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  1. The Notorious v Money

    you can sign up to Now TV and buy the PPV through that. Either get a Now TV box cheap (about 15 quid) or do it through the app on your ps4/xbox/laptop.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Carl Frampton has split from Barry McGuigan/Cyclone promotions, genuinely can't believe that.
  3. The Notorious v Money

    ive had a random girl in work book an emergency holiday for it, she clearly doesn't know who either man is. My girlfriend even wants to watch based off seeing things in her facebook feed and she hasn't got a clue. Based off random chatter i imagine this thing is gonna be huge. Local pubs are opening all night and putting nights on with food for it too. Ain't sold it to my dad though, he told me i was an idiot for paying for it 😂
  4. On This Day in MMA History

    yeh Terrell is one of MMA's great wasted talents. He was expected to come in and Maia everyone before Maia was a thing.
  5. The Notorious v Money

    oh 😅 i genuinely thought Piper may have claimed to be Roddy's brother. You don't usually bring the funnies Dave. Anyway, fuck that...it's fight week!
  6. Good Old Films On TV Today

    i think everyone goes through that stage who see's the movie relatively young.
  7. The Notorious v Money

    what the fuck?! Piper is a Welsh boxer.
  8. UFC 215: Johnson vs Borg

    Hunt is signed to fight Tybura but he was lobbying for a top guy. I wouldn't grumble if they switched it but i dont think thet will.
  9. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I'll be watching through my fingers. From Pride/K-1 id expect this but Glory's always seemed to have their heads screwed on from a matchmaking is concerned. They've dropped a clanger.
  10. The Revolution Pro Wrestling Thread

    had my first Rev-Pro live experience at the Summer Sizzler, thought it was a cracking night other than the building being like a sauna. Hoping to make it a bit of a regular thing.
  11. UFC 215: Johnson vs Borg

    couple of weeks to go, surely there's a HW that will step in?
  12. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    saw today that Bigfoot Silva has signed with Glory and will make his kickboxing debut in China, his opponent?...Rico fucking Verhoeven. Are they fucking kidding? Bigfoot's getting destroyed.
  13. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Heck (Baby Godzilla) are playing their final show too...gotta be worth a look if you fancy seeing a couple of blokes going mental.
  14. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    ahh i didn't catch one of them shows, i saw Biffy Clyro, Hell is for Heroes and This Girl play numerous small venues in that time period though. I want to find copies of the tour flyers of the shows i saw. Hell is for Heroes are probably playing bigger venues on this reunion tour than they ever did on their initial run too, i cant recall them ever headlining places as big as Shepherds Bush Empire first time around.
  15. The Notorious v Money

    its something to do with them breaking their own safety rules to allow it, people are more pissed at the commission than they are at the fact that they'll actually use 8oz gloves.