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  1. that angle shows a little more, her knees were in no position to bend
  2. considering the human back isn't designed to bend inwards, id say its fairly risky
  3. the official announcement seems imminent
  4. bring on all the tournaments, i love em
  5. Alan Jouban has hung em up, hell of an innings fair play:
  6. i think the 12-6 elbow thing only applies if you are striking on from a 12 o'clock position and coming down, like when on Jones fought Matt Hamill.
  7. Here's Billy Joe's dad getting taken out by security when trying to storm the ring after the stoppage:
  8. Rough night for Cowboy. Outside of the Niko Price draw (which he only got cause of a point deduction) Cowboy has lost 5 straight. The decline seems pretty rapid. Im sure he'll get a proper send off type fight but the end is surely nigh, Morono hammered him. Other highlight as wand stated was the Gillespie fight. That deserved to be in front of an audience, hell of a come from behind win. If you cant put Gillespie out with strikes i cant see many outlasting him.
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