington was the harder puncher) stops him from having any kind of success in a fight like that.
  8. Egg Shen

    Best things to watch on the network?

    oh yeah, i read it wrong. I didnt know they'd uploaded any non-ppv events.
  9. Egg Shen

    Best things to watch on the network?

    The only events on the Network are the actual PPV's (from Barely Legal 97 onwards). The big shows previous to that were just filmed for home video release, certain matches would air on the TV show though. Theres an absolute ton of those shows missing from the Network that id love to see put up.
  10. Egg Shen

    What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    yeh, i was there too. Brilliant show and an awesome venue. I did wanna hang around for Reef but we'd been drinking all day and we decided to bail to watch the Haye/Bellew fight. Terrorvision and The Wildhearts were both brilliant. edit* just to expand on that, Terrorvision are and always have been a joy to watch. I dont think ive ever seen a band always look so happy to be on stage, Tony Wright still dances like a loon. The Wildhearts were just on fire. Its the first time ive seen them with Danny McCormack on bass so to see them with the classic lineup for the first time was awesome, and as said previously Ginger just seemed ecstatic to be there. I follow the guy on social media and he clearly struggles day to day with mental health but music clearly is therapy for him, fucking brilliant, what a songwriter.
  11. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    yep, brilliant wand. i want that final Gatti picture on a canvas.
  12. Egg Shen

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    dunno if hes done with Bellator but Jim Edwards is tweeting that Frank Mir will make his ACB debut at a UK show in August (Mir currently commentates for them).
  13. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    dont forget about this badboy going down on Sky tomorrow night...
  14. Egg Shen

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    A work colleague stuck it on in work last Sunday morning all excited thinking it would be a bit of a mood lifter. It lasted 3 songs and it went off. Ive tried it again sense and i cant quite get my head around it, it sounds like a jazz-Bowie album.