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  1. It's some kind of reference to his old football team, doesn't Titus do the same thing in the WWE? Mike Perry continues to be a modern day Phil Baroni. He's clearly a bellend so he just makes a natural heel. Limited but devastating power, id like to see Ellenberger hang em up. Artem Lobov was the perfect fight for Cub really in the end. It was a showcase but Lobov kept it competitive enough to make people think you get these wars everytime Cub fights. Momentum is on his side too so id like to see him get the winner of Aldo/Holloway.
  2. Sounds like an IFL like concept, strange move to make in 2017 but im willing to give it a look.
  3. I'll be checking that, im falling so far behind at the moment though, im yet to watch the Pimblett show. I'll catch up. There's a decent looking Cage Warriors in Newport coming headlined by Che Mills/Lewis Long too. I should really attend, it's literally a 20 minute drive from my house.
  4. Yeh Roma talked some shit but he was a good listen. Ive heard that his RF shoot is abit of a wild one too.
  5. I was gonna goto cky but it clashed with some other stuff, why would it be awful? I know there's been a lineup change but its the same band other than the singer being going isnt it?
  6. Went to see Strike Anywhere in Bristol Saturday. Last saw them 11 years ago in Newport and hadn't really listened to them much in at least 5 but fuck me, what a show. Just one of those life affirming little punk rock shows in a shitty little venue surrounded by people who love the music. Outstanding.
  7. Enjoying your little write ups Adam, keep em coming. Joe Son though, what a crazy story that guy has...and despite being a complete and utter scumbag, he's another of the old UFC guys who went on to appear in movies. Here he is bunging a shoe at Austin Powers:
  8. i'd never heard that before. I remember him being the Super Giant Ninja, never knew he was still labelled the Yetti whilst doing that gimmick for a time though. It's all gold though, wrestlecrap at it's finest.
  9. Was that Ron Reis? Why is the Yetti a ninja? Actually why was the Yetti originally a mummy. Im confused.
  10. Cannon Fodder was incredible. Is that available to play anywhere these days?
  11. Went Alvey, Cub, Lauzon, Al and Ellenberger. £5 returns £90.
  12. Yep, absolute nails. I love the bloke.
  13. It is a strange one, especially as Cub is coming off the FOTY. If it was in Lobov's home town i could maybe see why they'd done it but it's on the other side of the world. Just a strange fight, but like ive said previously style-wise it should be fun to watch.
  14. Joanna vs. John don't want that on your conscience Wand.
  15. * double post