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  1. i know what you mean, ive always felt that way about Anderson Silva's win over Vitor Belfort. The best example is Cain Velasquez/JDS though isnt it? Cain got sparked in the first fight but by the end of the 3rd fight there was no doubt who the better fighter was. Still, heck of a win for Anderson, and in a tournament setting about as flawless victory as you can get.
  2. this got away from me in the end as it did everyone else, but Cory Anderson dusting Ryan Bader in under a minute is pretty impressive: actually quite up for Nemkov/Anderson.
  3. love how innocently cluelss Frampton is about the whole thing...
  4. Yes Neil! get to it. I still planning on watching the Cage Warriors show from last weekend, but this weekend is the 3rd XMMA show. I promised id watch the last show and i didnt, but this one is also catching my eye: I might just go full Tim Boxeo and watch random shitty MMA events instead of the good stuff.
  5. Its such a baffling choice. Johnson could be a tough night too, hes massive, hits hard and if he gets into a clinch type position will probably over power Fedor. Its a hard fight. I do quite like Tim Johnson though, his little run of upsets was good to see on his way to a title shot, i dont think anyone ever has him pegged as anything other than a mid-card brawler. ...but yeah, the fight is weird.
  6. i love everything about that
  7. Well 268 produced tumbleweeds, lets see if Fedor brings some traction πŸ˜„ Its actually quite sad how little anyone cares about this, but it is one of the most baffling fights Bellator could have put together. I'll add more about this in the week, buf i wanted to get it up on here cause its completely flying under the radar.
  8. Yeh thats how im seeing it now. Im happy to skip certain shows now or just cherry pick fights from them. If it was the only show in a calender monty it'd be different, but by the time you've complained about one you are hit with a monster PPV. The Apex isnt helping. As much as ive grown the dislike the environment, the UFC has no obligation to sell tickets, so they can basically do what they want with these shows to fulfill their TV contract. We cant complain about the quality of the PPV's though, the UFC are putting in higher level shows than ever before.
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