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  1. today i learned that Zuluzhino is now taking part in that Russian slap fighting thing:
  2. Based off what we know about Rose, i just thought it more that she seemed like the last person who would be up for fighting given current circumstances. Im fully expecting a few more pullouts too, id like to how much the fighters on the card actually know about the logistics of whats gonna happen next week. Awful news about her family though, i hadn't expected that 😔
  3. Same here, i remember where i was when it happened i remember telling the boys i was with that Hughes was gonna destroy Penn.
  4. Rose is out of the Andrade fight. To be fair, thats the one that had me scratching my head when it was announced.
  5. this is floating around twitter, dunno if its fake or not?
  6. Its a quality poster, but UFC 249 isnt taking place on the island. 249 is happening at an undisclosed venue on the West Coast of America. The Island will host all of the International cards going forward.
  7. Nah i mean that initial run of DVD's that came out, i think they ran from UFC 35, i bought that whole run. Think it was UFC 35 to 42, then they started releasing them within a few months of the events happening. The older shows got released later on in those double pack things.
  8. Loved the second fight when i first saw it, was one of the first UFC fights i saw where there a rivalry leading in. Still to this day haven't seen the first one though, it was on those hard to find shows that never got released to DVD/VHS back in the day.
  9. I like Luke Thomas, ive become a fan over the course of the last year or so and his Morning Kombat show is excellent but ive had to ignore him during this pandemic thing. If that's the real card above, its an excellent one. I still dont like the idea of it happening without the traditional fight week build and hype cause it'll just feel abit weird and i also dont like the idea of it happening when everyone involved will have had limited camps, but if it happening, i guess im watching.
  10. odds on this not actually happening?
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