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  1. Boxing Thread

    i know Eddie struggles to get all his fighters the fights he's obliged to give them so i assumed he'd keep the show on.
  2. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Arn Andersons Garb's situation/night sounds exactly like mine and Silky Kissers 😀 good times.
  3. Boxing Thread

    cant blame him really, i imagine Hearn still runs the o2 and puts it on Sky instead.
  4. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    i thought it was gonna be the briefest main card in MMA history. Until the main event, total fight time was something like 3 minutes. The main event was solid though, and despite being a poor looking show on paper the arena looked packed. Bellator do big business in Israel, and they love the hometown fighters. Saying that...i thought the co-main event was a work. Haim Gozali is a 44 year old Israeli fighter, the crowd love him but the fight just looked a little off. Arsen Faitovich shot a sloppy shot and seemed to put himself in position for a triangle. I might be wrong, but it all looked a bit too easy. Other notable was John Salter who is just walking through guys at 185. Bellator's middleweight division is slim so he has to be right in the mix. He's a sleeper for the title in 2018.
  5. Boxing Thread

    what a shambles.
  6. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    another wee heads up, but The Works have quite a few MMA books on sale at the moment. Saw Dan Hardy, Gustaffsson's, John Kavanaugh's there the other day as well as Jack Slack's McGregor book, all for a few quid.
  7. UFC on FOX: Lawler vs Dos Anjos - Dec 16

    yeh, this is just one of those shows that has a bunch of matchups that cant fail to deliver. Try picking a potential FOTN out of that lineup.
  8. UKFF: Then and Now

    i aint gonna go into detail but this forum has been a big part of my life for over 15 years, its like my internet homebase, crazy to think that through all the changes you go through in life (relationships starting and ending, becoming a parent, deaths) this place has always been my online sanctuary.
  9. Rizin FF - New Years Eve MMA!!

    dunno if anyone plans on watching this live but Fite TV are running a PPV deal where you can both shows for £13. Dunno how the long the offer lasts.
  10. MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    good watch that, not quite sure what he'll do with it going forward, he spoke of having guests on in future but its always cool to hear Rogan talk MMA.
  11. *Official* Youtube.com cool finds thread

    i think a lot of it is urban legend, theres no photo/video evidence to back any claims up so they've just become these legendary tales. I love a Haku story though, in the same way i love the old UK toughmen tales like Lenny McClean and Roy Shaw.
  12. UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Ortega - Dec 9

    Maybe not as good, but Ortega wont be afraid to stand and attempt striking with Swanson, he's been KO'ing fools and has a granite chin. Ortega is on the cusp of being a bit of a star in the promotion, this may be his coming out party.
  13. UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Ortega - Dec 9

    Moraes is on the warpath
  14. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Got to see ICP in Bristol, Thursday. I wasn't sure what to expect as ICP haven't been over here in 14 years (attended the London show on that tour) and there was tons of trouble with venue/show cancellations earlier in the week. Needn't have had any, great show, crazy crowd and Faygo (Tesco Value coke) everywhere, great fun.
  15. Documentary Thread #2

    most of the 30 for 30 shorts are worth watching. They are on the ESPN website for free.