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  1. i know we've discussed podcast numbers before, but i listened to an episode of Cornette's Drive Thru last night and on there they claimed that in 2 weeks the first episode of the show gathered 907,000 downloads. Surely that's not possible. Given how flooded the podcast market is, i can't imagine that many people downloading a podcast that focusses on old school wrestling stories.
  2. they have confirmed
  3. yeh 19 dead confirmed by Manchester police, shocking
  4. Been following it for an hour or so on the news, the lack of any solid proof that there was an actual explosion is very strange. 2 hours since the incident and no one really seems to know what happened. The guy who phoned in and said he saw 30 bodies on the ground sounded like he was talking shit though, got the impression the BBC news guy didnt believe him either.
  5. when Smith mentioned it i think he was factoring in Kongo's kickboxing background aswell. Despite not being in many notable UFC/Bellator wars any 40 year old who's been competing for 20+ years has no doubt taken their fair share of knocks...lets not forget also Kongo's MMA career started in Holland fighting crazy bastards like Gilbert Yvel.
  6. video knocking about now of some incident where Cyborg punches Angela Magana at the UFC fighters retreat, started over a twitter beef from what i can gather.
  7. my acca came in again that's two this month.
  8. that Dirrell thing is crazy, didn't even think the punch was that bad that was late, mid-combo type stuff. Ive only seen a clip though. Davis/Walsh was one sided but Davis looks legit, gonna be a lot of fun watching him go about his business. Topped a very entertaining BT card, good mix of action.
  9. yeh, an absolute shocker. There was a moment in round 3 where Sakai fell down and Kongo dropped into his guard like he was getting down to have a nap. They summed it up on commentary when they said Kongo had been in a lot of wars and is at the stage in his career where hes not up for taking risks. God bless him for that, but from a spectator standpoint it's brutal to watch.
  10. A fight with MVP is still money though. That fight needs to happen. Was wondering about what Daley said after the fight about "ive got something on you" with reference to Page. I thought initially it would have been something to do with Daley's initial claims about Page faking injury, but then thought if it was perhaps something a little more unsavoury and had something to do with MVP's dads molestation case, that could get messy.
  11. really? pretty impressive if true.
  12. yeh, on second inspection i see what you're saying. Daley's best win in that period was likely the Brennan Ward win...despite the lack of names i still credit Daley for staying active and fighting on a regular basis in that period though and stayed relevant, and he's taken care of business in spectacular fashion. Anyways, about last night... * Daley was always a terrible matchup for Rory, the only question going in was if the Lawler defeat had really changed Rory and if he'd try and have a similar kind of fight with Daley. He wanted nothing to do with that though and smartly took Daley out. Daley hadn't been stopped in 7 years and has gone the distance in his losses in that period so for Rory to do with so clinically and seemly easily was massively impressive. Rory is the man, him and Lima is a fight i really want to see. Daley/MVP has to happen as well, some people will moan about he language and the antics "bad for the sport" and all that rubbish but it sets it up perfectly. As Michael Schiavallo said on MMA Junkie last week "these aren't ballerina's". * Linton Vassell looked very good, he even put in some decent work standup in before shooting the takedown. I always felt it was a poor matchup for McGeary. McGeary's lack of takedown defence in his day and age is a headscratcher though, i think it comes down to him having so much success previously with fighting off his back that he simply doesn't focus on it, he's paying for it now though. * Cheick Kongo is a cure for insomnia. Bellators hevyweight division is a mess as it is and having Kongo in there just makes the whole thing more depressing. Harsh perhaps but Kongo's complete risk free and laboured approach to fighting is just not good for the fans. He's earning his money but i wouldn't be upset if Bellator cut Kongo loose. My bet rolls on though, had Vassell/Rory and Kongo/Sakai (more than 1.5 rounds). Need Beltran and Davis in the boxing tonight for a hundred clams.
  13. What were the odds on Royce/Hughes then? i can't remember. It was silly to think it would be even remotely competitive though. You make a great point about Rickson though Noah. He did always feel like the Gracie's last line of defence to protect the legend. The only issue with it was he never actually fought to defend it, instead it created a myth which still stands to a degree. Joe Rogan for example is still sold on the Rickson thing, whenever it's brought up Rogan still says that even though the Gracie's were exposed down the line (which isn't a knock), Rickson was supposedly on a whole other level which we never got to see the real power of. It's a crazy story
  14. been out of touch with Glory recently but ive been sucked right back in for tonights show, real inviting lineup for this badboy, it's a heavyweight loaded card. As always the show is split into two parts, the Superfight Series on Fight Pass looks quality: The King of Kickboxing headlines against Ismael Lazaar. It's a non-title fight but Lazaar comes into Glory as a champ in another promotion, i've never seen the guy fight but he's abit of an anomoly, a tubby funster who doesn't look like he'd stand a chance but he's 30-2 in his career. It looks like abit of a mismatch on paper but who knows, it's intriguing. Robin Van Roosmalen also defends his Featherweight title on the Superfight Series. : There's the full card, a heavyweight main event and heavyweight contender tournament round out the actual Glory 41 show. I expect knockouts. There's a full 'Inside Glory' episode that previews the show and recaps recent events, very good 20+ minutes, Glory do a great job with that stuff. The Inside Glory show got me real pumped for the Gerges/Parry fight but it's been scrapped again with Parry pulling out, i don't wanna go hunting for why because im trying to avoid Bellator spoilers at the moment. Looks a doozy of a show.
  15. i dont recall Master Onion beating Ruas, wild! Brazilians are notprious for their excuses though aren't they.