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  1. i dont think Bellator has ever streamed PPV's online. Ariel Helwani has his usual round of pre-fight interviews up over on youtube, worth checking out.
  2. a cliffhanger? i dont think the WWE writing staff are smart enough to come up with something like that.
  3. ive no issue saying im very much a cold weather person, ive been miserable as fuck the last few days.
  4. 🙁
  5. Lord Gareth A Davies has tweeted that "staggeringly good" news about the Bellator show is coming tomorrow...have to assume its a live broadcast.
  6. im expecting Chael to have some early success but turtle up and bail as soon as Wanderlei gets anything going.
  7. Sage Northcutt fights John Makdessi at UFC 214, like it. Might finally get to see how Sage's standup game stacks up.
  8. coincidentally, Tyson has a new book out that focusses fully on his relationship wity Cus.
  9. the saddest thing about Cyborgs fights are usually that it always looks like such a physical mismatch.
  10. i dont really know, there's a few fights on Fight Pass though so im gonna go have a look.
  11. lets have a whip around. Chances on Conor pulling a Julius Francis and getting a sponsor on the bottom of his boots for an extra couple of hundred grand?
  12. It very much is the ultimate style vs. style fight. It's the sort of the fight the UFC was created for, quite ironic that it ends up being in a boxing ring. I hear what you're saying though Dave and im very much on board with it, i just know that ever since seeing Mayweather fight Hatton (the first Mayweather fight i saw) ive got super excited for every fight of his, only to find myself slumped in my chair with my hands on my head after 2-3 rounds thinking 'Floy's got this', Mayweather fights very quickly fall into a rhythm where you know he's cruising to victory (first Maidana fight being the exception), it's always very ant-climatic. I hope im wrong, but i won't be at all surprised if im slumped in my chair after 2-3 rounds again feeling like ive been done up like a kipper.
  13. Wanderlei made a lot of people fans. Back in the day, i was discovering MMA by myself i was always trying to turn other people onto the sport and the guy i'd always show people was Wanderlei. He was the one fighter that summed up the violence that is initially the appeal for many people.
  14. gonna drown myself in hype for this before Saturday, its going to be tremendous.
  15. on paper it is, in practice it may be something else entirely.