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  1. The DAZN app has launched in the UK. Β£1.99 a month for a while. December will have the Canelo and GGG fights on there, then Jan has Garcia/Campbell. Well worth 2 nuggets.
  2. I got to see them in '04. Some 'New Wave of American Heavy Metal' type thing. KSE, Shadows Fall, God Forbid & Chimaira in the smaller room at Cardiff Uni. fantastic.
  3. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  4. why do i get the impression that Evander Holyfield isnt in on this? πŸ˜„
  5. Coincidentally, i put on As Daylight Dies the other day. There was a stage a couple of years ago when i couldnt even listen to KSE. The whole thing seemed so played out, and ive never given the newer Jesse Leech stuff much of a chance as a result. I enjoyed fuck listening to that the other day though, and I was never that big on As Daylight Dies to begin with, always preferred The End of Heartache. Killswitch Engage do that metalcore thing better than anyone else.
  6. what does suck also, is that Joe Joyce' performance is being overshadowed the Dubois' drama. Joyce cant catch a break. What next for him though? Usyk/Yoka have a built in story so id like to see either. You have to fancy Joe against a lot of top guys now, hes a tough puzzle to solve. His rise reminds me of Tyson Fury's. Not in terms of notoriety because Tyson was always a divisive character, but from an in-ring perspective both spent the early parts of their careers as the butt of the joke. Fury got very little respect until he actually won the World Title. People who knew boxing wou
  7. I mean, if its gonna continue with Trilla, they have to go Tyson/Holyfield. Early signs are that Saturday was a big success so we'll likely see more shows. Tyson himself has said he wants to do an exhibition every 2 monthsπŸ˜„ It really couldnt have gone any better could it? I think it showed their limitations enough to pour water on the silly 'Tyson is back' claims but at the same time they fought well enough that the hardcore boxing community has recieved it warmly for it to move forward with way less hesitation. I had my reservations, but I gave it a chance, and im in.
  8. Its one of those debates that will never go away, from Daniel's point of view he'll probably have regrets and will have just wished he'd have got to the end of the round and had his corner or the doctor pull him out (which was the plan according to Martin Bowers) That's hindsight though and you shouldn't really knock him for making the decision on the night, he was clearly in a lot of pain. Even if he'd just got up early and said 'i cant see', the ref would have called the doctor and the fight would have got waved and this discussion wouldnt be happening. Suppose experience and ring savvy
  9. step aside Tyson/Jones... id file that under 'probably not gonna happen' but McCrory is saying its not a joke.
  10. Claressa Shields to the PFL!? Thats a pretty big deal. Shields is arguably the biggest name in womens boxing.
  11. its the world ranking according to Tapology isnt it?
  12. Yamauchi is always worth tuning in for if you like BJJ style fights. I'll get a thread up next week.
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