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  1. I dont think hes mentioned defending the 205lb belt. He's said his next move will be to go back to 185lb and defend that title, but the only fight that interests him is Darren Till. He said in his ESPN interview that he has a few cards that he's keeping close to his chest (even outside of a Jon Jones fight), so who knows?
  2. Id actually go for that. If you're gonna take 2 rookie pro's and pair them you can't do much better than that. Both bring in a large following, they are roughly the same size and you have Tyson Fury around to help sell it. The build up would like be a cringe fest, but it would be a huge fight.
  3. He isn't, hes fighting at 205lb in Bellator.
  4. Its gonna be interesting if Jan gets a hold of him at any point because the strength difference should be pretty significant. I cant wait for this.
  5. fucking hell, is Rumble off back to 170?... https://www.instagram.com/p/CL9tD21npAQ/?igshid=1po3viy7av7e9
  6. Izzy has said he's only gonna be weighing around 195lb on fight night, no bulking up, literally looks like hes coming in at his standard walk around weight. Anyone reckon it'll be a factor?
  7. Having Ngannou as Champion cant be bad for business, but having a potential Miocic/Jones title fight in the pipeline is a mouthwatering prospect. Completely off the point, but this ruined my day:
  8. I predicted it on here a while back when the Jan fight was first presented but depending on results i have no doubt we'll end up seeing Jones/Adesanya for the heavyweight title.
  9. month out, but why not... Bellator's first show of 2021, new broadcaster and a whole new vibe. I genuinely think this is gonna be the best year in Bellator's history, and it's starting off good! Remember this sucker will air live over here on BBC iplayer. The card is growing on a daily basis, so i'll add fights as we go. Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez - Featherweight World Title & Featherweight GP Semi-Final Usman Numagamedov vs. Mike Hamel Neiman Gracie vs. Julian Jackson Alejandra Lara vs. Kana Watanabe Matt Mitrione vs. Tyrell Fortune
  10. there was a video shared about a few weeks ago of him in a gym destroying a heavy bag, not sure if it was an old video being re-shared though.
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