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  1. I think all metal hipsters have a hidden appreciation for Limp Bizkit. Come the end of a day at Bloodstock for example, metallers in all sorts of hipser tshirts hit the dancefloor for My Way, fact.
  2. would love to get down to that Shelter show. Are you doubling up and going to the Youth of Today show as well?
  3. https://www.kerrang.com/features/james-acasters-10-favourite-metal-albums-from-2016/ never pegged Acaster as a metalhead
  4. Paul Craig is the Scottish Sam Alvey. He seems to be on every other card.
  5. I really wanna see Khabib/Gaethje eventually but whilst the Ferguson/Khabib thing gets sorted this is the next best thing. My instant reaction is to think Gaethje walks McGregor down and ends up stopping him, but taking some damage along the way. Thats exactly how i thought Alvarez would beat McGregor but that was the best example of how Conor's laser accuracy and power can put anyone anyway. This has to happen.
  6. He probably needs to go upto 185 too. The weight cut + the walkout/first round antics led to one of the fastest emptyings of a tank i think ive ever seen in MMA. Tristan Connelly didnt look like UFC material to me really but holy shit he made a night of it, a double bonus, 20% of Pereira's purse and his own purse. Good on him. Thoughts on the Todd Duffee stoppage?
  7. The Dublin card is real strong too, think it'll be split between Channel 5 and Sky Sports like the last UK show.
  8. its a double header of sorts next weekend, Bellator Dublin/227 (its one of them weird two in one shows) is on Friday as well.
  9. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    forgot to comment on this... Devin Haney looks the real deal doesn't he? lightning fast and hits hard. He smashed Abdullaev's cheekbone resulting in a stoppage. Haney called out Lomachenko but it aint gonna happen based on where Lomachenko wants to go but i would love to see that fight. Haney will be a world champ once Loma vacates.
  10. Listened to my first Grilling JR show last week, enjoyed it more than any Bischoff/Prichard show i have in a while. Just sounded more honest and he didnt give a safe/stock answer to things he may even not remember which is what i feel Prichard does constantly.
  11. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    who would say such a thing?
  12. Pancrase records always interest me too. They are listed under guys fight records (Rutten, Shamrock etc). but the ruleset and legitimacy of all means you could likely throw out most of those wins on an MMA record. Leaves Bas Rutten with a record of 3-0 😄
  13. ahh no worries, i'll find it. Just thought it may be available on one of the regular streaming services now.
  14. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    i dont think anyone has ever downplayed the significance of what Tyson has come back from and achieved, its an amazing story.
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