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  1. he's getting some grief over on Twitter.
  2. A. Davies is trying to kop another eyefull of those tattoo's isnt he? what a twit.
  3. any ketchup flavour crisp is good to me, i'll check them out
  4. never knew a young Black Beast was once managed/trained by George Foreman: here's the story:
  5. no ones probably aware of this but there's a Triller show tonight: Its some new series that will air on Tursday nights. Its completely free on Fite TV and i have a free evening tomorrow tonight so im gonna check it out. Theres some music bullshit mixed in but im hoping this is a way toned down version from that awful Jake Paul/Ben Askren broadcast. Michael Hunter in the main event who i like. Hes in or around the heavyweight discussion constantly but rarely fights, hopefully he stays active after this. Chris Algeri is being let out of the cage in the co-main event.
  6. yeh i think the UFC would tell him to stop if he was saying anything out of line but at the same time i dont think they'd go out of their way to make him promote a fighters personality.
  7. Fury gets enough shit for his choice of opponents already, this wont help, he's gonna look huge next to the wee fella.
  8. Tommy Fury will fight Anthony Taylor on the Paul/Woodley undercard. you may not instantly recognise the name, but hes a Bellator MMA fighter. He was in a bit of a heated feud with James Gallagher a few years ago. He's 0-1 as a pro boxer and will be much small than Fury. He trains with Jake Paul though and talks a ton of shit. Nothing but a lay-up for the Paul fight but the build should be a circus.
  9. outside of the play by play guy getting told when to read his ads and certain direction with regards to things that happen in the fight (fouls etc), i aint sure any UFC commentor is fed a narrative through the headphones to get across. I dont think anyway? i never assumed that would happen, i might be wrong.
  10. I aint so sure about that. I might be wrong but i cant recall the UFC ever trying to push a nickname or a gimmick on the commentary like that, thats proper WWE stuff. Like they obviously have their favorites, and the commentary team frequently favour one fighter but i dunno about pushing a nickname onto someone?
  11. to be fair, ive only seen the last minute or so. It probably reads worse than it came across on audio.
  12. dang, im surprised Pitbull managed to stay concious after that. One thing was apparent early on, was just how big McKee was, guys a monster.
  13. even Dave Meltzer was impressed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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