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  1. skipped it as i was all boxing'd out after Saturday night, seeing nothing but praise for that co-main event though.
  2. yeh, thats all abit of an act isnt it? nofx are on tour at the moment so i assume he's doing fine. Im off to his Punk in Drublic thing at Slamdunk next month.
  3. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    You can't, i think you always leave yourself open for criticism when you fight with a cocky style and don't close the show though, it just comes with the territory. Shame about the hand injury though. Allen's post-fight interview around 21:00, worth a watch.
  4. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    i like Kelly but i would have liked to have seen him knuckle down and just take care of business last night. Incredibly talented but i thought he made harder work of it than he needed too despite winning comfortably. Id like to see the Polish guy be fought in with Connor Benn next. Joe Cordina looked real good in the fight before.
  5. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    thought Khan showed some real bottle to survive that horrible first round, he had a few moments but he lost every round. Such a strange, anti-climatic finish though.
  6. do wonder how that kind of match will go down in front of the All Elite crowd. That Meltzer ***** City.
  7. it was reported, Dustin just denied it was true.
  8. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Yep, that was a shitfest. Chisora's career tends to run like that, he's either in an exciting brawl, or he finds himself in one of the worst heavyweights to ever take place. Dave Allen though... he didn't look great but that body shot in the 3rd was an absolute peach. His post-fight interview was just as good, gotta love the bloke.
  9. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Jarrell Miller has now popped for EPO. You cant make this shit up.
  10. was an unbelievable time for MMA.
  11. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    Even if you'd cheated prior to landing a world title shot and didnt think you could win the title without those PED's surely you'd fight clean, have a go and pick up that cheque when its that much more than you'd ever made. Whats even more insane is that he signed up up for VADA testing so he knew he was going to get tested and the initial test failure came 6 weeks after he'd signed the contracts for the fight. He basically gambled $5 million and lost.
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