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  1. its not a genre i know a lot about, just the bigger names associated with the genre. The Misfits were mentioned originally so you have all the offshoot bands of the Misfits members. I highly recommend Michale Graves solo stuff, its a varied bunch but theres some stuff that continues on in the veign of the 2 albums he put out with the Misfits. Cracking live too.
  2. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/6/21/18701636/sean-omalley-announces-withdrawal-from-ufc-239-after-banned-substances-resurfaced O'Malley is out.
  3. It was a decent enough fight, i dont think anyone could argue with the 48-47 verdict, i thought Paulie was on his way to winning round 3 but Artem stole it when he landed the left hand that staggered Paulie backwards. Paulie did make him miss a lot but landing odd flicking left hands weren't gonna win him them rounds, it is a shame his right hand went though in round 2 because it would have been a better fighter it hadn't. Not got into the backlash yet but i imagine there's a lot of it. Paulie wont let it go, but he made his bed...
  4. there isnt many option at Middleweight in Bellator, its a slim division. Machida is probably in a position now where he can choose to fight for the title at either 185 or 205, Bellator may force him to go 185 because Bader's next fight is at heavyweight. Outside of Machida though there isnt many clear cut challengers. Fabian Edwards could actually find himself pretty close despite being seen as a prospect, Lovato/Edwards headlining a Birmingham Bellator show? why not. Anatoly Tokov could have a shout, 4-0 in Bellator and part of Fedor's team, not a fight that'll leap out at fans but he might be the most deserving in the promotion. Who else is there? Rafael Carvalho (just lost to Machida), John Salter (already lost to Lovato). Thats about it.
  5. shit, i forgot all about that story.
  6. early UFC vet. Pat Smith has died aged 55. https://m.sherdog.com/news/articles/Patrick-Smith-19632019-157007 Smith was probably the one fighter i remember from the first 2 UFC's that delivered what you expected when you picked up the VHS tape, proper nasty fighter. Also apparent that he was a piece of shit out of it. Old MMA images dont come much more iconic than this though:
  7. probably, im so out of the loop with Glory though i couldnt tell you. Theres always Bellator Kickboxing if thats still a thing?
  8. that would be great! im not sure if Bellator will be promoting the last fight but id love to see Manheof headline a Bellator show in Amsterdam, Wanderlei would be the perfect sendoff....or Rampage? Is that the first time Bellator have had an exclusive UK broadcast team too? Thought Dave Farrar (who usually does 5 boxing) did a great job next to Big John and Josh Thomson. I aint a big fan of Big John and Goldie together but last nights team was fun to listen too.
  9. Yeh, i dont think Mousasi was anywhere near close to getting a 10-8 round. 48-47 was the right score for me. Daz is spot on with his assessment above. The way Lovato does that thing where he pulls half guard and then takes the back is class, it showed him do it to someone else i (think it was John Salter) in the pre-fight packages too. Great to see Melvin get a win. He's clearly slowed down a ton but when he lets them fly he's still nasty as hell. Kappunen is tough, that knockdown in round 2 was brutal. Wants 1 more fight in Holland before be retires. Speaking of tough, Erick Silva ate some shit against Semtex. He had a good 1st round but rounds 2 and 3 were vintage Semtex, good fight. Id say fuck it and go with MVP/Daley 2 on the next UK show next, the UK fans are owed that and theres no way we's get a repeat of the 1st fight. Thought James Gallaher rightfully won 29-28 it was close though. Post fight Gallaher admitted that he quit MMA 2 weeks ago but was talked back into it, bit of a strange one.
  10. Lovato Jr. is a bad man. I thought he was doomed after that 3rd and 4th round, he managed to rally and drag the fight back to where he needed it. Lovato is great to watch on the ground, lots of unusual sweeps and little tricks that you usually dont see in MMA. Really captivating main event, enjoyed it. Good show. Not into that channel switching nonsence though.
  11. if anyones planning on watching the undercard, keep an eye out for Randall Bailey. Hes 44 years old but hes crossing over from boxing as well, Bailey usually shows up on 'hardest punchers in boxing' lists, 37 ko's from 46 wins. Dangerous bloke.
  12. Wednesday 13/Murderdolls? that sort of thing?
  13. anyone seen any of the live videos of the Static-X reunion yet? in all fairness it looks quality, glad i got tickets for the UK run now.
  14. few thoughts going into tonight... * Wouldnt be surprised if Rafael Lovato arrives in a big way tonight. I think most will see it as an easy Mousasi victory but Lovato could be the real deal. Hes one of these uber-jiu jitsu types but brings in a solid wrestling and striking game to back it up. I'll never forget Justin Wren talking about him on the Joe Rogan podcast either, saying something along the lines of 'Its like having a house on top you' when he has top control, Wren basically acted like it was a foregone conclusion that he would win the belt. Some suspect Mousasi may be on the slide, if he his or comes in abit disinterested im taking Lovato. * Daley/Silva should be insane. You have to know Daley is coming in pissed and wanting to prove a point after the MVP debacle. Silva is known for going to war. Semtex by vicious KO. * Dont know a lot about James Gallahers opponent but hes a BJJ blackbelt and is a decent step up by all accounts. * Fabien Edwards on the prelims is a bit tragic here, Bellator should have squeezed him onto either TV broadcast, ill try and get the live stream up for that. Speaking of which...i cant make any sense of this... According to that the Edwards, Shipman and Ward fights aren't being shown in the UK at all. The US have some weird split pre-tape deal. What a mess.
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