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  1. Cage Warriors have done the ol' sit down, head to head thingy for their September first show. I ain't seen it yet but it's nice to see them dip their toes into this kind of thing, they should do more of it.
  2. Egg Shen

    Chippy Tea

    Standard cod and chips for me with a bread roll polisher on the side, douse the fucker in salt, usually a boxing interview on youtube and im set. Its safe but its a winner.
  3. Egg Shen

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Had a few days to reflect/recover from Bloodstock... Bands of the weekend were the standard fair, Gojira's headline set was epic, i wasnt expecting such a visual experience, it looked and sounded massive. Judas Priest also surprised me, i aint much of a fan but i thought they were brilliant. Devildriver, At the Gates, Cannibal Corpse (who brought the rain) were all great as they always are. Great thing about this year was variety though, i saw a whole bunch of different shit. Suprises/finds of the weekend were: Jasta, just great fun. The guests and the choice of songs was brilliant, Jasta himself seemed to be having more fun than anyone in the whole field. Combichrist sound huge on Saturday afternoon. Electronic based music will always sound good but they went down a treat. Mr Big. Thought this was a weird booking but for a mid afternoon Sunday they broke it up brilliantly...and fuck me, they can play. I think a band that good will always garner respect from music fans. Ridiculous musicians. In the Sophie tent... Alien Weaponry got the best reaction in the tent of any band ive ever seen in there (not counting Suicidial Tendencies which doesnt count, they got moved from the main stand and were quality). They are a band of New Zealand teenagers, the singer is just 16 but they play a mix of Helmet'y riffs, mixed with some Sepultura-style stuff but from a Maori persective, maybe a touch of grubge. It was just a breathe of fresh air, genuienly felt like being back in the 90s watching these, it didnt sound like they'd any new music in 20 years. The tent was losing its shit. Exhorder were brilliant too. A great example of a band brought back to life by the power of the internet. Never thought id get to see them. I know ive forgotten shit but thats off the top of my head. Great weekend outside of that Saturday night weather which damn near drowned me in my tent.
  4. Egg Shen

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    With it being in Brazil, Cutelaba is a great shout.
  5. Egg Shen

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Glover is injured and out of the Manuwa fight in September. Any suggestions for a replacement? Khalil Rountree needs a fight.
  6. Egg Shen

    Confusion in Wrestling

    Not really confusion because I just assumed it was a name but it didn't click that Paul Bearer was a take on Pallbearer until I was about 28. Edit* didn't realise Hannibal posted the same thing on page 1 😂
  7. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Yeh, I'm looking forward to it, ill get on IFL. The schedule from this weekend on is absolutely insane. The most interesting thing about this weekends show is that Deontay Wilder will be in Belfast working for BT so I'm expecting some interaction with Fury. Need to get excited for Frampton/Jackson but can't help but feel it's a fight not worthy of stadium billing. I need to do some research on Jackson.
  8. Egg Shen

    Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 204 (Aug. 17th)

    Bellator keep things ticking over Friday with 204. Darrion Caldwell vs. Nohad Lahat AJ Matthews vs. Logan Storley James Gallagher vs. Ricky Bandejas Tywan Claxton vs. Cris Lencioni After a quiet weekend im well up for this, and theres lots to like here. Darrion Caldwell the 135lb Champ dips his toe in at 145. Not quite sure why hes doing it but hes got a tough gig against Lahat. Never seen Logan Storley fight but hes finished 6 of his 8 wins by KO and is currently 8-0. The return of Gallagher is exciting. Hes been out for over a year which killed his momentum and has slowed down Bellators chances of setting up a fight with AJ McKee which was brewing nicely. Still, expect Gallagher to talk some mad shit if he wins. Good to have him back. As for Tywan Claxton, hes only 2-0 but hes responsible for doing this on his debut... Get the feeling this is gonna be a cracking little show.
  9. Egg Shen

    MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    Schaub is so anti-Dana at this point that you pretty much have to dis-credit everything that comes of his mouth.
  10. Egg Shen

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Jericho miming or having vocal assistance was a bit sad. He's a good, if cheesy showman but it was so painfully obvious that he wasnt singing that it hampened my enjoyment of the set. I was wearing a Roddy Piper show all weekend if anyone noticed me, i did see a of wrestling shirts knocking about...i didnt change cause im a smelly fucker.
  11. Egg Shen

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Oh yeah! I didnt read this and didnt realise they weren't playing until i read the back of someones shirt on Friday afternoon 😂
  12. Egg Shen

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Jones is a nightmare style for almost everyone. Such a unique body type and skillset.
  13. Egg Shen

    UFC 228: Woodley vs Till

    Yeh i like that they've highlighted it rather than going with the standard nose to nose job. Till's gonna have to kill himself to make that weight though.
  14. Egg Shen

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Is Jones even cleared to fight?