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  1. they still need to bring back lamb & mint.
  2. Wales' Mason Jones becomes a 2 weight World Champ then and calls for a shot on Fight Island. I would love to see him get the call.
  3. I like the fight but Magny's a banana peel thats probably worth avoiding. If he could beat Magny it would be a decent scalp but no one ever really looks good against Neil Magny, the guys a nightmare.
  4. i dont agree with that. Walker was always a wild card, he had several losses before he bad even entered the UFC, he was simply a wild man that could give anyone fits on their night. Chimaev is coming in with a different kind of hype and exposure. If Wonderboy fought him and beat him now it definitely puts him in a much better position than he is in now. A Wonderboy/Chimaev fight would have more eyeballs on it than any other fight he could take.
  5. anyone think Costa may actually attempt to take Adesanya down and dominate him there? the black belt thing at the weigh in feels like too obvious a sign, but its gotta be an area Costa and his team can look to exploit.
  6. Really? from a ranking standpoint he's not gonna gain anything but Chimaev is probably the biggest fight in the division already outside of guys in the top 5. The only fight Wonderboy could feasibly get with someone ranked above him is a fight with Leon Edwards, if that doesn't happen he's probably better off taking the Chimaev fight. Wonderboy is falling into that Rich Franklin attraction fight slot anyway at his age and given his popularity, the Chimaev fight makes perfect sense. How many unranked fighters get UFC main event slots within 4 fights of being in the promotion? Wonderbo
  7. Yeh, you used to be able to buy a 6 pack multipack, or a combo pack with the steak: not seen them in years though, they were pretty good though.
  8. theres no way you knew that off the top of your head Jim😄 here's one i did know, Ricco Rodriguez went from being Champion and losing at UFC 41, to being on the prelims and fighting Pedro Rizzo at UFC 45 (though did fight in Pride in between).
  9. rumor is Costa has a ton of weight to shift before the weigh ins 😱
  10. Phillipe Nover 😂😂😂
  11. could have sworn Tuivasa had been cut last week🤔
  12. yeh, there weren't many at all last time. Could it be a case of more people testing positive on arrival now though? or do they need to be negative before they leave for the island?
  13. you should have made a different fight the one to watch Wand. you've cursed it.
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