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  1. Documentary Thread #2

    Paradise Lost was the original. Id highly recommend it, all 3 parts are worth viewing and are set years apart. The other West of Memphis is one film that covers the whole saga. Id go for Paradise Lost and work from there though, especially if you know nothing about the case.
  2. Well the Paddy Pimblett hype train is officially back on track. Cracking opening round followed by a flying triangle finish in round 2, well played.
  3. late notice but Cage Warriors 90 is on BT/Fight Pass at 9 tonight... Main Card (9pm) Molly McCann vs Bryony Tyrell (Flyweight Title) Alexander Jacobsen vs Lawrence Fitzpatrick (Lightweight bout) Shawn Kenny vs Ruben Wolf (Heavyweight bout) Paddy Pimblett vs Alexis Savvidis (Lightweight bout)
  4. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Volkov - Mar 17

    this is definitely a "whack it on the telly with a few drinks and munch" type card. I like it.
  5. Documentary Thread #2

    its region blocked on my phone
  6. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Id usually say the Fitch fight wouldnt be worth the risk but the MVP fight is gonna be there whatever happens in that fight. Saying that, Fitch is on a finishing streak of 1 (his longest in 11 years) he may fuck Paul Daley up.
  7. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Paul Daley has posted online saying he'll be fighting MVP in Bellator in the Summer. He also mentioned he'll be fighting human highlight reel Jon Fitch in May...also in Bellator.
  8. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Medeiros - Feb 18

    Genuinely felt that Cowboy was gonna get waxed on the night. I dunno if it was the beard making him look different but he looked completely disinterested walking in, I feared the worst. Cowboy woke up though, yet I was disappointed it ended when it did, was shaping up to be a good scrap. ...and yep wand. Milliender looks the business. He schooled Alves for a round then weathered a storm in 2 before landing that ridiculous knee, a huge 170 too. Guy could be a problem. James Vick won again but I don't feel he did his stock much good. I feel for him that he's not securing a big name fight but this performance won't have done him many favours, being booed by your home town crowd is not a good look.
  9. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    i think there is a very slow turning of the tide when it comes to McGregor's reputation. There'll always be the fanboys who loves seeing him doing the flash shit but i sense there's a big portion who are starting to say "right you've had your fun mate and we enjoyed following it but get back to work".
  10. Boxing Thread

    didnt catch Garcia/Rios but the result didnt surprise me. Rios was there on name value alone. I did see Devon Alexander/Victor Ortiz who fought to a draw in a fight it looked that Alexander was clearly winning. I may have been swayed by some bias commentary but it looked like Alexander was in complete control.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Yeh, small York Hall show, i'll check it. IFL are on fire at the moment, so much content being pumped out. Michelle Joy Phelps 'Behind the Gloves' has upped their game too. Great stuff.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Yeh unbelievable that he still had a career after that. In fairness to Haye, he has stayed relevant despite a history of absolute clangers. Audley, the two comeback fights after the layoff, Wladamir...you could even put the first Bellew fight in there. Just absolute reputation destroyers but somehow he's still here.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Interesting to note that most kickboxing fights are only 3 x 3 minute rounds with title fights being 5 × 3. I hate that tribal mentality too. I love pretty much all combat sports but you have to understand the differences, advantages, rule sets of each. Anyone who spouted the 'in a real fight McGregor would kill Mayweather' isnt far off a cretin for me, and there were many of them. Anyways...Haye/Bellew presser yesterday: interesting to see Haye's approach, Bellew does all he can to try and rile the nastiness out of Haye again but he doesnt really bite, i sense he's itching too though. Its mainly bickering but im firmly in Camp Bellew again for this one.
  14. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    AJ Styles can do many things, comedy however is not one of them.
  15. UFC on FOX: Emmett vs Stephens - Feb 24

    WEC's light heavyweight division wasnt stacked, but it was usually good value. Stann/Cantwell/Marshall etc had some cracking brawls. Paulo Filho going to the WEC was a big deal at the time too. What a weird fucker. Chael Sonnen was spewing the same "i promised my father on his death bed" spiel during that feud that he's doing in Bellator now, guy sure knows who to rinse a gimmick. Sorry we should go back on topic and maybe drag up the past fights thread 😂