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  1. Boxing Thread

    Just watched Fury/Parker. More scorecard controversy for me. I had to watch a French feed of the feed so i didn't have any kind of commentator bias and ive read nothing online post-fight because im avoiding the Campbell/Linares result but once the two 118-110 cards were read out i was sure Hughie had won it. I scored it 114-114 the same as the first judge but i had Fury winning going into the last two rounds. It was definitely a case of what you liked though, Hughie did what Tyson does where he stays behind a flicking jab and moves around a lot, it's scores but it does very little damage, he threw some classy right hands here and there but for the most part stuck to flicking out the jab and moving. Parker gave up trying to box with Hughie early and just barrelled forward and threw huge punches when Hughie hit the ropes, a lot of the time he wasn't really landing the big shots but the aggression was all Parker so i guess the judges favoured him being the guy looking to make it an actual fight. I'll do some post-fight reading tomorrow after ive seen the other fights.
  2. Minor News & Random Shit

    yeh, when Mir was commentating regular for WEC he was probably my favorite PBP guy in the game.
  3. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    well it had to happen eventually
  4. Minor News & Random Shit

    ahhh nice to see him on there. Ive got the episode to watch, i'll check it before i watch the ACB show.
  5. Minor News & Random Shit

    Julian Lane is the latest MMA fighter to sign with BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) in the UK. He's signed on to fight Jimmy Sweeney (fresh over a win over Melvin Guillard). Ex-UFC Light Heavyweight Goran Reljic is also with the promotion and holds their Light Heavyweight Title.
  6. UFC Fight Pass: OSP vs Okami - Sep 22

    Yeh, Gomi's UFC run is arguably the most disappointing of any of the fighters who moved over from Pride. It's a shame because the UFC has matched him up well, it's not like he's been fed wrestlers who would grapple him, he's been given the right dance partners it just never really came together for him other than a few glimpes. Crazy to think he's had 12 UFC fights though (going 4-8). Still his place in MMA history is secure, one of the most exciting lightweight fighters ever.
  7. Boxing Thread

    yeh its not hard to get youtube up and running on the big screen these days. One weird move is that i think the entire undercard streams free, it's only the main event you pay for.
  8. Boxing Thread

    I quite like the move, it sucks that it's another PPV deal but having big fights on youtube is pretty cool, it's just another platform to watch. I'm away tomorrow but if the hotel im at has a fast enough connection im probably gonna buy it.
  9. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    i favorited Lawler's but haven't got around to listening to it. I think he said from the start he wanted to touch on parts of his career and subjects that don't usually get brought up.
  10. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    great fight to go out on, an outstanding career.
  11. Boxing Thread

    another decent weekend of boxing coming up, the highlight being toss-up between Hughie Fury vs. Joseph Parker in Manchester, and Luke Campbell vs. Jorge Linares in Vegas. I'm gonna drop a few quid on Fury later, Parker was very un-impressive last time out and against a heavyweight with decent hand speed and movement like Fury i just fancy the upset...may double it up with Campbell for an upset double. I read a decent article online the other day that stated that although Linares has been bigged up to be some kind of p4p great in the UK media due to him beating Crolla & Mitchell they skate around the fact that although Linares reeks of class he's also very vunerabal and has been KO'd and hurt many times during his career. Campbell is in his prime and can dig a bit so im quietly fancying an upset here. The World Boxing Super Series fight features two massive punches in Yunier Dorticos vs. Dmitry Kudryashkov, 42 fights between them, 41 knockouts, crazy figures. Think the fight is free on the ITV Box Office channel. Carl Frampton picked Kudryashkov to win the whole thing last week despite him being an underdog in this fight...i may very well treble up, fuck it.
  12. Mentioned this in another thread earlier in the week but some people might have missed it. ACB 70 is live in Sheffield tomorrow night: Real quality main event, probably the top two British Middleweights outside of the UFC. Here's a nice little article if you are a bit unfamiliar with other fighters on the card: http://mmauno.com/9-men-to-watch-out-for-at-acb-70-this-weekend/ Show is free on Boxnation, Fite and Youtube.
  13. Other MMA Show Discussion * WSOF/Titan/RFA etc.

    might bite the bullet and check out my first Road FC show this weekend, the shows air free on youtube/fite so it's easily accesible: I see a bunch of highlights after each show, they always seem like fun shows to watch...one added feature is Dong Sik-Yoon vs. Minowaman. That's a old Pride dream match right there. Two true cult figures of MMA, especially Yoon. He had a horrendous start of his MMA career but was one of those guys who was thrown to the wolves from the off, he rebounded though hand rolled off some cracking wins, Yoon by Dong-Bar was a common thread on the Sherdog forums back in the day. It's Minowman's 111th recorded pro bout. I might not watch the whole show but i'll try seeing those top few fights.
  14. UFC Fight Pass: OSP vs Okami - Sep 22

    according to some reports it was still going ahead at one point. Cooler heads prevailed though, the guy was fucked.
  15. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    noticed a ton of Bobby Heenan tribute podcasts going up, anyone recommend any?